The Brazilian Government Is Trying To Censor Me

On the heels of being denounced by the Southern Poverty Law Center, I recently received the following email from [email protected], a domain that leads to Brazil’s Ministry of Tourism. It was forwarded to me, my domain registrar, and the “abuse” address of my host. It’s the first time that a government organ has contacted me in regard to my writing.

To the website Administrator and Server
Ref: Association of image of Brazil

Dear Responsible Officer,

The Brazilian Federal Government, through the MINISTRY OF TOURISM, has found that the website, hosted in the network of server ThePlanet, promotes pornographic content in the internet. Such content relates striking and characteristic features of the Brazilian Identity, such as the colors of the flag, culture pictures and images of Brazilian cities, to prostitution or sex.

Considering the institution of the Brazilian National Policy on Tourism, created by the MINISTRY OF TOURISM, Article 5th of Federal Law n. 11.771/2008: “The Brazilian National Policy on Tourism aims at, among other things, preventing and fighting touristic activities related to abuse of sexual nature and others that affect human dignity” – the Ministry is taking steps to dissociate the image of the country with internet content of sexual and/or pornographic nature, which stimulate internet users to seek Brazil as a tourist destination for such activities.

Given that, the MINISTRY OF TOURISM OF BRAZIL kindly requests the removal of such materials from the website located in the URLs listed attached, or the dissociation of such pornographic content with Brazilian identity or Brazil, as well as the removal of pay-per-click ads and subsequent redirection of such website, since these associations are in disagreement with the image of the country and are harmful to the actual aim of the Brazilian Government: the increase of sustainable tourism in Brazil.

Brazil is signatory to several International Conventions, including the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, which suppresses the trafficking in women and exploitation of prostitution, and the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, which determines the prevention, suppression and punishment of trafficking in persons, mainly women and children, activities which are often sustained by means of sex tourism.

Thus, we reiterate our request for the removal and disabling of access to pornographic material identified in this document in order to collaborate with the policies sought by the Brazilian Government to Brazil.

Should you have any questions, we are available via e-mail given in the signature of this message.


[email protected]


The above link leads to the information page for my book, Roosh’s Brazil Compendium, a compilation of all my blog posts on Brazil. The headline of that page says: “Strategy Guide For Meeting And Banging Big Booty Brazilian Women In Brazil.” I agree that my guide promotes sex with Brazilian women, though via normal game methods and not through prostitution. My book does not contain pornography and doesn’t advocate rape, sexual abuse, violence, sex trafficking, or slavery. While it can be considered tasteless by some, it doesn’t advocate breaking any laws in America or Brazil.

I’m not surprised to receive this email because Brazil is going through rapid change. Its leaders want to be taken seriously to enter the “first world” club of nations. To accomplish this they are pushing ultra-liberal and feminist programs in order to duplicate the West and what they think is necessary for economic and societal success. While feminism and liberalism organically evolved in the United States over several decades, the Brazilian government wants to get there within a few years.

To understand what I mean, check out the recent news coming out of Brazil:

This is feminism on steroids, putting Brazil on a path overshooting what they have in Scandinavia, the most feminist place on Earth. It’s happening so quickly that, as far as I know, there is no male response in the form of a men’s rights movement, but I expect it will appear soon enough (Brazilian men aren’t nearly as spineless as Scandinavian men). The government is so involved in installing feminism that a new term has been invented: state feminism.

Feminist activism in Brazil has stretched the very concept of democracy by including women’s rights in the process of re-democratization of the country. It has articulated a more participatory form of state feminism, and it has expanded and diversified to the extent that is best to always speak of feminisms in Brazil in the plural. Brazilian feminisms have made important contributions towards re-defining women’s place in society and in building a more gender equitable society. They have been instrumental in drawing up new legislation promoting gender equity and in the formulation of public policies for women, carving new spaces in state machineries to implement and monitor them.

People think I’m joking when I occasionally comment that Brazil is on the rapid downswing, but the feminist takeover is happening at a faster pace than has ever been seen in history, recently aided with the election of its first female president. Combined with the fact that the population is fattening at an obscene rate, what we’re seeing is the transformation of an entire country into a sort of Feminist 1984, the first of its kind. The attitude of Brazilian women was already above average when I was there a few years ago, so expect a country that may be very unpleasant to visit by the end of this decade.

For those of you who whine to me that I complain too much about feminism, you’re part of the problem. You don’t understand that this ideology is like a virus that won’t stop, and pretending it doesn’t exist by closing your eyes will only make it worse for yourself and every other man on this planet. Brazil is still better than the West, but it’s being destroyed as we speak mainly because of pro-feminist policies. There is no doubt in my mind that feminism is the principal enemy for men today. If you don’t see that then, well, you deserve the most masculine, fat, short-haired, insufferable cunt that exists. If things continue on their present course, that’s all we’ll be able to get.

As for my response to the above email, I’m not removing anything.

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