The First Foreigner Effect

One of the most underrated factors in attraction is curiosity. Many girls will sleep with certain types of men just to see what it’s like. For example, every white girl will want to sleep with at least one black guy, and every black girl will want to sleep with at least one white guy. This works not only with races but with nationalities as well. While we methodically pursue flags, girls do it on a more casual level. They’re curious about Spanish, French, and Azerbaijani men, notching their belts almost as studiously as we notch ours.

The strongest attraction component I’ve found in Eastern Europe, especially Poland, is being the very first foreigner a girl has met. If I am the first American a girl has come across, and she is okay with my appearance, I have an insanely high chance of banging her. It’s the closest I’ve come to having a “rock star” effect, even more so than when a girl actually saw me beforehand on television (Romania, Ukraine). Girls want to discreetly try different types of cock, and as progressive ideals spread around the world, they are encouraged to do so without shame.

I want to take credit for having amazing, pussy-wetting game, but when a girl is giving me an exceedingly positive response early in an interaction, I ask, “Am I the first American you’ve met?” Over 50% of the time, the answer is yes. After that point all I have to do is not fuck up. I know what you’re thinking now: how can I be the first foreigner a girl meets? Simple:

  • Go to third-tier cities, including rural towns
  • Day game

Clubs are no longer a good place to maximize the FF effect. Your best scenario in clubs is meeting girls who may have never banged an American before, but still has met quite a few of them. The level of curiosity is lower and there is no longer a sense of urgency since she knows she’ll keep meeting your kind. Second-tier cities used to be a good place to get a strong FF effect, but EasyJet, RyanAir, Erasmus, and love tourists such as myself have changed that in the past five years. Sometimes I see more foreigners in second-tier cities than first (e.g. Wroclaw vs Warsaw). It seems that now only third-tier cities will provide you with an FF effect, at a cost of lesser selection when it comes to girls, living amenities, shopping, tourist sights, restaurants, cultural events, and so on.

Of course I’m not saying that you need to be the first foreigner to get laid. In fact, banging an English groupie you meet in a first-tier city may be easier than the village girl who is impressed with your nationality, but it’s the easiest way to sleep with girls who have yet to embrace a promiscuous lifestyle and who don’t expect you to play the game perfectly. They are often happy enough just to hear your accent while learning about your culture, and won’t test you like girls who are more experienced with foreign cock. It’s the best way to meet a girl-next-door type, and all it takes is your commitment to go to a boring city and run day game for at least a couple weeks.

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