The Encounter

Enough time has passed where I feel comfortable sharing something that happened to me in Venezuela. The emotional wounds have healed.

It was my fifth night there and I was on Margarita Island. That night I met a couple waitresses at a restaurant who took me to a club two blocks away. I thought I was going to hook up with one of the them but that didn’t happen so I was on my own for the second half of the night.

Going through the back of the club put you directly on the beach. I dodged couples making out to sit on a sand ledge facing the ocean. The wind was strong that night, my friends. I closed my eyes and placed my hands on the sand behind me. This is the type of moment that is enhanced with a girl, I thought. Not two minutes later, a random girl I never met before did show up. She sat right next to me.

She was alright looking. Maybe a 6.5 out of 10. Cute but not hot. In bad English she asked me where I was from. I told her and then she said she was from Brazil. Then she gave me this lazy look and glanced at my lips. If you’re a guy, you know what I’m talking about. It took less than 30 seconds for us to start making out on this sand ledge. I guess all those things they say about Brazilian girls are true.

We went back inside and I bought a round of Polar Ice beers (a dollar each). This girl is dancing in front of me as I’m sitting down enjoying my beer. Then she asks me where I’m staying. I had a $50 a night apartment with its own bedroom and kitchen, luxurious by Venezuelan standards. She asked me if I wanted to go back to my place.

Now this concerned me. I’ve had girls move fast on me before but this is exceptionally fast. And she is from Brazil, a land known for its casual prostitution. I told her that I wanted to hang out at the bar a little longer because I like the music. If she saw me as a potential client, I wanted her to get discouraged and move onto easier fish. But if she wasn’t a prostitute, she wouldn’t mind hanging out for a bit longer. I got a second beer and we hung out for another 30 minutes.

Once I knew her for an hour, I concluded that she definitely was not a prostitute. I was ready. “Why don’t we go back to my place?” I said. She agreed, and we walked there. Inside I gave her a tour of the apartment that ended in my bedroom. I went to the kitchen to get some water and to put my cash in the refrigerators butter compartment—just in case she tried to rob me after I went to sleep.

Things progressed quickly in the bedroom. Within 10 minutes we were both completely naked. My condom use can best be described as a hair short of full safety compliance, but with this girl there was no fucking way I’m getting near her without one. She didn’t look that clean anyway.

I put on a condom and got ready to make big penetration. Then she said something which has been permanently etched into my brain, Brazilian accent and all.

“Pay me.”

Part 2: Live and Learn


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  • mm

    The butter compartment was a good call.

  • virglekent

    get to the part where she shows you her cock…..

  • inowpronounceyou

    I think I dated this woman.

  • turbocargado

    hm yeah I think you wanted her to not be and relaxed your protistute radar too much. I would have done the same thing.

  • AH

    She was in it for the long haul. Note how she didn’t ask for money when she was making out with you. She is very sure about her skills, something to be proud of.

  • Phil

    He should have put his wang in the butter compartment.

    My pubes are starting to itch just thinking about this prostitute.

  • kayla

    I so thought she was going to try to cut out a vital organ or two… to sell on the black market.

  • tampa

    Those little red bumps that appeared are your slong are not zits….

  • Jewcano

    I saw this going where Virgle did. She’s a man, baby.

  • stone

    Man, you have to be really full of yourself to believe a girl would like you that much to go to bed with you right away. When that happens, either:
    – you are a male model
    – she’s a prostitute
    – she’s stoned or drunk to such an extent it would be considered statutory rape

    I’ve travelled quite a bit too, and there are no countries I’ve been where the girls could be considered really “easy”. It works the same way everywhere. Either you put on your game and hope it happens after you play it good, or if it seems to move too soon, see above.

  • miik

    Wasn’t there a beach girl seduction set-up like this in a Tom Cruise movie?

    I think the mob was in on it and
    there was alot of paperwork involved

    VK JC ha ha ha ha ha

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  • your a bullshitter

    your a bullshitter

  • matsmailbox

    Like the way you didn’t mention that you ended up giving her cash and paying for a taxi home, bet she didn’t leave empty handed even if you didn’t still screw her! Go to Brazil that happens all the time!

  • Blue Tropic