The Eye Contact Test

I can tell if a country is going to be good to me within two hours of landing. I don’t use any complicated formula or system. I don’t count sex ratios or do test approaches to feel out the vibe. All I do is notice if girls are making eye contact with me. If during my first trip to the grocery store a handful of women look my way, I know the country will treat me well.

My eye contest test isn’t on just attractive women but all women, even grandmas. I want to see if there is a culture of evaluating foreign-looking men for their value, an important first step in any seduction. I want women to simply notice what is out there. A country’s eye contact habits is therefore more a sign of openness than raw attraction. It means women are in buying mode, ready to be approached by a man who wants to sell his goods. It doesn’t mean she will be easily sold, but the opportunity is there.

Here are the five countries where I got the most amount of eye contact within my first couple of days:

  • Poland
  • Croatia
  • Estonia
  • Lithuania
  • Brazil

And here is a list of countries that I one day would return to:

  • Poland
  • Croatia
  • Estonia
  • Lithuania
  • Brazil (more so to see how it’s being destroyed by feminism)

It’s in these countries where I know that if I put in an honest day of approach work, I will eventually be rewarded. They are harder than places like Argentina and Latvia where I got little eye contact and my results were random and inconsistent, even with dedicated effort.

The catch is that not all women from the top five countries consider me their type. For example, Brazilian girls like men that are just about the opposite of my appearance, but I still had some of the best women of my life while I was there. The fact that Brazilian women are open, which I can tell with their eye contact, means that approaches can successfully be used to get laid, even if I’m not their ideal.

The implication of this is simple: if you’re in the United States right now, and you go to a country where you get less eye contact within the first 24 hours, it will probably mean you have to work harder. If you get more eye contact, you’ll have to work less. You can read all day about which type of guy does well in which country and which race is desired by the local women, but all you need is a trip to a crowded supermarket on your first day to predict how things will go. No other analysis is required.

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  • OldHornDog

    Blue eyes in Brazil will definitely increase your hit ratio – hehehee… :-)

  • TRR

    Kinda funny but when I go to the states women pass this test at least at a rate higher than at home.

    Of course I live in Toronto

  • 3rd Millenium Men

    Fascinating Roosh. Attraction happens before you open your mouth, and body language / eye contact are the two most important elements of this (preselection helps but not when you’re cold approaching!)

    Acting on the eye contact you receive is then the next biggest step for most guys. However in most cases that seems to flow naturally when they become confident at holding eye contact with an attractive woman.

  • gavin madden

    This observation is spot on. I can safely say that the countries i’ve had most success in are those that i’ve received most eye contact during the day.

  • BalkanCynic

    Very true.
    After spending years in the south balkans, I did a little weekend trip to Poland. The contrast in eye contact behaviour was earth shattering. It took me less than hour of walking on the main square to know Poland had something special.

  • Anonymous

    When OldHornDog comment:

    You’re wrong, here in Brazil, dark men with dark eyes and bright with a bad guy get along better with women.

    Another way is to be rich … that in any capitalist Western society.

    Crowded supermarket may even be a good result for few or many know about eye contact, but it is impossible to approach.

  • solo

    Interesting. Would you say this test is even more important than the busted dudes test? Or how do the two combine?

  • cupojohan

    Living in Toronto i notice a lot more eye contact when i visit the states. This past summer i went to Chicago for a weekend an the noticeable increase in eye contact was awesome. As stated, girls were more receptive to approaches.
    I really need to get out of here.

  • Maverick Traveler

    Simple sign that a lot of guys miss.

    I can tell you where I got eye contact:
    – Ukraine
    – Lithuania (a lot of random stares)
    – Brazil
    – Poland
    – Hungary

    Absolutely no contact:
    – Denmark
    – Spain
    – Portugal

    I’m fair skinned but with dark hair/eyes. Southern European looking.

    I’m off to Serbia this weekend and would be curious how it compares.

  • Mike

    When women avoid eye contact at all costs, it’s a sign that feminism has taken over..and taken over for good. Forget about that country. Women has a constant need to prove that they are “better” than men. They actually get a kick out of ignoring and rejecting men.
    I’m from Denmark, and it’s pretty much how it is here. I remember when it started, I’d say about 10 years ago, maybe 15. I didn’t understand what was going on..Suddenly, girls would go out of their way to ignore you, to show you that nothing is more indifferent than you. Even random trash on the streets is more important. They would adapt this new way of walking, either super fast with small steps, or slow with longer steps. Both styles would have this “i dont see whats going on around,i dont care,leave me alone creep” vibe. And of course, they would be constantly glued to their mobile phone.
    It’s probably not as bad here as it is in other countries (I’ve heard bad things about the US, and Toronto in particular).But when THIS’s a countdown to decades of misery and misandry.
    Just get out. Plan your life to get the fuck out for good. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY.

  • anon

    It would be interesting to apply this same logic to online dating sites and social networking sites, as a way to scope out what places are favorable without actually wasting any time/money on actually visiting the place.

  • John Galt2

    You Toronto guys seriously need to get out of there. Apply for financial jobs in NYC or Chicago and GTFO!

  • Lollerskates

    ” Apply for financial jobs in NYC or Chicago and GTFO!”
    And replace a giant enormous evil with just a huge evil ?. I dont see the point. Better goto SA, SE, Asia or Africa.

  • World Unweary

    Absolutely true, Roosh. When I first went to Moscow in 1990, after having been raised on propaganda about the cold, robotic nature of Soviet citizens, I was stunned by how every young woman I passed on the sidewalk seemed to look back into my eyes with a life-filled curious warmth. Moreover despite the Soviet austerity, they were dressed with a basic feminine fashion sense than escapes most western women. A huge taste of the red pill.

  • Sam Spade

    I noticed when I was in Morocco that the women there, particularly younger women, made serious eye contact with me. Some looked as young as 13 but still gave a coquettish smile and glance, just walking in the medina. I’m married so can’t tell you if that would have led to anything. My guess is they see a foreigner and light up a little.

  • Evil Girl

    People from Welfare countries like Canada, Finland etc. avoid eye contact because they avoid being found out as a fake living their whole life on welfare(free education free healthcare etc ). Welfare makes them gay and insecure. It’s their fault for ignoring nature’s law. Hunt or die or become enslave(gay) to those feeding you. Look at pet dogs/cats or livestock, they’re gay(ENSLAVED).

  • Dr. C

    What you’re describing has never articulated itself in my head as a concept but I’ve often noticed it.

    Once in Poland after 10 minutes of being there and seeing sex in girl’s eyes, I knew I would have a good time. I did. Went to bed with 5 women in 9 days.

    -USA (not always great quality but horny and dirty like few other places)


    An interesting fact sprung up concerning looks about a year ago. An American friend was living in Padova in an apartment next to mine at the time. He’s an attractive guy and very interesting. Once I was talking with two Italian female friends of mine and they were saying he was gorgeous. They said I was very attractive but that he was much better looking. Other way around in the States. Meet up with some other female friends there and they said that I was much better looking than he was quite attractive. There is definitely a personal component but also a cultural component to what types of looks are most attractive.

    A large part of getting looks from women that are attracted to you also comes down to competition. In Poland and Ukraine there aren’t that many attractive guys around. Not to say they aren’t out there but not in significant numbers like in certain other countries. Try walking around Milano and Madrid and then Warsaw and Lviv as a comparison.

    @ Anon– Interesting concept concerning the online dating sites and social networks-

    @ Sam — When I was in Marocco I got some heavy eye contact as well. It wasn’t often and it was in the suburbs but they were very clear signals.

    My Compliments Roosh on bringing a hindbrain concept to the forebrain!

  • Bronan The Barbarian!

    What countries are the worst for eye contact? Sweden and Denmark seemed pretty bad for lack of eye contact when I visited there.

    Here in the People’s Republic of Portland, you can often go through entire days with the local aloof hipster population refusing to make eye contact. It’s pretty damn bizarre when a store clerk or waitress won’t even look at you to complete a basic monetary transaction.

  • sandman

    Interesting yes. What about the men? In Brazil you can pay muscular hot straight guys to let you suck their cawk. Much harder to do in Europe or the US.

  • NickyG

    I like your new site Roosh. You seem to have picked some of the better manosphere writers for it. Keep up the good work and fighting the good fight!

  • Felix

    I have also found the same. It can be chalk and cheese to the country you live in. I once thought I had lost my edge as the looks from women in my own country seemed to tapper off to the point I thought I was finished. Then I went to a few other countries and was overwhelmed with the looks, responses and lays. Come back to my own country and back to the invisibility.

  • Anonymous

    Thats pretty much the case when visitin a homogenous country. When they see someone different theyll stare cuz they are different. Dont mix curiosty with lust

  • Candide

    I live in a very SWPL multi-ethnic Anglosphere city. I can always tell if a girl is foreign and from one of the friendly countries mentioned above: she makes eye contact and smiles. The local girls seem to live in a world of fear, despite this being one of the safest places on the planet (a murder would make the news for a whole month if not more).

  • decomposer917

    Here, downtown San Francisco women see to have the biggest attitude I have ever seen. Some are hot while others are not so hot, but they all walk like runway models. Sure, they are making money and having good jobs in the tech and marketing world, but when it comes to eye contact-they do everything humanly possible to avoid it – sunglasses at any time of the day, headphones on at all times, and never-ending texting, no matter where they are.
    The fact that there are so many super passive, overeducated, nerdy guys who are even afraid to look at a woman creates this vicious cycle of super unapproachable, stuck up women, and passive guys who are only able to approach women online if at all.

    The city that has all the reasons to be the best spot for casual flirting – the weather, the scenery, the amount of people out and bars/ clubs turned into anything but.

  • shiva1008

    what are the best and worst places in the US for eye contact/openness? seattle is like Toronto-lite, it sucks.

  • Toronto Man

    @10 Mike: that is correct , eye contact mean “I need you” that is why feminism women dont give you eye contact , I notced that in Toronto too , they keep watching you in secret and pretend in their behavior you are not exists

  • Bigxxx

    Solid post

  • Yarbles

    @25 Seattle does suck!!

  • decomposer917

    Despite Southern California having a reputation for being materialistic and fake, I still think that the girls there are generally more friendly than in many other (colder) parts of the country. The weather and the beach might not be conducive to intense studying or serious jobs, but it makes people somewhat happier and friendlier. You also get a little more eye contact, although the difference between So Cal and other parts of the US is not significant enough.

  • Mikael

    USA probably has the worst eye contact for the majority of the country. unless you count eye contact towards your wallet.

    Luckily in MN the “girl next door” mentality still exists. sweet beautiful women up here.

  • Goldmund

    Here in Brooklyn, women are extremely receptive and enjoy giving eye contact. About a year ago I started giving eye contact to every single girl that I thought was cute and if there was a strong attraction I would smile and say hi. This led to a lot of numbers and a few bangs…ALL of the girls banged mentioned the strong first eye contact was a huge turn on.

    Manhattan is good for it as well, but not nearly as fun and profitable as BK. There is a better concentration of 8’s and above in Manhattan though.

  • 22to28

    This is definitely a fair means of assessment, but also holds true for evaluation of venues as well.

  • Barocophile.

    ..eye contact….hhhmmmmm… central PA if ure brown..u get pleasant eye contact from women…good ones and the trashy…Roosh, you shd add Costa Rica to the list as well. If You havent been here yet, well……its paradise….Gar firdaus ae baruhe zamin ast
    Hamin astu hamin astu hamin as…is this Persian??


  • Ralph

    “I want to see if there is a culture of evaluating foreign-looking men for their value, an important first step in any seduction.”

    My problem is that I don’t look particularly foreign in countries like Poland.

  • Brianmark

    I agree 100% with the eye contact test. Even back in the USA, I always knew if a girl was interested, if I got I contact from her. This is way before I ever learned about Pick up. I look at the girl and if she looks back with interest. I’m over there! Also before my first trip to Ukraine, the Russian girl were looking at me at the JFK airport so I walked up and started met my first Russian girls before leaving the USA. This encounter was a predictor of what was to come.

  • Subway Masturbator

    I’m in Ukraine. Far, far better in USA. 6-7 Girls look and give an evil smile which I never, ever get from even 4’s in USA.

    But watch out and move fast. Guys under about 24 look a lot better, nutrition must have improved. They also have a less dour look and seem more relaxed and charming.

    No way are the over 50’s like me competing with the top YoungTallCool level here anymore as far as I can tell.

  • Lollerskates

    “I always knew if a girl was interested, if I got I contact from her.”
    Of course but thats’ not the point. In the feminized countries woman won’t give you eye contact out of principle. even if they do like you. It’s beneath them and you, as a man, is not worth their attention. It’s a feminist thing.

  • Worldmusic

    @24 Thats too bad. I remember visiting San Francisco Bay Area in the mid 1990s to help a friend move. Having lived in NYC all my life, I was blown away at how friendly the women were. Constant eye contact compared with NYC, girls walked up to me in bars. I’m Black, and it was the first time Asian and South Asian girls approached and flirted with me. I wanted to move immediately to the west coast, but it never happened. I have been wondering if anything had changed since 1996?

  • Speakeasy

    Great post. I generally find eye-contact and eye-flirting in the USA to be pretty bad. As someone brilliantly pointed out, I do think there’s a correlation between feminism and eye-contact and a culture of feminism teachers women that men are potential dangerous rapists and women should play aloof. It’s worse for under 30 women who like someone also said, walk around with sunglasses, headphones and glued to their smartphone.

    I have been in countries where a lot of people looked at me, but I think it had more to do with being a foreigner that ethnically stood out than a flirtatious thing.

  • Riot

    “by Felix on Jan 4, 2013 at 7:50 pm
    Thats pretty much the case when visitin a homogenous country. When they see someone different theyll stare cuz they are different. Dont mix curiosty with lust.”

    Good point. There is always that chance that their stares at you may be simply be because you come across like a freak show to them, NOT attraction.

  • dannyfrom504

    go to the czech rep and stay in Prague.

    do the pub crawls, and by the 2nd-3rd pub, i had a girl on lock. NEVER made it to the final pub. ask the tour guide what places he goes to when he’s not at work, the local girls LOVE american guys.

    i think it’s still relatively cheap as well.

  • Anonymous

    @38, all the other feminists and asshats from the Northeast and Midwest were moving to San Francisco at that same time, making one of the most socially open and racially cordial cities in America to one of the most of its most socially aloof and racially prejudice. You’d be better off going to San Diego, Sacramento, Vancouver, or even Seattle.

  • Alex

    Thats pretty much the case when visitin a homogenous country. When they see someone different theyll stare cuz they are different. Dont mix curiosty with lust.”

    Good point. There is always that chance that their stares at you may be simply be because you come across like a freak show to them, NOT attraction.

    I was in peru, I am chinese and I got plenty of eye contact from the locals, but does this mean that they are interested in me and wanna hook up? Or are they just merely curious about me because I am chinese?

    Not sure if you can distinguish by just eye contact, and in peru I had a difficult time, even though the eye contact gave me some confidence.