The Female Hierarchy Of Needs

When one of your wants are satisfied, another pops into its place without any conscious effort. For example:

  • I’m in a new city looking for a good cafe. Once I find that cafe, I then realize I need to find a good burger restaurant.
  • I’ve been trying to grow my beard out to a certain length. Once that happens, I realize that my head hair is ugly and needs to be fixed with a new style.
  • I haven’t gotten laid in two weeks. Once I solve that problem by finding a new girl, I realize that my book sales for the month weren’t that great and I need to focus on business.
  • I found a city with a good cafe and burger joint. My beard and hair looks good. My sex life and income is solid. I now realize that the weather sucks and wonder if I should move somewhere more tropical.

Your brain keep all you wants in a file and releases one when another has been achieved. This idea is somewhat like Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs. The most immediately important goals are at the bottom of the pyramid (or ladder) while the most insignificant goals are at the top. The higher you climb, the more you are trying to attain goals that do not impact your basic survival needs.

What does an American woman’s ladder look like? What are the most important goals they have that, when fulfilled, allow them to reach into the heights of triviality? Here they are from most to least important:

1. Friendship (most important) — She wants at least three close friends who she can share the events of her life with.

2. Positive Male Attention — She wants to be seen as desirable to men, no matter her appearance.

3. Drama Or Excitement — The friends or men she gets attention from must provide her with arguments, jealousy, backstabbing, confusion, excitement, or surges of emotion.

4. Low Cost Entertainment — She does not want to be “bored” at any time, so it must be easy for her to find music, television, animated gifs, or other media that entertain her on demand.

5. Clerical Employment — A woman wants a high-paying job that doesn’t involve manual labor or intellectual difficulty after breezing through an easy major in college.

6. Casual Sex — She doesn’t want to be tied down with relationships while she pursues her clerical career because she has been taught that only an office cubicle can provide everlasting fulfillment.

7. Freedom From Household Chores — Since she has undertaken the path of an independent woman, she doesn’t want to ever feel like a housewife, which she has been brainwashed to believe is slavery. There’s no time for menial chores.

8. Popularity — She wants to emulate the successful women she has seen on television by being the center of attention among both men and women.

9. Validation & Freedom From Judgement — She wants the assurance that all of her life decisions are flawless, even the ones that may negatively impact her health. She will get hyper-defensive to those who question her choices.

10. Disney-esque Relationship & Marriage (least important) — Once she is past her physical prime, she wants to find her dream man and have a fairytale wedding in a lavish party that costs an inordinate amount of money.

An American girl who doesn’t have friendship is not going to worry about being like Kim Kardashian. A girl who has no drama or excitement in her life won’t seek casual sex (unless it may give her drama). A girl who hasn’t empowered her sexuality through casual sex is not going to desire marriage or commitment. The ladder isn’t identical for all girls, and I believe they can hop up and down at will—skipping a couple rungs in the process—but this is the most general progression of middle-class white American women who never had to worry about putting food on the table. The main idea is to understand that women have several needs that don’t all overwhelm her at once, but which appear one or two at a time as she progresses through life up to her mid 30’s and unlocks various “achievements.”

I realized that the above ladder may accurately describe the Western Anglo woman, but doesn’t do a good job in describing Ukrainian women, who seem to possess a different ladder entirely. Here is how I would describe a Ukrainian girl’s ladder:

1. Identification With A Higher Being (most important) — There is a god, his name is not Steve Jobs, and hopefully he will provide.

2. Food, Shelter, & Clothing — It’s not such a simple matter for a Ukrainian girl to have all her survival needs automatically met, especially in this time of civil strife, so she has to put strenuous effort into securing them.

3. Basic Education — Their need for education is more a matter of education for education’s sake because she knows jobs will be non-existent or low-paying after graduation.

4. Maximization Of Feminine Value — She understands that men like beauty, so she spends much of her free time looking as good as possible to catch the attention of men. A significant percentage of their low income is spent on beauty enhancements. From my unscientific observation, Ukraine seems to have more salons per capita than anywhere else in the world.

5. Long-Term Relationship That Leads To Marriage — Sexual experimentation is minimal. She wants to hold onto her man and please him so she can use his resources to satisfy her most pressing survival needs.

6. Children (least important) — Having kids is a way to increase the commitment of the man to the relationship and keep him motivated to stay employed. It’s also a good way to relieve the boredom of marriage.

As you can see, different environments produce different ladders. In Poland, a country that is undergoing rapid Westernization, the ladder is somewhat of a hybrid, where girls want clerical employment and some casual sex, but also a long-term relationship while still in their prime. What’s important for you to realize is that women will exchange one ladder for another depending on the environment they are in.

An interesting experiment you can do is take 100 Ukrainian girls and put them in the United States while taking 100 American girls and putting them in Ukraine, cutting off all financial and family ties from their birth country. You should quickly see that American girls, without their first world wealth and generous welfare state supporting them, will be spending more time in front of the mirror dolling herself up for a man than writing essays on Thought Catalog or XO Jane about sexism, rape culture, or baked goods. The Ukrainian girl, once she realizes she no longer needs a husband to survive, will start seeking popularity, drama, and attention. It would only take her a few weeks to become an Instagram expert.

The true nature of women, as I’ve described in the past, attempts to describe what a woman’s behavior would be like if all her survival needs are met. If you put a feminine, sweet woman in the wrong “container,” I wrote, she will take the shape of that container. The above hierarchy now begins to hypothesize what a woman wants most if placed in a Western container versus a Poor Country container.

If you want women to focus on climbing the Ukrainian ladder and seek your approval instead of the American ladder where women seek to paint you as a patriarchal misogynist creep, you must withhold or limit the ability of all women to procure enough resources that they’re completely assured of their next day’s bread or shelter. Otherwise, if a woman doesn’t have anxiety about those basic needs, you’ll be on the verge of unleashing a species of beast we see in America, one that has very little inclination to seek out long-term relationships in their physical prime with a goal to be good wives or mothers. For a man to achieve the purest commitment and loyalty from his woman, she must believe that she cannot survive without him. If this condition is not met, the only rational option that remains is for him to simulate traditional masculinity through activities such as weight lifting, martial arts, video games, or casual sex while pursuing an individualistic life of leisure and bachelorhood.

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