The Flag Metric

We need a new metric in addition to the notch count that correlates more strongly to game, but one that, as I mentioned yesterday to be useful, is “measurable, objective, and easily tracked over time.” The reason why guys ask other guys “Bang any new girls lately?” as opposed to “So how is your female happiness going?” is because the latter is too subjective and dependent on individual factors.

Your flag count is the number of countries you have slept with. If you sleep with a girl who was born in another country, that’s a flag. If you sleep with two girls from the same country, that’s still one flag. It’s not good enough if her ancestors are from another country because in that case an American flag might as well also be German, Irish, British, or Dutch.

For example, if I have sex with a girl born in Greece, two girls born in Poland, one from Colombia, and a ton from the United States, I have four flags. Most American guys have flags in the low single digits while some of my multilingual friends are in the high single digits. I have only met two men who are in the double digits, including the Italian traveler of average stature who introduced me to this concept in a Spanish hostel. While prolonged travel is not a prerequisite for a high flag count, it seems to help (maybe unfairly so to the point where this metric is gamed).

Flags are more telling of your game skill because you are having sex with girls that have different and usually more conservative cultural beliefs and norms. Being desirable to women from several countries signifies more game than being desirable to the same type of girl from the same locale. Abercrombie & Fitch guys who abuse pomade have a lock on the American blondes, but unless they are especially good-looking their game has trouble adapting and conforming to girls from other countries. And an American flag is the least valuable because American girls, from my experience, are the easiest in the world. European guys drool on American girls overseas not necessarily because they are exotic but because tales of their promiscuity have arrived long before they flew in.

If a guy tells you he has 30 notches but 2 flags, chances are he found a niche for which he is exploiting. It is possible he is a one trick pony. There is no crime in that at all, but his specific niche may not be able to teach you anything. His advice could be like Leonardo DiCaprio telling you that to get laid all you have to do is be yourself and wear nice clothes. But if a guy tells me he has 15 notches but 6 flags, I’ll make the safe assumption that his diverse banging is probably not the result of a golden goose.

Keep in mind the only way to really identify a guy’s game is to observe him in action over a prolonged period of time, which means that unless he is a close acquaintance you will have to always be skeptical and see if his game advice and stories at least somewhat correlates with your own experience. Without experience though, you will have very little ability to separate truth from fiction.

Everything that is worth exploring has been explored, but flags can serve as a modern man’s way of tapping into the exotic unknown and pushing himself when notches no longer can. If there are two girls in front of me who are mostly equal, I gotta go with the one who gives me the flag.

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  • mm

    Hmm….I guess this is a nice game to add to a promiscuous lifestyle.
    I suppose I can see the appeal in bedding a variety of people, but I don’t necessarily think that means you’re improving your game. There’s easy people in every country.

  • Genevieve


    I hope you use protection with alllll that sex you’re having.

    With that said, I have loads of Iranian friends. Ok, not LOADS but quite a few. I think one of them is coming with me to the HH tonight. Not 100% sure on that, though.

  • Jo

    Really? Not Scandinavians? The most beautiful women I’ve ever seen were the Nordics. I’d be laying on the beach in France, feeling ok with myself, then the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen walks up and lays next to me and makes me feel like a misshapen blob. Happened every time (bar, beach, grocery store), and every time they were Swedish or Norwegian.

  • stone

    Hey Roosh,
    Great to come upon this metric, I’ve though about it many times, as I myself am intrigued by variety.
    By the way, meet your third guy with a double-digit notch count. However, if you think in broader terms (e.g. whole former USSR as one flag, all CEE as one flag also, as the countries are very similar) I would go into the single digits.

  • Roissy

    some countries are big enough (culturally as well as geographically) that their flags should be counted multiple times. i’m thinking of russia where a girl from voronezh is not the same as a girl from vodovostok. even italy could qualify for double points — northern italians are different than southern/sicilians, even to the point of there being distinguishable genetic markers between the two subgroups. the US as well — bedding a goth chick from fargo is gonna require different game than a blueblood from gtown.

    (before the “everyone is a unique little snowflake” anti-generalization crowd chimes in, by “different game” i mean that the guy will have to focus on storytelling and building rapport that incorporates his target’s specific life experiences. the fundamentals of game are pretty much the same the world over.)

    i also think you may be underplaying the advantage extensive travelers have to boost their flag count. the only way around this is for homebound players to frequent venues that cater to foreigners. but then if you pack a chilean, a yemeni, and a german into the same club with the same music and the same vibe are you really running substantially different game on all three? a lot of your game variance will depend on how long in the US these girls have been here. a guy working at the UN or world bank looks to be in the best position to take advantage of the flag metric as he is surrounded by foreigners in a centralized location.

    despite the problems with it, flags are better than basic notch count, for the reasons you gave. but the best metric will need to account for the quality of the girls gamed. every guy who’s been in the field knows that the tactics that work on a 10 will backfire on a 7. the cultural background of a girl pales in comparison to her looks as a test of a guy’s game. ergo, a guy closing the deal with american 9s likely has better game than a guy closing the deal with foreign 6s.

    still, a flag from saudi arabia would be an exceptional notch indeed.

  • Land-Man

    Ah yes, the Islamic Republic of Iran. That crap in the middle of the flag spells Allah somehow.

  • The Dude

    This metric is cool for you, but not for everyone. Honestly- I am not sure there IS a metric that measures if you are an alpha male. You just know. You don’t need to keep track of notches or flags or whatever- you just know that attractive, intelligent women will always be drawn to you, so you don’t really worry about it too much.

  • rebecca

    Maybe American girls aren’t so easy. Maybe we’re all just trying to up our notch and flag counts…

  • bettyjoan

    Rebecca brings up an interesting point–does this “flag metric” work the same way for ladies? Does a woman with a high flag count have better game than a woman who only sleeps with her fellow Americans? Come to think of it, I’m not sure I even understand your stance on female game (not games–I’m pretty sure you dislike those).

  • Nikita
  • InstantExcitement

    The issue I have with flag count is that if you are unable to frequent foreign countries, and spend a lot of time abroad. I hate going to the same bars/clubs/lounges over and over again, so I have had the pleasure of meeting women from everywhere. But as mentioned above, women from the southern US are different than NY girls same for girls from northern or southern Italy, and if all these girls are at the same type of hang out, then how different are they really. I again advocate my method of challenging yourself to hookup/sleep with someone better looking than the last girl, and each step up is another rung, a guy who can move up 7-8 rungs is doing pretty well, and if you drop down, then you start from the beginning again.

  • eugenius

    Besides disagreeing with this metric…..Iran flag as being one of the most desirable seems like a stretch……what happened to columbia, czech girls, other european/south american girls……seems like the flags other than Brazil are way off….

    Maybe there should first be a universal rating system of flags with the point value for each one, so the most desirable flag should have the highest point value….and you multiply the number of notches from that country by that point value of that flag….and so on. This way is much more accurate.

  • kayla

    Hmm this is like the United Nations metric.

  • Sweat P.

    Interesting… I think a lot of the Ethiopian and Eritrean women in the area are pretty hot.

  • johnson316

    What about Kazakhistan? My sister is number 4 prostitute. If you do not sleep with her, I no have money and I will be execute.

  • Brian

    The state flag of Georgia? So are you discriminating on what state they were born in also?

  • irina

    The reason this is a good metric is because most foreign/foreign-born women find American men stupid, provincial, and too macho without the good part of macho. Hard to explain that last one.
    If an American guy can sleep with women from many cultures, he is a Don Juan like no other. Good luck 😀

  • Roosh

    Brian: Oops wrong flag. I fixed

  • cyaustx

    I like this metric. And the flags currently in possession are India, Pakistan, Venezuela, Costa Rica, USA, Australia, Thailand, New Zealand, Mexico. I will keep an eye out for the most valuable ones. FYI, I live in Austin now. And bet ya, this place rocks.

  • Mr Boofu

    Nice Metric..

    I got Iceland, South Korea, India, Iran, Pakistan, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Puerto Rico even though its a territory of the U.S.

    Currently working on
    Switzerland, Sweden, Venezuela and possibly Japan if I can come through on a Hello Kitty backpack.

  • Mr Boofu

    Oh and I knocked out Trinidad and Tobago as well…Some hot women on that little island…

  • Mr Boofu

    Does Canada count?????

  • stone

    Roissy – I disagree with going for just 10s.
    In all my life, I’ve been with just 1 or 2 true 10s, and I found that the effort required to bang them was not worth the performance they gave in bed. Only good thing is the eye candy and the envy they inspire in your fellow men.
    I think a 6 or 7, on average, offers much more spirited, exciting, and mutually satisfying sex.

    So I guess still searching for the perfect metric :-)

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    On a semi-related note: Roosh, you have to check out this week’s Date Lab from the Washington Post.

    Each week it’s usually ball-busting US women dissing guys. This week it’s a French babe who was sexy and fun! Imagine that. The writer, of course, disses the woman for this in the headline, which seems to judge her for being too amorous. Yeah, god forbid women spend a second not behaving like robotic office drones.


  • Garrett says

    Do prostitutes count? I have a friend, who shall remain unnamed, who has quite a few flags if you count all his ‘fun’ in Amsterdam.

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  • slim

    Does Puerto Rico count as a different flag than the US? If yes, then chalk me up as a 12/7 :-)

    I’d add the caveat that you cannot buy a flag… prostitutes don’t count.

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  • Atlas Al

    “If you sleep with a girl who was born in another country, that’s a flag.” I disagree with Roosh on this one. If someone was born in Country A, and moved to Country B at a very young age, I would say that that person considers themselves to be from Country B because they’re more culturally hard-wired as a citizen from Country B, regardless of physical characteristics.

    “If I have sex with a girl born in Greece, two girls born in Poland, one from Colombia, and a ton from the United States, I have four flags.” You shouldn’t be able to claim your own flag, it’s too easy and not very exotic, in fact, it’s bland when compared to foreign flags.

    The most desired flags section is Roosh’s opinion and are not the “most desired”. Exotic flags, in my opinion, are those that you prefer to hook up with and/or those countries with small populations. Imagine if you hooked up with a Monagasque or Liechtensteiner – there are only like 35,000 people in Monaco and the same in Liechtenstein out of nearly 7 billion people. Those are a couple of flags I’d like to have.

    @Jo… agreed, from my experience Scandos are the most beautiful in the world.

    @stone… Re: USSR flag. It would only be one flag, supported by one passport, if you hooked up with a Soviet citizen before 1991. After 1991, the Soviet Union dissolved into 15 separate sovereign states, all with their own passports.

    @Roissy, and @InstantExcitement… I disagree with both your statements about regional differences, ie northern Italians vs southern Italians. They’re all Italians, have the same leader, central government, and are recognized the world over as citizens from the independent sovereign state of Italy, one Italian flag.

    @Mr Boofu, and @slim… Puerto Rico is not a flag. I repeat: not a flag. They have American passports and a part of the Commonwealth of the United States (google it if you don’t believe me). If they were a country, they would have a seat at the United Nations, which they don’t. Therefore, the international community does not recognize them as a country.

    @Garrett… prostitutes do not count, it’s cheating. Tell your friend to earn his flags.

    Atlas Al’s last blog post: AIRPORTS, THE NEW CLUBS.

  • Timothy

    I kind of like this flag metric thing. It got me thinking about how many flags I’ve tallied. My count is 4 – Spain, Brazil, Mexico and Jamaica. I was in Rome in May, and had a prospect (she told the friend there that I was visiting, “It’s a matter of time before I give your friend the pussy.”), but couldn’t close for two reasons – not enough time, and couldn’t speak the language. I think I can get a Peruvian flag some time next year. I REALLY need to get to Asia…I have a honey or two down there that if I can get some face time, I think I can crack. It’s like the line from “Glengarry, Glen Ross”…ALWAYS BE CLOSIN’!

  • Timothy

    I disagree about Puerto Rico not counting. They fly their own flag, and speak a foreign language. Being a commonwealth doesn’t diminish the accomplishment if you get a true island native – not someone born in the US and goes back and forth…LOL!

  • Timothy

    I think Roosh rates Iran as most “desirable” because it would be hard to get. I would agree that getting a flag from predominantly Islamic countries (sexually conservative), especially on THEIR soil, with a non-hooker, would be quite an accomplishment.

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  • Jake

    I was just rambling about this very topic on my blog thing. American chicks, ugh.

    “If you only ever lived in one country you’ll consider something that’s just a local custom to be immutable reality.

    I’ve slept with and dated girls from Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, Spain, the Dominican Republic, the U.S., Thailand, Switzerland, and others.

    It required me traveling, learning languages, understanding local culture, humor and just generally becoming more interesting. The reward is an understanding nobody can ever take away, a gauge for the kind of value I can get from a relationship.”

    Banging / dating American chicks is just one degree off from having a relationship with a blow up doll.

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  • Brian Mark

    #39 – Banging / dating American chicks is just one degree off from having a relationship with a blow up doll.

    I have to agree with this. Two of the last three American girls I banged were the worse bangs of my life. American girls don’t get better with age, they just get lazier!

  • Joe!

    No swastika?

  • عياشی

    Hey what country does the last flag represent I’ve looked but can’t find it.

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  • Anonymous

    how you 2 get the india an pakistan flag?prostitutes or sluts? might wanna get yourselves checked out…not a region known for scoring….u get death threats from the girls family(cuz thats wht usually happens)
    well roosh u got 3 of those 4 flags …italy would be awesome over there u can record a sex tape without consent an not get into trouble..we can see your moves lol

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  • dude from europe

    greatest post ever.For me.
    I have 2 digits number of flags and I always subconciously knew that it makes me cool (though my buddies always acted unimpressed).

  • Maldek

    You must have an incredible amount of untapped brain cells in state of advanced boredom to figure that one out ma8.

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  • The D4N3

    100 Notches, 19 Flags and now a very happy girlfriend… the life of an average 26 year old. Happy flag hunting to all you single people out there.

  • Unfair

    Can girls also collect flags, or does that make them sluts? 😛

  • Giuseppie

    Venezuela, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, England, Poland, Italy, Russia, Ukraine annnnd, I’m going out w a German girl this week, so maybe I’ll be up to 10 before long 😉

    In retrospect, I am damn sure that I’ve missed opportunities with both Finland and the Netherlands. Such is life.

  • Giuseppie

    Also missed an opportunity w an Australian babe who looked like Kiera Knightly. I never made a move since she had mentioned having a boyfriend, and she later told me, on the phone, that I was a pussy for not kissing her…. Hahahaha, bitch.

    There was also a badass Slovak whom I almost made out w, and she told me that she wanted to have sed w me, but that she had a boyfriend back home. She emailed me within a week or two after getting home to say that he dumped her, and that she regretted not banging me.

    My main piece of advice that I give my American guy friends about picking up exotic, foreign women is to realize that they are also exotic to these women, and to capitalize on that rather than getting chicken shit nervous/scared since they don’t know how to deal w the language barriers and cultural differences.

  • Romm

    Hi, I’m good looking eastern european with good game living in London. I managed to score like 20 girls but from 12 different countries . I was never into getting new flags, it just happened. They all came to London from their native countries. Apart from normal good game, few facts helped me; first of all, knowledge. I have a great knowledge and being able to say something about her country and beyond know cliches (!) straight away is golden. Especially the ones from “lesser” countries will be amazed. Also be an expert of the city your are in, be a guide for them. Someone who can show them around (even if you don’t, make this impression). They will always ask, if you want to go back/stay in this country etc. say you don’t have plan, you’re open. They ask, to know if you could possibly live in their countries.

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  • Ryan

    and you wonder why people think you’re a dick?

  • disqus_2015ScorpioWater


  • disqus_2015ScorpioWater

    American women are lousy in bed, I have no idea what Roosh is talking about promiscuity and American women because its easier to get sex with European women, Euro women are more discreet about it and its more organic, as long as you are not crude and don’t boast about fucking her the day after over coffee and talk about something else you are good and will probably get more sex. Good manners and being a gentlemen work well with European women, being an asshole and talking about your lays seems to work with American women, the more of a degenerate dipshit you are the more they are turned on by you, that is why European women are much better.

  • AngelMCunningham

    Free Freedom rooshv For More Details

  • 66Scorpio

    Flag count favours Europeans. The distance from LA to NY is about the same as from Lisbon to Moscow. A land trek from Lisbon to Turkey is less but, with a few detours you could easily pass through a dozen different countries.
    On the other hand, a walk across NYC is like a walk across a dozen fucking countries, depending on your route. I’m not sure of what going all ghetto would really be indicative of. Hell, if I had any game in high school (east end of Toronto), there were Filipinas, Jamaicans, East Indians (which is three countries right there), Greek, and various Slavs (probably another 4 countries), and Ismaili Muslims (I have no idea where they were from).

  • Jim Profit

    Not sure how good my flag system would be. I’ve had plenty of women, most of them relatively cute and certainly way younger than me It’s my go-too strategy to aim young as they demand less and haven’t learned to talk over you. (It’s not like a woman will ever have anything of merit to say so they just have to shout.)

    Most were Western broads. So of course mentally unstable, spazzes, whores, and aged like a dead fish in the summer.

    To my family’s scoffing I refuse to date an American woman, at the very least a white one. Maybe a nice little black girl with big titties, (which I have) who honestly isn’t too bright, but I’ll be damned if she isn’t fun to pump inside and she never argues with me or tries to emasculate me. (For now…)

    If I meet girls outside of my country, I make sure it’s Asian girls. People treat that like a fetish but I did not suddenly start fapping to Asians, Asian women are just better. They’re polite, they’re hard-working, they’re smarter than western women… I was with a wonderful Burmese girl who got arrested for having the wrong political beliefs. That’s real God damn problems. Not whether or not I make enough money so we can live on the good side of town.

  • Stuart Thompson

    Haha, speak to guys who work on cruise ships, my notches are in the 30s my flags in the high teens.
    Me and another English guy played this game for a year, he counted Wales England Scotland and N.Ireland as 4 flags though, that’s just one flag, southern Ireland would count though.
    Some flags are really hard to get though and should count for more, anyone who can get China, India or Japan should get a x2 multiplier.