The Future Of Game

Like a doctor who takes a two-week seminar to refresh his skills, game guys must keep learning to keep their game as effective as possible. Always be approaching and always be experimenting. While the main principles of game will not change, the arena in which it’s played will. Different environments will cause different responses, and we must always look for improved counterattacks. That said, here’s where I see game going in the next twenty years.

Hot Girls Under 30 Will Be Impossible To Lock Down

Populations will continue to get fatter, decreasing the attractiveness of the species. The few remaining girls who aren’t obese will have a never-ending line of suitors at the door (not only betas but alphas as well). This puts her closer to living the Sex and the City dream. She will jump ship at the slightest trouble in a relationship, whereas before she might have been willing to work it out. To see this phenomenon in action today, look at any beautiful girl between ages 19-23. Locking her up for more than a couple months is nothing short of extraordinary. In the future that age range will expand into the upper 20s and maybe even lower 30s. All beautiful women will be the most advanced and cuntish of players, and all that game will be able to do is squeeze in a couple bangs until she moves on to the next one.

Flaking Will Reach Epidemic Proportions

Western culture is teaching youth to glance upon the field and carefully analyze all available options before making a decision, or simply not make a decision at all. Therefore dates scheduled more than a day in advance will be rare. There will be no concept of keeping your word, being honorable, showing up, or acting respectful. Everyone will be looking out for their own. Whereas for night game in the past you had to make out with a girl to decrease the chances she’ll flake, today you have to fuck her. That’s right—to get a first date you have to already have had the one-night stand with her. This is the only way I’ve found that decreases flaking to an acceptable level in even today’s climate. If I only made out with the girl, or god forbid didn’t even kiss her, the odds I will see her again are far from assured. The dirty truth of game is how often flaking occurs, and it will happen at such a frustrating level that I’m certain more men will turn into homosexuals or resort to sex dolls because of it. This feature alone will cut the game careers short of many men who simply can’t handle the frustration and rejection. You’ll have to really want it to succeed.

The Definition Of Monogamy Will Loosen

You know how some people call themselves flex-vegetarians, meaning they are meat-eaters but like to pretend they are vegetarians? Beautiful women will have flex-monogamous relationships. In relationships they will cheat and stray regularly, as our culture will by then have perfectly taught youth the art of rationalization. “You don’t have to accept your current situation!” “Do what you like!” “You’re a unique snowflake!” “You don’t deserve to be uncomfortable!” She’ll cheat on strange men without a condom and not feel any remorse, and if you dump her she won’t care because she’ll do the same with the next guy in line (they’ll be several).

Game Plus Fame Will Be More Important Than Anything

It doesn’t have to be national fame, but you must be known for something with a reputation that precedes you. You must have a YouTube channel with millions of views. You must be a proprietor of a hipster butcher shop. You must be a popular writer, artist, or musician. You must be nightclub promoter or DJ. You must be a competitive skateboarder. Your must be the notorious editor of a cupcake newsletter. In a culture where a million people are “famous,” you’ll have to work your ass off for scraps if you’re not. Nurture your own style and niche and then leverage that to get pussy. Game will always have its use, but game plus fame will be the qualities that tomorrow’s Casanova possess. Otherwise you’ll be approaching all day and night to fuck a 6 who stops calling you after a couple bangs. You must have the complete package to get the hottest girls, with game being only the first ability of a multi-level game warrior. Guys without game will simply not get laid, not even with ugly girls.

The main factors driving the change is feminism and the uglification of the species. If you want to fuck average girls, game alone will get you there, but it will be increasingly difficult to fuck and keep attractive women since their numbers will be too low. Game and something else will be needed. The climate of the future will make it tough for a handsome man with a nice, middle-class job to land a pretty girl. Of course it will happen, as those girls will settle down eventually in their 30s, but the majority of men will not be successful at it. This future is inevitable unless the obesity epidemic peaks within the next five years and feminism is eradicated.

It will take quite some time for every country in the world to be infected with the Western disease. Therefore the beta men who didn’t resort to homosexuality or sex dolls will dabble in mail order brides to fulfill their evolutionary destiny. Want to be a millionaire? Get in one of these industries: gay marriage planning, sex doll importing/exporting, international matchmaking, or manufacturing of special ambulances with cranes to hoist fat people. God bless America.

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