The Girl Score (A System For Rating Individual Girls)

The 1-10 system is a pretty reliable way to rate the attractiveness of women. It does have its flaws (one man’s 9 can be another man’s 6), but it gets the job done more often than not. What we don’t have is a way to measure the overall quality of an individual girl that accounts for additional things besides her appearance. I’ve constructed something that accounts for all the parts of a woman that is most likely to bring happiness to man.

One problem players experience with dating women besides getting actual sex is deciding which ones they should invest time into for more serious relationships. The girl score is a tool to help you determine if a girl is worthy of fuck buddy status, casual dating, something more, or nothing at all. It is calculated not only after you’ve had sex with a girl but have also gone on at least three dates with her, a long-enough time length where you can reliably rate her merits. By the third date you should have a very clear idea of who the girl is, where it’s unlikely she’ll still be hiding any of her strengths (girls show their best traits first, as probably you do, too).

So what qualities make the best women? I’ve narrowed it down to five things, each of which is rated on a scale of 1-10:

Attractiveness. A universal desire of men everywhere is beauty. While you can become desensitized to it, you cannot become desensitized to ugliness—you merely tolerate it because you have no other option. You can put a beautiful but brain-dead girl who speaks a foreign language in front of me right now and being with her will be much more pleasurable than an ugly girl who can talk about the creation of the universe. I save philosophical life discussions for my guy friends because having one with a woman would be like asking a plumber how to install a ceiling fan. Since attractiveness is so important, the 1-10 score here is multiplied by 5.

Sexual Performance. Sex is a big part of why we exist, and if a girl is unable to satisfy you sexually at any time you want to bust a nut then she has failed in her duty as a woman. It doesn’t matter whether she uses her pussy, mouth, or anus, but she must use it with vigor and enthusiasm to give you maximum pleasure. Women have to understand that they’ve evolved for millions of years for the main purpose of carefully selecting a man and then pleasing him. A woman should consider suicide if she cannot strongly fulfill this most basic feature of life.

Nurturing. Does she cook for you? Does she want to take care of you? Does she have a good living space that suggests she knows how to maintain a home? Does she give as much as she takes? This quality is more important for long-term relationships, and basically comes down to the following question: does she have heart? Otherwise, she will destroy your soul in a drawn-out process that leaves you nothing but an shadow of your former self. Your friends won’t even be able to recognize you.

Woman Quality. Is she feminine and sexy? Do you feel proud with her when out in public? Does she make you feel like a strong man? Is she compliant, keeping talk-back at a minimum, while sacrificing her needs for yours? If a girl is pretty, but masculine in appearance or attitude, you won’t be able to forge a strong emotional connection with her. It would be like dating a lifeless doll instead of a living, breathing creature of the Earth.

Personality. Is she pleasing to spend time with? Is she capable of light but enjoyable conversation? Does she keep drama and jealousy to a minimum? Does she get along with your friends? With personality it’s not so much that you need a hyper-intelligent or well-traveled girl, but someone who is cool and easy to pass long amounts of time with. It’s better she say nothing then nag, whine, or torture you with her geo-political views that she is in no way qualified to talk about.

Now I want to give you general scoring guidelines so you know how to rate each factor.


10: This score doesn’t exist besides retouched magazines photos. Therefore any guy who says he has fucked a 10 is exaggerating at best, lying at worst.
9: Models or actresses like Scarlett Johansen, Mila Kunis, and so on.
8: Beautiful.
7: Cute and pleasing to look at.
6: Needs help from makeup or lighting.
3: Beast.

Sexual Performance

10: You get a raging hard-on just thinking of what she can do to your cock. She’s better than the porn stars you watch on PornHub. Your nickname for her is “deep-throating cock gobbler.”
9: Stupendous in bed.
8: Horny girl who bows down to your cock like it’s her medieval dungeon master.
7: Solid bedroom performance.
5: Average.
3: She offers you a handjob because she can’t make you cum with her dry pussy or mouth.


10: Future mother of your child.
9: Her happiness seems like it’s entirely dependent on yours.
8: Goes out of her way to make sure you’re content.
7: You see some potential for her to be a good wife or mother, but she needs to work on consistency.
6: She’d reluctantly go to the drug store to buy you medicine if you were sick.
5: She’d warm up a can of soup in the microwave.
1: It would take her a while to notice you died in your sleep.

Woman Quality

10: What a woman! She makes you feel like a pimp.
9: You feel blessed to have found such a sexy bitch.
8: She makes you slightly more jealous than you normally would thanks to her irresistible feminine allure.
7: Definitely girly, but nothing extraordinary.
5: Studying her movements wouldn’t get your dick hard. You’d have to at least make eye contact with her taint to get the penis blood flowing.
3: She seems to get more looks from lesbians than heterosexual men.
1: Some people confuse her for a man.


10: The most interesting girl in the world.
9: Extremely fun and infectious to be around. Everyone loves her.
8: Great charm.
7: Pretty cool.
6: Pleasant.
5: Jane Doe off the street. Her personality is not going to win any awards.
3: Getting a teeth pulled doesn’t seem so bad.
1: Well, at least she has a pussy.

Now I want you think of all the girls you went on at least three dates with. To calculate a score, simply multiply the attractiveness score by five and add to it the other values (sample chart), for a possible maximum score of 90. While I don’t think a girl should score a 10 in attractiveness, I do think it’s possible with the rest of the categories. A 10 is perfection, so you shouldn’t be tossing it out like candy.

The point of coming up with the girl score isn’t to compare with other guys, but to compare with other girls you’ve dated. It’s an objective metric that tells you two things: (1) who you should spend your time with and, more importantly, (2) if you should proceed with a girl when she hits you with relationship talk.

I calculated the scores of about 25 girls I remember going on at least three dates with and then ranked them from top score to lowest. From that list I was able to construct cut-off values that happened to be true for me:

  • With a score of 60 I’d turn her into a fuck buddy
  • At 65 I’d consider an open relationship with her where I give part-time pursuit to other girls
  • At 70 I’d consider a relationship
  • A score of at least 73 means deep emotional involvement is a dangerous possibility

Now that I have determined my cut-off points, all I have to do after going on three dates with a girl is plug-and-chug to tell me the best way I should proceed. This saves me time, my most important resource, and allows me to make correct decisions even if I’m in a vulnerable emotional state. (Note that my cut-offs will be different from yours since our scoring will be different.)

I used the girl score recently when deciding whether to make an investment of sorts on a specific girl. I felt strongly for her, but was very hesitant to do what was required to take the relationship to the next level. The reason, as I found out, was because she scored a 66, which is just above the cut-off for a mere open relationship. There is no doubt in my mind that a month of dating with her would bore me, since it has in the past with girls in her score range. I therefore did not make the investment, and can sleep well knowing it was the best decision. If she scored a 70 though, I may have tried.

The girl score doesn’t care if you’re lonely, coming off a bad sexless streak, or exceptionally horny—it will objectively tell you what you need to do. It prevents you from slipping back to an ex that can’t possibly provide you with the happiness you desire, while simultaneously giving you evidence to pursue something deeper with girls who are worthy.

Understand that a girl’s score will change with time. An American girl I dated in 2002 scored a 73.5. It seemed impossible for me to get over her, and of course I tried various pathetic means to get her back, like sending her an e-card with animated bunnies on her birthday. None worked. Two years after we dated, I randomly saw her in a local mall. I noticed that something wretched happened to her face—drug use, perhaps—where she dropped a full point on the attractiveness scale. I got over her quickly after that. It makes sense to me 9 years later: since attractiveness has a weight of five, her overall score dropped to 68.5, which while high, is out of my relationship range. Hindsight allows me to make sense of old scores, and old scores will now allow me to make sense of future girls I get involved with.

Word of warning: just because a girl scores high (>70 in my case), doesn’t mean you should treat her “well.” Quite the opposite. I have to be much more methodical in my game because the past has shown me that relaxing with high-value girls will cause them to dump me. On the flip side, it’s comical how girls in the 50s range are almost pathetic with how they throw themselves at me, probably because they’ve unconsciously given me a high “guy score.”

Every man has a ceiling of what he can get. At this current stage of my life, I doubt I can get higher than a 75. This is fine for me since a 73 or higher will absolutely give me happiness, but it does cut it quite close. Note that a guy’s score can increase in time, since girl’s rate us on categories such as stability and interestingness, but unfortunately a girl’s score can only go down. If you want to get married with a girl, ask yourself if you still want to be with after she sustains a hit of 5-10 points that is sure to come from aging.

You may be wondering why we don’t account for a girl’s job. Truth is girls who are highly educated score very low in the Woman Factor and Nurturing qualities. If I were to add a work category, I’d actually have to allow negative scores to account for the fact that professional women are impossible to please, which is a consistent source of unhappiness for men. If I take out a middle-class Colombian girl to a place like TGIF, she’d be appreciative and thank me for the meal with a blowjob even though she doesn’t like giving blowjobs, but if I did that to a middle class girl from D.C. she’d text her friends during the meal saying how lame I am and later post an anonymous rant on Craigslist about how men are idiots who don’t know how to treat a strong woman.

I hate to get too mathematical when it comes to seduction, but this scoring method takes away the emotional factor that, truth be told, causes men to make serious mistakes. This objective measurement makes it less likely you’ll make an error by diving into a relationship with a girl who isn’t worthy, while simultaneously pushing you to invest in a girl who is.

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