The Feminist Sex Lie

Feminists and their apologists do all they can to convince people that the world is better off with their ideology. They have one specific argument they like to use on guys who study game in an attempt to make them appreciate feminism. It goes something like this:

“It’s feminism that allows you to sleep with a lot of women. Without it your game wouldn’t work. You should thank feminism instead of bashing it, because you are benefiting from it.”

This is a lie that I actually used to believe. The truth is that feminism does not allow you to sleep with a lot of women, something I discovered during my six months in Poland.

Poland is a country that has been untouched by feminism. The movement completely passed over it, along with neighboring countries that were part of the Soviet bloc. But is getting laid harder here? Nope, it’s even easier. How can this be explained?

Game, the sum of tools meant to increase a man’s sexual worth, and not feminism, opens up those legs. In Poland I have a system to screen out all Polish girls that either sympathize with feminism or share even the smallest character trait with their feminist counterparts in America. I’ve terminated any interaction with a girl who is even 5% feminist, and yet the lays come fast and furious, with more than half of my bangs resulting from one-night stands. Yes, I’m taking girls home the same night in a “conservative” Catholic country that has no feminist harps screeching on television and where nun sightings are a weekly occurrence. By having the right game, I create opportunities that would supposedly be impossible to achieve without glorious feminism.

You can argue that the Polish girls I got with are sluts, or that I’m using my hairiness to get them, but you can’t say it’s feminism. Because of feminist attempts to brainwash the masses, you may think that sluts only exist in the Western world, that only they are “empowered” enough to fuck around. My dick is laughing at that premise. You don’t need feminism to have a healthy sex life with a lot of women. Mixx is fucking dozens of women in Colombia. Does he need feminism to do that? Naughty Nomad is banging nubile African princesses, racking up more flags than anyone I know. Does he need feminism to do that? Credit our success on looks, money, game, easy sluts, or what have you, but definitely not feminism.

I will reluctantly give feminism one thing: among the common man they sped up the dissemination of game, an art that has been taught for over 2,000 years, starting with Ovid’s The Art Of Love. The anger they have inflicted on this generation of men has caused game teachings to be more accepted into the mainstream, but feminists are not the only women who enjoy sex with men who have their shit together. Approaching, having tight conversation, being confident, and being aggressive with sealing the deal works anywhere in the world at any point in history, not just in modern Western culture. Maybe in some places it may take an extra date or two to get the bang, but unless you’re talking about ultra-conservative countries where women wear a hijab and extra-marital relations are punished by the state, your dick will not suffer just because it’s in a country not dominated by feminist cunts.

When an American girl tells you to thank feminism for being able to play the field, tell her your boy in Poland is fucking more than his dick can handle, even though the country has not been afflicted by the culture of obese, masculine women with fattitude who think they’re better that men. Western-style feminism, a movement that didn’t stop after suffrage and equal pay, serves absolutely no benefit to you or society. Don’t let them make you believe otherwise.

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