The Elephant In The Room

There’s an elephant in the manosphere room. Men are nervous to talk about it for fear of being labeled a beta male, and even I’ve avoided the topic for years simply because I don’t fully understand it in a logical manner.

The elephant is pointing out that love exists. You can call it a neurochemical response that is like eating chocolate if you wish, but during your lifetime, you will certainly feel an intense connection with at least one girl that supersedes anything you have felt with other girls, and it will affect your judgement and behavior. For too long, those in the game and red pill spheres have not only been love denialists but love shamers, training men through repetition to not develop emotional attachments with any woman. I know this because I’m one of them.

There are several components of good game practice that make love less likely to develop. I’ve taught men to…

If you want to sleep with a lot of women, adopting these four teachings will surely aid you, as it has helped me over the past 15 years to rack up many notches around the world, but they are opposed to the formation of deeper long-term connections. Not only do they actively prohibit them, but they will make a man feel ashamed and weak when he experiences them since they go against the stereotypical alpha male template, which can be best described as either a T-1000 Terminator or Stifler from American Pie, depending on who you ask.

By stating the existence of love, I’m not at all urging you to bend over backwards for the next girl you meet, make sacrifices that she doesn’t, and take abuse from her, but on a game journey that will include meeting hundreds of women, you will develop strong feelings for at least one, and it does not serve you to ignore those feelings and be an emotionless robot instead. The current game literature has practically no advice for men who do develop these feelings, and I have no doubt that many have lost a potential long-term love bond because of that.

I don’t yet have clear advice for you, but I can tell you that becoming proficient with game does allow you to recognize whether the attraction you have for women is merely sexual or something more. You become a better judge of the woman who may be deserving of your love from the sacrifices, effort, and affection she puts into the relationship. We must have a firm understanding of how to show normal human emotion that can take our relationships to the next level while not being so needy or available that the chemistry and attraction is lost. This balance may take us a lifetime to figure out.

Beware of the love denialists in the manosphere. They are posturing for your approval so you look up to their toughness and hold them up to be a playboy or guru, but any man without a legitimate sociopath diagnosis will feel an intense bond with 1-3 women in his life. The trick is having enough experience with women so you can recognize it for what it is while enjoying that relationship on your terms for as long as it lasts.

Sleeping with a variety of women is not only pleasurable from a sexual standpoint, but also to develop the knowledge to enjoy a strong bond with a woman who develops love for you, especially if she rejects degenerate Western culture in similar ways that you do. I’m thankful to have had such a bond twice in my life, and hope that other men can enjoy that as well.

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