The Contradiction Of Pursuing Casual Sex While Advocating For Traditional Values

There is an argument floating around that goes like this: I’m just as bad as feminists in destroying Western civilization because I advise men to pursue easy sex instead of seeking marriage. How can I reconcile the fact that I advocate for “traditional sex roles” when my tactics can be used for pumping and dumping women all over the world? The answer is that I, along with all other men, are not given a choice in the matter.

Imagine fifty years ago that only boxing existed as a form of street combat. The rules of boxing include using only your fists, not hitting below the belt, and not wrestling. All street fights were done by men who followed these rules. Then suddenly a group of men broke the rules and started implementing wrestling moves on the street. The boxers were dismayed by this change but still wanted to fight by the book, with honor. However, they expectantly started to lose more fights. Then even more fighters learned not only wrestling, but martial arts and Brazilian jujitsu. Now the boxers were getting beat most of the time because they had less ways to attack than their opponent. If they were forced to the ground, they were essentially defenseless.

Men are boxers. We came into the arena with our beta provider method of combat, but decades of societal change has made that useless on desirable women, especially when you consider that young women in America now earn much more than men in major cities. That left us with three choices:

1. Stop fighting. Many men have chosen this either voluntarily through MGTOW and soliciting prostitution or involuntarily through celibacy. They have failed to adapt counterattacks to new ways of fighting.

2. Learn new fighting styles. Men have learned game and sought to understand the true nature of women in order to bed them. They have decided to solve the problem through analysis and effort.

3. Leave to a place where boxing is still the main fighting style. Men have expatriated to societies where traditional sex roles are more or less intact and their boxing ability still leads to victory more often than not.

For men stuck in America, even if they want to settle down in a traditional manner, they will find it nearly impossible to find a young, fertile beauty in her prime who wants to do the same. He may get lucky if he’s religious and meets a girl through church, but this scenario doesn’t happen in Americas coastal cities where women want to have fun with cock riding until their 30’s. He can learn game and successfully use it to get a wife, but even if he “wins” the match and walks down the wedding aisle, the awfully corrupt boxing judges (i.e., the government and culture) will always call the bout in the woman’s favor by encouraging her to use the punitive divorce system in the case she’s not 100% happy at all times. You only live once, they’ll tell her, so wreck your family.

A popular manosphere saying is that women are gatekeepers to sex and men are gatekeepers to commitment. I wish this was an absolute truth, but it’s not. As a collective, women are often gatekeepers to both sex and commitment. Most men reading right now can surely attest to their failed attempts to secure commitment from women they slept with, and if you poll the entire population of men, you may find that they are the initiators of monogamous relationships more often than women. It only makes sense for this to be true: it is way more damaging for a man to have his woman sleep with another man and get cuckolded than the other way around. The 0.5% of the population who are skilled players and have more say with commitment don’t put a dent into this common reality. As a sex, men have very little say in determining the relationship dynamic.

The only reason we learned game is because women signaled to us that they just want casual sex. We’re extracting easy sex from women who want easy sex. Rest assured you’re not one-night standing girls who want a baby in the next year. No girl is crying because you didn’t call back after a drunken romp in the hopes you would be her husband. These easy girls prefer the one-night stand and they prefer to be your fuck buddy. Don’t kid yourself into thinking your game or fast sex desire is creating your success—women have placed their preferred options on the table and men are simply reacting in a way that gets them a piece of the pie before it’s all gone.

Women initiate while men react, so to say that my advice is hurting the culture is actually backwards. My advice is a scavenger response to get something out of the sexual rations that women are putting out.

“But Roosh, you go to countries like Poland and don’t marry the girls you have sex with. You’re pumping and dumping them, too! You’re ruining the world!”

Foreign women share many features with their American counterparts. Women who I have sex with in Eastern Europe use me for shallow sex possibly more than I use them. In other words, I have failed to get into relationships with girls I wanted because they preferred something less meaningful. I’m talking about Poland, Croatia, and Lithuania, not Washington DC. I’ve described the phenomenon of Westernization in the past, and while girls in Eastern Europe are more likely to seek marriage before they hit 30, you’ll be surprised how many simply want some fun in the sack until they establish their career or get bored of partying. Compared to American women, they’re just less overtly slutty about it, they start looking for husbands while still in their physical prime, and they maintain their feminine charm. For truly traditional women, it seems that only Muslim countries are left.

I almost wish I was rationalizing my behavior by explaining that Eastern European women like casual sex too. The last two beautiful girls I dated in Poland, who I met during the day outside of clubs, simply wanted to use me as a fuckbuddy to be scheduled in between their work and school obligations. Both were looking forward to upcoming travel and study abroad plans. They did not want a serious relationship with me, even though they enjoyed the sexual part of it.

It would be a nice fantasy for us men to believe that we have a say in relationships and sex. It’d be nice to think that our “alpha” behavior and our game determines how a relationship can proceed, but often it doesn’t. We’re just giving the girl what she has already decided on. Do you really think you’re selling televisions to customers who came into the store with the intent to buy bicycles? The girl who falls in love with us wanted to fall in love with us, the girl who had fun with us wanted to just have fun with us, and so on. And even when a girl wants a bicycle, she still wants a certain kind of bicycle. This is why game is a numbers game, because girls are incredibly picky even when they are sexually available. The horniest girl in the club who decided on having sex will still have her pick of the litter and opt to get the best that she can.

Men will always be forced to respond to what women want, and if my extensive experiences with fornication are any indication, modern women throughout the world want independence and careers over serious relationships with men. Believing that men like myself can cause a degradation of traditional roles is just giving us too much credit.

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