The Contradiction Of Pursuing Casual Sex While Advocating For Traditional Values

There is an argument floating around that goes like this: I’m just as bad as feminists in destroying Western civilization because I advise men to pursue easy sex instead of seeking marriage. How can I reconcile the fact that I advocate for “traditional sex roles” when my tactics can be used for pumping and dumping women all over the world? The answer is that I, along with all other men, are not given a choice in the matter.

Imagine fifty years ago that only boxing existed as a form of street combat. The rules of boxing include using only your fists, not hitting below the belt, and not wrestling. All street fights were done by men who followed these rules. Then suddenly a group of men broke the rules and started implementing wrestling moves on the street. The boxers were dismayed by this change but still wanted to fight by the book, with honor. However, they expectantly started to lose more fights. Then even more fighters learned not only wrestling, but martial arts and Brazilian jujitsu. Now the boxers were getting beat most of the time because they had less ways to attack than their opponent. If they were forced to the ground, they were essentially defenseless.

Men are boxers. We came into the arena with our beta provider method of combat, but decades of societal change has made that useless on desirable women, especially when you consider that young women in America now earn much more than men in major cities. That left us with three choices:

1. Stop fighting. Many men have chosen this either voluntarily through MGTOW and soliciting prostitution or involuntarily through celibacy. They have failed to adapt counterattacks to new ways of fighting.

2. Learn new fighting styles. Men have learned game and sought to understand the true nature of women in order to bed them. They have decided to solve the problem through analysis and effort.

3. Leave to a place where boxing is still the main fighting style. Men have expatriated to societies where traditional sex roles are more or less intact and their boxing ability still leads to victory more often than not.

For men stuck in America, even if they want to settle down in a traditional manner, they will find it nearly impossible to find a young, fertile beauty in her prime who wants to do the same. He may get lucky if he’s religious and meets a girl through church, but this scenario doesn’t happen in Americas coastal cities where women want to have fun with cock riding until their 30’s. He can learn game and successfully use it to get a wife, but even if he “wins” the match and walks down the wedding aisle, the awfully corrupt boxing judges (i.e., the government and culture) will always call the bout in the woman’s favor by encouraging her to use the punitive divorce system in the case she’s not 100% happy at all times. You only live once, they’ll tell her, so wreck your family.

A popular manosphere saying is that women are gatekeepers to sex and men are gatekeepers to commitment. I wish this was an absolute truth, but it’s not. As a collective, women are often gatekeepers to both sex and commitment. Most men reading right now can surely attest to their failed attempts to secure commitment from women they slept with, and if you poll the entire population of men, you may find that they are the initiators of monogamous relationships more often than women. It only makes sense for this to be true: it is way more damaging for a man to have his woman sleep with another man and get cuckolded than the other way around. The 0.5% of the population who are skilled players and have more say with commitment don’t put a dent into this common reality. As a sex, men have very little say in determining the relationship dynamic.

The only reason we learned game is because women signaled to us that they just want casual sex. We’re extracting easy sex from women who want easy sex. Rest assured you’re not one-night standing girls who want a baby in the next year. No girl is crying because you didn’t call back after a drunken romp in the hopes you would be her husband. These easy girls prefer the one-night stand and they prefer to be your fuck buddy. Don’t kid yourself into thinking your game or fast sex desire is creating your success—women have placed their preferred options on the table and men are simply reacting in a way that gets them a piece of the pie before it’s all gone.

Women initiate while men react, so to say that my advice is hurting the culture is actually backwards. My advice is a scavenger response to get something out of the sexual rations that women are putting out.

“But Roosh, you go to countries like Poland and don’t marry the girls you have sex with. You’re pumping and dumping them, too! You’re ruining the world!”

Foreign women share many features with their American counterparts. Women who I have sex with in Eastern Europe use me for shallow sex possibly more than I use them. In other words, I have failed to get into relationships with girls I wanted because they preferred something less meaningful. I’m talking about Poland, Croatia, and Lithuania, not Washington DC. I’ve described the phenomenon of Westernization in the past, and while girls in Eastern Europe are more likely to seek marriage before they hit 30, you’ll be surprised how many simply want some fun in the sack until they establish their career or get bored of partying. Compared to American women, they’re just less overtly slutty about it, they start looking for husbands while still in their physical prime, and they maintain their feminine charm. For truly traditional women, it seems that only Muslim countries are left.

I almost wish I was rationalizing my behavior by explaining that Eastern European women like casual sex too. The last two beautiful girls I dated in Poland, who I met during the day outside of clubs, simply wanted to use me as a fuckbuddy to be scheduled in between their work and school obligations. Both were looking forward to upcoming travel and study abroad plans. They did not want a serious relationship with me, even though they enjoyed the sexual part of it.

It would be a nice fantasy for us men to believe that we have a say in relationships and sex. It’d be nice to think that our “alpha” behavior and our game determines how a relationship can proceed, but often it doesn’t. We’re just giving the girl what she has already decided on. Do you really think you’re selling televisions to customers who came into the store with the intent to buy bicycles? The girl who falls in love with us wanted to fall in love with us, the girl who had fun with us wanted to just have fun with us, and so on. And even when a girl wants a bicycle, she still wants a certain kind of bicycle. This is why game is a numbers game, because girls are incredibly picky even when they are sexually available. The horniest girl in the club who decided on having sex will still have her pick of the litter and opt to get the best that she can.

Men will always be forced to respond to what women want, and if my extensive experiences with fornication are any indication, modern women throughout the world want independence and careers over serious relationships with men. Believing that men like myself can cause a degradation of traditional roles is just giving us too much credit.

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  • Armchair General

    I really don’t have any of these logical problems in explaining my beliefs as i believe monogamy and marriage is shit.

  • Guest

    Michael Anissimov read this and wept. Oh, wait monarchy is gonna get us all laid.


    I think there is strong selection bias in Roosh’s sampling of women.

    But the “men are boxers” analogy was excellent.

  • YosarriansRight

    “Believing that men like myself can cause a degradation of traditional roles is just giving us too much credit.”

    Roosh, you must be doing something right, because one generally gets the most flak as they are directly over the target.

  • Chemical O

    Yes, you nailed it Roosh. I’ve lived in Vietnam for about a year. (I’m a Latino guy, raised in the US.) And even though Vietnam is definitely by far more traditional than the US or even most Asian countries, a few times I felt like I was doing stud service for some mid 20’s girl who wanted to try sex with a non-Asian. A couple of girls whom i liked just drifted away or went back to careerism. I’ve been with more than a hundred girls in Asia so I know it wasn’t me being needy.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    Some edits for red pill. It is blue pill to suppose the high moral ground goes to the victims who are trapped by aggressors because in fact might makes right. We game because it is the best of what we can do (for now). We exercise our might in opposition, and we should be damn proud of it! Be fucking and non-fucking masculine, guys. It is a natural crime for a man to concent to any emasculation at his expense. Do we care about unleash-the-bitches law?

    “As a collective [authority], women men [of the elite patriarchy] are often first-choice alpha gatekeepers to both sex and commitment.”

    “As the dispensable [non-elite part of the culturally indispensable] sex, men will always respond [adapt] to what women want, and
    if my extensive experiences with fornication are any indication, modern
    women want independence and careers over serious relationships with men.
    Believing that men like myself can cause a degradation of traditional
    roles is just giving us too much credit.”

  • Rollo Tomassi


  • Bob

    >. Don’t kid yourself into thinking your game or fast sex desire is
    creating your success—women have placed their preferred options on the
    table and men are simply reacting in a way that gets them a piece of the
    pie before it’s all gone.

    Truth. Girls that you hook up with are certainly hooking up with other guys so don’t flatter yourself too much that it’s your skills at game. I think we as men are largely failing to tame our women and make them commit. Commitment benefits men far more than women. It’s so much easier for them to go out and get laid then us.

    The world has progressed to be a huge cock carousel playground for the 20-30 year old woman in America largely due to men’s failure to domesticate them.

  • Tom Dane

    This makes no sense I think.
    “Then even more fighters learned not only wrestling, but martial arts and Brazilian jujitsu.”

    Should have been “Now more men learned other martial arts as well, like BJJ.”
    Boxing and BJJ are both Martial Arts, if I’m not wrong.

  • Tom Dane

    This is so true. Of course it’s a reaction. If you dont learn game there will be nothing and I mean absolutely NOTHING for you.
    If women would give commitment at 22, we would all be married by now and this site wouldnt exist ! But no instead they wait til they are 35 !! No man can be happy with that deal.

  • Hell_Biker

    Without realizing it himself, Roosh has hit on the core truth of the game:

    Women do the sexual choosing. As a man all you have to do is learn how to play those desires to your advantage.

  • Sam Spade

    Well-articulated. This “contradiction” comes up a lot on other forums, even by red pill men.

  • Jeremy

    This piece comes off as extraordinarily bleak from a masculine power point of view, but it’s just so damn true. Women hold all(or most) of the cards w.r.t. relationships. Any blame pasted on male behavior is just cheap wallpaper over a house designed by and lived in by women.

  • Guest

    Sounds about right. Young Western Women in their prime may

  • Zelcorpion

    Wisdom coming from the chief Roosh! Myself scavenging humbly in Poland too I can confirm that: women in their prime (until age 24) are in fact looking for Mr. Exciting rather than Mr. Right.

    Of course they may be more enticed to go into a relationship if you happen to have way more money than the average man that they are used too, but that is just survival-mode and basic hypergamy kicking in. Their basic feminist doctrine tells them to go and have fun.

    Women as a whole seem to be the gatekeepers of sex AND OF RELATIONSHIPS IF THEY ARE STILL IN THEIR PRIME BEFORE AGE 26! After a certain age the relationship power shifts in our favor. That age differs from country to country, but I expect it to go towards the wall in all countries by design.

  • Jeremy

    Roosh isn’t preaching to the kinds of women he beds. He is responding to the women who cowardly call his behavior despicable, while with the same mouth encouraging women to avoid a serious marital commitment until they’re 30.

    You can’t accuse Roosh of being a casual-sex fiend while at the same time destroying the traditional path by which Roosh would have expressed his own true human nature and encouraging women to sleep around until they’re “ready”.

  • Tom Dane

    Did anyone check out this site ? Returnfoqueens ?

    Lol !

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    “modern women want independence and careers over serious relationships with men”

    Well said, Roosh. That pretty much sums it up.

  • JJ Roberts

    Except that there is noting “traditional” about marriage or any of the “traditional” values you reference.

    Conventional maybe. Traditional, no.

  • awakened

    “The world has progressed to be a huge cock carousel playground for the 20-30 year old woman in America largely due to men’s failure to domesticate them.”

    This should be included in “the talk” men have with their sons.

    The boomers and their godforsaken political correctness has destroyed the traditional American way of life forever.

  • Acehole

    I tend to agree.


    The status quo is awesome. Men who want to create a different civilization than the U.S.A. suck.

  • Unknown Lol

    I agree but this is just going to create a cycle. Great generations were/are defined by disrupting vicious and destructive cycles.

    What men have to do is never marry one of those girls(over 29, single with kids or divorced) and make sure the government will not use our money(taxes) to support them. Let the young ones see what happens when you try to give a good samaritan a bad deal…. You get screwed.

  • Theodore Logan

    More like Return of Slores.

  • Seth

    How could women be effectively domesticated? How was it ever done?

    Another thing no one considers is how little boys are brought up with propaganda in school (is it normal to have cops with glocks hovering over 7 y/os???, calling playing with frogs and mud-add/ a need to be on psychiatric meds???), and culture (pegging all men as Al Bundy types who are clowns to be used rather ban husbands and fathers to be honored).

    Our society is sick and ran by sociopath Satanists aka the Illuminati who desire to destroy and pervert all the good things God has created for man to enjoy.

  • Mike

    Blaming men is how they cover their tracks to hide their true nature. Like a black club player told
    Me- women are the masters if game.

    I think in America the best game card you can have is be a black male 18-35 over 6 ft tall and ripped or buff.

  • Alex

    That marriage, being more feminine or traditional would somehow negate the natural (sexual and behavioural) inclinations of women is unclear, as it has not been observed in history , nature or experiment.

  • KL

    Great post. But would you really prefer a monogamous 1950’s family marriage to your current lifestyle? It is easy to romanticize the past.

  • Tom Dane

    Maybe not, but if it was there, everyone would be happier.

  • Jeremy

    The man in the 1950’s had:

    1) Pretty much guaranteed employment, even in countries decimated by war this was true.
    2) Extraordinarily cheap housing and transportation costs for the median income.
    3) A large population of women desiring husband and children, and not so full of themselves that they actually sacrificed for a family.
    4) A developed world that did not regard masculinity as a disease.

    Yeah, I don’t want to go back to a world where cars used carburetors, and phones were expensive to use, were totally immobile and used a rotary dialer, but considering how easy it was to just be a man after WW2 in the developed world… it might be worth the sacrifice.

  • ray

    “The only reason we learned game is because women signaled to us that they just want casual sex.”
    And whether PUA/Game is employed inside or outside of marriage, it is still a reaction by men to the signals — individual or collective — of females.
    Women demand, women agitate, women punish, women legislate, women signal. And modern men frantically adapt, and Run Dread Game, cuz that phrase sounds way cool to lost twenty-year-old boys.
    Game is no different than the CYA whiteknighting of “men” in America’s schools, offices, government, homes, and churches. It’s an adaptation to the leadership and tyranny of women. Instead of the male doing whatever he MUST do, he points at the shattered state of relationship in the west, and the absolute victory of the gynarchy, and throws up his hands: Yup, see, I’m only tossing away my manhood, and living a life of cheap debauchery, because Those Women Made Me Do It.
    I have no will of my own. I don’t have the inner strength to just be celibate, and call my OWN shots. So I’ll take the easy way out, write popular books about how I took the easy way out, and then rationalize that I took the easy way out by saying that womens’ signals forced me to take the easy way out.
    That is not male leadership, that is adaptation to female imperative, no different than some poor sap who “runs game” in his marriage, in an effort to keep his wife interested. Keep my wife interested? She exists to PLEASE ME! WHY would I need to adapt my masculinity to HER standards?
    Yikes on a shitstick. And you are the people constantly blathering about frame!
    In the very instant that he begins re-shaping his mind, and his life, to suit the (real or perceived) requirements of his wife, he has already lost his manhood, and the Game.
    So then he gathers an echo-chamber around him consisting of other GameBoys, to assure him that his capitualtion to his wife, or to the female-imperative at large, is an act of independence, heroism, and wisdom, which actually is improving the culture at large (via, you know, Dark Knighting blah blah blah).
    PUA and Game is solipsistic jive that will blow away in the next strong wind, and be forgotten forever. It’s not a solution to your matriarchal cultures, heck it’s not even a reasonable reaction to your matriarchal cultures.
    God gave you a good mind, and a bit of writing talent, which to your credit you have pursued and improved. We all have faults and sins and weaknesses, myself included. Yet you reject and shame Him by using those gifts to indulge and promote a lifestyle of superficiality and casual evil. No matter how many teenage kids tell you that you are cool, there’s nothing manly in such behavior. Any chump can run around the planet bagging sluts.
    You can do much, much better than this.

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    How could women be effectively domesticated? How was it ever done?

    Violence (or threat of it), mostly.

  • Tom Dane

    I’d say that back in these days a man could chose his own path. It was technically possible to be a player and sleep with lots of women if one wanted to do that.
    It was also possible to find a woman in her prime and star at family.. Most men chose the later, of course.

    It is the natural ways..what we’re doing today is NOT the natural way. Of course Roosh is in no way contributing this lifestyle in fact I’m pretty sure in the 50ties he would have been married for 10 years now with 5 kids.

  • Josh Harkon

    Roosh makes a lot of good points here. The ego, arrogance and pride of men bragging on the internet about their exploits is pretty sad and hilarious at the same time. The one thing which isn’t addressed is what happens if Roosh does date a sweet young (foreign) girl who isn’t pursuing her career or casual sex? Since this seems to be the core issue that naysayers are referring to, the rest of the post just reads like a red herring that avoids the issue we’re all wondering. As a guess (because I can’t see into his head), it still appears that given a conventional woman who wants kids and would like being a housewife, Roosh would still prefer to pump and dump her. Of course, we can’t see his interactions because this isn’t the Truman Show, but that does appear to be a contradiction. If one also argues that birthrates in Russia and Ukraine are too low recently (which men deserve some degree of blame for if women are eager to have children) and a woman’s role for the last 10,000 years has been assisting a male (in the most recent form as a housewife), it seems pretty unmistakeable that he’s admitting he’s not part of the solution. Whether you consider that contradicting himself is up to you, but that’s mostly a game of semantics. If you don’t practice what you preach, you’re normally considered a hypocrite, even if you play the blame game and each time consider it the woman’s fault.

  • Han Solo

    I agree, it’s a great article.

    And Roosh is right that men don’t aren’t the main commitment gate keepers. During their teens and 20’s women are more of the commitment gate keepers (unless you want to talk about top men but then we’re into apex fallacy territory if you apply them to all young men).

    Once women hit their 30’s and their looks start to fade and the number of available attractive men starts to decline (they got married or don’t want to marry) then that is when men start to even things up in terms of who the commitment gate keeper is. But even then, women still have a lot of power in deciding who they commit to or not.

  • Han Solo

    I wrote a post that points out that young women are more the gate keepers of commitment than young men, in addition to their more readily-recognized role as the gatekeepers of sex.

  • Han Solo

    And what happens while women are taking their time working, studying and avoiding commitment? Many of them will either slut it up with out of their league men, many or a few times, or try to get them to commit, or watch for the unicorn they would commit to. And a lot of men are left in the dry desert:

  • Han Solo

    Living in a safe and prosperous environment, with big gov standing in as the safety net, women don’t need a provider-protector man to commit to them at the personal level so I think their attraction triggers that do get turned on by those things more easily in times of danger and scarcity by a man that will commit to her are more turned off and so they seek sexier or higher-value men that are out of their league and won’t commit to them.

  • splooge

    you makes some good points if you are chasing after these predetory women. but there are regular virginal girls that get pumped n dumped and just get ruined like a western girl. nn does this and many others do this i dont agree with it. virginal brides should be encouraged for marraiiage its the sluts that were suppose to game for pump n dump.
    game is merely a reaction to the change in the sexual market place.and we use it to hunt for those willing skanks(some more prominent in other countrys). honestly these talks of gaming in the middle east should end as it is the only safe zone from westernization though its creepin in. when word of one foreigner gets lucky
    others will come and hypergamy will
    l kuck into iverdrive. same can be said about south asia(india pakistan bangladesh sri lanka etc).
    these 2 regions of the world must be protected from the western virus. u may visit but no gaming. we scavenge where liberalism has infected(europe southeast asia latin america west). and wife hunt in eastern asia eastern europe and south america. where the probability of findin good woman is still high despitd the changes.

  • Han Solo

    In times of scarcity or danger women will much more quickly latch onto whatever reasonable man they can get to commit.

    It was interesting to see the movie Defiance ( where they went into the forest and lived as a somewhat more primitive tribe and quickly paired off as forest brides and couldn’t afford the luxury of being too picky.

  • Han Solo

    When women blame men that they can’t find a relationship and that men hold all the power, what they really mean is that men that are 1-4 points higher in relationship value won’t commit to them and only want sex.

    Of course they could get a relationship fairly readily with a man that was roughly at her level. But hypergamy’s gonna hypergam away.

    Note: we do see half of white American women marry by about 27 so NAWALT

  • Han Solo

    Exactly, men can’t be the gatekeepers of commitment (really) if there are no women standing at the gate wanting to get in.

  • Jeremy

    Where people have incentives to behave a certain way, they do so. No human ever went against his own nature willingly.

  • Lydia

    Yuppp women have it pretty great and we know it. I’m not really into random hookups, but every time I have engaged with one I knew the guy would be down for a relationship in a millisecond if i were to offer it. And I’m pretty sure thats the case for any girl who’s mildly attractive, intelligent, and chill to be around.

    If guys want to get more girls to actually WANT a relationship- a quality girl that who actually lives in the U.S. and has social standing and a good family and all that- then it is possible. they just need to be more attractive (i.e. get into better shape, if they haven’t been blessed with a fantastic face), funnier, more of a gentleman, and educate themselves about things women are interested in, so women ENJOY being around them outside the bedroom.

    The fact is men’s time to treat women as objects IS OVER and it’s time for men to adjust or see their gene pool die out. Women are at no risk of that, so theres no way we’re ever going to change. Simple evolutionary economics.

  • G


  • Roosh_V

    Saudi Arabia

  • Roosh_V

    I can’t state my preference unless I’ve experienced it for myself, but since we will never be able to experience a 1950’s style relationship today, there is no way to know if that was better than what we have now. Too bad.

  • Spaniard88

    Roosh, I’ve moved to Asia as of this month to look for a traditional girl, and I have to say that your analysis of the situation in America is spot on, man. It’s sad that most players don’t realize they’re the ones being played! Example, so called “players” talk like this: “I’m going to have a harem of girls.” Sure, buddy, you can do that, except if you’re sleeping with three girls on rotation, that means each of those girls has at least three guys on their rotation and the web expands outwards exponentially, don’t kid yourself, you’re swapping spit with a whole lot of dudes when you do that, lol!

  • Roosh_V

    This is a fair comment, though I can count on one hand the number of girls who were emotionally attached to me when I left their city (in the past 5 years). The real test for me will be when I permanently stay in a city, but I already know that there will be problems because I believe marriage is often a poor choice for men on an individual level. There will be always a conflict between doing what’s best for you and what’s best for society.

  • Spaniard88

    “I’m not really into random hookups,” there’s the disclaimer, and then, as usual, “but every time I have engaged in one…” Classic. Actions speak so much louder than words. Wait until you hit the wall, lol.

  • Tom Dane

    Its women antifeminists..refreshing ! Maybe there’s something about that NAWALT after all..hmm..can’t be..

  • Hell_Biker


    The silver lining of men’s decline is that high quality males are now a lot scarcers…..which means that there are a lot of women out there who are frustrated with the quality of the average man they meet and who will be easy to catch as a result.

  • Hell_Biker

    The problem with that argument is that a lot of women are going to let that continue to happen. The most attractive ones benefit from that objectification and are more than happy to get theirs out of it.

  • Han Solo

    Yeah, it is true that top percentile men are cleaning up. Men who care to do so should up their value as much as possible. Or men who don’t mind dumpster diving 2-4 points lower can clean up but the eating down there often leaves one sick to the stomach.

  • illy

    Food for thought: I’m a thin, pretty, 22 yr old engaged girl who loves sex and would never have casual sex because it’s against my values. and I also wouldnt touch a guy like you with a ten foot pole. Maybe the reason you can’t find the right girl is because of your own actions and value system. After all, you’re the only common denominator in all of your relationships…okay. I’m leaving now.

  • Tom Dane

    Ban that bitch

  • Tom Dane

    Yeah we have to be interesting, skilled, handsome, in shape. Whereas you’d be hard pressed just to find a single of these qualities in women. Anyway, everything she said was bull and she dont even know it; all we have to do is treat them like garbage and like we dont care at all..thats what they want (Western women, that is..the most braindead and useless creature ever created)

  • You can go with this

    America sucks- its a slave ship ran by bankers and industrialists that would drive any decent human who doesn’t want to be a robot up the wall.
    Article in this- piss on you you rat bastard finks who socially engineer American “culture”-

  • 305 Coast

    Honestly all this effeminate psycho babel spinning our wheels talk is the worst form of mental angst. I’ve beat some ass like many of you have isn’t that healthier than all this philosopher King circle spinning? I almost
    Kicked my waiters ass the other day at Olive Garden. What all these politically
    Correct jerks fear is all the men going apeshit on them and breaking the chains of slavery. Like Thomas Jefferson said the tree of liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood
    Of patriots and tyrants. That’s the problem in America is everyone wants to be a conservative and ride bitch with all this Charlie Rose show innuendo and a that really works is smashing in some ass.
    Roosh like you I was bullied in school and guess what????
    The only time those punks backed off is when I cracked off my fists into the side of their head no reason or rhetoric ever worked only violence. Deal with animals treat them as such. Sad World
    really if we’re honest. That’s why I believe in religion because there’s gotta be something better than all this evil.

  • Jesse James

    Don’t take it too harshly, baby boomers set you up for it. I sense that feminism is the chimera hybrid offshoot of the suffragettes wishes, with socialist/communistic ideals. Solely for the purpose of “domesticating” men.

    It won’t work.

    I sense this article may have been in response to a conversation I started with “sickmanofeurope” over on Roosh’s ROK of women of tyranny or some another.

    I agree that men are left with very little options. I also agree that your character is what sets you apart. What is a modern man of this day and age of the cock carousel connoisseur to do?

    Essentially, straight decadence as a way of life where you shame women for no morals and throw in the towel crying “If you can’t beat them, join them in the grotto and fuck!” is a potential option.

    Yet just recently, by my home, a home was broken into by some of these heroic single mothers offspring, and the married man pistol whipped, and the six month pregnant wife routinely raped.

    When you break down the moral fabric, be it you or feminists, there are consequences. I don’t want to live under the mentality that says a movie life like “The Purge” is acceptable.

    People can be evil, shame effectively, and often!

  • Cedric The Impaler

    The game is Chuck roast trying to pass itself off as 18-24 yo Prime Rib. This is what the cosmetics and fashion industries lifeblood is. My advice to all the young guys in college- dont be a hitch game your ass off and take 6 years to graduate. Have fun and go to a real school with fly girls falling on top of each other like Florida State Auburn Arizona State or Chico State don’t go to no gas ass nonparty school unless you know you can make real $$$$$$ going there even so you will regret not doing at least one semester at a party King like Arizona State.

  • Guest

    Actually, no. Tommy, lots of women know about negging and all the other tricks PUAs like to use. Not only is it fucking annoying in the first place, but confounded with the fact that a dude probably read a pick up book in order to get those lines, it’s highly unattractive. No one falls for that shit anymore and any guy who tries to use it will quickly get nexted.

  • Kingsley

    Outstanding as always Master Roosh. What do you make of this?

  • Joe

    So how do men solve this? The culture sucks and ours right God and morals are worthy of or devotion but how can men deal with these brainwashed tyrannical American feminazi women? You owe all of us an explanation on how to fully and comprehensively solve this dilemma anything else but viable action steps is worthless banter.

  • Roosh_V
  • SoCal guy

    I can’t agree that men are the gate keepers to commitment.

    I rarely want to date a girl long-term. Virtually every girl I’ve had sex with stays in contact. If I have repeat axe with her, she inevitably wants commitment.

    What men need to realize is they have all the power. If a guy is in shape, has a decent job, and isn’t a complete anti-social person, women want to lock him down. It’s a god damn fact.

    Men are the gate keepers of commitment until they become married. Simple as that. A man can walk away any time he pleases. Kids or not. The man has that power. Whether he chooses to use it is his own choice.

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    I haven’t read ‘Bang Saudi Arabia’ yet, but from what I hear from Muslim insiders is that Saudi women are pretty wild in private. In fact I’ve met a few in person here in OC. Beautiful women, imo.

  • Joel

    Did you even read what Roosh said?
    You’re deluding yourself.

  • Bob

    >There will be always a conflict between doing what’s best for you and what’s best for society.

    This is one nugget of pure truth. Society is set up to benefit society not the individual. If you selfishly do what’s best for you, it’s often behavior that costs society. If you are unselfish and behave in accordance to societal rules, you can be easily fleeced. What to do.

  • Bob

    So true. These guys with a “soft harem” of girls, have kidded themselves thinking these girls are sitting around pining for them 6 days of the week. These girls have membership cards in 4 other dudes harems.

  • Bob

    I haven’t been to America for a few years, but last time I was there it seems like black guys are all the rage. Is that what the girls are mostly wanting these days?

  • Mike

    It depends where you go like anywhere else but a smooth muscular black guy can do well in the venues I’ve seen.
    America sucks for game and is a cesspool of evil. i think is a good site on Americas toxic culture.

    Where in Europe is good for game?

    I like big tits and booty no a cup Annie’s for me man.

  • Supramax

    Brilliant post. The skills/approaches inculcated to us by our families and society are largely obsolete and ineffectual in the current reality in USA, at least in the urban centers I’m familiar with (Moscow is the same with a big dash of goldigging: don’t any of you kid yourselves). There’s a survivor bias in Roosh’s/Tom Torero/Krauser experience sample though that lends itself to focusing on the cock carousel and women in careers etc. etc. but open up the NYTimes wedding announcements section on Sundays – there is an amazing number of well educated professional women getting married (for their first wedding) in their 20’s. There are a LOT of girls who screw sparingly and only with boyfriends who they are in a relationship with, many strongly biased towards the men they meet in their social circle and away from men they’d have to describe to their friends as having met in a ‘weird’ way like out on the street. Anything in the manner OR setting of the encounter that smacks of ‘weird’ to American women and that they’d run the risk of their friends perceiving such is often the touch of death – “she met him when he ran up and stopped her on the street, can you believe it ?’. Online dating only in recent years passed the threshold of not being 100% weird – now it’s like 50-75% ‘weird’ for women to have to explain to their friends/family. They test hard for sincerity over longer periods before sex and screen out the insincere. Tom Torero and Krauser are the only guys I’m aware of who had the balls and authenticity to publish their stats.

    These girls I describe and the ones who are committed to boyfriends compose some percentage of the 97% of women that Krauser and Tom Torero and Roosh approach who they don’t end up fucking. That doesn’t mean they’re not tempted and turned on by someone who knows game, it just means they didn’t succumb. They ain’t buying what’s being marketed to them.

  • mckunt

    found the chubby chaser

  • UnpluggedBeta

    This is a depressing article. It rings true, but those of us who try to hold true to religious beliefs will find nothing of comfort here.

    Hell, the truth hurts everyone here.

  • mckunt

    plus kinda helps that south asia has ugly women and middle east has a lot of fat chicks,highly agressive cockblocking men(even in liberal Turkey a Brit got stabbed for gaming) and strict laws for the most part(unless you got to lebanon and turkey).
    Theres a reason why east asia(espically south east) latin america and eastern europe are desired.

  • mckunt

    I think they are are the gate keepers of commitment if you are a no name beta or smooth but broke alpha. But an interesting alpha with money is the gatekeeper to commitment by default.

  • MonicleMario .

    I know an american woman who I work with. Shes very beautiful, very laid back, and her womanly flaws are incredibly limited. She has been married since she was 19, and although her husband seems to treat her like shit a lot of times she still sticks by his side as long as he is willing to commit to her. He left her with her 1 year old son for a month or two with no help. She assumed he was gone, but it seemed like almost within a day he came back and she chose to make everything okay again. These kinds of women are incredibly rare, and the fact that I have met one is very surreal to me. Her parents sheltered her pretty well from what it seems and she doesnt seem to ever take advantage of her looks. she puts off a vibe that shows that she doesnt want attention from other men. She is fully committed to her husband and pretty much afraid to lose him. I don’t know how common these women are in western society, but they still exist.

  • Ébre

    I have been to Muslim countries,even though Azerbaijan is kinda the watered down versions of true muslim countries but man,those guys defend their women in clubs like hell,even though they are friendly and I like them very much,they are fucking agressive when it comes to their women,so gaming isnt very safe there…

  • Zelcorpion

    Yes and no. Try banging a 19-year-old college girl and getting commitment from her. Sure – the Alpha state will make her want you and the money will be a great bonus and hypergamy appeaser, but do you really believe that she will be faithful to you, while she has other younger Alphas, fratboys and “hot guys” at her disposal?

    Remember – even an Alpha has to fight to keep his slut in line, if the slut is attractive enough for other Alphas.

    Relative wealth (depending on her own wealth and other men around her) automatically will get you a relationship, but not necesserily an exclusive one even as a successful Alpha. Those who are real relationship material at that age are rare.

    And frankly I doubt if they are relationship material at age 30 – they are just out of options. If they would be magically turned 18 again they would resume their slutty ways of EMPOWERRRRRMENT.

  • Zelcorpion

    The 1950s will never return.
    But I will leave you with some statistics of the 1950s:

    The number of prostitutes in those times were relative to the population several thousand percent higher – in fact they had roughly the same number of prostitutes in 2010 than in the 50s, which means that relative to the population the whoring profession was a major “employer”. Why?

    I guess the reason was that it was waaay more difficult for an average young man to find a random slut to bang before marriage. Though of course reading “field reports” of men like Charles Bukowski who had natural Asshole-Game shows that sluts could be found back then too – they were just a lot rarer.

  • Sam Spade

    Do what’s best for you and makes you happy – always understanding the consequences of course. A collection of happy people = a happy society.

  • Armchair General

    Yeah fuck Saudi Arabia.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    I platonically love you, brother! Patriarchy forever! Someone who gets it exactly. Marriage is the gift men give themselves. The elite men gave themselves the gift of our marriage institution, if you are keeping score at home.

  • Kingsley

    “Feminism is an operation of patriarchy. Feminism constantly identifies problems and proposes patriarchal solutions pressed down on us from high and rammed home by men with guns and badges. Feminism cannot exist without the men and the patriarchy enabling their delusions of agency and independence. Women are not equal to men, were never equal, and cannot, nor should they be made equal.”

    These two masterpieces go together like Lindy West and baked goods.

  • splooge

    ya they have good reason for it. Cause western men ruin women, like they did with their own women then spread their ways to other countrys whether its media or actually in person. even in Turkey 1 of the most liberal nations in the middle east a brit got shanked for gaming a local girl so yes,like you were saying even the most westernized parts the middle east is still a no game zone.

  • Hono

    Roosh, have you ever tried Asia or Muslim countries? I know you prefer white European girls and so do I, but I’m starting to think that its worth trying other continents to meet more traditional girls.

  • Blaster

    And I’m pretty sure thats the case for any girl who’s mildly attractive, intelligent, and chill to be around.

    I’m guessing you are not older than 25…

  • osman

    I know a lot guys, me included, from middle eastern origin who prefer bringing a bride from their originate countries, preferably little religious, it’s a fair choice, young bride commited to family…

  • ray

    Hi Joe —
    First off, I don’t owe you (or anybody else) anything, including “an explanation” — you-owe-me entitlement-thinking belongs with the feminists, not amongst the discussions of grown men.
    I’ve been writing for almost two decades about how to, ah, Fully and Comprehensively (LOL) solve this dilemma, and I’m not going to attempt to repeat all that work here. If you want it, go read it, then do it.
    To sum, tho, the tyrannies of feminism (actually, global matriarchy) are best resisted by pursuing and communicating the truth — which is what many online persons have been doing for about a decade now.
    Neither you, nor anybody else, is going to resolve this via politics, legislation, etc.
    This site and many others publicize and bust the lies, malevolence, and tactics of the modern gynocracies, and that is the best method of resistance currently. Men are not herd-creatures like women — they don’t join mass-movements specific to their gender, so the men’s movement consists largely of individual, not group, resistance.
    But PUA/Game isn’t the answer — it’s a give-in-to-evil tactic that validates the feminist stereotypes of men.
    Don’t rely on Gamers. Rely on Scripture, and on the few persons who understand it. Scripture will not use or mislead you, and Scripture is not in it for the acclaim, popularity, or cash.
    To be most effective in this vast battle, communicate the truth under the guidance of the LORD, so that unlike so many of our brothers, you do not get caught up in you own ego, vanity, greed, and so forth — all elements that reduce one’s effectiveness in this fight.
    You want A Solution, eh? lol But the reality is, there is no easy and quick solution to this — it’s not a leftover dinner than can just be microwaved, there are no quick fixes to this, including PUA, dark knighting, etc. The entire planet will be shattered before this problem is finally resolved.
    But for now, Solution: get down on your knees (or better, flat on your face) and ask Father to forgive you for your offenses, and humbly ask him to guide you in serving Him as you make war against the Monstrous Regiment that rules over the western world.
    He will then direct you — assuming you are humble and listening, and not looking to get laid, or seeking to blow your own horn, etc — He will direct you to the best method for resisting and destroying feminism and its institutional structures.
    Thanks for your question. I’ve been asked the same thing many times, generally in the same way, from frustrated guys who see Game as the only option, as it’s so heavily promoted on the net. Most of these guys don’t really want an answer, or even a solution. What they want is to be confirmed in their bias that Game is the best and only tactic.
    At least you recognize there is a problem, and you are interested in overcoming that problem. Those are good signs, and you are already further along that 99 percent of your peers. Cheers.

  • Leroy X

    Where’s a link to your blog with your writings?

    Its too broad to assume all are immoral. Many of us are just looking for sanity in an insane World. We all know who runs the World-his name is Satan and he comes to kill, steal, and destroy all men. Love is the ultimate goal not lust and vice colored in banter-that’s my objective.

  • dabiz

    Amazing analogy. Roosh does it again

  • Noah

    26 is past prime-for the record

  • Zelcorpion

    Of course man – to be frank: prime is 16-20, probably even lower depending on sexual maturity, as often proven by scientific tests regarding pure sexual attraction to males. Due to artificial hormonal changes (hormones in meat and estrogen-like toxins like BPA,BPS etc.) especially females grow up faster physically which explains why they are already hiring 13-year-olds in the fashion business (5’10 13-year-olds who look like 18).

  • James

    Over? Then why is the superficial hook-up culture stronger now than 50 years ago. Seems to me like milk has never been cheaper for men.

  • anonymous

    A much needed dose of realism (re: game and man’s lack of power in the SMP) that I feel had been lacking in your previous writings. Great work.

  • Onder Hassan

    I would rephrase it as “Between doing what’s best for you and what’s best for ‘women’.” Modern society was built around women’s interests.

    I don’t think you should worry about conflict.

    If women are the gatekeepers to everything in the relationship, then I have no empathy for ‘doing what’s right’ because women have only ever cared about their own desires.

    This post further cements that fact, which is why I no longer feel ashamed of dating girls without the promise of any commitment.

  • anonymous

    I always get a bit of a chuckle reading naive chicks like you. Feminism has been so overwhelmingly successful that we’re now finally reaching a point where women are not only shedding the victim label, but also rubbing it in our faces about how great they have it.

    Do you honestly believe this current state of affairs will last into perpetuity? That for the rest of eternity, you will be the benefactor of this gross imbalance of power?

    Poor, poor delusional woman.

    Women are winning the battle of the sexes, and it’s not even close.

    But women will lose the war. I can promise you that.

  • Onder Hassan

    Never looked at it like that. Maybe my friends advice on paying for prostitutes isn’s such a bad idea as it’s pretty much the same, just less work lol

  • Onder Hassan

    “What they really mean is that men that are 1-4 points higher in relationship value won’t commit to them and only want sex.”

    ^^ This

    Thats why i’ve learned to not look for happiness when it comes to relationships because either way, we’re screwed.

    What we all ideally want is to marry and settle down with a young fertile girl in her prime who will commit and support our needs when in reality, a girl like that simply doesn’t exist.

  • Onder Hassan

    I agree,

    And knowing that doing all of this would leave us unsatisfied anyway knowing most women won’t have the urge to work on themselves as hard. Then what’s the point?

    All we’re essentially doing is putting in work that is agreeably overkill just to blow a load knowing she has nothing to offer us in the long term.

  • Erik

    I admire your ability to fuck countless women, but in fact you are ruining women for everyone else. You have your share of the blame.

  • FreshGuy

    @ Roosh : thanks for addressing that issue.
    yes I had also in mind the same objection to your “doctrine”: that it is difficult to ask for more traditional girls while at the same time asking for more one-night-stands.

    and your answer to that, I also agree with : the one-night-stands I have had, I always had the impression that I was as much the hunted as the hunter. I could not tell if I gamed the girl or if she gamed me.

    after spending some time myself in eastern europe, I have the feeling that it was easier for me to get one-night-stands there, for the simple reason that many girls had never “tried” my nationality before. but to turn this into a relationship was tough, and my conclusion was that, for me, it would be harder to have something meaningful with a girl in eastern europe than it would be in the West.

    I decided to go back to my home country to maybe start a more meaningful relationship with a woman. by the way I see all around me guys with girls happy in a relationship, and often the girl is the one trying to keep the relationship going, so my first-hand experience does not confirm the hypothesis that all girls have turned into sluts who are only interested in sex. but the fact is, getting a meaningful relationship with a girl is harder than getting sex out of her. sex is cheap, love is more scarce, and valuable if you find it.

    you see in the end girls are not that different from us, and if you give her sex too soon, she will think that you are a man-slut… it sounds crazy, but actually maybe you should try withholding sex until the third date, Roosh, if you are looking to build something with a girl. just try it once or twice and let us know if it improves your conversion ratio into a more interesting relationship… good luck!

  • zaqan

    Probably the most important article youve written because even I was trying to reconcile the two contradicting views. I want to be a traditionalist, but tradition is basically dead in 90% of America. Even rural religious girls are sluts and whores.

  • Molnár András

    This happens until you are 30….

  • GoPutin

    Simple. We need a good, long all-out war in the Ukraine to destable world economies and allow all the fine able-bodied young men to seek fame and glory and praise on the field of battle. Too many white knight beta males and wannabe aplhas are messing up the market, so let them perish in a glorious war as they seek to gain bragging rights and admiration from their peers. Remember, noone is forced into battle, everyone are volunteers so no pity from me. So here’s to hoping that diplomacy goes awry and the young males with their many, big scary and sooo meningful tattoos get to perish in a way just like in the movies.

  • Alan

    If Roosh avoided Ukrainian clubs and bars like a teetotaler and pursued only Ukrianian church girls, he wouldn’t be so jaded. This is why there’s strong selection bias to his analysis. He’ll end up with sluts wherever he goes because of the venues that he chooses.

  • Rael

    You may not put “pussy on the pedestal” but you are putting an imaginary past (the America of the 1950s) on a pedestal. You will never experience this time, you really have no idea what it was like, but you imagine it as superior to your current situation. “The grass is always greener …”

    In reality I think any person, man or woman, who values individual freedom as much as you do, Roosh, would find the America of the 1950s totally stifling. You would either leave (as many did) or revolt (as many more did in the 1960s). There are good reasons why the social repression of the 1950s led to the social explosion of the 1960s.

  • phd_guy

    Withholding of physical and economic security. For a woman life was to be under the protection of either the father or the husband. The area in between meant starvation, poverty or violence from strangers.

  • phd_guy

    Prostitutes are cleaner.

  • guest

    Reality check, American women everywhere are still complaining about the guys that banged them and treated them like garbage.

  • Aaron the Just

    Nobody forces any girl to have sex with Roosh.

  • Aaron the Just

    Notice how she picked a husband who treats her like shit.

    I had a friend who married a girl like this – thing is, within 5 months of marriage, he’s already sleeping with other women.

  • Emily Weant

    I have skimmed over some of your articles and it seems to me that you make a gross generalization. I am 55, old enough to be your mother, and I know for a fact that DC seems to be a hard place to find a mate of any sex. Most people come here for career reasons and then leave–it’s a very transient place. There are more attractive women out west–like in California, Arizona, etc. and they keep themselves up. Also, in the midwest you will find many girls with traditional values in solid, traditional communities. I think all these articles are just you men whining that you can’t find a mate! People get married all the time. As far as “women making more money than men” that is another oversimplification. SOME women do. Some don’t. And the statistics still favor men making more money on the dollar for the same job than a woman overall. In DC things are very, very different from other parts of the country. Black women (especially) often really do make more money here, and in Maryland there are more women in managerial positions than in other states in the whole U.S. Maryland is statistically supposed to be the best place for career women. So if you can’t take the heat, guys, get out of the kitchen–move to another state. I’m sorry that those younger girls are loose, and it must be difficult to date them; but I’m not responsible for them. I know many women who don’t run around asking to get themselves pregnant. Most of them go to church and keep themselves busy helping people.

  • plokiju

    I would like to add a few of my own thoughts.

    I think sending too many girls to college is one of the biggest mistakes that has brought our terrible gender relations (among white people at least). If you think about it, most of the girls in high school are still psychologically healthy, willing to marry, thin enough, and humble. They go bad in college, and keep spoiling afterwards. College teaches people to be competitors and live for themselves, which is the opposite of the kind of partnership that works best in marriage.

    It is also worth mentioning that having a traditional marriage is hard to do in our country. People will look down on you for being old-fashioned, regressive. People will think of your wife as a doormat. Your wife will feel like she is inferior. Your wife will get bored, if she stays at home. Many stay-at-home wives nowadays get stir crazy.

    Also, you will NOT change the status quo by practicing traditional values. There are people, called Christians and residents of “conservative” parts of the country, who do just this, and they have absolutely no power over our culture; instead, they are scorned. A driven man doesn’t want to live with the knowledge that he forever has the low ground.

    By pumping and dumping girls and teaching men to do the same, guys like Roosh create a roadblock to the progressive feminist agenda that has left men (and women, probably) unhappy. Considering how big the world is, the influence is small, but it is a start. We have taken our power back. And that feels good.

  • Nick

    Spot on Roosh. I’d say that far less than 0.5% of the population are skilled players, maybe 0.05%. Game is more of a survival mechanism for a tiny fraction of men so as not to get totally screwed in modern society. I was just reflecting on this tonight. Even if I wanted to find a girl to traditionally court and marry, it’d simply be foolish to limit myself to what is also a tiny minority of women.

  • Skull_Leader

    Black guys can’t even buy sex…That shit’s fucked up.

  • Skull_Leader

    Wrong. It was a refusal to protect and provide for women that did it. Throughout the entire history of mankind, women have been the most protected and pampered group (even moreso than children)

  • mcg

    A traditional man does not pump and dump, regardless of the bullshit logic employed by Roosh V to justify this practice. The “choice in the matter” is strictly adhering to the word of God by living according to His tenets.

  • guest

    Technology and the elite control plan to emasculate all men is the reason why women are independent to do as they please.

    Even mothers today look out with envious eyes to her single girl friends…

    Bottom line: If a man wants a kid, hire a surrogate mother and keep banging as many sluts as he pleases…

  • jannikthor

    I always suspected that the US is filled with miscegenating whores who have 100% bought into the jewish multicult fantasy.

  • screaminjay

    A bunch of lies, the 50’s were hyper liberal.

    It was an insult back then to call someone a conservative.

    Now, if you want to go back, rewind to 1912 San Francisco. Honor killing they yap about the Muslims, as if we didn’t have that? That existed in San Francisco, it’s just the other way around for Christians. That is, you don’t kill your daughter, you psycho. You kill the boy who impregnated her. There, the end, police won’t inquire.

    The 50’s as Sitcom Dad is a myth. It’s excess wealth leading to hedonistic self-destruction. It’s Rebel Without a Cause… not Bring It To Beaver. It’s the invention of teenagers.

    Go back to the suffragettes if you want to understand the real crux of the issue. Women were overwhelmingly against it. Feminism started being a problem in the late 19th century. What do you think led to Eugenics or Hitler? Rewind, see the backstory, the State required evermore clerks, women filled that role, they became independent. So the quality women of higher intelligence were liberated and having less children, while the poor women were having a lot more. That was perceived as a bad thing for the race. Contraception, sterilisation was proposed by Marxist-Atheist Eugenicist Margaret Sanger as a solution to purity the race of its lowest elements. Then, the more radicals went on and suggested abortions and gas chambers.

    But what alarmed people first was women of higher quality not bearing children. Germans had been incredibly fertile in the XIXth century, so they were becoming quite powerful. In the 20’s, they collapsed, great men were moving out to Argentina. Sexual decadence is the main feature to remember of the Weimar Republic. That really offended Germans. You can go back and track down movies from the period. Some key titles: “Moral und Sinnlichkeit” (Morals and Sensuality); “Was kostet Liebe?” (What is the Price of Love); “Wenn ein Weib den Weg verliert” (When a Woman loses her Way); “Prostitution” (Prostitution); “Sündige Mutter” (Sinful Mama); “Das Buch des Lasters” (The Book of Vices).

    So give it up, we’ve all been here before. It’s just a cycle, it kept on going for a century. That’s the source of Cultural Marxism that came to America… the so-called Frankfurt School. Don’t try to rationalize it with the references of feminism. These are lame frames, they don’t exist… only Quebec may have been sexually conservative in the 50’s. I mean, women would not be allowed to keep their child if conceived out of wedlock. It was straight to the orphanage and shame for the girl who would then have trouble finding a spouse. We were staunchly Catholics (yes, I’m French-Canadian) and that was the norm.

  • Mattnleah George

    You poor poor men :( I feel so sorry for you all, you are the men we laugh about, you have your ‘game’ which includes, lying, manipulation and spend money and time on us, only to be screwed literally, and you call yourselves alphas? Bitches please….

  • Asia

    When man wants to have sex at the very beggining and woman refuses because of her traditional believes, he rejects her and accuses of being cuckoo. When she decides to go for it, he leaves her after all saying she’s a slat.
    The true is, you are non-stop crying babies and don’t know what you want. . Jeeez, I’m so happy I live in the country with traditional values&strong masculene characters.

  • SpectrumWalker

    Arabian nights every Friday at the Irvine Spectrum. Try and get your Saudi or Kuwaiti flag.

  • Gaylord

    Your just like my uncle, always forcing down some harsh redpills… Unfortunately this kind of mindset and behavior is common everywhere in college women and men, even in less developed countries. However, it’s like a cursed cycle, if we as men continue to tolerate sluts, and follow in the same style, it will only get worse. The problem is slutty bait, and men who think they gain something from it, rather avoid biatches so they learn their lesson. We need propoganda for beta men.

  • Paul

    You’re only half right Roosh.
    The above analysis used to hold true when I was gaming my way through my late 20s and early 30s. Now, at the back of my 30s (thankfully still looking young), I have something chicks want to stick around for… a nice house. I find myself making the no-commitement call at least equally often now, and this is not just with 33 year old baby freaks… it’s with 20 and 24 yr old students. Keep the game, get the resources, and the old evolutionary psychology provider stuff kicks in hard for your conquests.

  • Esteban Holder

    The issue could easily be solved if prostitution was legal in the USA. In most countries of the world, prostitution is legal. It provides an easy alternative to chasing Ho’s in bars. Men can take care of their needs and pursue traditional girls without the pressure of getting laid.

    Also, extremely ugly, stupid and/or fat dudes can take care of their needs.

    The skanks in society would have a vocation to call their own.

    After marriage, the man can take care of his needs when the wife is unwilling or unable to do so.

    Its a win-win for society.

  • timo

    I was always perplexed at your slutiness roosh, but then i saw your birthdate on Wikipedia and then it allll made sense. Keep up the rants, I am of the same mind on most if your political opinions.

  • tom

    The real problem is immigration, millions of brown men being imported into europe will fuck up everything for real europeans. roosh you are not white but somehow its your god given right to be with a white european woman, america and uk are the worst believe me i live in london and it has been transformed into a giant arab sausage fest every where i go and we all know how fuckin horny they are. go back to iran with your people and our women wont have so many desperate desert boys knocking up their egos.

  • Rishi

    I don’t know about Arabs but I am from India and I am having a ball here and you know why? Because I have an education brother. And that education get me a 60$ an hour gig which gets any woman hot and rightly so, whereas you sad cocks are busy dusting shelves for 11/hr. Who’d want any of that? I’ll play around and then go back to have a nice arrange marriage.

  • Rishi

    Think about the last time you saw a qualified software engineer or a neurosurgeon….they were indians. We still have that old fashioned mentality that you have forgotten….family, culture and work ethics. Work on that instead of blaming “brown people”.

  • Penu

    Fuck your NAWALT. Theyes alls bitches.

  • Dylan Skriloff

    come to Jesus

  • Jonathan Roseland

    I think casual sex has always been a huge part of human culture, as much as the family unit… read Sex at Dawn.

    Raising a child ‘takes a village’ because no one knew who the father was.

    I think its abandonment of the family unit that’s really a big problem. See the popular Youtube channel of philosopher Stefan Molynuex who explains this in exhaustive detail with lots of data and studies

  • Flaracos

    Iran, here I come! No, not that come, the literal come. Dammit, that still didn’t clarify!

  • badlogic

    It’s not because something is shitty that it isn’t necessary. IE civilization. Marriage is the only sure way to make betas (99% of population) work for the greater good. Else the society goes back to the african jungle, like we see now happening in USA.

  • Judge and jury

    roosh, why cant you just own it, and admit you’re a hypocrite, instead we get silly metaphors to rationalize your behavior. Many wymyn on the pro choice side of the abortion debate are more manly than you, they openly admit abortion is murder, and they approve. they are disgusting, but at least they are honest. you are both disgusting and dishonest. shame shame

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    Women are the gatekeepers of sex and men the gatekeepers of validation, Game is just form of it.

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    More like the countries he chooses, even that shy girl in church is a cougar in sheeps clothing….

  • Duke Fearless

    Are we reverting to the Alpha stallion and his fillies way of doing business? The Mufasa male lion and his pride of females? Women searching, hunting for the “one true cock” they can’t afford to move on from and congregating in herds on it.

  • sweetpea

    Roosh what about Anna, she wanted more?