The Ditch Move

My new Danish roommate, a 22-year-old student, figured out that it was a whole lot easier to get laid if he let girls come to him. He set up a CouchSurfing profile that advertised his apartment as being “just a few steps” from the central train station. He sorted through a dozen requests each week from hippie travelers, only responding to cute girls. At first glance, it seemed like the perfect scam to get laid without any effort, but there were two big problems.

The first was that the quality on CouchSurfing was laughably low, comprised mostly of ugly girls who were bottom of the barrel from their respective countries. The second was that their photos were grossly misleading, just like you’d encounter on a regular Internet dating site.

Both factors were in full effect with our first CouchSurfer, a young American girl. She gained entry into our house even though she had the ugliest face I had seen in months. “She looked good in the photos,” my roommate said with a disapointed look on his face.

“You underestimate a woman’s skill in misrepresenting herself on the Internet,” I replied.

Two more female CouchSurfers came the following day—a Russian girl who didn’t like talking and a chubby French girl with a sexy accent who was obviously looking to screw. My roommate and his Danish buddies all competed for the French girl while the Russian and American faded into the background. It was a typical scene of young guys fighting it out for one chick, ensuring that no one would get her (it took a second stay a month later for the French girl to get fucked by one of the guys).

I left the crowded apartment to join my original Danish roommate from Rio, Henrik, at a party thrown by one of his friends. His date was a Brazilian girl he’d been trying to seduce for three years. A couple weeks earlier they had masturbated in front of each other on Skype, where she made many positive comments about his penis size. All signs pointed to a bang.

The first thing he said when I arrived at the party was, “I fucked up.”

“What happened?”

“I tried to kiss Camilla, but she wouldn’t let me. Now it’s all ruined.”

“Okay, slow down,” I said. “Tell me what led up to it.”

“We were in the kitchen, standing really close. I looked at her and said, ‘I’m going to kiss you now.’ Then I leaned in, but she turned away.”

“That doesn’t sound that bad. How long had you guys been out before you tried to kiss?”

“About two hours.”

“And she’s Brazilian, right?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“I mean, you were in Rio with me. The girls kissed at way under two hours, and that was without any Skype sex. She has known you for three years, she’s seen your cock, and she didn’t want to kiss? That doesn’t make any sense.”

“Yeah, I don’t get it.”

“It sounds like she’s playing some weird game. Why would a girl go out with a dude on a weekend night unless she’s at least trying to get some action?” I wondered out loud. “I bet that living in Denmark for so long has poisoned her Brazilian vibe. It’s the same thing with Brazilian girls I meet in America. They act colder and more strange.”

“So what should I do?” he asked.

“How are things right now?”

“Well, I pulled back. We haven’t talked in about twenty minutes.”

“Let me think of a plan. You still have options.”

While Henrik moped in the kitchen, looking for alcohol, his friend Paul came up to me with a copy of my book, A Dead Bat In Paraguay. Henrik had told him about me and my blog after returning from Brazil.

They’d been talking about the book before I arrived, so the four girls there were eager to meet the guy behind it. They asked all sorts of questions as if I was famous. Unfortunately, they were ugly, but I didn’t mind the attention, since it was the closest I’ll ever get to an official book signing.

“Can you read from the book?” Paul asked.

“You mean read out loud?”

“Yeah, out loud.”

He handed me the book and I scanned for passages a mixed-gender, liberal crowd would enjoy. Should I read the part about when I had explosive diarrhea in the Peruvian mountains? The part when I wet the bed in Bolivia? How about one of the dozens of nights when I masturbated after failing to get laid?

“The book is sexist and foul,” I finally said. “The girls won’t like it.”

He insisted, but I refused. While I’ve always gotten satisfaction in knowing that girls who read my work are offended, I didn’t want to be the center of attention at a party where there was no girl I was interested in.

One ugly girl ended up reading several pages. Then she pulled me aside and asked if I was “arrogant” and “anti-feminist.” She seemed proud to be confronting me, but I just smiled and nodded my head, refusing to engage her in the debate she’d obviously been mentally rehearsing. It would have just fucked up my mood.

Henrik came up to me looking upset. “Dude, you won’t believe what just happened. You know that bottle of Jameson I brought to the party?”

“The bottle that’s now empty?”

“Yeah, that one. Camilla still had a glass half full of Jameson. I grabbed her glass to pour some into mine, but she said, ‘Stop taking my whiskey!’ She yelled at me!”

I scratched my beard. “This is bad,” I said. “You’re not getting laid tonight.”

“I didn’t think so.”

“First the head-turn, and now denying you whiskey that you brought. She’s being cold. A bitch, even.”

“Plus she mentioned she may try to meet up with her friends in a bit.”

“Wow, that is bad. It’s over, bro.”

“Damn it.” He tightened his mouth and looked down.

“But there is one thing you can do,” I said.

“Tell me, please.”

“Now there’s no guarantee it will work, and for tonight you have to completely forget about getting laid, but it’s your best shot at fucking her at some indeterminable point in the future.”

“What is it?” He was eager now, and I paused a few seconds to heighten the tension.



“Yup, just leave without saying anything. That drives a girl crazy. She’ll blow up your phone and call you a lot of nasty names, but at the same time it will make her pussy incredibly moist like carrot cake. She loves a guy who doesn’t want her, and there’s nothing like the ditch move to let her know that.”

“What does it involve?”

“Tell her you’re going to the bathroom, exit the building, then don’t answer her texts or calls for at least a day.”

“I can’t do that. That’s so mean.”

“That’s the whole point, dummy. It’s your best bet. Otherwise, I’m afraid she’s going to ditch you first. All signs point to that.”

I could tell he was torn. He was a nice guy who loved the art of romance now being asked to be a supreme dick. The only reason he finally agreed to my plan was that I had never let him down in the past. Everything I had ever told him worked, especially in Rio, where thanks to me he had fucked his dream girl. He knew it was in his best interest to do exactly what I had told him.

We began putting the plan into action. First, I loudly complained about wanting to go to a bar, but expressed confusion on how to navigate from the residential area we were in. I took out a map and pretended to be studying it.

Then he told Camilla, “I’m going to put him on the right path because he wants to go to some bar. He’s a stupid American and he doesn’t know how to get there. I’ll be right back.” Of course he had no intention of returning.

We walked out of the apartment together, hurrying our pace once on the sidewalk. “My heart is pounding,” he said.

“Yeah, because you just disrespected the fuck out of someone,” I laughed, “but when you do it enough times, you don’t even feel anything.”

“You’re a monster, Roosh.”

“Thank you. I consider that a compliment.”

We were in line at a rock bar when I advised Henrik to turn off his phone. I was afraid he’d respond if she called.

“Now understand that it’s over for tonight. We must meet new girls. Tomorrow night she’ll blow up your phone, probably after 6:00.”

“Are you sure?”

“While I don’t like to guarantee anything involving female behavior, I absolutely guarantee that she’ll contact you tomorrow. This move never fails to help a man regain the upper hand.”

We waited in line for at least fifteen minutes, pumped at the prospect of meeting some new girls, when suddenly Paul came up to us. “Where did you go?” he said. In the back of the line was everyone from the party, including Camilla.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! What do I do now?” Henrik said.

“Oh, man, you’re fucked,” I said. “This has never happened before. You weren’t supposed to see her for the rest of the night.”

“No shit!”

“Did you tell anyone you were coming here?” Copenhagen was too big a city for such a coincidence to occur.

“Well, I told Paul earlier that we should come here.”

I shook my head in disgust, wondering if the beta male in him had subconsciously sabotaged the move. We walked into the bar, leaving them still waiting in line.

“Look, just don’t make eye contact with her. If she comes up to you, say, ‘Yeah I intended to come back, but then I realized we weren’t having a good time, so I decided to stay with Roosh. I didn’t want to have my whole night ruined.'”

I actually rehearsed it with him twice by pretending to be Camilla. Since asshole game wasn’t in him, I didn’t want to take any more chances.

Through sheer luck, Henrik recognized a girl he had fucked in the past. He talked to her just long enough for the time it took Camilla to come in and witness it.

Henrik eventually came back to me and said, “Let’s forget the move. I want to talk to Camilla and smooth things over.”

Doing so would have completely demolished the value he had gained from the ditch move, so I convinced him that the best course of action was to leave. I began doubting that he was even capable of running the ditch move to its completion. I felt that giving him the move was like giving a nuclear bomb to a country that didn’t have any missiles to launch it.

We went to a seedy bar close my house. The American bartender hooked me up with a whiskey on the rocks that was filled almost all the way to the top. The first Danish girl I talked to said, “What weak drink are you having? Just ginger ale?” I insisted she take a sip and she nearly choked on the drink, something I thoroughly enjoyed.

It took only three days in Denmark to tell my first Danish girl to fuck off. I put zero effort into tempering my character to better mesh with their combative and aggressive personalities. My beginning game wasn’t trying to figure out how to bang Danish girls, but approaching in huge quantities to find one “normal” girl who wanted to have fast sex with a confident, slightly arrogant man. That turned out to be a fool’s errand.

Attempts to share my stories with them failed because it made it seem like I knew more than they did, breaking the cultural rules set forth in Jante Law. Things got worse when I offered my conclusions or generalizations based on those experiences. I couldn’t even insinuate my positive qualities, which is a big chunk of what seduction is about. The parts of my game that had helped me get laid elsewhere were completely useless when it came to the average Danish girl.

By the night of the party, I had only been in Denmark for two weeks, but I had already started to miss Iceland. It’s true that the girls there don’t have a whole lot to say and are just as combative, but at least they’ll fuck you. I put up with Icelandic girls because I knew I would be rewarded with fast sex, but Danish girls give you a lot of shit before they give up the pussy. Because Danish girls are so alpha, any attempt at being alpha yourself will only lead to conflict. Up to that point, the only cool chick I met out of a couple dozen approaches was a shy girl who lived on a farm.

At the end of the night, I got into a conversation with a girl I immediately pegged as bitter. I held the line and she finally opened up when she mentioned that she painted in her spare time. I took an interest in it and she showed me a picture of one of her most recent paintings on her iPhone. I looked and made a nice comment about the colors. Then she said, “Well I don’t care what you think since I do it for myself.”

I went ballistic. I called her “fucking insane” for showing me something with the intention of discounting any reaction she would receive. I ended my tirade with, “You must be single.” I looked at her friend and said, “Your friend is single, right?”


Earlier in the conversation, I noticed two Icelandic girls I had talked to earlier, off in the distance smoking cigarettes. I remembered how my Iceland bangs went down: hitting up a girl at the end of the night for an instant venue change to my apartment. Those girls could smoke on their walk home; they didn’t have to wait there. I concluded that they were waiting for a pair of guys to swoop them up.

For some reason, I continued talking to the Danish artist, even though I knew she was a lost cause. By the time of the iPhone moment, the Icelandic girls were gone. I passed on a good opportunity to have sex in order to talk to a girl whose main goal was showing that she didn’t care about what I thought.

The next day, Camilla contacted Henrik at 4:30 in the afternoon. He didn’t answer, as I had instructed him. She called two more times, and eventually they got into a chat on Facebook. I was online at the same time, telling him exactly what to write. While he regained the upper hand, she was too tough and combative in subsequent encounters, never lowering her aggression to allow humor to bring them back together.

The problem, I told Henrik, was she had become too Danish.

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  • Marmot

    That’s just because she’s a strong, confident woman, and Henrik can’t handle that.

  • Blunt

    Hand-in-hand with “the dick move”

  • samseau

    These Danish girls sound like they are incapable of an emotional connection.

    What a horrible place.

  • Chef In Jeans

    Glad to see a post like this, your anecdotal writing style is brilliant. I sympathize with guys like Henrick, I used to be him and more! Thankfully the soul crushing nature of the modern Western woman killed a part of me over time. Now that that weak part is gone I’m on my way to beinga monster as well. If you cant beat ’em, join ’em, destroy ’em, then fuck ’em.

    Also pussy moist like carrot cake made me laugh out loud.

  • Nick

    Does “A Dead Bat in Paraguay” have stories similar to this one? because if so, you may have just made a sale.

    [Roosh: Hah.. Dead Bat is 278 pages of this.]

  • beta_plus

    This a great story that definitively shows that feminism and the welfare state are so powerful they will strip even a Brazilian girl of her femininity.

    If Denmark turns a Brazilian girl into that, would you really want to visit there for any longer than it takes to see Denmark’s unimpressive tourist sites?

  • ladderff

    I searched this site for your mentions of couchsurfing. Some are positive, some less so. I’ve probably hosted a couple hundred people and stayed with a couple dozen over the last six years. I pretty much say “yes” to anyone who asks to stay and doesn’t have any obvious retard flags on his or her profile. I’ve hosted groups of either sex, mixed groups, couples, individuals, for all different lengths of stay. All I want to report is that I’m still amazed by the personal quality of the people who’ve passed through here. With rare exception, my surfers have been respectful of my home, excited to be there and to meet me and other surfers coming through, and fun to be around. Sure, there’s a SWPL/liberal uni slant to them, but that’s life. At least almost all of them know how to have a good time in a foreign place with like-minded people they’ve just met; that’s way beyond the capacity of your typical snotty SWPL. As for the girls, I disagree with Roosh’s assessment that they are weighted toward the bottom of the barrel. If anything the beauty distribution has been skewed modestly in the other direction—and I don’t screen the requests I get on that basis.

    I’ve had a number of couchsurfing hookups, and some were among my most memorable flags. But I’m disappointed by Roosh’s comparison to a “regular dating site.” The girls may fluff up their appearance on the their profiles, but they do that everywhere photos must be chosen, and so do us guys.

    Couchsurfing’s not a dating site, and I’ve resolved that if I ever start looking at it like one, I’ll stop hosting, or only host guys. One difference is, in the dating site game or regular night game, etc, we don’t care about rejection or giving offense, or anything else: we care about getting the pussy. I’m on board with that, but in the couchsurfing context it would ruin everything. I therefore disapprove of that friend Roosh mentioned who goes on couchsurfing and only hosts girls that look cute. He should go get his pussy the regular way without subverting a truly great network.

  • JM

    excellent stuff. it’s crazy to see how far your writing has come in the past few years

  • Neil Skywalker

    Great writing, i was sitting on the edge on my seat waiting to read if he got laid or not. Too bad he didn’t.

  • Burt

    What a snotty reply that girl gave you after receivng a compliment about her painting. I tell you what chaps my ass about feminist women like that. Oh yeah we are to do our share with all the household chores/child rearing. No problem. But they never seem to be able to cut the grass, change tires, exterior house painting, weed eating, dry walling, etc. and so on. Those tasks suddenly become male only jobs. I’d always heard/read that Scandinavian women are like that. Seems to be true they are the ‘always right’ ball-bus**ters.

  • Professor Ron

    I’ve lived for years in Denmark. Feminism has fucked them up. What can you do but try to fuck up feminism? Enjoy your blog. Great stuff.

  • Spartan1590

    Hey Roosh, I think I know this guy, if his name is really Henrik and from Rio then I know this Camila too, she tried modelling a year ago… Don’t need to answer, just wanted to comment this coincidence.

    [Roosh: I always change the names in my stories.]

  • NYN

    Excellent story.

  • Ollie

    “This a great story that definitively shows that feminism and the welfare state are so powerful they will strip even a Brazilian girl of her femininity.”

    I wonder..under exactly what conditions does a girl from the anglosphere become re-feminized?

    I suspect this article may hold some of the keys to proper deprogramming:

  • Anonymous

    You are a great story teller. Good stuff.

  • The Captain Power

    Nice post Roosh!!!

  • Anonymous

    longest post ever? need to reread this novel. Half way and I already decided I would leave that Camilla to some other dude. Screw the bitch, is not worth all that attention

  • The Glee Manifesto

    A very popular playground game in those parts is called, “Ditch the Danish”

  • Evanb

    Dude if your books are like this I’m buying. Also you should allow us to like each others comments. Anyway, heading out now to manhattan gnna fuck some German girl I met last week. It’s incredible…she didn’t pull out her phone once while I was with her, she apologized when stopping for 15 seconds to make sure her friends were ok, and as shy as she seemed she had a feminine ability to flirt and build intimacy very quickly with no bitch shield at all. Fuck you, America.

  • pantalones

    Can you update us on what has since happened with those two?

  • Sine Wave Killer

    Damn good writing, I feel like I could build an english lesson off of this piece.

  • BananaPrince

    These posts are great. I wish there were guides like this to dealing with the scene in East Asia, particularly Japan and Korea.

  • Peter

    “Those girls could smoke on their walk home; they didn’t have to wait there. I concluded that they were waiting for a pair of guys to swoop them up.”

    ha ha, looks like someone has been hanging out with G Manifesto…

  • Cock

    Man approaches about 5,000 women with little to no results:

  • Falcon

    This post got my blood boiling.

    Millions of Americans are grossly obese while millions of Africans are starving.

    Millions of non-western women are sexy, charming, feminine and beautiful and dying to meet a quality man instead of having to put up with their drunken, abusive deadbeat losers at home.

    Millions of western dudes are ambitious, adventurous and take care of themselves yet have to deal every day with this nightmarish, disgusting crap that Roosh accurately described here.

    This is a world of perverted imbalances.

  • Anonymous

    Terrible writer, what kind of dim witted half wit would follow this idiot! What would his mother say?

  • Turk

    Ahh the nice guy syndrome..and all he had to do was get with other chicks (preferably as hot as her) to win her back

  • Race

    Had this cuntface start completely disrespecting me while in the middle of dinner. I camly got up and said “excuse ne for a moment” and left her there at the restaurant to pay the tab. Another time I was with this other chick and while we were waiting in line to get into a posh cafe she began majorly insulting me. I then just walked away and jumped into the nearest taxi.

    The above two examples were with women I had only been seeing for a short while before showing their disrespectful / shit test behavior.

    It should also be noted that it is natural for a man to be more tolerant of disrespectful behavior the longer he is with the chyck. Its s psychological thing I suppose; you tend to not want to believe that your girl is actually saying or doing the things shes doing that seem so out of character. In the case that you’ve been seeing the female for 100 years then it would be prudent to ask why she is behaving the way she is, force her hand to be honest and speak from the heart. She may be annoyed at something and like all women lash out like a child. In this case then the situation could be resolved.

    But in cases where she persists, some females like to take it to the wire, and in that case the ditch method is proper.

  • Peter

    I bet Henrik had just been too beta, too many times. Every time your beta it’s like borrowing more money, until eventually your creditors realize they have no hope of being payed back. Or the woman realizes that you will never be alpha and dominant. You had the right move but he was just too beta in both previous and subsequent encounters. Don’t be too hard on your self, you did everything you could. Can’t save them all…

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  • Under Foreign Skies

    What’s up, I’m a supporter and frequent reader of this blog(also own a copy of Bang) and this is the first time for me to be posting here. I’d like to start by giving a big shot out to Roosh, the material he writes, and for the battle he (and we) are waging against the deluge of overly masculinated, overly fed, and just overly embarrassing women of my country(USA)

    I currently work in Asia and will be moving to Shanghai next week to begin teaching in a university there. Without a doubt, being in Asia and experiencing the femininity of the women here has opened my eyes to a reality which must be seen and experienced firsthand to understand. If you are a player, as I am, and attracted to femininity, then I recommend that you do yourself a favor and take a trip to Asia.

    As Roosh’s blog focuses a lot on the idea of masculinity and femininity, I’d like to add a small piece on the subject written by a well-known blogger named Fred Reed, who talks about these ideas and how they essentially relate to why white men prefer Asian women. At this point in time, he says it better than I could:
    and by the way…I also made a similar “first” post over on Roissy’s blog

    cheers dude

  • Roosh = Prophet

    Roosh is a modern-day prophet.

    Enough said.

  • Cock

    Allow me to rant or toll you for a second pls:

    I will say that game is not worthless, what is said and done does matter. However the BS that is tossed about in the PUA world, e.g. “you can get any girl;” “get yourself a 10” (despite the fact that most PUA students are on the left side of the attractiveness bell curve (less than a 5) is complete BS)! Guys cannot go right up to girls asking for sex (of course) but they should be able to hold a normal conversation. She has made up her mind regarded whether or not she is attracted to you anyways.

    There have been scientific studies where guys have walked up to girls just asking for sex, some asked if the woman would go home with them, while others asked for a date. A certain percentage responded yes to those questions; spending a lot of time learning game won’t usually make much of an impact.

    Those who use game generally experience a placebo effect, and false positives, attributing their success to game (success meaning 1 lay out of 70-100+ approaches for an average looking guy) when just having a normal conversation and paying attention to see if she is engaged/continues it is enough to generate interest.

    I am not anti-game since a normal conversation can be said to be “game” but I am against the over-analysis BS that gurus perpetuate that really messes guys up, not to mention the aforementioned downright lies (see Mehow’s web site and others). When gurus make things exceedingly complicated it is is easier for them to justify their advice.

    *Ploughing has VERY VERY SMALL returns because the woman has made up her mind about you!*

    Ever read a woman’s magazine? It has sections like “get a guy to be into you!” “How to snag him and make him jealous!” What a joke. He likes her based on her looks (nearly the only thing that matters for guys) and personanality. Women’s preferences with regards to physical attraction are far MORE malleable than guy but it is still there and a guy who is a 3 (maybe 25% of guys) is not going to get a 6 or higher under most circumstances.

    Please read this you will not be disappointed:

  • Cock


    Correction about 25% of guys are a 3 or less.

  • Dane1

    Reading this as a Danish guy is very exciting. Like watching a good movie. You laugh and nod at the good points (of which there’s alot of.) and then you’re disgusted about the favt that Roosh is actually right when generalizing on Danish girls. I mean, imagine how much crap you actually just have to suck up if you’re into the girl.
    It almost makes me sick reading about the girl with the paintings. How spoiled and disrespectful can one be? Too sad you simply didn’t walk out on her.
    Still, sweet and interesting girls in Copenhagen exist, in large numbers actually. But just not in the center. Seek beyond the lakes to Nørrebro and Vesterbro.
    Furthermore I support generalizing. Since you can’t meet every Danish girl you have to put up with describing the girls as boring. I agree. They are boring and completely unable to accept the fact that they are generalizing all the time.
    Double standards suck.

  • anaus

    Hi all, im from aus, lived in canada, the usa and soon to hit up south america. One thing i noticed, well that really slapped me in the face would be a better term, was how canadian and USA males, would mass around one girl or a few girls, raising their egos and pissing them off at the same time. The typical Canadian/USA male must learn to take these stupid moles of a pedestal because they have a pussy, After 30 the ratio of men to women both here and over there is in the mans favor.

    Sadly girls over here are becoming more and more like their, overly capitalist, consumerist, shallow sisters over in the states. With shows such as ‘Jersey Shore’ and ‘The millionaire matchmaker’ gracing our tv screens, what hope is there.

  • Prime™

    She was just being a bitch. If she woulda told me not to touch “her” whiskey i woulda been like “fuck that! Bitch, get on yo knees and pray!” Lol fa real she can eat a dick. Usually the meanest are turned on when you return the emotion #fire with fire

  • Fiona1933

    Get this clear. Asian women are not ‘submissive’ at all. They are not enjoying doing that ‘you so big, you so strong’ act. If you really want to know what’s up, pretend to be gay and get them talking. I have lived in Asia over 20 years now and I am a woman so they talk to me. Chinese, Thai, Lao…they don’t have the American woman’s opportunities, but they sure want them. In the meantime they are forced to play this game, and God, they hate the men of the West who treat them this way, as submissive sex-toys. They hate you for it.
    Plus, Asian women expect to dominate the home. Every Hong Kong man I have ever met is a wet fish compared to the wife. Those giggly Hello Kitty girls vanish when the ring goes on: you don’t get to keep your money any more and she will run things. Unless you are a total bastard who enjoys seeing women cry, you cannot win this game. A psychopath like Roosh can enjoy that, can laugh at the tears, work to bring on more and have a frightened girl at his beck and call, but most men want a happy girl and you won’t get it if she doesn’t have her way. They will be insanely jealous too, search your stuff, monitor your phone calls, micro-manage all expenditures and weep and weep, cry and scream, throw tantrums, even do suicide attempts, drinking bleach is a favourite, if you dont do what she says. Or she may just take you for all you’ve got.
    The only times I have seen an Asian woman – Western guy thing work out is when the man had respect for her as a person, didnt have a big age gap (please, no you 60 she 17) and they had a serious emotional and mental connection,. In other words, not a sexy bar girl with 10 dangerous brothers and a very grasping family.
    Submissive does not make a good partner. This Roosh is an idiot. He isnt getting laid any more than any other man. He’s just making people with him feel embarrassed.
    And he has an iron-clad nerve calling people ugly. Dear God, look at him. He’s a horrible hairy Turk. He has the Arab looks repellent to white women. Of course the Danes turned him down, on top of the boorishness. What does it mean anyway? How come women can find beauty in a man they like? You know what we do: we go looking for it. We find excuses for his flaws, and suddenly, he’s lovely! You men are brain-washed. And no, I’m not fat or ‘ugly’ before the childishness begins.

  • JQ

    “Don’t touch my whisky!” Really? I would have made my ditch move right then and there. “Wow! You mad bro? Perhaps you don’t like being here with me. Let me call you a cab…” Or just leave and go get other girls; some bitches are just time wasters