The Fattest People In The World

Joe sent me a cartoon graphic that displays the fattest people in the world by population percentage. We are number one.


It’s surprising that a few Eastern European countries made it in the top ten. When I think Czech Republic (15%), I think of this:


Not this:


…though that may be a Brazilian flag her ass is swallowing.

Avoid English speaking countries and Mexico and you’ll do alright. The exception is Canada, which I’m guessing has thin people because it’s a barren arctic land that does not grow enough food for its predominantly Inuit population.

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  • ribald

    dude you should check out canada, though they are slightly communist, montreal and vancouver have some fine, fine women…

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    Yeah, like that old song lyric: “I’d rather be burned in Canada, than to freeze here on the south. Wooooo.”

  • mm

    If I looked like girl #2, I’d cut myself down to a 1000 calorie a day diet, work out for two hours a day and stay the fuck out of skimpy bikinis.

  • Mr Boofu

    Yeah, Toronto has some bad ass women. So does Montreal and the Couv….

    But I think the link is countries that have embraced the American diet are the ones experiencing the obesity epidemic. You look over at Japan and South Korea and they don’t have this problem because America has been unable to get those folks to adapt our way of eating…

  • miik

    You can smell the Korean food from here – it burns the fat off with it’s turpentine aftertaste and its production of copious amounts of scalp sweat.

    Can a Japanese person lose weight via “bad” sushi several times a year? I think so.

    Don’t get me wrong – the Korean and Japanese women in Honolulu are sweeeeeet

  • irina

    Where did you find that photo of me in the Brazilian bikini?

  • Anonymous

    the first pic is hot

  • Anonymous

    the second pic is hot

  • Anonymous

    i love fat chicks and when the have those little dimple like things on there butt that is hot then i love big thighs butts and bellies

  • phlip

    I love fat women tjere asses are sooo big and they can have really good sex trust me

  • Anonymous

    men who say things like ´´i don’t like women like this or like that´´ specially ´´i don’t like fat women because it’s gross´´ probably will turn out gay

  • abood

    good good women fat hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • FAT LADY @ 12:00

    woah….that girl in pic#2 is sexy!

  • Anonymous

    The second Picture is super hot! Yummy!

  • Anonymous

    The heavier woman is MUCH more attractive.

  • Anonymous

    the first girl has no body well most white women dont she need to pull a kim k and get butt shots and implants the second is too fat

  • Anonymous

    the 2nd photo is fucking hot