The Fast Kiss II

It’s very important to get the kiss out of the way as quickly as possible because it’s rare you will bang a girl the same night you first kiss her. For example, let’s say you first kiss a girl at the end of date one. Then it will be hard to also bang on that date. You may bang on date two or three. But if you kiss her when you first met, there is a much higher chance you will bang on date one. Get it?

I’m extremely reluctant to get a number from a girl who I don’t at least come pretty close to kissing since I’d have to invest a minimum of two whole dates to get the bang. Honestly, what percentage of girls out there are actually bearable to hang out with for several hours of time that two dates entail? 2%? 4% tops? Don’t be bamboozled into spending time with a worthless chick, which is safe to say every chick you will talk to this year except one, two if you’re lucky.

This is why I go for the kiss even if I don’t think I will get it. So the girl senses I’m about to make a move because I’m getting closer to her face and then gently pulls back—big deal. But now she knows what I’m about and if she goes out with me (and she will if she sticks around), it’s as if she has signed a legal document accepting all the moves I may choose to do, including any attempt to weasel my way back into her place. I guarantee you she will show up on the first date with a clean, shaved vagina because of the aggression I displayed when we first met.

Speed is of the essence. On a long enough timeline enough variables will be introduced into her life that prevents you from pumping her. But once you already bang, who cares? You got want you wanted, and can begin the cycle of meaningless birth and death anew with another hole. Giddy up.

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