The Girl Score (A System For Rating Individual Girls)

The 1-10 system is a pretty reliable way to rate the attractiveness of women. It does have its flaws (one man’s 9 can be another man’s 6), but it gets the job done more often than not. What we don’t have is a way to measure the overall quality of an individual girl that accounts for additional things besides her appearance. I’ve constructed something that accounts for all the parts of a woman that is most likely to bring happiness to man.

One problem players experience with dating women besides getting actual sex is deciding which ones they should invest time into for more serious relationships. The girl score is a tool to help you determine if a girl is worthy of fuck buddy status, casual dating, something more, or nothing at all. It is calculated not only after you’ve had sex with a girl but have also gone on at least three dates with her, a long-enough time length where you can reliably rate her merits. By the third date you should have a very clear idea of who the girl is, where it’s unlikely she’ll still be hiding any of her strengths (girls show their best traits first, as probably you do, too).

So what qualities make the best women? I’ve narrowed it down to five things, each of which is rated on a scale of 1-10:

Attractiveness. A universal desire of men everywhere is beauty. While you can become desensitized to it, you cannot become desensitized to ugliness—you merely tolerate it because you have no other option. You can put a beautiful but brain-dead girl who speaks a foreign language in front of me right now and being with her will be much more pleasurable than an ugly girl who can talk about the creation of the universe. I save philosophical life discussions for my guy friends because having one with a woman would be like asking a plumber how to install a ceiling fan. Since attractiveness is so important, the 1-10 score here is multiplied by 5.

Sexual Performance. Sex is a big part of why we exist, and if a girl is unable to satisfy you sexually at any time you want to bust a nut then she has failed in her duty as a woman. It doesn’t matter whether she uses her pussy, mouth, or anus, but she must use it with vigor and enthusiasm to give you maximum pleasure. Women have to understand that they’ve evolved for millions of years for the main purpose of carefully selecting a man and then pleasing him. A woman should consider suicide if she cannot strongly fulfill this most basic feature of life.

Nurturing. Does she cook for you? Does she want to take care of you? Does she have a good living space that suggests she knows how to maintain a home? Does she give as much as she takes? This quality is more important for long-term relationships, and basically comes down to the following question: does she have heart? Otherwise, she will destroy your soul in a drawn-out process that leaves you nothing but an shadow of your former self. Your friends won’t even be able to recognize you.

Woman Quality. Is she feminine and sexy? Do you feel proud with her when out in public? Does she make you feel like a strong man? Is she compliant, keeping talk-back at a minimum, while sacrificing her needs for yours? If a girl is pretty, but masculine in appearance or attitude, you won’t be able to forge a strong emotional connection with her. It would be like dating a lifeless doll instead of a living, breathing creature of the Earth.

Personality. Is she pleasing to spend time with? Is she capable of light but enjoyable conversation? Does she keep drama and jealousy to a minimum? Does she get along with your friends? With personality it’s not so much that you need a hyper-intelligent or well-traveled girl, but someone who is cool and easy to pass long amounts of time with. It’s better she say nothing then nag, whine, or torture you with her geo-political views that she is in no way qualified to talk about.

Now I want to give you general scoring guidelines so you know how to rate each factor.


10: This score doesn’t exist besides retouched magazines photos. Therefore any guy who says he has fucked a 10 is exaggerating at best, lying at worst.
9: Models or actresses like Scarlett Johansen, Mila Kunis, and so on.
8: Beautiful.
7: Cute and pleasing to look at.
6: Needs help from makeup or lighting.
3: Beast.

Sexual Performance

10: You get a raging hard-on just thinking of what she can do to your cock. She’s better than the porn stars you watch on PornHub. Your nickname for her is “deep-throating cock gobbler.”
9: Stupendous in bed.
8: Horny girl who bows down to your cock like it’s her medieval dungeon master.
7: Solid bedroom performance.
5: Average.
3: She offers you a handjob because she can’t make you cum with her dry pussy or mouth.


10: Future mother of your child.
9: Her happiness seems like it’s entirely dependent on yours.
8: Goes out of her way to make sure you’re content.
7: You see some potential for her to be a good wife or mother, but she needs to work on consistency.
6: She’d reluctantly go to the drug store to buy you medicine if you were sick.
5: She’d warm up a can of soup in the microwave.
1: It would take her a while to notice you died in your sleep.

Woman Quality

10: What a woman! She makes you feel like a pimp.
9: You feel blessed to have found such a sexy bitch.
8: She makes you slightly more jealous than you normally would thanks to her irresistible feminine allure.
7: Definitely girly, but nothing extraordinary.
5: Studying her movements wouldn’t get your dick hard. You’d have to at least make eye contact with her taint to get the penis blood flowing.
3: She seems to get more looks from lesbians than heterosexual men.
1: Some people confuse her for a man.


10: The most interesting girl in the world.
9: Extremely fun and infectious to be around. Everyone loves her.
8: Great charm.
7: Pretty cool.
6: Pleasant.
5: Jane Doe off the street. Her personality is not going to win any awards.
3: Getting a teeth pulled doesn’t seem so bad.
1: Well, at least she has a pussy.

Now I want you think of all the girls you went on at least three dates with. To calculate a score, simply multiply the attractiveness score by five and add to it the other values (sample chart), for a possible maximum score of 90. While I don’t think a girl should score a 10 in attractiveness, I do think it’s possible with the rest of the categories. A 10 is perfection, so you shouldn’t be tossing it out like candy.

The point of coming up with the girl score isn’t to compare with other guys, but to compare with other girls you’ve dated. It’s an objective metric that tells you two things: (1) who you should spend your time with and, more importantly, (2) if you should proceed with a girl when she hits you with relationship talk.

I calculated the scores of about 25 girls I remember going on at least three dates with and then ranked them from top score to lowest. From that list I was able to construct cut-off values that happened to be true for me:

  • With a score of 60 I’d turn her into a fuck buddy
  • At 65 I’d consider an open relationship with her where I give part-time pursuit to other girls
  • At 70 I’d consider a relationship
  • A score of at least 73 means deep emotional involvement is a dangerous possibility

Now that I have determined my cut-off points, all I have to do after going on three dates with a girl is plug-and-chug to tell me the best way I should proceed. This saves me time, my most important resource, and allows me to make correct decisions even if I’m in a vulnerable emotional state. (Note that my cut-offs will be different from yours since our scoring will be different.)

I used the girl score recently when deciding whether to make an investment of sorts on a specific girl. I felt strongly for her, but was very hesitant to do what was required to take the relationship to the next level. The reason, as I found out, was because she scored a 66, which is just above the cut-off for a mere open relationship. There is no doubt in my mind that a month of dating with her would bore me, since it has in the past with girls in her score range. I therefore did not make the investment, and can sleep well knowing it was the best decision. If she scored a 70 though, I may have tried.

The girl score doesn’t care if you’re lonely, coming off a bad sexless streak, or exceptionally horny—it will objectively tell you what you need to do. It prevents you from slipping back to an ex that can’t possibly provide you with the happiness you desire, while simultaneously giving you evidence to pursue something deeper with girls who are worthy.

Understand that a girl’s score will change with time. An American girl I dated in 2002 scored a 73.5. It seemed impossible for me to get over her, and of course I tried various pathetic means to get her back, like sending her an e-card with animated bunnies on her birthday. None worked. Two years after we dated, I randomly saw her in a local mall. I noticed that something wretched happened to her face—drug use, perhaps—where she dropped a full point on the attractiveness scale. I got over her quickly after that. It makes sense to me 9 years later: since attractiveness has a weight of five, her overall score dropped to 68.5, which while high, is out of my relationship range. Hindsight allows me to make sense of old scores, and old scores will now allow me to make sense of future girls I get involved with.

Word of warning: just because a girl scores high (>70 in my case), doesn’t mean you should treat her “well.” Quite the opposite. I have to be much more methodical in my game because the past has shown me that relaxing with high-value girls will cause them to dump me. On the flip side, it’s comical how girls in the 50s range are almost pathetic with how they throw themselves at me, probably because they’ve unconsciously given me a high “guy score.”

Every man has a ceiling of what he can get. At this current stage of my life, I doubt I can get higher than a 75. This is fine for me since a 73 or higher will absolutely give me happiness, but it does cut it quite close. Note that a guy’s score can increase in time, since girl’s rate us on categories such as stability and interestingness, but unfortunately a girl’s score can only go down. If you want to get married with a girl, ask yourself if you still want to be with after she sustains a hit of 5-10 points that is sure to come from aging.

You may be wondering why we don’t account for a girl’s job. Truth is girls who are highly educated score very low in the Woman Factor and Nurturing qualities. If I were to add a work category, I’d actually have to allow negative scores to account for the fact that professional women are impossible to please, which is a consistent source of unhappiness for men. If I take out a middle-class Colombian girl to a place like TGIF, she’d be appreciative and thank me for the meal with a blowjob even though she doesn’t like giving blowjobs, but if I did that to a middle class girl from D.C. she’d text her friends during the meal saying how lame I am and later post an anonymous rant on Craigslist about how men are idiots who don’t know how to treat a strong woman.

I hate to get too mathematical when it comes to seduction, but this scoring method takes away the emotional factor that, truth be told, causes men to make serious mistakes. This objective measurement makes it less likely you’ll make an error by diving into a relationship with a girl who isn’t worthy, while simultaneously pushing you to invest in a girl who is.

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  • Peter Phoenix

    you’re on my level.

  • Brian

    FYI, if you multiply attractiveness by 5, and add the four others, the highest you can get is a 90.

    Good post though. I like a system that helps me quantitatively push aside the chemical buzz of things being new with someone to really evaluate if they’re worth more of your time.

  • Anonymous

    Solid idea, but its not out of 100..

  • Riker

    I really like this post… I{m way too emotional to make good decisions about girls at this point in my life (24) and my current level of game. Reading this really helps to reflect on girls and past decisions. Cool.

  • Gmac


  • Basil Ransom

    Quality and personality can overlap a lot, as can nurturing. For scoring, I’d just combine those last three into one, and multiply it 3 times.

    You have different preferences for a fling and a long term girlfriend. Weighting the factors the same doesn’t reflect that. Hell, attractiveness for a f-buddy wouldn’t matter if she’s a 10 at Sex.

    Somewhat OT: It seems like plenty of relationships survive only through sex. It’s a bond of comfort and convenience, not chemistry and passion. It’s like a pot friend – without the pot i.e. sex and jewelry, you guys would never hang out. Another reason why girls today are shittier – when you started giving it up way before commitments were made, we stopped caring about your personality.

  • Mackroyal44

    Great post Roosh. I see taking that week off from posting has renewed your vigor. Now being as though Im a guy from the P.G County and D.C area I’ve noticed the three years I’ve been in the game that finding a women that is Nurturing with a personality is next to impossible.

    “like sending her an e-card with animated bunnies on her birthday” Now you know you was wrong for that.

  • Bob

    Why not make an attractiveness 10 equal “the highest that is humanly possible” instead of intentionally making 10 equal something that exists only in a fantasy world? Some kind of tribute to Spinal Tap?

  • Dongthrust

    Heh. Great post. Except I never get to a third date in most cases. Just the bang and a smaller bank account. Relaxing around 8s without putting in much effort is a balance I haven’t quite perfected yet. The 7s in DC seem to think they’re dimes so I can’t win either way. At least RedTube will always be there for me in a nurturing way.

  • Roosh

    Brian: Oops, fixed the number.

    7: This is true it is impossible to find a girl with the complete package (most have at least one weak category), but the score allows you to make comparisons on girls with different strengths.

    What the score ultimately says is that beauty must be present before all else. A 5 who has 10’s in the other categories will still not be able to compete with a 8 who is weaker. Unfortunately, American women downplay their looks (lowering their score by at least 1-3 points through overeating and lazy attention to their appearance) so that you recognize their Intelligence and Professional categories, which as you see are not even rated and don’t bring men happiness in relationships.

  • Workshy Joe

    Personally, I’m a big proponent of binary ratings.

    1 = You would fuck her if you were unattached and she was DTF with you.
    0 = No thanks.

  • Anonymous

    This is kind of nuts. I read this with a smirk on my face, thinking it was ridiculous.
    But I just ran the numbers on my last 6 girls and everything (that happened between me and them) suddenly makes sense.
    This is an invaluable tool/metric.

  • Anonymous

    I do think that the weight for attractiveness is a bit too high though. I think 3x or 4x … would be better.

  • Anonymous

    Roosh: With all the time you’ve been spending on game why do you think your limit is a 73? What is keeping you from getting higher than that?

  • cupojohan

    @14 73 is actually pretty high up there. Given that the highest level of physical attractiveness is 9, that is -5 points right off the bat.

    For each of the other categories, it is also unlikely the that a very attractive girl will score very highly because she has been trained to think/act a certain way by our feminist society and she believes very little is expected of her in a relationship because of constant ego stroking by betas throwing C&C game at her.

    It’s not that a guy with skills like Roosh couldn’t land an ~80 GS (girl score), it’s the rarity of these women that actually comes into play.

  • Roosh

    “With all the time you’ve been spending on game why do you think your limit is a 73?”

    That’s according to the data of my past results.

    “What is keeping you from getting higher than that?”

    I’d say lack of fame / high social status, limited access to 9’s due to not running in those types of social circles, and maybe my appearance. I’m always improving my game, but a further increase won’t help the fact that I don’t see 9’s that I can approach in the type of venues that I excel at (bars instead of table-service focused clubs). Day game only helps if hotter girls are out in the day, something that is true in Washington DC but not for anywhere else I’ve been. The talent during the day here in Copenhagen is atrocious and you must wait until nightfall to see reasonable quality.

    I will say that travel has given me better opportunities, talent-wise, that I would never have gotten in DC. The two most attractive girls I’ve dated weren’t from the U.S.

    cupojohan: Correct, only way I’ll see a score bump is by dating a 9, but it still won’t hit 80.

  • DJD

    Will a Columbian girl in the US also trade BJs for crap food?

  • Anonymous

    Excellent post

  • speakeasy

    “Women have to understand that they’ve evolved for millions of years for the main purpose of carefully selecting a man and then pleasing him. A woman should consider suicide if she cannot strongly fulfill this most basic feature of life.”

    The feminist bloggers have just switched to DEFCON 1.

  • Anonymous

    You should make the last 10 points logistical / lifestyle considerations (with 10 being maximum compatibility/convenience) then you would end up with 100 points total.

  • mguy

    i agree with the logistics comment. you have to factor the convenience.

  • Jordan

    Gold…Pure Gold….Another great post!

  • Roosh

    If you’re able to go on three dates with her then the logistics are going to be fine unless you’re traveling.

  • gringoed

    Nice attempt but this can’t be objectified so easily. I like the boner test better, even for LTR’s.

  • Brian

    I could have 2 extra buttons on a checklist. 1. She’s got a high number based on her looks, but her attitude causes too much stress, so press the “I Eject Button.” 2. She’s got a high number, but she wants to get married and I do not, so press the “I’m not going to get married RESET the game with a new woman button.”

  • Ubermind

    I would reccomend to add another 1-10 scale that can be added to this and result in a 100 total.

    Her friend/family evaluation. Extremely important if you have a relationship with a woman and not just sex.

    A girl gets high score here if her parents are stil married to each other, she has no male friends and her girlfriends are also cute and feminine, whom you would like to bang and who are attracted to you and would provide a side fling or an easy social proof, her social circle has traditional patriarchal values.

    A girl gets low score if her parents are divorced, she has daddy issues, her friends are liberals and include many jealous mangina orbiters and man-hating liberal feminist women.

    In America most girls would score low here so maybe you can overlook this scale by giving most girls a default of 0, bet in countries where liberal values still are combating natural values this scale comes in factor. If a woman scores 8 or 10 here, plus 70 or higher from the rest, she actually becomes a worthly LTR prospect

  • French Connection

    Great post, and +1 for the addition by Ubermind. While family background doesnt necessarily dictate the future of a relationship, it sure serves as a good indicator.

    I also think the sexual performance needs a multiplier (x2?). Personally I could forgive shortcomings in the cooking department if she scores 8+ in the bedroom, but if she’s only somewhat boring sexually I’ll be bored with her regardless of the looks or cooking skills.

    That said, finding a girl who scores high on the nurturing scale is near to impossible. All my exes which did well on that (bar one Dutch girl), were Eastern European. Just saying…

  • Ubermind

    @French Connection

    I believe sexual performance could use a multiplier to evaluate a one night stand, but in a relationship it definately is the most insignificant starer value, that could even be divided by 2. The reason for this is that virginal or relatively inexperienced women score higher in other factors, but know not how to please a man initially, but you can show them and teach them to do whatever you want. More inexperienced and blank women will be even more easy to accept anything you teach them. I take great delight in teaching a girl how to suck it, introduce her to spanking, masochism and other stuff she is unaware of. If she knows any of this before me than I have a discomfort that she is remembering another man who showed her these moves, while repeating those moves on me.

    While Roosh correctly said that women’s value will decrease over time – sexual performance is the exceptional one where she may improve if you teach her how to.

    I believe nurturing factor is the one Roosh actually underestimates and that could use a multiplier of 1.5 or 2. This has a little significance in ONS but in a relationship – well is there anything better than a girl who goes to buy a medicine for you when you are sick, prepares all meals and then role-plays the naughty nurse? I have had the pleasure.

  • French Connection

    @ Ubermind

    Personally, while I don’t mind teaching girls new things, working with a blank canvas is something I don’t always have the patience for. I know from experience that if a girl is invested in and committed to the relationship, she will go to new measures to please her man (and this goes for both the nurturing and sexual department).

    I guess it comes down to what you want in a woman/relationship, which is very much dictated by the stage of life you’re in. I’m 25, I’m guessing you’re >30? (not trolling) Many of my older friends (>30) have said to look for different qualities in girls than they did 5-10 years ago. While looks remain the factor with the biggest multiplier, I do find myself putting more weight on other factors than I did a few years ago.

  • Ubermind

    @French Connection

    I also happen to be 25. These differences between our preferences come from different worldviews. While you probably have a more consumerist approach to sex and life in general (as dictated by your culture and surrounding paradigm that also produces feminism), I really enjoy the artistic aspect of folding a girl as a white canvas and writing on her soul with my pen… ehm, personality.

  • Anonymous

    “her duty as a woman to satisfy you with… her pussy, mouth, or anus,”

    Roosh, that is SO objectifying, chauvinistic, and limited. You totally forgot handjobs, tit-fucking and footjobs.

  • Anonymous

    can this be any more mechanical?

  • ped24

    @roosh, need to do a post of some sort on guys, in light of how girls actually perceive us. Notice I said actually, and not what they would tell you. I think your philosophy on it would be a fun read.

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  • ShawnHasATony Penis

    When someone says so and so’s a “10” I think that not even he believes that she is a “10,” but he’s just saying that that woman, in his opinion, is as hot as they come.

    I support the dime ranking because it seems almost defeatist not to, while acknowledging the sad sad fact that “perfection,” even airbrushed “perfection,” does not exist in the female form.

  • VI

    If a girl is pretty, but masculine in appearance or attitude, you won’t be able to forge a strong emotional connection with her. It would be like dating a lifeless doll instead of a living, breathing creature of the Earth.

    I dated a girl like this for a long time. I never enjoyed the sex with her as much I do with girls who are less attractive but more feminine.

  • Jonny

    OMFG. First, this is brilliant. Second, my results were horrendous.

    Of the 2 girlfriends I’ve ever had, the first is a 35, while the second a 49.

    The next girl I’m with better be at least a 70, preferably 90. Nowhere to move but up!

  • Johnny

    “@roosh, need to do a post of some sort on guys, in light of how girls actually perceive us.”

    Exactly. I’d be very interestd in that too.

    As for girls who are masculine in looks and/or demeanor… that kills it for me. Instant turn off, impossible to feel attracted to. Experience told me that this type is mainly found among western/white women.

  • samseau

    whereas the boner test was for casual sex, the girl score is for long term relationships. these are the tools for the everyday player.

    the one problem with the girl score is that it needs lots of prior experience to determine what scores you should want/have, while the boner test carries a simplicity that could work for a teenage boy.

    I remember the girl who crushed me, she was a 73.

  • Laughingdog

    Honestly, if some of you are that attached to a 100 point score, just take one of the other categories that matters to you more than the others and double it.

  • Anonymous

    I’d throw the Boltzmann constant in there somewhere. Then we can use a spectrograph to measure these “women” of which you speak.

  • Anonymous

    I think this is actually a brilliant idea. Although, I think that each man should create his own actual guidelines. But the concept of a 0-100 score for each woman is genius.

    The last two relationships I had were in the low to mid 50s using Roosh’s scale. My main target at the moment is a 65, although I can’t rate sexual performance yet… so I just have to give her a 5 on that as a guess. Even at a 65, I have a pretty bad crush on her. yikes I need to harden up!

  • K-Man

    On this scale, I have yet to see a girl score above 70-75 out of max 85 (since you say 10’s don’t exist).
    In my 15+ years of experience in the dating field, if a girl is a 8-9 in beauty, she is VERY unlikely to rate high on nurturing or personality. She could perhaps rate high on woman quality and sexual performance, but not the other two.
    That would make a 75-80 woman on this scale even rarer than a 10 on the beauty scale.

    By the way, why isn’t 5 the mean of the scale? Assuming a 0 does not exist just like a 10 doesn’t, then 5 is exactly mid-way of the scale between 1 and 9. And since you say a 6 already “needs help” then I guess 5 would be way below average, which skews the scale.

  • Roosh

    K-Man: The scale isn’t perfect, but it will be accurate for you as long as you’re consistent with scoring. This is why there’s no point comparing my 73 to yours. But if your new girl is a 70 while the old one is a 65, that’s a considerable jump.

  • Allen

    How about a 5 point deduction for any random red flags or complaints that you have about her? This isn’t small stuff, these are just the random MAJOR things that somehow ruin the package.

    This seems about right to take care of a majority of concerns: she’s a liar (blatant), her mom is especially busted, etc. It would drop a girl who is otherwise long term material right down into harem range, and harem girls down into the fuckable range. This has worked well for the several girls I’ve rated so so far.

  • JAFO


    Gnashing of teeth in progress at Jizzabel.

  • StrikeforceMorituri

    I love that you added nurturing to the scale, I once dated a girl that was so smoking hot my pants had a permanent fade in the crotch area, I loved banging this chick and the social proof that she gave me was unbelievable. Her only negative that I couldn’t get over though was the fact that she was Zero in the nurturing department. She was definitely a 1 on your nurture scale.

    (1:It would take her a while to notice you died in your sleep)

    I felt crazy dropping her but in the end all of her hotness couldn’t shake that one little need.

  • Enlightened

    This has been incredibly enlightening for me. I’ve been dating an Asian woman off and on for a couple years. When I ran the numbers, she is a solid 75.

    At minimum, I have to recognize she is the best woman I have ever been with according to these standards. The risk is that I commit to something long term, which I have resisted thus far.

    Roosh and all, thoughts on this? What do you do when you find someone reasonably close to perfect?

  • InterestedParty

    Legit 10s do exist in the real world. I can easily see why someone in DC might say it’s impossible though.

  • Cassie

    You’re an asshole.

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  • Lance

    Roosh, interesting article. The system I use is much simpler, I score in two categories: Sexual Compatibility and Companionship. For me, everything falls into those two areas. Notice I have nothing for attractiveness…that’s because attractiveness comes from a combination of the two.

    Right now I’m interested in women that are 9+ in sexual compatibility and 6+ in companionship. I feel that the sex is far more important and, to be honest, I don’t really need a perfect female companionship to have a fulfilling relationship.

  • P.S.

    I took in this little score and got curious enough to where I tested it on a few of my ex’s but more importantly my recent ex fiance. She rated as a 62. Thank you for that, now I can ask myself what the hell I’m thinking before I put myself in front of the bullet like that ever again. This one will prove to be a lot of help.

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  • Anonymous

    Just curious, how bad is a score of 45?

  • you wish

    You are total idiots.

  • are you kidding

    Were you dropped on your head as a child? Woman quality? Last time I checked this was 2012 dude, I’m pretty sure from reading this you don’t deserve any woman you sexist childish piece of shit.

  • New




    ohhhhhhh baby. Sending a girl an e-card with animated bunnies on her birthday. What are you, 12 years old? Or was she? Or do the mushrooms who tolerate you generally like this kind of thing?

    you deserved everything you got after that.

  • New

    Still, you were in love and it was a terribly long time ago. It was potentially a sweet if not so smoothly executed gesture and you didn’t know any better at the time. Stranger things have happened.

  • My (slightly modified) Version

    A great rating system. I personally make one important modification: the Sexual Performance category gets its score multiplied by x2. This is for two reasons.

    1. Sexual Performance is very important to me. I am a very sensual and sexual being. My relationships absolutely hinge upon it.

    2. It allows for a maximum score of 100. Which we all relate to well, as in, up to a possible 100%.

  • James

    My girlfriend is a 45…

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  • Anonymous

    My boyfriend gets a 25 :/ You really need to branch out to assisting women. This stuff is far more applicable to them now. There’s money in it, I’m sure.

  • Anonymous

    misogyny at it’s fucking best. mwa! have fun being alone for the rest of your life, dickface

  • Anonymous

    I hope you die a horrible, horrible, horrible fucking death

  • A guy

    As a guy who thinks this system is actually quite genius and applicable, i couldn’t help noticing how this comes off as slightly misogynistic.

    However, to the people hating on the system, it doesn’t matter if you use “scores” or not. Guys (and girls) will always decide whether to pursue somebody based on how they came across.

    Another thing is that mathematically speaking, the attractiveness scale could be slightly over-valued (seriously 5 times more than others?) For those of you who are good with numbers or excel, i suggest you change the weighting on each category based on preference, and therefore have different upper bounds for what score the woman of your choice can get.

  • What

    So you guys conclude that looks are 5x as important as any of the other factors, and then complain that society has made the 9s egotistical and not likely to bother with the other categories. Gee, I wonder why.

  • Wamp

    Guys don’t need a scale as such at all, I’d rate most of you 1 or lower if possible. Men disappoint me each and every day more and more. I’m just surprised women still agree to sleep with freaks like you.

  • Artis

    You’re an idiot!

  • yaaa-hooo

    no score will help u get laid if u have a small penis; life sucks 4 rooshes

  • Miranda Fucking Kerr

    lawl the most sexist, saddest point of view ever. poor guy wont ever land a 6 in his life.
    A ten or even a nine is confident enough to talk back, any girl that isnt retarded won’t always have “light conversation” and there’s gonna be drama at some point that’s life. Also, buddy’s point about preferring to be with a mute or stupid attractive person rather than one that can carry intelligent conversation is just embarassing. May as well just grab a magazine and your dick, asshole.
    -a solid 8

  • holy shit

    dude, get a fucking REALITY CHECK
    ahahahahahahah this is soooo funny tho
    and Miranda Fucking Kerr you’re spot on me and my buddies are hammered reading this just laughing our asses off at it,
    why are you sitting at home writing this list even, just go out and wheel man. analyzing the shit out of women you’ll always find faults. sheeeeesh

  • Anonymous guy

    I do not like the way you talk about women.
    Things like: “I save philosophical life discussions for my guy friends because having one with a woman would be like asking a plumber how to install a ceiling fan” or: “Woman quality: 10: What a woman! She makes you feel like a pimp”… Are very insulting to women. Women DO NOT exist only to please us guys.
    And about the rating system, when you love someone, rating does not apply anymore.

  • Anonymous

    OK I’m a girl who saw this on her brother’s laptop.

    WTF? This is so sexist! Trust me, men like this get pussy but no girl wants to settle down with a douchebag who says “I save philosophical life discussions for my guy friends because having one with a woman would be like asking a plumber how to install a ceiling fan”. We don’t exist to “give you pleasure” or cook for you.

    Seriously, WTF?

  • danlocksmith

    where the find this info

  • Danny

    its ood

  • Anonymous

    I am doing research on the number game for a project. i found this useful but being a girl slightly offensive. giving someone a number is dehumanising them in my opinion. it may help you narrow down stuff and simplify things but it takes you away from actually looking at the person and their personality traits etc. like how would you guys feel if you scored us then we scored you and told us your score and you got a 20? i have noticed a constant trend of guys giving girls a number and saying it out loud. what if the girl has anorexia or something and you just sent her further down her spiral of self hate by giving her a 3? I would appreciate a guys reply to this and if you could answer a few questions. why do you do it? do you think it is fair? and do you know anyone else who does it?

  • sing

    its ok Some of this guy

  • sing

    its well be in fact all the same things

  • Anonymous

    No wonder I feel like I’m turning gay… This is horrible.

  • Anonymous

    You’re fascinating. Maybe you’re a bit morally skewed. But definitely fascinating.

  • Anonymous

    I just heard of your blog for the first time and even though I consider myself a feminist, I’m also fascinated. Technical question: if I am very intelligent (like rocket scientist smart) but chose a feminine career (like massage therapist), do these cancel each other out on some level? And I like to ride motorcycles. But I don’t look bull-dikey doing it, is it still too masculine?
    Honestly, I had a hard time figuring out where I fall on the rating scale.

  • R.

    I think you should think about if you are in love or not if you want to start a relationship. Not a stupid number. I am quite happy though that I scored a 78 (by my own rating though) XD

  • M. Simon

    “why do you do it?”

    Guys like running the numbers. It is why you find them concentrated in hard engineering.

    And I would think a “what qualities men prefer in women” might be of some use. If you are interested in getting a man.

  • http://[email protected] Anonymous

    On a scale of 1-10 how dumb is this 10!!!!!

    Girls are not made to now down to the males. Without us none of u would be alive so DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!! Both females and males are equal dont be sexist and u know what u shouldn’t be judging all this crap get to know the girl before u judge her. Plus none of u guys should be sleeping around with girls just wait till ur married Hun then she won’t be able to get away.

  • locks and key

    its Love i will be In front page

  • roz

    Honestly everything up there isn’t a real woman.Nobody is perfect,woman nor men.Everyone has flaws….Everyone and your life is so sad if you go away looking at flaws only.What if someone went around looking at your flaws only.Everyone wants someone to only look at them for the flawless areas…This articul makes dating and getting married seems like a really sick game…a really really sick game.Why date anyone if your going to be this way,it makes no sense….






  • john

    I agree with #87 all the way but I think your missing what roosh is trying to say.

    he is saying that women want perfect men, so men want perfect women too.

    women are being sexist as well,if there was an articule on the perfect guy.Which there is like a ton of articules on the perfect guy everywhere,yet no man complains.He reads it and gets his shit together,so why cant you women take this articule like every other guy does?

  • dan34283

    Fuck yeah women want the perfect man who is sexy, handsome and will marry them, buy them the world and have a big dick or a good mouth or good hands.Most chicks SUCK! in bed,its rare you find a girl who is great in bed.Guys want a fucking perfect bitch ROOOOOSSSHH YOU ARE THE DAMN MAN! I LOVE THIS GUY

  • gubber

    all of this stuff doesn’t matter because guys will always cheat she can be a goddess that’s a straight horny cougar in bed its just pointless because a guy will and for always cheat so what the point of the girl looking or acting like anything.its all shit because all women get cheated on ,its because men are unfaithful and heartless pieces of shit.point.blank.the.end

  • loc

    lock like in the best of the smart thing

  • Anonymous

    you should be put down =)

  • Kate

    I came across the version of this for rating men online randomly and couldn’t help but check this one out too to see how some guys based it… I will be honest, slightly dissapointed looks are that big a thing as eventually they will fade for the most part.. I also have to disagree with the nurturing part vs being more highly educated part.. Maybe some women but not all, it varies I think.. I am a Physicist, thus fairly highly educated yet any time my partner is sick or depressed I have taken care of him as much as I can, not a hope of me mothering or babying him but I do always take care of him, simply because he has been there for me and in my mind it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t…

    As for the TGIF’s for professional women, well it just depends on how shallow she is I guess.. Honestly if my guy took me out to say Harvey’s for a quick bite to eat, I would be a hell of a lot happier there than going to a fancy restaurant, simply because I like Harvey’s food.. Damn chicken burgers.. Each to their own :)

    Also I wish there was an intelligence category, it’s definately not a bad thing in my mind.. I just like a guy who can challenge me, otherwise it gets too boring. I have just never wanted any kind of a relationship with a guy who couldn’t intellectually stimulate me, he doesn’t have to be a genius, he just needs to have his own opinion about things in life without being presumptuous..

    And there is the male one.. According to this I shouldn’t look forward to much of a future with him, pft it’s crazy because he is the most amazing man I know…

    I did also score myself by my own rating, got a 79.. Maybe I am a bit full of myself after all hehe :)

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  • Anon

    You have got to be kidding me? What the fuck is this? Roosh Raash go and find something useful to do in your time then grading women and their value.

  • Anonymous

    Women are selfish,all about her creatures.Shes selfish in bed and in all around,the only way a woman will do something for you is when you ask her to do it or tell her.

    Its rare…so very rare that you find a woman who wants to please because she wants too.

    Women aren’t very generous or giving creatures….

    They want a man to give them everything…


    2.Oral,orgasms,or whatever she is cravig sexually(stupid dirty horny bitch) That you have to pay for!

    4.A house with a pickket fence.

    5.Be superman for them and be a caddy for their shopping bags.

    The fucking list goes on and on!

    God forbid it when a man expresses what he wants from a woman..

    Man:I want a beautiful sexy woman who will give me blowjobs whener i want them.Cooks for me and keeps my household in order while im out at work.

    Women:EEWWWW pervert! pig! your a caveman! grow up its not the 1940’s! we hate men like you!


    Woman:I want a man who will care about me as well as my sexual needs,he has to have a big heart.A good mouth and hands to eat me out and finger me till i erupt with sexual pleasure beyond heaven.Treat me like a lady,buys me the world.Tells meim beautiful everyday,is a wonderful farther..blah,blah,blah.

    Everyone:YAY! you go girl!yeah you get your perfect man! grrrrll power!HOORAY..(even some men join in with the damn cheering)


    This shows women demand more and are way more selfish than we men are..

    Try and argue with the truth you raging feminist bitch whores!

  • Patricia Williamson

    what the fuck is this? No one should think like this and no girl should be rated! i can’t even take this seriously, I thought this was made for a joke!

  • Jose pasada

    yep you he is asshole.

  • Jose pasada

    in spanish loko marikon

  • Anon

    You’re a deeply disturbed individual who has somehow refuged himself in pseudoscientific measures of a woman’s worth in order to spare himself the pain of self-evaluation.

  • kEiThZ

    You are surprised that men value attractiveness highly? In reality, looks are 100%, in the sense that most men don’t consider all the other qualities of a woman unless they find her cute or physically attractive in some way. After that screen, then they jump right into consideration of all the other great things about her (intelligence, kindness, etc.).

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  • Tumai Gisung Baptiste

    You’re ignorant and a compleeeete idiot,

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  • Daniel

    Lol this guy is a fucking boss, trolled entire nations

    Salute to you roosh

  • Daniel

    Are these girls that are raging forgetting how they obsess over Mr. Grey from 50 shades of gray? They want a beautiful-faced, rich, tall, broad-shouldred, muscular man that’s obsessed over them and kinky in bed.

    Even you girls have a rating system like this, you just haven’t written it out like Roosh did.

    Conclusion: Everyone is shallow, especially american girls

  • sebs

    we all have ratings, it’s not sexist to personally rate your potential mate, nobody want to be stuck with a frigid heartless bitch for the rest of their life,

  • Jake

    Why all the hotel? This guy has it down pat, albeit slightly offensive in terms of wording. But every male does rate a female based on those loose characteristics. If sex is awful and she can’t keep a conversation for 5 minutes, why would I care if she’s a biologist or looks 8isg?

  • Anon

    Hahaha!!! This has to be a joke. If this is how you rate a woman then you don’t deserve anyone. Stop treating women like pieces of meat, it’s the 21st century and you should look up the definition of equality in the dictionary. This is pure sexism and it is honestly quite disgusting. Women are not meant to bow down to men and are certainly not “unqualified” to talk about philosophy and politics. Besides, you should know that with an outlook like that you would never attract a woman and would likely not score higher than a 5/90 (if you even made it onto the scale).

    I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude but this post is uncalled for. You said yourself that appearance deteriorates over time, so maybe you should try scoring women based on compassion, honesty, personality, intelligence and mutual understanding, or better yet not at all.

    Stop criticising other people and take a look in the mirror. Often what you see in others is merely a reflection of yourself. So don’t be so narcissistic and try to acquire some substance.

    You are a shallow person, and mark my words, you will regret your current perspective in 50 years time when you are old and alone. When nobody genuinely cares for you because you didn’t have the common decency to realise it’s a two way street and you have to care about more than their figure in order for them to care about more than yours.

    Don’t be such a misogynist. It’s not attractive.

  • .

    Um bro, not all women are going to be stay at home moms, so they can’t cook and clean for you. If you think that’s how women think you clearly have only met your mother and sister, but it’s no surprise, you have to get it from somewhere. Go get a life and grow the fuck up.

  • Amy

    Scoring part seemed interesting, but the prelude was gross. I’m guessing you’re pretty low on the man scale.

  • Bro_kyle

    You’re disgusting. all of you are nasty. and no real woman would ever want to be with somebody that mysoginistic.

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  • Cici Vu

    Really ??? My bf hasnt worked full time for a year n he is not extremely good looking he is silly most of the times but I still stick round. Mind you I’m a successful attractive woman not like I don’t have other offers but why I’m still with him bcos I love him n that’s all it matters . Not everyone of us want all these things that u listed . Such a fkn pathetic creature

  • Cici Vu

    Firstly ,Are u kidding me dude ? U rate a girl sex skill base on 3 fkn dates ? If u lucky enough I may give u a hug out of sympathy lets alone jumping in a bed with u. One thing with sex u need to remember the longer u are with each other the more comfortable u feel n once u feel comfortable u start doing all kind of kinky shit. JUDGING IS IRRELEVANT AFTER 3 DATES

    Secondly, u decide to fall in love with a person base on this calculation . Feeling is something hard to describe and impossible to calculate so u fail there miserably.

    Thirdly, not putting the fact that a girl can grow better as a person with time plus ambition and intelligence don’t count base =>your system is RETARDED.

    All these guys who applaud this stupid piece of shit should seriously bend over backward and give themselves rim jobs so hopefully the anus smell can bring them back to reality and they come to realise no matter what they try their dick still remain tiny =>will never have any gfs => start to bump fuck each others for the rest of their life => THE END

  • Observer365

    Amen. I cannot believe that this is the mindset of men in general. It’s ugly in all possible ways and even though I’d probably merit a pretty decent “score” (so that argument is out), I could not get away from that mentality fast enough.

  • Fuckboy

    You’re both probably fat ugly chicks 😂 only ugly girls hate this scale just saying…

  • TheMoreYouKnow

    Wow.I didn’t know there were people out there this disgusting. Things like this kind of make you understand the feminazis. There goes a statement I didn’t think I would ever say.

  • Bree

    Did you miss the part where it says that a girl can be pretty, but GOD FORBID she be smart or succesful? Oh wait…Your name’s ‘Fuckboy’… Please, save the world – never breed.


    No. He is actually right