The Epilogue Of The Epilogue

A common question from last week’s release of Dead Bat’s epilogue was, “What kind of game did you use on Mariana?”

I describe how we met in the book, but it was just like any other approach. I didn’t do anything special or different. While I did feel a connection with her mighty quick, I can’t say I consciously made that happen. The law of averages says that a tiny percentage of approaches will go exceptionally well, and that approach in Rio happened to occur with a girl that I was attracted to more than any other girl I had ever met in my life. You may want to call me lucky, but if you’ve read the book, you can see how that good luck was balanced out by a lot of frustration and difficulty beforehand. The universe has a way of balancing itself out.

“Have you thought about going back to Rio?”

No, the ship has sailed. Maybe I made a mistake, but there’s no use dwelling on past decisions. I can only control what I do today, which is to put myself out there and grind it out until something clicks with another girl, no matter how long it takes.

I wanted to share two other things that I didn’t get a chance to last week. The first is a review from a guy who just read the book (personal details were omitted).

Roosh, just finished A Dead Pat in Paraguay while flying across the Pacific thus beginning my second big world adventure. How fitting. During the fourteen hour slog to New Zealand I laughed out loud several times generating looks from those poor souls folded up in the adjacent seats. Your intestinal issues were reminiscent of my time last year here in NZ where I contracted a parasite called Campylobacter. After three days of relentlessly shitting out my brains I received a call from a girl I had been lightly but persistently pursuing.

After assessing the state of my broken asshole, I concluded that meeting her should be fine provided I didn’t eat or drink anything. This was shortly after I discovered your website and “game.” After walking around the park she suggested we get a drink. Against my better judgement I agreed and we went to a nearby bar for a few beers. I was surprised at how well my stomach initially tolerated the beers and a couple of hours later we ended up at her place getting frisky. When we were mostly naked, I felt a stabbing stomach pain, emitted an eye-watering, paint-peeling, cloud of noxious gas in combination with shitting my underwear which also contaminated part of her bed sheets. Fuck me. She got pissed and I left with crushing shame and embarrassment— then she called two weeks later and apologized… flag shortly attained thereafter!

My connection with your writings of Argentina were also noteworthy. After spending a month there last year and two weeks this year I must say your descriptions of the women are amazingly accurate. On page 180, after reading “At that moment I believed in god because only an omnipotent being had the power to stop me from getting laid after all I’d done,” I laughed so loud that the guy on the plane sitting next to me asked met to keep it down… man I identified with that! Actually, my luck with the hostel gringo girls are usually good (especially this year in Mendoza), but the native Argentinian is a hard nut to crack. When I was living in BA I did get into a social group of upper-class late twenty somethings and ended up on a ten-day fling with a beauty.

Can’t say ADBIP is the next great american novel, but I was entertained and moved at the end. I identified with many tales and at times it seemed as though you were recounting parts of my traveling life. I consider it a worthwhile read. So did you ever offer to have Mariana come to the USA?

No, she loved Brazil and didn’t want to leave (a reason why I laugh when haters suggest girls date gringos like me for the “greencard,” as if everyone wants to come to America.) Most foreign girls I’ve dated were middle or upper class in their respective countries and didn’t care about the States besides wanting to check out New York City.

I’ve also recorded some thoughts of the new edition right from Icelandic headquarters in Reykjavik:

Well that wraps it up for the expanded edition. If you want to learn more, check out the homepage, which I recently had redesigned to match the new cover. You’ll find more details, sample pages, and reviews.

I wanted to give a little update on the day game book. I’m just about done with the second draft. We’re looking at a July release, but it will depend on how long it takes me to do venue diagrams in Visio, which I’ve never done before.

Either next month or March I’ll be releasing a compilation of sorts, and around that time you’ll start seeing Iceland posts, ranging from nightlife stories to in-depth analysis of the women. I’m hesitant to publish anything about Iceland until leaving to resist making premature conclusions. I have my apartment booked until early March.

Finally, there’s another book I have in early development that may be finished by the end of the year. It’s still early to tell but this may be one of my most productive years yet.

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  • outlaw josey wales

    You really should do more of these videos.

  • Anonymous

    “as if everyone wants to come to America”
    You need to travel more

  • Roosh

    My shit got hacked. I think things are okay now.

  • sloopjohn

    I noticed that you got hacked, very strange. good to have you back;)

  • Carl Sagan

    nice to see you bring things back up so quick.

    Really looking forward to the day game book.

  • Snoeperd

    Roosh, i just wanted you to know that your post of “Let her come to you” was totally true. Tonight I followed a girl who has been giving me IOI’s the whole time to a party in some random student area. When I arrive I see her sitting in some guy’s room with her girlfriend (who i also gamed and was also giving me huge IOI’s before) with 4 other guys around them and 1 of them is playing guitar.

    I physically walk up to them to chat a bit and they answer (quite bluntly btw) but after that I get no response or effort/interaction from them at all, even though they were so enthusiastic before!!! WTF???? I feel so gutted….

    But, it does prove the wisdom of your ways, I’ll have to work harder to overcome those emotional paths that lead to unfulfillment and try to rationally use the concepts explained upon here.

    Ty roosh please continue writing

  • Snoeperd

    PS: In the elevator I saw a guy leaving the floor he was on to go back to his home floor (again, student housing) without a shirt!! Why? Because his girlfriend/fuckbuddy took it away from him. Having him stand in the same elevator as me, shirtless, was slight uncomfortable but that didnt prevent me from asking why the fuck he was walking around halfnaked.

  • Jezebel Cindy

    Hi boys,

    I’m from Jezebel, trying to verify some facts for our next piece on PUAs.

    – Is it true that Roosh is 31 and lives with his Mom?
    – Is it true that one of his recommended methods is “rape game?” What is it?
    – Does anyone have a good size picture of him?



  • Anonymous

    When’s your first post about pick up in Iceland coming out? Since I’ve been in Reykjavik before and know what the locals like (darker guys), I assume that you’re keeping the good stuff all to yourself.

  • Mrs. Valizadeth

    Unblock me IMMEDIATELY, game boy! And use CONDOMS I gave you!! They are in the bag with your underwear with blue bears on it.

    Me and Dad will do anything if you promise to use condoms from now on! We’ll buy you a custom suit!

  • Mr Shepard

    Roosh, I can’t help but think you look like that Caveman from the Geico commercials. You also look emaciated. You need to eat more, as in clean foods of course, workout, and bulk up a little. In fact, you resemble that homeless person look somewhat… not something most girls really go for.

    The plus side if that your look is very distinctive… so your readers can easily remember who you are from the other gurus out there.

    I love your writing by the way. I’m just offering some tough love constructive criticism there.

  • SolveMyGirlProblems

    Why are there so many feminists suddenly posting on this blog?

  • mr t

    “Why are there so many feminists suddenly posting on this blog?”

    That damn Jezebel article, no doubt.

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  • LatinStylez


    I also agree that it’s better to move on and grind it out by meeting other girls. I know when I met this really great Korean girl last year, and when we ended the relationship I was bit shaken up about it for a few weeks… Things got better, and I met some cool girls after that. The important thing is moving on though… It’s more about learning from each relationship, but also going out there and finding quality women.


  • Boston66

    Roosh, you look like you lost weight man.

  • Roosh

    “Roosh, you look like you lost weight man.”

    My thermal is loose like pajamas. I’ve been 170-175 lbs the past 10 years.

  • Stylist

    You looked good with your hair back in a ponytail. You don’t look good now. And as someone else said: bulk up a bit, or at least wear something more form-fitting so you don’t appear so scrawny.

    I’m here to help.

  • Anonymous


    It’s nice to see that you are finally expoloring Europe. I feel that you have been far to concentrated on South America.

  • Marmot

    “Can you imagine living in communist Russia and not being able to start a business? Your two choices: office work for the party or factory.”

    In Soviet Russia, factory works YOU!!!

  • Matt

    A “postmorten” kind of post just as I wished, thank you sir.

  • Roosh

    “It’s nice to see that you are finally expoloring Europe. I feel that you have been far to concentrated on South America.”

    I didn’t have much of a choice due to limited funds.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I guess it is more expensive in Europe.

  • K-Man

    “Yes, I guess it is more expensive in Europe.”

    Not in EE. Much cheaper than Brasil, for sure. Now I’m not talking about Prague or Talinn but further down south/eastwards.

    Hit me up if you are visiting, Roosh.