The Dark Side Of Day Game

It’s important to state that day game is an effective and inexpensive means to meet attractive young women. It allows you to take everyday environments like the town square, mall, or coffee shop and make it a place where you can meet women for sex. In conjunction with night game, I’ve successfully used it for over five years to supplement my pussy roster and have the type of sex life that I dreamed of in my early 20’s. All that said, I’m experiencing a bit of day game fatigue. Here are the reasons why:

1. It’s not fun

The only guy who says day game is fun are ones doing it with a wingman, often during vacation. Sustainable day game in your city will consist of you alone searching for a girl in a public space and approaching her without already being in a social mood. While some interactions you have with women during the day can be fun, the actual solo hunt of women during the day is not. I look forward to a 2-hour day game session as much as going to the gym to lift heavy weights. It’s possible to have fun after a night out in a club without being successful, but it’s impossible to have fun from a day game session that doesn’t result in gaining at least one solid prospect.

2. It requires dating and is slower than night game

You’ve no doubt come across same-day bang stories, but those happen less than 1% of the time among even competent day gamers. You’ll definitely have to date and usually you’ll require at least two of them. There’s nothing wrong with dating, but you’ll have to put in more dating work than night game for the same sex result. Day game is cheap to run in terms of money but expensive in terms of time. If you are a man with at least average looks who enjoys the occasional drink, night game will get you results faster and more reliably (unless you live in a horrible Western city, of course).

3. It feels like spamming

Professional day gamers average between 20-40 approaches per day bang. A recent up-and-coming day gamer profiled on Krauser’s blog took about 60 approaches per bang. These may seem like high numbers to a game denialist, but they’re actually reasonable considering that day game is the purest form of cold calling. You’re approaching a girl you know nothing about—not her personality, relationship status, sexual orientation, herpes outbreak status, etc—and have to create something out of nothing that leads to sex with you, a man who randomly popped into her life. This is damn hard, and so should rightfully require many approaches.

Night game, on the other hand, has built-in filters that aid you. If she’s drinking in a night club and making eye contact with men, chances are she is much more into fast sex. Cold approaches in clubs are warmer in that you’re more likely to encounter girl who is ready to get banged that very night. During the day, the only time that really happens is if you approach a lonely girl who is bored. We already know that game is a numbers game, but day game really feels like a numbers game, and the only way to rack up a serious notch count is if you do it semi-full time. If you don’t mind 5-10 new notches a year, a one approach a day diet for day game can get you there, but if you want to get more than that, you’ll have to dedicate serious time doing approaches every week, or you’ll have to at least supplement your efforts with internet or night work.

4. It kills your night game

Day game gives you prospects, but prospects reduce urgency. If I get a handful of day game numbers from Monday through Wednesday, and then go out on Thursday night, I will put in a half-assed performance without consciously realizing it. Failure on the night out is acceptable because I already got many prospects, even though those prospects may result in nothing. When I analyze my past city bang campaigns of a week or less in length, the ones that failed were due to doing a lot of day game instead of going full retard at night only. To do well in the club, you should enter it with zero options, forcing your hunger into wolf-like levels. If you already got many prospects in your pocket, you won’t put in the same amount of effort.

5. It’s better for finding relationships than fast sex

The nicest, sweetest girls I’ve met were from day game. These are girls who had low notch counts and didn’t frequent clubs often. While these attributes are great if I want a serious girlfriend, it’s less so if I just want casual sex without feeling any guilt about moving on quickly. It doesn’t make much sense to go on several dates with a girl, genuinely getting to know her after several hours, and then pumping and dumping her, because chances are that’s not what she wanted. At night, however, the girl probably wants to pump and dump you as much as you do her. It’s a more frictionless environment for no one getting their feelings hurt.

One important thing I should mention is that day game has been developed more as a reaction to declining night game than as a wholly superior alternative. When Western night clubs were at their peak, the only guys running day game were the ones who hated alcohol. This is why you can judge the decline of any city by how many guys say the following: “Day game is way better here than night game.” If you hear this, that means a previously viable way for men to meet women, nightclubs, is being eliminated, and any man who enters that city now has less choice for meeting women than before. I would not consider living in any city where clubs are used by women as a way to seek attention or show off than to meet men.

I’m at a crossroads with game. I started in night game and eased into day game, but find the latter to be less fun, exciting, and variable. Instead, the girls I meet from day game are more likely to drive me into relationships than the ones I meet at night, something that my itinerant lifestyle conflicts with. At the same time, I get less satisfaction from one-night stands and am not able to put up the required energy to be as consistently successful at night like I was three years ago. What’s happening is that I’m half-assing both types of game which is reducing my results than if I went full time with either one. I’m not sure which path to take from here.

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