The Brazilian Government Is Trying To Censor Me

On the heels of being denounced by the Southern Poverty Law Center, I recently received the following email from [email protected], a domain that leads to Brazil’s Ministry of Tourism. It was forwarded to me, my domain registrar, and the “abuse” address of my host. It’s the first time that a government organ has contacted me in regard to my writing.

To the website Administrator and Server
Ref: Association of image of Brazil

Dear Responsible Officer,

The Brazilian Federal Government, through the MINISTRY OF TOURISM, has found that the website, hosted in the network of server ThePlanet, promotes pornographic content in the internet. Such content relates striking and characteristic features of the Brazilian Identity, such as the colors of the flag, culture pictures and images of Brazilian cities, to prostitution or sex.

Considering the institution of the Brazilian National Policy on Tourism, created by the MINISTRY OF TOURISM, Article 5th of Federal Law n. 11.771/2008: “The Brazilian National Policy on Tourism aims at, among other things, preventing and fighting touristic activities related to abuse of sexual nature and others that affect human dignity” – the Ministry is taking steps to dissociate the image of the country with internet content of sexual and/or pornographic nature, which stimulate internet users to seek Brazil as a tourist destination for such activities.

Given that, the MINISTRY OF TOURISM OF BRAZIL kindly requests the removal of such materials from the website located in the URLs listed attached, or the dissociation of such pornographic content with Brazilian identity or Brazil, as well as the removal of pay-per-click ads and subsequent redirection of such website, since these associations are in disagreement with the image of the country and are harmful to the actual aim of the Brazilian Government: the increase of sustainable tourism in Brazil.

Brazil is signatory to several International Conventions, including the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, which suppresses the trafficking in women and exploitation of prostitution, and the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, which determines the prevention, suppression and punishment of trafficking in persons, mainly women and children, activities which are often sustained by means of sex tourism.

Thus, we reiterate our request for the removal and disabling of access to pornographic material identified in this document in order to collaborate with the policies sought by the Brazilian Government to Brazil.

Should you have any questions, we are available via e-mail given in the signature of this message.


[email protected]


The above link leads to the information page for my book, Roosh’s Brazil Compendium, a compilation of all my blog posts on Brazil. The headline of that page says: “Strategy Guide For Meeting And Banging Big Booty Brazilian Women In Brazil.” I agree that my guide promotes sex with Brazilian women, though via normal game methods and not through prostitution. My book does not contain pornography and doesn’t advocate rape, sexual abuse, violence, sex trafficking, or slavery. While it can be considered tasteless by some, it doesn’t advocate breaking any laws in America or Brazil.

I’m not surprised to receive this email because Brazil is going through rapid change. Its leaders want to be taken seriously to enter the “first world” club of nations. To accomplish this they are pushing ultra-liberal and feminist programs in order to duplicate the West and what they think is necessary for economic and societal success. While feminism and liberalism organically evolved in the United States over several decades, the Brazilian government wants to get there within a few years.

To understand what I mean, check out the recent news coming out of Brazil:

This is feminism on steroids, putting Brazil on a path overshooting what they have in Scandinavia, the most feminist place on Earth. It’s happening so quickly that, as far as I know, there is no male response in the form of a men’s rights movement, but I expect it will appear soon enough (Brazilian men aren’t nearly as spineless as Scandinavian men). The government is so involved in installing feminism that a new term has been invented: state feminism.

Feminist activism in Brazil has stretched the very concept of democracy by including women’s rights in the process of re-democratization of the country. It has articulated a more participatory form of state feminism, and it has expanded and diversified to the extent that is best to always speak of feminisms in Brazil in the plural. Brazilian feminisms have made important contributions towards re-defining women’s place in society and in building a more gender equitable society. They have been instrumental in drawing up new legislation promoting gender equity and in the formulation of public policies for women, carving new spaces in state machineries to implement and monitor them.

People think I’m joking when I occasionally comment that Brazil is on the rapid downswing, but the feminist takeover is happening at a faster pace than has ever been seen in history, recently aided with the election of its first female president. Combined with the fact that the population is fattening at an obscene rate, what we’re seeing is the transformation of an entire country into a sort of Feminist 1984, the first of its kind. The attitude of Brazilian women was already above average when I was there a few years ago, so expect a country that may be very unpleasant to visit by the end of this decade.

For those of you who whine to me that I complain too much about feminism, you’re part of the problem. You don’t understand that this ideology is like a virus that won’t stop, and pretending it doesn’t exist by closing your eyes will only make it worse for yourself and every other man on this planet. Brazil is still better than the West, but it’s being destroyed as we speak mainly because of pro-feminist policies. There is no doubt in my mind that feminism is the principal enemy for men today. If you don’t see that then, well, you deserve the most masculine, fat, short-haired, insufferable cunt that exists. If things continue on their present course, that’s all we’ll be able to get.

As for my response to the above email, I’m not removing anything.

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  • Brandon

    At least good old American game can soon work in Brazil. Seems to be that most men when will end up either being one extreme or the other…asshole alphas or sexless betas.

  • Boheme Chinois

    God, reading this post makes me wish death upon the US. Feminism has to die. Wow, even Brazilian women are turning into terrible cunts….

  • Amour Fou



    As a Brazilian myself, I find this absurd!

    It is this damn world cup thing that is spinning the heads of power-crazed “authorities” over here.

    I found out recently that there is an equivalent “men’s movement” over here in Brazil. It is spreaded over much like the guys in the US, through blogs.

    Here is one of the main ones:


    But, as of yet, things aren’t nearly as bad as in the US. A matter of time?

  • Sine Wave Killer

    Translate or make version Bang/Day Bang in Portuguese Asap. Anywhere where feminism is on the rise means more book sales for you.

  • Phinn

    The response you’re getting on the political front is surprising me, although I really shouldn’t be. The world is so fucked up that I don’t recognize it anymore.

    All you are doing, Roosh, is writing about how to get girls to want to have sex with you voluntarily. That’s all.

    There are some aspects of society where there is tremendous political pressure to keep things operating at the status quo, while at the same time no one is ever supposed to talk about it. Pointing out the obvious provokes a violent reaction.

    For example, we’re supposed to denounce Prohibition in the 1920s for the Puritanical economic and political disaster that it was, but at the same time practice the very same prohibition as to lots of other substances at a far larger financial and social cost, while pretending that we’re not actually engaging in prohibition.

    We’re supposed to be a free country, while ignoring the fact that our economy and society are far less free than places we denounce as socialist, etc.

    We’re supposed to be opposed to racial discrimination, but our government practices racial discrimination all the time. People forget that when Rosa Parks famously got on that bus and took her seat, it wasn’t the bus company that made the rule about where she could sit — racial discrimination was the law. The private business would have loved to have been non-discriminatory, but the government made them do it. And it’s still doing it today. The government skipped over the part where it just left well enough alone. But we can’t talk about that.

    Hypocrisy is a way of life in the West. Saying that the Emperor has no clothes will get you tossed in jail.

    Having sex with women while having no interest in long-term dating appears to be one of these areas, where hypocrisy is not only tolerated, but it’s demanded. Public discussion of politically-sensitive reality is not tolerated.

    We’re apparently allowed to want to have sex with women, but we are expected to be frustrated at the resistance we meet, so we’re allowed to receive sex only with the promise and assurance that we are providing some level of commitment and other resources beyond sex, and only receive sex when we’ve demonstrated the willingness to have some sort of emotionally-intimate relationship that is more than just sex.

    Getting sex in exchange for nothing is treated as though its worse than prostitution. It’s fraud. It’s a crime. It’s the end of civilization.

    So, rather than face the fact that there are many women out there who will bang you for merely being cool and fit and funny and interesting, the powers that be act as though the only explanation for this phenomenon is that there MUST be prostitution going on.

    Unless you are an actor/athlete/musician, etc. Then you get allowed to get sex merely for providing women with access to your essential radiance.

    But, for the rest of us, describing how one can get sex for nothing, with no intent of hanging around longer than it takes to wash the sheets, is intolerable. It’s shining a flashlight on a topic that is supposed to never be discussed openly.

  • Sine Wave Killer

    In addition, you’ll be giving something to guys who don’t know how to fight these little fat whores. Personally for me, Bang was a life changer and I know i’m not alone on that.

  • Robotica

    “I can assure you that the sex didn’t feel good for her, but toward the end I could get some rhythm going and actually busted my nut. Then I saw all the blood on my bed.

    The sex was awful, but I didn’t care because wounding that 18-year-old pussy left my dick hard until she left. I don’t know why, but the fact that she was thirteen years younger than me aroused me tremendously. She asked if I wanted to hang out again and I told her maybe, but I’d be out of town for a while. I didn’t feel at all bad or guilty about what I did.”

    I’m not surprised they are trying to censor you.

    [Roosh: Thanks for posting an excerpt from my Denmark story.]

  • Anonymous

    Dude are you gonna write back? It would fun to see the correspondence between you and the ministry about how game is not bad etc. Could be hilarious.

  • Psychotic

    Roosh the government is just afraid that you’ll expose all of their lies to the general public. Information is power and that is something that you always give to us.

  • Anonymous

    what if this is a fake?

  • Lumiere

    Not suprised a Brazilian dude that I met in Rio publishes the Partiers Guide To Rio book which is just a regular guide to bars, nightclubs and the city of Rio.

    It had 2 pages on the different kind of Brazilian guys you might meet (preppy type for example) and 2 pages on the different kind of Brazilian women you might meet (the filrty carnanval queen type for example) and that was enough to get his book banned outright in Brazil

    Its illegal now to buy or sell the book in the country and it can only be bought from abroad. Ok course this sent his advertisers fleeing and it seriously fucked up his business.

  • Mr Moose

    Good for you to not pull it down!

  • Tuthmosis

    Roosh: 1
    The Republic of Brazil: 0

  • Apocalypseman

    So are they going to remove all videos on youporn of Brazilian women? Sex is a personal choice. A bunch of blog posts don’t make it automatically happen. Guys will go to Brazil and find themselves attracted to the women no matter what.

    This sickens me.

  • Brandon

    Well, we all know that feminism is the enemy, however I’ve yet to hear any advice on combating it. Roosh is making us all aware, but what the fuck are we supposed to do?

  • Newberry

    Hey Roosh, you forgot to add one last piece of news coming out of Brazil: Miss Brazil Plus-Size 2012 Beauty Pageant in Sao Paulo.

  • Bunda Bunda

    Lumiere commented on the Brazilian government’s censorship of the Rio For Partiers book. I purchased that book almost every year on my various trips to Rio, and watched with disgust as the government bullied the author, Cristiano Noguiera, into first sterilizing the talk on the types of Brazilian girls, to eventually demanding that he remove a few pages (the pages are now completely black with “CENSORED” written across them).

    I’ve met Cristiano in Rio before — he’s a stand-up guy who sets up get-togethers at bars in areas of Rio where people normally wouldn’t go (Lapa, etc.). Never a trip to a whorehouse and it was always just people kicking back and having a few beers — guys and girls in the group too.

    It looks like Cristiano’s back in business, albiet under more censorship: I wish him the best.

    Meanwhile, Roosh, as long as you’re not maintaining your server in Brazil, you’ve got nothing to worry about — your virtual operation can never get shut down, and the publicity may help :) :)

    And it’s times like this when I appreciate our country’s First Amendment.

  • Fortaleza guy

    Roosh, in the one hand your diagnosis about the changes here in Brazil (such as growing obesity and state feminism) is very sound. But in the other hand, there are also other variables one must also consider in order to gauge the extent to which Brazilian people will absorb the aculturation necessary to reshape our underlying worldview.
    Just to give an overview of the matter, unlike the ex-colonies of the anglosphere, where the transplantation of Western civilization was more successful thanks to the presence of white women conveying “pure” European cultural matrix to their offspring, in colonial Brazil around 80% of the female population were of African and Indian descent. Not only that, but Portuguese people themselves were always rather deorganized in terms of establishing a consistent civilization project of their own.
    As a result, most attempts to establish in our society things such as the values of European Enlightenment, social contract, wellfare state, and what not, have met different degrees of failiure. One example that’s perhaps representative of these matters is the lack of an equivalent in Portuguese for the word ‘enforcement’. We simply don’t have such vocabulary.

  • Falcon

    Totally disgusting. As usual, anything big government and their petty bureaucrat minions get their dirty hands on goes downhill fast.

    Brazil is also strongly going down the 1984 Police State route like the USA and UK. I have no idea how this could happen over there given that Brazilians are not known to have the typical western mentality.

    “Brazil is signatory to several International Conventions, including the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women”

    There you have it. Totalitarian streamlining of national policies under U.N. international socialism. One of the links talks about brazilian feminists flocking to UN feminist summits to network and set marching orders. Your tax dollars & reais at work.

  • Aleph

    What I’m about to say is going to offend some of you.

    Roosh, the reason why you catch flak is because of your writing style. Whether you realize it or not, you aim to be provocative whenever you can and it reflects in your language. While other game bloggers temper their aggression with the use of softer words and more objective analyses, you write with essentially no filter.

    While I know you pride yourself for having the “courage” to write without self-censoring, it’s the reason why you attract so much negative attention. Negativity attracts hostility.

    I’m not saying that what you write isn’t useful or true. I’m saying that the way you choose to present yourself is why you’re incited so many different groups.

    Also, it’s likely that you’ve landed yourself on the radar all the intelligence agencies in the countries you’ve stirred controversy in.

  • pacesetter20

    make them an offer they can’t refuse

  • moses

    Feminism is not about equality. It’s about power and control.

    No matter how much they manage to oppress men through the state, teminists will *never* stop crying that society is unfair, men make more for the same work blah blah.

    They will never stop because they get power and money from it.

    Look at the “Women are paid less for the same work” line. It’s total bullshit after you correct for the fact that men work more hours, don’t take career breaks to have kids etc. Yet fems love to perpetuate this myth because they get more laws to give them free goodies and cow employers to pay what they don’t deserve because they’re afraid of being sued.

    Same with the perversion of the word “rape” from “violent, forcible entry” to “if I regret doing it he raped me.” It gives them huge power over men.

    Violence Against Women Act? Gives women the power to end-run the constitution and get the cops to come enter a man’s home and arrest him with zero evidence required of violence, just on her word.

    It goes on and on. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

    Take care of yourselves boys. For the Lord’s sake, consult an attorney before you even think about getting married. Or don’t get married at all.

  • Anonymous

    I am sitting at work sweating with my sleeves rolled up and tie already off. Why? Because the women have commandeered the thermostat. The one I sit by also run a space heater all-day everyday and even had a blanket.

    Today in a meeting, a high-ranking exec on his visit to our floor complained about how hot it was and said that we should get some air circulating to which a female underling responded “no not happening”. He had no rebuttal.

    So we are supposed to treat them with complete equality yet accomodate their need for a 80 degree office without objective, simply because they are women? Keep in mind this is in investment banking which is a male dominated business (there are VERY few females that are actual bankers).

    Scary what Brazil is doing and where the world is moving as a whole on this issue.

  • Ugslayer

    To Brandon: Do what comes naturally. Fuck it. Fuck it really hard up the ass.

  • Anonymous

    lets notforget Brasil is now in hands of a huge feminist….shame.

    @ALeph. It might be a matter of writing style, but hey, we have the freedom of expressing ourselves, no matter how Big Brother and Newspeak intimidates people.

    I did not expect this of Brasil. but it sure looks less friendly than I expected. Thanks for posting this.

  • Brandon

    Uh, yea ok. So what kind of action steps do we take to make a difference for men? Write an article on that and I’ll be more proactive. I’d just like to know that I’m making a small difference in the scheme of things regarding true gender equality.

  • Anonymous

    lets notforget Brazil is now in hands of a huge feminist….shame.

    @ALeph. It might be a matter of writing style, but hey, we have the freedom of expressing ourselves, no matter how Big Brother and Newspeak intimidates people.

    I did not expect this of Brazil. but it sure looks less friendly than I expected. Thanks for posting this.

  • dragnet

    @ 23 Anon

    Stop trolling.

  • Anonymous

    If this is true, then the Brazilian government has started a cleansing campaign to remove a few zillion websites with “pornographic material” from the web. This email seems to be an automatized message out of a few thousands or more that they send out in the hope to get some effect.

    I would say: nothing to worry about, Roosh. Consider it a SPAM message.

  • Tony D

    That’s absurd. I picked up a Brazillian girl once (here in Vancouver). It was some of the best fucking I ever had. Funny thing, she was a bisexual and ditched me for a girl she met on Facebook.

    Anyway, I live in Vancouver, Canada, and this is a real neo-conservative – parading as liberal shithole of pickup despair. It’s a really difficult place to pull ass. There are so many feminists here it really blows my mind. The great part of Vancouver is actually it’s multi-culturism
    (Excluding the Chinese girls, so awkward). But the
    many women from other countries help balance the brutal standards of the local girls. But until I get my passive income rolling, I’m stuck here.

    It’s really sad what’s happening to Brazil. Those women are so sexy.

  • gringochileno

    Aleph is right. The main reason why you catch heat from people in the countries you visit is because you call it like you see it and you don’t care to pull your punches to keep people from getting offended.

    It’s also the reason why your stuff is better than 99% of the game/travel material out there. Don’t ever stop.

  • pepini

    This is only the begining.

  • Senior Manchild

    I think your being too pessimistic about men just taking all this oppression like good little dogs. These very governments are undermining their own foundations. In this part of the blogoshpere, there is alot of undervaluing of ¨betas¨ but let´s face it, if betas stop performing as economic data seems to be indicating, what will keep these feminist utopias afloat? Worse for their feminist dreams will be when these same nonperforming betas decide to form packs. Much of Western Civilization seems to me to be running on the fumes of what was a rather full tank but fifty years ago. So give things a few more years and all this could be a bad memory.

    Something to consider:—-we-won/

    Miller Time indeed.

    As for your problems with the Brazilian Government, anything you could sue them for?


    Brazil could be on your receiving end.

  • eric

    It’s better to advance your own agenda than spend your days cataloging the stupidity of entitled class’s of people. There is no limit to their gluttony and greed, build something better, and burn away those who would stop you.

  • Lemonparty

    “I am sitting at work sweating with my sleeves rolled up and tie already off. Why? Because the women have commandeered the thermostat. The one I sit by also run a space heater all-day everyday and even had a blanket.

    Today in a meeting, a high-ranking exec on his visit to our floor complained about how hot it was and said that we should get some air circulating to which a female underling responded “no not happening”. He had no rebuttal. ”


    Yup, “equality” and bitch rights are really female supremacism and domination of real men at a mangina’s gunpoint. There is no better example of the feminist/equality SCAM than the Western workplace where a man’s entire career is at the mercy of emotionally unstable children (women).

    Thank God I work for myself. Bitches are for fucking, not for treating like responsible adults. Remember that, men, remember that.

  • namae nanka

    “It’s total bullshit after you correct for the fact that men work more hours, don’t take career breaks to have kids etc. ”

    Women having to take career breaks due to kids is unfair and unequal. So equality for women demands that men be asked, or brainwashed, or forced if necessary, to take equal breaks, and technology replace natural pregnancy.
    Pregnancy is unethical, since it breaks down equality between men and women, and already said by a professor.
    Equal breaks are on the way, and feminists arguing that a law that treats two unequal entities the same (as in having and not having a uterus) is not equal at all.

    Of course, that didn’t stop them from arguing for ‘equality’ in divorce back when a man had only to prove infidelity of woman, as opposed to cruelty in addition to infidelity for women.
    Or why a woman should have same sexuality and fun as a man.

    “Feminism is not about equality. It’s about power and control.”

    It’s about equality. Equality that does away with nature’s rewarding of the silver medal to women, by using technology + law to overcome the difference.

    Therefore equal options are unequal.

    Everything is subjective, equality too. Equality is a social construct! But the power to decide what is “equality” is very real.

  • Lemonparty

    namae nanka, the wage gap bullshit was busted years ago, but the lamestream media and faggot obama and other politicians continue to use it

    1) women work fewer hours
    2) women get worthless lib/art degrees that no employer is looking for
    3) women work less dangerous, less stressful jobs (90% of killed workers are men)
    4) women are less productive in jobs where physical stamina is required

    the wage gap is really an excuse to pay bitches more than men, even though they’re doing less work and in less dangerous or stressful jobs.

    manginas are the root cause of all of this feminist hypocrisy and state fascism, if we didn’t allow it, bitches would learn their place very quickly and feminism would be nothing more than bulldyke fantasy.

  • Anonymous

    “….feminism is the principal enemy for men today.”

    Feminism is but a subset of progressivism; the notion that the world can somehow be made better by some anointed ones making decisions about how others should live their lives. The West is a dump, and getting rapidly dumpier, regardless of the specific pathology of feminism.

  • Javed

    Hang tough, Roosh–you are fighting the good fight.

  • namae nanka

    “namae nanka, the wage gap bullshit was busted years ago,”

    decades ago.

    and when Warren Farrell found that unmarried college educated women were making more than men back in the 50s. Or that lesbians made more than normal women. etc.

    Of course that hasn’t made a bit of a difference.

    Now the problem isn’t discrimination but why there is a difference at all. ‘Equality’ is the goal and means combined in one.

    Men can either throw the whole equality bullshit away, and/or enforce their own version of equality.

    Death to feminism either way.

  • TAllagash

    having been to Brazil, basically everything you described on here was true. from the cabbies willing to rip you off if you look overly gringo to the rest. there’s good and bad in Brazil, like every country you visit. hell, if anything this site puts a positive spin on the women of Brazil as effeminate, caring, loyal, and worthy of an actual relationship.

  • Ben

    Keep it up Roosh, as others have said. Feminism is intellectual cancer. It destroys happiness and societies. We must show it absolutely no mercy–as it is natural for men to do–but be ruthless until it is completely wiped out.

  • michelin

    “Translate or make version Bang/Day Bang in Portuguese Asap. Anywhere where feminism is on the rise means more book sales for you.” (Sine Wave killer)

    Sine Wave is right: take advantage of the situation, is you make it in the BR media you will double your sales, it is a HUGE market and soon in need of Game. You might want to update the Brazilian Bang guide though.

  • Pingback: Roosh vs. Brazil «()

  • A.B. Dada

    I use NearlyFreeSpeech.Net, a cloud based web host who defends your right to free speech to the fullest.

    I’ve received two C&Ds in my 10+ years of blogging, and both times my host basically told the sender to go fuck themselves.

    Check it out if you have future issues.

  • The Rationalist

    The link about the theatre arrest…Roosh, looks like your anti-feminism is finally bringing you into the HBDosphere…looking forward to more realistic assessments of foreign countries in that respect.

  • Marco

    @Robotica It was the chick’s first time, are you thick?

    Being a woman’s first sexual partner unfortunately incurs in breaking a hymen. Complain to nature about it.

    About the post, this country of mine has the terrible terrible low-self esteem trait of being immensely insulted by anything people from outside say about it.

    Idiots were pissed at Stallone for some remarks after shooting his film, about a movie called ‘Tourists’, and it goes on.

    Basically, unless you step up with the lies that Brazil is a great country, that nothing here is bad, that people are amazing, we will cry like sob babies. Embarassing, actually.

    I’d just ignore this letter. The Brazilian Ministry of Tourism has about the same jurisdiction on you as a fat, ugly chick in a club.

  • Smart Duck

    As a Brazilian, I am disgusted by what the Marxist corrupt criminals are doing to my country.
    8 years of rule of the demagogue Lula put in power a gang of former terrorists and Communists who are looting the country, while at the same time implanting every kind of new world order junk such as gay marriage, abortion, racial quotas, etc.

    Roosh, if you come to have gay sex, you will be welcomed by the government with open arms. The government itself developed semi-pornographic material inviting gays to sex tourism in Rio.
    The problem is not the sex, Roosh, it is that you are a traditional hetero. This is a no-no for Marxists.

  • Mr.GM

    Waiting for the Feds to come knocking in mine and Amour Fou’s Door…

    Am I in Trouble ?

    jesus , my country is going in the wrong track…

    [Roosh: I feel your pain. Maybe it’s not too late for Brazil if men get organized.]

  • Zak

    Brazil is changing rapidly. My own personal take on Brazil is that in many ways, for single guys visiting that country, the best days are already gone. It’s now ridiculously expensive and becoming more Westernised. However, things like crime and bureaucracy are as bad as ever.

    For example, go to some north Eastern cities (especially Natal, Recife and Fortaleza) as a single, male gringo and no matter what you say, do or think; you are pegged as a sex tourist and that as far is the locals are concerned, is that. In Rio, the middle classes in Zona Sul also tend to see many male tourists as sex tourists and in my experience aren’t the most friendly people in the world.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents. It always amazes me how some guys are quite naive about Brazil and still believe that it is a sexual nirvana.

  • Daniel

    Roosh, being myself both a brazillian and a follower of your blog i have to say that your analysis is pretty acurate. Our goverment is really pushing for feminism while there is few resistance. There is a sort of small MRA movement in the internet with many Spearhead, AVfM and Roissy’s posts translated.
    Our society is increasinly becoming “americanized” even though still the majority of Men say that women who attacks a man should be fought back like if she was a man.
    In this year carnival there was a group of 5 people saying that Brazil was a misogynist society. I took me 2 minutes to shred their delusion to pieces.

  • AFemaleCat

    Empowering Immoral Women is Not the Answer.

  • Dan Droper

    I’ve been to Brazil twice. Nice place, laid back people. I’m kind of bummed about this censorship.

  • Optional

    “What can they do to you”

    They can decide not to grant him a visa, and never let him go back to Brazil again. This is no joke, he’s on a shit list. He can’t write another (up to date) book about Brazil without going there.

  • The Captain Power

    Roosh, dont end up in a Brazilian prison!!!!

  • mantle

    “My book does not contain pornography and doesn’t advocate rape, sexual abuse, violence, sex trafficking, or slavery.”

    True, but you’re shooting yourself in the foot with some of your blog entries. It seems like every week you have an offhand comment which involves fantasizing about raping women. If feminism is extending its reach, then be careful about a feminist judge somewhere ordering for you to be extradited back to her country because she has “probable cause” to believe you raped women there.

  • Walter Benjamin

    Walter Benjamin argued that capitalism is not only a formation “conditioned by religion,” but is an “essentially religious phenomenon,” albeit one that no longer seeks to connect humans with the mysterious forces of life. Capitalism, as Benjamin observed, called on human societies to embark on a ceaseless and futile quest for money and goods. This quest, he warned, perpetuates a culture dominated by guilt, a sense of inadequacy and self-loathinIt enslaves nearly all its adherents through wages, subservience to the commodity culture and debt peonage. The suffering visited on Native Americans, once Western expansion was complete, was soon endured by others, in Cuba, the Philippines, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. The final chapter of this sad experiment in human history will see us sacrificed as those on the outer reaches of empire were sacrificed. There is a kind of justice to this. We profited as a nation from this demented vision, we remained passive and silent when we should have denounced the crimes committed in our name, and now that the game is up we all go down together.


    lol and WHAT THE FUCK. Dont take it down.

  • Icemancr

    The funny thing is if you live in place like Costa Rica for instance, traveling female Americans suddenly become magically enhanced in terms of horniness, feminism, even looks…I think traveling to exotic locales just makes women go crazy…the argument being American women, transferred to an exotic, sunny locale are often better targets than they are back in the US. They often are traveling without their “inner circle of friens,” are oftentimes drinking frequently, and are in a general out-of-pattern good mood without the consequences of their actions influencing their US lives..I just think that traveling US women are a underutilized target in Roosh’s world conquests and are generally ignored through the whole learning Russian and Spanish propaganda, not that learning Spanish is a bad thing, but for me it would be easier and more convenient to target American or European women traveling abroad than struggling with first learning Russian for at least 6 months…you cannot learn Russian in 3 months.. not unless you are the superstar in a local Mensa congregation. As for the Brazilian government letter, I am just wondering if Roosh would be afraid to reenter Brazil due to possible legal hassles?

  • KC

    fucking bullshit pisses me off

  • Fearless

    @Brandon- “Uh, yea ok. So what kind of action steps do we take to make a difference for men?”
    – All of us go to Brazil, run through the local women and write our own guides. Translate and spread worldwide.

  • Marmot

    This is awful, and of course very silly from the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism. Your site doesn’t endorse any kind of prostitution or trafficking – if anything, you’ve written more than a few pieces on how bad that is and how men should learn game instead of doing it.

    That said, #56 Mantle is correct: your posts here are all very reasonable, but sometimes your posts on Twitter come across as disturbing, such as those about breaking through LMR (“if she’s not resisting, you’re not a real man?” I’m sure a judge would find that indicative even if you haven’t done anything).

  • bad blake

    well. i was in brazil last month and all i can tell you is brazil has changed. gone are the days of friendly, carefree, outgoing women. enter the days of superficial, arrogant and rude women who only give time to a man who has a car and money.

    i am of course speaking about the lower middle class and up in brazil. it is so sad.

  • Tomtud

    This is all fine, but who is going to pay for these social programs they are proposing. Feminism is part of he blame for western society being in huge debt and on the path to collapse financially.

    Let’s wait and see what feminism path brazil actually takes.

  • Brandon


    Fuck yea! Who all wants to meet me there?

  • Gx1080

    From what I’ve read on Brazil, I have to wonder how much this is because so many women are/were on the prostitution business.

    Because this sounds a lot like what whores would do as a voting block. Anything that threathens their chance to get a man with money is heresy to be crushed.

  • Takeover Legend

    Roosh V, I’m a casual reader, I find you entertaining sometimes insightfull so I’m kinda surprised you’re crying wolf with this $h!t. Do you believe in your Work? and you firmly stand by it as truth? Then you got nothing to worry about. So rather than crying wolf about “being silenced” you should raise your voice louder and tell em to choke on DEEEEZ.

  • dragnet

    “Well, we all know that feminism is the enemy, however I’ve yet to hear any advice on combating it. Roosh is making us all aware, but what the fuck are we supposed to do?”

  • Keyser Soze

    I think you are overly concerned.

    Some mid level bureaucrat in a crappy office building in Brasilia found your stuff while googling Brazil + a bunch of sex associated keywords. This person probably has imperfect English and sent off the letter after skimming your work at most.

    I don’t think this is indicative of what is going on with the other 170 million people in Brazil.

  • Firepower

    How shocking is it, really, that Brazil is shocked. The veracity of the letter needs proving.

    You should expect Brazil to be pissed.

  • Brianmark

    Roosh, could you please do a post on good Men’s Rights Organization that can put men back on equal footing. There are men that care about our country and the world and see that we are going in a dangerous direction!

  • maf

    I’m happy to know that the brazilian government is ( trying)doing something to stop this shitty website

  • Rollo Tomassi

    I find it interesting that a country as totalitarian as China will go to lengths to make sure that its citizens cannot access certain websites for fear that they may get the wrong ideas in their heads and actually find the courage to call bullshit and possibly do something about their condition.
    I’m sure the femocracy of Brazil would be appalled by such heavy handedness in censoring the Chinese from a marketplace of ideas, unless of course those ideas challenge their legitimacy.

  • Firepower

    China may be totalitarian, but they’ve used capitalism and kicked the US’s ass with its own money.

    Not, too shabby.

  • mantle

    “I find it interesting that a country as totalitarian as China will go to lengths to make sure that its citizens cannot access certain websites for fear that they may get the wrong ideas in their heads and actually find the courage to call bullshit and possibly do something about their condition.”

    Heh, the reception to Bang China would be interesting to watch.

  • 20th Level

    If you have 99 percent of women wanting a free lunch and even twenty percent of the men believeing the bullshit and willing to give it to them, that’s almost seventy percent of the voting population that poltitians will pander to.

    It ‘s a long way to go to fight against those kinds of numbers. In the meantime I prefer to use the system against itself to further my own ends if you know what I mean.

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  • Roberto

    wow, op, you are truly dumb, lol.

  • around the world in 80 jobs

    starting to regret my $140 brazil visa investment… looks like straight to colombia in the fall. I hope it doesnt face the same fate.

    Hey Roosh, what happened to your stance on seeing a waning influence on feminism peak its head? Or at least a slight pushback by women in the West by understanding the need to reengage their female core? Euphoric moment or do you still have faith of a turn around?

    [Roosh: Good question. I’m seeing pushback by the common man, but the establishment is still enacting feminist policies.]

  • Brigadon

    The question is, has this splc and brazillian crap actually increased the popularity of your site?

  • thunear

    You got to run with this.

    There are two responses to the sort of attention you’ve been getting from Iceland, Denmark, SPLC and now Brazil. One is to run and hide, which is what a lot of people would do. The other is to run with it. More books, more articles more speaking engagements more courses, and start coining it big time.

  • dickbutt

    you talk about censorship and yet i find myself barred from posting on your forum without any explanation. i’ve been following and inspired by your writings for close to two years now (example: pushing for what i want, as described in the following post – – netted me my life’s 2nd and 3rd lays!) and this is what i get.

    i just feel really bummed out about this; yours is the most legit forum in this strange little community and i’d love to keep posting there. please lift this ban roosh.

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  • DiamondEyes

    This persecution is needless and absurd. Feminism is indeed a virus that spreads, and needs to be fought by all those with the fortitude. The only men with the stones to call bullshit are the ones who are not pussy-beggars, and that is pretty much just the PUAs. It is they who must lead the charge.

    I think a big red ribbon graphic across the cover of your book that says “BANNED IN BRAZIL!” might do wonders for your sales. Why not just embrace the free publicity.

  • jack

    You might tell them from now on you will report in detail about what Brazil is really famous for. Record number of tourists getting mugged, knived or shot. World record for youth crack addiction. Record of under 10-year-old girls dying of AIDS and overdose.

  • Jack

    Those feminist laws seem to be even worse than anything happening in the US. What happened to latin american machismo?

  • Anonymous

    Just a geographic doubt: isn´t Brazil in the West?

  • Glengarry

    Okay, so we’re going from “sexy, cool Brazil” to “dark, angry Brazil”? Good work there, ministry of tourism.

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    Hey Man! I´m a brazilians and I got very disappointed with this fucking email thay you received from the fuking brazilian govenment. This shit govenment is even triyng to shut up international websites which say true about Brazil. I´ve read what your wrote and I agree with 95%. Guys talk to guys about girls, just the way you are writing here. For exemple, If I go to USA, I would talk about american girls to others guys. There is no problem in that.

    We have soo many problem in Brazil. Problem with education system, problem with favelas growing (brazilian ghetos), problems with low salaries, problem with corruption, problems woth health care, and this patetic brazilian govenment insted of work in this problems, they are sending email to you saying that your website is not good to the brazilian reputation.

    But yeah, there are many brazilian guys who hate feminist down here. But, on the other hand, there are some patetic beta male who soport that kind of shit.

    Don´t let this patetic currupted brazilian governmet stop your freedom of speach. You are not comiting any crime. Brazilain Governement think they can control what people say on the internet, like in China or Cuba.

  • Shame

    its a shame that Brazil doesn’t like you.

    Check this out for all Males wanting to get out of America

    Main points:
    -NO extradition treaty (I guess this will be for all of you that don’t want to pay alimony!) with other countries, for its citizens!!!!!
    -only 12 MONTHS to become a citizen

    Wow. I already have another country as first choice, but after reading this, Brazil definitely becomes number two

  • Hamster

    Have you been in touch with your web host? Be careful, they could easily take down your site, especially if they get the US authorities to cooperate. Make sure to have complete backups in various locations, and consider setting up a clone in The Netherlands… (free speech has a different position over there, although it’s hyper feminist).

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for letting me post anonymously. I generally prefer to be apolitical but one thing I like to be more social about is the male rights activism. Feminists and all of that are entering every traditional sphere of male-ness and worse- trying to change the rules and conditions and environment. That pushes men to the corners. Men have few places to define their roles. I think this is one of the reasons why people go to PUA/seduction websites and lifestyles. It is partly about sex, IMHO and largely about being able to ‘be a man’ and get respect, either by winning respect or taking respect (and keeping self-respect) from those who don’t freely give it (bitchy women). The human body can be celebate and be fine, lead a good life actually. The benefits of sex disappear after a short while and our appetite is only increased. But when we don’t have a masculine role, a male place. We as men have few places to define ourselves- video games- oh please.

    When women have sex with male PUAs they have to take responsibility for what they are doing- or else they should keep their skirts on. I agree with you here. And yet I can easily see how women may be defrauded. Dating can easily become defrauding. Just be careful- you don’t want that on your conscience, do you? You wouldn’t give or promise something to someone, making them very happy, and then take it back at the last minute causing great disappointment. Maybe I am deluded, but I remain something of a traditionalist, although you all have lot of good points. Women do have a sex drive, for example.

    This is the day when confusion reigns, and roles are mixed up. I blame the government welfare for men becoming playboys, otherwise women would depend on men. Nothing feels better for me than to have a woman I love depend on me.

    I am all about love. Love love love is kind, love is merciful, love keeps no record of wrongs, love is patient, love doesn’t boast, love does not seek to please itself.

    The essence of lust- what differentiates it from mere attraction, is selfishness. That lust is essentially selfish. Two partners can be mutually selfish. A male PUA sleeps with a female ‘slut’ as it were- and they both meet each other’s needs. But this is more like a business exchange. True, all marriage relationships involve an exchange anyway- but not without deep sentiment and feeling, loyalty and commitment, so the two ought not be compared, or?

    I think as you sow so shall you reap? What do you expect? If I can play forecaster, what started in America is going to travel around the world, and what women have done to take over men’s domains will continue over the internet. You are all escaping judgement (from the human authorities) for a while, but that will not remain forever. It will come. I speak here as a prophet. Consider yourselves warned. It will come to pass or I am a false prophet. It will come like a thief in the night perhaps. Also on a more spiritual level, judgement may come. Or else I am wrong and deluded about the whole theology thing. Anyway I am not ‘preaching’ let alone preaching down, but I am a prophet and friend. The human authorities will come and censor. And maybe, worst case scenario- everything will be like america. In which case things will we worse, but no fear. Even in America there are real women. Real men will get real women, you may have to go harder to find them. But when you find a real woman, I wonder why you don’t want to keep her, and have only her. I wonder by the way if a woman goes sleeping all around, if she is a real woman or just merely a girl. Why does nobody have any children these days?

    I judge none; there is another who judges. But they will come and turn the world, turn these wonderful places- eastern europe, south america, asia. There may always be pockets. But even within the beast, there will be true women, but even these true women will only take true men. And trut will never perish. If you are free from sin and from lust, if you are a slave to righteousness, ye have nothing to fear from any government. And if they do something to you, you can rejoice. The carnal body cannot perceive that. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, that of the spirit, spiritual things. Only those who have been given the spirit can understand this. For the others, it is not their time

    Now it is just me, not the spirit: What Brazil did- it is just the beginning, mark my words. And ye sex tourists are part of the erosion. What do you think the local guys are going to think of you? You are hypertravellers as well. If you stayed in one place, you would have to face the consequences of your actions, right. That is true in general. Well when PUAs run all through these countries, you are part of the reason things will change. From a political point it will change, and from a moral point. The worms will spoil the apple. PUAs will consume everything that make these countries special- whereas simple honest “Beta” males as you like to call them, if they are honest and simple and truly loyal and good wiled, will help keep things balanced. You are in many ways riding off their coattails. For every prince, there must be 1000s of peasants. OR else the world becomes just one big orgy and STDs and dissolution of families, etc etc etc.

    My advice- don’t try to make up the deficit of masculinity with sex or young beautiful girls. Seek it in other sources, older wiser men, mentoring the young, service to community, etc. The greatest among you shall be servant of all. I also understand it is NOT easy today to be a man- thank you feminism. But if one thing is not easy, 10 things are easier. At least we don’t have to die in war most of us. Thank you for giving me the time and space to write this, especially when it is a bit critical. I totally appreciate and respect that from you. I was once among you and I sometimes feel I am going to be cuckolded by being not like that anymore. But I still feel the need to break totally away. Blessings

  • Brasileiro

    I´ve heard about some brazilian losers studing this shit “PUA”. But just nerd losers with no testorone study this kind of shit. Real man don´t need that to pick up girls or get respect from them. The true is that american, canadian, english, swiss and so on have became soft, fragile, less agressive, less atitude, less testosterone, so they can´t not get pussy or get respect and admiration from hot girls. With they are rich they can get a girl who is just interested in his money. If he is not rich he will try to study this “PUA”. As a resolt white man became pussies, white girls are fucking with latinos and black guys. Because they are more male. This is why this losers bate white males go for a submissive smallasian flat body, because they will fell they are a man. This is fucking funny.

  • Gostosa

    I’d translate Roosh’s books for free and I’d even marry him just so he could come here and write a new book if he gets his visa denied.

    I hate all the feminist agenda that’s going on here in Brazil. Our men are turning into weak, pitiful creatures.

  • MRA

    I’ve already come across a couple Brazilians in the MRM. They’re super pissed.

  • madmax

    fuck them. You are no rapist of pornographic whatever. If anything you should let them know that they are insulting YOUR dignity.

    WTF? now it’s getting illegal to go abroad, have sex and write about it. What a load of shit

  • madmax

    # 94

    Brasileiro, you can’t even write properly. So you are ‘a real man with testosterone’? ah ah, you are just a fucking idiot… go around disguising yout insecurities while puffing your chest.

    A real man doesn’t need to do that shit.

  • madmax

    and Brasileiro, so all the hot women love black men , uh? ah ah, you are full of shit. Where did you read these statistics?

    Only ignorant men like you believe in fallacies like the ones you wrote about.

    No intelligent woman would like someone like you. Maybe the brainless 20 yo who gets fucked by half the guys in her college and get pregnant by mistake while she’s drunk, but what cultured woman would like a sub-moron like you?

  • Gman

    Lol, in human nature men are the natural Leaders, women always follow its natural, just like men follow a natural Alpha male, women follow men.

    This is just a rubber band that is stretching slowly, it will eventually snap and well get a other Genghis Khan type situation = Rape and Pillaging.

    You can punish and treat a dog bad so long until one day his natural wolf instincts kick in and he attacks, same will happen with men, and these current beta men leaders who are swayed by women who back these feminist movements will be the first to go, unfortunately women will be second and its not their fault entirely a select group is ruining it for all of them.

  • Andy

    as a Brazilian, i fel obligated to ask
    It’s not like we didn’t ask for anything in that matter be published.
    I may be against the oversexualization of brazilian women, but i cannot deny EVER that we are so not helping our image.
    I mean, we freaking EXPORT porn, and it’s not like you’re saying “go ahead, they’re all easy”, except we are kdjfskgh
    as a brazilian girl that would totally fall for a foreigner saying cute things, I couldn’t care less about what you say here, it’s not like 90% of the women here speaks english, much less proper portuguese xD
    IF we had a proper education I could be offended, but said ministry sending you an e-mail promotes Valeska Popozuda (popozuda means big assed btw) as a good artist and role model, and her lyrics demean women here WAAAY more than an article about hitting on us could ever do.
    sorry I ranted xD


    After the sad closure of, your links must be dead.

    All my Brazil articles also were published in

    I linked to the Brazil section of human-stupidity where you can find these articles

  • casa rural rioja

    The Brazilian Government Is Trying To Censor Me, ¿Puedes aportar más?, me resulta didactico esta informacion. Saludos.

  • Isabel

    Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you penning this
    article plus the rest of the site is very good.

  • cenaless funciona

    Unquestionably consider that that you said. Your favorite justification appeared to be at
    the net the easiest thing to take note of. I say to you,
    I definitely get irked at the same time as other folks consider
    issues that they plainly don’t understand about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the highest and also defined out the whole thing with no need side effect , other people can take a signal. Will probably be back to get more. Thanks

  • Driver

    Another scare tactic. It’s similar to any lawyer sending you a letter to ‘cease and desist’. Fuck them. It looks like a generic letter that they’re trying to send out (mass emailing) to scare site owners.

    I clicked on the links to the Big Brazilian Beauty Contest….ugh! It such a shame. So many beauties (if they would lose some god damn weight). I don’t mean a few of them with a little bit of weight…I’m talking about the ones who are carrying the weight of 2 plus women on their hips, back, etc….

    Disgusting and irresponsible. A doctor should (and probably does) recommend that these women lose weight for health reasons, alone.

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