The Female Orgasm Is Trivial

There is nothing more meaningless and superfluous in the world than the female orgasm. Biologically, it is an accident of evolution. Whether a female has an orgasm or not does not affect her ability to become impregnated by a man’s seed, which is ejected only when he has an orgasm. If men stop having orgasms, the human race will be extinct in 100 years. If females stop having orgasms, there will be much shrieking and fury in the pages of Cosmo, but the race will continue unimpeded. Fertility rates will not drop even 1%.

If spice was eradicated from the earth, and food suddenly became bland, would you stop eating? You’d miss certain tastes, but your health and well-being wouldn’t be affected as you’d still get pleasure from chewing and feeling sated. If the female orgasm was abolished, women would continue to have sex because the act of sex, of feeling a man thrusting deep inside them with masculine power, is pleasing to the woman.

Giving a female an orgasm is like giving a child a piece of candy on top of his required sustenance.  The candy may provide the parent with a temporarily ability to slack off on providing the child with its other more whimsical wants, such as a new toy, but otherwise the child’s development or character will not be affected.

If a woman decided to have sex with you, that means you provide value to her besides the sexual. Whether you give her an orgasm or not is irrelevant, and she will continue seeing you even if the sex was uninspiring. The only breed of woman who is obsessed with sexual satisfaction are professional sluts who see you as a penis instead of a man. Nothing is lost for you by not having sex with them a second time, and even if you do provide these sluts with a great penis, she will soon ache for a new one. If anything, giving her an orgasm may add by one or two the amount of sexual episodes you have with her. Trying to satisfy her is actually a foolhardy investment for it doesn’t guarantee your value in her eyes. The orgasm’s hold on a woman is tenuous because she becomes accustomed to the pleasure that any one man can give her, quickly taking it for granted.

In fact, being able to give a woman an orgasm is more a curse than a blessing. She looks forward to the sex act not as a way to please you, as easy as that may be, but as a means for her pleasure alone. Her expectations rise at your expense while she forgets that you like orgasms too.

Recently I was having sex with a young Polish girl who was experiencing some pain, even though I deflowered her a month prior. A moment of weakness entered my brain and I asked, “Do you want me to stop?” She quickly corrected my error, saying, “No, I want you to finish.” And finish I did, without providing her any pleasure except the emotional satisfaction in capitulating yet again to the only man who has ever violated her. Her opinion of me didn’t change from her still lifetime lack of a vaginal orgasm, and she was more than eager to spend time with me in the future.

The type of woman that is worthy of your time doesn’t care about her pleasure, only yours. In fact, any woman who verbalizes her hope of experiencing an orgasm or—more obnoxiously—gives you unsolicited advice on how you could make her achieve one, is not at all worthy of your time. It would be like a child demanding candy from her parents even though those parents provide more than enough food for the child to survive and grow. A woman, it turns out, needs an orgasm like a fish needs a bicycle. Her orgasm is a vestigial relic that will face evolutionary pressure of eradication as nature realizes it’s not essential.

I will nod my head if a woman tells me she has experienced an orgasm from my doing, but deep down I don’t care one way or another. If she dislikes my bedroom program that she is free to leave at any time, for I know that there are way too many woman who correctly place more value in my orgasm, which has biological significance while hers does not. A man who even thinks about the female orgasm for just one minute of the year is misguided and wasting his time and energy on something that will not bring him any long-term satisfaction in his dealings with the opposite sex.

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  • WOW

    This post just changed my life, thank you.

  • 24601

    Your post years ago on “It Doesn’t Matter if She Orgasms or Not” changed my my entire outlook on sex and getting with women. I was just a boy then when I read it, still intimidated by women and having sex with them, thinking that I needed to please them sexually. After your post, I changed my entire mindset into believing that she needs to provide pleasure for me. And it is true. It does not matter if she make her orgasm to get seconds.

    Oh, I’m also not sure about this but I seem to remember in evolutionary biologist Robin Bakers Sperm Wars that the female orgasm does have a factor in helping some women conceive on some level. Something about the “upsuck theory” that after women orgasm, it helps the sperm swim upward. And after orgasm, women get sleepy and remain horizontal so the sperm does not leak out. That’s Bakers theory. I’m not totally sure about this though. But that just might be all the evidence needed to convince International Players to NOT want a woman to orgasm.

  • James

    Q: How can you tell when a woman has an orgasm?
    A: Who cares?!

  • E

    My original hint of “game” may have been hearing Howard Stern insist that his most enjoyable sex occurred when he didn’t give a damn how the girl felt or whether she got off.

  • Jack

    I have to dissent here – a rarity with Roosh.

    He is absolutely right that men who worry about a woman’s orgasm are losers, indeed pathetic. But if you can make women climax easily, then that is a different matter.

    Making women come is part physical and part psychological, and some men find it easy, some don’t. It’s always been easy for me.

    And I have to be honest – my ability to give women massive Os without really trying has enabled me to walk over even the strongest-willing gal. Once you make them have insane orgasms, they will put up with epic amounts of your crap – often for years.

    If you fuck them right the first time – hard, animalistic, pounding, big orgasms – they will have a tough time ever getting you out of their vaginas and hearts, and they will treat your dick like a drug.

    Really … so don’t try hard, if you have this skill, exploit it to the – ahem – hilt. If you don’t have it, don’t sweat it, just pump her full.

    Worst thing is worrying about it or trying too hard.

  • prepman

    Excellent points. I had never thought about the O that way. You’re absolutely right. Her O is irrelevant.

    What a freeing concept. For 30 years I was brainwashed into thinking it was my responsibility to provide her an O. What I really need to do is “just finish.”

  • Gavin Madden

    A few years back I used to care a lot about the girls orgasm to the point where as soon as we finished fucking i’d ask her if she came. It’s an absolutely pointless question. It makes you sound insecure whatever her answer is. Stop asking and stop caring.

    If she orgasms that’s great, but I have to agree with Roosh in saying that sex is about the pleasure you get out of it. Nothing more.

  • Burt

    Make you realise the manufactured “issue” FGM really is.

  • fjod/10199

    my gf rarely has orgasms from usual sex. but I dont care, because I have! (c) jimmy carr

  • Jack

    If you have to ask if she came …. she didn’t.

  • Aviditatis

    Well, I don’t agree 100%. As it is true that you should not ask if she came or do things asking shit like “oh, do you like it?” or “is this way good?” I think (or at least is they way I feel) that I’m nowhere if I can’t make a woman have an orgasm, you can think it is validation, or something, but as for some is very important the notch or flag count, for me it’s if I fuck them, I make them come. Of course, when I was younger I was far from that objective, but now, at my 27, I can say with confidence that at least the 10-12 girls I slept with the last 2 years or so they all have come, and for most of them was the first time (shaking legs, squirting and shit)… and man, once you do that, you can fuck them in call, even if you disappeared for a long time.

    From The Sixteen Commandments Of Poon of Heartiste

    ‘XIV. Fuck her good
    Fuck her like it’s your last fuck. And hers. Fuck her so good, so hard, so wantonly, so profligately that she is left a quivering, sparking mass of shaking flesh and sex fluids. Drain her of everything, then drain her some more. Kiss her all over, make love to her all night, and hold her close in the morning. Own her body, own her gratitude, own her love. If you don’t know how, learn to give her squirting orgasms.”‘

    It’s not what you do I think, it’s more the intent you have (I even think I read that from Bang), so if you worry about doing this because of what she will thing of you, you’re fucked, I do this for me, as having a lot of notches makes me feel good, also leaving them all wet, shaking and in some sort of trance, makes me feel even better.

  • lurker

    during the female orgasm, the cervix actually jumps down and repeatedly stabs itself into the puddle of jizz sitting in the vagina, sucking it up for impregnation. i’ve actually seen video of it. what that suggests is that the female orgasm is purposed for getting pregnant during gangbangs – where one man’s seed is already inside and the next pumps her to oblivion. thus the female orgasm is a cuckoldry tool. proceed with caution.

  • jas1

    hi Roosh, I think you might be a little short-sighted in this post. Here are some points that are worth some further thought:

    1. What do you mean by “accident of evolution”? Isnt evolution all an accident but only those accidents which further the survival of the species stick around? Women are already selective enough now with the ability to orgasm. Would they be too selective without the ability to orgasm? I guess a study could be done to see if women who are unable to reach orgasm during sex have more/less sex (or children) than women who do orgasm during sex (whether single or in a relationship), and that would tell us how the lack of an orgasm would affect reproduction. Most of the civilized world already isnt reproducing enough–at a rate of less than 2 children per female. How would lack of female orgasm affect that?

    2. When a woman orgasms does she become more attached and submissive to the man she has sex with? Based on the amounts of oxytocin that floods women’s brains during orgasm, I would say that getting a woman to orgasm is a sure-fire way of making her “yours”. The mere act of sex already creates this attachment, but the oxytocin rush during orgasm strengthens it. It’s the same chemical rush that happens during breastfeeding and makes womenattached to their Infants.

    3. We all know women are emotional wrecks. Does their orgasm calm this emotional storm down for a while? In my experience it does.

    4. Some people get pleasure from pleasing others. It might be because I’ve been programmed this way, but getting a woman to orgasm during sex is one of the most pleasurable parts of sex. It’s also a good challenge with many women. And it’s part of my nature to overcome challenges. It’s a different element to the game.

  • rivsdiary

    roosh, this is all wrong.

  • The Specimen

    I agree with Dave. You shouldn’t care if she orgasms so much that it detracts from your pleasure. That is lose lose. You have a bad time, and it actually make your performance worse. But if you can consistently give a woman orgasms, she will let you get away with murder.

  • Anonymous

    Dumb. You’re losing it, Roosh.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    Profound. Gets at a very important sticking point of inner game too easily overlooked. The focus on the male orgasm or not is exactly the woman’s inexperience as virtue, and why virgin wives were not optional but practically necessary for civilization and culture was culled to arrive at that principle. However, there is strategic value to the female orgasm, and TO THE FEMALE of course. It’s some of the best stuff in Red Queen:

    “[Baker and Bellis] found that in faithful women about 55 percent of the orgasms were of the high-retention (that is, the most fertile) type. In unfaithful women, only 40 percent of the copulations with the partner were of this kind, but 70 percent of the copulations with the lover were of this fertile type. Moreover, whether deliberately or not, the unfaithful women were having sex with their lovers at times of the month when they were most fertile. These two effects combined meant that an unfaithful woman in their sample could have sex twice as often with her husband as with her lover but was still slightly more likely to conceive a child by the lover than the husband.”

  • Chicago REd

    Great Post, that is fucking deep dude…

    Will keep it in mind, great work!

    “God’s last name is Dammit.”

  • Beidas

    I believe I’ve found the source of your difficulties in finding true love.

  • zooka

    I don’t agree with this post. If a woman can’t orgasm with me it’s not a big problem, but I always try to make the woman enjoy sex with me as much as possible because that’s the best way to make her bond with me and want to have sex with me again.

    If I give her good sex and orgasms, she will be also more submissive and do me favors such as give me blowjobs, anal sex etc. I don’t think one should be selfish in bed.

    Women also tell all their friends if a guy is really good in bed. That makes it easy to fuck all her friends too.

  • Lemon Party

    This is the BEST and TRUTHFUL article you’ve ever written. I always giggle when I hear men (male bitches) talk about how great they are in bed and how their bitch is in love with them because of their performance in bed and penis size. I wanna shake these lying virgins by the shoulders and scream at them “That’s COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT to her attraction towards you”. Heartiste is destroying a generation of men with his gay articles. Rooshv for once speaketh the truth.

  • Shaman

    Came here to mention the evolutionary purpose of a woman’s orgasm and that it makes her much more likely to get pregnant if she has one, and to site Robin Baker’s work–second comment did it for me, nice :)

    If you’re trying to knock her up, at least, yes it matters.

  • Shaman

    Shit, I meant “cite”, not “site”, argh. I’m not dumb I swear.

  • Anonymous

    if a girl climaxes she becomes more addicted to u since not many other guys know wht there doin.orgasm is an emotional button tht bad boys trigger

  • Bogart

    Spot on.
    This is an important point that’s often missed.

    I used to care a lot about girl’s orgasms. To the point that I’d feel like a failure if I didn’t make them come. I was terrified they’d think I was bad in bed, and tell all their friends. I would get down and eat out girls I was on a first date with! Uggh….totally beta. Is it any surprise that my success at making them cum was marginal?

    Nowadays, I’ve been with enough women to know this: the female orgasm is fickle. Many girls simply cannot cum from any way but masturbation. Many girls have self-consciousness that makes it impossible for them to relax enough to come. Many of them have desensitized their clits from vibrator overuse, and are unable to cum with anything but a vibrator. Many of them have sex as a means to an end, but aren’t really into the orgasm part of it.

    The harder you try to make these sluts come, the more futile the mission becomes.

    The more you relax and focus on your own pleasure, while disregarding hers, the better in bed you become. Then she starts having orgasms on accident without you even trying.

    I read a quote recently that sums it up: The best way to make sure you’ll be lousy in bed is to be concerned with her pleasure.

  • Revo Luzione

    Agree with Jack, above, #6 & 10–Roosh is a little off on this one. Mostly correct, but missing the broader context, that broads get addicted to great sex.

    Lay that shit down right, give a girl mind-blowing orgasms, you can dicknotize her, she’ll need you & your masculine powers like a drug. The whole evolutionary purpose of female orgasm is twofold: one, to bond her to her mate, two, to energize the female reproductive tract for conception.

    Bogart, if a woman can’t come without me trying, I next them.

  • juice

    this is powerful

  • Anonymous

    As a cisgendered male … just kidding.
    But this article is totally off. There is absolutely an evolutionary purpose for a female orgasm. Girls who have an orgasm during sex are more likely to get pregnant after you dump your load in them. You need to take your beard out of your ass. And not caring if a girl gets off is kind of faggy.

  • Soup

    great post

  • Anonymous

    good post as usual

  • Blaximus

    Hmmmm…. I disagree with this article. C’mon Roosh, you’re slipping man.

    Granted,a female orgasm should not drive a man to distraction, but it should not be something taken completely off the table in a selfish manner.

    It’s my belief that female orgasms do in fact create a stronger bond in women who are not all out, raging sluts/whores.

    In many cases a strong effort in sex will be rewarded with female orgasms. That’s been my experience over the past 39 years of copious screwing.

    Just as a man should know how to fix various things ( change car tires, exercise, play a sport, have a hobby…), a true man should understand female anatomy and make that knowledge work to his advantage.

  • PNL

    Anyone who says “cisgendered” is a manboob.

  • Broski

    Sad, nihilistic midlife crisis shit. Is this really what it’s come down to for you? It doesn’t make you feel good that a woman you’re with feels good?

    You’re now trying to stretch the alpha/beta dichotomy to include ANY consideration of her pleasure. It’s one thing to say “there is more to sex than orgasms” or “don’t try hard to please a girl that isn’t trying at least as hard”, another to dismiss any effort.

    Worse, you’re phrasing this shit like some kind of method to keep better girls around, as in women with no wants, whatsoever. Cause if a girl has any wants whatsoever beside basking in the glow of your hairy shlong, that makes her a feminist.

  • The Baron

    “Worse, you’re phrasing this shit like some kind of method to keep better girls around”

    It sure got YOU hot and bothered.

  • Anonymous

    The female orgasm is not a necessity…but a complete lack of one over a period of time (say in a relationship perhaps) will surely turn an obliging partner into a bored or unwilling one. It might be the best way to reward behavior you want repeated- and every species on the planet responds to rewards.
    I suppose the female orgasm is a little bit like the blow job. Does its lack of procreative function render it void of all value???

  • Trims

    A bitch feels good when you wear the pants in the relationships, take charge and lead her as a dominant man with standards. A normal woman stays in a relationship not because of any dick performance, she stays because she is emotionally invested in a dominant man. A weak man will never experience a bitch lusting after his cock because you’re a neurotic fag worried about pleasing her rather than pleasing yourself.

  • ladderff

    I disagree.

    1. I strongly suspect that the orgasm in females is not vestigial, cf. Reality Doug’s comment

    2. I don’t believe you when you day you don’t care if she cums.

    3. I do care, and not in some obsequious way but because own visceral reaction to the hallmarks of that event.

    4. Another reason to get them off (during sex I mean, not in some lame lesbian way) is that nothing like a proper fuck culminating in simultaneous orgasm turns them into the sweet little kittens we prefer them to be. A properly fucked woman can be a pleasure to be around, even out of bed.

  • JM

    Everything in this post is true, but the value of giving a good fuck can’t be understated either. Fucking a girl well the first few times can amplify the power of your game exponentially. Furthermore, it’s simply not that hard to fuck a woman well. Their desires are fairly straightforward and vaginas aren’t that complicated.

    for newbies and intermediate gamers, I would highly recommend looking into how to fuck a woman well.

  • Sombro

    I must be an outlier. Getting her off is what gets me off. Plus, it makes for longer-lasting sessions.

  • Anonymous

    No wonder Betas have trouble with women. Women go for the men who they even THINK can give them an orgasm. Real players know this.

  • Guest 1934

    Yeah this is pretty wrong on many levels.

    First you are more likely to impregnate a woman if the sex is good, this has been scientifically proven.

    Second, a girl who likes having sex with you will be much more sexual, and this means fucks in unexpected places and regular blowies. She also won’t cheat on you even if you mess around, because she knows she won’t find a better cock than yours.

    And last, and more importantly, giving a girl orgasms at will establishes dominance like nothing else.
    A well fucked girl will give you the puppy eyes all the time, because you got your grasp on her from A-Z. No matter how alpha you think you are, if you can’t please her sexually, you fail her at some level.

    The golden rule is you should come each time.
    The rule of thumb is you should try to make her come too while you are at it.

    Get some bed skills, you ll see how easy it will make your future fucks. Now it just looks like a bunch of bad lays who rationalize their lack of skills the way they can.
    Manuel Ferrara is your friend.

  • SturmDrang

    ^^Make you realise the manufactured “issue” FGM really is.^^

    That’s disgusting, come on. But it does make you realize what a huge fucking deal MGM is.

  • Astounded

    Male hamster run amock: “I suck in bed so let me rationalize it away by saying I don’t care if she comes or not”.

  • Ari

    This might be the Absolute Truth of Game, and I believe it to be true, based on personal experience. Every newbie to the Game need only read this post.

  • go banana

    yeah…this post is pretty far off the mark

    ‘Trying’ to obsequiously satisfy her is lame. But satisfying her because you can touch her right and lay the pipe like a boss is not.

    When you can make a girl squirm in ecstasy and have her shaking after making her cum multiple times, you’ve got her on lock. it’s not something you focus on, it’s just something you do because you know you’ve got that magic, son.

  • Man Root

    The very idea that men need some “skills” to make women orgasm speaks for itself.
    No one needs any “skills” for a man to get off.

    In a world without contraceptives, sex is a very minor part of a woman’s life. For a few short years when she’s young and fertile, she’s pregnant most of the time and has no need for anyone’s seed.

    A few rolls in the hay after she has one kid, BAM she’s primed with another.

    Even with our modern world of contraceptives, she’s only really in season a few days of the month. Not even that if the pill is messing with her hormones.

    Most of the time for her, the sex act’s real charm is being desired and desirable. Seeing her lover unable to resist.
    Feeling him lose control and finally surrendering himself inside of her.
    Everyone wants to be wanted.

    Roosh is pretty much right. For the most part, men are the sexual sex.

  • Anonymous

    Surely pussy is the most amazing thing in the world, no? Why wouldn’t you want to spend time working on it, loving it, making it cum?

    ..Do you think you should try cock instead?

  • Your Mom

    Brave, honest post. Right on the money. The fact that you have managed to ruffle some feathers in the comments is a pretty clear sign that you struck a true chord. Nice to see an unpopular, divisive opinion expressed in the manosphere–a place where boring consensus too often reigns. Really unfortunate that you’re not into Asian chicks, Roosh, because for them a man’s pleasure is paramount. After dealing with porn-trained, Cosmo-riddled Westerners, sex with a good native Asian girl just feels so…natural and right. I think you owe it to yourself to at least do some experimenting in that direction, you might be surprised by what you find.

  • Tantrika

    “Whether a female has an orgasm or not does not affect her ability to become impregnated by a man’s seed”

    Actually it does. Do the research.

    And don’t forget about oxytocin, the bonding chemical.

    When women get together we often talk about the sexual skills of our men. Word gets around.

    But beyond all that, again, oxytocin and other feel good chemicals are released during and after orgasm. The more intense or multiple the orgasms, the more the chemicals and bonding to her man.

    Another thing is that it is very painful to be brought half way or near and not be allowed to climax. There must be closure. When it doesn’t happen there is pain in the vagina and abdomen.


    You guys may not care about any of this but a lot of women do. Those who don’t have not had good sex so they think it doesn’t exist or that no man is skilled enough so they settle. Or maybe they just have a low sex drive and don’t care or they don’t care about feeling extremely bonded to their man.

    But for couples that can share multiple orgasms, and it takes time and practice and skills (Tantric techniques and other Asian techniques are helpful) – I tell you that it is LIFE CHANGING FOR BOTH PARTNERS.

    I won’t say its “spiritual” like some people do because spirituality or communion with God does not require sex, but it does truly transcend boundaries and mimics mystical experience.

  • Nonpareil

    I had a girlfriend who getting her off was like trying to open a bank vault; I cared about her so I tried (at least initially, eventually I stopped giving a fuck) and she was pretty. Sometimes it happened, sometimes it didn’t, but she still stayed with me for almost two years.

    I’ve had girls that seem to cum when I’ve just been grinding up against them; some of them just vanished after a few weeks, only to randomly call me to ‘come over’ here and there. I’m not saying that the female orgasm is bullshit, but I think that men overestimate its importance; I’ve never once seen a girl end a relationship solely on the grounds of her man not being able to get her off.

    The way not to deal with it is by getting hung up on it, that’s practically putting her on a pedestal; Seinfeld told us this a decade and a half ago. The best way is to get yours, and if she gets hers, then cool, but if not, whatever.

  • Tantrika

    “Sometimes it happened, sometimes it didn’t, but she still stayed with me for almost two years.”

    She stayed with you because like you said, “sometimes it happened”. That’s better than being with a man who never, ever delivers.

    The female orgasm is very important for long term relationships and by that I mean those that are in it for the long haul – life. Or at the very minimum 10 years.

    Also its important to a woman who experienced at least once prior. She will always compare that one mind blowing experience to all men that come after, seeking to replicate it.

    And by orgasm I don’t simply mean flowing of fluids or reaching a small peak and plateauing. No. I mean something very different. Very explosive.

    It is something that has to be cultivated over time with intent and it can happen through intercourse, oral or manual.

    These people teach a manual technique.

    I’m tempted to sign up but am wary for various reasons.

    If I were partnered right now with someone I would definitely do it, but going there without a partner? Too wary.

  • Tantrika

    The founder of One Taste and the orgasmic meditation (OM) technique speaking at TED. Now, I’m not a Freudian “sex is the root of everything” type, but what she says make a lot of sense, especially after one experiences authentic orgasm and multiple orgasm, it really dawned on me what I had been “missing” in my life prior. I think she is correct that this addresses a deep “hunger” in women. I even think its possible that 2nd Wave Feminism could have been entirely avoided had women been experiencing orgasm and its positive after affects.

    The capacity for female sexual pleasure is astounding. I was astounded at in my self once that part of me was awakened.

    I would recommend taking the time to listen to this short TED talk and even if you don’t agree with everything (I sure don’t), she does make some spot on (heh) points.

  • Nonpareil

    “She stayed with you because like you said, “sometimes it happened”. That’s better than being with a man who never, ever delivers.”

    I wouldn’t go that far, Dr. Drew…given that for two months after it ended she called and texted me every day begging to talk, and about a year after it ended we started casually hooking up again, even though she was by this point dating the guy she is still with (I believe) today, and this was all almost five years ago.

    If I had to bet, she stayed with me because while I was nice to her and treated her (mostly) well, I was also firmly in charge and she enjoyed my company, and any dick skills were secondary to this fact.

    The truth is that the female orgasm, like females themselves, are fickle and impossible to reason with.

  • Tantrika

    “If I had to bet, she stayed with me because while I was nice to her and treated her (mostly) well, I was also firmly in charge and she enjoyed my company, and any dick skills were secondary to this fact.”

    The truth is that the female orgasm, like females themselves, are fickle and impossible to reason with.”

    So in your mind staying with a man because he’s nice and treats her well and she enjoys his company comports with being fickle and impossible to reason with?

  • Anonymous

    Excellent post from an on-fire Roosh.

    But I’ll tell you a secret: women have their strongest orgasms when you speak to them of evil things.

    Guys are stretching their cocks and wondering about alphabetical spots when they need to know only one thing:

    If a woman abandons her morality when she opens her legs she come very hard indeed.

    How this is done, and the subjects to be dealt with, is not a very nice subject. Nor should it be, since, after all, sex is darkness.

  • Curious Dude

    “A moment of weakness entered my brain and I asked, “Do you want me to stop?” She quickly corrected my error, saying, “No, I want you to finish.””

    She wanted you to “finish”. Hmmm.

    Man I’m curious, has a woman ever begged you, “Please don’t finish. Please keep going. Oh Yeah”

  • Fred

    Holy Grail of the alpha in the highest sense. Ive always been this way instinctually. To care if a woman other than perhaps your wife comes is so weak and gay That i thank the higher power who put me on this earth that I never fell prey to such a delusion.

  • nemesis

    This is retarded. If a woman would not enjoy sex it would be like fucking an inflatable doll.

  • HCE

    I think this post is true, yet a bit too harsh. The evolutionary bit is completely correct, but why would someone not want to please his partner, particularly if it were rather easy? I’m not saying that you need to be a Beta who is always asking if she has cummed yet and how he can help, but I think caring about it at least a bit is just a humane thing to do.

    That said, most women are fortunately wired to enjoy and orgasm from the unrestrained rogering that you do while getting to yours, so it’s not like you really need to care about it. It will happen by itself.

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    Someone brought up oxytocin, the bonding chemical. Bonding is something that women cannot do anymore when they’ve been with man after man. They wreck their oxytocin levels.

    Therefore, it’s futile to even care if a woman orgasms. Such an investment would have been important back in the 1950s, when women bonded with the one man they married. But today, it’s pointless. You’re not going to do any “bonding” with the average OKCupid chick, who is 24 but been with partners that number more than half her age. That’s like trying to “please” a prostitute who is too stupid to ask for pay.

  • JJ Roberts

    “a man’s seed, which is ejected only when he has an orgasm”

    Male orgasm and ejaculation are two different things.

    I am quite suprised that you dont know this.

  • Tantra Man

    @JJ Roberts,

    Most of these dudes know very little about sex. That’s why many of them don’t care if a woman has an orgasm. Most of them haven’t had an orgasm.

  • stephen

    Why do women fake orgasms?

    Because they think I give a fuck!

  • Trickynixie

    In a way I do agree,regarding the fact,that orgasm is not the reason why women are having or wanting to have sex.So,it’s acually qite easy to please them and it’s not about physical part of it.
    But if we look at the reasons people(man and women equally)are having sex nowdays,then let’s be real – it has nothing to do with children.It’s more or less about pleasure and in this case then why only half of participants should be pleased?

  • Kasey


    “The founder of One Taste and the orgasmic meditation (OM) technique speaking at TED. Now, I’m not a Freudian “sex is the root of everything” type, but what she says make a lot of sense, especially after one experiences authentic orgasm and multiple orgasm, it really dawned on me what I had been “missing” in my life prior. I think she is correct that this addresses a deep “hunger” in women. I even think its possible that 2nd Wave Feminism could have been entirely avoided had women been experiencing orgasm and its positive after affects.”

    The capacity for female sexual pleasure is astounding. I was astounded at in my self once that part of me was awakened.”

    Tantrika Keep this new age sexist bullshit off of this site. Myths and lies about women’s sexuality soak this society. The constant degradation of men’s sexuality is rampant in the media, science and education. So many men believe themselves to be ‘inferior’ to women sexually as a result of these lies, half truths and exaggerations about womens bodies. If there were a ‘deep hunder’ in women then explain why is it that women are not aggressive in approaching men? If they are so uncontrollably sexual and full of multi O’s and more. Then why is it that the majority of peopel who use pronography are men. Why is it that prostitution caters overwhelmingly to men? Why is it that we have human trafficking of women? Why is it that testosterone controls sexual libido, yet women have much less of it but are considered greater sexually than men? Is this logical? Why is it that online dating often reflects blatantly unequal populations of men and women. Where for every one woman there are a hundred men. If women are so aggressive and ‘sexually hungry’ then would we not see something very different reflected in society and the world. if you were truly sexually ‘hungry’ I doubt if social pressures or laws would prevent women in mass from getting what they want. I dont see that. This kinsey led feminist hate inspired so called research taking place is designed to do one thing. to degrade men and miseducate society and Men about their bodies and sense of self worth. Tantrinka you are scum and I hope you goto hell for spewing your hate and corrupt youtube links. to hell with you!

  • BigOldLongHugeGreatMassiveGrandeMuchoSuperSkyhighDickBillyBob

    obviously girls love the massive man powered tool vs the orgasam. I showed this to my girlfriend and I’m happy to say, I changed her mind on the topic and now she says she just enjoys me on her. :) thanks roosh 😉

  • Teedub

    Pretty damn interesting post there Roosh.

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    Bravo to Kasey for making an excellent point I never would have thought of. Wish there was a way to “like” comments on here.

  • Blaximus

    Wow. Look at the comments coming in.

    Some comments sound like the authors are Butthurt by the idea of being able to give a woman an orgasm. Some even sound angry and/or offended by the very notion.

    That’s funny.

    Do not settle for mediocracy fellas.

    Some women have a very difficult time having orgasms for varying reasons.


    The odds are in your favor. Jeeeezzzzeee, it’s not quantum physics.

  • Lara

    An orgasm has a calming effect on a woman. If you are planning on leaving immediately following sex, it isn’t important. If you are going to be in her company, she’ll be more mellow if she’s had one.

  • tiggaling

    Thing is, other women will KNOW when you have given other women orgasms or not. I figure this effect lasts three days. Whether this is pheremonal or psychic, or both, who the fuck knows.

    Plus, you are seeing orgasm as this monolithic thing = womens pleasure, when it goes deeper than that into the ability of the woman to connect to you and you to her – *which is important to her on so many levels*

    You better believe that women want connection, and they can *smell* it on you. Giving a woman an orgasm is the most selfish thing you can do in that sense.

    “There can be a thousand thrills, sensations, etc., but there is only one real female orgasm and that is when a man, from the whole of his need and desire takes a woman and wants all her response. Everything else is a substitute and a fake, and the most inexperienced woman feels this instinctively. ”

  • Lemon head

    “Some women have a very difficult time having orgasms for varying reasons.


    Absolute bullshit. Most women do not have them. Some simply cannot. More do not vs do.

  • Blaximus

    Lemon head, sorry pal but my life experiences would render your opine ridiculous.

    …just sayin’.

    Comment givers, what say you all? Is it your experience that more women do not have orgasms than do?

  • Anonymous

    “Comment givers, what say you all? Is it your experience that more women do not have orgasms than do?”

    You know, I used to really care when I was younger. Then, you get the wife saying she didn’t come, and of course you try harder, and of course that doesn’t work, then you get to sit there in the dark while she uses a vibrator to try to finish what you could not. If -any- woman ever says to me again in an indignant voice, ‘I didn’t come’, I am going to fucking unleash on her ass. And if their feminist ass can’t take it, Excellent Smithers. Outcome dependency is weakness, you ladies taught us well.

  • La Vida Loca

    I suspect you’re just trying to troll Feminists with this article, I can already imagine the spittle forming on their lips, but you do a disservice to your readers. The female orgasm is meant to bond women to men and I suspect that it shows sexual preselection( like showing up to a party with a group of hot girls on your arm). A man who can make a woman cum is a man who has been with alot of women therefore he probably has very good genes. I’ve always been amazed at how much women I’ve been seeing ignored my bad habits and bad behavior(fooling around with other women). In my estimation if a woman is getting hot sex she is 80% happy. Now if you want to flip the script try not cumming when you sleep with a woman…that really fucks with a womans mind (Am I not desireable? Am I not good in bed???). Watch her think about what new tecnique she is going to use on you for a week before the next time you fool around.

  • hv

    You know I don’t like to throw the term misogynistic too much but I think this article and the views expressed in it qualify as such.

    Sex should be a pleasurable, bonding act for both partners. What you’re trying to do is to rationalize selfishness and poor skills in the bedroom. If you want a long-lasting relationship, you need to learn how to please a woman sexually. Women these days expect and demand pleasure and a man who satisfies them sexually.

    Now having said all that, I’ll agree with you that there is a bit too much focus these days on women and their orgasms. I think that is perhaps the source of your resentment and anger.. but you should address that rather than going overboard and insisting a man shouldn’t even try to give a woman an orgasm.

    The more feminist a society becomes, the more it dwells on women and their sexual pleasure. You can see it all over the place.. women’s vibrators.. toys. dildos. It’s becoming quite acceptable and normal to talk about all these things and about women’s bodies and pleasure and orgasm. I think you’re right about one thing.. which is that many women are just incapable of having an orgasm and men are being blamed for that.. which is wrong. And men are terrified now..wanting desperately to please women and to give them that orgasm. But women’s bodies are far more complex and varied. Some women orgasm very easily and hard.. some can have multiple orgasms that are earth shattering.. but many women are not able to even have one. It’s not like the male orgasm. And it’s an incredible waste of time and effort and it’s a blow to male self-esteem when women are prattling on about their orgasms, or lack of them because of men’s lack of skills, etc. So yeah, I’m with you if that’s your point.

  • Dannyfrom504

    Agree 100%. I LIKE giving her an O, but if she doesn’t I don’t sweat it.

    Now, as a 38 yo man, it takes longer for me to finish, and sometimes- I just want to quit. And if I don’t blast dear God almighty does she freak.

    If she doesn’t cum….no problem baby. If YOU don’t cum…..her pussy’s defective; at least that’s what her hamster will tell her.

  • off topic

    “As late as 1977, two-thirds of Americans believed that it was “much better for everyone involved if the man is the achiever outside the home and the woman takes care of the home and family.” By 1994, two-thirds of Americans rejected this notion.”

  • Maldek

    pump and dump: who cares about her O?

    LTR: different story

    LTR 5+ years: You better learn your craft

  • The Big Oh
  • The Big Oh
  • The Big Oh

    TM @ comment 62;

    “Most of these dudes know very little about sex. That’s why many of them don’t care if a woman has an orgasm. Most of them haven’t had an orgasm.”

    Most men think ejaculation is orgasm. The trickle down effect! LOL.

    The ancient Chinese and ancient Indians closely studied human sexuality and developed techniques for its full orgasmic potential, for both male and female.

    Alas, today’s humans go without training in this area and are suffering the personal and social ramifications of such.

  • The Big Oh

    HCE, “That said, most women are fortunately wired to enjoy and orgasm from the unrestrained rogering that you do while getting to yours, so it’s not like you really need to care about it. It will happen by itself.”

    Enjoy perhaps. Orgasm no. Female orgasms depends on reaching the right spots with the right rhythms.

    I have immensely enjoyed sex with my first boyfriend in my early 20s, but I never orgasmed with him. I did however orgasm with my second partner who I ended up marrying. That is because we both underwent sexual training together and we both became multiply orgasmic.

  • The Big Oh

    Kasey confuses orgasmic capacity with sexual aggression. The two are entirely different.

    I suggest doing some research and taking some courses and experimenting with your partner, if you have one. If not, learn game and get one.

    Men also have a greater orgasmic capacity than what is now being expressed. The majority of readers here confuse ejaculation with orgasm.

    Please see here for the difference.

  • The Big Oh

    “many women are just incapable of having an orgasm and men are being blamed for that.”

    Are they able to bring themselves to orgasm via masturbation? If so, its not them, its the man, or rather the combination of the two together. As mentioned above I enjoyed making love with my first partner but I never orgasmed with him, even though I had been orgasming via masturbation since puberty.

    What he needed was training.

    Later, with my second partner who I married, we both underwent training and he was able to deliver multiple orgasms to me, as well as to himself.

    The ancient Indians and Chinese already knew all this thousands of years ago.

  • David

    This post is filled with so much bitterness, narcissism, and misogony. I have no doubt that this post will be ignored and ridiculed. You’ll say “what a mangina, this guy never gets laid, hes not alpha, blah blah blah” but you’d be wrong.

    I feel truely sorry for anyone who reads this article and belives it to be true. Seek therapy before it’s to late

  • David

    This article is filled with so much bitterness, narcissism, and misogony. I have no doubt that this post will be ignored and ridiculed. You’ll say “what a mangina, this guy never gets laid, hes not alpha, blah blah blah” but you’d be wrong.

    I feel truely sorry for anyone who reads this article and belives it to be true. Seek therapy before it’s to late

    (reposted for clarity)

  • The Next Level of Game

    “Research has consistently found between 50 and 67 percent of women fake orgasm (Darling & Davidson, 1986; Hite, 1976; Wiederman, 1997; Muehlenhard & Shippee, 2010). Given the emphasis on female orgasm as a key component of sexual activity (Tiefer, 2001), and the “female’s age-old foible of orgasmic pretense,” (Graham, 2010, p. 259) established upon the widely accepted idea that a visible female sexual response increases the amount of pleasure experienced by the male partner (Masters & Johnson, 1966), it is not surprising that women may feel pressure to “perform” during sexual activity by demonstrably reaching orgasm. Unfortunately, previous research suggests that 60-80 percent of women do not consistently orgasm during sexual activity with a partner, and approximately 10 percent of women do not orgasm at all (Burr, Cherkas, & Spector, 2009; Graham, 2010; Lloyd, 2005).”

    If 60-80% do not orgasm with a current partner but only 10% of women do not orgasm at all (even during masturbation), but 50-67% of all women fake orgasms at some point with their partners, that means that 90% of women are fully orgasmic but more than half of them are faking it because their current partner is not delivering the goods!

    This is a huge untapped market of training manuals and seminars for men. The New Millenium PUA! Game For The Future!

  • Anonymous

    David, I hear Fall Out Boy is touring again. Be sure to tell your friends.

  • Brianmark

    I’d have to disagree with you that the female orgasm is unimportant. Yes the male one is important for reproductive success, but if you can give a girl an orgasm or two, she’ll be eager for sex always. I think if you want girls addicted or a-dicked to you, being able to give them multiple orgasms will always keep them eagerly coming back for more sex and wanting to engage in kinky sex too. These girls are hard to get rid of too once they experienced this. If all you want to do is fuck vast numbers of girls then having girls addicted to you could be a problem.

  • matt

    I have to disagree with Burt on the fgm issue. Whether there’s an advantage to female orgasm or not, you just don’t go around cutting defenseless babies.

    I can’t believe you would describe that as a manufactured issue. Perhaps someone should cut off part of your body while you are screaming and helpless.

  • Anonymous

    #1, WOW said, “this post changed my life”

    Mine too! I used to feel bad about misandry. Now it seems reasonable.

  • Ovid

    The sort of woman who will be a loving and virtuous mother to children and a capable household companion will not need to be retained with mind-blowing sexual pleasure. Perhaps she will enjoy it, perhaps not, but she will surrender her body because of her emotional and intellectual regard for her man, and her instinctive desire to be dominated by him -not primarily out of passion. Girls who seek first their own pleasure in sex have a name -sluts- and when they adopt this attitude, their selfishness encourages their latent hypergamy, and they have little restraint. At that point they have no value as a woman other than their sexual charms, because without the capacity for fidelity there can be no lasting relationship that transcends animalistic fucking. Animalistic fucking is fun, but it’s like finding a shiny new penny on the sidewalk: there’s a rush of excitement, but in a short time you’ve forgotten all about it, and including a lucky find or two, they really are a dime a dozen. When, in the right environment, one can have a new slut every night, one desires something more meaningful. Furthermore, since sluts really are so common, there isn’t even incentive to give *them* pleasure, unless it’s because they’re particularly your type and you wish to retain them for a bit, but aren’t high-value enough to keep them around without a sexual carrot to dangle.

  • Lisa

    I wouldn’t leave a man just for lack of orgasms because yes, sex is pleasurable to women even without the big O. But at the same time, my last boyfriend was surprisingly good at giving me orgasms and being intense sexually, wanting to try things I never thought I would like before.. and I did fall for him more than ever before and now that we’re married I am still unusually horny on a daily basis. His ability to give me orgasms makes me want to get down and dirty and do all sorts of kinky stuff to please him too. So, orgasms are not a requirement, but they sure as hell help if you want a more exciting sex life in a LTR.

  • O Levels

    “I wouldn’t leave a man just for lack of orgasms because yes, sex is pleasurable to women even without the big O”

    As long as they are open to try new things and learn, you can work with them, even mold them into a fantastic lover. We are not born great lovers. Sex, like any skill, takes practice.

  • gunslingergregi

    60 Days of Broken Arrows
    February 16th, 2013 @ 9:11 am
    Someone brought up oxytocin, the bonding chemical. Bonding is something that women cannot do anymore when they’ve been with man after man. They wreck their oxytocin levels.
    they can still bond i think

  • gunslingergregi

    once a woman falls in love with you orgasms get easier for her as well not all about technique and all that
    the ones i keep love to cum and the ones i keep i love to fuck
    still gets old though for me not them so who knows

  • http://Lausedcars@gmailcom Anonymous

    Just silly. There is nothing wrong with taking pleasure from a women’s pleasure. Giving orgasms consistently is an achievement.

  • Homer

    Just silly. There is nothing wrong with taking pleasure from a women’s pleasure. Giving orgasms consistently is an achievement.

  • Nicky

    What an odd post.

    The male orgasm is also superfluous if contraception is used. Wonder how many children Roosh has? Should be hundreds if he is using his orgasm for the purpose he has specified, i.e. to reproduce.

    Orgasms (male or female), and sex in general, are not just about reproduction in the immediate sense. They also are about bonding a couple together to make them better parents so that their offspring survive. If a guy can’t even be bothered to consider his partner’s pleasure then what hope does he have of being an attentive father?

    Also suggest that Roosh is having sex with young experienced women because they have nothing to compare his crap technique to.

  • Dat bro

    Sorry Roosh I’m not with you on this one.

    Studies have found female orgasm to be significantly more than just trivial.

    “upsuck theory”

    “secondary sexual selection”


  • Mr. C

    “Recently I was having sex with a young Polish girl who was experiencing some pain, even though I deflowered her a month prior. A moment of weakness entered my brain and I asked, “Do you want me to stop?” She quickly corrected my error, saying, “No, I want you to finish.” And finish I did.”

    Try using more lube? or would this be caring too much?

    Silicone-based lubes like Pjur are condom safe and work a treat.

  • Flexstro

    Normally like the posts on here, but this one seems to be subtly advocating female circumcision!

    Female orgasm = wetter pussy = more fun for everyone 😉

  • beepbeep

    This is disgusting. You don’t deserve to have sex with women if you’re going to treat them like objects who don’t feel anything. An important part of sex is relating to your partner and caring about them. Stop worrying about getting off and pay attention to the human being who is letting you have sex with her. Try to make her feel good too, despite there being no ‘evolutionary benefits’, you sexist pig.

  • Thoughts

    This is an explosive post. Like dynamite, Roosh V can blow open a geyser of nourishment while killing those in its immediate surroundings.

    1. It’s fair to say that the female orgasm exists, but whether or not this is a necessary or beneficial thing is open to debate. What Roosh says is almost technically true (men don’t have to orgasm, they can precum) it doesn’t mean that the orgasm doesn’t have potential or value in many different contexts.

    2. Where I think Roosh is wrong (most of what he says is good advice in this post) is that women who orgasm will eventually leave for distant cock. On the contrary, a properly fucked woman will stick around even as the bills don’t get paid. If she’s a slut and comes well then she’ll tweet her fellow sluts the good news thus multiplying the slut factor.

    3. Although I have problems with some of Roosh’s conclusions and opinions here, I do agree on the primary point. The book, “She Comes First” was written by a beta male who himself denies that the vaginal orgasm exists. He thinks you *should* make her cum and first. In other words, a man doesn’t do what he wants he instead does what Gynocrats think he should do first.

    The point is that men do what they want to do. Roosh feels entitled to nothing, so if he comes without female reciprocation it doesn’t bother him if that’s not what he wanted to do because he understands that women will reject him for any reason. If a man wants a girl to cum because he likes it, or it’s a challenge, or he really wants to see this girl happy then that’s fine too. But his calculus is not directed by an outside force, it comes from the manly assertion of free will. Women are not owed anything, including life, liberty, or property. Orgasms fall under the same rubric.

    Roosh V was closer to the truth here than a lot of people want to admit. Gynocracy wants men to be shamed into delivering welfare orgasms. You want to be a sex god and that means making girls explode? Then fine, but don’t do that out of fear, do it out of will.

  • 4 Ovid

    “Girls who seek first their own pleasure in sex have a name -sluts”

    You’re wrong about that, bro. Studies have shown that women who engage in frequent casual sex hook ups report significantly less orgasms than those engaged in long term relationships.

  • Anonymous

    105 Thoughts:
    There was a time when men were just men. They didn’t sit around bitching and pontificating about what “real” men do and how “real” men behave and bitching about women like clucking hen women have historically done.

    Real men (now we call this alpha, apparently…used to just be the foregone conclusion genetic winner) aren’t whiny bitches.

  • Anonymous

    107 anon posting again, just to make the point wasn’t to subtle for you. You sound like a whiny bitch.

  • V

    I so needed to hear this. Absolute Eye opener. Very radical and relentless. Expect another huge backlash from the army of feminists.
    You’re absolutely original and genuine. Love you man!

  • Anonymous

    Umm, I am not sure whether the author is lying, or just extremely unintelligent (or wrote this piece without thinking about the subject for even a second). It should be completely obvious to anyone that the sexual pleasure felt during a male orgasm is just as “meaningless and superfluous” as the sexual pleasure felt during a female orgasm. And it seems quite clear that the author does not think sexual satisfaction in itself is meaningless.

  • Anon

    By your own logic, unless you are trying to impregnate every woman you have sex with, your orgasm is just as meaningless, biologically speaking.

    If however, pleasure is the ultimate goal, hers is just as important as yours.

    Unless, of course, you’re just a bad lay who needs to justify his lack of talent.

  • Modern Primitive

    I disagree, every girl i’ve given multiple orgasms to has been all over me like a rash, those that didn’t come cared less.

  • truth hurts

    Roosh, you are such a broken and damaged human being. You’re incapable of experiencing empathy or bonding with another human being, so you rationalize it as “alpha” and your equally damaged sheep eat it right up because it speaks to the empty void in them as well.

    What did your parents do to you? It must have been awful.

  • aum

    Roosh you really are losing it.
    You are living like you will never get old, one day all your bitterness and selfishness will leave you feeling empty, alone, miserable, completely eaten up inside.
    You will have fucked your way around the world but will you ever be really fulfilled?
    Criticizing the false idea of feminism globalization has disastrously imposed on us is one thing, but completely objectifying humans as nothing but sticks (penises) and holes (vaginas) is just messed up.
    This type of thinking is what has messed up the world in the first place.
    Is there really any difference between your way of thinking and that of the rapists in Congo for example? Not really.
    A difference between your thoughts and those of the drug dealers that shape their women through plastic surgery as mere objects?
    You seem to hate women, yet you are enslaved by them.
    Intellectually you seem to be smart, but emotionally and etherically you are a wreck.
    Hope you can find your inner light and peace somewhere, somehow before you completely lose all humanity, empathy, or sense of self-worth.

  • Pornstar

    These are the words of a man with a small penis and a 2 pump chump. His inability to satisfy women has turned to resentment and anger. A properly satisfied woman will do anything for her man. I can’t get them to leave me alone even when they knew it was a one night stand. They’ve never had cock like this or been fucked into such an orgasmic bliss ever in their lives. I can marry 5 women of my choice at any given moment. I can call a women from 10 years ago, and she will drop whatever she has going on and see me.

    That is the big difference. This guy needs to turn his attention to improving his love making skills instead of letting his ego tell him that it’s not him, it’s the girls fault. Classic finger pointing and stupidity.

    A woman will love a man to death that shows that he IS concerned for her orgasm. Because most are like this idiot. When they find a REAL man that can satisfy them like no other, she will die for him. They suddenly develop a huge desire to satisfy the man at any cost. I have women want to swallow that never have before, want to give me anal that have never before, bring in a girlfriend to see the pleasure in my eyes.


    this guy is so backwards it’s like taking advice from someone with down’s syndrome….

  • A Lady

    If a man is overly obsessed with the woman getting off…if he thinks it makes him “less of a man” if she doesn’t…the woman will feel pressured and it will dampen the experience for her. Probably ruin. It makes a guy look beta.

    If he just learns to be plain good at sex, doesn’t appear overly worried about her orgasm, but gives her one anyway, she will be yours for a long time.

    Girls can enjoy being “used” and being some guys “sex toy” but for one-night stands only. That gets old fast.

    So yeah, I’d say in one night stands, they don’t matter. If you want to keep seeing a girl they do.

  • EE girl

    Orgasms are not irrelevant to a girl’s attraction to you. Not at all. Wow. No wonder why it is difficult to find a nice guy who is good at sex. And I was right when I said that experience with many women doesn’t mean a guy is good at sex – well, thank you Roosh for helping me prove it. You’ve been with many women and you are at best average in bed. And you are even pround of it.
    When I have regular orgasms, my mood is better. My health is better. My period is regular and if I have an orgasm just before or during my period I have no cramps. My skin feels great. I feel affectionate and loving towards my man. When I have sex without an orgasm, well, I feel irritated and not good at all. I become quite nervous. I feel constant tension. So trust me, orgasms do matter to a girl. Of course, a girl with no experience doesn’t know this yet. And many girls will be tolerant and will forgive the guy if he is bad at sex. But once they find great sex… Well, there’s no coming back. And they may find it while they are in a relationship with you and they might be really nice girls. But being constantly frustrated (because woemn who don’t get orgasms are frustrated) will just make them one day to sleep with another guy. And then, well, they will never want to sleep with that selfish prick again.
    A girl can understand and will understand if a guy has problems with his erection or cannot satisfy her sometimes. But if your sex life is bad (for her) all the time, well, eventually she will either become frustrated and unbearable to be around (if she has a low self esteem and believes she cannot do better) or will just find someone else.
    Check my comment here as well:

  • EE girl

    Also, women orgasm when they are taken care of. Orgasms show a woman that this man is considerate enough, that he cares about her and will do anything for her. And such a man will help her and support when looking after the child. The guy who just cums and couldn’t care less is also the guy who wouldn’t care less if he has a child and if he has to take care of his woman and his child. So orgasms are important.

  • Anonymous

    You couldn’t make a more uneducated and unscientific point.

    Of course, you’re entitled to not give a shit and care only for your pleasure. And there is a menagerie of studies both for and to the contrary, the collective total of which could be considered inconclusive.

    But in today’s age, we’ve become expectant of it, in some ways as a measure of our masculinity. While this point could be refuted as an injustice of social pressure and conditioning, no study can refute that when you orgasm at the same moment as a partner, while having raw-dog, maximum-feeling intercourse, it’s a pretty fucking overwhelming and amazing feeling.

    That alone is pretty damn good incentive for us to fuck. Physiological, psychological, or evolutionary be damned.

  • Heisenberg

    What a load of shit. You’re absolutely pathetic and clueless. You must be one miserable twat…

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  • Oh my God

    You are actually trying to rationalize being bad in bed..

  • Onepissedoffchick

    This post makes me want to punch you in the face. Any guy who agrees with this is not a man. Jesus fuck, what an idiot. Are you just terrible in bed and looking for women who are so insecure they only seek your approval? Because that is what is seems like. Can you even give a woman an orgasm?
    – “If a woman decided to have sex with you, that means you provide value to her besides the sexual.” UH NO! Sorry, I’m a woman, and I have had sex with people just for the sex thank you. When a man wants to please me it makes me so much more turned on, attracted to him and wanting to please him back. If I orgasm too much (because I normally have 6+ orgasms if we’re doing it right) and I can’t handle fucking anymore, then I’ll suck his cock for hours if need be, because I want to get him off. But only if he was interested in my pleasure equally. Sex is 50/50, you want good sex? You have to give good sex.
    – “If a woman decided to have sex with you, that means you provide value to her besides the sexual. Whether you give her an orgasm or not is irrelevant, and she will continue seeing you even if the sex was uninspiring.” I would never continue to see a man if the sex wasn’t awesome, no matter how much I was attracted to him on other levels. Sex it too important to me.
    – “The only breed of woman who is obsessed with sexual satisfaction are professional sluts who see you as a penis instead of a man. Nothing is lost for you by not having sex with them a second time, and even if you do provide these sluts with a great penis, she will soon ache for a new one. If anything, giving her an orgasm may add by one or two the amount of sexual episodes you have with her. Trying to satisfy her is actually a foolhardy investment for it doesn’t guarantee your value in her eyes.” UGH! The mere fact that you use the word “slut” disgusts me. Yeah, I am interested in my pleasure, but I am equally interested in my partner’s (male or female) SEX TAKES TWO PEOPLE! If you are only interested in yourself than jerk off! It’s the same outcome and then you’re guaranteed you are with someone interested ONLY in your own pleasure.
    I never view men just as a “penis” I will only have sex with someone I know well and value on other levels, though I reiterate, I’ve had sex with friends just for the sex, I’m not interested in them emotionally. Though I’m still interested in them for their intellect, their opinions, their abilities.
    I will continue to have sex with a man if he continues to satisfy me. And doesn’t start acting like a total fucking asshole.
    ALSO how dare you call women sluts because they enjoy sex and want to get off! Isn’t that what you are doing?! You are a pathetic excuse for a man and anyone who agrees with this post is as well.
    The more a man pleases me the more he is a man in my eyes and the more I want to please him and continue pleasing him back.
    I’ve had every single guy and girl I have ever fucked or fooled around with tell me I am a dream come true, that it was the best sex they have ever had, that they have been searching everywhere for a girl like me, that I am the ultimate woman. God the list goes on! And yeah, maybe some are just trying to flatter me, but I tell them they don’t need to say that shit to me, they don’t need to cuddle with me or do the whole song and dance of flirting and bullshit. I tell them to not compliment me unless it is something that they are actually thinking, I don’t want false ideas in my head, and I say this BEFORE we start fucking so they know where I stand.
    Sex is awesome, I love climaxing and I masturbate at least 2 times a day, I know how to make myself cum and I know how to make a man cum. I will never ever fuck a man who is not interested in my pleasure.

  • Onepissedoffchick

    God, that response was really long. Here is the sum up of it.
    You are a disgusting human being Roosh, you are not a man, you sound absolutely horrible in bed and it sounds like you are trying to justify it.
    I hope you get hit by a bus because the human race needs you removed from the gene pool.

  • visions

    beautiful post. roosh as an intelligent guy. on a side note, i like how he honestly records his failures with women instead of trying to come off like an impeccable women-grabber. his failures are part of picking up women and are an important aspect that should be known.

    great job roosh

  • http://Google ajay gupta


  • Anonymous

    what do you call a woman who has an orgasm every time she has sex? a lesbian. know why? because a lesbian knows that all you have to do is rub her clit and she will cum for you. seriously? how is it such a trivial thing? the whole point of sex is for both parties to achieve orgasm. if you make her cum before you do, she will give you the best head of your life. and I do hope that any self respecting woman would not engage in sex with a guy who couldn’t care less if she came or not. seriously? what kind of question is that. how would you like it if she got off and you didn’t? just because the result of your orgasm has a possibility of continuing the human race… are you trying to get a woman pregnant every time you have sex with her? no. you’re not. you’re just trying to cum. therefore the result of your orgasm means nothing. get off your fucking high horse. I feel sorry for any woman who sleeps with you. you must be terrible in bed if you don’t know how to eat pussy and TO RUB HER FUCKING CLIT. why is this a double standard? a woman makes a guy cum, whatever, no big deal. a guy makes a woman cum, it’s talent. why is it okay for you to care about your orgasm but not hers? guess what: she cares more about hers than yours, 100% of the time.

  • Sedric


    I can’t believe you and your opinions exist.

    More so, that you have readers.

    Just… wow…

    I’m sure you have wonderful luck with women, and TOTALLY won’t die alone.

  • Cat

    It’s funny how many guys, after reading this are agreeing that a woman having an orgasm isnt a big deal in sex. I mean, anything to make you feel better about the fact that your horrible in bed. Ya, maybe a girl will stay with you because she loves you but a part of her will always be super dissapointed that you suck in bed. She will marry you and probably be miserable the rest of her life, or find some other guy on the side halfway through your marriage so she can feel some pleasure from a man who knows what hes doing.. Just saying.. Having an orgasm feels good, for both male and females.. If you love your girlfriend.. Give her an orgasm! She will love you more :)

  • anon

    this article is exactly right.

    a couple of times when i was pissed off with a girl friend, and was fucking her from behind, (two different girl friends, two different occasions), i’ve decided to get nasty and after fingering her ass a little, i’ve just gone the whole hog and sodomised her without her co-operation at all.

    they both whelped and squealed a little, but slowly got into it, whilst reminding me to be quick and not cum inside their asses.

    so i took as long as i wanted, and came deep in their asses, and i figured that would probably be the last time, they’d go near me….i was expecting a slap, or a please leave now etc….

    but no…. on both occasions they dutifully paddle off to the bathroom to clean up their rear end and then come back to bed and cuddle with me and softly said how much they enjoyed it.

    now this doesn’t mean you should go an bugger your girl without asking her. both these girls i’d been sleeping with for some months, and we’d had consensual anal sex on a number of occasions before.

    i’d say it would be a completely unnecessary move with a virgin, such as the Roosh’s one here.

    but with a more slutty girl that’s your not her first, second or third, training her ass and getting her to co-operate and then popping her later on without permission….

    it’s an extremely dominant act….

    i guess that men prefer virgins because they don’t have to go near the ass for a long time.

  • anon

    on the flip side, i have noticed that making a girl cum multiple times, does tend to firstly make her really whacked out and sleepy…. and second make her more obedient and hornier the next day.

    but it does depend on how virginal and innocent she is.

    if she’s a tramp, she’ll want a higher standard…..

    at the end of the day you don’t want to be pleasuring her, you want her pleasuring you…..

    Roosh is right…. it’s the same principal in the bedroom as it is outside the bedroom…. the more you pleasure her, the higher you raise the bar… just like setting standards by paying for dinner or driving her home etc…..

    Don’t set standards….. that is what feminism does….

    Let her serve your needs.

  • Anonymous

    great post! hear orgasms sounds is funny

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  • Anonymous

    I’d like to suggest that rather than totally devaluing the female orgasm, or suggesting that a woman who expects to ever experience one is being a slut, that perhaps we take another perspective at least in terms of long term relationships. My fiance told me awhile ago that when I ask for pleasure it comes off like I don’t trust him to provide it, or that I’m being insensitive to things going on that make it inconvenient like fatigue after a hard day etc. So now I concern myself only with his pleasure/orgasms, he’s an excellent provider and lover and a wonderful man to me and he deserves all my time an attention being on him. However, he’s taken responsibility for my pleasure. I never ask, I know he loves me and knows what I need so I trust him to provide it and assume that if I don’t get it there’s a very good reason. When I’m being a wonderful woman to him, I get more. When I’m being bitchy I get nothing. Rather than expecting “candy” every day, I get it as a communication of how our relationship is doing and how well I’m pleasing him and meeting his needs. Because he shoulders the lion’s share of responsibilities and providing and he does it as a man without hesitation or failure I likewise give him pleasure without hesitation or failure. I have fewer responsibilities and most of them involve keeping myself and the home pleasing to him, therefore my pleasure, while still important, comes second and is dependent upon how well I am performing my responsibilities. I am therefore always thankful and excited to be pleasured. In this way, while not biological, orgasms can be useful for communication, bonding, and maintaining headship of the relationship. (i.e. using candy as positive reinforcement rather than just giving the kid a piece every time she asks.)

  • Aves


    you’re absolutely terrible in bed so you’ve rationalized a way to make yourself feel better about it.

  • anon

    Commentator 135…. are you serious? Or are you some guy typing out his fantasy of little tame woman?

    You are your finacee’s equal. You got equal rights to pleasure, AND you’ve got equal duty to shoulder responsibility.

    I would hate to see the look on my husband’s face if I ever told him “Oh I bring home the bacon, so your pleasure isn’t important.” Equally if I ever tried to tell him that my only duties were keeping the house and my person nice……… haha wow. That wouldn’t end well. We’re a TEAM. That’s the whole point of marriage!

  • 138 anon

    this is the most hateful, misogynistic piece of shit i’ve ever seen in my entire life. if you were born a woman, there’s no fucking chance in hell you’d ever agree with this article in your life.

    as well, women no longer need men to procreate so technically, no one cumming is necessary for human survival whatsoever. it’s possible to take two eggs and implant them into a woman to create a child now. but maybe you’d know that if you had any knowledge beyond your desperate attempts to fuck women.

    maybe instead of dedicating your entire life to trying to fuck girls, why don’t you develop an actual personality and maybe it’ll come naturally.

    obviously you have some sort of deep-seated issue with a part of yourself that you’re unhappy with and you’re projecting that hatefulness into blog posts about how women are unequal and don’t deserve the same things that men do.

  • Anonymous

    I have to agree with roosh and im a female.

    I find i enjoy sex way more when i dont orgasm at all…….

    Im a squirter…gift? hell no.

    squirting burns and stings hell and makes you keep wanting to have,then you get sore.I felt like sex was more of a prison of pain/pleasure,then just pleasure.

    Im 23 and my fiance is addicted to sex,im rather not….but i do fully enjoy sex,i mean its best with him….when hes done i feel happy and complete but i dont orgasm..

    Its possible to be satisfied without orgasm…

    Reasons because..

    For women sex is like scratching a deep itch,once its been scratched.Your satiesfied.

    I love and respect him to death.

    My ex who i had many orgasms with,i dont respect him…because..

    Sex left me bleeding,pain the next,i couldnt walk,i had fertility problems,i had to keep pain pills by my side…i couldnt produce lubrication anymore..i didnt want to sex..i started to hate any girl who told me she wanted to orgasm….i tell her its a pain in the ass..i couldnt bask in after glow of sex just lay there while i or he massages the pain away from my burning vagina.

    Im not saying all women have painful orgasms..some of my friends have pleaurable ones…..ill never understand lol

    Orgasms very from woman to woman……

    My main friends always talk about the pleasure sex can bring,not the orgasm.

  • Kira

    I agree with u 100%!

  • Leah

    “There is nothing more meaningless and superfluous in the world than the female orgasm. Biologically, it is an accident of evolution. Whether a female has an orgasm or not does not affect her ability to become impregnated by a man’s seed, which is ejected only when he has an orgasm. If men stop having orgasms, the human race will be extinct in 100 years. If females stop having orgasms, there will be much shrieking and fury in the pages of Cosmo, but the race will continue unimpeded. Fertility rates will not drop even 1%”
    according to your logic, the sole purpose of having sex is to impregnate the the woman, Mutual pleasure is completely pointless. The problem is that as long as you’re having protected sex(which I know from other posts that you do), she won’t become prognant either, regardless of your orgasm.
    In other Words,ALL of your conquests and one night stands are completely pointless. A woman who wants to have sex for sake of her own pleasure as well as yours is a slut. Men are better of with a woman WHO pretends to enjoy sex, than one who actually enjoys it.
    you accuse women of being irrational and incabable of logic, but do you even realize how insane your own arguments are?

  • 65 h

    what the hell is this you idiot?! My god do you want to be alone for the rest of your life?! What a fucking joke!

  • ???

    Actually the female orgasm does have a purpose, because when it happens, the vaginal wall vibrates, which helps move semen, increasing the chance of fertility.

  • mina

    Your all so very wrong and captianobvious your wrong too.

    First of all your gf should not be paying rent.Thats responsibility if you want to get biblical about it all.

    You have never read the bible before.

    Eve was put here to help Adam,thus they after that were meant to enjoy eachother.

    A man is not supposed to put the needs of his wife second to his.

    That’s why god gave a woman sexual desires and sexual needs,if he wanted a woman not to enjoy sex he would have made it so.

    The fact that a woman enjoys sex is a fact that man has to take care of her needs as well.

    Proof is in the bible.


    “Love your wife as Christ loved the Church.”(Ephesians 5:25) Risk your life to help or save your wife. Christ’s love for the church is without limits, nothing is held back. He gave His life for the church – before you loved Him. His love does not depend on your love for Him. Under God’s authority – love your wife as service–as giving your life to God.


    “Love your wife in the same way you love your body and your life.”(Ephesians 5:28-33) You care for your body daily to be as well fed and healthy as possible. You quickly take care of any needs or desires. Any sexual desire as a husband should be cared for with your wife. In the same way, care for your wife’s needs and well being. Feel your wife’s pain and illness and rejoice in her health as if it were your own life. A husband must see his wife’s sexual desires and make supreme efforts to meet those needs too. Basically, her need or desire whether financial, physical, emotional or spiritual in your relationship must receive your full effort. Only in this way can you love her and provide for her just as well as you do for yourself


    “Be considerate as you live with your wife, with respect …”(I Peter 3:7) The Bible says that if we neglect this command, our prayers will be hindered! To be considerate, quit any irritating habits! When she needs to be helped carrying heavy items, do it! If she needs time you can take care of the family! Help your wife with all of your energy, show your love to her with all consideration. Pray to see where you may be inconsiderate.


    “Do not be harsh with your wife.”(Colossians 3:19) When a wife is sensitive realize that harsh answers, angry looks, irritated tones of voice and impatience will deeply affect your wife. Rejoice that she is a lady and isn’t like you – remember that she is a precious gift God has given you.


    “The husband’s body does not belong to him alone but also to his wife.”(I Corinthians 7:3-5) Please your wife physically. Don’t deprive her of what she needs. Sexual pleasure is something that is given, not forced or taken. Discuss what her needs are both inside and outside of the bedroom.

    So no honey,you read the bible correctly.No where does it say that women are objects soley of a man’s pleasure.
    The bible states that both men and woman are to enjoy sexual pleasure.
    So..yeah…go to god and argue with that.

    Oh by the way ,if you think your more than your girlfriend or wife and put her second.
    You are not a worthy man in the eyes of the lord.So in a way God is the ultimate white knight.
    So yeah…read the bible for once and get the real meaning of what sex is supposed to be.

  • gordax

    this guy got it correct

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  • Zaron

    Actually, the clitoris is a complex organ with no other purpose than orgasm. Because of this, it’s actually harder to say that women shouldn’t orgasm. If they shouldn’t, then why do they have an entire body part dedicated solely to it?

  • Zaron

    Why is it the woman always needs to cum first? All this does is perpetuate the mentality that if the man cums it’s game other. If a guy cums before the woman does, he should eat her out until she cums too.

  • Afs

    TROLOLOLOLOL Another guy who us shit in the sack.

  • Gigi

    This is some hilarious bullshit! No wonder he has to have “game” to get laid and only goes for young foreign girls. Idiot. Read a biology book you tool.

  • Tamara Miller

    I think I remember you….8 years ago. It was only once, but… God I miss that guy.

  • haha

    All the people here agreeing that this is misogynistic and bullshit are correct. If roosh were a woman I guarantee her orgasm would not be trivial! Orgasm is his one and only goal in life. All his “books” and “game” are in pursuit of his orgasm. He just hates women. But apparently he needs them so he has a warm hole in which to stick his dick. If he were such a great lover, believe me, women would know it. Keep writing these articles though, I’m always needing a good laugh.

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  • 1TerrifcT.

    For some reason, this post makes me think of Charlie Sheen telling the media who were shaming him about his paying for sex. He denied it. “A man does not pay a woman for sex,” He said. “He pays her to go away when he’s done.”

  • TyDaMan

    Agreed. Giving a female orgasm maximizes her chances of pregnancy. This article is way off.

  • Chris Adams

    “A woman, it turns out, needs an orgasm like a fish needs a bicycle.”

    Trying to throw her arms around the world?

  • NikFromNYC

    It’s funny to see you kids disqualify yourself from NYC maximum sex lifestyles by hating on human beings with tits and hips. You are huggy bear fags. Alienation owns you. Very uncomfortable in your own skin. Proudly so! Better for real people to make fun of you so much, as bonding between us actually real people gives us the comfort to fuck a lot.

    MOVE ON. Stop being a Netizen. Be a Citizen!

  • Shortest Straw

    The zero level: You don’t think about her pleasure.

    The first level: You take it as a measure of your worth whether or not she has an orgasm.

    The second level: She regularly orgasms and you don’t really care about it anymore.

    The third level: She orgasms way more than you. As a result you have power over her.

  • Zelcorpion

    While I do agree that women seek out Alphas even when the sex did not end in an orgasm personally like her to get her off. But I am not making it my mission as I have talked with women and even heard stories of them seeking out guys again and again while classifying them even as “not good in bed.”

    However sometimes women described sex as extremely good without getting an orgasm. In long-term relationships it becomes more important of course.

  • Commenter

    “Whether a female has an orgasm or not does not affect her ability to become impregnated by a man’s seed, which is ejected only when he has an orgasm.”

    This is incorrect. The female orgasm increases the likelihood of conception, the women’s muscles contract during orgasm and pulls the sperm further into her uterus. It is a mechanism to increase the likelihood of pregnancy with a man she finds genetically attractive.

  • KyukiYoshida

    I feel the same way. I think it’s sad that they think any woman with any sort of wants, needs or desires is some sort of horrible man hating slag. When you involve someone else’s body, it’s no longer all about you. Sex involves two people therefore both peoples feelings need to be taken into consideration. If they don’t like it, then they should just stick to jerking it

  • KyukiYoshida

    Well then nice to meet you. I have ended numerous relationships and ditched dudes all together due to them being shit in bed. So now you can say you at least know one. Even if you don’t technically know me lol

  • KyukiYoshida

    Actually it’s estimated that only about 15% of women are able to orgasm through intercourse alone. So it’s not most women, actually it’s pretty few.

  • KyukiYoshida

    Women talking about orgasm is sexist and oppressive to men. Women enjoying sex and having a high sex drive is degrading! Get a grip, kasey, you fucking basket case. How the hell is a woman talking about orgasm a myth, lie or hatred? Do you have this delusion that women are just dolls with no feeling and she shattered it, so now you’re buthurt?

  • KyukiYoshida

    Most women are able to experience orgasm, 5% are unable or have an extremely hard time, about 15-20% can orgasm through vaginal sex alone. The rest need some sort of external stimulation. But as a whole, more women orgasm in general than those who don’t.

  • KyukiYoshida

    So if you can’t make her come them she’s never allowed to come ever or let you know or you’ll “unleash” on Her ass? You sound like a sorry emasculated sack of shit. Sorry that women enjoying orgasm like everyone else makes you feel so offended.

  • KyukiYoshida

    You seriously think it’s ok to cut off a females clit? It’s a real issue, not a manufactured one. It’s never on to hold someone down and mutilate them. It causes a lifelong problem of trauma, depression and sexual dysfunction.

  • cheryb

    I’m sure he is not the only one to get these kind of ideas from his posts. Dude straight up wants beautiful slave women who demands nothing.

  • cheryb

    What the actual fuck? Am I reading this right? and these comments lol? Are you hero of losers? If you dont care about your partner’s orgasm, why would she care about yours? Imagine she would finish sex once she had hers. You would probably downgrade her. And what are you fucking blabbering about you are already giving a female anything more than she deserves ”just sex”. I suppose you are talking about whores, escorts or idiot women.

    Is this post just about sex with random people? What about a woman you are connected with, or just love even? The whole submissive female dominant male changed, dude. Adapt to it.

  • Just Me

    Which is only said by men who are trying to maintain control around the fact that they had to pay for sex to begin with. A man does pay for sex. Because without him paying, she isn’t showing up in the first place.

    Just face it. Women own you by the balls.

  • Just Me

    This sounds more like a medical issue though then what Roosh is actually talking about. You avoid orgasms because it actually causes you more pain. Roosh is actively saying that women don’t deserve orgasms and that there is no biological reason for it…to which he is totally incorrect.

  • Just Me

    LOL, so you don’t want the women you date to have “high standards” because then you don’t have to live up to them. So really, you just want the bar set low because you simply are incapable of being a better man. Bahahahahahaha..that’s great.

  • Just Me

    You sound like a rapist.

  • Just Me

    2 Years later:

    After reading this post, women never wanted to sleep with me again. WTF?


  • Sauron666

    This post is right on. I have never been with a hot adorable girl who particularly cared one way or the other about her orgasming. That’s not what gets their endorphins or oxytocin flowing. I have, however, dated bitches who asked me to go down on them so that they would orgasm and I instantly lose interest. I don’t go down on women but moreover I honestly couldn’t care less.

  • Bob

    You are crazy if you think fertility rates would not drop. Many females would not have sex if they could not reach orgasm. It’s not like with unintelligent animals. The female orgasm is just as important because it keeps the human race going.

  • Joner

    To me, this just sounds like you’re justifying your one-minute-man status, dude.

  • john98

    Important information!!! Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    My S.O. is very selfish sexually. He has 5 daughters. Not one son. So as for your theory on the existence of the humans remaining, I am afraid there is a slight possibility if every man thought like you, there would become populated by only woman and thus would become asexual. No man needed. Ah…the vast possibilities of evolution.