The Dick Move

The early stage of every relationship has contained a dick move, an act of disrespect that hurt the other member of the relationship. Since the person who performs the dick move first tends to have the upper hand for as long as the relationship lasts, you must execute it before she does, no matter how pleasant things may seem on the surface.

You don’t know how stupid I feel when I’m porking a nice girl, going with the flow, relaxing my game by being punctual and responsive, and then get hit with a dick move. I don’t care if the girl feeds homeless children, is curing cancer, or has a physical disability recognized by the Social Security Administration, but she will perform the dick move eventually. I hate to inject poison into a relationship that appears to be progressing nicely (it’s not in my nature to do so), but I have no choice if I want to keep seeing her. You must hurt her in order to keep her. I shake my head and curse human nature every time I have to stab a girl in the gut, but I do it to keep our relationship strong and to maintain the upper hand.

Here are some possible dick moves:

1. Cancelling a date on the same day it was scheduled. Bigger dick move: Canceling within an hour of the start time. Once I did the bigger dick on a Colombian girl with the result that she didn’t flake on the next date, which if you’re familiar with Colombian women was a minor miracle in itself.

2. Not responding to a text or voicemail within 24 hours even though she asked you a question. This incurs a huge amount of anxiety that you lost interest in her. Bigger dick move: Pull a Mark Sanford and wait at least three days.

3. Show up to a date with a guy friend of yours. Make little effort to include her in the conversation. Bigger dick move: Show up to a date with a lady friend.

Slap her with the bigger dick if she’s over confident, promiscuous, or young and beautiful. Use the normal dick if you consider her a “good girl.”

The dick move can only be used after sex has occurred. While I suppose you could use it beforehand as part of a normal game repertoire on a game-playing chick, it won’t have the same punch. She could easily laugh it off since her vagina has no longing or memory for your penis.

Use the dick move when you sense a barely perceptible decrease in her affections, usually in the form of less enthusiasm about making plains or less energy when you’re out together. When a girl does the dick move on me first, I don’t have to look back farther than the last date to realize that things were off. This happened a few months ago with a girl in the form of a decrease in compliments she’d tell me. She still fucked and kissed me passionately, but her verbal affections were off from before. I stalled at the next opportunity I could have done a dick move, which gave her a chance to do it to me in the form of taking forever to reply to a simple text message, cementing my loss in hand.

Some of you may be scared of “losing” the girl with a dick move, but that’s actually impossible because they are attraction builders, not destroyers. If it seems like the dick move did lose her, you did it too late after she already lost interest. Multiple dick moves stacked on top of each other can scare a girl off, but one or two dick moves won’t. If you want to maintain a relationship with a modern woman, you must carry around dick move tools in your leather work belt.

If a girl hits you with her dick first, all hope is not lost. You have to return with the bigger dick move, hopefully making her cry with a premeditated fight related to something petty (I’m not joking—inducing tears is important to regaining the upper hand). Then you may have to follow with a regular dick move to get things back on proper footing. A rough rule of thumb is two dick moves for every one of hers. Sudden withdrawal where you disappear for several days while she waits for a response is your trump card, but it should be your absolute last resort. If you find yourself constantly on the defensive, always retaliating with dick moves in response to hers, she sees you as a weak man. With the next girl you need to come out firing to lessen the chance of dick moves coming from her side of the ring.

This advice falls in the “don’t underestimate a woman’s game” category. With relationships you must use the dick move at will when she gets testy on you. Otherwise you give her permission to forgo attempts to please you. Again, if you like her and are considering something medium or long-term, you must hurt her.

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  • Anonymous

    I almost feel sorry for you. Hot girls won’t waste their time with dicks. Hold yourself and be cool… but dont be a dick.

  • G

    An interesting point for sure, but I’m concerned about something that looks like sloppy thinking.

    You say the dick move can’t fail, and if it does, that merely means that something else caused the failure. I mean….really? I’m sure if this kind of argument was used in science or in politics you’d spot it for the rank confirmation bias that it displays.

    Every argument needs to be ABLE to be proven wrong, yet you frame your argument in a way that it simply CANNOT be proven wrong. No mater how many times he dick move fails, we cannot conclude that it is a mistaken strategy.

    This is bas thinking, in science as well as in game, which tries at its best to ape the scientific method of experiment and conclusion.

    In order to know if the dick move really works or we are on a false trail, there must be certain conditions under which we perform the dick move, it doesn’t work, and we can conclude the dick move itself has failed.

    The dick move might well be extremely effective, but we will never be sure of that if we prejudge the outcome.

    This whole way of thinking – confirmation bias, framing the argument so that your claim cannot be falsified, etc – is unfortunately huge in the game community, and can only make it harder to find out what REALLY makes women attracted to you.

    Game folks like us have our own little myths and desires to believe certain things about human nature, much as “normal” guys want desperately to believe that being a nice guy works. We are not impartial scientists merely unearthing facts, unlike thee emotionally driven “nice guy” school – we are probably emotionally predisposed to take pleasure in believing “harsh” truths about human nature, and thus more receptive to any interpretation of the facts that seems “hard”, even when excellent counter-interpretations exist, and facts contradict us.

    If we rally want to find out what drives women, we must be just as much on our guard against our emotional desire to interpret things as “hard”, just as the “nice guy” contingent must resist their emotional desire to see things as “nice”. Only thus does knowledge increase.

    I say this because I have on many occasions been “mean” only to have it fail, but for a long time I believed in the dogma mean cannot fail, so refused to see what was going on. A certain amount of so called “meanness” does work, but it isn’t really meanness, it’s just standing up for yourself which can sometimes look like meanness, and I think the whole “don’t be a nice guy” thing, while it hints at an important truth, in its current crude form leads astray more men than it helps.

  • Workshy Joe

    Good to see you posting on relationship Game Roosh.

    There is arguably as much as a market for this info as there is for stuff about casual hook ups.

    I still tend to see Game in Pavlovian terms. You train a woman to respond in terms of reward and punishment.

    Her good behaviour = reward
    Her bad behaviour = punishment

    Attention is the typical reward. Lack of attention is the typical punishment.

    Supernanny Joe Frost is as much of an influence as Roissy!

  • Flashman

    It’s funny that some of the girls I have treated worst are the ones who still want to have a relationship with, which stay sexual. This is no joke. One girl I fucked and ignored (started out as a one night stand but I would visit her in NYC on vacation) and when she wanted to come visit I told her no because we would fight and didn’t want anything to with her even though she was a fox with fake tits (mercurial Eastern European chick who immigrated to the States). Anyways, she’s meeting me in Costa Rica for my next vacation.

    Another chick I would stay with on vacation (I’m an American who has spent the last five years working abroad and don’t live in the States) when I was on leave and I treated her bad (unintentionally) but she still doesn’t stop emailing and I’m seeing her again too.

    I don’t have a rational explanation for it, but these girls, who I both bang, are the ones I’ve treated most poorly, while the chicks I’ve spent major money on in the form of dinners or gifts were the one’s who I had falling outs with and don’t stay in contact (and with whom I never totally fucked or just got blow jobs and make outs).

    Sad but true.

  • Tampa

    So much fucking truth to this. It’s a sad reality, but it’s true.

    Women demand and want a man who asserts himself and allows them to chase – that’s pretty much what a dick move does. It rings a bell in their head where they say “oh, shit, am i losing him?” And that’s the state of mind where they are happiest.

  • Jamez

    Yep. This stuff works. Just happens naturally when you’re an arsehole.

    Wish I lived in a time when it was still legal to hit them if they didn’t do as told. Oh yeah… And when they didn’t work.

    But I guess I wouldn’t be getting bj’s anal and rim jobs from girls I hardly knew during those times either

    It’d be a hard choice given the option.

  • Marmot

    Staggeringly true, even if I’d probably never have the heart to do the dick move first myself. However, I will learn in a few years :)

  • Frost

    Ah human nature.

    Was it you or Roissy that said something like: “Success with women is more disillusioning than failure?”

  • chad

    You seem to always post blog posts that coincide with what I need at the time. I just was looking for relationship advice last night

  • Girl

    More rationality and less dogmatic thinking, gentlemen – are you people believing what you want to believe or is it the truth? Maybe it is the truth that you have to be positively mean, and merely acting with self-respect is not enough – I suppose we each must decide from our own experience with women.

    Certainly no one on this thread, including Roosh, has made any kind of compelling argument. Roosh frames his argument in such a way that even failure proves him right, another poster admits to never having the courage to do the dick move,, but is sure that it is correct, and another notes that women he was mean to like him more, without admitting the possibility that there were a hundred other factors at play.

    This discussion is not merely academic – it is of crucial importance to know if being positively mean, or merely having self-respect, is what turns women on. But when everyone has their dogmatic prejudices they are unwilling to subject to rational scrutiny, we might never know.

    For myself, when I am pointlessly and positively mean, I fail with women, when I act, however, with great self-respect and demand respect from women, I succeed magnificently. I am highly skeptical of the game claim that you must be positively mean to generate attraction with women – all you need is to not be a wimp and insist on being treated with respect.

    I would suggest that if a woman pulls a dick move on you, you have already been acting in wimpy ways without necessarily noticing it, and the proper way to respond is not over the top meanness back, but by properly asserting your self-respect and insisting she treat you with respect, either verbally in a neutral, non-hostile tone (being too agitated shows weakness), or by punishing her by withdrawing your affection and attention.

    Nothing about my experiences with women has been in the least bit disillusioning – on the contrary. The more I deal with them, the more sympathy and respect I have for them. I have found that the best looking and highest quality women demand great self-respect in their men, and will not tolerate any kind of wimpiness, but are disgusted, or at best bored, by men who are positively mean, and by macho men. Women can tell the difference between real strength and ersatz strength, between over-acting by being mean and being genuine by insisting you be treated with respect – and I love women for this. Interacting with women has only made me stronger and more genuine and less fake – I have always been punished by women for being pointlessly mean or play acting.

    But in the end I suppose we must all decide for ourselves based on our experience. But a little bit less dogmatic thinking and a little more rationality might help.

  • Adventure21c

    3rd bigger dick move: “Show up to a date with a lady friend.”

    Now we’re talking. Any chance of threesome here?

  • Sleeper

    The very best relations I had with a chick in terms of sex was this chick I was a complete dick to in an online game. She invited me to come out for a visit. She was only a 3hr drive away and I had nothing better to do. Went out for sushi, she paid and I brought her back to my hotel room and banged it out all night long and every weekend after that for about 4 months.

    That first night was a complete shock to me. I didn’t think she was really interested because of the way I talked to her in the game. I didn’t know then that’s what drew her to me, and I blew it by not keeping up that level of assholery.

    Fucked me up for a while trying to figure that one out.

  • Girl

    @Sleeper I guess we all gotta do what works for us. Genuine assholery never worked for me – it always made women laugh at me or simply antagonized them – while standing up for myself, which sometimes means I gotta act in ways that modern effeminate society might define ass being an “asshole” but is in reality merely treating myself with self-respect, always worked.

    Since you ended up losing the girl I wonder if your approach was that good. You might have thought being an asshole and then stopping was the problem, but you don’t really know. Might of been she liked despite you being an asshole, and then saw you didn’t stop being an asshole (even if slightly less), and then figured this guy’s a dud.

    It’s a tough call – I wish Game could get more scientific and precise. But whatever works for you is good. To each his own.

  • OhComeOn

    These women suffer from low self-esteem among other traits. That’s why they’re still floating around. Sort of like the effect of your immaturity.

  • Good Luck Chuck

    Such a shame that “peaceful” relationship bliss must be punctuated with drama, but I guess that’s the nature of the beast these days.

    Sexual interactions have always been and always will be based upon a power dynamic that requires the man to maintain the upper hand, but I imagine that 50 years ago it probably wasn’t such a three ring circus just trying to keep a decent woman interested.

    Do you find that American women need an extra dose to keep them in line, compared to foreign women?

  • Lolz Unrated

    This is all about being Alpha and dominant versus her doing a Shit test. You are just calling it differently.

    In my experience and watching my other alpha friends, our “dick moves” happened naturally. But I am sure you could plan it.

    A “dick move” on her part is basically a shit test. And you have to pass it like all others. This basically means don’t be a bitch and just take it. Punish her for it.

    But you are right, the reason that came up in the first place was because you are not alpha enough.

  • Fisto

    Now this is what I’m talking about. Well done.

  • hydrogonian

    @G No offense, but I predict a big dick slap in your future. Most likely when you are in your comfort zone with a woman who has told you what you need to hear (because nice guys with your attitude are common and women know what you want to hear), and with whom you think you have built a solid relationship based on respect and empathy and the like. Just a prediction, but mark my words. It’ll be post honeymoon period and when she begins to take you for granted. You’ll also notice more challenges to your power in the relationship, if you care about such a thing. But maybe your content with her having the upper hand. I don’t know.

    I think that this article is a great insight because it allows guys who aren’t necessarily where they need to be in terms of inner game to make a calculated move and seem like they are much more confident/higher status than they are.
    When you actually don’t care, then the dick moves happen naturally but usually without malice. You just don’t care. Then you become something for her to catch.

  • Gmac

    I’m gonna have to agree with G to an extent. There are a lot more variables out there when a girl dick moves you or breaks it off with you than 1 or 2 instances. In my experience, unless the relationship is brand new, it is a series of mistakes leading up to it. Sometimes, it’s completely out of your hands and you aren’t even in the equation — because chicks do shit like that.

  • SolveMyGirlProblems

    Cardinal rule of relationships: Whoever needs the other person LESS has more power

  • Girl

    @hydrogonian, you have not been paying close enough attention to what I have been writing. I have been saying all along that it is of the utmost importance that you insist on being treated with respect by women. If any woman DID pull a “dick move”on me, of course I would respond, either by calling her out on it, or by withdrawing affection and attention.

    What I am against is being pointlessly and positively mean. If you call the mere absence of gratuitous meanness as “being nice”, that is OK with me, but being a “nice guy” is generally used in the Game community to mean someone who is a pushover. Since I insist that standing up for yourself is of cardinal importance, I can hardly be called a pushover.

    The conceit that you can simply control a womans behavior is false. Some women are just spoiled – if a woman pulls a massive “dick move” on you, and you have been doing everything right, she is just spoiled goods. Such women exist, undoubtedly. Instead of trying to manipulate her, move on. I have been with many women, and have rarely had any of them behave this way. Those who have, I ditched. Let me tell you something – it has ALWAYS been the uglier, less attractive,less educated and less classy women, who have pulled this kind of thing on me. All woman desire excellence in their men, but there is a certain type of woman who is herself coarse and crude, and can only understand excellence as brute force. There are men for this kind of woman – I am not the man for them, thank God.

    You talk as if I have little experience, but I have at this point enough experience to begin drawing conclusions, at least for me. Pointless meanness has not worked for me – trust me, I have tried it. I did not reject it out of hand. But for me, it failed, with quality women. Less attractive women, who are willing to accept their alpha in any form it comes, even if it some times only looks like strength, might respond to pointless meanness. Quality women want genuine strength. Yet I noticed that standing up for myself often involved acting in ways that some consider being an “asshole”. It was then that it dawned on me that there is an enormous amount of confusion in the Game community about what the “right” kind of asshole is.

    Let me illustrate with an example, from Roissy no less – Roissy had a little snippet about some guy who went to a club, saw some girl he banged previously but was no longer interested in, and gave her only the merest flicker of recognition, while he was wooing some new girl. The ignored girl was describing the incident. She described the guy’s behavior as being an “asshole”, and mentioned that this made him more attractive in her eyes.

    Roissy used this as an example of “chics dig jerks” – yet, honestly, what part of his behavior was being an asshole? The guy had no longer any interest in the girl, and refused to fake interest by making a point of going over to her and greeting her. He acknowledged her, and made it clear that there was nothing more between them.

    The girl might well describe this as “jerk” behavior, and our effeminate society might well concur, but that’s not being a jerk; that’s merely having self-respect. Being a jerk would have been going over to her and making some pointlessly insulting remark, or in some other way being pointlessly mean. But standing up for your right to focus your attention on the person that interests you is not being a “jerk”.

    To use “jerk” in this connection is merely to confuse the issue, and I believe leads to posts like this one by Roosh which counsels preemptive and pointless meanness, which will only backfire with a quality hot girl. Roosh knows better than this, and has made posts that contradict this advice, but like all of us who began “weak” with women, the fear of being seen as “weak” never really dies and sometimes leads us to overreach, and the fear that WE have somehow been “weak” if a woman acts badly, and not that the women is simply spoiled goods, is another perennial temptation for men who think that game gives them an infallible method to manipulate women. It doesn’t. It only helps. But some women are just bad.

  • collegeslacker

    This always happens once you start relaxing your game I swear. It’s the nature of women, they gotta challenge you every now and then to see if you got it still.

  • Roosh

    G is obviously a female. The verbosity gives it away.

  • Anonymous

    Truer words have never been spoken . . . Sad . . . But true. There’s a reason they call it game.

  • Girl

    Ha ha ha, of course I am, Roosh, I disagree with you, I must be a female. Or something else insulting. Or something else discrediting. But it doesn’t matter, my arguments stand or fall by their logic. As do yours, no matter how much you assume the holy pose of “certainty”.

    This is a disturbing trend, my manly friend – framing arguments so that even being wrong means you’re right in the topic post, trying to discredit those who disagree with you – all the habits of a closed, intolerant mind. Maybe even…a female mind? But no :)

    It takes more strength, my manly friend, to freely admit that you have made a poor argument, or failed to notice a point, or that someone who you disagree with might be right, than to reflexively insult or try to discredit, and to assume the pose of “certainty”.

    “Maintain the frame”, roosh, maintain the frame, if you respond to me at all – it matters more than making a good argument. It’s more manly :)

  • INdecentMan

    “G is obviously a female. The verbosity gives it away.”

    My thoughts exactly. Also (S)he said:
    “Women can tell the difference between real strength and ersatz strength, between over-acting by being mean and being genuine by insisting you be treated with respect – […]”

    Seriously? Any of you guys come away with this conclusion when dating women? Isn’t one of the recurring memes in the manosphere that women dig jerks? Guys that treat them like shit, and real men, the type that have neither the time or inclination to play these ridiculous games are usually left out in the cold? G, do us all a favor and shut the fuck up.

  • gringochileno

    Hate to say it but G does have one legitimate point in that Roosh has it set up so there’s no way to “test” this empirically the way you would a scientific hypothesis. If you perform a dick move and the girl comes back then the dick move was responsible for that but if you do the dick move and she leaves it’s because she wasn’t interested, not because of the dick move. That may well be the case but it does make the theory unfalsifiable.

    That said, game isn’t an exact science–we can’t run an experiment by replaying an interaction and seeing if she would have left anyway if we hadn’t done the dick move. Even if pulling a dick move could never be proven to hurt, it has a solid theoretical backing. Provided the girl is interested in you, pushing her away as Roosh suggests should give her a sense of impending loss and cause her to work harder to keep you. Basically you’re just making her chase you, Game 101.

  • Girl

    Indecent man, why the hostility? If you disagree with me, you disagree with me. For men who are trying so hard to develop strength through game, this inability to tolerate disagreement is most puzzling.

    Unlike you, I am genuinely interested in understanding what truly drives female attraction, and am curious about what others think, and have no problem dealing with disagreements. If someone makes a stupid argument, I will point that out, without any hard feelings.

    Currently, I find the game community rife with confusions and poorly thought out advice, and I have personally ran afoul of this – it is extremely important to me to make game more specific and put it on a better foundation.

    You quote the “manosphere”? My point is that much of what passes for “sage advice” in the manosphere has not been scrutinized carefully enough, and contains half truths or hints at a truth without formulating it in clear, correct terms, or rests on confirmation bias and poor interpretation of the evidence.

    I do the same things – we all do. It is human nature. The mano/game-sphere defines itself to some extent by its ability to reject pretty fantasies and look cold and hard at human nature, and to some extent this is true – but if you buy into this image of yourself as being “hard” too much, you open yourself up to the opposite mistake – of interpreting evidence illogically and poorly in order to satisfy your emotional desire to see yourself as a hard guy who can stare at the ugly truth without flinching.

    I believe Roosh, who I generally think is one of the best game commmenters out there, has fallen into just that mistake in his post here. And this is not the first time for him, or any of us – but it’s important to realize we have these temptations to poor thinking just as the typical “nice guy” does, just in a different direction.

  • gringochileno

    G, I agree with your point about the idea being untestable but why don’t you think it would work? If she likes you she’s gonna try and not lose you after you show her that you’re perfectly willing to walk away.

  • Roosh

    “This is a disturbing trend, my manly friend”
    “It takes more strength, my manly friend”

    Let me pose a question to my dear readers: has any of your friends ever referred to you as “my manly friend”? Do you know any heterosexual guy that talks like that?

    I give her an A for effort… she really tried hard today…. but gets banned nonetheless.

  • gringochileno

    yeah true, the other thing that gave it away is that she took a very simple and minor quibble and built it into a huge tirade against “jerks” and the “manosphere.”

    I would like to know how you would know if your idea was wrong for whatever reason, though. How many times would you have to try the dick move and have it fail before you would conclude that it probably does more harm than good? I imagine this gets complicated by how much interest you perceive the girl to have at the time you pull it.

  • Girl

    You’re obviously gonna erase this post Roosh, since you banned me, so this message is directed at you – I don’t care one way or another, but your low tolerance for disagreement is not evidence of a strong personality. Your need to insult people who disagree with you simply makes you look weak and utterly lacking in emotional self-control.

    You seem incapable of grasping this, but you have shot yourself in the foot – to anyone considering buying your book, thinking maybe you have something good to say about becoming a stronger man, you have made yourself look rather pathetic and weak – you felt so threatened by my mild and polite quasi-disagreement with your post that you needed to both insult and ban me!

    It is puzzling how someone who supposedly understands Game so well cannot understand how showing the world that you is so easily threatened, and needing to so overreact, makes you look weak. You’re doing very poor image- management.

    Eh, but what does it matter in the end – you are, it is fairly obvious, a pretty insecure person. I bet you fly into petty rages when people contradict you in real life. Don’t deny, you do don’t you :)

    You are not exactly the type of person I want to be learning Game from, or how to be a stronger man. And no, I am not a girl.

    Good luck, though – try not flying into too great a rage next time someone contradicts you!

  • Fireworks56

    I’m surprised that the larger point in this article may have been missed so far: guys who naturally attract a lot women will have to pull a categorized “dick move” from time to time simply by virtue of juggling so many women.

    The simplest maxim of the psychology behind pick up is “Women like men that other women like” and men that women like overtly (other women commenting how hot he is/competing for his attention) or subconsciously (lack of regard for the relationship – it must be due from other “options,” etc.) are the ones that succeed in my book. Also women are emotional creatures and do not respond to logic, only to how a man makes her ‘feel.’

  • Griseofulvin

    Asshole moves work on girls … sometimes. But I honestly don’t think you need to resort to constant one-upmanship with chicks if you’re frame is strong and masculine. You really don’t want to turn into a bitter score-card, carrying golum. There’s a dark ring of truth to Roosh’s post, but following this course is a slippery slope that will keep you in a holding pattern of fear. I think its far better for ones own development to be open, operate from a place of love/giving and risk the occasional ego-blow. I don’t thing there’s anything wrong with pulling the occasional dick move, but Roosh seems pre-occupied with stratagems to a point that just seems unhealthy to me.

  • ElDickhead

    Big dick move, cheat on her and let her find out. Bonus points if the other girl is hotter/younger. Sure you may lose her, but if she stays with you, she’ll always be worried about losing you to another girl and will practically be your slave.

  • gringoed

    Man, sad but true. Don’t be excessive about continuing the dick moves, though. Then you’re just being an asshole and setting her up/justifying her to be a bad girlfriend.

  • Seed

    Uh G. you are writing fucking novels here. Nobody is raging, nobody is angry. Stop projecting.

  • dc

    corollary: you have to fuck her in the ass

  • Roosh

    “to anyone considering buying your book, thinking maybe you have something good to say about becoming a stronger man, you have made yourself look rather pathetic and weak”

    Hater style #11

    “It is puzzling how someone who supposedly understands Game so well cannot understand how showing the world that you is so easily threatened, and needing to so overreact, makes you look weak.”

    Hater style #4

    Past comment also has an undertone of style #3.

  • Begby

    “Women can tell the difference between real strength and ersatz strength, between over-acting by being mean and being genuine by insisting you be treated with respect – […]”

    yeah that line was the dead giveaway for me too. anyone who is not a woman or a beta knows that the exact opposite is true – the biggest poseurs with the most false confidence are always the most popular with women.

  • Maria from Finland

    Seems to be common thing in these gaming blogs that the authors can’t deal with disagreements. My comments have been deleted on some of these blogs simply because I disagreed. It’s kinda funny that these guys don’t want to publish much else than comments like “yeah man you’re so right, great post”.

    I’m not saying this to Roosh personally but it does happen so I’m not surprised how “G” got dealt with here.

  • INdecentMan

    G – The hostility is because you are pretending to be something you are not while giving incredibly wrongheaded and counter-productive advice. Now why don’t you go stick your ersatz penis, I mean dildo, in your voluminous twat.

  • missle dick

    I think if you took the “dick move” that Roosh describes, diluted it and divided it, then it will get the desired affect. If this is the case of a girl you really want to keep around I think it should suffice to occassionally be late, don’t call back for a few hours, or actually have other shit going on that occupies your time and shows importance and rank instead of desperately awaiting her call.

    Imo unless a girl is a super needy status whorish type, or is really immature and into games the whole not calling back for days and canceling last minute thing just won’t work.

    The most important thing that Roosh touches on here is the balance of power issue. Not sure it will be accomplished through a dick move or not, but early on in dating the shit testing and role establishment will be very important in later days.

  • Phoenix

    @ missile dick
    “Imo unless a girl is a super needy status whorish type, or is really immature and into games the whole not calling back for days and canceling last minute thing just won’t work.”
    –> If I’m dealing with this, I’ll punish her for it. If she can’t settle down and take things slower, it’s not worth my dick. She’s better off landing a beta boy who’ll give her all the emotional attention she needs.

    @ Maria from Finland
    –> hey, too bad. It’s Roosh’s blog, not yours. Don’t start an argument by thinking your shit is better than anyone elses.

    @ G aka “Girl”
    –> Either you are a girl, or you’re a nice, feminine guy with feelings for chicks.

  • Anonymous

    On point roosh

  • Anonymouse

    Here’s a mathematical equation for some of you who just don’t git it:

    You * Z = XXX

    Z = Dick Move
    XXX = Future Punani Wetness Level

    If you don’t have dick move, the punani will not be wet in the future.

  • Lemon

    Another excellent post. I’m hooked.

  • Peter

    I’m getting to the point where I just don’t have the energy to be that alpha. It’s just to much work, I’ve given up on dating. I’ll just be happy, beta, and alone. Darwin would have wanted it that way, lol…

  • Snoeperd

    Lol, how come you are referring to a dutch link in your latest twitter?

  • K-Man

    I testify to the effectiveness of dick move #3 – showing up with a lady friend. It worked great for me when a girl from Hospitality Club wanted me to show her around town, and I brought her to a date with a girl I had just started seeing 2 weeks ago.

  • Mrs.

    I’m so glad I’m married. Whenever I feel annoyed with my husband I just read your blog. You make my gripes seem tiny.

  • Slim Ironwood

    It’s hilarious to see people write essays longer than the original post in response. The fact is, Roosh is spot-on, Girl knows it, and it infuriates her. A denial of nature will not change that.

    The ‘argument over something petty’ has been my most tested and proven technique to keep a girl clinging on. She’ll be more careful around you, and as a result, will have more respect for you, even if what you argued about was stupid.

    Sad, but true.

  • xxx

    your video was pedestrian and boring, much like, i suspect, you are….

  • modernguy

    The best thing about game is that now we can scramble these stupid bitches’ radar without putting our hearts on the line. Considering how vain and shallow these cunts are, they don’t deserve any better anyway. The disintegration of the traditional structures of society has opened the way for the formation of the unregulated free market dating scene with women as the buyers. And they are spoiled for choice. Game is the great equalizer, which allows the basement dwelling warcraft nerd to jack himself up by his bootstraps and in a few short months pick up some alpha seeking slut by pressing the right buttons and jerking the right levers on her “quality man” guessing machine. Pump, dump, mission accomplished. Rinse and repeat. And when enough of us do it well enough we’ll reach the final goal: the total breakdown of women’s confidence in their own feelings to know what’s right. Which is only right, because we should lead.

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  • Ana Victoria

    To tell you the truth, as a successful, Latin, modern woman, the dick move never, EVER works on me. I usually don’t return phone calls after it has happened, or I basically move on to the next guy or to the next fascination. In essence, I withdraw totally. If everything is going okay in the relationship and I get an undeserved dick move, then I consider it passive aggressive. I also consider it an act of real insecurity.

    I don’t want an insecure dude. I don’t play to Pavlov’s dog type things. If you are going to create DRAMA, then I don’t want anything to do with you. Just ask the last guy I dated. He did the first dick move, and I didn’t speak to him for weeks. Then he kept calling me asking me what was wrong and I told him he made me feel bad, and if I’m involved in something that’s going to make me feel UNDESERVEDLY bad, it creates anxiety on my end and I don’t want anything to do with it. I’m too busy for that crap. Life is too short. I really liked this guy, and saw it coming out of nowhere. It hurt bad, but I have an immense confidence in myself and in my abilities. I’m not going to chase after men if they do a dick move on me. If anything, those guys will be left chasing after me. I just don’t fall for it.

    There’s good and there’s bad. What gives a man the right to teach me a lesson when all I’ve done is be nice, giving, amiable, hot, encouraging, and adventurous? I mean, if you are going to fuck it up, then with me, you’ve fucked it up. There’s no turning back.

    To summarize: be careful, not all girls will put up with it. Especially this one.

  • Roosh

    “To summarize: be careful, not all girls will put up with it. Especially this one.”

    Yeah, sure. At the same time a girl says game doesn’t work on her she’s fucking a jerk who plays games nonstop with no condom.

  • Ana Victoria

    Well, ROOSH, too bad for her. I can only look out for myself. What works on some girls may not work on others. Gender aside, we are all individuals….

  • Slim Ironwood

    The types of girls the dick move does not work on also tend to be the types who won’t sleep with a man after one or two meetings. In which case, the man with proper game would not be dealing with her anyway.

    Know the demographic.

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  • Harry

    Agreed. Women who pull the dick move first are trying to use what they themselves have been taught through experience; guys have used the dick move on them repeatedly and likely because the guys didn’t fear losing the girl in the first place, she wasn’t that hot and was in fact fuck-ugly.

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  • Sls

    Chief: You have got to let go of this crazy hate (it’s almost mysogynistic) >> no quality women would put up with this. @AGoodNycWomenWhoWillWalk

  • James

    This certainly works. I’ve had a girl constantly moving around dates like “I can’t make it because …blahblahblah… are you available on say Wednesday?”

    First I would always give in: “Sure baby, no problem”. After a while I was just pissed. Instead of arranging your schedule around her’s, I gave her some lame excuse why I wasn’t available on Wednesday even though I was. She literally was shocked. I waited a while, then she called back and apologized for being so chaotic.

  • BillDates

    Works all the time i use it though its really hard to make the dick move on a really hot chick because its very counter intuitive, but you have to force yourself to do it to gain upper hand….

  • Phoenix


    I fucked up a date with a girl I’ve been friends with for a couple years now. My fault.

    So now, it’s time to pull a few dick moves on her for fun, because she’s officially out of the picture for life. No going back.

  • Shaboopie

    I’m male, and I have multiple girl-plates spinning. I didn’t assert any intentional dick move to perpetuate the sexual rotation.

    My attention is a scarce resource, and they typically don’t piss me off if they want it

  • unicorns

    oh come on, Roosh, why are you making this whole relationship thing seem like a battlefield? what about mutual compassion, understanding and caring for one another’s needs? isn’t this what it’s all about? isn’t love possible only between equals (that’s what the greeks thought, never mind the fact men and women were not regarded as equals but the times are different now) where everyone can freely communicate their needs and thoughts and be accepted for who they are? i don’t want to be dominated nor to dominate anyone, i only want a relationship that would consist of free exchange of ideas, emotional safety and awesome sex. i don’t think a fully satisfying relationship is possible when one needs to fight for power. is that really too much to ask for? am i being naive?

    if the way i think has anything to do with my gender, let it be known, i’m a girl.

  • Joe

    The male penis has no social value at all.

  • One More Option

    One thing I’ve done is: be in relationship for at least 2 months, sex occurred. Begin to flirt with other girls and get caught. A ton of drama occurs. Helped me stay with a girl for 3 years. Just remember to repeat a couple of times a year. This has to be done delicately after the few first times as she might start being afraid and wanting to break up. Be subtle after a few times of this or change the system.

    A little infidelity every now and then is good for a relationship.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! A guy slapped me with a dick move and I went on to find a better, cuter, nicer guy who was good in bed.

    There is no was the guy who wrote this article is good in bed.

  • Anonymous

    “way” I meant way, not “was”

  • Mr. P

    Huh. I mean SERIOUSLY? what do you gamers want? If you only want to get your dick wet, there are tons of sluts out there who put out without you having o play games. I says sluts with all due love, btw. For sex all you have to do is say, “let’s fuck,” “let’s bone” grab her tits or something. “blow me.” Not too hard to do. If you want a ltr, then seriously, do you want one with a girl you have Stockholm Syndromed into loving you? Cause you’re just holding onto goods that you’ve purposefully damaged… might as well not expend the effort if you don’t give a shit about the individual herself, right? Just find a slut, stick it to her, move onto the next. And you can usually get several good fucks outta any slut, just don’t get jealous when someone else does too… I don’t get it, that’s all…

  • GirlPointofView

    Any guys that read this must have no life. Never treat a girl like shit. For the girls that know treating girl like shit to get them doesn’t work. Having the Upper-hand is extremely self-fish and unattractive. Whoever wrote this article you obviously have no respect for women. I do believe treating girls badly will help you keep the girl (human nature) but, if a girl needs to be treated badly for them to “like ” you then she is pathetic. Their are other ways to show that you are manly to get the girl. Being a complete dick is just an “easy way out”. You have no idea how many guys I have turned down because they do this shit to girls. Seriously ya’ll GET A LIFE and GROW UP!

  • Correcter

    “..usually in the form of less enthusiasm about making plains or less energy when you’re out together.”

    What kind of PLAINS do you make? Don’t you mean “plans”?

  • Ian Fleming

    Human nature makes me sick. But it is what it is. I’m sure the vast, vast majority of nice, respectful dudes have been burned for their efforts.

  • James

    Lmfao !
    CLassic. Become the Master of the Dick Move. It works. THeres more dick moves than those listed.

  • James

    Note, a dick move must be calculated and precise.

  • son of a beach

    Everyone should stop dicking around, it’s frustrating.

  • Anonymous

    im a total douche player

  • Anonymous

    Roosh is right. I remember when I was with my ex, I was chatting online with her and after some time told her I would return back after dinner. But I never returned back because I want to see a movie (finding Nemo, haha) with my female neighbour. When I returned to my room I saw 14 missed phone calls. I call her, she shouts at me and is pissed off. 2 days after she was pudding in my hands for months. It was when I started to stop dick moving her that she dick moved me and dumped me. Dick moving is legit xD

  • Anonymous

    #75, Girlpointofview: Shut up, seriously. You know very well that you prefer an asshole over a nice guy. I have tried both. By nature I am nice. It doesn’t work. But being an asshole does work. Don’t blame us. Blame yourself and all other women that only are attracted when they are treated like shit.

  • sway


  • sway

    Such a copout. “We are all individuals”. We all behave in remarkably similar ways.

  • Jack


  • laserbear

    Summarized the hamster rant for everyone… “This will work exactly as stated but you should do something else that won’t work but I like to think would. That’s the respectable thing. Having the upperhand is unattractive but will make me attracted to you. Get a life, grow up, and be used by women like everyone else.”

  • thinkaboutit

    Because you felt entitled to the girl you gave gifts too, like she owed you. And when that didn’t happen it causes more hurt feelings in you thus not a good energy to show her or way of being. Where as, the other two you didn’t give a shit, and the hot girl is not use to hearing no. Good job in getting them to travel to you though.

  • All female

    LMAO. From a female perspective, retaliations and keeping track of them? This is the most unmanly behavior and its so blatantly obvious. Competing for power with a woman makes you the “bitch” not the man. No woman worth anything would be impressed by this but, would see it as weakness as I do. The most obvious weakness is when the man becomes insulting, or obnoxious and vindictive. Such as acting like a little spoiled nasty brat. Men who behave this way should be promptly put on ignore…forever. I agree with Anonymous. Hold yourself together and be cool…but, don’t be a dick unless you can’t help it because you are one and in that case you will lose her anyway.

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  • JQ

    I still tend to feel bad for doing this because it is contrary to the education I got. But, results don’t lie ladies and gentlemen. You have to see it with your own eyes; it is like entering the twilight zone. You have to embrace your inner asshole sometimes

  • A.W.E.S.O.M.-O