The Evolution Of Hate

Years ago when I was operating as DC Bachelor, my full name and even “Roosh” was a secret. If people saw me in the street they’d ask if I was “DCB.” When getting out of DC became my most important goal, I changed the name of the site to Roosh V, a generic title that wouldn’t be dependent on my location.

A lot of newbie creators who put out of their work think getting haters is a sign of accomplishment that suggests their content is of high quality. I, too, thought this. I thought it was fun that all these anonymous morons were foaming at my writing. What I didn’t realize at the time was that these amateurs were the seed for more determined haters that fit more the personality profile of obsessive stalker.

There was a gossip blogger in DC who started writing posts about me around 2006. Let’s just call him Big Gay Rob. He was like the Perez Hilton of the city. He started emailing people for my full name and place of employment. Eventually he got my name. He published it and my heart stopped. Thanks to Google, for all eternity my birth name would be associated with my writings. Not long after, he found out about my previous employer and suggested people call them to say that I’m an awful human being. He went on a tear to reveal the names of the most prominent DC bloggers at that time. There was also another gossip blog allied with him that said I was a rapist who had every STD known to man and simian.

By the time my public information was released, I was a few months away from quitting my job and heading to South America for my first big trip. But what would happen if I wanted to get another job? There would be absolutely no way that a corporation would hire me after doing a simple Google search.

Big Gay Rob made the decision for me: my writing would become my life. Failure was not an option. I had to succeed or be resigned to bartender jobs.

The next couple of years were hard. I hemorrhaged money and was always on a tight budget, having even to resort to stealing drinks in bars. I also encountered difficulties in my travels that I hadn’t expected, but I kept writing and putting out books that I thought other guys would like. Thankfully, they have rewarded me with their purchases. When Big Gay Rob published my name I wanted to crush his skull, but today if I see him I’d shake his hand. There was opportunity in the crisis he created for me that took a few years to germinate.

Sharing personal information is step one in the hater manual. If you are someone who tells the truth, regardless of the subject matter, it will question people’s beliefs and world view. They will hate your guts for it and become motivated to tear you apart. Publishing your name, home address, or private pictures is their first method of attack.

If you’re still standing after getting outed, and show no signs of quitting, step two is to make up lies to tarnish your reputation. The main lie used on me is that I’m a rapist who consciously spreads STDs to women. Game denialists say that I sleep with prostitutes. Recently I read the story of a hater contacting all the female Facebook friends of a certain PUA saying he has STDs, takes advantage of women, and so on.

I was not personally prepared for step three, which is to get the authorities involved. Now I must stress that I’m pissed at myself for letting a hater get leverage on me, but it happened so I had to deal with it.

In my European trip I misunderstood the Schengen tourist visa rules until I had already overstayed. I was aware that I may be hit with a fine or an outright ban for 1-3 years, a penalty I was mentally preparing for. While in the Baltics, towards the end of my trip, a hater from Estonia put up a web site that said I was a horrible sex tourist who was staying in Europe “illegally.” He linked to posts that detailed my travel and game strategy. He went on to spam Reddit, Couchsurfing, Stormfront, and the commenting sections of many Estonian media sites. The ensuing traffic I got from Estonia was ten times what I’d normally get. The problem is that he also put up phone numbers and email addresses to the police in Tartu and Tallinn, the two biggest cities in Estonia.

Within two weeks of arriving in Tartu, a brigade of Estonians went online and announced places where they had seen me (one guy even correctly guessed the apartment company I was staying in). By the fourth week I was recognized every night I went out, more than I ever was in my home base of Washington DC. While I was nervous of police involvement, since getting deported would mean a definite travel ban, the bigger effect was that I couldn’t game in peace. Too many people knew me and were “warning” all the girls that I was a dangerous rapist who spread monkey STDs to pureblood European women. Many girls were curious about me, but their friends would invariably cockblock by saying I was “dangerous.” I remember one girl telling me, “There is no way I’ll let you leave with my friend!” I don’t like playing the race card, but if I was a blonde Swedish guy I wonder if the reaction would have been the same.

One night in the club, towards the end of my stay in Tartu, I noticed two girls looking at me and talking. It was obvious that one of them knew me and was telling the other about who I was. The girl who knew me was massively overweight. I ignored them.

At the bar, another guy recognized me. I bought him a shot because I was in a good mood. Eventually I started talking to a blonde girl. Things were going well until I got a tap on the shoulder from the bouncer. He ordered me to come with him to the front.

There were two policeman in full gear waiting for me. I figured that this was it, I’m getting kicked out of the EU, short of fulfilling my sex mission in the Baltics. The cops asked me for my ID but I said it’s in my room, which was true. I felt heavy vibes as they briefly discussed what to do, but I maintained the best poker face I could.

They asked for my name and I give my full name, not Roosh. They asked me to write it down and I did. One of the officers looked at my name and squinted his eyes, like he was trying to figure things out. They asked me where I was from and my birth date. The guy I bought a shot for came to my defense, saying I’m a “good guy.” The blonde girl also watched with a concerned look on her face. They had a small conference and said that I’m not the guy they are looking for, thanked me for my cooperation, and left.

My guess is that the obese girl called the cops on me and said that my name is “Roosh.” If I gave that name, the game would have been over and there would be no Bang Estonia (currently in development). I went back to the blonde that I was talking to, who was much warmer to me perhaps because of the “danger” factor, but I figured it was best to leave in case the cops figured out that I was the same guy. I went to another bar, where I was recognized again by yet another girl.

I’ll be the first to admit that the episode was exciting, but the benefits of anonymity cannot be overstated. I slipped out of Tartu and went to Tallinn for a week where I went unnoticed despite a last ditch effort by the haters.

A couple months ago some guy wrote about how he saw fake “Wanted” posters in his neighborhood. There was a picture of a black guy and under that his full name and number with a message saying he was a liar and cheater who hurts women. It became clear to me where the future of hate is going. The haters, which in our case are feminists, liberals, and beta males, will try to use government institutions to get you to stop doing whatever they don’t want you to do. But since their accusations are usually based on lies or half-truths, I liken it to amateur terrorism. It’s only the recent case where they were correct in that I was overstaying that they could have caused a big problem for me.

Big Gay Rob had won. He gave me a couple grey hairs. He also made me more committed to my writing. He helped me think of the big picture in how I could make a living from my work. My Estonian haters have also won. They made my time in Estonia more stressful than it should’ve been. They probably cost me a notch or two. They also made me realize that if I want to write a guide about a country, I can’t announce going there. They taught me how to do my work in complete peace and anonymity, which I was successfully able to do the past three months in Ukraine.

For every attack there is a countermeasure that makes you less prone to further attacks. I’m sure one day the haters will cook something else up for me, and when it happens I’ll be ready for them.

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  • Marmot

    That is truly scary. I admire your willpower in putting up with these mountains of bullshit, particularly the stuff in Estonia.

  • Tampa

    I love your blog, but I don’t think you are as important as you think you are. I seriously doubt anyone really cares. And as long as your VISA is legit, you aren’t doing anything illegal. Yea, some fat chick might call the cops on you because she is mad that you are banging women and not calling them but fucking random women on a regular basis is not against the law. Tell them to go to hell.

    Remember the old saying though: “It’s lonely at the top.”

    [Roosh: Did you not read the whole thing? At the time I was illegal.]

  • Pete M

    I’m really glad things have worked out for you. The information you provide through your website, forum and books is worth infinitely more than the few dollars your books cost me. For that I thank you.

  • Pete M

    @Tampa – not sure I agree. The headache of dealing with cops is too great, especially in a foreign country. See Tucker Max’s latest article on the subject:

  • Naughty Nomad

    Damn. Thanks for the advice.

    I don’t understand how ‘liberals’ are our enemy though. I’m a liberal! Socially, anyway. I think the term has very different connotations in the States in comparison with Europe.

    Your story is good warning to other bloggers.

  • Javed

    Sorry to hear about your Estonia experience, but glad to hear Ukraine worked out well.
    Keep up all the great work!

  • Professor Mentu

    This is messed up. It’s also one of the reasons Ashur and I started UMan with the end in mind.

    Regardless of what happens, I know I speak for countless other men who appreciate your writing – not only about banging, but about life as well.

    If push comes to shove, you have a place in Austin.

  • Anonymous

    It would provide a lot of credibility, if you were to link to those hate sites. I for one didn’t find any anti-Roosh reddit spam.

    Stay safe!

  • solo

    Naughty Nomad #5
    Yeah liberal in the US means pretty much leftist. The conservatists started using it as a shame word for people with socialist opinions on purpose. In the US someone like you would rather call themselves liberatiran or classical liberal.

  • Professor Mentu

    @Anonymous: Did you actually read the article? Why in holy hell would a man draw undue attention to himself?

    I get hate from women at work when I causally mention “I’m not with her anymore.” This is hate from women who have never even met my ex, and to whom I never mention game or anything.

    Any man with any experience with women would never need someone like Roosh to link to the enemy to provide “credibility.”

  • Jordan

    Stay stong

  • Theophilus

    8: No need to doubt the creds. All that stuff is true, and some of it resurfaced recently with the “hate list” affair.

  • Timothy

    People love to believe the worst. They need SOMETHING negative to rally around and get behind. Especially if it has something to do with sex. Gameless dudes will always try to do things like this (though most won’t go to this extent. It will usually be the run-of-the-mill cockblocking). Women desperately want to believe this kind of foolishness. It’s disappointing that other men would go so far as to try to have another man arrested, in a foreign country, for doing what most men either do or want to do. Punks like that should be sentenced to a lifetime of marriage to a raggedy, miserable bitch. Keep being careful out there Roosh.

  • Tampa

    Yea – I saw the part where you said the visa issues came up because you overstayed. I guess I misspoke. But I feel ya. People are inherently jealous and envy that which they can’t do themselves. So if you are out banging all these women, the men and women are sexual slaves to their own personal confinements are going to try to take you down because of their personal failures. It’s the evil side of human nature. A man or a woman who is content with their lot in life won’t give a fuck who you’re banging and if you are calling them back.

    Keep up the good fight and just give them the middle finger. I bought your books and think they are outstanding tools and well written.

  • The G Manifesto

    Yeah, I have always thought that a blogger posting their photo is crazy.

    I used to get criticized for it non-stop, but these days it seems like most have evolved and agree with me.

    (Roosh, it looks like you took down your photos?)

    I guess that is what happens when you are ahead of your time.

    Think about how many weirdos there are out there.

    And guys that want “pics” of you?

    I have never met a man that has ever used the word “pics”.

    – MPM

  • The G Manifesto

    However, Roosh was pretty Bruce Lee on this one.

    He took negative situations and turned them positive.

    Like water.

    – MPM

  • Nas

    How did Big Faggy Rob manage to get your contacts again? Who did he know how to email?

  • Matt H.

    I had no idea things had gotten that bad with the haters. Dealing with the law, especially in a foreign country, is scary. Props for continuing to do what you believe in.

  • Colin

    When Hernan Cortes arrived in Mexico with an army to conquer the Aztecs, he sank the three ships they sailed in on. Everyone with him knew it was victory or death. Escape wasn’t an option.

    They say don’t burn your bridges. But if you weren’t all in, you may not have done all that you’ve done. Big Gay Rob burned your bridges for you.

  • Wolfie

    “Men of sense often learn from their enemies. It is from their foes, not their friends, that cities learn the lesson of building high walls and ships of war.” – Aristophanes

    You got your walls now, and they did well for you in Ukraine. (Can’t wait to buy that one, by the way.) If there’s any justice, Rob will meet his end when a crate of tampons falls off a delivery truck on the freeway and covers his windshield in fluff. But even if not, you turned things around very neatly, like MPM said.

  • Boheme Chinois

    fuck the haters.

    you have our support, Roosh!

  • tjuan

    Excellent post. Inspiration.
    I’ve learned to greatly appreciate difficult times. I would never trade those events for how they caused me to evolve. When this happens now I know I’ll take something great from it.

  • Leonard

    “There was also another gossip blog allied with him that said I was a rapist who had every STD known to man and simian.”


    Such HYPOCRISY in this femiNAZI society. Men have been successfully sued for libel simply for calling some bitch a “slut” or “whore” on the internet, even though we all know “slut” and “whore” are as generic of an insult as they come.

    However, these man-hating cunts and faggots can label men as rapists and std carriers and creeps all day long without any consequences. Such hypocrisy. Fuck feminist society. It’s too much to call this society civilized.

  • Yoda

    All hatred is self-hatred.

  • Krauser

    Unbelievable how low nerdy manginas and betas will stoop. You cannot trust men who aren’t getting laid.

  • The Glee Manifesto

    You can always shave and die your hair blonde the next time you get in a jam

  • dryden

    Salute! And woe to the haters who instead of improving their game want to hurt you.

  • dickbutt

    Roosh 5: International Fuck-Fugitive

  • Anonymous

    sue before the deadline (statute of limitations)

  • Jurko

    You do go against society conventions and they make you pay the price. “The first rule of fight club is you don’t talk about fight club”. And you not just talk about the fight club, you write books about it.

    However, Ukraine and Russia should be safer in that respect. They don’t suffer from that Iceland/Baltics tiny country mentality.

  • Psychotic

    One thing I like about you Roosh is that you’re one of the only honest guys left in this industry. You say what you want to say despite the reception that you might receive. I truly look up to you as a role model.

  • AlphaTravel

    Several years ago I made a travel blog, it was about my backpacking trip in Australia and Asia. There was a couple of fairly timid references to sex and drugs in there and stupidly I had my photo and full name on the blog. It didn’t worry me as I’d never given anyone the URL, not even friends, and had paid to make it private.

    Fast forward 4 years since I wrote the blog a girl I’m seeing tells me she’s read something about me online. Turns out, a guy has found my blog, written an article about me calling me all sorts of names and saying I should be banned from leaving my home country. He links to my blog, posts my name and photo up and it’s on page one of google. This has been online for almost 4 years without me noticing.

    I could not believe it. Horrified. With not that much effort I’ve managed to bury the article and have deleted the blog. I don’t want internet fame or notoriety and would rather no one I know sees this. I know now never to post anything online that could be regrettable in the future.

  • Osty

    Well, you shouldn’t question Estonian girls’ taste and insinuate that they are “racist” or whatever. There would be absolutely no surprise if they preferred someone “Nordic” looking, after all – that’s what they’re used to and that’s what is normal for them, Estonians are some of the lightest/blondest people in the world. Those are the types of guys that Estonian girls and me as well grew up with, went to school with, that’s what our fathers look like. It is only natural that we chose that type. If they some times go out with darker types, that’s fine, but there is no need to imply that they are “racist” just because they don’t “prefer” darker types. This is typical ridiculous Western PC bullshit.

  • Vacancier Permanent

    Stay strong brother despite what these losers and faggots are trying to do. They do it due to their envy and jealousy that they do not get the same tail and that they are tied to a shitty cubicle all their life. Now go conquer some even hotter locations and make them betas, feminists and manginas die of envy.

  • Osty

    And p.s. You spread hate around, so you shouldn’t be surprised that that’s what you get back. Hate attracts hate. If you go around bragging about how you “hatefuck” women and how they should be treated like trash, then don’t be surprised that people in other parts of the world will not like it. It is not exactly what we’re used to here in the Baltics, that’s not exactly how OUR MEN talk about us here and that’s not exactly how the gender relations are here.

  • Dirt Man

    Informative, harrowing, and brutally honest as always. I raise my glass to you, Sir.

    Keep on keeping on.

  • Gustavo

    Fuck these people, seriously. All this hate stems from jealousy. The women acting this way is to be expected, but these so-called men are just inexcusable. Roosh, you’re my favorite writer on game. It’s guerrilla warfare out there for the manosphere, and I commend your efforts. Soldier on!

  • SorrytoSeeIt

    Roosh, you are at most a few years away from rape charges and extradition to a trial somewhere, followed by jail time.

    Sorry. This is the new reality of the world.

  • around the world in 80 jobs

    This article really resonates with me, as I just got my first bit of “hate” as well in my comments section.

    I too do not mask my identity, and as you and TeacherX highlight there is good reason to remain anonymous. I struggle with the idea, as I am a straight talker who doesnt really give a fuck and wants to speak plainly in my views, but on some level, it is really the last string at clinging to a “normal” life in that once you let the cat out the bag, and voice opinions that mediocre minds might find a reason to utterly hate or stop you for expressing, it can be an emotional leap. One where you kind of step away from the way you were raised growing up with the idea of running up the corp. ladder or caring about a “reputation”. I like the reference to burning the ships and once you make the commitment, it opens doors. I have always had one foot in one and one foot in another which has been kind of a problem for me, but now that I have taken bigger strides to fully committing to a life abroad, and making my own biz happen overseas, things seem to be swinging in my direction more.

    Thanks for sharing your story, it is alarming yet encouraging in the same go – that is to say, that if others are willing to be themselves by putting themselves out there and going for what they want, it means that I have no reason not too as well.



  • Ollie

    This just goes to show you, that despite their goofy demeanor, the B. G. Robs of the world are not about equality, or civility, or even just dissent. They are about power. The law of the jungle still prevails, and despite the pretense of civility, this is a fight to the death. Our (mostly) leftist detractors would have our throats slit and our bodies tossed into a pit…if they could just get away with it. Since they can’t do that yet, they go for the next best thing, but make no mistake, Roosh and all who share his ideas are targeted for extermination.

  • Rollo Tomassi

    Game haters like to poke fun at manosphere bloggers for using pseudonyms. “If they’re so committed to their beliefs why do they hide behind fake names?”

    Trust me, it has nothing to do with vanity.

    How many (even militant) feminists among the Jezebel set would ever need to worry about repercussions to their families, career, even physical safety, for their ideological writing?

    One of the inherent dangers of becoming the go-to guy on Game or anything that rubs a feminine defined reality the wrong way is that you paint a pretty big target on yourself. Literally and figuratively.

    I’m not a proponent of Roissy’s politics, but I definitively co-sign with his perspective on intergender relations. Now, which of these stances earns him the most vitriol? His writings about gender; that’s how important it is to defend the feminine imperative for the masses of online feminists and manginas. They can ignore his political screeds as just some right-wing crank, but they become so irate with his perspective on intergender dynamics that they seek to do him personal and professional harm.

    You are only as anonymous online as your opinions make you nondescript. Piss off the wrong aspergers troll or Jezebel fanatic and they will hunt you down digitally. I’m becoming more aware of this as my own blog becomes more popular. So the next time you’re reading a popular Game blog remember, the guys writing in the manosphere put their lives and reputations at risk to do so.

  • FFY

    Thanks for sharing, Roosh. I needed this

  • dave

    you’re a regular james bond

  • Brianmark

    Roosh after reading about you getting fucked by that guy in DC and what it did to your career, I makes me think twice about how much I want about myself on the internet, because I still keep a day job.

    Also for what you are doing you really can’t be known because you can’t write books and go to contries incognito and do good work if you are known ahead of time.

    We’re very lucky to have you. Your contribute to
    Game Travel is more important than what Biology lost.

    @Tampa There are many haters out there and it is also dangerous in many countries. Any of the FSU (former Soviet Union) the cops are very crooked, Mafia and it is very easily to get fucked with. In many other 3rd world countries people would just as soon hurt you or kill you for a few dollars. So you watch your back and don’t piss anyone off!

  • Roberto


    What you sow is what you reap.

  • The G Manifesto

    around the world in 80 jobs,

    Just read that article.

    I would hardly count that as “hate”. It was just an old woman disagreeing with what you wrote.

    When you have over 20 death threats, come talk to me.

    Cool blog by the way.

    – MPM

  • around the world in 80 jobs

    Thanks MPM,

    I will watch out for the death threats. Thus far only mild retarded comments. Maybe once I bartend in Greece and let loose will I feel real disgust. I guess game blogs are different, I have already had a euro lover confront me on my advocacy and admiration of roosh, but nothing serious of note.

    fuck it.


  • Ben

    “The haters, which in our case are feminists, **liberals**, and beta males”

    Let us assume for a second that one is always either a liberal or a conservative – you think the church going, “family values” conservative crowd somehow hates you less than the liberal crowd? LOL

    I just can’t think of any way that someone being liberal would hate you more than someone who’s conservative.

  • Firepower

    Why not just name “big gay rob” for anybody not familiar with DC bloggery.

    Repay the favor.

    What have you to lose.

  • The Specimen

    People are still coming to grips with the internet and its relation to the real world. As someone who has been on boards since the 1200 baud days and watched the evolution and growth over the years, my advice is to maintain a public representation of oneself that you manage from a pure PR perspective (brand management) and have all of your fun anonymously. Always maintain plausible deniability. Anyone who accuses you of cowardice for this is a fucking idiot that has no idea how the game is played, or thinks you are. It’s like someone calling you chicken for not wanting to play russian roulette with a fully loaded gun.

  • Tony D

    Roosh. That fucking sucks. How many philosophers have been murdered for spreading their ideas? Too many. It’s a scary world.

    Awhile ago I got a stream of hatemail, so I wrote a post about haters. Check it out.

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  • pepin

    At this point your writings are not mass media. There will come a time if you continue the line your going when you will be jailed or shot.
    Not ever one single man who told the truth (or at least logic) was kept alive or free.

    As for gay Rob, you could file a lawsuit against him, even criminal procedure. As against any person who says your a rapist, has std´s, etc etc.
    If you have witnesses or documental evidence it´s enough to get a jail conviction.

    People think courts don´t work, but they do. At least for average/common people. Powerful or rich people it´s a diferent game.

  • Odds

    I’d use different names everywhere I went.

  • Apocalypseman

    Dude you can’t chalk up liberals and leave conservatives off the map. If anything, conservatives seem to hate sex and would find a man who doesn’t view marriage and sex as sacred a sick person. Let’s say extremists, left and right.

    Thhe fact there are people out there, guys in particular, that would spend time to try to bash someone over the Internet and reveal their identity is truly pathetic. This is what’s wrong with the Internet. Your free to express your opinions, but there are far too many socially inept, self centred, crazy, unstable people out there that have free regins to try and ruin someone’s life. That’s defamation of character. It’s not right.

    I still can’t believe there’s guys out there blogging trying to expose people just because they don’t like their views. If you don’t like it, don’t read it and add value to society. There’s too many overgrown children in this world now. Really makes me sick. Facebook and other bs is just another children’s playground for adults. How is any of this benefiting society? More so than tv we are taking these mediums for granted and they aren’t properly being used the way they should be for a decent society.

    More and more I feel like an a omaly because I think living life like a soap opera shows a lack of intelligence on every level.

  • The Glee Manifesto

    Roosh has to pack kevlar condoms.
    That’s the kind of hate he’s facing these days

  • Ben

    “Dude you can’t chalk up liberals and leave conservatives off the map. If anything, conservatives seem to hate sex and would find a man who doesn’t view marriage and sex as sacred a sick person. Let’s say extremists, left and right.”

    Wrong, conservatives believe in individual freedom (even if they think the RooshV lifestyle is wrong.) Leftists want everyone to do what they say (E.g.: Feminism) and are willing to get the law (i.e.: “Daddy”) involved if you do not obey.

    I’m pissed off as hell with these fucks hating on our man Roosh. We need to counter attack. Each one of us could be in Roosh’s position and we need to stick together and protect our own. Someone should set up a PUA’s most wanted website dedicated to silencing our enemies.

  • Anonymous

    G Man, don’t be such a puss

  • Anon09

    Damn man that sounds rough as fuck. Glad you got out of that sticky situation well. All the political bashing though is kind of silly. I’m a democratic socialist, which isn’t a big-brother type of deal. It essentially leads to a lack of government. Anyway though, keep up the good fight Roosh and stay safe out there.

  • Timothy

    Not to make this a political discussion, but conservatives are no different than liberals in that they want the world to conform to their way of life and thinking, especially the more religious conservatives, and they use the same methods to try to impose it. I don’t believe either end of the spectrum has a monopoly on hypocrisy. The overwhelming majority of women would take issue with Roosh’s way of life, at least publicly (while deep down they all fall for what Roosh and others like him spit at them), but the men that go to such great extent are pussies from across the spectrum that will in their own lives grovel for pussy, but try to cockblock a man that lays down a strong frame on a chick he’s been admiring from afar FOREVER, but was too scared to push up on. I’ve worked with and been around too many men that talk a hardcore, conservative game, but then in the next breath are talking about how some woman broke their hearts, or complaining about what the current girlfriend manipulates them into doing. Underneath the hardcore shell is nothing but pure pussy.

  • Astounded


    Good points.

    Roosh might be providing a service to beta and omega men but a lot of it is couched in very hateful language and with degrading acts and attitudes towards women minutely described. It is not a surprise when men of other countries take great offense at this attitude directed and publicized towards their women and take measures accordingly.

  • Asian Rockstar

    This is one heavy post, Roosh – fuck, you’re pushing the game envelope to its logical conclusion i.e. where people generally hate your guts and beta males want to beat the shit out of you.

    I’m a player operating in South-East Asia – if you make it alive here, we should meet up in one of the 10 pussy heavens of South-East Asia.

  • Orson

    It is amazing that you get so many haters.

    People like Mystery, Neil Strauss, and Ross Jeffries were well-known and recognizable, but never got into trouble like this.

    VH1 had a show ‘The Pickup Artist’ with Mystery, Matador, and J-Dog. None of them were on wanted posters on account of the show…

  • rokiroo

    I enjoyed this article for the encouragement it gives in the face of adversity and adjusting to things on the ground. I also find it sad and lame that some people in this world will lie and harass people through jealousy and/or to get their own way.

    However, I question your label of ‘liberals’ that you use to label the haters. Sure, I’m sure some of them are ‘liberals’, but don’t you think you could just as easily label some others ‘conservative’. Ringing up cops because some dark skinned american guy is hitting on girls is very conservative imho.

  • Jake

    That blows, not that it’s surprising or anything. Stay safe!

  • Chaz

    Incredible strength there, in the face of adversity. I have a hard enough time dealing with small-time fishbowl bullshit. You deserve a gold medal for what you have been through on a much larger stage. Awesome, powerful stuff. Thanks for the inspiration, and for all your writings, of course.

  • Neil skywalker

    A very insightful article. I’m still keeping my identity secret. I had my share of death threats, especially from Cambodian ex-pats. i just delete hater mail on my site.
    About the fame of being a blogger. I’ve had a couple of occasions where i would tell some backpacker about my website and they would shout out: My god, is that you ? I’ve heard of a Dutch guy banging his way around the world.
    Apparently i was quite known on the South American backpacker trail.
    I think my identity will eventually be revealed and i will deal with it when it happens.

  • Anon

    That’s taking hate too far. Although I dislike some of your actions and opinions, you’re merely taking advantage of the opportunities presented to you in this moral wasteland of a sexual market place.

    Part of me believes that girls wouldn’t be hurt by monkey std pua guys if they were taught better values. No one can take advantage of you unless you let them, girls.

    Notice though, Roosh, that your most destructive haters are men you haven’t even banged.

  • Anonymous


  • Osty

    Astounded, I wish people wouldn’t fall to such lows. I just think it is very arrogant and malicious to come to a foreign country with such an attitude and “agenda”. This kind of sexism is very alien in these little Northern European countries.

  • Osty

    Anon, this environment in the West (the social and sexual mores, the media messages) is just toxic for girls. I never want to have a daughter, no thank you.

  • Sirob

    Your protest is misplaced. Roosh has clearly indicated that he reserves his acerbic comments and cynicism for Western (more specifically American) women.
    In fact, if you go thru his blog carefully, he has on more than one occasion mentioned that he has treated quite a few EE girls like princesses. That is fair and points to the fact that he knows when a quarter must be given.
    As regards your men, just the fact that they are reacting in this way leads me to believe that they have deep insecurities and misgivings about their own place in the social ladder.

  • Osty

    Sirob, since you don’t know much about our men, it would be better if you didn’t make any judgments about them. One thing I can tell you is that they don’t “hatefuck” us and haven’t created a mega industry of porn where women are sold like commodities. I don’t know of any Latvian or Estonian man who would openly talk about womenfolk like Roosh or Roissy or MRAs do. Ofc, they have no reason to, there is something deeply disturbing and sinister about this particular group of Western men. They seem to have no soul and treat the woman as if she was just a piece of meat. That is very dehumanizing. You shouldn’t be surprised that people in other countries don’t want to associate with such people, and you also can’t blame the Europeans for being cautious about somebody bringing in STDs knowing that they have fucked half of the South America.

    I’m sure if you didn’t treat American women as pieces of meat they wouldn’t be as angry.

    And no sane person would say that what Roosh did to the 18 yo Danish virgin is ok. It is just normal that Danish men and women be enraged by such actions. As far as I’m concerned, it is an attack on their nation because a young girl is the most valuable a nation has (esp a small Nordic nation). Yet he does it just to spite people. If you come with hate, you will get hate. I was also under the illusion that all Western men are some sweet fluffy angels or white nights. I was always wondering why American women hate them so much. Now I see very well why they hate them.

  • Osty

    P.s. you say he’s treated EE girls like princesses – I bet just to get in their pants. How does that make him decent or noble? And that story about the Polish girl.. He is just sex tourist. And should be treated as such.

  • Sirob

    I could answer each and every point you make with an effective rebuttal, but have long since learnt that logic doesn’t apply to women.

    You’ve been converted. Good luck.

  • The Prophet

    Now just imagine the hate you would get if you were famous.

    Pray to God that you never get a TV show/travel show or something like that because the haters will stop at nothing to drestroy you.

    Keeep up the good fight, Uncle Roosh.

  • Sam Spade

    Wow – I got kind of a rush reading this – that is, I truly thought you might be arrested or deported. That and the idea of a feminazi aligned thought/speech police terrifies me.

    It’s sad that there are people seething with so much hatred that they waste their energies tearing down others instead of taking the time and effort to improve their own lives.

    Keep up the good fight, Roosh.

  • Osty

    My big question to Roosh though is, why won’t he go to Middle East and deflower 18 yo virgins there? Maybe that should be his next destination. I heard he really loves those people.

  • Timothy

    “It is amazing that you get so many haters.

    People like Mystery, Neil Strauss, and Ross Jeffries were well-known and recognizable, but never got into trouble like this.

    VH1 had a show ‘The Pickup Artist’ with Mystery, Matador, and J-Dog. None of them were on wanted posters on account of the show…” 63 orson

    I know of these guys, but I’m not personally acquainted with their work in detail. My guess is that they don’t provoke anger and hate from the public because they don’t express dislike or disdain for women, and aren’t critical of certain types of men the way Roosh is. They’re largely seen as harmless guys that drop pick-up lines. They don’t present themselves as being predatory. Anything that goes mainstream is largely watered-down and packaged for painless consumption. What Roosh is dropping is too raw, too bitter, too sour to be swallowed by the masses without gagging.

  • ertai

    Sad thing is all these people will see you worse than the economists who fuck up the economy, corrupt politicians, terrorists, radical nutjobs, prostitutes, and serial killers. So, here is a guy living his lifestyle within his means and he gets tremendous shit for that. Because he is tearing the fabric of society :laugh:

  • DaveA

    Sucks people are actually threatening you but I have to wonder what you were expecting? If you have women in your country who are not man hating feminists why would you want a horde of American and British tourists coming to your country and messing up a good thing.

    Seems like only the most debauched countries would not care if a bunch of foreigners came to fuck their women.
    Maybe your time in here in America and especially DC has left you jaded but you have to put yourself in others shoes.

  • T.O.

    Good write up. If they’re calling you a rapist now watch out for the false rape claims, even if the woman is caught lying nothing will happen

    His accuser admitted that she was lying, but didn’t want to give back the 1.5 million she won in court. So she’s rich, and his football dreams were crushed. It’s all good though because she feels bad about it lol

  • Doug1111

    Naughty Nomad–

    In the states liberal is a euphemism for progressive or leftist. It was dreamed up as a term for that by liberals in Roosevelt’s administration. It’s no longer thought of as much of a euphemism by conservatives and independents, but doesn’t have as harsh a ring as leftist or left winger does.

  • John Galt

    The only bad publicity is where they do not spell your name correctly.

    I was stalked by a hater and can tell you how it happens. It is decidedly low tech. The RooshV style involved some bar scene. There are networks that all of the gossip columnists plug into. Anyone who watches your techniques in action links them up to a recognizable person such as yourself. Add in info from one of your recent conquests and it is done. DC is in many ways like a small corrupt southern town. Lots of people know each other and the way that advancement occurs is very social.

    Your success in terms of volume by style and about style linked with an obvious internet presence with a location specific name did it.

    Face it; you write awesomely and credibly and even some of us who game well respect the notches and adventures you have. The tallest blade of grass is the one that gets cut say the Japanese. I don’t even want to have what you have let alone do the work. You are the leader from the time when leaders led into battle.

    What probably inspires haters is not that you are so good but they are so weak. Game is as much about life as females so even a gay gossip columnist is envious. You seem unreal, unattainable and highlight for the weak what they hate most about themselves. They project their self loathing onto you, the worst obsession.

    Game can be so tight that you could walk into a job if you wanted or needed it and this could be right on the table. I just had an interview where I turned down as it was not consistent with my lifestyle and told the exec about life game and referred him to various sites, including yours. It was very positive. Remember your post about confidence, it applies everywhere.

    I have been in DC and it sucks and an even more sucky place in NYC. They are like toilets and nothing of what you do really ever leaves them. I tell people I live where I do for testing purposes. And trust me, I have been embarrassed many times and screwed up many times. But it never follows me further than a bridge in ways that matter.

    Here is what you do. You should revel in it. Rewrite the post and your mind as to how cool the shit that happened overseas was. Hope for more inside and publicly. Use it to your advantage. Let it get around that international travel is hard because of some things you do not like to discuss, talk about mystery! Say this whole game thing is a cover. Use your detractors as promoters in this way.

    Telling about my detractors and exploits has gotten me more bangs than I can count.

    Keep it up and many thanks.

  • Anonymous

    You don’t make judgements of me or the people where I’m from but I’ll make all the judgements I want about you and where you’re from”

  • Old lady on a bus

    Be careful, for heaven’s sake! You’re on hate speech lists, and not just in shitty countries, but American Southern Poverty Law Cntr as well. Last thing you want is for Interpol to pick you up at the airport and throw you into the Soviet shithole prison. Very limited game opportunities there, even for a handsome guy like you.

  • Apocalypseman

    Ben you’re a moron. Conservatives and liberals on the extremes want everyone to do as they say. Individual freedoms..yah if you are a religious nut. Give me a break. This is what I hate about you ultra political extremists who buy into one side or the other. You believe one side is right and the other is wrong…no ability to think for yourselves.

  • moop

    The life of a game guru is less than glamorous I see. Props to you for telling it like it is.

  • Steve

    Anybody from UMD remember Big Gay Rob the regular in Cornerstone? I hope it’s not the same guy

  • David H. Fucktrelle-Male Feminist Extraordinaire™
  • Osty

    Ofc, ofc, everything that is not super ultra PC these days and even saying something that is common sense is considered “racist”. You are worse than the Soviets when it comes to free speech. Give me a break, I could care less about your “shaming”.

  • Osty

    P.s. Your nick is pretty funny, though. :)

  • Anonymous

    This post highlights some interesting stuff.
    1. Much to our chagrin, it seems that feminism is making its way eastward.
    2. There are tons of betas in countries where women outnumber men. I didn’t think this was possible, but it seems that I’m wrong.
    3. It seems that word travels quick in many small European countries.
    4. Europeans pretend they are so open, tolerant, easy going, etc. They may be. But it seems they’re also a bunch of gossip queens.

  • Osty

    Anon, as I already said in one of my previous comments there has always been “feminism” or rather the notion of women’s equality in the Eastern Europe. The first woman in space was Russian and no fault divorce was allowed in the Soviet union in 1920 (in America, in the 1970s). Our mothers already had equality and respect. Even before the war it was not as sexist in Latvia as it was in the 1950s America. Things we just more natural here. Everything changed with the 1990s shock therapy, when women went into a survivalist mode and became “sexy” just to survive. Our women were always pretty, but they have NEVER been dressed as “sexy” as they are now. What we don’t have is the American feminism. And I don’t think we should, it is too unnatural. Scandinavian egalitarianism is much more humane. Ppl do realize the sex differences, it’s just that men respect women for the most part. I don’t think we’ll ever assimilate the kind of feminism Americans have because in some cases it goes against the common sense. Like, sex positive feminism is not natural. And “fat acceptance” will never be accepted :) here, since not only is it unnatural, it is also scary.

  • Osty

    2. There are not “tons of betas” in EE, there is a lack of betas. But there is still some self defense when foreigners try to act abusive.

  • http://N/A Psychonaut

    Plenty of cool jobs here. Women are beautiful, feminine and sexy.

    Grass is green and fragrant.

    Looking forward to your visit.

  • Anonymous

    OMG Roosh your Estonian story is downright scary

  • ttb

    It gets even worse. The left, especially /b/tards, is starting to use a new tactic they call “SWATting.” They call 911 using a spoofed VoIP to make it look it’s your number, act like they’re you, give your address, and say something like “I just shot my wife.” Next thing you know, the SWAT team (hence the name) are kicking in your door and have guns in your face. This could very easily get you killed.

    They also go after your workplace, family, friends, anyone they can connect to you.

  • dannyboy

    Liberals are haters, and will especially escalate hatrid tactics to use the institutions of the State at their disposal, because being a liberal means belief in the power of Government and the infallibility of the State. Liberals do this for two primary reasons: they like the POWER, and they think they’re MORALLY SUPERIOR PEOPLE. Thus, they treat people like slaves to be ordered around by government because liberals are supposedly better than the rabble.

    Conservatives are less likely to be haters, but their hate is less likely to use the power of the State, and instead would come from mere social/religious disagreement.

    The real axis isn’t between “liberal vs. conservative,” though, but a Statist verses an individualist. Statists use the power of the state for power, moral superiority, and greed. Individualists really have no use for government other than for the most bare minimal things. Most if not all liberals are statists, and some “conservatives” are too. Libertarians are individualist, but so are people like Roissy, Vox Day, and probably Roosh.

  • Anonymous

    Osty – “…and haven’t created a mega industry of porn where women are sold like commodities.”

    Those women are usually having sex with men. How come you don’t consider them “sold like commodities” as well? Learn to respect women enough to hold them to the standards as men, and this kind of congnitive dissonance/bigotry won’t happen as often.

  • nab

    Information warfare.

  • Hmm

    A fucked up thought just occurred to me.
    What if a feminist with an axe to grind took advantage of your hate for condoms and gave you an STD on purpose?
    That would take hate to another level.

  • Anonymous

    “What Roosh is dropping is too raw, too bitter, too sour to be swallowed by the masses without gagging.”
    That about says it all, very eloquently. Osty perhaps doesn’t live in a world surrounded by dumb spoiled white girls playing nasty ass rap talking about how the world revolves around her pussy. Perhaps you’d like to come out to the Bay Area and visit sometime Osty, I’ll show you Oakland, San Jose and San Francisco, then you’ll understand. Then we can go visit Santa Cruz, which is about as close as you’ll get to feminist Europe in the U.S. No shaving of any body parts, no makeup, you’ll love it. I actually like their attitude on ganj, but liberalism can be a two edge sword.
    <3 Roosh.

  • Auric Goldfinger

    “Riches may not make you friends, but they greatly increase the quality of your enemies.” — Auric Goldfinger

    You might not be able to make better friends, but you certainly could stand an improvement in the quality of your enemies …

  • Xx

    It really boggles the mind that someone would hate a stranger to such a destructive extent…

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  • Anonymous

    Your a hypocrite dannyboy as you say “Liberals are haters, and will especially escalate hatrid tactics to use the institutions of the State at their disposal, because being a liberal means belief in the power of Government and the infallibility of the State.” then type “Conservatives are less likely to be haters, but their hate is less likely to use the power of the State, and instead would come from mere social/religious disagreement.” as conservatives want to outlaw what they see is immoral like Saudi Arabia as liberals to make the economy more non-hierarchical & egalitarian with social matters free to do what you want as long as does not hurt anyone else like if want hit on women you can freely do this. “Most if not all liberals are statists, and some “conservatives” are too.” This has always been the opposite as you need the state to outlaw what see is immoral like premarital sex. Libertarians are form of socialism.

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  • Todd

    Wasnt your passport stamped with the number of days you could stay? Why didn’t you leave the country the day the visa expired, then come back a day later?
    I’ve had a similar experience with haters. Its caused by success and not taking shit. I’ve resolved to not hit on too many women that know each other from the same groups or circles. And to not hit on multiple women at the same event, party etc. and to bite my tongue when a women pisses me off. It’s satisfying to put her in her place. But she’ll spend a year bad mouthing me to the whole world. Not worth it.

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  • Joe Dick

    wow man, I didn’t know you went through all that. Stupid bastards, with all the insanity and real bad people around, they waste time with someone who’s having consensual sex with women? I hate feminists and liberals more than ever. One question: you wrote ‘They asked for my name and I give my full name, not Roosh.’ You mean you gave them a fake name, or that Roosh isn’t your real name?

    Interesting the fact that that stupid Big Gay Rob made you burn your ships. That explains why you keep yourself motivated even when the approaches ‘fail’. Although I must say, you have nerves of steel. For me all that hater stuff would have been too much. Stupid ignoramuses. The reality is that they don’t have the balls to do what you do, so they bash on you. But I bet every one of them is a lot more of a pervert than they think.

    I admire what you do all the more now. Hope Big Guy Rob and people like him get their bad karma shit back, they deserve it.