The Dark Side Of Game

Sleeping with a ton of women has some mental consequences that aren’t ususally talked about. Here are four things that I have noticed:

Inability to view women as equal human beings. My default opinion of any girl I meet is “worthless dirty whore until proven otherwise.” When so many girls have opened their legs up for me so quickly and easily, it’s hard for me to respect them (and their opinions or ideas) like I would a family member or close friend. I think this is leaking out into other areas of life as someone pointed out to me that I seem to read books written only by men.

Decreasing ability to sympathize and empathize with the female condition. Because I learned early on that talking to a girl about her problems or issues is the fastest way out of her pants, it’s become habit for me to simply nod or say “That sucks” when a girl has a genuine problem, even one that I can help solve. I have no desire to help a girl out with her life, and I don’t care if she falls flat on her face.

Decreasing patience to work things out. I don’t give a girl more than one chance to act “right” because it’s so easy to find a new whore at the bar. My ability to stay in a long-term relationship, putting up with its natural ups and downs, is evaporating as I adopt the mentality of a dictator, with my bitch the subservient who must attend to my needs without making any mistakes. Over the years my temper has greatly shortened.

Decreasing view of sex as a beautiful act of love. Sex is a mechanical means for me to relieve the pressure building up in my sack and nothing more, one small step above jerking off with my tight-gripped hand. I do not feel any closer to a girl when I pump her, and most of the time I respect her less because my opinion of her as a worthless dirty whore who probably likes being choked was proven correct.

The only way I see to reverse these consequences is to step out of the game completely and go through a massive cold streak that makes me value a woman again, to see her as something important that I need. Since I don’t see this happening, the odds that I will meet a new girl who I genuinely care for and maybe even love will be about the same as me winning the grand prize of a scratch ticket lottery game. And I’m fine with that. For now.

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  • Anonymous

    you have an unhealthy attitude towards sex…

  • Firepower

    Your bold text presupposes societal ideals as Truths, such as sex is a “beautiful act of love”.

    Who hath deemed/decreed/ordained these as a higher truth?

    Society. Organized religion. MADD. Wives – or pick a handful of the many entities that seek a control.

    Now you see that, historically, for every Queen Elizabeth I, there’s 50 million concubines.

    It’s time for a refresher chat with your dad. He sounds like mine. They both maintained with an unapologetic, status quo frame.


  • the DC AM

    So are we to take this as an endorsement for “Bang” or a condemnation? Actually who cares, it’s still a good read.

    the DC AM’s last blog post: the DC AM #21: “Ruining The Internet”.

  • speakeasy

    Brutal honesty. I think though that a life of chasing ass will ultimately make you unhappy. But so will being a 40 year old virgin. Somewhere in between is the sweet spot. Having had enough ass to feel like you had the chance to sow your wild oats, but not so much so that you no longer know how to treat a woman if the right one came into your life. Sure you may feel that every woman is now a filthy dirty whore, but you know what, I bet everyone one our mothers gave it up easy to at least one guy when they were young, and we don’t think of our own mother’s as whores.

  • Mike

    So what’s the upside again? If you aim to have sex with as many women as possible, and the sex isn’t even that enjoyable, what are you getting out of it?

  • virgle kent

    So much anger i sense in you

  • Hammer

    Dude I don’t understand why you have such negative views toward a woman spreading her legs. The issue lies with you, not with her. She wants to get laid the same way that you do, and I get that there’s a double standard in society, but that’s set by guys who have issues getting laid.

    If you want to find higher quality women, start screening towards what you’re looking for rather than just trying to lay them all. You’ll do better with the girls you’re interested in and strike out with the girls you aren’t.

    Hammer’s last blog post: LR – 15 Minute Bathroom Pull.

  • Anonymous

    Roosh, You may appreciate the recent film Elegy with Ben Kingsley and Penelope Cruz.

  • todd h.

    or the not so recent film Carnal Knowledge, starring jack nicholson, directed by Mike Nichols…

  • finefantastic

    i second the elegy nomination, brilliant.

    finefantastic’s last blog post: Friday!.

  • TurkishThought

    I can see where you are coming from.

    I dated frequently and was engaged 3 times before I eventually married. I cheated on all three of my ex-fiancés and almost every relationship was ended because I got bored.

    Throughout my marriage I slept with co-workers, sales reps, neighbors, fellow students in my masters program. It didn’t matter. I did not know anything about game but I played the asshole card well. I was a violent brutal man and women seemed attracted to me. I once had the strange pleasure of bumping into a girl and spilling my drink all over her. And without even an apology I walked back to the keg and started to pour me a new drink. Her boyfriend took offense and talk came to push and I was forced to hurt him badly. I met her, sans boyfriend, several weeks later and we hooked up. How am I going to respect that?

    My best friend in the Marines once called me the “perfect asshole” based on his belief that I treated women poorly. I didn’t care. If I lost one woman, I’d find another. I wasn’t shy and I had a personal strategy that I followed religiously. Find the women I liked and engage. Eventually that night, no matter how many rejections, one of those attractive women would be sleeping with me.

    Divorced now and I just reached 40 and have another girlfriend 11 years younger than me. I have no deep longing for her. I really could care much for anything she says. She is a sperm receptacle. BUT even now as I did in the past, I feel those nagging issues. It’s hard to change because it’s so easy to execute. How can I respect women when they do not respect themselves?

    If women are going to continue spreading their legs so easily for so many men…than frankly I could care less about them.

  • Roland G.

    This is just a rhetorical question, but if this is what it takes to be with a chick these days, then aren’t those perspectives then simply reality? For those of us who have grown up in the USA we have been fed a lot of excrement by Walt Disney and the likes, with the notion of happily ever after, blah blah blah…. but reality is pretty ugly and this is why I think a lot of guys would rather keep their head lodged firmly inside their asses. So you want to reverse those consequences by removing yourself from the game so you too can put your head up your ass? Don’t get me wrong Rossh, I admire you and your blog and your honesty about your experiences both good and bad. We’ve all heard the expression “wake up and smell the coffee…” well in this case it is time all men wake up and smell the shit fermenting. In the final analysis women are simply not virtuous at all. Ever since free reign was granted to women we have seen their true colors and in a way I am glad to see what they are as to avoid making the mistake of ever getting married. Never will I now that I know what they’re about. I say this without judgment. Without knowing you personally Roosh I suspect the real problem is accepting that your perception of women should be is a harsh opposite of what they really are. This is a conflict I am guessing almost all men have. What can I say except they are what they are.

  • Anonymous

    Why SHOULD the world be any particular way?

    The world simply IS. Women simply ARE. If they are a certain way, then they are a certain way.

    The problem is we are raised to think that the world SHOULD be a particular way, then when we find out it isn’t, we freak.

    But we have to realize that the best education we can get is to learn to accept the world for how it actually us and rid ourself of the very idea that the world should be any particular way.

    Sometimes this means things we were taught have incredible value actually don’t have the value we thought they did. Yes, we’re taught women have this enormous and incredible value. Truth is, they don’t.

    That can be a bit disillusioning, but it’s better – more conducive to health and happiness – to expect from life what it can actually give.

    It doesn’t mean women have LESS value than they actually have, it just doesn’t mean they have the value we thought they did.

    This is true about almost every aspect of the world. It’s the price we pay for having a culture that has become thoroughly non-reality based – falsified with idealism.

    But we must become adults and see the world for what it actually is and achieve happiness and pleasure in that context.

  • Chuck


    Great post. I’ve felt all 4.

    The last one especially hit home. My girlfriend told me a couple months ago that I’m technically the best lay she’s ever had, but the sex is lacking because we don’t make love, we fuck.

    I realized that I don’t know how to make love. I know how to fuck, but I don’t know how to incorporate the passion and emotion necessary to hit those emotional G-spots.

    This stems from a view of women similar to yours mixed with healthy doses of porn. I’ve come to view sex strictly as a means of achieving orgasm instead of bonding with your partner. Sometimes forgoing a bond with your partner is a very good thing (i.e. pump and dumpers), but often this is a curse.

    Chuck’s last blog post: Porn Name Game (X-Rated).

  • The G Manifesto


    This is dangerous:

    “My default opinion of any girl I meet is “worthless dirty whore until proven otherwise.”

    I am more of a glass half full guy.

    Logically, I realize most girls I meet are not going to be extremely high quality, but I do believe they exist, until proven otherwise.

    But then again, you outlook, I would say, is influenced by the city you are in: DC.

    DC can be a great place to visit, and there are super quality girls there (although, minimal and hard to find), it is a horrible, miserable place to be a local Playboy.

    Time to travel my friend.

    One night with a Colombian beauty will restore your faith in women.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Joseph Cassano: The Big Takeover by Matt Taibbi.

  • The G Manifesto


    This is dangerous as well:

    “When so many girls have opened their legs up for me so quickly and easily, it’s hard for me to respect them”

    Not to psychoanalyze, but it seems like there is something about yourself you don’t like.

    (Again, most likely because you are in DC)

    When I swoop girls, I do not lose respect for them.

    I gain respect for them.

    It makes me feel good because my Game is so tight.

    You need to turn this stuff positive.

    Have fun.

    Life is short.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Joseph Cassano: The Big Takeover by Matt Taibbi.

  • Shaman

    I usually love your stuff, Roosh, but I have to say that Hammer hit the nail right on the head (sorry, I just couldn’t resist the punability of that username): the problem is you, not them–you’re operating under the socially conditioned idea that the easier a woman is the less she’s worth, that women can’t go around hooking up like men, the more sexual partners she’s had the less valuable she is as a mate, etc. I disagree with this (notice I’m not saying “you’re wrong!”) and would like to point out that the issue is with your values and judgments, YOU are causing YOURSELF a lot of pain and suffering here by operating under this bullshit social programming.

    This is the classic “Madonna/whore” complex, and reality is very different, as you know. You just don’t like reality the way it is and therefore set about feeling miserable and fighting it (which makes you feel even more miserable because you can’t make a dent in it and you know it).

    Give up, surrender.

  • a_c

    I think it’s inevitable that as you learn how easy people are to manipulate, you value them less. Maybe you should work on manipulating men (out-alphaing, etc) as well, then at least you’ll be equal-opportunity.

    a_c’s last blog post: Just the science?.

  • J

    You have to literally be one of the funniest guys in the world. I literally just died…lolololololol…ur thinking is very parallel to mine. People who dont understand this note def have not experienced life. Keep telling the truth Roosh.

  • J

    O yeah, people who bash this note are usually the ones who can’t land anybody.

  • GJ

    G has good advice– going in “half full” is helpful, but I tend to think that’s true for everything in life. All people are innocent until proven guilty– and don’t worry, the guilty will sort themselves out quickly.

    That said, after you’ve hooked up with/banged/fingered on the dance floor how many girls who have boyfriends, fiancees or husbands– how can you go into a relationship not being jaded?

    A girl can be in love with you, but that love isn’t maintained by buying her flowers and taking her to dinner– the “right” ways. Its maintained by emotionally controlling her in an almost formulaic way.

    Once you’ve seen and done these things–once you’ve emotionally abused a girl and seen her come back for more–and not once, but over and over again, 80% of the time or more– how can you respect the gender as a whole?

    And yes, there are exceptions. But they are exactly that.

  • speakeasy


    Those were pretty damn interesting points.

  • Benedict Smith

    im’ guilty of the male author bias…but then, most books by women just don’t hold my interest.

    Benedict Smith’s last blog post: Twitter? WTF, mate?.

  • The G Manifesto

    One of the few books written by a woman I like is Rumble Fish.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Joseph Cassano: The Big Takeover by Matt Taibbi.

  • aha

    “Sex is…one small step above jerking off.” LOL. You have well trained hands, ei?

  • aha

    Here’s a thought:

    Find a beautiful, intelligent, independent, ambitious woman who is passionate towards life, and maybe you’ll gain some more respect for women and yourself.

    You likely won’t find her in a bar, ready to spread her legs for you the moment you say something witty.

  • Anonymous

    This is exactly what one of my old roomates got to be like. He was utterly decadent and he was aware of the mental consequences of it, but didn’t care enough to do anything about it.

    He’d ask: “What is life?” when some of us would point out that he was getting up in years with no wife/family.

    He’d also say (about women): “They are all whores except for your mother and your sisters…………………and your sisters are suspect”

    He eventually did settle down in his third marriage and has been faithful ever since. Beautiful women probably look at men the same way though…………….mindless males whose dicks control them, easily manipulated by their desire to fuck (me). “Easy”. Their opinions change when their looks fade and suddenly not near as many men want them. People value what is hard to obtain and devalue what is easy to obtain.

  • The G Manifesto


    “Here’s a thought:

    Find a beautiful, intelligent, independent, ambitious woman who is passionate towards life,”

    Great advice.

    You might want to add: “find a needle in a haystack” as well.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Joseph Cassano: The Big Takeover by Matt Taibbi.

  • DF

    Congratulations. You have achieved enlightenment and are now ready to ascend to the next level of amoral existence. Thus spoke Zarathustra.

    Now stop crying like a little bitch and get on with it.

  • gig

    “independent, ambitious “”

    a lawyer chick perhaps?

  • Anonymous

    you are fucking the wrong women. and maybe you are fucking the wrong women because your game doesnt work on the right ones. too bad.

  • Anonymous

    p.s. have you ever heard of having FUN??? i’ve been with my boyfriend for three years now, and we slept together almost immediately. then again, we didn’t meet at some skanky bar either.

  • todd h.

    Sounds like this stuff (anger / dark side) is coming from inside of you…

    Women probably cant win with you under these circumstances no matter what they do.

    i think…

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile, and I have to say, I’m somewhat impressed that you recognize and admit the “dark side” of the game. It’s fairly obvious to anyone reading your blog that your experiences have led to you de-valuing women, but it’s pretty cool that you can see this yourself. Question is, do you care?

  • Patrick Bateman

    I reached a transition at some point as well. I used to feel more caring and willing to cuddle after sex, now I feel even more aggressive. All I can think is that the girl I just came on or in is a filthy whore who didn’t even deserve my nut.

  • Angelo De La Vega

    This is an insolvable problem. The famous Groucho Marx quote sums it up nicely “I don’t care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members”. Or, in this case: How could I possibly want any girl that’s willing to sleep with me?

    Maybe unrelenting boredom with the hunt eventually yields a bearable level of “whore” acceptance? That would seem to be the case for me, currently – although I won’t venture to guess on the permanence of this mentality.

    Angelo De La Vega’s last blog post: Alarming Aftertaste.

  • chic noir

    Notice how you haven’t been able to land any Ethiopian women??? Like attracts like my friend. The females you meet in various DC bars and you in a skirt :sad:

  • sara

    i have a similar problem and i am a 43 year old woman. i’ve given up on men for precisely the same reason as roosh has given up on finding a woman: i have lost all respect for them. I’ve considered sleeping with my ex who is a total head case. we have good physical chemistry, but he’s been to brazil sleeping with 21 year olds the past year and won’t get tested and won’t wear a condom, nice. the other men i meet are either too into themselves or too shallow. i wasn’t a slutty girl in my 20’s and 30’s, i always held out because i knew i could at least get some respect that way but what about the other way around? are women not allowed to expect a certain conduct? i do appreciate the corner roosh has backed himself into, playing the game til you puke, but is it really the bar girls he sleeps with fault? here is a guy who has built his life around quick spurts of physical pleasure and because he’s intelligent, he realizes something maybe has gone awry and has to act like he’s fine with his lot because he has built his life around this idea AND because he doesnt know what else to do… my 19 year old virgin niece got raped on her college campus this last thursday…there’s a whole range of people out there.

  • Trannied Toddler

    “step out of the game completely and go through a massive cold streak”

    When you’re ready for that, just Scott Bakula yourself into my identity and you can enjoy a world of approach anxiety, openers garbled to the point of incoherence, fear of eye contact, flakes, and rejection on any closes past number.

  • Anonymous

    Found it amusing in the comments to see the people who don’t want to recognize their losing any chance at true intimacy via success at “the game”, lying to themselves that it’s not true, or there is no such thing. Even Van Halen knows if you sell sex w/o love, you end up with nothing but blue ball release. Just like how you “don’t care” about women’s problems, there isn’t a whole lot anyone but you can do about the problem if you think it is one. That sucks.

  • Anonymous

    you’re taking the wrong lessons from your life. It’s like saying, “I’ve flown so much, I don’t like airplanes anymore and won’t fly again until I feel it’s right.” It’s just something to do. So you’re a little jaded. So the excitement has fallen out of it. So be it… like food, or sports, or flying; go find some new girl, some new angle, some new adventures. Like travel, the only people bored with sex are boring people.

  • Pete

    So how many women have you actually slept with in the last year? You must not blog about that. All the blogs are about stupid drunk women at Adams Morgan, and the interactions never go anywhere.

    I’ve actually tried going cold turkey. Haven’t had sex for over 3 years (minus the occasional asian massage parlor). Hasn’t really helped much. I think I’m more depressed now than ever.

  • Big Snot

    Snot understands. Unfortunately you’re going to meet the one chick who you think will finally be able to rescue you from this shit and then she’ll dog your ass like a cold hearted bitch and cut your heart out in a karma reversal. Trust me.

  • lovelysexybeauty

    Wow, it was very interesting to read what seems to be a very honest post. Quite brave and quite… human! Some of the comments too…

    Roosh – seems like you have trained your brain to be a certain way over a long time. It would probably be extremely hard to get out of the mental mindset which has allowed you to achieve short-term success in sleeping with women quickly.

    BUT I’m really, really surprised that despite all of your day game, you still feel all women are immoral and whores! There are SO MANY women out there who are not like that at all. Who have not hooked up with guys or done the disgusting things you’ve described, EVER. Who also either have natural born beauty or make the most of what they have – it’s not just women without options who stay good (though a whole lot tend to be the uglier ones, lol). The reasons some women don’t act slutty could be religious/moral, because they just believe in love too much, they are being tactical and know to hold out for marriage, or because they were trained/restrained (lol) by their parents or church….

    I’m not sure if you’ve had bad luck, or if maybe your hard-sell Game tactics have screened out the girls who aren’t whorish? I hope you really think about it… like if you go up to a girl and she doesn’t show enough interest, you move on… if a hot girl seems bitchy when you try your normal routine, you move on… if a girl doesn’t respond to random texts for non-proper dates, you move on… if a girl doesn’t sleep with you within 1-2 dates, you move on… for Game it’s best to keep your eye on the ones that are receptive, but maybe you’re forgetting the ones that weren’t too easily? So you are in effect using an unrepresentative sample of women to shape your views of us?

    I was so hopeful for you when I read about Sour ****** Lips girl. Seemed like you were really attracted, she didn’t whore out, and she seemed really nice. I guess the women’s studies thing triggered the “Dark Side” in you and stopped you from opening up your heart?

    Well I hope you find inner peace and happiness again, however that may be: continuing your life style or finding a new way. We all have to do what’s right for us :-)

    lovelysexybeauty’s last blog post: Guys who worry about gold diggers usually don’t make a lot of money: real rich guys don’t care….also…God makes me question how to make “Game” ethical?.

  • Zictor

    Someone once told me that Game doesn’t work on quality women. The more I read, the more I tend to believe it.

    Whenever Roosh writes about a girl he didn’t sleep with, he attributes it to some sort of problem the chick had, some character flaw that made her less than a woman.

    And then he says that women are whores unless proven otherwise, but he never seems to stick around any girl who won’t fall for his “irresistible charm” right away.

    It seems like a lose-lose situation for me, and the girls are not the ones losing…

  • z.g.

    The only way I see to reverse these consequences is to step out of the game completely and go through a massive cold streak that makes me value a woman again, to see her as something important that I need.

    You know what?

    When you go cold turkey, and then after some time meet that special girl who has not slept with you on the first date, who has this special sexuality, deep down you will have a tingling feeling that she was sleeping with guys like you, guys who have read your book, Bang, on the first night.

    And, the sad part is,

    You will be right.


    what humbled me is success with women.


    It is not the one who does get laid, it is the one who gets laid most, who is most jaded, as he knows the nature of the female, and he knows the possibilities once he is the committed man.


    The, “you have not met the right one”, “Not all women are like that”, “Game works only on bar sluts” etc are just distractions, trying to pull a curtain on a non-natural player to push him back into his old ways ( I assume you learned game).

    The knowledge a player obtains is actually only reserved to the few chosen men. Interestingly, these few chosen men tend to have extreme tendencies of looking for women with fewest sexual partners when it comes to commitment. virgins even.


    You, my friend, are entering the painful world of deeper knowledge of the female sexuality. The ease of getting a fuck, and the deception of the value of her sexuality.


    We men are humble creatures. We work to get where we are. And we always know there is someone better than us. It is nature. Even the most alpha lion gets out alphaed one day.

    Thus a woman’s ease of bedding you may also mean someone else’s ease of bedding her, while a woman’s playing difficult of bedding you does not exclude someone else bedding her, while with you…

    It is a knife with no handles… Cuts your hand no matter how you hold it.

  • speakeasy

    If you read Neil Strauss’ “The Game”, he goes pretty extensively into the darkside of the game. Hell, he had to save Mystery from killing himself.

  • pizzle

    G Manifesto has the best advice & comment out of all you other hating knuckle-draggers.

    The problem is coming from within, Roosh, not from the outside.

    But instead of dwelling on it and flushing it ’round the toilet bowl again, better to think positive, give yourself a good scrubbing, and approach the world with a different, hopefully more positive attitude.

    Nothing but love from this corner, Roosh. Good luck buddy.

    Like Hansel once said, “You should listen to your friend Billy Zane. He’s a cool guy.”

  • Jay Gatsby

    Doesn’t look like anyone noticed this little gem:

    “I have no desire to help a girl out with her life, and I don’t care if she falls flat on my face.”

    Roosh – did you really mean to say “my face”?

  • Roosh

    Jay that is supposed to be there, as in a girl fails in life, is very upset, and then I eat her out to make her feel better.

  • todd h.

    comment #50:

    see Roosh… that’s very charitable of you

    and for women, the bright side of your dark side.

  • J.

    I kind of expect women to vanish or part ways after 1-2 months, either on their part or mine. Something just doesn’t go right, and one or the other feels neglected. Then girls’ girlfriends get involved and tell them how to play me right, and then I vanish because they’re acting stupid. The cycle then repeats and I hope that things go right again with the next girl or one of the ones that was in the lineup before parting ways with the one who didn’t match up correctly. But then again, this is DC, and that just may be it. Have fun in South America. I know most people wouldn’t miss this place.

  • Jay Gatsby

    Thought it was a subtle cue. I like the overall meaning – you don’t care if she lets you “make her feel better” or not – which is the Master-level mindset of Game.

    The problem is that when you really don’t care (as opposed to pretending not to care), you end up having the perspective on life described in your blog post. Your lack of caring about whether a woman accepts/rejects you extends beyond attraction and is applied to the female gender as a whole. If you’re not careful, it eventually extends to other aspects of your life. You end up not caring about anyone or anything, and turn cynical.

  • RW

    Great but sad post and an interesting thread. I’ve commented earlier on this but will repeat it anyway. Once you lose the mere belief that sex can not be something beyond a physical act, it all becomes mechanical and meaningless. The spiritual aspect of yourself is not going to disappear because it’s ignored. It will just sit by and watch the degeneration go by and try to come forth and say, no, this ain’t going to make for feeling better in the long haul.

    So the unfortunate reality is that this merry-go-round doesn’t exist in a void. It’s not a make pretend world of your making. It’s a universe with rules and lessons and energy. And as I say on occasion, water will find its own level, no matter what.

    So if you are thrust into the world with a amoral rudder, like energy will find you: whores. And since each new generation brings a greater acceptance of whoring (on all sides) you will always find yourself drawn to people and places that reinforce same.

    So each time you go out, you put the energy out you want to hook up. Who will you hook up with? Not the girl who’s wondering which Mass she will make the next morning. You will find yourself a nubile nice whore. One who is not only willing to have sex with you but any number of other guys that night who she will consider entertaining.

    Think it was Roissy who commented on his blog about the amoral nature of women today. It’s on the whole pretty accurate. Many women can rationalize any number of actions, including their whoring. They don’t call it that though. They call it a demonstration of their independence, living free, blah, blah blah.

    It’s not wrong to look at this and feel that many women in the West have to be approached with eyes wide open. Because the day they decide to turn on you will perhaps be the worst time in your life. If it’s after kids and a house, it’s a never ending nightmare.

    Last point on the matter: character counts. If you find a girl with really strong character, she’s a gem. But for many if not most today, it’s a shifting ground for whatever suits them. Principle has nothing to do with it and it’s about how they feel or want, nothing more.

    A girl with good character, education and class who has a healthy father relationship is worth her weight in gold. But it is rarer to have that and all you hope for in something long term.

  • roissy

    i hear ya, roosh. but stepping away from women for a while brings its own risks, like losing your edge and feeling less manly. it’s a trade-off between cynicism and neediness. as i get older i realize how important it is to keep that edge.

    also, don’t discount “the aura”. if you’re getting it regular, other girls can practically smell the victory emanating from your sweat. this makes the game a whole lot easier. i think i will market a perfume that bottles pussy juice for men to rub on their crotches and call it “eau de pussy magnet”. subtle, like a french wine.

    roissy’s last blog post: Hormonal Surge.

  • The G Manifesto

    Stepping out of The Game completely would be the worst thing you could possibly do.

    What would you fill it with?

    Fantasy football?

    Bad move.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Joseph Cassano: The Big Takeover by Matt Taibbi.

  • Rush

    I cannot agree more with Roosh. There are women you fuck, fulfill your wildest fantasies with, and then there is what I’d like to call wife material. You just need to find that ‘wife material’ kind.

  • Dave from Hawaii

    “My default opinion of any girl I meet is “worthless dirty whore until proven otherwise.”

    Here’s a question I saw most people have not even thought to consider:

    What is the default position women have of men?

    Why should you feel bad about having a low opinion of the majority of women until they prove otherwise to you, when it’s quite obvious to anyone that has listened to a group of women talking about their love lives and men in general, that for the most part, women have a very low opinion of most men?

    “Typical male!”

    “Men are pigs!”

    “There’s too much testosterone around here…”

  • Rich

    Bang advises men how to filter out the women that aren’t immediately going to spread their legs.
    But here you are complaining that *all* women are sluts. Kind of self fulfilling no?

    There’s lots of high quality women that filter out guys just like you. Seriously, besides some short term entertaining game, what have you actually got to offer them?

    Bang is great for what it helps with, finding nightclub girls that are easy, but it’s only one corner of the market.

  • Brandon

    Man, I think the reason you feel this way is because your game sounds so superficial. Maybe you lure yourself towards women who are whores and sluts. Maybe try being more genuine. If you try to pick up girls with these perceptions, all you are going to get is tramps and sluts. While I do find that you give a lot of helpful advice, I also think you focus too much on treating girls inferior. You have to have a charming, sweet side to pick up a decent girl, while still not caring too much or being needy.

  • hotdoguero

    Its funny roosh, you say you view women as dirty whores because of a history of getting them in the sack easy, but then also mention how your patience is short and if you dont get pussy by date three then “fuck off”….. I suppose it has occured to you that those could have been the girls who weren’t such dirty whores and had a measure of self respect? You’ll get what you search for, and nothing more most of the time.

  • Brandon

    61, I agree

  • Big Snot

    Dont leave the game. Do what snot do. Up the ante. Go after hotter girls. Increase the challenge. You’ll score less but each one will be more satisfying. Snot understands this might be difficult in DC.but nailing hairy dc flabbers every other week would depress anyone.

  • Anonymous

    you make me sad… have you considered getting help roosh? :sob:

  • alphadominance

    Very insightful post Roosh. I myself have considered these same issues at length. I think this is a larger issue that exemplifies the irreconcilable cognitive dissonance that arises when we reject our human-ness in all its predictable animal glory in favor of some ideal.

    Once you gain a functional grasp of human nature it becomes a case of You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. a la The Matrix. You can’t go back again, so at some point you need to bring your view of women as also animal and often behaving in instinctual manners into alignment with your self image or abide in the limbo of the madonna whore complex.

    It’s difficult because our socialization tells us women are designed for monogamy and are above succumbing to animal lust, but this is a lie. Women wish to sow their wild oats while young in most cases, but they seek plausible deniability in alcohol, or contrived circumstance so they can tell themselves “it just happened.”

    Sex can be an act of love if love is present, but it also has the mechanical get off at all costs aspect if not. No way around it.

    Like Buddhism states, unattachment and acceptance is the key to contentment it would seem.

    alphadominance’s last blog post: Paternity Fraud.

  • todd h.

    you are a scientist right? at its core, arent the principals in bang essentially just teaching the codes and keys to “game” a woman into being attracted to you as a reproductive mate.

    you are aware of these evolutionary responses… you recommended a book Mean Genes for instance once for different reasons.

    i think you’re an idealist, and one of the hopeful signals in this post is that each heading begins with… “Decreasing…”
    So… the sentiment was there in the first place… and it’s reversible potentially. already you’re introspective and aware of it…so maybe you can put the breaks on the decreasingness

  • TurkishThought

    To Rich..
    “There are lots of high quality women that filter out guys just like you. Seriously, besides some short term entertaining game, what have you actually got to offer them?

    Bang is great for what it helps with, finding nightclub girls that are easy, but its only one corner of the market.”

    Great beta thought. So back to the sluts only fall for game theory from game haters. You sound so weak man…is this how you explain your inability to get women? Game works on all types of women. Game works on all subsets of women. Religious women, “intellectual” women, girls next-door women…you name it they will spread it. But remember NOT every women int hat subset will spread for you but with enough time women in that subset will fall for a gamer. You are totally missing the attraction women have to Alpha males.

    Seriously man have you not seen the statistics that women cheat as much as men and in countries like Great Britain women have MORE sex partners than the average man.

    Beta’s like you keep feeding us the slop that women are special. Please show me the statistical proof????

    Let me give you some statistics.
    -Women initiate 80-90% of all divorces.
    -Mother’s are three times as likely to abuse their children. In Australia 18% of all child abuse was from the blood father while 57% were from blood mothers. The rest of the abusers are stepmother’s/father’s boyfriends/girlfriends.
    -Women cheat as often or more so than Men.

    Get real about life and throw all your Disney movies away. Aren’t you too old to be watching Cinderella?

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations! Your maturity and life experience levels are now approaching those of a 23 year old! Keep going! You’ll get there!

  • shehlaS

    You should ask a straight gynecologist how he manages to get off after looking at poon all day and you will have your answer.

  • Older Brother

    This post reminded me of your 2005 post “Mid Life Crisis”, where you mention having External Depression.

    “You are happy with yourself (sometimes too happy) but you are stuck in an environment that brings you down. You have nothing to look forward to when you get up in the morning except another day of existence. You go to public places and sit there, reflecting, wondering aloud, “Is this it?” as people give you weird looks.”

    “…I go through the motions every day looking for meaning. DJ’ing. Martial Arts. Motorcycling. Amateur bartending. Being a local internet celebrity geek. Writing. Promoting. Sport dating. Cooking. Science nerding. All these things are fun and makes me a well-rounded person, but they’re just distractions. By now everyone should know that true happiness with life can only come from within, but what if you feel like you already are very close to inner happiness, where you have completely accepted who you are?”

  • Brandon

    The thing with when you play games is that you aren’t being genuine. You are trying to lure them in with what you know always works instead of trying to be yourself and connecting on that level. When you meet older girls, I think they are not as much into games as the younger ones. I mean, to a certain extent at first you might have a play a couple of games, but after a while all you have to do is be yourself if you are an interesting person.

  • dag

    interesting how much the sentiments in this post echo those of women who pedal sex for a living (stripper, prostitute)

  • thebigcat

    chuckles… poor thing. (on the other hand, why should i give a fuck about your problems, which aren’t going to get me laid?)

    Perhaps you should evolve your game from getting laid to connecting deeply with another human being… as you have great sex. Might take you to a deeper level.

    Also, you might have to look past the number ratings, the strategy, the game and all the bullshit. Might get you out of your comfort zone. Watch out….

  • thebigcat

    It’s possible that the game is a means to an end… but what is the end?

    … smiles….

  • Hotcake G

    For me, I spice up the challenge by not just focusing on game but also knowing her and see how to connect with there. Even though I will get laid less than often, the satisfaction is there which I am proud and enjoy about it. I will say just getting laid is boring once you know how, but you do need to find a way to spice up your life by finding more challenge to you.

    Please get the hell out of DC.

  • InterestedParty

    You still equate “easy” sex with a woman’s “value”. WHY?!!!!

    Why can’t sex just be a fun activity that you enjoy with a woman you met and are attracted to? Why does she have to be a “worthless dirty whore” because she was “easy”? I see society’s brainwashing about women and sex is still deeply ingrained in you.

  • The Dude

    Sad, but maybe you finally realize this has nothing to do with women. The problem is with you. You clearly hate women, yet you are almost singularly focused on having sex with them. Not such a great set up…

  • CJ

    If your only focus is on women who wish to spread their legs for you at the earliest opportunity, then those are the women you will attract. In other words, yours is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Women who would not respond to your game are likely outside your radar, and therefore you will never meet them. Believe me, women who respect themselves do exist and they are more beautiful than anything. But you will never find them with the mentality you currently have.

  • alphadominance


    Believe me, women who respect themselves do exist and they are more beautiful than anything.
    Your comment strikes me as the opinion of a woman, pardon me if you are not. That said men tend to have fairly rigid outlines for beauty. Women seem to see it as originating much more internally and as subjective. This is why I would never accept an invitation to a blind date from a woman, recipe for disaster.

    alphadominance’s last blog post: Question: Does Marriage Have Value in American Society?.

  • Rich

    TurkishThought please stop regurgitating what you read on internet pickup forums.

    At no time did i claim women are magical or special.
    However, just like the different levels of men (beta, alpha)that you seem so obsessed with , there are also different levels of women. Rooshs game concentrates on easy women , but then he complains that all women are easy. Yes, all women can be gamed, some just take longer than a 1st date. And an alpha male is more than a guy in a nightclub with some funny one-liners.

    Happy hunting and for you own sake please stop believing everything you read on the net.

  • alphadominance


    an alpha male is more than a guy in a nightclub with some funny one-liners.

    My philosophy exactly. Social dominance that confers alpha status is more than simply being a PUA. A PUA is a man who hacks the natural attraction system regardless of his accomplishments in other areas of his life. A true alpha male has a life consistent with his game and is more than superficially attractive to women of all types. You must admit though that women customize their “easiness” to the caliber of the man they are dating. Kobe Bryant doesn’t have to wait while Dilbert does.

    alphadominance’s last blog post: Don’t Drink the Water.

  • Jean

    In the vein of “Criticism is fine”:

    “I seem to read books written only by men.”
    That’s because women don’t usually write anything noteworthy, and from what I’ve read, even the noteworthy stuff is overly-emotional tripe. (Jane Eyre, Frankenstein).

    “Decreasing ability to sympathize and empathize with the female condition.”
    Self-inflicted, usually, without the excuse of being uber-intelligent to justify the over-thinking that fries the little neurons.

    “Decreasing view of sex as a beautiful act of love. ”
    Well, that’s only POSSIBLE when she’s worth it. I don’t have a huge pedigree there, but… 3 LTRs, only ONE was worth it (Beautiful act bit), and the current one is barely mechanical, even now that she’s trying to imitate porn stars. No respect, no tolerance for her BS, immorality, and general uselessness for anything more than “cum dumpster”… Ladies (and I do use the term loosely), if we can’t respect you, there’s no reason for us to keep you around. If you’re a slut, we don’t respect you – and we can’t. We don’t respect the “stud”, even – we respect the accomplishment more than the man. We ENVY him, but at that age generally believe our time will come, too, and we’ll find some hot young thing who will love us. NOT OUR WALLETS, NOT OUR SOCIAL PROWESS, NOT OUR POWER, but US!

    But women don’t love as men do, so we accept the trade: your youth and beauty and sex for our wealth, prestige, and power. If YOU choose to waste it, why should WE give a flying…?

  • Consul

    that anger may be traced back to that Persian girl…women represent her.

  • C’mon

    Ok. There’s alot of stuff going on here, but I want to make something clear. Sluts/Whores is just a socially conditioned way to look at women. Roosh attracts women, not sluts/whores.

    If a women comes across an Alpha, those panties are coming off pretty quick.

    If it takes time, then she doesn’t see you as an Alpha and/or her idea of an Alpha is different.

    Remember now, the Alpha Monkey is different from the Elephant. Therefore in the animal kingdom, a woman seeks out different qualities in an Alpha.

    As long as you show dominance, the panties are coming off. Most men act differently based on a woman’s looks.

    When I value the woman less, I always get the lay so easily. When I value her more, then nothing ever happens.

    There is no slut/whore/giggolo. LIFE IS A VALUE EXISTENCE.

    The more you value yourself, the more women will give up the sex. Well…because an Alpha is valuable, and she really wants that valuable Alpha sperm. Simple.

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  • Dry spell


    Not even sure if a dry spell will help you. I spent some time successful with Game, but I’ve been celibate for several years now by choice. Want less and less to deal with women as time goes on.

  • Marcelo

    Good point. I’ve been an asshole with girls since I was 15, when I met my first pair of boobs. IMO, women are basically as much assholes as us males. I’d look for the next meat to bang and bite, and she’d put her ass for sale, lookingf fore the best tender..
    It’s all about genetics: Men always trying to spread their genes as much as possible, and women aware of the power of sex to buy the best for herself (money, status, protection) and her children (male genes).
    Animals do, our mothers did, we’s nature.

  • psychoman

    dude….yes…this spoke to my heart…totally fucking right on this article is…girls are worthless whores…even though it sounds harsh…its what i needed to hear to help me get over the notion that im trying to qualify myself to a girl i wanna fuck…screw that. having the mindset of there fucking worthless really slaps the old inner bitch boy up nicely!
    keep pursuing the darkside my friend it serves you well!

  • D

    2 non-game solutions

    1. Find more meaning in sex. Look into tantra

    2. Find more meaning in life. Now you’re looking into Buddhism, good option, its “game” for life.

  • filrabat

    @88 Marcelo

    So you’re saying that humans have no more capacity for rational thought and restraint than monkeys, wolves, and cattle? Kind of insulting to human beings if you ask me, but if you say so……..

    On to other things,

    Contrary to popular opinion, it’s perfectly possible to be happy without sex. In fact, to say that it’s impossible to be happy about sex is to make you LESS manly, not more (notwithstanding all the cheering and approval of your peers). Find hobbies that have NOTHING to do with sex, then focus like a laser beam on them. That’ll give you a sense of fulfilment in an interesting, meaningful activity. Maybe then you can break out of this pop culture propaganda that says you can’t be happy or even a real man if you don’t get laid (yeah, right, you just know something has real credibility when the word “pop” or “popular” prefixes it…LMAO!)

  • turk112

    I think I could live with it if women were all sluts, what really depresses me is the lying, the shit-testing, the flaking, the various headgames that women instinctively play.

    So many times it’s happened to me that I’ve met a girl; we spend time together; there is obvious mutual attraction; I start to feel a real sense of being connected; and then suddenly she loses interest in me because I made the mistake of offering to do something nice for her. Or being too available. Or admitting I have the hots for her. Or not pushing for sex as early as possible in the relationship.

    Another problem is that women are just not honorable people. Of all the honorable people in the world, approximately 98% are men. For the most part, women feel perfectly free to go back on their word and to tell whatever lie is convenient.

    When you deal with women regularly on a personal level, it’s just hard to have any respect for them.

  • Chris

    Who would get serious with a women who has had many sexual partners!
    Would you respect that person!
    She has no value thus is a dirty whore, if I am wrong then I would ask all the men that disagree with Roosh – if they would marry this type of women.

  • Psyched

    I am like 92, I don’t care if girls like to fuck, because we are pretty much the same in that regard.

    But the problem is they just won’t stay attracted or faithful to you unless you treat them like little more than servants. If you don’t behave like the legendary skittles man, they lose respect for you sooner or later.

    Add to this the fact that women only have a few years before their beauty fade and marrying them doesn’t look that interesting anymore.

  • Renn

    We have a choice in life.

    We can use the gifts God gave us to spread love by having character, doing the right thing, being faithful to our wife, being responsible, raising children, and taking up a profession that is in line with our personal, deep-seeded desires and talents.

    Or, we can misuse the gifts God gave us by spreading fear via carousing, encouraging hedonistic behavior, devaluing our humanity, neglecting to feed our souls and our desire to live our life’s purpose, and not trusting in God enough to provide you with a worthy spouse.

    Believe me, I’m not trying to get all holier than thou. I’m not an innocent person. But I do recognize the choices we have in this life and the consequences thereof.

    The first path is the path of sacrifice and love. This is the path of the real Alpha male.

    The second path is the path of a lost boy, searching desperately for meaning, but finding emptiness instead. This path puts you in a fear frequency your whole life.

    I ran across an interesting quote today by Wilt Chamberlain, a life-long bachelor, who purportedly slept with over 20,000 women in his lifetime.

    He said, ““With all of you men out there who think that having a thousand different ladies is pretty cool, I have learned in my life I’ve found out that having one woman a thousand different times is much more satisfying.”

  • StevieNYC

    Roosh is being hypocritical and most others are acting just as whorish as the women they are accusing of being whores. In truth, A woman that sleeps with a man early in the relationship, i.e., the first several times they go out on a date, is succumbing to her desires just as the man is playing his hunter role attempting to dominate the woman through sexual means. As a morality play, they are both abject losers of the first order. Now, if anyone is really trying to get to the center of this entire “game”, isn’t there a means to an end at work underlying this as a core metric? Aren’t men really after a quality woman that will be consistently passionate for her chosen man along with being deeply respectful in a similar way that he will be consistently desirous of her and protective as well? Of course, many of you here are completely jaded by the very obvious reality that women can be and are capable of dishonest and promiscuous behavior while maintaining a facade of chasteness and virtuous femininity. They do file over 90% of all divorces and are much more verbally and physically abusive toward their children then men are in nearly every country around the world. And, they are vindictive when they feel slighted to the extent that they will seek to take every dime of their soon to be ex-husband’s money and sleep with his brother/best friend if the opportunity presents itself. Does that mean that good quality women are not out there? No. Now as men, are we typically out there seeking good quality women? No. Many of us are not. We are seeking women to succumb to our “game” the same way they are seeking to succumb to their “game”. Their “game” most often seeks commitment by means of physical intimacy, while our “game” seeks physical intimacy by means of commitment. Must either party, man or woman, become a whore in order to obtain what each other desires? Neither are mutually exclusive. If a man desires to respect a woman, she can have that respect by not spreading her legs because of his “game”. Ultimately, he can have the deep connection he so desires because of her respect of him and herself at the same time. The sexuality of the individual is not of the utmost importance alone. It is only a part of the whole person. Together, respect begets true love, passion, commitment, and an honoring of each other that will bring something much better than a thousand or ten thousand meaningless and ultimately increasingly demeaning sexual encounters can ever achieve. They only bring additional reasons for distrust and the very real fact that what comes around goes around. Are there a subset of “people” that more instinctively have a better chance of permitting a more natural pathway towards a committed and fulfilling relationship capable of true passion with “forever” and “till death do us part” in mind? I think that the non-western female mindset is superior to the western/independent woman mindset. I do agree that not marrying a woman with the wrong mindset is what any man should avoid. Certainly, some women, or men for that matter, are not the marrying kind. They should stay alone and unwed. But, if one could find the right partner, perhaps this only exists in less than 40-50% of the human population, then a fulfilling marriage is possible. Anyone agree?

  • AJ

    Thats because you sleep with women with confidence issues. Those women will open their legs easily ( so they arent really a prize) I think youll like the game more if you try for once with a more unoproachable lady, that will not go to bed so easily. Cause it may get boring fucking so easily. Theres no challenge. It could be you or any other average guy

  • Anonymous

    “I usually love your stuff, Roosh, but I have to say that Hammer hit the nail right on the head (sorry, I just couldn’t resist the punability of that username): the problem is you, not them–you’re operating under the socially conditioned idea that the easier a woman is the less she’s worth, that women can’t go around hooking up like men, the more sexual partners she’s had the less valuable she is as a mate, etc. I disagree with this (notice I’m not saying “you’re wrong!”) and would like to point out that the issue is with your values and judgments, YOU are causing YOURSELF a lot of pain and suffering here by operating under this bullshit social programming.”

    It’s not “social programming” you dumb faggot. It’s a consequence of men valuing fidelity in their mates so they know whose children are theirs (as well as mate quality; every time a woman takes a load of beans up the cunt, her body rewires itself so it doesn’t treat the jizz as a foreign entity). Go ahead and try to rewrite your “programming”, because you’ll sure as hell hurt yourself a lot more than you would by just accepting it.

  • Aaron

    First of all I want to say thank you brothers for putting your views here and supporting your fellow males.
    I can tell you from first hand experience the arrogance and lack of respect for males U.S. women have as a super beta male but my situation in life is very unusual.
    I am the exception to most of the rules and things you guys think and live because I was stuck in a cult from 16 to 24 and then married to a girl in that religion/cult until 24 to 28 then kicked out of my own house and then went to LA to stay with my father (that I never knew) for 2 years (38 to 30.5) until he told me I was not his son then left to San Diego.

    Again I was caught by more females in that cult here in LA here at 28 and they threatened me with outcast by everyone unless the trick they pulled on me to work for the church I did not fulfill.
    I lost my second job, my truck everything.

    I can tell you from childhood to adulthood to now women have dominated my life most of my life and this is a very unhealthy thing to do to me. I have been scarred for life and despite my good looks (6′!’ handsome and muscular) I am so used to being kept poor and docile and cooperative it took me the last ten years 31 to 40 to recover and figure out what life is really all about and how american women are really the least valuable of all women in the world.

    All of my bosses were female in that cult. These were mostly housewives that took out there frustrations and anger against there husbands on me.
    Trying to make me feel bad in front of large groups of people or tricking me into a long term obligation is what these women’s bed and butter were.
    Add to that a childhood female bully that would beat me up encouraged by her older brothers in front of large crowds of people how can I not be scarred?
    I was bigger than her and I could have course severely beaten her if I wished but I did not understand her actions towards me and would not hit a female even as a kid and viewed it as insanity and tried to run away from it which did not work. I was just a kid and she tried it 4 years later and I just ignored her.
    Now I’m 40 and I think it would be justice if I could confront her and punch her in the face and challenge her or fight her but nobody else would think of it that way, too bad for me. I have no rights to revenge since we’re all adults now.
    Wow thanks USA
    I should be able to beat her if I wish now in public and tell her she should show respect to a bigger male that is being nice to her but I can’t and I think that is very wrong. She gets to get away with that, why?
    I’m sure I would feel bad after punching her in the face once or twice and getting revenge and then what will I do? Suffer from a lawsuit she files on me and wins for the rest of my life I will pay her money. Thanks USA

    These females in the cult that were my boss were absolute authorities on me and my life and really took advantage of my good intentions and super honesty level.
    I was a book keeper for them and they had an intensive lie detector on me regularly so I learned quickly to be very honest.
    In fact dishonesty for me is very very hard to do and I have no poker face and cannot “fake it until I make it.”
    If a pretty female asks me the truth I just spill it all out because I’ll feel guilty if I dont.

    It’s taken almost 10 years for me to realize I have a right to privacy and the right to lie if I wish. A thing that cult took away from me. I’m just learning now the last 4 years I can lie if i wish but it is still very hard. The one benefit I got from this is that I can clearly see when others lie.

    Since I was so used to be being kept poor my whole life this 30k a year job I got making solar panels which is super honest and helping the whole world and country (because we also export) makes me feel very good and makes me feel superior to many of you on an honesty level because I can see you do not care how dishonest your job is and about how you do not care at all for people in third world countries especially you white american women that do not donate or care about people in poor countries. I have donated over 2k plus to Filipinas last year no strings attached but I bet 100% you did not do anything close to that.

    We consume the most resources of the world and yet you spend most of your energy and time in public making men feel bad for talking to you in public. Men are not allowed to act discrimanatory on the job like an attractive white female is allowed to do here in the U.S. and the other races follow her example.

    There is a very attractive white female at the bank where I cash my check and she openly avoids me in front of everyone making me look and feel bad in front of everyone, how is that right or correct in any way?
    Can the young attractive white male tellers that work there do the same thing to women that are fat/ugly/not to their liking? No they would get fired or disciplined right away.

    Don’t I have the right to run my errands in public without getting treated like a penis pointed in your direction? Ugly/overweight girls and men are not acting in that way on the job yet these humans have specials rights above all others?
    I’m so super angry at how white attractive females here think they are above all of humanity it presents a very big barrier to me now because even if a pretty white girl is suddenly nice to me in public I can’t believe it, I just can’t. I wonder how are you trying to trick me, my hatred stays there and wont go away.

    I even twice had to 9 female latinas (very pretty face and nice figure the last point is for personality) be nice to me in public recently and I was so pissed off from getting treated like the plague from pretty white females as soon as they spoke
    I felt “enemy is talking, what will she do now to make me feel or look bad in front of everyone?”

    I mean really you break my heart and I know that does not matter to you because you really do not have a heart after all. Nice men equals pussy and pushover.

    I wonder how you U.S. white females would feel if I could bring 1000 women here from Thailand, the Philippines, Iceland, Russia or actually a country as rich as our own – 1000 South Korean women and suddenly plop them down into a night club or bar here and expose your fake “I’m pretty and white so I can look down on all men” BS.
    Your obnoxious disrespect, unfriendliness and lack of admiration of males leads to this pick up artist market.

    71% of the country is obese or overweight leaving us very little choices of females and so you take advantage of us in every way and spend a lot of energy creating
    approach anxiety by openly treating men like they are beneath you in public. Was I born with approach anxiety? No. Was any man? No.

    I thought when I was a young boy pretty girls would be nice, but they are not.

    We have the most men in jail and insane of any country in the world and I submit to you that it is directly the result of attractive females treating men like shit in public
    which leads to depression and/or criminality.
    The pursuit of happiness (rememember the constitution) includes sex and friendship with pretty attractive females.

    There is no job a young man can get while in college that can earn as much as a porn job which almost any decent figured college girl can get right away, stripper or
    under the table prostitute (massage parlor) not included in any study, HELLO. Furthermore every ad I see in the paper or craigslist for low rent or free rent
    is for females and that all by itself elevates the pay of women above men so lets stop pretending they don’t HAVE more money than us
    can we please?
    Grammar/punctuation was the only thing I did not score good at so sorry if this is wrongly punctuated.

    The age of consent laws are discriminatory because it states (paraphrasing), “men have no incentive to not commit the crime since they cannot get pregnant.”
    WTF? Does child support for the rest of your god damned life not sound like an incentive? It sure does to me. Especially in the united states of abuse of capitalism
    where doctors are not held accountable for the FDA corruption, highest obesity rate in the world and Monsanto destroying our right to eat healthy food.

    The Monsanto lawyers recently had the balls to straight out say legally we do not have the right to eat and make healthy organic food.
    How much more evil can you get than that? I ask you?

    FDA: “there is no absolute right to consume or feed children any particular kind of food [because] comprehensive federal regulation of the food supply has been in effect at least since Congress enacted the Pure Food and Drugs Act of 1906. … Thus, plaintiffs’ claim to a fundamental privacy interest in obtaining ‘foods of their own choice’ for themselves and their families is without merit.”
    “there is no generalized right to bodily and physical health.”

    That is staring into the face of evil. That is what is making our country full of fat girls and sick people and bringing us all down.

    So in my opinion If you are a hot girl and you fuck a lawyer or a doctor you are contributing to the abuse of capitalism to trump our rights as humans and so you are ruining our country.
    Neither of these “careers” in general are doing their job they are in fact sucking money out of the country and ruining it.
    Also if you are fucking rich cocaine using wall street bankers and stock brokers for 1000 an hour you are also an evil female. Teh evidence is the last round of taxes they just took from us in the form of the bailout.

    If I was on a pickup artist show I’d probably be the best “transformation OMG look how he changed” you could get since the only thing holding me back from going to clubs besides the obnoxious “I am better than you since I’m white and pretty” attitude is my own self conscious because I have to fix all of my back teeth which will cost 5000 or so which is my next goal.

  • Aaron

    I just realized some female is probably going to come on here and make the comment of “awww did someone hurt your feelings.”
    Before you type that I have not attacked you personally so before you type that crap you come to my door and say that in my face and see what happens.

  • Aaron

    The whole reason (well most of the reason) why we need to take these pickup courses is because we have large amounts of fat girls in the U.S.

    The reasons why we have fat girls here besides the FDA/drug company corruption and the doctor corruption not caring about the FDA approving toxic foods and attacking vitamins is because we have allowed Monsanto to evilly kill all organic crops around the world.

    Monsanto is killing the whole world by killing our food (abuse of capitalism) which makes our girls fat and leads to all of this low quality social situation between the sexes where we have to go to other countries to find women that value men.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, so, I was reading this site and thinking what an asshole you are.

    Then I read this, and now I just feel pity.

    Your life is gonna suck so bad a decade or so from now.

  • lady

    I slept with this men that i jut knew for 2 days. Maybe i sound so easily but hey men and woman is equal now. I do it for fun…i just kinda woman who knows what i want. I i want to do it easily or with game it’s depends on the men actually. If i feel he’s gorgeous, smart and amazing i would do the game and slow down, but if he’s an average and cute…i dont need to slow down cos i dont wish to be chase or have another feeling that gonna be the serious one..just for fun!

  • TheWiseMan

    Roosh- i fully understand your attitude toward woman.
    The vast majority of woman are in the deep, low, pathetic, ego-dominated state of being.
    Do you know Esther Vilar? Its the only book written by a woman worth reading! I highly recommend every man should read it:

    Super insightful analysis of a woman soul.
    Do you know what psychic vampirism is? Its a destructive type of psyche, anyone should avoid too much contact with such people. Read about it here:

  • TheWiseMan

    I agree with other posters- its not the fact that women are so easy to be fucked. Its the old fact, that women are poisoning every other human being with their ego-centric desires, problems and all that crap. While providing nothing of value to the society. All progress humans made in technology, spirituality, transportation, telecommunication, housing, art, etc. was achieved solely by men.
    The women role always was to:
    1. be loaded with sperm
    2. born babies.

  • jameso

    How about using some logic. For every girl you bang i bet 10 or more reject you. even if you are a really really good. for every woman who spreads her legs 4 reject you. besides if you shop at bars what do you think you will get!
    I have talked with a decent amount of girls about their problems and tried to help them through it. I still laid them. Sounds like your game is flawed.

  • Mmm

    As others have said, the problem is you, not the women. You are thinking the same way the church and other civilizations were centuries ago, men being dominant and controlling everything. Guess where that has led us? Are not women entitled to have fun as well as men do? By fun I mean to fuck whoever they choose to fuck whenever they damn feel like it and do everything they want to do. Everyone has equal rights and potential (if they invest enough time and effort).

    If you say a woman loses value the more men she fucks, then doesn’t that also mean a man loses value the more women he fucks? Or do you have double standards where this only applies in a way that is convenient for you? Put it this way, if you have fucked 200 women, then you shouldn’t mind(given the right circumstances of attraction) marrying a woman who has fucked 200 men. The problem with this is that after you do something in excess you begin to set a certain mindset (example being customer service reps who think every customer is dumb and abusive) that is very hard to change. To this you have to add that if you fuck a woman the same day you met her and if you have not the will to say no if invited to have sex then you lose trust in the other party as well, after all, how can you trust someone else that has done similar things that you have done and you can not trust yourself to say no?

    If you wish to change this view (if you haven’t changed it already since this is a 2 and a half year old post) you must begin by changing yourself and those with whom you interact, go to other places where girls care more about feelings, long lasting relationships and have enough self esteem to not use sex as their primary weapon of conquest. Otherwise you are condemned to a life of misery and loneliness which no human can endure. OR, if this is what brings you happiness, then by all means continue doing what you must, but please don’t stereotype a whole group of people based on your limited experiences.

  • Mmm

    As to women coming back to an abusive man, this has more to do with that woman’s self esteem than with liking to be abused and also has to do with the audience you are targetting. If you go to a bar do not expect much. It is like going to a gentleman club and get surprised at the fact that woman give pussy for money.

    I challenge you to do that with a smart, independant, business woman that is fulfilled (relatively speaking) in her life. You will be surprised how fast she will give you the boot. Of course there are exceptions if the relationship is long enough (5 years+)

  • jjj

    What is wrong with girls having sex? Or enjoying sex? You talk as if a girl likes to have sex with, *GASP* more than one guy, or kinky shit is somehow bad!?! You need kill the fucking maddona-whore complex (I want to fuck your sister but how dare you fuck my sister!, Girls that have sex are bad, girls that don’t are good.) out of your head before it kills you.

    This fucking maddona-whore complex is most of the reason why girls put guys through so much bullshit.

    If you stop being judgmental about girls liking sex, maybe your game will improve, the bitterness is communicated.

  • Anonymous

    All self-improvement thats directed towards mastering the external world will result in contempt of that which you have mastered. Napoleon cynically declared how foolish soldiers were to risk their lives for some metal pins on their chest. Buffet feels nothing but contempt for the capitalist system. Himmler cared little for objective truth and crowds.

    Self-improvement thats directed towards the internal world is just glorified masturbation. The only benefit a Buddha has over a layman is that he can enter his trance of happiness without ejaculation. Whether dopamine comes from sitting in an uncomfortable position and depriving oneself of oxygen or having sex instead matters little. Claiming that either is higher,superior or more magical is misguided. Glorified masturbation can be rather fun but I dislike the intellectual dishonesty of those advocating it.

    The people that are talking about him not meeting the right women are missing the point. If you’ve reached a point where you can just as easily bed women in relationships as those outside of relationships how can you expect to suddenly have an exclusive relationship knowing that the only thing that determines whether your significant other or yourself for that matter will cheat or remain faithful is opportunity and the (in)competence of the suitors. Its not a case of finding the right girl since people have limited control over their actions. Either its inborn or its the environment, which is simply the result of billions upon billions of uncontrollable events so its about as unchangeable. The female in question having self-esteem,a career,virginity or religion changes little about the aforementioned. Men aren’t any different.

    There is nothing wrong with human sexuality but the modern attitude towards it horribly naieve. If a healthy man and a healthy woman meet and either of them has an idea on how to seduce the other then there is no contract or institution on earth than can prevent them from copulating. Sex and relationships have also become ends in themselves and people should ask themselves whether they need them. If one isn’t lonely then what added-value does a relationship hold? There is nothing weird about you not having the will to compromise with women when your needs can be fulfilled by easier alternatives. You don’t blame yourself for leaving a room filled with assholes when good company is right around the corner. The fact that sex is something hard to reach for most and that those very same people then rationalize their lack of options and project their morality derived from their inadequacies on you should matter very little to you.

    The problem isn’t game it is nihilism. Abstinence would simply be the same as depriving yourself of sufficient water so you’d remember how good it tastes. The water doesn’t change by doing so and in the end its the reality of the water you have troubles with so its rather meaningless. With your mind, switching to some other subject would be pointless anyway since its only a matter of time before you find the essence of things and exploit that knowledge. Atleast as a form of escape it would be pointless.

    Nietzsche has written quite a lot about this though he doesn’t quite succeed at the follow-up he still has written some interesting things. I think this quote is quite relevant: In this sense Dionysiac man is similar to Hamlet: both have gazed into the true essence of things, they have acquired knowledge and they find action repulsive, for their actions can do nothing to change the eternal essence of things; they regard it as laughable or shameful that they should be expected to set to rights a world so out of joint. Knowledge kills action; action requires one to be shrouded in a veil of illusion – this is the lesson of Hamlet, not that cheap wisdom about Jack the Dreamer who does not get around to acting because he reflects too much, out of an excess of possibilities, as it were. No, it is not reflection, it is true knowledge, insight into terrible truth, which outweighs every motive for action, both in the case of Hamlet and in that of Dionysiac man. Now no solace has any effect, there is a longing for a world beyond death, beyond the gods themselves; existence is denied, along with its treacherous reflection in the gods or in some immortal Beyond. Once truth has been seen, the consciousness of it prompts man to see only what is terrible or absurd in existence wherever he looksl now he understands the symbolism of Ophelia’s fate, now he grasps the wisdom of the wood-god Silenus” he feels revulsion”.

    You’ll just have to deal with being unsatisfiable and focus on that which you have control over.

    What do people gain from all their labors
    at which they toil under the sun?
    Generations come and generations go,
    but the earth remains forever.
    The sun rises and the sun sets,
    and hurries back to where it rises.
    The wind blows to the south
    and turns to the north;
    round and round it goes,
    ever returning on its course.
    All streams flow into the sea,
    yet the sea is never full.
    To the place the streams come from,
    there they return again.
    All things are wearisome,
    more than one can say.
    The eye never has enough of seeing,
    nor the ear its fill of hearing.
    What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;
    there is nothing new under the sun.
    Is there anything of which one can say,
    “Look! This is something new”?
    It was here already, long ago;
    it was here before our time.
    No one remembers the former generations,
    and even those yet to come
    will not be remembered
    by those who follow them.

  • dude

    you can’t hate the argentinians who don’t put out without long term comittement and then rant that others (americans) fuck you silly after knowing you for several hours.

    hate the sluts and hate the ones that aren’t sluts?

    what sort of women do you respect then?

    because in your gripe, you are contradicting yourself

  • Theodora

    110 Anonymous needs to start a blog. I’m the most non religious person, but this ecclesiastes piece nails it, I totally agree that’s where the whole essence is.

  • Theodora

    110 Anonymous: if there’s any way I can contact this guy, please let me know

  • DLS

    I don’t get it…you want all women to “spread their legs” for you, but when they do, you hate them for it? You do realize sex is not something women “give” you, right? It’s something THEY want to? It’s terrible and nasty for them to make themselves happy, just because it involves you as well? I think you have serious problems that you need to address. Your view towards sex and women is really, really fucked up.

  • The Big Bang!

    I usually don’t read blogs like yours, but after a random search on men, I came upon your blog.
    I find it fascinating that you abandoned your job after putting so much effort to go through college, just to abandon your hard work and a promising career.
    This must be working for you, but I think you are addicted to sex. In fact, you are in search of a “HIGH” through sex. Unfortunately for you, sex is sex. And you can bang as many women as you like, you won’t find true happiness. That takes commitment to a relationship, and appreciation for the female species. After all, we are human beings not just a “poosy” as you like to refer to us. BTW if you are so happy with yourself banging as many women as you have, why then does your theory not work?
    Maybe you are not the “The Big Bang” that you think you are! I may be wrong, but why so many books on banging women. Why not just one good book with sound advice?
    Do you Like the Big Bang Theory, or do you not?
    FYI not all women are created equal, physically they all have the same components. But a woman has who has self-respect and self preservation, will not fall for your game. Women who fall for your game have a real problem, it’s called addicted to sex!

  • jghjgfj

    Oh the irony!

  • J Doe

    110 has done wayyy too much LSD in their lifetimes…but I feel the sentiment.

    In high school I didn’t get too much ass, I got some but nothing worthy of commenting on here. Anyway, one of my friends was a pretty big player and got a lot of really hot girls. We were talking about girls and he said this word for word, “The problem with most guys is that they fall in love with girls and start acting like sissies and treating them better than they should be treated. Remember this, You have to run a bitch.” I’ll never forget that last line, it’s true even today. You gotta always run a bitch, if you don’t she’ll start to run you


    A very close friend of mine revealed to me his experience with those four issues.

    I could see him becoming more unhinged.

    He also ejaculated daily, to ‘relieve pressure’.

    If you cannot handle the pressure, get the fuck out of the kitchen, or cut your nuts off.

    Strength is also about withholding power.

    The strongest and best of men, have small amounts of amazing sex, if they desire it at all.

    Too bad most Americans are complete slaves to sex and thus, are complete pussies, no matter how much game or not they have or do not have.

    When it comes down to it, they will be recovering from their sexual problems, while the more focused and healthy, will be consolidating their energies for much better things.

  • Daiki

    Roosh, don’t worry about this stuff man. I think what is lacking in your life is a child. Start a family. I know it sounds crazy in this circle of guys, but getting married and starting a family is the next step in evolutionary satisfaction for you. You conquered the dating world, I think it is time to play your best hand and settle down.

  • dan

    Hey roosh I tried registering on the first of the month around 3 am eastern time and it still didn’t say “return on the 1st of the month to register”
    Are you not accepting any more registrations dude?

  • son of a beach

    Same for my uncle, it’s a matter of ego and views, even by knowing that most women sell their bodies for love or security, I can still search for someone who just keep themselves for me.

  • patriciacarrasco


  • Disabuse

    > you can bang as many women as you like, you won’t find true happiness.

    This is so true.

    > That takes commitment to a relationship, and appreciation for the female species

    But this doesn’t follow. It’s an idealized notion, in reality most relationships suck out a fair amount of energy, and only a few provide much in return.

  • Dick in Dat ass

    This bitch right here.

    OK bitch, I see you trolling. The thing is, give me 15 minutes and I would be balls deep in your asshole. Seriously.

    Dont like anal? I dont care, you would beg me for it. Why? because I got game and tommorow all you have is a sore butt.

  • seriously stfu

    Shut up whore. We let you drive and vote, that doesnt mean you have to talk. Spread the legs and stfu.

  • dont want you ugly ho

    “smart, independant, business woman” = an uptight feminist who has taken on masculine traits.

    I like my women to be feminine, if I wanted to date some butch bull dog I would be gay.

  • listen to this worthless bitch

    Dear whore, please read a book and learn about sexual and social currency. You have very little knowledge, and a very big mouth.

    Now shut up, grown folk are talkin.

  • Dumbass

    You sir are a loser. So what if you get 1 bang for 10 rejections? I dont talk to girls unless I want to fuck em. Why would any man want to talk to some spoiled ditzy princess?

    I also dont bang girls with problems. I am sure that these ugly problem girls are grateful that you are white knighting for them, but doesnt your dick ever get tired of being in ugly pussy?

  • Spurt….

    Oh, you must be mad because some guy spit game at you and then jizzed on your face.

    Seriously bitch, if you dont like facials, then get some morals and dont suck so much dick. YOUR life is not gonna suck in a decade, it will pretty much be over. In a decade you will be sitting at home with your cats wishing you were not so old, and wishing ANYONE would want to spit game at you and jizz on your face in a club bathroom.

  • Kenzo

    Your huge text wall pretty much can be summed up with… “blah, blah, blah, I am a white knighting beta asshole.”

    I like fucking hot bitches. It is why I got into PUA and learned game. I am good at it. I am especially good at it considering I am not very attractive and dont work out.

    All of this “love and respect” crap that you are spouting? I dont need it, and sure dont want it. What I want is to bang a new girl at least 2 nights a week and never bang a fatty or girl that is not a 7 or above.

    That is what all men should want, since most women are all butch and wanting to be men anyway.

  • That ill JD

    You say: “faithful to our wife, being responsible, raising children, and taking up a profession that is in line with our personal, deep-seeded desires and talents.”

    Ok: I do not have a wife, because most American women are butch feminazis that have been indoctrinated to be manlike.

    responsible: To who? I owe no one anything, I live life on my own terms.

    children: I have a son and am raising him like myself.

    profession: I am an attorney, I mainly do doc review which is boring, but my profession gives me awesome rewards (including a hot secretary that I bang when I strike out the night before.)

  • They are all whores

    All women are sluts. You just have to figure out which ones face you are going to cum on tonight.

  • Ricardo

    You are either a troll or just stupid.

    I bang bitches because it IS my hobby. Why do you feel so bad about yourself that you have resigned to a sexless life?

    Go out and run game on 20 bitches a night 3 nights a week and bang at least 2 new bitches a week for the next six months and tell me who has the better hobby?

  • Ricardo

    You are either a troll or just stupid.

    I bang bitches because it IS my hobby. Why do you feel so bad about yourself that you have resigned to a sexless life?

    Go out and run game on 20 bitches a night 3 nights a week and bang at least 2 new bitches a week for the next six months and tell me who has the better hobby?

  • you b stupid

    All women are easy. I bang 2 new girls a week and have for years.

    If you are having girl problems I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems but banging 2 new girls a week aint one.

  • you b stupid

    All women are easy. I bang 2 new girls a week and have for years.

    If you are having girl problems I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems but banging 2 new girls a week aint one.

  • Ricardo

    I think these “beautiful” women you are referring to as “off the radar” are known around here as “fatties,” “plumpers,” or “whales.”

    I dont bang fat bitches. All really beautiful bitches with a 9 or 10 face and a 9 or 10 body, know that their looks will fade and they are looking for the bigger and better deal, or they are looking to get it in for the night.

    I am not going to waste my money on a bitch, so I fall in the get it in for the night category. I usually find 2 new hotties a week and have for years.

  • Colonel

    Glad I’ve found this website Dam Should have taken the red pill before

  • Gangdawg

    Why would you want women to ‘win’, when all they do when they ‘win’ (in feminism or in the dating game’ is take advantage of nice guys and assist scumbags in screwing up the planet? We have to acknowledge the fact that women are, by their very nature, destructive. Even Eve loved Satan and did a number or Adam and all his descendants. The fact that Roosh wrote this article shows that he actually does care and have good intentions, but has nowhere to put them. Yet another proof of AWALT (All Women Are Like That).

  • Mehiella Satchi

    Has anybody ever loved you? Besides your mother of course. Maybe one day a girl will love you for your (screwed up) characteur and then you will see the human side of women.

  • jay

    Women are equal, wonderful human beings who like to have sex ..And the problem is?

  • kay

    Too bad you don’t fit your handle. Google Grace Hopper, Ada Lovelace, Roberta Williams, Dr. Erna Hoover that’s just the technology people. I don’t have time to educate fools like you.

  • Annie

    Shouldn’t these warning signs be enough for you to maybe change your outlook? Try viewing sex as not a game, but something enjoyable to be shared by two people who love (or at least like) each other? The views expressed on this site and others like it are as toxic (if not more so) than those of radical feminism. Men, step away from this stuff as fast as you can before it destroys you as a human being. Women, run away from any man who shows signs of thinking this way (and from radical feminism). Both will take your humanity and your happiness and destroy you.

  • Annie

    Bingo! This is a self-destructive cycle because the only type of women men like this can attract with their “game” are women who they will never love or respect. The only kind of women their game will draw are either players themselves or stupid/naive. The only way to get a partner you can really love and respect is to 1) drop your destructive attitudes about women and 2) quit the game. Yes you will probably get laid less, but if you’re ready for something real it has to happen.

  • Annie

    Also, I have to add that hating someone for doing exactly what you wanted them to do is a seriously deranged way of thinking. You try to get women to have sex with you, but they’re supposed to know that you don’t REALLY want them to give in just yet, and if they do what you want you will hate them for it. That’s just the kind of sick mind games you accuse women of playing. If you want a girl who won’t “give it up” on the first date, don’t approach women with the intent of fast sex. If you want fast sex, then appreciate the women who are willing to have it with you. One or the other.

  • .

    Why don’t you just pay prostitutes? Are you a sex addict AND a cheapskate?? Why involve other people in your disgusting rapey lifestyle? You have no respect for women, that’s a given, but not for men or even for yourself. You need help dude. No one owes you anything. That’s life.

  • Bertha

    I love you…for your comment. You’re right about American men and their depraved (my word) sexual obsession and inability to have real intimacy. But can we stop using the word ‘pussy’ as a bad thing? Unless you don’t like pussy, don’t use it as an insult because it’s like saying pussy is bad. And well it’s not. Just saying 😉 But hey, otherwise carry on with your healthy self, it’s sexy!!

  • Bertha

    Healthy Attitude=Sexy!!!

  • Bertha

    As in yours is healthy…er…in case that wasn’t clear. 😛

  • Bertha

    Yikes…sociopathic much?

  • Bertha

    Loser, proving us all right with your behavior. wow.

  • Bertha

    The hypocrisy is fabulous. These loose women are sluts and therefore not worthy of your attention, investment etc..and yet YOU and men like you are the biggest stut tramps around and yet…that’s ok?
    I’m baffled….there is no way for a sane brain to comprehend that kind of hypocrisy except to chalk it up to the prevailing attitudes of male dominance and hypocrisy. I mean really?

  • Bertha

    Keep talking, prove her right loser!

  • 1TerrificT

    Thanks for the honesty, Roosh. And as so often happens when I’m reading game blogs, this old song plays in my head,

    “If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life,
    never ever make a pretty woman your wife,
    So from my personal point of view,
    Get an ugly girl to marry you.”

    Of course, I think the marrying the “ugly girl” is going a bit far, but there is some truth in this verse. Ha!

    I agree with some of the posters here who point out you attract what you are looking for. To say there are no women of integrity or self-esteem or even honor is very myopic. The challenge is that such women CHOOSE not to date the men their biology tells them they are attracted to. They hold out for someone who validates their values by sharing them. Not that they don’t sleep with these guys before the ring is on the finger, but they aren’t going to be convinced you’re likely the one after an hour in a bar.

  • Josh

    Yup. All 4 people involved with the world of technology are women…

    I don’t really know how to insult you and point out the stupidity of your comment at the same time.

  • guyman

    Is being a pussy as bad as being a dick?

  • guyman

    Omg. Great point. The first thing I thought of was the last girl I had a Hugh crush on and how she felt those things at me. She was a feminist career women who had been with many men. In retrospect I think she picked me up and had some fun until she was finished and had no real respect for me. I was stupid and naive. I read some of the warning signs but its rrealy hard to see coming.

  • omgwtfbbqhax1

    Further proof that females tend to only sleep with scumbags

    More the reason why i fail to view femalea as equal himan beings

  • omgwtfbbqhax1

    Go die of cancer/aids/car accident/house fire/etc. Worthless scum

  • sasha

    roosh is fucked up enough that he thinks his mother a whore too.
    Or is incoherent.
    Women don’t ‘give up’ sex easy – they take it.

  • sasha

    Yes, I guess obtaining something from someone you want, and hating them for giving it, is a nevrotic recipe to hatred.
    Brought to you by fucked up values.

  • sasha

    How can you respect someone that you abuse?
    I think the question is how you can respect yourself. You probably dont.

  • sasha

    is nihilism some rationalisation for entitled immature heartache and sexism too? You know what, probably.

  • sasha

    So according to you those who get laid are the idiots?

  • sasha

    he cares about it as his strategy is to cater to other dark hateful individuals. He wants them to feel part of the gang.

  • sasha

    he’s not really clever.
    Something is lacking for him to be.

  • nero

    the truth once again ! I feel the same 99 % of the time.

  • hv

    slept together almost immediately? You sound like a dirty, dirty whore.

    P.S. I’m going to guess that given this post was written 7 years ago, you’re not with that same boyfriend anymore.