The End Of An Era

The travel era, that is. The ten datasheets that I have released the past week will likely be the end of me doing travel reporting and intensive socio-cultural analysis. It now bores me to describe what foreign girls are like and how to have sex with them. Enough has been said that there is nothing stopping any man from going anywhere in the world and figuring it out on his own based on what I’ve already written or what you can find on the travel forum.

Here are the ten datasheets I dropped the past week:

Within these datasheets you can make a donation of $3 through the green box to unlock the day and night venue recommendations for all ten cities. The price will go up tonight at midnight.

The interesting thing about my Bang travel guides is that they were only modestly profitable (if you account for all my travel expenses), even though I’m pretty much the only guy in the field. Love tourism is such a tiny niche that it takes a man who doesn’t care much about money to dedicate about three years of his life to writing about it, which is why I doubt you’ll see other guys dive into the genre. On the other hand, I will continue the occasional travel memoir writing. I know men get a lot of use from technical how-to guides, but I’m now more eager to share stories than raw analysis.

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