The Death Of Male Authenticity

I noticed that the more I’m myself in a relationship with a woman (as I see myself), the happier I am with her. On the other hand, the more I have to change my behavior in line to what I think she would find attractive, the less satisfaction I get from that relationship. While “being yourself” is not the key to getting laid, it may be the key to being satisfied in relationships.

In more ancient times, relationships were much different than what we experience now. Back then, when a woman valued a man’s resources for her very own survival, the man could more or less be himself since there were less options for her to walk away YOLO-style and immediately find another man. He acted the opposite of what we have today, where most men apply a filter to their natural impulses in order to keep their women in a permanent state of being attracted. Today we do what we believe or know that women will like in a way to minimize our rejection rate and maximize the quantity or quality of sex or love that we receive. We apply rules, techniques, and strategies to meet women, because without them it would not be possible to achieve intimacy.

Even beta orbiters do this when they volunteer to be in the friendzone—they are applying a strategy that they truly believe will be the most effective means of starting a sexual relationship, however foolhardy that may be. Whatever strategy is used, whether beta or alpha, men must act inauthentic in order to gain intimacy that feels authentic. The beta must pretend to be a friend when he is interested in the girl and wants sex. The alpha must pretend to be aloof when he is interested in the girl and wants sex. They are both putting on a performance for the same goal. One performance gets the girl in her prime while the other gets her afterwards, when she has gained 20 pounds and becomes host to three different HPV strains.

The extreme of this inauthenticity is the married man who must apply “game” on his wife, even though she pledged to dedicate her life to him unto death, just so that she doesn’t get bored with him and cheat before draining his blood in a divorce. While the player has to put on a clown suit when he goes to the club to pick up women, the married man has to permanently wear the clown suit and hope she never strays, especially if he married an attractive Western woman.

Today, no man can be authentic in front of a woman. We can only behave and act through techniques and behaviors which have been documented to work. We have to learn an assortment of alpha traits and become more psychologically aware than BF Skinner just to get some pussy. We have to rip out our beta male souls, or just a natural impulse to be a good person, and morph it into something that a modern woman appreciates enough to spread her legs for the moment of sex, which ironically is becoming less authentic with each passing year as girls poorly mimic what they see in porn or read in stupid books, making loud noises of simulated pleasure while demanding to be strangled like a rag doll.

For men, acting must occur in the most mundane of situations:

  • Are you sitting next to your girlfriend in a cafe and get the urge to compliment her beauty? You better not because then she will think you’re needy.
  • Are you annoyed that she’s taking so long to reply to text messages? Too bad because you can’t tell her it bothers you. Take a long time to reply as well so she becomes anxious and remains attracted to you.
  • Are you sad because your aunt just died? You better hide it because if she sees that you’re upset she will think you’re a weak man and start replying to her OK Cupid message backlog.
  • Do you want to tell a girl on a first date how she is fun to be with? You can’t do that because she’ll think you’re falling in love with her.

One reason the game is not worth it for some men is because we are forced to be actors and clowns in the presence of women for transient sexual gain. I would do 1,000 approaches if it meant the next girl would unconditionally love me for who I am and will become for all eternity, but this is an absolute impossibility where girls can survive without men. Instead I will have to dance and juggle for her, fuck her maybe 10 times, but more like 4 or 5, and then the relationship will get stale, neither of us able to find the will or motivation to continue because of the type of 20th century environment we were born into by no choice of our own.

Relationships that have lifelong worth, where you gain as much value as you put in, can only come when you’re the most authentic (it’s impossible to be 100% authentic, but 80% or above is a good goal). This is the point where it doesn’t feel like you’re expending labor every day just to keep her. Unfortunately, it’s becoming impossible to achieve high authenticity outside the realm of familial and friendly relations where you can be more direct with your beliefs, desires, dreams, and hopes. With women you’re sexual with, being open and honest is dangerous. Tell her what you think or feel and she’s out the door.

The problem is that if you can’t be honest with someone and express your true thoughts, you’re in a relationship that can’t possibly last. If you’re applying game to your wife, and that game is not congruent with your beliefs, the marriage will end. If you’re authentic to a person who is inauthentic, that relationship will fail. Becoming authentic—of knowing not only the red pill truths of the world but the truths of your self—may be a losing proposition in a world that is becoming grotesquely inauthentic, even denying basic truths of human nature and gender like we see with progressivism in America. The red pill is the fastest path to isolation and loneliness because sooner than later you’ll tired of putting on your actor’s mask.

While it’s easy to be inauthentic for the short time it takes to get many girls into bed, this isn’t a sustainable solution if you ever want to take off the mask. That leaves us with two options. The first is to become the alpha male that most women want, where your impulse changes from unconsciously doing naturally beta acts to alpha acts. This can only come when you internalize game (at least 5 years of practice) like how a professional basketball player can shoot with his eyes closed, but how alpha you can become from full-blown beta is up for debate. The second option is to have fun being the clown to get a variety of sex, but only plan for long-term relationships with women who appreciate your true—albeit constantly changing—self. It’s clear to me that for men to be happy with women in today’s environment, a combination of both will have to take place.

Men will have to swallow the red pill and uproot their nice guy instincts and put on a mask to have sex with pretty girls who demand a clown while considering something long term with the occasional girl who loves us even more when we temporarily take off that mask. Yet in terms of being ourselves at all times with women and being everlastingly happy with them—I’m sad to announce that we live in an age where that is not possible. And there’s nothing we can do about it.

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  • Joseph

    How does International game play into finding a woman who values a man being himself?

    Isn’t it pretty much be the beta provider game in Colombia or Ukraine not all this convoluted clown game like the US?

  • Nick

    EE Players-
    In dollars what would it cost per month to live in EE and if you married and/or knocked a girl up over there provide for her and the kid (s)?

    Do kids need private school in EE so they won’t grow up to be a dumb ass or is that just another if the many sad realities of American life?

  • Molnár András

    Do not send your kids to public school in Hungary.

  • Ted Cunterblast

    There’s some great advice in this article. A lot of guys in the Manosphere talk about achieving a “location-independent” lifestyle. I think it’s equally if not more important for young men to achieve a love-independent and intimacy-independent lifestyle. In this age getting sex is fairly easy, but if you’re looking for love, forget it.

  • JackBlack23

    I’ve pretty much ruled out marriage as I have no desire to wear a “clown suit” 24/7 …

    “Most of our modern laws, and nearly all of the “experts” in the social sciences, have done everything they possibly can to undermine a man’s ability to properly “husband” his wife. The current state of affairs completely upsets the natural hierarchy between man and woman. In the same way that it would be nearly impossible for parents to properly raise children if the government passed a plethora of laws deconstructing parent’s natural roles and restricting them from setting boundaries for children, so it is increasingly difficult for a man to properly fulfill his leadership role that women instinctively seek and need. When children have legal authority over their parents, chaos will ensue, just as in Marriage 2.0 where women hold supremacy over the husbands, the practice of matrimony will only harm and bring resentment to all parties involved, making one ill-advised to seek such an arrangement in life.”

  • hoodlum81

    Still spreading the poison I see Roosh. “If I can’t be authentic and attract women, then no man can.”

    I dread to think what kind of low value you’re conveying if you couldn’t even pay a compliment to your own girlfriend without coming across needy.

  • Deebos

    “Lifelong worth”, that is the crux of the problem. Most men naturally want a wife and lifelong commitment. We look on our recent past with a bit of envy, it was entirely natural for a woman to commit to a man, raise a family, remain active in a religion and maintain a household. She was provided and protected for in return. Today this woman believes riding the carousel, having a career in hr, enjoying girls night out and staying up to date on the latest fashion trends while parroting the standard feminist talking points are the epitome of being a woman. How she looks is now considered completely irrelevant, its what’s inside that matters. Practicing game is nothing more than a logical response by men to the changing realities. While its fun to maintain a harem, pursue ons and temporary relationships, these are ultimately stop gap measures by men. Were still inherently wired to be leaders and providers, something society does not want from us. When I take all this in its sad to realize men are adjusting, men are waking up to the modern realities and were finding that were pretty darn happy not being tied down and women, after 28, are bearing the brunt. I hope they learn to enjoy what they created.

  • Anon.

    There are several things in this article that are wrong. I am suprised a man who has spent so many years in the game would write something like this.

    1. Telling a woman you like her (note: low investment) or that you think she is fun or cool is a beta act. Implying hurt feelings about your dead aunt is also beta behaviour, but that does NOT mean it is bad. This is basic game literature, we call them vulnerability stories. If you want to deeply convert a girl (make her fall in love with you), most PUAs agree that you need contrast game, universal push-pull between alpha and beta, with about double the acts of alpha than the acts of beta.

    You establish your dominance (or hard dominance Krauser calls it) and value through alpha acts, but then you show light beta cracks that create the connection and the pairbond. That is what a pairbond is, the emotional response that a girl has to an alpha male that shows through emotional cues that he will protect HER and only HER (this is a big deal from an evolutionary perspective).

    We have all tried this, but if you use 100% alpha and 0% beta, you become an alpha sportfuck. Many girls will disappear after one bang.

    2. The fact that the girl is inauthentic doesn’t mean you have to be. Yes, you need technique, but your overall persona should never change (see congruency). It is an age-old community maxim that the best game is an extension of your personality. One of the reasons we use vulnerability stories is precisely to convey authenticity.

    In a world of fakeness, everyone appreciates authenticity (look back to the best girls in your past, you will see a common theme of autheniticity and vulnerability). Funnily enough, when you are real with women (be yourself, but stick to structure… this is not that hard) they drop the bullshit and become real with you.

  • C.Contrary

    Fine work, Roosh, despite the predictable misreadings shown in the comments here. Men must know just how grim things are now, or else they will be deeply disappointed. It has never been more dangerous to allow yourself to be vulnerable with women, nor has it even been so unwise to aim for anything beyond transient sexual satisfaction.

    It used to be thought that vulnerability makes us human–but our culture has coarsened to the point where showing vulnerability (that is, often, mere interest!) is hardly attractive.

    The big irony is that it becomes harder to experience love just in proportion as easy sex and FWB situations are readily available. Easy lays with women who don’t give a fuck about you = the death of love. But of course few people know this–least of all women.

  • guest

    Great post again, I can relate to all this.

    My first serious girlfriend was a Russian girl. The funny part was that Russian girls tend to like alpha-like men, and I was very much beta at that time. Nevertheless, I functioned as the loving provider beta to her during the entire course of our relationship. She expected me to act as an alpha. When the relationship ended, I learnt my lessons. Never to be beta again.

    I took the red pill. Embarked on my painful yet enlightening journey. And yes, the most unnatural part was learning how to be the alpha clown.

    But I got used to it. The pain from the end of my relationship propelled me faster through the transformation. And by the end of it, I was the asshole clown. But I kinda enjoyed it. The red pill gives you the power, what you can never experience as a beta.

    The next thing? I got hit upon by chicks in committed relationships. Though I didn’t want to fuck them, I let things happen, which meant I let myself be seduced by them. I just let the disgust for female disloyalty seep through my soul when I hatefucked those women. And I began to see women in a new different light – with all their flaws. I realized no woman is special – as a soul or human.

    The down side? I had the most problems when I seduced romantic chicks who wanted me to be beta provider again. This happened mostly in the EE and CIS. Most of them were turned off by my alpha asshole ways (even though I could game some of them into bed), while the ones I slept with complained that I was ’emotionally unavailable’. And it did happen, seriously. I felt nothing emotionally, even though these girls could be good. I think most men emotionally harden with time.

    The thoughts of being beta provider again is actually now a greater nightmare than the thought of going through a sexual dry spell – once I took the red pill.
    I could rather be single, or an asshole player all my life now, than the thought of being beta again just for the sake of female company. Why? Because of the freedom and emotional self-reliance I feel now. I feel sorry for the betas I see around me, and especially those betas whose women cheated with me. I realize that men will act in-authentically (as you said) just for the company of women. What these men fail to realize, is that the company of women is a fleeting pleasure, just like how sex is.At the end, all women burn you the same.

  • Anon.

    I disagree.

    Everyone is capable of love. Culture does not erradicate emotions. If you are a good player, more frequently than not women will fall in love with you. A woman in love is yours, no matter what her culture has told her what to value.

    This is another big inner-game battle that is rarely talked about. We are taught to control emotions like approach anxiety, but what about vulnerability? Yes, you absolutely will lose some girls, after all the numbers game (or the girl’s circumstance) applies at several points in the process.
    But, it is possible to allow yourself to be vulnerable and authentic, and also detach yourself from the pain of losing women.

    I know it is possible because I have done it myself. And it is extremely powerful. When a girl comes out with me, in our adventure she gets the FULL me, not the heavily filtered version that we are getting of girls. Something you will find is that fakeness is the true tomb of love. I know because I have never fallen in love with a Western girl. But I also know that Western girls can, and do, fall in love with me.

  • Trist.

    I think what the author is trying to say is that it is not possible to go out with a girl, be yourself, have her love you for you and go on to get married, have kids and live a happy life until death.

    This is the fundamental premise of game. Feminism has lead women back to the state of nature, it has “liberated” them from social direction. Before, a woman could marry you and stay with you, that does not mean she loved you though. Many husbands were miserable.

    I believe it is time to accept the state of nature. Women will be with you for as long as it is in their emotional self-interest to be with you (same goes for you). Forget marriage or family, these are social constructs that did not exist in nature and were sustained upon serious social rules (like religion and shaming). This groundwork has disappeared, and with it marriage and family.

    I am not sad for this. You can still have fulfilling relationships with women, as long as you abide the model followed in the state of nature. Alpha males sportfuck women – Women sportfuck alpha males / Women pairbond to certain alpha males / If they cannot, they latch onto a beta male.

    You can do all of these things. If you want to sportfuck, then sportfuck. If you want to fall in love, you can do that too, though finding a girl will be hard (but once you do find her, if you are alpha, mirror neurons do the rest for you). I don’t see the reason for the doom and gloom. The only ones who will suffer are those who don’t understand.

  • Jason

    There was a point back in the states where i was fed up with being the clown and putting up with women who had these fronts of being a “strong-indepedent woman”. I had a moment where i just said fuck it.

    “Look we can play pretend and go through this whole nonsense of feeling each other out, text games, and silly dinner dates. Or, you can be real. I can be real. And just not waste each other’s time playing a game of make believe. i’m sure we’ve grown up as adults haven’t we?”

    I had a time where i lost interest going out on dates because it started to feel like it was all the same. Find a cool location, look presentable, be funny and/or cocky depending on the woman, try to fuck her before date #3, rinse and repeat. I felt like i was in this endless cycle of mundane women.

  • Rollo Tomassi

    From Tales of Hypergamy:

    As you think so shall you become.

    Neo: “What’re you trying to say, that I can dodge bullets?”

    Morpheus: “No Neo, what I’m saying is that when you’re ready you wont have to.”

    There comes a point of internalization when your Game-awareness becomes part of who you are. There is no longer a need to mentally sort out what may or may not be going on with the women you’re interacting with. One of the first resistances I usually read from men when they first pick up on Plate Theory is that they could never manage more than a single woman’s interest at one time. Usually this is due to a fear of being caught by one or more women or thought of as a Player, but the premise is one of not having some imagined resources, time and energy to keep more than a single plate spinning at once.

    Do you see where this is going?

    It’s all about his effort, and his time management, and his capacity or talent for juggling all the responsibilities necessary to convince and qualify for a woman’s effort towards him. He and his concerns are not his mental point of origin and so don’t factor into his concept of what Game could be for him. It’s always energy and resources flowing out, rather than even having the temerity of thought to think that a woman’s effort should come to him.

    When Game is internalized for a Man, he IS his mental point of origin. Game critics like to frame this self-concern as sociopathy or Dark Triad, but these distractions from putting himself as his mental point of origin have the latent purpose of keeping him extending himself outward. For as much as it’s rewarded, no one wants to be thought of as an asshole, but Game-awareness doesn’t necessitate being a selfish prick, just putting oneself as their mental point of origin.


    Game and red pill truth must become part of your authentic self. I’m often asked how I can keep up the constant effort of having to Game my wife, and the answer is always the same; I don’t need to ‘game’ her because Game is part of who I’ve become.

    The same is true for the girls I work with in promoting my liquor brands and the women I deal with at the casinos I do work for – I don’t make a conscious effort to apply Game them because it’s who I am now. The same is true for my mother, my daughter, my sister-in-law, my mother-in-law, etc. I’m not trying to bang them obviously but the same principles and truths of Game/ Red Pill apply to them from an authentic origin.

  • Reg

    Roissy always criticized the manosphere for redefining its goals in the light of Western female values. We should be focusing on fixing the problem, even if just temporarily for our self-gain, than trying to avoid it.

    Though I do agree that finding love is significantly harder than finding sex.

  • kai

    Since taking the red Pill and killing my inner nice guy, at first it felt as though I was pretending but the more I did it, the more it became a part of me and I wouldn’t call it unauthentic anymore. It’s me cultivating a personalty that gets women, wins friends and over all succeed in life

  • Roosh_V

    But is game and red pill truth part of the human condition for most males? What are we genetically inclined to behave as?

  • 2525

    Quote: “Fine work, Roosh, despite the predictable misreadings shown in the comments here. Men must know just how grim things are now, or else they will be deeply disappointed. It has never been more dangerous to allow yourself to be vulnerable with women, nor has it even been so unwise to aim for anything beyond transient sexual satisfaction.”

    Yup. Pretty much sums it up. Well all I can say is that although I have no trouble getting laid, my days of wondering why I can’t find the ‘one’ to have forever and settle down with are gone. Apparently it’s not my imagination that the current zeitgeist prohibits any man from settling down like our fathers did. I agree it sucks but it makes better sense to know the Truth than to carry on in life chasing after a fairy tale.

  • 2525

    I hear ya but to be successful today in almost anything requires being an amoral asshole. And this includes making ‘friends’ and success in almost every other arena in life.

  • 2525

    TROLL ALERT: There is posting someone here, either an uber beta fag or some fat chick pretending to be a guy using all the red pill buzz words all the while promoting blue pill excrement.

  • 2525

    Exactly. “Game” and “red pill” realization only applies to societies that are profoundly sick.

  • 2525

    Ok Roosh:

    To what extent do your assertions in this article relate to the culture in EE where you currently are?

    Hint: Not giving radio silence to this question would greatly be appreciated.

  • A Caring Friend

    If you are worried about a potential mate finding your internet writing, wouldn’t it make sense to find a woman who already knows about and agrees with your ideas? Open your eyes. These women do exist and it doesn’t make you a “pussybeggar” to consider them; it means you’ll end up with a smart wife and the authenticity you seek.

    I have a friend who is overweight and she won’t put pictures on her dating profile and then gets her feelings hurt when people see how she looks and ditch her. My advice to her is the same as it is to you: you avoid a lot of rejection and wasted time if you’re authentic to begin with and don’t get involved with someone who might spurn you once they see who you truly are.

    In addition to looking within the sphere, why don’t you set up an online profile listing yourself as located in D.C. Set your radius at a two hour drive and just see who is available there. Besides meeting girls where you are in Europe, you’d be doubling your dating, so to speak, and potentially finding someone near your family. The drawback with this method is that you’ll eventually have to reveal your identity and you might lose someone you’ve come to care for.

    I’m convinced that, as an intellectual, you need a literary woman to be your wife. Everyone else- even the most beautiful woman- would bore you. You’ve stated now that you realize women with only slightly better than average looks treat you best. Change who you are selecting and you might change your outcome.

    A final observation is that you should not discount the effect your heritage has on your beliefs and attractions. I might be an American citizen, but being of German descent is a big part of my identity. I don’t mix well with Italians, for instance. Are you ignoring the significance of your background and would you be happier with an Iranian woman? Its something to ponder.

    When you do find someone you think you could have a real shot with, take it slow. Rushing through relationships is what ruins them. Writing long-distance with someone would give both of you the chance to get to know each other thoroughly and keep you from skipping straight to physical intimacy. I don’t care how old-fashioned that sounds; it works. If you want a woman to respect you, don’t have sex with her early or often.

    Best of luck.

  • Buddy Orion

    Listen up pussies. I’ve been meaning to write this for a while and I’ll take this opportunity to do it. If you agree with this article, you posess the following traits:
    1. You’re bitter.
    2. You believe that your true self is beta.
    3. You think “game” is a series of techniques and strategies that you can use to deceive women into sleeping with you.
    4. You feel that you can’t retain relationships with women because you get tired of wearing the “alpha” mask.
    If you fall in that category, you’re a pick up artist. You aren’t red pill, you’re a soft, shallow, no good loser.

    The whole point of the red pill community was to take the techniques of pick up and say “maybe we should actually become the alphas that we are pretending to be.” Part of that is being honest with yourself. If you think that having a decent job and being a “good person” should be enough to attract women and was enough in the past, you’re an entitled idiot. It’s not good enough. You would have been walked all over in a older time where the rich and successful trampled the beta peasants. The alpha male of today was the same alpha male who would beat you to death in a tribal setting if you looked at one of his women the wrong way. Become dominant, become scary, become better than the rest of the men, none of you can handle that and that’s why you’re unhappy. Game just means “method of getting laid a lot.” It’s not a facade or a pick up art, it’s not an attitude or a lifestyle, game is not a collection of sentences of phrases that “work on women,” it’s how you approach the mating game. And weak men always lose. Remember that.

  • PeterAndrewNolan

    four years ago I told my fav#3

    “If men ever decide that it is ok for other men to lie to women to get them in to bed it is over for women. The only thing saving women from “players” who will date you and dump you and who never had any intentions of marrying you is OTHER MEN who will warn you about the players.

    If the OTHER MEN ever stop warning women about the “players” what will happen is women will be played for 2 or 3 years with lies of “sure honey, I want to get married and have children one day but I am not ready for that yet”. By the time the woman figures out she has been played and leaves she has lost 2 or 3 years. And you only need that to happen 3 or 4 times and your chance at children will be lost forever.”

    My words hit her like a sledge hammer. She had never before realised this was the case and the fact that so many women lie to men today was angering men to the point they would not longer point out the players came as a surprise to her.

    And Roosh? Ask your audience. How many guys in your audience would point out a “player” to a woman now? 10%? Less? My guess is 90%+ of your audience would not warn a woman if they knew she was being played now. And that is just in 4 short years. Imagine what it will be like in another 5 years.

  • Anon.

    Outside of the Former Soviet Union, EE countries have sweet girls with Western mindsets. This means you see tattoos peeking in, rampant casual sex (which does not happen in FSU), women forfeiting relationships at a young age to puruse their careers…

  • PeterAndrewNolan

    Hi Roosh,
    “Yet in terms of being ourselves at all times with women and being everlastingly happy with them—I’m sad to announce that we live in an age where that is not possible. And there’s nothing we can do about it.”

    This is an example of why you caught my eye and are worth my time reading what you write and suggesting things for you to think about.

    This statement is true even of eastern european women.

    My example? My fav#1 knows me better than any other woman alive…even my ex wife. When you go through being suicidal with someone at your side she tends to get to know you pretty well. When she stands by you as you put your life back together? She gets to know you even better.

    We are authentic and honest with each other in the extreme. She is far more honest than my wife ever was. And even so? She is looking for a “better” man than me. She is chasing butterflies. Chasing fairy tales. Even as a Ukrainian woman she is chasing fairy tales.

    I asked her recently: “Have you ever, in your life, met a man better than me?”

    She immediately said “No. I don’t even hear of men better than you. Not ordinary men I mean.”

    “So what are you looking for?” I asked her.

    She went on about how the lighting was supposed to strike, the earth is supposed to move, the man is supposed to be a knight in shining armour…you know the fairy tales. She is looking to “fall in love with the man of her dreams” but she can not even describe this man let alone find him.

    I said to her that she had been sold a lie and that she was as big a victim as the men were….but she would have none of it. She just turned 40 and with the Ukrainian conflict she is aging very fast from the worry and concern for her family. I am so sad that she still believes in the fairy tale ending because it has been so detrimental to her life.

    And as you say? There is absolutely nothing we can do about this. Our women will not listen to our good advice any more….and neither will most men.

  • PeterAndrewNolan

    “but how alpha you can become from full-blown beta is up for debate.”

    As someone who chose to be beta as a child and chose to move to alpha at 44 you can be pretty alpha even if very beta for a long time. Not as alphas as those guys who chose to be alphas a boys, but alpha enough.

    To be honest? Being a bit more beta is more “comfortable” for me when I am with my male friends. Who needs the constant competition with other alphas to argue about pecking order? I don’t need to “win” against other men to feel comfortable in my own skin. I already know that I have knowledge and skills better than 99.9%+ of men in the areas I chose to specialise in. Areas I am not interested in? Why would I compete?

    But when around women? “Alpha” is simply necessary. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    So when it comes to any sort of long term relationship? The desire of women to have an “alpha” is self defeating. Just as described in this article.

    Women marry up and then think they are somehow magically “equal” to their husbands despite never having done anything of any particular value and then they act like bitches. Michelle Obama being an excellent case in point.

    Having married up and not be able to actually BE equal to the man they married to they then constantly try and nag and whinge and bitch and complain to pull him down to her level. I see this over and over again. The woman gets all “upset” at his successes rather than supportive of his successes.

    The bottom line is this. Women no longer know their place. They want to be “co-husband” and the Clintons showed everyone what happens when you have a “co-husband” rather than a wife. Who would want to be married to Hillary Clinton? Really?

    Women will no longer simply be happy to have a good man who loves her and will protect and and provide for her. And the women will agitate in the marriage until they destroy the mans love for her. Exactly what happened in my marriage. Exactly what happens in millions of marriages. “Cupcake is unhappy”.

    There is no amount of tolerance and support that a man can give one of these needy, greedy women that will “make cupcake happy”. It can’t be done.

    So the men have a choice….they can be inauthentic to their wives…..or they can avoid marriage…..because there is no way any man can have a permanent relationship with these new generations of western women. It can’t be done.

  • Clark Kent

    Look abroad dude…

    I’m based in Toronto and I have pledged to only date women who are here from other cultures… They like that I’m white, attractive, ambitious, intelligent, and realistic. The white chicks are only good to me if I treat them like dirt or act like I’m some kind of super-spy.

    I seriously think there is going to be an exodus away from dating purely white women. They’re crankish whores… even the ones I’ve loved unfortunately.

  • Rollo Tomassi

    Men are the “romantics pretending to be realists” and women; vice versa

    Women are utterly incapable of loving a man in the way that a man expects to be loved.

    In its simplicity this speaks volumes about about the condition of Men. It accurately expresses a pervasive nihilism that Men must either confront and accept, or be driven insane in denial for the rest of their lives when they fail to come to terms with the disillusionment.

    Women are incapable of loving men in a way that a man idealizes is possible, in a way he thinks she should be capable of.

    That’s not to say women are incapable of love, just not as men would idealistically be loved by women. Women love opportunistically, men love idealistically.

    There was a time when a majority of men understood that women’s love was predicated on their performance – that performance used to be based on a combination of sexual appeal and provisioning/ambition potential, now it’s based on entertainment value and a man’s capacity to provide her with drama and indignation.

    What we refer to as Game / Red Pill was part of a man’s upbringing and his understanding women’s opportunistic love was integral to the old social contract.

    Now men are so feminized, and masculinity is ambiguous at best – ridiculed at worst, that we are shocked to discover that women do not love in the idealistic manner we’ve been taught to expect they will.

    We’re conditioned to believe that exhibiting weakness and vulnerability is strength, so it’s a shock when women prove their love isn’t based on the same idealistic model we expect they will.

    So we unlearn this, or we’re taught by harsh experience that performance, Game, red pill awareness, are all conditions for a woman’s love. Past generations knew this because the social contract spelled it out for them. Now men must relearn how to maneuver (via Game) in a condition that’s really never changed, but generations of men believe had changed.

    “We want to relax. We want to be open and honest. We want to have a safe haven in which struggle has no place, where we gain strength and rest instead of having it pulled from us. We want to stop being on guard all the time, and have a chance to simply be with someone who can understand our basic humanity without begrudging it. To stop fighting, to stop playing the game, just for a while.

    We want to, so badly.

    If we do, we soon are no longer able to.”

  • PeterAndrewNolan

    You must not know me. I live in Germany and only date eastern european women.

  • DistinguishedGentleman

    Always looking for better opportunities.
    Getting bored in a relationship.
    Faking interest in a relationship.

    Yes, this is true of women. But it’s also true of guys too.

  • J.M.

    The state of nature also dictates that you kill the offspring of the competence, I think that’ s ok then. Even though superficially you appear to be right, upon closer examination your opinion is BS. We (humans) DO NOT LIVE IN STATE OF NATURE. We live protected from most consequences of our acts to begin with.

  • Mjolnir2010

    I think that depends on the person. I used to be more beta when I was younger. My success came when I just let the Alpha I had suppressed get out and walk around. I think most men tend to be pretty alpha with proper frame and upbringing. The “betas” of 75 years ago probably had many alpha behaviors.

  • Trist

    It is a repressed instinct of yours to kill the children of others?

    I don’t know about yourself, but I do not have that instinct. Maybe you should seek help.

  • Anon.

    You are denying deep conversion?

  • Ger

    You can’t stem a tide, but you can ride it.

    Whenever I hear admonitions like “we should be,” I hear “you should be.” Why should I? Are you going to compensate me, sweetheart?

    Why do you expect other men to white knight a failing civilization for you… for free? Where are the incentives these days?

    Such entitlement, it’s bitch-made.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    The post is Gospel, on the delimma of internal game; however this part does not resonate with me: ” considering something long term with the occasional girl who loves us even more when we temporarily take off that mask.”

    Are their field reports or accounts of such women? in Murica? Temporarily taking off the mask is an impediment to internalizing alpha and making beta the mask. I have a nice guy center myself. I’d like to let that part of me live and flourish, but it has been a millstone and my defeat. There is no bearing it without defeat. The best we can do is make it so men of our nature can openly be patriarchs and be nice to women who don’t deserve because they are put in their place. No man can be at peace with his family without membership in a patriarchy that puts bros before hoes. The pure, sacrosant mother archetype must die in many men’s hearts for that to occur. The good news is that women will continue to stomp on men for taking off the alpha mask and showing beta, and will continue to motivate rank-and-file betters to assert themselves while providing a lesson that will not be forgotten for three generations, then the same shit but different. Government credit is the root of all evil, but who wants to prohibit it forever?

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    @Ger, brilliantly conceived and said. However, @Reg is so right in what he expressed that maybe, just maybe, his contemporary wording does not represent or invalid his correctness and you have targeted the wrong commentary. There should be a ‘we’ in the aftermath, after each man look out for himself in the decline, or civilization will cease. Gotta have we for a culture and civilization.

    This is the sticking point in the manosphere: what to become next as a subculture, a group, how to grow and not fade away in stagnation. I don’t know if the manosphere should evolve or get out of the lead role and be only an archive of old knowledge. I do know that we indeed need to fix the problem because I can’t and you can’t alone. If @Reg said fix civilization or women, I would totally agree with your comment and be antithetical to Reg’s, but it would be a shame to survive the decline and not eliminate the elite head of the generational snake that has been with us for thousands of years. Could that be consistent with what Reg meant?

    I for one would like to ‘fix’ the problem. If women are ancilliary to a man’s life, maybe we are fixing the problem by minting men with Red Pill knowledge who will precipitate out of the shadows one day. I think we can find a synthesis here of empowering truth called elephant from the incomplete truths of tree trunk, snake, and wall. I do not suggest compromise, but uncompromising truthseeking.

  • reaper23

    This is meta irony I think

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    Only philosophers are wise because the Universal Frame of static precision does not exist. You are assuming your frame is correct to the exclusion of others, but your frame is too static for real life. If you admit there are times to be alpha, there are times to not be beta as Roosh indicated by generic examples. The ponzi scheme requires women to double down on narcissism, and they will less and less permit beta to enter the vag. Nevertheless, great comment. I only wish the natural me could adapt so well to this shit world per your recommendations. For some of us, the chasm to cross is more than a grand canyon. I can’t breath through my alpha mask, so I can’t just cross over and stay in prosperity. It is not that simple. Maybe for someone not heavily conditioned in blue pill or other family issues, but for me and others, it is a suffocating mask. We have beta potential to be builders; it is our natural expression, and we can only do that as slaves to a collective mindset. What we need is to be conquerors and have authentic male popular sovereignty, then I could be ‘authentic’.

  • reaper23


  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    What he said is that your strategy is an anomaly as much as the post-feminism civilization it requires. Those who have nature of such a low socio-ecological gravity will not be competive with those who are higher beings. Your comfort is your conquest that you welcome, but maybe your nature is suitable for it. You are a hedonist not a builder. Maybe you are afraid to dream anymore? If so, this is your time as it is for women, but this Indian summer for evolutionary throwbacks will not last. Nevertheless, that makes you the winner and me the loser, for this is our timeline together.

  • reaper23

    if you’re still using a “mask” then you aren’t fully developed yet. work on becoming fully developed. i’ve internalized the entire game now for years. it just is me. i dont have to have any mask. i’m just myself and with the rest of the lifestyle developed, i’m a machine.

  • Trist

    I adapt to my culture.

    Civilization, or at least social civilization, is dead.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    Too extreme. Husbands should practice husbandry of the mentally less under their aegis. Game is a tool, and a great one. The problem is the lose of sovereignty has stripped us from other tools, like the bitch slap followed by “because I said so.” If the men that won WWII would have gamed their suburban wives, the delinquent baby boomer generation could have been avoided. Game will always be necessary so long as women are evolutiony throwbacks. We don’t cull for logical, responsible women. I doubt we ever will.

    Roosh, I love this post. The flood of emotions and ideas in the comments proves how profound your thesis was, at the crux of something big.

  • invisiblehand85

    Very insightful post

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    “Women love opportunistically.” I call it primeval lust. A man’s lust for knowledge is closer to the asymtote ideal love. Or maybe his lust for civilization when he fights with fellow patriarchs, approximated and primitized by war veterans of today. There is not getting away from lust and to love without being objective of what the object of love is intrinsically, rather than as a relative opportunity to exploit and use up. Gold comment, but terming a woman’s emotion as love at all is, in my opinion, antithetical to achieving masculinity, whether primitive or civilized. From your position of internalized masculinity, you can be charitable, but for those of us aspiring, it is not a good way to phrase it. Triggers the blue pill.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    True. I don’t think we know the half of it, or ever can.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    I agree and I don’t. I am a pariah politically. Pussy is a political resource. There are political ramifications the ‘sphere is not considering. There is the alpha of being a patriarch openly. The mask for that natural tendency or personal values must stay on. Women cannot be trusted any more than the Nazi youth could be trusted by their parents to not rat them out. I don’t get pussy because I am financially impotent. Corruption is corruption by the telltale the overall decline of wealth for a localized, unearned gain. The ‘wealth’ in pussy for alphas is quantity in declining quality. Alpha in decline is not fully alpha. You are not a soveriegn machine. Some will care to be; some will not.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    A certain amount of discomfort is required for evolution. I believe, as far as it goes, very flexible evolution is the Universal Frame.


    Weak men accept the social environment given to them. Strong men create it, or at least aspire to create it. Being alpha as judged by women is hardly a complete definition for men of civilized potential.


  • reaper23

    i’m pretty bright man, and i dont understand anything you’re saying here.

    “i dont get pussy because i am financially impotent”

    perhaps then you should read more and talk less?

  • Borges de Oliveira

    This is a very good piece. And like most good articles dealing with game, it is not just about women, but about life itself. It turns out that “being yourself” is not a bad thing after all. Game, properly applied, might be a way for men to find freedom and true happiness by being faithful to themselves. Stop selling yourself short! Live life on your own terms! Rollo Tomassi’s Plate Theory seems to provide a good starting point.

    I have just started to read one the finest books ever written about literature: Cyril Connolly’s Enemies of Promise. Connolly had a lot to say about authenticity. At the end of the first chapter, the reader will find this wonderful paragraph:

    “A great writer creates a world of his own and his readers are proud to live in it. A lesser writer may entice them in for a moment, but soon he will watch them filing out.”

    Connolly was also the man who said, “Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.”

  • Larry

    Can weak become strong?

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    Perhaps. Mike at D&P suggests those not yet financially untouchable be the grey man (starts at 5 minute mark):

    I listened. Sounds like a mask, but not an alpha mask. It is a beta mask. Perhaps then I should mean become alpha but wear a beta mask. If you can speak your mind (not have any mask at all), you aren’t aiming very high politically in your personal values.

    Aphorism not by Voltaire: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

    Maybe I should stress that being beta is useful only after being alpha: conquor before building.

    I know slaying pussy is fun and all, but how far does this go until the pussy is not worth slaying for even casual sex? I think back and forth is a useful dialectic. I was mistakenly crude and imprecise is some of what I wrote previously. Thanks for the critique that inspired my reflection to greater awareness. If it weren’t for scientific review and critique, there would be no Red Pill Game.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    Great comment. Started as a solid comment and ended as a profound comment. I blog for myself. I admit that. I don’t pass the great writer test, but it helps me work through ideas that can always be refined later. It’s a process. I would add ’tis better to write badly than not at all. Got to crawl first when learning a language, seduction, etc. I may be vomiting in the comment sections, but it forces all of us to think critically and maybe grow. If I could get that in real life, I’d spend more time there. (T-ball time.)

  • Nick

    Living life without intimacy is a dreadful existence. I experienced it for a decade before learning game. The quality of western women has dropped, but there still are many women that can satisfy a man’s need for intimacy. I moved to Eastern Europe in part because of being unsatisfied with the quality of women in California, but even there I found a great girl that I had a satisfying relationship with for nearly a year. That was the result of about 150 cold approaches through day game.

    If a man can’t find a good girlfriend after a couple hundred approaches, he’s got to review his game or consider moving. If you’ve got the temperament to live without “love” (I think of it as romantic affection) then that’s your choice. Having achieved intimacy with a handful of women in the past few years, I wouldn’t deprive myself of it.

  • 2525

    “Listen up pussies. I’ve been meaning to write this for a while and I’ll take this opportunity to let everyone know what a jackass I am.”


    The latter part of your post reiterates Roosh’s assertions. What are you? Some moron who likes to hear himself talk nonsense?

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    Game theory says absolutely YES. Revolutions in human terms are changes of a societal complex of Evolutionary Stable Strategies. The success of corruption is toxic and changes the environment (depletes wealth) such that the dominant strategy characteristics (alpha vs. beta) change.

    This video is well worth the time of readers here:

    Dawkins smirks at 5:37. Why do you think that is?

    Women not forced into ‘their place’ are cheats. Women are only civilized when other options are inferior, which is to say they are not civilized. There is a patriarch, just not yours. You don’t get the fruits of your cooperation.

  • HolyFallout

    Which countries are you referring to exactly and what is your basis for this claim? Your broad statement attacks Poland, Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Having spent a fair amount of time in all of those countries, it strikes me as merely a random statement, but if you have some specific arguments for specific countries, it would be interesting to hear them. Out of around 100 attractive women I met in Hungary, nearly all that I met had a kid around age 25 and abandoned their careers entirely. As some other commenters mentioned, that’s a pretty good culture.

  • Anon.

    For a man in the West to find a girl worth falling in love with, he must do at least 1000 approaches, with no guarantee of keeping her when he finds her.

    As you say, even in Eastern Europe and Asia it is rare, you need at least 100-300 approaches, just to FIND the girl, let alone game her.

  • Anon.

    Bullshit. I have personally lived in both Poland and Romania, and these places are practically identical to the West in terms of mindset. Women do have k-boyfriends, but are delaying motherhood and marriage in favour of careerism.

  • Czech Guy

    It depends on your situation. My friend moved to the Czech Republic and dated (then had a kid with) a Czech girl who inherited an apartment in Prague. That’s pretty much par for the course with the low birth rates there. Grandma dies and you get your free apartment. Obviously not all people are in that situation, but quite a few are. So let’s say you get the free apartment. What are your costs? Baby food? Food for yourself? Gym membership? In that scenario, $400-600 a month would be fine for basic survival. I crack up every time I see guys saying you need $2,000 a month to survive there. I’ve paid $400 a month for a nice apartment in the center of a city in various EE cities

  • HolyFallout

    Haha, yeah of course whenever someone asks you to provide evidence and writes something reasonable, you reply with no substance and say bullshit. This is why I rarely comment on here.. because the level of discourse is pretty low; any reasonable nuance brought up worth discussing is immediately met by an attack. I was curious if there was any basis, but I guess not much. How long did you live in Poland and in which cities? I lived in Krakow and Warsaw mostly. How long in Romania and in which cities? Ah, you mean those very tempting 400 euro per month salaries in the social services sector in Poland. The women I met in Poland who studied psychology all dropped out of the field and had a kid after graduating. It would be cool if you could try to base your beliefs on evidence or facts in some way, or at least lay out a sample size and make a real argument.

  • ObamaScamTeamFaggot

    megértem amit mondasz Andras, de en itt is, es
    Amerikaban is jartam allami iskolaba, es nem tudnam azt mondani, hogy
    barmennyivel is jobb volt otthon, az amerikaiaknak nem kene felniuk az
    magyar allami oktatastol. A legtobb magyar baratom orvos, PhD-s, vagy
    mester kepzesben vegzett, ami Amerikaban negyszazezres adossagba verte
    volna oket. lehet hogy eleged van a magyar nokbol vagy a magyar
    oktatasbol, de de barmelyik amerikai aki mar lakott Magyarorszagon,
    boldogan elcserelne veled mindkettot.

  • A man

    Very well written true observation Roosh. You’re becoming old and wise. I must however, disagree with you on internalizing the alpha thing because you cannot just internalize alphaness. Being an alpha simply means that you have other options and women know that you really have other options. He can internalize as much as he wants, but as long as a man does not have other options and the woman knows it, he can never be an alpha. It’s all about options.

  • IgnoreTheEgo

    For sure. Beta provider game does work in Ukraine, at least as well as any other strategy. Don’t believe me? Post a newspaper ad in Kiev or any major Ukrainian city saying you’re an American medical doctor looking to date a young Ukrainian woman. A bunch of my friends have done that and received between 5 and 25 replies from fairly attractive young Ukrainian girls eager for a relationship. This isn’t rocket science people. Straightforward provider game at its finest that may save you hundreds of hours in the clubs and get you a higher quality woman with intentions you’re more interested in. Of course, such a strategy is not accepted by the vast majority of readers here because of their egos, but I say just do whatever works and fuck the egomaniacs.

  • Dr. Jeremy


    The perspective in your article seems to have a one-sided focus only on what men can/should do to “game” these women, rather than also qualifying the women for what they can/should do for the men too. Such a focus can result from a man immediately deciding that he definitely wants sex from a woman and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it. This decision puts the man at an extreme disadvantage, while he unilaterally tries to be chosen by the woman. In the process, it may cause him to compromise who he really is for the woman’s whim.

    In contrast, the man could suspend his decision in order to qualify and screen women – to see whether they are worthy of being sex and relationship partners too. He could remain open and willing to walk away when one is not up to standards. For example, if she cannot take an authentic compliment, or be emotionally supportive, then she doesn’t meet expectations. In that case, the man didn’t fail to game her properly…she failed to earn his sex/relationship.

    To better understand the importance of this difference, we need to distinguish between value and power. As an example, let us suppose a man learns a new technique that gives women extreme pleasure. He could tell women all about it and perform it for them whenever they wished. This might raise his value to them and increase the probability that women chose him for sex/relationships when they wanted it. However, his constant performance at their urging might become inauthentic for him.

    In contrast, he could also tell women about the pleasurable technique, but perform it for them only when he chose and they earned it. This slight change would increase his power, allowing him to get what he wanted under his preferred conditions too. For example, maybe the woman would need to respect his feelings or return his texts on time to get that “special trick”, rather than him constantly acting in an inauthentic manner to earn her choice.

    In short, you have spent a lot of time learning game to give women various stimulating experiences. So, I ask you… Do you want to use that game constantly, in a way that compromises your authenticity – simply to raise your value – hoping that also increases the probability that women chose you, on their terms, when they want you? Or, do you want to use that game selectively, in a way that is congruent with who you are – to increase your power – motivating women to earn those experiences, by giving you what you want, when you want it too?

  • Model 800

    Umm, children already have had legal authority over their parents as denouncers under the DDR. You can imagine how well that went down during family supper time.

  • Anon.

    Most betas are made by society.

    How do you treat your little sister? Do you compliment her and pull out chairs?

    No. How you treat your little sister IS yourself, probably when you are at your most alpha. The pretending is in the beta.

  • Model 800

    Tried to warn one once. Never again. Couldn’t have fit the “no good deed goes unpunished” motto any better and it almost drew some serious problems my way. When you sense crazy, just let it be. Society is too well calibrated to tear you down otherwise.

    -Western society that is.

  • Buddy Orion

    Wow that’s clever. This is a comment section and I commented on an important issue. The latter part doesn’t reiterate anything written in the post. You have no argument, you’re just whining.

  • Buddy Orion

    Of course, it’s all in mindset. Change the way you think, behave, and always reflect on yourself to find out how to get what you want. If you just want to “be yourself” and have a decent job and be a moral human being blah blah blah, then be satisfied with your current situation.

    That’s another thing, who says being a dick, being selfish, being fearless and dominant is amoral? Bunch of pussies on this site, that’s who. Being a leader of men and taking all the women away from broken spirited subservient beta bitches is amoral in my opinion.

  • Anon.

    What evidence do you want?

    I am describing what I see with my eyes. You want a photograph?

  • ray

    “Men are the “romantics pretending to be realists” and women; vice versa.”
    Yep. Females are calculating and practical. They want to BE romanced, but they are NOT romantic.

    “Women are utterly incapable of loving a man in the way that a man expects to be loved.”
    Yep. Talk about a rough red pill. Males are propagandized to believe, and to expect, reciprocal love from women. Equality Love! But women overwhelmingly lack the sense of honor, integrity, loyalty, and honesty of (real) men, and are incapable of that level of love. That’s why sane societies limit female power and cultural control, so that the types of love that female ARE capable of is utililzed in healthy and constructive ways. Their control-freakism, e.g., instead of being funded and enabled into fem-fascism, is channeled into the intense energy required to raise multiple children simultaneously, or to manage a large and complex household.
    Of course all this is now Oppression.

  • Model 800

    This speaks to a severe form of society-wide failure. Many men younger than you were still raised with that honourable mindset of working hard and doing the right thing, while the women were progressively being degraded, the laws changed, and the game surreptitiously altered to set up a veritable death trap for any idealistic young bloke who still believed in the traditional family model as a durable reality. The manosphere is both a reaction as well as a conduit for this information to filter on down to the young ones so that they may not only learn from the mistakes of their elders but also attempt to structure practical solutions to this veritable mess the previous generation left us with (thank you very much). Unfortunately, short of finding a diamond in the rough and being pretty alpha oneself, MGTOW appears to be the only real solution for lesser men to avoid becoming completely cannibalized by present-day society. It is for this reason that the PTB are keeping a close eye on things, as sites such as these undermine their efforts to produce more willing cannon fodder – whether for marriage, war, or what other “social good” have you. The problem is that if you completely remove the carrot and double-down on the stick, you should not be surprised when your slaves suddenly cut back their “social contributions” to the bare minimum, as is slowly taking place right now. They wanted a return to the USSR and they shall have it. Glory and all included.

    -End rant.

  • J Gent

    What part of California becaus NorCal is like a different State compared to Santa Barbara and South?

    Where are you in EE? Does it suck like Team Murica or is it a decent spot to live in?

  • MajorStyles

    In my experience, only certain types of clownishness are permitted, even around the best of women. Some kinds of silliness here and there. Jokes and the like.
    But you can never be 100% open and vulnerable. It just doesn’t work. They are expecting you to be the rock in the sea of their emotional world. This comes at the expense of your honesty. The fact that telling them you might be scared of this or that just makes them lose respect. That’s why self deprecation is such a turn off to most women.
    I have come to accept this. The same as I accept that I will die someday. An unpleasant reality. But I slug on, taking the pleasures here and there that I’m afforded.

  • SirLoinDeBeef

    Look at the flick, Cherry 2000, for the ‘dating real women’ legalistic sequence – about 2+ minutes.

  • Roger Daily

    there are a lot of conservative women out there who will be perfectly happy being led and who know that their main job is to keep their man happy and queef out some kids.

  • Gordon

    This article is a perfect representation of modern relationships.

    While I ‘enjoy’ the fact that through game I can sleep with huge numbers of women with relatively little effort – IMO the negatives far out weigh the pro’s.

    This quote sums it up nicely – “Relationships that have lifelong worth, where you gain as much value as you put in, can only come when you’re the most authentic” – I find it sad that you have to ‘act’ for the majority of a relationship in todays market to keep things strong.

    It’s tiring, depressing & at the end of the day, the biggest loser is women.

  • Marko

    Roosh I just started reading your stuff. Why don’t you do a few weeks in Iowa or Oklahoma? It’ll take the bitter edge off of the godless SWPL checks you’ve had to endure. Sure you’ll have to weed through a lot of fatties, but there are quality 19-23 year old farm girls with values out there.

  • Marko

    “Feminism has lead women back to the state of nature, it has “liberated” them from social direction.”

    100% Wrong. Feminism takes women away from their true nature (their nature being nurturing, submissive, supportive beings) and teaches them to be vicious man hating cunts through media/college/SWPL brainwashing.

  • Young Buck

    Young fine white cooz- highest physical tier on the socio-evo ladder IMO.

    Another thing guys don’t think about is learning from a solid woman in her 40s who’s an MBA,
    Atty, MD, or other type of successful professional.

    I had a high iq Benz driving Ph.D (so smart rabbis are friends with her) dominant Mom so I grew up admiring powerful women. My Dad was a total player and has told me for years to hang with cougars with cash- he says young girls are broke dumb asses who ask for too much. My Dads had good businesses in the past and he hates the dumb ass small talk barely legal chicks say. I’m late 20s and calls me a green dumb ass. He says I ought to hang with a millionaire cougar to teach me something as he says all yhese young chicks are wrecking cars, riding the carosel, and dont knkw shit about shit. We aren’t uptight like a lot of people we call each other names and laugh about it. My Dad and I as a Father and Son are an odd couple- total opposites. Cougars do dig me for some reason and black chicks. He says a cougars got paper and isn’t pressuring you for paper like the silly young girls.

  • Club Man

    If he had to go hang out in rural America hed go mad- so would I. I don’t know how anyone can take living out in some cold ass boring rainy woods- that sucks so bad. There are nice girls but damn man no non Bumpkin swill djs beaches shopping entertainment or culture. Hell to the no on staying in the back woods.

  • TyKo Steamboat

    I’m from Nebraska. A town of about 30,000 … There were some fine girls I went to high school with. Pretty hot really. They’re all huge now. They smoke, have a litter of children & think they’re still sexy even though every Facebook pic of Summer 2014 features their 30 year-old belly hangen over their waist line with Bud Light in one hand.
    There ain’t anything in the Midwest worth searching for.
    Seriously? Hang out in Oklahoma or Iowa? I’d rather be in jail & I’ve been to all 3.

  • TyKo Steamboat

    I just want 1 that doesn’t wana have kids…seems as though they all wana squirt a whole litter out…

  • TyKo Steamboat

    Wait a minute…DR. (RON) JEREMY?!?!?!?!
    Bro, Nice!

  • TyKo Steamboat

    why the hell would you want marriage & a woman that wants to have kids?

  • TyKo Steamboat

    Technology…The Internet…Where in the hell can a guy find time, money & space to do 300 approaches let alone 1,000?

  • TyKo Steamboat

    yea but the sex appeal “runs dry” real quick there. Plus, in terms of longevity, you want a hunny 5-10 years younger to preserve that sex appeal. Don’t lie to yourself…you want to keep em cute as long as possible so you can still be boning them face-to-face especially if you’re thinking long-term for whatever reason.

  • TyKo Steamboat

    For real. The best solution is obvious, fun & simple. Book em online. There you can see what they look like, do for a profession & what they want later in life & you already know if they’re looking for a Yankee, a greasy Italian, ect.
    BTW…Ukrainian & Slav women in general aren’t looking for a “Beta provider”…They do love money & comforts, yes but who doesn’t? But they also put great value into your dominant masculinity, their own sexy appearance & they’re natural feminimity. Being a good man will get you everywhere with them.

  • Infantry

    I think this approach is the natural evolution of learning ‘game’ for a certain type of guy. After the mask gets too heavy to wear, you stop putting it on, but the True Self if displayed with solid conviction is more powerful than any mask.

    Even if you are naturally more sensitive and emotive than the stereotypical ‘alpha’ personality that we are all told we have inside of us; your true personality if displayed with full force, conviction and complete lack of insecurity can be incredibly intoxicating to the right woman.

  • Molnár András

    Az állami iskola mindenhol szar. Úristen de gyűlöltem. Lehet hogy jobb mint Amerikában, de akkor is szar.

  • Poop

    You can be yourself and enter a honeymoon phase that could last more than a couple of years. But in this oprah world of I’m not feeling it anymore yes there will come a collision. I think this article is a little harsh though because for the most part you can be yourself and the biggest part of game is just making the approaches and being agressive sexually. I’ve dated feminist social justice warriors who were hot and nice to me even though I’m super right wing and enjoyed upsetting her from time to time. Yes you can be yourself and mushy etc because fact is the abundance mindset and confidence in yourself to pick up chicks is 99% of game.

  • JOHN

    Why do the things get complicated, if there is a basic explanation.

    Sexual market place is like a stock market. Women are supplies and demand is greater than supply. That makes women inauthentic, they always look for better men. You cant gurantee, only by game, your LTR will be with you until death. If she encounters a guy who has more money, resources or stronger game etc., she will move on. There is no limit for hypergamy.

    This is SMP and unfortunately, all the rules, prices are defined by women.

    Reversing that dynamics is only doable, applying spinnig plates, as Rollo explains better than me.

  • A man

    Hi Roosh, why do you erase my comments? I don’t get it! I write nothing offensive!

  • Nick

    I wasn’t clear in my writing. I found a cool girlfriend in California. In Eastern Europe its much easier. Results will vary depending where a guy starts in this journey, but I think approaching a couple hundred women in the daytime is going to give you far more and higher quality options than nightclubs or your social circle.

  • Nick

    It sounds like a lot, but you aren’t doing it all at once. I’ve done about 500 approaches over the past two years, mostly on the street. Sometimes you can go out for a couple of hours and do 5-10 approaches, other times you’ll approach a girl as part of your daily routine (shopping, walking to work, etc.)

    Approaching women is free so it doesn’t cost you anything until you get them out on a date, even then its a couple rounds of drinks max. I’ve met women I’ve dated for a while so I’ve also stopped approaching for long stretches. The total # is just a milestone, you get the results and progress along the way.

  • Nick

    SF Bay Area. I’m in Poland now and I like it. Electronics and clothes are more expensive but food, rent and transportation are cheaper/more convenient. And of course pretty, pleasant and slender women are plentiful.

  • бай Хуй

    He’s been banning for me forever for no good reason and without proper explanation. He’s mommy’s boys and don’t like it when mommy gets angry.

  • Widower

    After my wife passed away, I started dating at 40. I quickly found out about hypergamy and how to use game to my advantage.

    My problem is that I don’t like to be a cold hearted sociopath just so that I can keep a woman interested in me. So I start acting like my romantic beta self as a sort of shit test: if she acts repulsed by me being genuine, I forget her and move on to another young woman.

    I’ve had more than one case of women calling me months after I’ve given them radio silence after getting the LJBF treatment from them where they became incredulous and upset after I give them even more radio silence. One even shrieked and called me all sorts of names on my voice mail because I wasn’t playing the good beta orbiter script. Never mind that she dropped me to go chase another guy.

    I can easily get laid if I want to. But I’m bored with that concept. I want a long term relationship and have kids. I’m seeing the same girl now (10 years younger) for about 3 months now. If it doesn’t work out with her, I might just try the computer nerd bachelor route and pursue my hobbies and learn to be alone.

  • бай Хуй

    Kids at 40 – bad idea!

  • RussianFeminists

    BuddyOrion made some good points in the comments section, pointing out details that Roosh may have missed or ignored. While I think that Roosh wrote a very good article about Western white women (a little bit more specific than
    just Western women), I am not fully on board with Roosh’s views here when applied to all women. I think we should take a look at the extremes and decide if you can be authentically male in these situations. Presumably Roosh is saying that certain straightforward facts or beliefs will repel women immediately. Or revealing something about yourself will make them run away. Let’s arbitrarily break down a few examples: 1. Athlete, say, MMA fighter obsessed with his sport and masculine bloodthirst 2. Intellectual, say, hedge fund manager, programmer, or computer startup guy. 3. Musician, say, in a heavy metal band (usually
    pussy repellent) 4. Hardcore anti-feminist. 5. Porn or sexual interests.

    These are the biggest things come to mind with respect to offending women (If
    you have a much better top 5 list, please write it below) – a woman finds out you’re an amateur fighter or very interested in it: “ooo you’re too violent.” A woman finds out you are a programmer, “oo that’s boring, you must be a nerd.” A woman finds out you write, perform and produce music that actually requires some form of talent, “ooo you’re weird. That’s just noise.” A woman finds out you realize that all women are essentially losers compared to men, they change their mind constantly, and should almost never be taken seriously. “ooo you’re a
    misogynist with no respect for me!” These are the main ones that come to mind. Or maybe, “ooo you watch porn, you must be a loser!” In my experience, dating conservative women in EE is the way to go to avoid all 5 of these complaints. Obviously not in all cases, but there are definitely cases where all of these examples will command respect and just be seen as normal masculine behavior. This is why I advocate dating feminine women. It seems quite bizarre to imagine that Roosh only dates extremely feminine women who have any problem with the 5 points mentiond above. Roosh’s statements on this blog do not follow logically: 1. I date feminine women in EE. 2. Feminine women in EE get easily offended by my masculine behavior and comments so I need to put on a show. The sad truth is either that you’re doing something very weird or they’re not feminine women. I don’t see a third possibility here, but you can clue me in if I’ve missed it.

    There are multiple EE guys across many countries who have popular blogs mocking the stupidity of women (2 and 4), straightforwardly expressing their sexual desires (5), and posting masculine links on their page (1, 3) and when I check their pages I see long lines of attractive women commenting with agreement, jokes and smiley faces. Presumably these are the women Roosh wants (not showing any obvious signs of being offended and accepting brute force masculinity as it is), and it sounds like he’s not getting them in Russia. If so, I would suggest leaving immediately. I was just in the car with 3 EE girls who read the Lifetilt guy’s blog laughing about how he explained to one woman that wrote in to him that all women are stupid. It was definitely a breath of fresh air. Are you dating Russian feminists or something Roosh?

  • BurnLiberalScum

    This is easily the best comment on this thread. Simply put, Roosh is saying, “women get offended easily.” I wrote posts like that online when I was 15 years old in 2000. Its not logically consistent for him to claim that women love masculinity in Russia, and get offended easily by masculinity and run away from it. Make up your mind and make a clear, consistent claim Roosh. There are many Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, polish, etc women who will accept masculinity in its raw form, and will accept that women are physically and mentally weak losers and laugh about it. I guess you want those women and haven’t found them so you claim they don’t exist. Keep looking

  • Onder Hassan

    There is an element of truth to this article.

    But I think the main problem I see with most guys in the community is that they go into it without firstly knowing what they want or knowing what their personal values are.

    Its very common for guys to come into it wanting sex as their main goal and getting it with as many women as possible regardless of the type of person she is.

    Most requirements are commonly superficial – Young, large breasts, tight and nice ass.

    Sure you can get this with any girl with those requirements, but what about her character?

    That’s what the problem is in my personal experience. Its possible to attract the right girls into your life who appreciate your honesty but you need to firstly, know who you are and what you stand for and grow into the man that would attract the type of girl you’re looking for – Game on it’s own isn’t enough.

    It’s a process I personally went through in my journey towards getting good. I personally find it no problem finding the right girls for me effortlessly, because I’ve become the type of guy most girls of that calibre would go for.

    The solution is simple – Stop gaming girls for just sex and start looking for other qualities and looking inwards to the type of guy you are and what you need to become in order to attract it.

  • 2525

    “It used to be thought that vulnerability makes us human–but our culture has coarsened to the point where showing vulnerability (that is, often, mere interest!) is hardly attractive.”

    Another good point made above. I’d like to add in that also demonstrating kindness and compassion in front of a female will also make you lose points with her. The rare exception is if you demonstrate kindness of a stray dog or some other animal, as human females put higher value on pets then they do their fellow human being.

  • Troy Francis

    I’m interested – why do you say that?

  • Zelcorpion

    While personally I love being Alpha, I can truly understand that it is a crappy proposition for some men, who are simply very far off from the state. Since society is moving towards R-selected mating schemes similar to the stone age, it is truly fucked up that super-intelligent, even good-looking, but socially awkward man can remain celibate in some Western countries.

    While there are still enough girls in the world with whom you can be yourself in a LTR – a strong version of yourself – no one among us would deny the absurdity of our current society, where a murderer in the hood with an IQ of 90 has 5 children from single mothers by the age of 24 while plenty of highly productive, Mensa-level introverted PhD-students have celibate lifestyles by the very same age.

  • Nelly

    Roosh dear, I’m a 30 year old woman who likes your blog, I’m not Iranian but I do speak Persian as well as Russian… I’m from some country in the Middle-East, and I’m neither ugly nor overweight…

  • Nelly

    Roosh dear, you should organize a meetup for all the non-feminist ladies who read your blog… I am one of them and I’m sure I’m not alone… other ladies please come out!

  • fluffybiskuts

    Jesus reading Roosh is like reading Nietsche. Depressing and dark but I’m afraid all true. Only men are capable of this brutal insight and honesty.

  • A Caring Friend


    The rest of you lurking in admiration better make your bids on this bachelor before its too late and some “Woman Against Feminism” scarfs him up. Tall, dark, and handsome, he really won’t be available forever…

  • Ancapgeko

    Men should always strive to internalize alpha, for without that internalization they remain incomplete men.
    I understand the desire to let your guard down. As a married man I still use the principles of game in my relationship. I drop my guard a little while she’s on her period. She turns bitchy, I turn nice, then we go back to normal the other three weeks. Beauty thing about it is that she feels bad about her bitchiness during those three weeks and tries her best to make up for it.
    I’m a natural cranky asshole so it’s not that difficult for me to sustain it, but the week of mellow me is like a vacation for my soul.

  • Anonymous

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  • sky

    30 ?

  • Nelly

    Well, if you’re looking for someone younger, you can organize a meet up with female Rooshv readers, with the age limit that suits you… for example a meet up for female readers under 25 or whatever age limit you want.

  • Bubba

    So, what to do? I’d sooner give up oxygen than vagina, but I can’t wear the clown face for the next 70 years.


  • Xeres

    Your posts are awesome. You must be educated in EE to be so sharp. The masculinity they maintain over their is not a fools errand it is by design and the wisdom retaining cultural mores that transcend trivial post modern whims.

  • Kurt

    Do us the service of posting a link to an controversial article you cite like that, ok?

    I jus think Roosh is ambivalent partly because he likes variety and hates being pinned down and partly because he comes from a toxic psycho bin like American culture- I can relate to both concepts as an individual as well.

    Roosh- you really should keep it real and tell us- ok guys these are 5 cities that are awesome for game if you have a feminine white girl fetish like me. That’s reasonable.

  • Phil

    Nah man- f that negative desolation trip. You can be happy. Brainwash yourself to be and hear overseas if need be. Check out

    Go abroad and marry and bred with a Filipino, Colombian, or Ukranian (if you pull quality white women). You deserve love and I wish you all the best on your journey.

  • Zelcorpion

    I think that in times past more and in certain cultures a lot more men were Red Pill. Maybe the number of Alphas was extremely high especially in war-like nations. That may have been the norm while being Beta was an anomaly (Huns, Mongols, Vikings, some American Indians…). Any nation where men had to be individually strong and highly motivated to be as masculine as possible. In our current times we do forget that and consider the state, where 95% of men can engage in rampant feminine Beta behavior as the natural state. Also we should not forget that submissive behavior patterns in men are absolutely preferred among the elites in the last centuries.

  • Zelcorpion

    It depends. You would be surprised that less men are Alpha in most EE countries. The reason for it is that there was no need for it. Economically times are still tough, so women want to pair up for way better lifestyle at least. Demographically there is little immigration in EE and the FSU, so by age 20+ the sexual market is not flooded with a 6-10% surplus of men like in almost all Western countries. But I agree with Rollo Tomassi in further comments, that men can internalize Game. It fits anyone’s personality – whether extroverted or introverted. Game becomes such a part of yourself, that you don’t have to play any role. It is then the way how you interact with all women.

  • AFemaleCat

    I spent the first 25 years of my life pretending to be someone else.

    And I agree, when you do take off the mask you find the number of mate options and simple friendship options to number within the 100s LOL!

    But there is hope! And here is my addition…genetics determine personality. So simply find people who share a large portion of your genetics…then out of that pool of people the next level is nurture aka morals/values.

    I’ll be straight…I don’t even bother talking to people who don’t look me. If you look like me I’m already 50% there of getting some basic understanding. Then the rest is a numbers game.

  • AFemaleCat

    California is pretty much hell for men and women. If you didn’t marry your highschool/college sweetheart then you are in a last ditch interracial relationship LOL! Finding someone with your values, of the same race is like wading through that giant pile of trash in the middle of the ocean.

  • AFemaleCat

    I have story, from a female perspective (a female on the tail of the bell curve personality wise.)

    The women you discuss have male counterparts. Last summer I had a conversation with a guy way out my league…admittedly I was thrilled to be entertaining him….but I was not interested. I managed to keep this guy entertained for a long period of time, and I made one bad move—I had just come off a 16 hour plane trip—no sleep—plus a foreign country and he had an accent. I misheard one word he said which caused the entire conversation to grind to a halt and immediately he stood up and began walking away in mid-sentence from me. I did my usual body language of raising my hands up in Jazz hands in an effort to say ‘no don’t leave!’ But it was too late. Conversation was over. Now granted as I left the party, he did hunt me down and say goodbye and shake my hand. But…this is par for the course when I have discussions with men physically out of my league. If I make one mistake, if I make one bad move….it’s over. They walk away.

    Another guy I know is such a pain in the ass to talk to. If I do not intellectually wallop/impress him with EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE the conversation will be over. He is not physically out of my league, I think he thinks he is, but he is not which is why he will remain single forever. It’s like playing pac man and hitting the little things popping up. I had one conversation with him which was basically 1 hour of me playing a video game with his personality…hitting all the right notes in the right key…and at the end of the night he says “I should probably make a good impression, can I buy you drink?” Actually no because I hate you LOL!

    I’m telling you…it’s rough.

  • A Caring Friend

    Over twenty-two guarantees said female wouldn’t have been born with a silver smartphone in her hand. And we all know how Roosh feels about those contraptions.

    A five year age gap is nothing to sneeze at. It really is a very suitable one for people looking to start a family. Enough for the man to be the unquestioned leader and for the woman to always be his “younger” wife, yet ensuring they will enjoy an entire lifetime together.

    Well, Roosh, ask and you shall receive. I really think you and Nelly ought to get in touch; she sounds very sensible and modest, both of which are very fine qualities in a woman.

  • albind

    So are you saying that the “betaness” that has been shamed by supposed “alpha men” around these parts is (at least part of) a natural instinct to be a “good man”? No wonder you can smell a “gamer’s” BS a mile away… Wannabe philosophers and warriors, what a joke… At least I respect you a bit roosh, you express what’s on your mind… as for the other self righteous men on these websites, they are full of shit and they know it. The analysis of modern women as far as i’m concerned is right… but what a man must do to face this is not “game” or “alphaness” or whatever bullshit…. there is no permanent solution… and when it comes to dealing with that every man must face his demons in his own way… but no, we have to have the “red pill” circle jerk monkeys— aka “manosphere”

  • Aleenum

    From a behaviourist perspective the internal struggle is meaningless, the action you take is authentic.

    From my cynical view , game doesn’t so much get you laid as it keeps you on the train tracks to Vaginatown , and Vaginatown will open or not open it’s gates to you for purely selfish and self-interested reasons.

  • Ruckus

    Buddy Orion might deny it.

  • Ruckus

    It’s not so much a case of demand being greater than supply.

    It’s a case of the supply curve being shifted upwards (greater price for any given degree of quality, with quality – not quantity – being the x axis) due to unwitting collusion caused by feminism.

    I’m not sure if spinning plates is a solution as it’s only a different form of price (cost in the sense of increased time/energy needed to game multiple girls at once.)

    The only solutions are php and finding niches / seeking women who are drawn to your type.

  • Ruckus

    Even “pulling a Roosh” isn’t a solution as it involves the costs of relocating to a foreign country to find lower prices. All you’re doing here is paying a higher cost (moving) up front to obtain cheaper prices in different markets.

    A high up front cost (such as expatriating) = risk (any large investment is a form of risk in a general sense).

  • Ruckus

    But you’re right to a degree – there isn’t really an equilibrium as many women are pricing themselves out of the market. A certain % of women will never be able to find a man willing to meet their demands (or meet their prices given their quality level).

    Time to invest in pet and dildo companies men!

  • Ian

    What are the chief tenants of game so you never ride bitch to a man or woman out of fear again? I’m big and brutal, like many EE guys, and could do a lot of damage as half of these morons make you want to punch them out, but it would mean destruction for me on many levels so I realize much of this stuff is about psychology, strategy, and proper frame control more Jason Bourne than Terminator. I’m better than my base violent instincts we all carry. More chess player than Viking is the way to go in the modern World.

    Some principles I’ll share from my own education on the grind are-
    Always be approaching
    Realize all women have snakes in their brain
    Get what you can out of every interaction aka always be closing-fortune favors the bold

  • Ain’tIAWoman?

    You know I have been reading this blog and have read his opinion on woman particularly single mothers and it occured to me something is wrong here in that this blog author and the lifestyle he supports causes or support almost everything it claims to hate. Think about, hate how slutty girls are. Make dating near impossible unless she puts out (I have gotten in the habit of flat out saying virgin till marriage before we order so I don’t have to pay for both if he splits on me). Abhors single mothers! Seeing as he uses condoms badly and asks very few questions he has probably fathered one or more sons or daughters who will never know him. In this post he talks about his hating the fact that people lie. In other posts he talks about not telling partners about STD’s, purposely making a condom break and hoping she does not notice, and essentially just lying your ass off. I don’t see how you can persue this lifestyle and abhor the things it’s causes.

  • GustavoMan

    Modern relationships, especially in the West, are a game of who can care the least about the other person. Its a sad realization, and like Roosh states we cant do anything about it.

  • Clark Kent

    There is turn-over in alpha status amongst primates all the time.

    The alpha has a bad-day… he is replaced.

    I’ve seen this with human rivals… In fact one alpha enemy of mine was murdered last year in a violent incident…

    One year later the girls who worshipped him are commenting on what great shape I am in. His widowed girlfriend immediately started dating his “best friend”.

    They’re animals. Without a doubt… human beings are run by hamsters.

    My ex of one year is the same… I tried my best to be honourable and earn her love after she decimated our lives… she cuckolded and humiliated me to my professional colleagues.

    I turned my back on all of them and persevered… Guess who starts sending me emails about how her new beta-boyfriend is a fucking bore…

    This is not the planet of the apes… this is the planet of the apes with hamsters.

  • FuckOff

    Roosh you’re a little indirect bitch, the day you’ll learn that you can behave any way you damn well please is the day you’ll get twice as much pussy.

  • Dawson Stone

    I have to respectfully disagree. I date a lot and even though I am nearly 50 most of the women I date are 18-24. I frequently turn my dates into a sociological experiment of sorts and when I ask women what most attracts them to a guy (putting looks aside) the answer is nearly always the same. Confidence.

    And you can’t really be confident if you are pretending to be something you are not. Faking it simply isn’t as effective as “being” it. Women also respond to strength…they biologically want a man can protect them but strength comes in many shapes and sizes. I would argue that allowing yourself to be seen…TRULY seen is a for of strength that most women respond to.

    Also, most women have Daddy issues. Being vulnerable when it comes to your child(ren) is something nearly all women respond to. You aren’t a pussy…you are the loving and present father that most of them wish they had.

    Finally, no one IMO should desire unconditional love from another person. If ANYTHING shows weakness and beta-ness it is desiring something so vacant and ridiculous. That’s what a dog is for. Unconditional by definition means NO CONDITIONS. You want someone to love you for the things about you that you value in yourself. If someone loves you for literally NO REASON AT ALL (aka unconditional love) then it won’t mean shit. In the same way that getting praise for winning something you cheated at would actually make you feel worse.

    Be yourself. Be a great person. Have wisdom. Be self aware and introspective. In my experience if you are the best version of yourself and are authentic and open women will flock to you in a way you cannot even imagine.

  • Rubio Sol Oscuro

    And just when was this time where you could open up to women you’re sexual with without getting cruficied? At what point in history do you perceive this great miracle?

  • Myopia

    What was the one word misunderstood, and what made things grind to a halt? Curiosity asking.

  • Name

    A Bravo with big “B”!

  • aussieJules

    Being a puppet for shallow idiots… To get some action. I think hiring a prostitute isbetter. Many knightly orders in the middle ages took a vow of chastity. Which actually means no sex without love, not abstinence.
    I dont think its healthy for men to act like teenagers for shallow idiots.

  • reaper23

    I’ve found that the more authentic I am, the more women are attracted to me. I have no idea what the author is getting at here.

    perhaps the real point is that men’s authentic selves today are inadequate on many levels.

  • Rael

    This is the fatal flaw of the game mentality … when you attract women by being fake (aka “playing game(s)”) in the first place, you then have to continue to be fake to keep them. If you remain true to yourself you may attract fewer women to begin with, but the women you do attract will truly be attracted to you …
    Of course you still put your best self forward initially in social situations, that’s just normal common sense. What you avoid is being blatatantly dishonest and manipulative just to get someone into bed.

  • Rael

    BTW – Roosh … if I were you right now, here’s what I would do: I would get the hell out of DC. I would go hang out in some cafes in NYC chatting up whatever attractive women I saw. If/when they ask about work, I would tell them that I am a professional writer, cultural commentator & world traveler. I would not give specifics but I also would not hide my anti-feminist views at all. I would deliberately weed out women who might freak if/when they saw my website, even if they were attractive & willing. I would get tons of action. I would still get shot down a lot, every man (& woman) does, but I would also find many attractive women interested in me for who I really am.

  • Bo Jangles

    I would argue that the good guy and honest is cultural..You were in Paraguay, there everything is naturally game, bluffing, bragging, lying. Christian culture taught you otherwise.

  • Awesome Possum

    Been meaning to comment on this article for a while. You really hit home on this article. I recently started dating a girl (American, yeah—I know) and I can be myself around her. I’ve banged 30+ women so I can see the intricacies and minute differences (NAWLT, lol) between women. Anyway, what I want to say is that you’re absolutely right—after a certain point, it’s much more fulfilling to be “yourself” with a girl, even if you know that happiness will only last a short while—-than it is to run around and bang new girls who you have to put on clown game just to associate with. Even an American girl who has a “dumb” flip phone and never checks it when she’s with me (literally, she spent 3 days at my pad and checked it twice in the period) makes me happier than pursuing women who I have to put on an act for and pretend to be someone I’m not around. I’ve even discussed red pill topics like hypergamy and that it’s acceptable for men to sleep around but not women, and she accepts my thoughts, perhaps even agrees.

    I hope one day to be able to enjoy this sort of companionship with a woman for the long term, as it’s very relaxing to be able to drop your guard for a bit and just be authentic. Though I know it’s probably a false hope, at least I know I’m not alone in wishing for it.

  • Nathan

    awesome insight

  • Nathaniel Durgasingh

    I 100% with this. I’m always torn between being 100% authentic around people and just dancing with the devil. With being as authentic as you can be, you tend to become a lone solider (which is fine… for a while), but when you have many goals and other factors in life to think about (game, career etc) you have to dance with the devil to achieve most of your goals. Sad

  • Neoalfa

    It amuses me how you write this like it’s an issue for men exclusively. Like you don’t expect women to be fit, attractive and companionable (with all the efforts it requires) otherwise you wouldn’t even consider them. This article is the sublimation of first grade hypocrisy and pointless bitching. So much for a supposed alpha.

  • Vasile
  • Quintus Curtius

    Good point. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this as well. I’ve begun to accept some of these things as natural. I’m convinced that there have always been such artificial controls and checks on male behavior. Even ancient man had to play the clown and the fool to some extent. His world was narrowly circumscribed by the rules of his religion, clan, and family. We are more mobile now than any generation of men in history, but feel more and more deprived. The paradox is real.
    But the older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve come to lean towards the camp of not compromising. After a while, you refuse to play the games anymore. You refuse to don the clown suit. You realize that it just isn’t worth it. The choice is yours.

  • Costello

    Nice observation. I am 100% alpha with my little sister.

  • kev899

    Robin Williams was a clown all his life and where did that get him in the end?

  • Brutus Maximus

    Real world sociology.I dig it man.

  • Just a Dude

    Perhaps my experience is strange, but I find being terribly authentic – being a genuine, emotional, fun person, loving myself, and accepting the world and the people around me – to be a very successful “strategy”. I am not an alpha, or a beta. I am a real human person. I have been in relationships with very attractive women – and I am not super attractive. I think you are going too far beyond the mark, trying much too hard, and losing yourself in the process.

    Do not mistake me – everyone struggles with relationships. But that is not because women are evil, or men are being emmasculated: it is because relations between men and women are simply complex. Any relationship between any set of two human beings is almost always complex. They always have been, and always will be. Why do you think so many heart-wrenching poems were written about the difficulties of love through the ages? The truth is, if things don’t work out with a woman, it isn’t because you were somehow owed sex or affection and you did something wrong. It is because you just happened to miss the mark. Our instant gratification society tunes everyone to have what they want at the touch of a button, including sex.

    Going the opposite direction, letting go of the idea of needing sex or a relationship at all, and focusing on improving the self with abandon is the absolute best way to end up with good female company. Tear me to shreds as you will, but this is the experience of every happy male I have ever known. The rest – the users, the PUAs, the abusive douchebags – struggle endlessly with trying to invent ‘games’ to play to push off the real work of looking oneself deeply in the mirror, addressing your OWN problems(rather than blaming some ephemeral psuedo-scientific bullshit), and taking charge of your own life. You’ll find almost instantaneously the exact type of woman you’ve always wanted will stride into your life and give you genuine love and affection. It sounds like your personality vibrations basically only attract really damaged people, and this is the root of your experiences. I am sure I will get flamed to death over this post, but I find the output of this website extremely toxic at an objective level. If I can lead even one of these folks down a more satisfying – and arguably MUCH EASIER, even effortless – path, then it’s worth it.

  • James Mast

    Roosh, have you considered that perhaps male authenticity is not only doable but necessary, and in the process you will drive away many women who are not compatible with that, and thus your assertion that authenticity is not possible is actually just an erroneous conclusion based on the fact that you have been attracting sexually-available women into your life that may not desire authenticity or a real relationship?

    You have spoken before of being a serial mini-relationship-ist, and this is exactly what I mean. Perhaps your inability to find a lasting relationship or find a young virginal woman is because that is not really what you want. Or else it is not actually what you are attracting.

    “I am a dancing clown,” you have said before. Well, if you are dancing clown, then you will only be attracting women who want a dancing clown. I should think that’s obvious.

    But by no means is your experience representative of the state of all women, neither here in the US or abroad.

    Yes, women require animal attraction and you must be “alpha” to govern them from a place of power, but by no means does that mean you must be an entertaining, inauthentic clown incapable of expressing real emotions without coming across as weak.

    If this is what’s happening to you, then perhaps the real problem is not that women are not attracted to authenticity in Western countries, but that YOU are not attractive and are not attracting what you want because YOU ARE EXHIBITING CLOWNISH INAUTHENTIC BEHAVIORS.

    It is true that feminism is a blight and it’s hurting men with false rape allegations, but this is NOT any reason to allege that American women are all rampant sluts with purple hair. I’ve met girls who have even claimed to be feminist but did not at all respond to feminism and acted like women act in the face of a real man. Today I went outside and saw many women who would easily qualify as traditionally beautiful outside my home in LOS ANGELES, a fucking liberal leftist powerhouse.

    I would suggest that perhaps there are a great deal of American nightlife women who dislike authenticity, they are consumed with attention-whoring and false ideas. I have read articles about college women foregoing real relationships these days and I know firsthand how cunty club girls can be.

    But this is NOT representative of women as a whole, nor does it even mean that these girls will not respond to “male authenticity.”

    Being authentically male is the best thing you can possibly do to attract real healthy sexual women, and being a clown is just the opposite of that.

    Edit: “but this is an absolute impossibility where girls can survive without men”

    It is perhaps here, Roosh, that you ought to examine your fundamental issue. Why do you believe this is impossible? Since when do women not need a man unless he is aloof and doesn’t fall in love with her?

    You BELIEVE it is impossible, therefore it is. What would happen if you were to stop believing authenticity and “unconditional love” were not possible?

    At the end of your article, you talk about being authentic with women who are not, and how this is the fundamental issue. You come SO CLOSE, but then you end the article with this very ultimate statement:

    “I’m sad to announce that we live in an age where that is not possible.”

    Well, there you go. It may be true we live in a very inauthentic culture, but blatantly declaring it is utterly impossible seems very disingenuous, to me, and perhaps a case of…sour grapes?

  • Sunny

    He needs to look inward rather than than outward. There are plenty of good women in this world that would make excellent wives. He dated such women- but got bored. The problem Is not with women…but ,.?