American Feminism Wants All Girls To Be Fat Sluts

In the 1920s, the feminism movement was all about equal rights between men and women, particularly with voting.

In the 1960s and 70s, it was about the right to kill a human fetus inside you.

In the 1980s, it was about not being sexually “harassed.”

Today, the modern feminism movement can be boiled down to one thing: allowing Western women to be fat sluts. They are fighting for the right to look as ghastly as they want while being able to ride one-hundred cocks without being judged.

While old-school feminists like the National Organization of Women (NOW) still have legislative goals in the form of affirmative action and ending sex slavery once and for all, the millennial feminist you know so well—who forms the main readership of a site like Jezebel—is primarily concerned with eliminating fat and slut “shaming.” In other words, they want to fuck whomever they want while being a “healthy weight,” which is enigma code for F-A-T. Only once in a while do they write about the unfortunate plight of genital mutilation in some far off African country or sexual abuse in a FSU country that they can’t pronounce.

Take a look at a sample of popular Jezebel posts I caught one day:

And so on.

You may be thinking, “Well, what’s wrong with sluts? Isn’t that the point of your site, to fuck girls as easily as possible?”

The problem is that since slutdom is not a woman’s natural state, at least not on the same level as men, something must be altered in an American woman’s mind to make her feel comfortable taking ten times the amount of cock than the previous generation of women. That something is masculinization: they must become like men in order to fuck like them.

If American women were feminine, thin, and nurturing sluts, I would have no complaints, but they are a breed of slut that compare horribly to foreign women who, while less slutty, outperform them on every other conceivable metric. I would rather work 20% harder for sex with women I want to keep around for repeat banging than a sexual encounter with a ballooning woman with attitude. Those who disagree with me about not wanting to put in a bit of extra work have probably not slept with a single foreign woman who hasn’t been corrupted.

If my assertion is true that millenial feminism is primarily concerned with letting girls be fat sluts, and feminism continues to get aid and power from the establishment, then you should see a trend of women getting fatter, more masculine, and less able to take on the more traditional role of being a mother, wife, or even pleasant girlfriend. Now I’ve been out of the country for 18 months so I guess I’ll ask you: are women getting fatter or thinner? Are they getting more masculine or feminine? It’s harder for any man, American or not, to be satisfied on just easy sex alone if there is little other value that a woman can offer. Sadly, 90% of American men are not even getting a taste of this “easy” sex.

The majority of men who read me don’t want to play in a field of fat sluts. Once in a while it’s fun to pork one, but I think most sharp men are realizing that the newest push by millennial feminists for fat acceptance will eventually make it extremely difficult to find a girl worth settling down with. While I’m sure there are some men out there who are having a fat slut bonanza, the culture has overshot. Every year that goes by will just make it harder for any of us to be content with American women.

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  • Odds

    make hay while the sun shine, Ameribros. It’s all coming down. Enjoy the decline.

  • Jim–reports.html

    That is the end game of feminism. Women entitled to do as they please with whomever because they lack shame and the ability to think long term. Problem is a growing population of men do not and cannot trust them. If Patterson can get cheated on, and Stewart cheats with a married man, what man alive out there thinks a modern American woman can be loyal?

    Simply put, I trust playing Russian Roulette and coming out ahead more than I do any American woman.

  • Brandon

    “are women getting fatter or thinner? Are they getting more masculine or feminine?”

    As I was reading this article, a fat slut from work came over to us and started blurting, “blah blah my fucking dad. Blah blah fuck blah bullshit fucking blah.” I always see this overweight bitch getting much love. Hell, even way more than me and I’m actually in shape and good-looking (I think). The other day I was at the mall with my li’l bro and met his bandmates and their groupies. Soon after one if them (a 16 or 17 yr old girl) started bitching out her mom on the phone over something minute.
    She was thin, however.

    I went to meet my friend the town over at his work 2 weeks back. His female co-worker (slightly attractive, but chunky) started screaming at him for walking on the floor where she wasn’t even mopping yet. I think she was trying to get my attention with that fit, but instead I stuck with my bro and called her out on being a bitch. She was super nice to him the following day.

    I was at a new bar in a more populated town a month back, and the only woman there was the bartender (cute, but tom boyish). I could tell she was attracted to me, however, there were about 5 guys competing for her attention so I finished my beer and left.

    I haven’t yet had the privaledge of banging a foreign chick. I think about it all the time.

  • Brandon

    I’d like to add that I’m not even from the city. I live a bum fuck nowhere.

  • bodmon

    i lost my virginity to a fat tattooed slut. she was really friendly though

  • Anonymous

    It’s a shame what has happened. I work in an impoverished, majority black city. Yesterday I was on the subway and observing the overweight women, all alone, and the slim young perfect-bodied girls (young black girls are blessed in this regard), almost all with babies on their hips. What I didn’t see is a man with any of them. I wondered – is this the fate of the rest of America? Now, these problems have existed in black communities for quite a while now. I wonder if these single-mother, old overweight women scenario will be the norm for the rest of America. I afraid it might already be.

    I’ve lucked out recently and found somewhat of a throwback girl – feminine, nurturing and just generally kind. She isn’t self-absorbed or materialistic like most women in her age group. And she happens to be Indian (I only mention this because I recall Roosh made a comment sometime ago about Indian women). I guess what I’m trying to say is that there are some women out there worth the time. But it’s getting bleak my friends.

  • Garth

    Females in America have all the rights and none of the accountability. They have become retarded children in a system that allows them legal carte blanche as well as has forcibly established societal norms that forbids anybody from drawing attention to the fact they American women have become pig vomit. They have become worthless as human beings, not just as failed women.

  • Erik

    The best thing to do is simply ignore them. They will get fatter and fatter, feeling more secure, and then the wall hits. The wall is 40+ and then she looks at her life realizing it has all been wasted.

    Men only need to one thing. Focus on themselves. Work to be in amazing shop. Work to make money. Work to be happy.

    I went from being an unemployed skinny college student living with my daughters mom to breaking up with her, making $70k+, doing 30 pullups, and now I’m traveling to Machu Picchu solo or with a good friend.

    I’m living my life and she is unemployed, started failing college classes, locking down a guy with marriage, and having nothing to live for.

    Who won? Me. Why? Because she was only holding me back.

    Life lesson #42: A woman won’t bring you success.

  • The Private Man

    Poolside is where it’s at.

  • Anonymous

    Roosh, I thoroughly enjoy your site…keep up the good work. Glad to see you are back

  • JJ Roberts

    I would disagree

    The end game seems to be the eradication of gender which means that they are fighting a false flag operation

    They are labeling men as the enemy when really they are fighting against nature

  • Anonymous

    Just got back from being out of this cuntry for 2 months. I came back to sell all of my shit and have no ties that will drag me back here. Being back has been one of the most challenging and socially discomforting situations I have been in to date. Didn’t realize how fucked up it is here until I took a break, which showed me that foreign women are actual women. I wouldn’t call these fat dick goblins in the US women. I have no desire to be around the daddy-issued SHE-MEN of the west any longer.

    Roosh: Good luck with your return.

  • Working Man

    I see this all the time in my professional life. I meet women age 35+ who are single and destined to stay that way. Perfectly nice people, but I guess they were either too demanding or didn’t focus on their personal lives when they were younger. As a result, they’re childless and will remain that way.

    The statistics in the US show a rapidly rising number of these “singletons” (also called “never-marrieds”) of both genders. This does have serious implications for population growth and society at large (like demand for housing and household size).

  • Wolf

    I agree wholeheartedly, Roosh. Most American women have been corrupted with fattitude and the cuntfidence of “never judge me.”

    There are however pockets of feminine, thin and attractive women who love to fuck- without being sluts. You will find them in those remaining preserves of patriarchal and traditional gender norms and values – church. Yep, I said it. I’m an atheist and a hedonist but if you look for the girls who were raised in a liberal church (think non-denominational or “faith based” or similar) but don’t attend church regularly they will not be the whorish sluts with attitude but frequently have wonderful personalities, traditional mores, dress classy, look good, know how to take care of their men, be strong yet submissive, etc. In a word, feminine.

    Avoid the Jesus freaks – they’re prudes or “reformed” uber-sluts.

  • gouchface

    I fly weekly across canada to the main cities for work.i really try to keep a positive outlook on the women i see. Its very sad indeed. Also who put out the bulletin that tells fat mostly 20ish women to wear skin tight lululemon pants with sweatshirts hair t ied up in a bun that looks like a foucking birdsnest. And no makeup on thier pastey scarey face .s is the uniform they wear to travel across country? Im no GQ cover model myself .. but i put in 4 times the effort they do and im a 43 year old man.

  • Keoni Galt

    The End game is a failure to reproduce and create male headed households…population control.

    A fat, masculinized slut is far less likely to create a household with a husband and multiple children.

    People call this conspiracy theory.

    I say open your eyes, it’s right there for all to see.

    In the bad old days of Patriarchy, women got married shortly after puberty (14-16), and popped out 5-10 kids over the course of a lifetime with one or two husbands (divorce being rare, it was more likely due to being widowed while young and still able to get pregnant).

    The long march of Cultural Marxism through western culture focused on breaking up the nuclear family as it’s primary strategy in realizing it’s societal revolution.

    Promoting masculinized, fattened sluttiness as the ultimate “freedom” for women is not the end, it is the means.

  • Kid Strangelove

    the downside – this behavior is “turning” some of the wonderful foreign girls that bring balance to american life.

  • Rael

    Looking for some more free publicity, Roosh?

  • John Salt
  • Aleph

    On the question of whether women are fatter or thinner:

    I spent substantial time this summer on a large Midwestern college campus as well as in Lincoln Park in Chicago which is a bastion of 20-something’s. The default, remember, DEFAULT, form of dress for girls in the summer months has been the gut-obscuring “tit curtain” that is meant to hide a girl’s chub. No lie, 90 percent of girls are wearing these. It’s game over for American girls.

  • Subway Masturbator

    I think you mean “I would rather” than “I rather” which is incorrect usage.

    However, I get all worked up as fatsluts purssue me in an effort to remove all joy from my life as well.

  • Apocalypseman

    Haha tit curtain and flip flops. Just terrible. Glad I’m in Europe. I’ll never go back.

    Regarding comment 8. Well said. I’ve only progressed when being single. I’ve regressed with north American women around me in relationships.

  • delicioustacos

    Maybe there are a few modern feminists who have some endgame in mind. But most don’t want to accomplish anything. They want to complain, and they want people to validate their complaints. Their collective self-pity is its own reward.

  • J. Gumb

    Was she a great big fat person?

  • the passanger

    truly sad.
    #16 is perfectly right.
    american men started to get heatlhy in recent years. the trend is to hit the gym, build muscles (hogde twins anyone?), eat healthy, overall: do all kinds of self improvement work.

    american women? they just eat junk and behave like it. oh, and i forgot: do they spend 6 hrs a day on facebook and iphone? hell yeah.
    american men- you deserve better.
    just say no to american woman.
    stay away from me

  • A

    -The End Game Of American Feminism Is To Allow All Girls To Be Fat Sluts

    -The End Game Of American Diet Is To Allow All Girls/Guys To Be Fat

    -The End Game Of American Freedom Is To Allow All Girls To Be Sluts

    -The End Game of American Culture Is To Allow All Girls To Be Right

    -The End Goal Of American Dream Is To Be Wealthy, i.e. Live in A Big House, Drive a Nice Car; Allow yourself to Work at a job you don’t want, to buy Sh*t you don’t need.

    As my girl gets fatter… I wonder when she’ll realize that this is NOT ok ….

  • Aleph

    It also needs to be mentioned that men in America have accepted fatness and bad attitude among their women. So you see this bizzarro world scenario where female quality has dropped but their standards have INCREASED because of hypergamy. So the girls are all willing to share the same alpha with 3 or 4 or however many other women he’s plowing, and guys are flocking into gyms to try and compete because the bar is now raised so high for the regular dude to fuck a 5 or 6.

    So you go into your typical college bar and you see dudes pumped up to their eyeballs with artificial steroids because they think that’s going to be their ticket to sex (sadly, it often is), and the girls are donning fit curtains and looking like flabby freaks.

    I promise you, in 5 years or so you’re going to see a full-blown epidemic of steroid use in this country. Right now, it’s mostly confined to the upper class and upper-middle class kids who can afford them, but the rest of the country will eventually catch up.

    The universe evens itself out though. A lot of these steroid tools lose sex drive and the functionality of their man junk because of hormonal imbalance.

  • Mats

    The end game is to do and be whatever they want without accountability.

  • http://[email protected] DC

    Above submitter hit it: Cultural Marxism

  • KO

    I saw this site on a Couchsurfing complaint about how bad you are and how you treat girls so badly, lol. So I was wondering are girls allowed here or on the forum?

  • 100% Virgin

    there is no such thing as game because you open women with your face, not your mouth. if you’re good-looking you don’t need game. if you’re ugly you don’t need game, but only because you’re so ugly there’s literally nothing you can do.

  • Moses

    I’m an American who expatriated to SE Asia a few years ago.

    This morning my gf got up before me, cooked scrambled eggs and pancakes and made me coffee the way I like it. She made the bed too. Last weekend she showed up with plants and flowers for my front porch. She’s always looking for nice little things to do for me.

    She’s thin, attractive, hardworking, feminine and traditional. This is normal here.

    Sadly, girls like her are exceedingly rare in the US.


  • tmp
  • American Man

    Great site roosh. I’m 22, I work hard and am generally firm, but nice. I never had any long term flings in America, my freshmen and sophmore year I hooked up a lot, but in high school I didn’t get much cause I was an intellectual kind of guy and just in general had no clue. Some of you know what I mean…those young years where we can be so stupid lol. lived in Prague for 6 months right after I turned 21. For 5 of those 6 months I had a dream girlfriend. She was 5’3, skinny, perfect breasts, extremely sweet, a great cook, I like cooking and so did she even though she was skinny, and was just in general a great girlfriend. On a ten scale my friends over there gave her a 9 or ten rating. I am back in the states now, but I have already made plans to permanently move to Europe. I am finishing school and then moving over there.

    See once you’ve had a girl in EE it changes your life. It’s like the matrix kind of. Once you’ve experienced it when you’re back in the states you just feel like something’s not right. This quote below explains how I have felt since I’ve been back in the states for the past five months and how I bet a lot of the sites readers feel.
    “Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I’m talking about?”
    American men, be men! Make money, ignore the haters, especially American women they WANT you to fail, and then move away to a country that suits you. America is unhealthy for alpha males, beta males, just in general MALES. lol go ROOSH!

  • Luis

    good post roosh and Im dating a mexican girl and she knows how to treat me like a man and thanks for opening our eyes to cut out american girls. and i thnk u roosh

  • Luis

    death to american fat sluts

  • michelin

    Gold medal post

  • Mike

    Great thing about manossphere. Now we KNOW something is wrong, and it’s not with us, as they’ve had us believing for so long.
    Now we can make reasonable plans for our future. And not the plan “I’ll go out every weekend spending a fortune then maybe get lucky with some arrogant chick”.
    No, now we can plan. Learn game, go to the right countries, save hour money for that. Find a great girl there, have kids and a nice family.
    This is not possible here so why waste your time ?
    Funny how we, men, have suddenly become the sex interrested in core values like family etc, whereas girls acts the complete opposite. That is,until they hit 35 years old and had all their stupid fantasies fullfilled and now are ready “to settle down”.
    They want US to give them our best, but only want to give something back when their cock carousel value has dropped.
    No way, uh uh, that’s not how it works.

  • Theodora

    1.Being skinny

    Are 3 things that can give happiness, even if the rest of your life is a mess. And you will never know the feeling till you experience each one. I wish people knew that and then decide if it feels better being overweight, so much so as to defend it. It’s sad that there are people who willingly deprive themselves of a huge amount of potential happiness.

  • Anonymous

    When fat girls are around me, they better hold their breath. I don’t want to breathe the same air as these subhuman animals. I am sure everyone agrees with me

  • L

    so.. men can be ugly, fat, sluts but women can’t. men need to only like what you deem manly, or they’re manginas and worthless. you want to control people more than feminism ever wanted to.

    also, funny how you can only find jezebel links to back up your wild assumptions; no one takes jezebel seriously.

  • Nicky

    In college and the military I called it hoggin. I broke in plenty a boot and pledge with a horny hog or two. You and I are the same age. When a man gets to this level, he’s wants more than just a quick fuck – regardless of her weight. I will say this, northern men like em skinnier than southern mediterranean types. You can argue this point all you want, but I know your penchant for big asses Roosh.

  • Mr magic

    @Moses What makes me laugh about all this living here in North America (Toronto, Canada to be exact) is that I have guys I know who live here who are my ”friends” if you can use that word, that know nothing of a woman actually doing something for you other then bitch and ask you for your money. The guys here are schocked when I tell them that the woman I am used to even in my culture actually hold the house down by cooking, cleaning, also being compassionate, understanding and knowing to support there man and back him. I am so tired of my so call beta bitch ”friend’ that is pussyfied to the fullest telling me because I want a woman that those more then order Kraft dinner, and knows how to order a cheque, will cuss more then I do and fuck more cocks then a ”Debbie dose Dallas porn flick” there is more to life then these girls here in North America I am telling you folks, give up on these entitled fat, unappreciative sluts skip them all together, I will not take a 35 year old bitch that can’t even cook or those not know how to communicate with me with 30-50 men pussy millage on her pussy with in almost barren womb who hate men with a passion and who see there slutty girlfriends as there surogate support system, they fuck us men here and there and have there girlfriends has there menthall men I will say no thank you, I will skip these bitches like the plague, when I want to settle down and marry and have kids these North American bitches will get no chance with me, the Femanazi system has done a great job, it has convinced woman in North America that they are men with a pussy, and that they are completly non-accountable for there actions well I say good luck with that and you have lost another one.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Roosh, female fan of your blog here. Game is so morbidly fascinating! I’m curious about something that I guess no male reader cares about, namely: What do you do after sex? I’m guessing you don’t exactly stay for breakfast, but are you out the door in less than five minutes? (Does it depend on the girl?) How do the girls react? Hope you’ll be so kind as to reply. Thanks for your blog!

    [Roosh: I let her stick around for the night. I don’t punish girls who put out for me, even if I don’t like them. If the sex was good, I contact her within a couple days.]

  • S.Lynn

    Cappy Capitalism just mentioned your site. Glad he did. I love it and will refer it to my son (in the Navy). Thanks for the manly perspective of life. Love it! (a slim previous slut from the 70’s)

  • Anonymous female again

    Roosh: Thanks for answering my question. I didn’t know you brought them back to your place. Very gentlemanly of you to let them spend the night. :) If you don’t mind, I’ve got a few more questions: Are you looking to eventually settle down at any point (not necessarily have kids, but find someone to grow old with)? At what age do you see yourself doing so? What would you consider to be ‘marriage material’? — And no, I’m not seeking to become Mrs. Roosh. I’m just curious! :)

  • Safado

    Some girl just posted this as her status on Facebook and it reminded me of this article.

    “You don’t have to be pretty. You don’t owe prettiness to anyone. Not to your boyfriend/spouse/partner, not to your co-workers, especially not to random men on the street. You don’t owe it to your mother, you don’t owe it to your children, you don’t owe it to civilization in general. Prettiness is not a rent you pay for occupying a space marked ‘female’.”

  • Anonymous

    ^^^^^^^^^ ugly fat bitch ha

  • Moses

    My cousin and her friend are staying with me a few days. They just graduated from college and are taking an asian trip.

    Last night i took them to dinner with my gf. During chit chat I told them about what a great cook my gf is. They looked at each other a little embarrased and said “we can’t cook at all!”

    That was just before my cousin asked me about “gender awareness” in se asia. Oy.

    Nice girls. But i was reminded of how good i’ve got it over here.

  • Anonymous

    Ask any guy with a car payment, underwater mortgage, 30 extra pounds, and 3 decades of desk work under his belt how progressive and liberal his lifestyle is. Thats what the feminist end game is.

    The whole purpose of feminism was to mobilize women to join the labor force. That means more workers, more consumers, and more points to a countries GDP growth numbers. More GDP means a bigger military force, and so on.

    If feminists want to help women, they need to point them in directions that don’t lead to misery and ill health.

  • Shawn

    @ 50

    “The whole purpose of feminism was to mobilize women to join the labor force. That means more workers, more consumers, and more points to a countries GDP growth numbers. More GDP means a bigger military force, and so on.”

    Paging GBFM!!

  • Hussein

    Wanna know whats funny? The one were samantha brick called french woman slutty jezebel said: samantha brick ”you aren’t pretty enough to be doing sort of stuff like that” so they insult other women while protecting women. nice

  • Infantry

    Hypergamy unleashed has led to a slippery slope of declining quality of women.

    You know what its like in the former soviet states where you get some deadbeat alcoholic with a model girlfriend? That’s where the West is going, but in reverse.

    Girls are progressively getting more masculine and putting less effort into attracting men. Men meanwhile are in the game arms race of constantly training social skills, hitting the gym (even with steroid use) to compete for the ever shrinking pool of passable women.

    Where do you guys think the decline will end? An upheaval of disenfranchised men leading to economic collapse? Mass exodus and expatriation to get foreign women?

    You can’t keep punishing men. Eventually even the mainstream guys will either PUA, MGTOW, or expat. Once that happens, society as we know it will end. The govt won’t listen until the majority of women complain they can’t find men to make families. No families=no taxpayers.

  • janice

    BBW is the new sexy boys I’m true blue American feminist.. suck my clit

  • Cc

    That’s Janice from CS isn’t it?

  • Mike

    I lost my virginity to a fat tattooed slut as well. She was not friendly however haha.

  • Brianmark

    Some of it is men’s own fault. I see fat cougar 45 year old sluts out with 30 year old studs all the time. Guys need to have a boycott of fat girls and if they did, there would be less of them. All I see is young guys banging any old fat slut that moves. 95% of these women, I wouldn’t even touch!

  • American Woman

    Yeah, times are awesome for my sex. I think I’ll stroll down the street for some frozen yogurt, which I won’t have to pay for because the guy behind the counter thinks I’m cute. Maybe I’ll get a double serving. All those healthy calories give me the stamina I need to bang all of my lovers.

  • Willy Wonka

    I clicked on the Fiji link because I was curious…. I didn’t make it past this paragraph:

    “One the one hand, beauty pageants are stupid, so why am I even caring right now? Oh, who’s going to win our meaningless International Objectification Jamboree? Will it be this beautiful skinny woman, or this other beautiful skinny woman? Yay, let’s base the award for Earth’s Best Woman on purely physical characteristics! Great message.”

    What a fat cunt.

    You know the author is a fat cunt, because I’ve never in my life – in America or elsewhere – have met an attractive women who felt this way. Attractive women love feeling attractive. Only fat, ulgy cunts have a problem with “objectification”.

  • Pingback: Disgruntled Fat Sluts of the World, Unite!()

  • John Doe

    I am a Canadian male who regularly travels to Eastern Europe. Quite frankly I prefer slavic women over North American women for reasons that have been stated at great length above. I have had no problem getting laid as I am well dressed, relatively handsome, I have money and I have a passion for the cities I visit. Slavic women love it when I take them to cafes they have never heard of before in their own city.

    However, I must say one thing. Yes, the fat North American chick is tiresome but not all N.A. women fit into this category. However, the fact is many North American men are fat, boorish slobs who are of no use to a woman. So, if you’re wondering why you can’t get laid take a look in the mirror.

  • Feminist-fucker

    ahahha Roosh check this out, it does not fucking matter how hard feminist try to sabotage real mens dick. we still you them as plate, prolly one-time plate then we’ll toast their sad asses to trash bin………fucking awesome

  • Nevermind

    I don’t like fatties but I love fit sluts. I am a fit male who meets a lot of fit sluts. Not everyone is getting fat.

  • anon.

    You’re all SICK, SICK, SICK! Your mothers were all whores for not aborting you filthy bitches. No one on here deserves a girlfriend or a woman. Go learn how to cook and fuck yourselves! Then, you will have no complaints.

  • Joe American

    I came across this blog The Echo Boom Bomb. The Author has bought into a lot of the typical politically correct feminist BS, there are some interesting observations.

    “SlutWalk protesters in Canada”, What the hell are those guys doing holding those signs? The things guys do. They do look like pitiful bastards.

    Another interesting read:

    “I’ve stumbled across a huge subculture of young men (almost unexplored by media) who have chosen to avoid marriage because they don’t see any incentive to marry.”

    The grossly unfair divorce laws and fat slutty women. Mainstream media will not mention how undesirable this is to men even thought almost any guy you talk to on the street will acknowledge this.

    As for guys they as far better served by never getting married. This does not mean not having children. Men can have children without marriage. They can be good fathers without marriage. The first obvious benefit is it reduces the states interference in family life. And of coarse there are plenty of states to choose from no man is locked into one. Bottom line you define the terms of your relashenship. As a man your assets are better protected and liability is reduced. Women are presented with fewer moral hazards by not marring them.

    Women can choose the easy fat slut route in the West, this is made possible by state intervention, via welfare. Without the state this lifestyle would equal crushing third world poverty. As long as the state subsidizes this behavior it is encouraged, that is fatherless families and welfare baby mammas.

    The other route is life with a man. Without state interference it is the clear best choice for a selfish woman.

    As far as guys expatriating, they have been doing this for thousands of years, its has had a major impact on the world, I see no reason why this will not continue.

  • ark

    The reason that many of those fat sluts have attitude is because no matter how unattractive they are, there is always plenty of guys who are desperate enough to stare at them and make them feel like they are attractive.

  • Jon

    America is far beyond saving.

    It’s too late. Enjoy the decline and hope to god that feminism dies in America eventually.

  • WE7FNLwy

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  • A Real Man

    Whoa, whoa. Why the hell do the MEN have to leave? I say we send these fat, bitchy feminists to Iran, Afghanistan, or even Somalia. They’ll lose the weight and their bitch attitude in no time.

  • GrassEatingBoi

    Factory Feminism

    Your local feminist factory, bigot church; aka, University mass produces countless shameless slunts.

    The Western World:

    Where amputating a man’s penis while he sleeps, landing talk show fame and a book deal

    Where female teachers fuck the shit out of young boys for a laugh through the same legal system that demonizes all men via the male slaughter house experience called divorce.

    Where women are powder-puffed feather light sentences for the same crimes that men commit.
    Domestic violence, women are half the problem…Shhh.

    Where false rape is now an epidemic often destroying innocent men, and defacing the actual rape claims. Fembots are allowed to run wild and free – See Brian Banks story.

    The Equality Queens:

    “I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig.” — Andrea Dworkin

    “When a woman reaches orgasm with a man she is only collaborating with the patriarchal system, eroticizing her own oppression.” — Sheila Jeffrys

    “All sex, even consensual sex between a married couple, is an act of violence perpetrated against a woman.” — Catherine MacKinnon

    “To call a man an animal is to flatter him; he’s a machine, a walking dildo.” — Valerie Solanas, Authoress of the SCUM Manifesto

    “I feel that ‘man-hating’ is an honorable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them.” — Robin Morgan, Ms. Magazine Editor.

    === === ===

    A dark storm brews asshole feminists and white-knight manginas.

    Men are awakening…

    I am not testosterone poisoned and I am far happier working for myself in a low stress job, playing video games and loving prostitutes than ditching my soul for your curb appeal and blood diamond collection.

    Why have a man’s life destroyed just so she can hide behind the children as a source of income and shame games…?

    You silly narcissistic psychopaths, my rubber pussy fucks with more verve and feminine charm than you, and my sexy fat cock is most joyous without your trauma-drama crap.


  • Anonymous

    I am so shocked. How can all of you exist with such degrading thoughts and disrespect? This is the reason why there is such a thing as ‘feminism’ whatever your ideas of that are.. it is because it is reacting to heinous century old ideas that men have nothing to be ashamed of and women have to be everything a man wants them to be. Why don’t you all look at yourselves, apart from a couple of you, thank god, and see that none of you should leave your country and infect anyone else with your disgusting attitude. I am utterly astonished that you can get away with such bad behaviour. Take a good long look at yourselves and try and work out why you shouldn’t also blame yourselves for whats happened in your society? this is not manly chat this is something else. it;s bordering on much darker stuff. hateful stuff, bitchy stuff, revengeful stuff. Shame on you all.

  • Anonymous

    “The problem is that since slutdom is not a woman’s natural state, at least not on the same level as men”

    But you’ve proved that slutdom is not man’s natural state either. You yourself have admitted that your way of life has basically made you stop caring about human beings.

  • Anonymous

    Torika Watter(mixed descent) got heat from fiji cuz she looks too white instead of native fijian

    same story with Jacinta lal when she won miss india new zealand title. Shes a hot fiji indian(dad side) and white new zealander(mom side) and looks more white instead of indian.

  • Anonymous

    someone hasnt been riden in a while

  • James

    It’s not the endgame, it’s just the next step. Who knows what depravity the step after that will be. We can only guess …

  • some gal

    Ironically, physical self-care, ie health and thinness, stable marriages and dedication to parenting once children are present is strongly associated with level of education. As is militant feminism. Most of my friends are thin, very concerned with health and fitness, and decent girlfriends, but they spout the feminist party line. Obesity and broken relationships don’t plague the ‘cultural elite’ as much. There are common self-defeating feminist tendencies among my friends, though. Some of them could benefit from reading Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr Good Enough, by Lori Gottlieb, which describes dating realities as you age, including in contrast to some feminist myths. She essentially regrets not taking good relationships she had due to …. Well, she describes it. It doesn’t describe me, but I was hugely interested in dating advice, cultural trends related to sex and romance, and the psychology and biology of and environmental influences on sex differences for many years. If you want to understand women better, read books like the one above, Why Men Love Bitches (not like it sounds), Love in 90 Days, Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man, and The Rules Revisited website. They aren’t as empty as you might think and they contain excellent advice for women. They would tell you men what a lot of women want and what a lot of women don’t know. A lot of what you observe and dislike on the part of women is sheer ignorance of women about male nature and getting in touch with a sincere feminity and sexuality inside yourself, while not necessarily discarding sincere masculine aspects of yourself. The dance of romance is both natural and requires learning. The market for this learning is increasing. Did so many successful dating books exist 40 years ago? A lot of women want successful relationships, but the market is gone. ALSO, only 25% of women call themselves feminists in surveys. Because the word feminism is rightly not associated with its biased and vague dictionary definition relating to equal rights. I recommend reading The Sexual Paradox by Susan Pinker, as well. If women were so easily lead by ideas, they would be studying things in school they don’t want to, etc. Also, in surveys, most women with children want to work part-time. I agree whole-heartedly that the lack of feminity and promiscuity you describe is rampant, but you underestimate expressed sex differences in the free world and overestimated self-proclaimed feminism. I enjoy the points of view on the manosphere for the contrast to, well, the rigidly controlled mainstream. Although, one goal of mine as a dater is to avoid men who aren’t honest, sincere and interested in a relationship, so guys like Roosh are the enemy, too. (Aside: do you know how hard it is to find men like that who will also act like a man, vigorously taking the lead in the bedroom and having a sense of his own masculity and strength? I find eastern european, southern European, Arab, etc men more masculine- at first sight, by their movements, even- and wonder what North Americans are missing. But these guys are also more likely to be assholes, which is not attractive (to me. I know ‘negs’ and indifference, etc., must work on many, or you guys wouldn’t talk about it all the time… I don’t really get why someone who would never be careful with you is an attractive person to be intimately vulnerable with, but I may be both very sensitive in these things and unusually unlikely to excuse behaviour with obvious BS, like he’s really good but flawed, no matter how he acts, like is rampant in womankind). Maybe masculinity and mistreatment of women correlate across cultures and among individuals due to personality. Alas. ) I admire your balls, though. It makes me want to start a blog. It is a safe place to be yourself and intellectualize….. This comment doesn’t have a clear flow or theme, but I have long hated feminism, because I hate being patronized to, and only feminists have ever talked to me like I cannot competently make my own decisions. This is touched upon in The Sexual Paradox. … I would mind less if I didn’t have to support them with taxes and if women’s studies were held to higher standards of academic integrity and scientific rigor. It attacks my strongest values that the credibility of a university is used so much for propagating misinformation by political activists. The Blank Slate by Steven Pinker is a good book that touches on that, by the way …. This is great venting. I know of no woman I can talk about all these things with. Though, I might not want to in conversation, anyway. Writing is a fantastic medium. But whom would I write to. Anyway, so, please accept me as commenter somewhat on the manosphere, as I belong here more than in conversations with my wonderful, but mostly quite leftwing, grad student friends. … Advice on how to have sex with lots of women is interesting, though not useful to me. … Lastly,it is easy to avoid guys like that- like Roosh. Time and quietly watching eyes are the woman’s filter. Time, especially. What man would stick around for months to get to know someone in a dating scenario to fuck and chuck them? … Ah, love. Lust, affection, friendship and romance comprising it- maybe achievable long-term if prioritized. Maybe you’ll find and keep love, someday, gamers, like 10% of couples still together after X years, or so I read on Psychology Today online. Honesty out of respect is required, though… So, it’s probably an impossible goal for womanizers.

  • howtoon

    My roommate fucks more fat girls than jenny craig

  • jc

    No matriarchal society h as ever survived, and neither will this one…

  • Lara

    I’m having the issue where I can’t find a good man who isn’t either fat or a slut, so I suppose I can sort of understand why this might frustrate you. I think it affects both genders. Might not help that I live in the UK, either, as I really enjoy the company of more effeminate and gentle men, and that sort of behaviour seems to be actively discouraged.

    I’m not particularly desperate for a relationship or bothered about sex though, so I just let all the sluts have fun fucking each other, and watch to see/read how they go about that. Articles like the ones on this site helps me realise what men do when they just want sex, and it’s good to know what kind of man to avoid, so I suppose I should be grateful for it (not that I’ve ever been drawn to alpha guys anyway, but yeah).

    Fortunately I’ve never been easy in the first place, but this sort of thing just makes me more aware of my situation as a target for sexual gratification.

  • Dilly

    that seems fair to me, actually. You don’t have to be handsome, safado, and I would still respect you and view you as a human with merits and things to offer the world……maybe if she expects to date someone who’s attractive and puts value on looks and health, she should feel the need to as well in order to be a fair partner, but I like the status on the whole

  • SUPRA luca

    All societies succumb, patriarchal or matriarchal.

  • SUPRA luca

    Most American guys are also overweight. In fact, America has more overweight males than females as far as I know. And they are also a lot less vain than their female counterpart, so they can’t even complain. Their sense of masculinity is wrong, clumsy, silly and crude, not sophisticated and classy with a touch of expression and grace like it should be. One of the problems is that American males believe women are blind, and maybe women really got desensitized with the amount of ugliness coming from the males over there. But still, being that unattractive will get you guys nowhere.
    Most American males ARE fat, hairy, undefined. Their bodies are gross. Men are supposed to have toned muscles, but American males are either fat or flabbily skinny. The hot ones are maybe less than 3%. They won’t shave the excesses of body hair, won’t dress appealingly, are ignorant and selfish.

    I know some women there are BAD (I was there twice, and encountered some idiotic females), but the males are such garbage. I just wish they would never come over our Countries and hurt our eyes and senses with their lack of attractiveness.
    Please, don’t come to South America and keep your disgusting self away from me. We are extremely satisfied with our hot, delicious South American males. Thank you.

  • SUPRA luca

    So you mean that the GUYS are the slutty ones for banging everyone.

  • SUPRA luca

    Eh, you know that saying that women don’t fuck you right is NEVER degrading to females at all, right? Because really, why would they want to fuck your cock that, well, I’m sure isn’t worth it. Please American men, learn this: your BODY should be sexy, defined and toned, not hairy and gross. If your cock is also sexy, even better! But that is not the priority. And American males can never make women cum anyway, so please shut up. You guys are worth nothing.
    Yet you still love prostitutes. That means that you, after all, cannot live without women. Weak, illogical.

  • D Man64


  • D Man64

    A bunch of thirsty dickheads.

  • mike

    dude there in one matriarchal society in north-east India

  • FrillArtist

    Dude…shut up. You complain so much about “sluts”. Yet you say that men should fuck as many women as possible and women should offer themselves on a platter to men. Just….shut up.

  • Youonlyliveonce

    You sound like little girl. Why sounds like little girl?

  • cassie

    wow how the hell are you single I can’t believe women are thirsting over you…

  • will

    I guess that’s what feminism has always been about though, Roosh? Dragging all women down to the ugly, unattractive, bitter level of feminists.. As you correctly point out though, with every year it becomes more successful, and the outlook for men becomes bleaker. I just don’t get it though. It would be like men aspiring to be like a skinny little wimp with zits that can’t get laid. Why do modern women like the race to the bottom?

  • Madzzs

    Honestly what is this… There are more valedictorian women then men there are more women in college than men the only thing that makes guys seem better is they can’t get fucking pregnant so if they don’t want to deal with their responsibilities they don’t fucking have to. I am an American woman and I am not worthless I have good grades I have a loving family and fiancé I have people that love me I am not worthless. You probably have no one in your life that cares no one that would come to your funeral, what would your mom think of you calling women pig vomit. But considering the way you act I’m assuming you come from an abusive home where your dad treats you mom like shit and if that’s the case I feel bad for you because you will never know the love and care a woman can give to you. You sir are the true definition of sad.

  • Giulia Claires

    You give advices on how to lay girls as easily as possible and then you call them sluts and shame them?

  • Steve

    Right, men who get women pregnant have no responsibilities. No femtards can seem to explain that men have much more legal responsibilities for their children than they did 50 years ago, but yet single motherhood is much higher now. Sorry, the problem isn’t men. I know you women love to avoid any responsibility, but this decline is on you and our beloved gov’t for legislating feminist rot.

    Also, its high praise that there are more valedictorian women than men in the American education system that used to best in the world and now we are lagging behind some third world countries. Thanks feminism.

    Maybe it was his mom abusing and treating his dad like shit. That is more likely when it comes to physical abuse. When it comes to psychological abuse, women are much much worse than men.

    The comment may have been over the top, but women “having all the rights and none of the accountability” is the entire problem.

  • CantankerousBlowhard

    Roosh can correct me if I’m wrong, but here is how I understand him. He may sometimes deflects accusations of hypocrisy with the lock/key analogy and the [real or perceived?] unnaturalness of modern female promiscuity, but deep down, I think he knows he’s a hypocrite and hates it. It’s just that every time he might judge himself for it, the feeling is drowned out by an overwhelming anger and bitterness toward the social environment that convinced him to become this way.

    To see where this all started, try reading his post, “You Did This To Me.” There’s another related “origins” post I can’t remember the name of. Basically, he used to be one of the Nice Guys (TM), who behaved the way his mom taught him to around girls, treating them with respect and excessive consideration…until he gradually realized, with each passing rejection and friend-zoning, that he was essentially lied to. On a rational level, women want all the things they say they do, but on a hormonal level they’re primarily attracted to confidence, assertiveness, and a sense of mystery, danger, and excitement. (Men are attracted to confidence/mystery/danger/seductiveness too, but cheating-prone narcissists and psychopaths notwithstanding, I think “once does it” for us and leaves a lasting attraction more often than not, unless serious long-term mistreatment kills it. Women on the other hand seem more prone to spontaneously “growing bored” if things get too comfortable.)

    Most Nice Guys (TM) become disillusioned and bitter once they realize this, because they grew up without understanding, valuing, or developing the social prowess they need to be “interesting.” They know they’re supposed to “be themselves,” except a more confident version thereof…but they have no idea how. Guys like this end up bending over backwards and put so much effort into “getting the girl” that it feels like running through an obstacle course to seek the holy grail…which inevitably distorts their perspective, because they’d have no idea how to relate to a girl as a person if they got there. By putting in so much effort, guys like this inevitably idealize women and place them on a pedestal as an object to be won. “But I think you’re this and that, and I’d treat you like a queen!” “Yeah, but you don’t KNOW me, not the real me (and I’m not attracted to subservience anyway).” This frequently leads to accusations that guys like this feel “entitled” to sex just for being nice. There’s a small grain of truth in that, in the sense that they’re offering exactly what they were taught to offer to be worthy of *love*…but it’s not working, and they’re confused, and they just don’t know what they’re actually expected to do without betraying what makes them themselves. Cue MASSIVE bitterness, resentment, whining, and “creepy” behavior, which all make the situation even worse. Nobody is attracted to that.

    Ideally, every man could become one of the rare kind and confident men who attract women with a truly effortless natural masculine stoicism. Men like that can maintain a relationship and keep a woman (at least the right kind of woman) indefinitely attracted relatively easily, because they have a palpable strength in silence and a vulnerability that is mysterious and heartwarming for its rarity. They’re not assholes, and they don’t put women on any emotional ride on purpose, but they put out many of the same signals as if they “had game,” without even realizing what they’re doing. Is it possible to become this naturally confident with work? Maybe, but it takes a tremendous amount of effort and energy to balance a natural “heart on your sleeve” state with a mask of “nothing to fear, because I’m a boss” without losing your way. Balancing “being yourself” with “being your more manly self” also leaves little room for a genuine connection until you have it mastered, because you’ll always be carefully managing and controlling your vulnerability until you finally get to the stage where you have literally forgotten why you ever feared a thing. You have to fake it until you make it, until it actually becomes who you are in your most vulnerable moments and in your sleep.

    Roosh is different: It seems he said, “Fuck being myself.” He’s too hyper-self-aware and analytical for that natural, nonchalant confidence to come without thought, so he instead flung himself head-first into mimicking all of the qualities he saw “working.” His words, his body language, and his moves to make girls “wonder what he’s thinking” must by necessity be calculated and manipulated…which turns things into a Game. As a natural consequence, women became his adversaries in the Game. The longer he played, the more obvious and sickening it became that it worked, and it was the only thing that worked for him, and he could fine-tune the amount of asshole and manipulation that women responded to best…and seeing that made him cynical and lose an increasing amount of respect for women, who clearly valued the worst version of himself over the better version he had once been and would rather have continued to be.

    This only works for flings and sex though, because only sociopaths can charm and manipulate 24/7 without revealing much of their real selves. It’s a cynical charade he plays to get *somewhere* with women at least, but it’s not a genuine connection he can build a relationship upon…which seems to be what he originally wanted so long ago, hence his obvious continued resentment. I think he sees no real way to have a reliable long term relationship today, or at least no way that doesn’t run an overwhelmingly prohibitive risk of catastrophic life-destroying failure down the road. He’s seen and even participated in (ugh…) too much unhappiness, infidelity, and betrayal to trust women in general when they claim to be committed.

    Basically, Roosh is angry. He’s angry with women for being attracted to bizarre primal emotional roller coasters he has to cynically induce on purpose. He’s angry with women for falling for it so consistently and easily with so many guys, and he’s angrier when the more abusive behaviors sometimes get even better results. He’s angry with some of these same women for turning around in their 30’s (age) and 200’s (pounds) and trying to “settle for” the guys who bore them, so someone will help out with her and her preexisting kids’ needs with no concern for whether she has anything to offer (genuine love, intellect, or even physical attraction) besides disrespect and occasional uninspired sex before divorce and destruction. He’s angry with himself for what he’s had to stoop to and for becoming so bitter, but he sees no viable alternative. Most of all, he’s royally pissed at radical feminism for creating a widespread and monstrous entitlement complex in millennial women, along with a situation where men and women so often have so little to offer each other besides sex, manipulation, and misunderstanding.

    Taking a step back, I can see where the disparaging language and attitudes here come from. I don’t like the word “slut,” but sexual promiscuity likely numbs your ability to emotionally and permanently connect with a spouse down the line, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s more damaging in girls/women. At the very least, it feels like a real enough threat that men with a self-preservation instinct are very cautious around girls who “had their wild days but want to settle down.” To be clear, I could never agree with the people here who believe imposing 1950’s social conservatism by force is the way to go: I believe in individual freedom of choice wholeheartedly, including the freedom to make bad decisions. It’s just that a lot of powerful forces have converged to incentivize bad decisions, leading to a cluster of them and a continuing domino effect. The tragedy is that it will take another two generations or so before the consequences of yesterday’s/today’s excesses become clear enough for “enough” young women to reject impulsiveness and put more thought into how their choices in their 20’s will affect their futures, the kind of man they’ll marry (if any), and what kind of relationship will result (assuming they want to eventually marry). By then, God knows how men will adapt in the meantime. We’re already adapting in various ways, but it’s unclear how constructive it is or where it’s leading.

    For instance, I think there are still a lot of smart, healthy girls who date for the right reasons, who in the past might have built a trusting relationship on a solid foundation with someone cute and goofy (even if he wasn’t Confidence Prime)…but today, they often become disillusioned themselves by embittered Nice Guys (TM) who have already been destroyed by this thorny environment, combined with being less masculine than previous generations to begin with (partially due to parenting differences which valued other traits). Today, their choices are promiscuity, short-term relationships with lots of disappointment, or long dry spells between the decent guys that actually attract/interest them. My hope is that guys somehow find a “middle way” to adapt, become genuinely confident, and stop throwing themselves at the entitled type of girls who don’t respect them…but playing the game like Roosh pays off far sooner and more reliably, even if it will always leave you wanting more. There’s more hypocrisy here as well: Roosh talks like “women should offer themselves on a platter to men” as FrillArtist says. I don’t know Roosh’s full justification for talking like that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it includes something along the lines of, “If they’re going to act entitled, I might as well, too.”

    In any case, let’s put the boorish language here in perspective: Yes, there are people who say some really misogynist things on this site. I think it’s wrong, and I don’t like it, but for the most part it’s not misogyny in a vacuum either. There might be some “gorilla juiceheads from birth” who came here just for the sake of He-Man Woman Hating, but for the most part I think it stems from learned resentment. It’s a reaction to a pervasive lifelong backdrop of casual misandry (“Men are pigs!”), overwhelmingly confusing social expectations for men, disdain from women every time a guy looks at her wrong (“Creep!”), shock and disbelief every time a guy gets something “right” (“If you reward assholes most, why complain that men are pigs?”), institutionalized feminism, and constant implications that male sexuality is evil and all men are potential rapists in a world where “Rape Culture” is everywhere. (In truth, rape is down by 63% since the Clinton administration…or is it 64%? I can’t remember.) Pretty much everything ugly you see here is pent-up outrage, not hatred of women for its own sake. Feminism didn’t happen in a vacuum either, for certain…but as much as the resentment toward women and vulgar language here might be an unhealthy reaction to its excesses, just compare it to the fascist and literally genocidal level of misandrist and racist hatred that’s so popular among “social justice warriors:”
    Broad Context:
    Quotes that were search-replaced for fun (I wish I could find the original sources again):

    If this site’s level of rage and judginess is as bad as the “manosphere” gets, there’s just no comparison. The richest and most privileged old money scumbags in the world are pretty much all wrinkly white patriarchs, but aside from them, being a man carries far more social drawbacks than privileges on the whole (even in terms of safety, we may not fear rape as much, but most violent crime is committed against males). Politically correct society absolutely despises men, especially straight men, and straight white men most of all. (Manginas get a pass, but only so long as they remain good little pets and useful idiots.) When you read the language and reactionary 1950’s attitudes toward women on this site, remember you’re dealing with an entire generation of supposedly “privileged” men who have been considered fair game since preschool or so for a humiliation conga and institutionalized disadvantages by entitled upper crust ultra-feminists who have everything in the world except accountability (…and who lie through their teeth about every statistic, if it means they can play the Victim Olympics and grind men into dust as subhuman oppressors). It’s something I just ignore most of the time, because it’s unhealthy to dwell on victimization for obvious reasons, but I think it’s important to acknowledge where the depressing language here is actually coming from.

  • DrX

    Amy Schumer. Done.

  • Da Mac

    Apparently he’s not the only one, actually.

  • Da Mac

    How classy of you to abandon your daughter.

  • Da Mac

    Indeed, the U.S. is very strange that way. Why don’t people do growth hormones the easy way and just drink a gallon of American “milk” a day?