The Busted Dudes Test

The Western man is faced with a lot of choices on where to spend his extended vacations. There are too many countries and too many conflicting reports. One guy says England is a fuck fest while another says the girls are cows. One guy says the Dominican Republic is prostitute-central while another says it’s cheap and fun. If you’re looking to stay in a place for a short while, how do you decide?

I’ve lived abroad for a total of two years now and have finally discovered the only quality you need to look for when deciding where to stay:

Is it common to see a busted guy with a pretty girl on his arm?

That’s all I look for now. If within my first day in a country I see pretty girls with busted dudes who aren’t decked out in Hugo Boss or gold jewelry, I know the country will be good to me because that means the sexual market is skewed in the man’s favor. It means I can get a girl much prettier than I am handsome in shorter time periods, possibly without having to even use game. Not only that, but the country will be cheap, because if it was “rich” then those pretty girls would be going out with guys who were wearing the Hugo Boss and gold bling.

In America, I rarely see busted dudes with hot girls. It happens once every six months. It’s actually sad how common I see decent-looking men with hogs.

In Denmark, I never saw a busted dude with a hot girl. Not once. Girls there always were able to move up in terms of attractiveness while guys moved down.

In Iceland, the guys sometimes had to date down, but it was more common for couples to be equally attractive.

In Argentina and Colombia, the level of attractiveness was mostly equal. Good looking girls were with good-looking guys, though sometimes I did see weird mullet dudes with hotties.

In Brazil, girls were prettier than the guys. Too many times I saw busted dudes or straight-up dorks with model-looking girls.

In Poland, girls are also prettier than the guys. That balding Polish guy I saw yesterday with zero style, a fanny pack, and a Sloth face had a nice girl that everyone reading right now would wife up.

Out of the above list, do you want to guess the two countries where I pulled an amazing girl within my first week? I’m talking about girls who just about blew away any girl I happened to meet in the previous year. Don’t think too hard now.

Brazil and Poland. Day five and day three, respectively.

In Brazil I look like a native while in Poland I look exotic, but my appearance is only a minor factor when compared to the fact that women in those countries don’t have a good selection of men. For two months in Denmark I banged the ugliest chicks I have in years, and then I get off the plane in Poland and right away slept with a beautiful girl who did everything to please me. I struggled like a dog in Argentina and then slept with the most beautiful girl I ever have in my life not even a week in Rio. Things like my game, style, and so on have their effects, but the power of the local dating market is such that it’s possible to hear stories of regular guys spending two weeks in Brazil and meeting the most amazing women they have in their lives. But in Denmark? Ireland? Australia? Yeah, right.

How about other countries?

Spain and Italy. Beautiful girls, but equally handsome men. Hard to date up. Men are known for visiting whorehouses, especially in Spain, which is not a good sign.

Belgium, Austria, Germany. Power shifted towards sloppy, feminist women. You will have to date down or equal to your level.

Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Balkans. Busted dudes with pretty girls. You can date up up up.

Thailand, Philippines. Average-looking girls but nonexistent male competition. You can date up.

Game doesn’t help a whole lot if there is a surplus of dudes and a shortage of beautiful girls. You’ll do what I did in Denmark and waste it on 5s and 6s for one-night stands that make you feel shitty the next day. You’ll do what I have done in Washington DC and carry the Britannica of game on your back just to get with 7s. Please don’t repeat my mistakes and spend months or years in places where the environment is working against you every time you walk out the door.

You can even use the busted dudes test within your own country to pick which city to live in. While Washington DC is horribly tilted against men, how about New York City, Austin, or Charlotte? If your only determinant of where to live is the “job market,” your dick is going to hate you.

To pick a place worth staying, all you need to use in your eyes. Look at the couples holding hands and give each person a 1-10 rating. If the girl ratings are higher than the guys, it’s time to search for an apartment and stay for as long as you can, even if it’s just for a weekend or two.

When I was younger and more insecure, I’d get jealous that busted dudes were with pretty girls. I used to resent the fact that he got a chance to move up, but not anymore. Now when I see an ugly dude with a girl I’d fuck, I smile, because he’s a sign that I can get a girl much prettier than I am handsome with a fraction of the effort. If all those regular local dudes can date up, that means I can do the same.

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