The Flag Metric

We need a new metric in addition to the notch count that correlates more strongly to game, but one that, as I mentioned yesterday to be useful, is “measurable, objective, and easily tracked over time.” The reason why guys ask other guys “Bang any new girls lately?” as opposed to “So how is your female happiness going?” is because the latter is too subjective and dependent on individual factors.

Your flag count is the number of countries you have slept with. If you sleep with a girl who was born in another country, that’s a flag. If you sleep with two girls from the same country, that’s still one flag. It’s not good enough if her ancestors are from another country because in that case an American flag might as well also be German, Irish, British, or Dutch.

For example, if I have sex with a girl born in Greece, two girls born in Poland, one from Colombia, and a ton from the United States, I have four flags. Most American guys have flags in the low single digits while some of my multilingual friends are in the high single digits. I have only met two men who are in the double digits, including the Italian traveler of average stature who introduced me to this concept in a Spanish hostel. While prolonged travel is not a prerequisite for a high flag count, it seems to help (maybe unfairly so to the point where this metric is gamed).

Flags are more telling of your game skill because you are having sex with girls that have different and usually more conservative cultural beliefs and norms. Being desirable to women from several countries signifies more game than being desirable to the same type of girl from the same locale. Abercrombie & Fitch guys who abuse pomade have a lock on the American blondes, but unless they are especially good-looking their game has trouble adapting and conforming to girls from other countries. And an American flag is the least valuable because American girls, from my experience, are the easiest in the world. European guys drool on American girls overseas not necessarily because they are exotic but because tales of their promiscuity have arrived long before they flew in.

If a guy tells you he has 30 notches but 2 flags, chances are he found a niche for which he is exploiting. It is possible he is a one trick pony. There is no crime in that at all, but his specific niche may not be able to teach you anything. His advice could be like Leonardo DiCaprio telling you that to get laid all you have to do is be yourself and wear nice clothes. But if a guy tells me he has 15 notches but 6 flags, I’ll make the safe assumption that his diverse banging is probably not the result of a golden goose.

Keep in mind the only way to really identify a guy’s game is to observe him in action over a prolonged period of time, which means that unless he is a close acquaintance you will have to always be skeptical and see if his game advice and stories at least somewhat correlates with your own experience. Without experience though, you will have very little ability to separate truth from fiction.

Everything that is worth exploring has been explored, but flags can serve as a modern man’s way of tapping into the exotic unknown and pushing himself when notches no longer can. If there are two girls in front of me who are mostly equal, I gotta go with the one who gives me the flag.

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