The Helsinki Diaries (Part 1 of 4)

I can’t say I missed Ukraine. What should have been poosy paradise was pure labor. It had the first species of women I met who were both transactional and extractive, where the best type of game to run is based on a college economics course. The city I lived in, Kharkov, was dirty, unsightly, and poorly planned. The nightlife was lacking, English wasn’t common, and it wasn’t as cheap as I was led to believe. People were rude and grumpy, and towards the end of my stay even I became agitated at the smallest things. I did end up dating a great girl, but it’s not a place that I look forward to going back to.

Instead of listening to many men who suggested I hit the Mediterranean for the summer, I decided on returning to Scandinavia. I was still bitter from my two crappy months in Denmark a year prior and wanted to see if I could improve that experience with what I had since learned. I also wanted to get the Scandinavia flag sweep, which meant I’d have to bang girls from Finland, Sweden, and Norway. I decided to stay in Helsinki for a week before deciding what to do.

On my first day in Helsinki flying in from Ukraine, I felt a huge drop in femininity units. There were so many overweight women wearing hipster outfits waiting in line at McDonalds that I was expecting a camera crew led by my friends to appear from a corner. While the style wasn’t as bad or gay as what Hel-looks broadcasts to the world, there were no more girls wearing 5 inch heels during the day along with sexy outfits. It was time to adapt.

The level of beauty, however, was surprising. Perhaps thanks to influence from Russia and the Baltics, I noticed many cute girls right off the bat. By comparison, in Denmark it took three full days just to find one decent-looking girl I wanted to approach.

I planned on only a one week visit. Since I was familiar with the region, I figured I could capture my flag quickly instead of staying for the normal two month allotment that I usually set for flagging and travel guide research. In Poland I did “city flags” where I took a trip to another city from my home base in Poznan to see if I could get a weekend bang, but that was much easier than what I was attempting in Finland.

Even on a two month stay the pressure to get a flag is strong, but with only one week it was an all-consuming obsession. I was ready to do whatever it took to sleep with a Finnish girl.

On my first night out, a Sunday, I found a club called Tiger that had mostly foreigners. I waited patiently in line and then entered what I can best describe as the Jersey Shore of Europe. Every bad club stereotype was in effect: Ed Hardy shirts, sunglasses, fist pumping, and hoisting bottles of vodka in the air. The cheesiest dudes in Europe were all gathered in one place for an epic sausage party with girls who were cockblocking at will.

I did one approach, got nowhere, then went home. The next day I got on myself for not enduring a bit more, but it was a Sunday, and who gets laid on Sundays? I took it easy on Monday night, which I knew would be dead, and got myself ready for the big surge starting on Tuesday.

My mission began in earnest with day approaches, but I was rusty as hell. In Ukraine I probably did less than forty day approaches overall, most of them in my first month. I gave up mostly because of how painful the interactions went—either the girls didn’t speak English or spoke a tiny amount. In Helsinki I aimlessly walked around the center and did a few approaches that progressively improved as I warmed up.

When I taught day game workshops in Washington DC, some girls would bust out their smartphone to help my students find a “pet shop,” especially the foreign ones. This is what Finnish girls were doing to me. The only problem was that they weren’t asking me questions. My “Where I’m from” bait was getting nothing. In the Baltics it was more or less automatic. Finland started to remind me of Iceland, where the girls were polite but not engaging. After about ten approaches over two days, my ramble was back on point, but I had no solid prospects to show for it.

Tuesday night was my first real night out. I went to Millionaire’s Club, a venue that was highly recommended on the forum. I immediately saw why: it had a large bar separated from the dance floor. It’s one of those places where you can approach a girl by the bar and then move her to the dance floor to get more intimate.

Within twenty minutes of milling around, a  Middle Eastern girl randomly asked me where I was from.

“U.S. And you?”

“My parents are Iranian.”

“Oh cool, my dad is,” I said.

“What’s your name?”

“My birth name? It’s Daryush.”

“That’s a very common Persian name!”

“I know, and you say it better than I do.”

“Why are you in Finland?” she asked.

“Sex and drugs. Why else?”

I had tossed my “sex and drugs” overboard in Ukraine because the girls were unable to pick up on sarcasm, but the Persian girl got it and laughed. I had decided that I didn’t want to live in a country where I couldn’t use that line.

“Where were you born?” I asked.


I was torn. She wasn’t a Finnish flag, but I didn’t yet have an Iranian flag. It would go nicely with my United Arab Emirates flag. Should I go for the Iranian flag at risk of jeopardizing my Finnish flag mission?

Iranian girls are not exactly known for being easy, but when she told me that she was living in Finland for ten years, I knew that she had internalized the Scandinavian attitude towards casual sex. I didn’t need to look further for confirmation than her two blond friends, who were taking shots and flirting with nearly every guy in the bar. One came up to me and stroked my beard, making comments about how I could further my look. I started doing a cost-benefit analysis in my head, wondering if I could pull off two flags in one week.

The Iranian girl became aggressive, almost like a man. She actually slapped me a couple times, hard enough that I felt it, but in a way that she could say was “flirting.” Since she wasn’t Finnish, my guess is that she had to prove to her friends that she could fit into the group by going harder than the both of them, sort of like how a white guy with black thug friends does crazy shit to prove he’s as hard as them. I was more bewildered by her slaps than anything, and it took three of them for me to finally say, “Don’t do that again.” She obeyed.

I was excited to be talking to someone with a strong command of English. I defaulted into being chatty, but it didn’t take long to offend her when I said “I like girls with long hair.”

“So you discriminate against women?”

“Discriminate? It’s just a personal preference. Do you like guys taller or shorter than you?”

“Taller, but I give shorter guys a chance.”

“How many guys shorter than you have you seriously dated?”


“Okay then, it’s the same thing.”

“Not really because a girl who is bald could be an amazing person inside.”

“So if I was 200 kilos heavier, shorter, and bald, you would still talk to me?”

“Probably not,” she said.

I flipped my hand upside down as if to say “Well there you have it” but she refused to back down and insisted that liking girls with long hair was horrible. I was talking to a hyper-educated woman who spent god knows how many years in school, but accepting simple logic was still a work in progress. I knew she wouldn’t see my point of view, but the debater in me wouldn’t yield.

“Have you ever seen those commercials for African charities?” I asked.


“When they show images of the starving African children, have you noticed that they are always bald? It’s not because they go to the barber every week—it’s because when you don’t have enough protein in your diet, you don’t grow hair. Therefore hair is a sign of fitness, of health. When a girl has short hair, she’s mimicking a state of malnourishment.”

The science quieted her down, but she soon threw out a comment I couldn’t ignore. She said, “I like to be dominant over men.”

“That’s too bad because I would never let a girl dominate me. It’s not natural.”

One minute later she said, “I’m going to talk to my friends.” I had a girl who was into me but I destroyed it by trying to teach her lessons. I realized that the conversation I just had might as well have happened in Denmark, where I kept challenging girls about their stupid beliefs and got nothing out of it except a hater book that caused outrage throughout the country.

I remembered my “nodding strategy” when a Scandinavian girl would tell me crazy shit. The secret was to let them talk, not challenge their beliefs, and be pleasant while escalating the encounter to intimacy. I decided to listen to my own advice.


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  • SadieB

    A Persian girl? Seriously? Good luck with that. She hasn’t lost her Persianality – but you have. You’re the most unromantic Persian guy I’ve ever heard of. I think you must be a mutant. Anyway it would be like banging your sister.

  • Pedro Cristiano

    The ones that say they like to dominate men are the ones that love to be pinned down and do the rape fantasies.

    I tried the nodding thing a few times and it pays off. Most times I can’t help calling people on their stupidity, but when I got the lay with the nodding strategy it pays off.

  • Therapsid

    It’s pretty astounding how women simply cannot engage their logical faculties and feel physical attraction for a guy at the same time. The vast majority of women can not have an intellectual conversation or friendly debate with even a cool, confident, and more than decent looking chap without actually losing interest in him. The bright side is that most women don’t have a lot of interesting things to say anyway.

    The evolutionary implication is that male intelligence was not produced through a process of sexual selection. Instead, it must have been selected for on account of direct survival benefits. If male cognitive ability evolved, in part, to produce better stone tools for hunting and to exploit new resources then that would explain why men still dominate in technological fields.

  • samseau

    The thing I hate about women is that they need “agreement”. Doesn’t matter what you’re agreeing on, it’s the emotion of “agreeing” that counts, even if it’s 100% fake.

    So had your conversation gone like this…

    “I like girls with long hair.”

    “So you discriminate against women?”

    “Discriminate? It’s just a personal preference. Do you like guys taller or shorter than you?”

    “Taller, but I give shorter guys a chance.”

    “How many guys shorter than you have you seriously dated?”


    “Okay then, it’s the same thing.”

    “Not really because a girl who is bald could be an amazing person inside.”

    “And a man who is short could be an amazing person inside!”

    “Yes, true, that’s why I give them a chance!”

    “Well I never said I don’t give short women a chance.”

    “Oh, okay, then we agree!”

    And then you would have probably gotten the bang. Aren’t women weird/pathetic?

  • MacCool


    It never stops to amaze me how women don’t get the most simple logic!

  • OlioOx

    Aha, I think I’ve just understood something about a possible philosophy of conducting game:

    Some girls are hot, and you bang them if they can, in spite of the fact that you secretly detest and despise them; other girls (much rarer) are hot, you bang them if they can, and they are actually pleasant company.

    Personally in situations similar to the one with this Iranian girl, my dick goes soft. Disagreeable girls quickly turn me off even if they’re hot. I doubt I’ll ever be sufficiently alpha to respond otherwise, unfortunately. Wish I could be though!

  • sourcecode

    Game recognize Game.
    I understand the circumstances.
    She might have been Persian, but you should have assumed that living in Finland for so long would change her.

    I almost made the same mistake in Copenhagen.
    Remembers Bang Denmark and decided to just shut the fuck up.
    A friend and I ended up taking two sisters home the same night.

    Im not criticizing at all. But in a way…you went against your own advice on this one.

  • Mr. Magic

    “I like to dominate men” God damm!!!!! what a fucking turn off, mass media just keeps on teaching these bitches the wrong thing, even so called romantic “comedies” and I use that term very lousy are painful to watch…. These woman are such in emotional turn off…. I use to think in my teenage years a man could fuck anything even if a girl was disagreable and a total bitch, but after getting plenty of pussy in my life time I realized that yes it can happen, case in point my ex was a total raging bitch so much so that I could not get turned on when I was dealing with her because there was no nurturing component what’s so ever to our interaction together……. Bottom line the cold bitch got dumped!!!

  • DAP

    We men try to ignore the absurdity of “chick” logic to get a bang, but it’s hard sometimes.

  • Cream

    This is typical Persian… I dated one who was such a pain in the ass that I ended up dumping her. She was extremely beautiful but needed to tell me what to do all the time, she insisted in being dominant.

    I’m too independent and dominant to do what a woman tells me to do, so she’d get frustrated and start fights all the time. Her past boyfriends were doormats, but she confessed that she hadn’t fallen in love with any of them. (Ironic, what she claimed she wanted did not turn her on).

    My uncontrollable nature frustrated her but excited her, she tried to get back with me twice months apart.

    What must be so frustrating for her is that she’d be happier by following a dominant male, but she can’t seem to make the connection, and fights for control until the man with options leaves.

    I hear it’s a common Persian flaw for women to be like that, and my experience isn’t that unique.

  • Virgle Kent

    Roosh perfect example of do you want to get laid or make a point…

    See this type of thing happen all the time, challenging a girl to debate won’t win you anything,you won’t change her mind… but if you bang her brains out then whisper in her ear “ bitch” that will do more psychological damage than you could ever imagine.

    Picture her googling it a few hours later then screaming ROOOOOOOSSSSSSHHHHHHHH!!!! in to the heavens with a fist to the air.


  • madmax

    ”but I destroyed it by trying to teach her lessons”

    Roosh, correct me if I am wrong, but why do you give a fuck about that girl? if you don’t like a dominant woman, you can only a) fuck her as you fuck her a non-dominant woman or b) let her go back to whatever the hell she was doing with her friends.

    Yes, I agree about it being a lost battle when you use logical arguments with women. ‘Cause they don’t know what logic is, they just want to believe the ridiculous shit they believe.

    I see nothing wrong in what you did. If the bitch didn’t like it, fuck her

  • gaius

    Suggestion: Maybe you can post a worldmap with flags, then we can see in which area’s you banged girls.

    Maybe you can also add an indicator of how easy-difficult it was to score women over there for example Brazil 92%, Danmark 45%

  • silent

    Great story. That just means your soul is still intact. Forget her. You didn’t sell out for some axe wound, nor should you. Kinda makes me sad you didn’t slap her back. “How can she slap?!”

  • Jay in DC

    Two quick things-

    1) The Persian girl you met- I would have TOTALLY let her roll with that hard ass, physically aggressive, I like to dominate men thing JUST to get her back in the room. Then I woulda banged her out with the roughest sex she would ever get, lots of choking, gagging her w/ my cock, utterly dominate her. She’d be wanting to lick your asshole for the remainder of your time there, trust me…

    2) Persian girls in general- I don’t think they are any more aggressive than any other woman, and if they are not totally Westernized, I’d say even less so. I’m dating a Persian right now who is only 3 years in the States and she is SO feminine and subservient that she may as well be a fresh off the boat Asian. It is nuts. So I think cultural exposure is a large part of this.

  • Iknowexactly

    My father, who was a genialamiale full-on Alpha–on the beach in the invasions in Paific in World War 2–said he couldn’t believe the Japanese soldiers waiting on the beach for the invasion could not hit the Americans coming ashore because they looke so close.

    Even HE said ” Never argue with a woman. Just say ‘Yes dear.'””

    I have honored his memory by adding my own corollary, “…because you can’t win, you can only alienate them.”

    In face the better you argue, the more you alienate them as they sense they look like folls but are also incapable of admitting they are wrong, OR apologizing, so they are in a real bind.

  • Tony Stone

    Sorry but this is beginning to sound like self-sabotage. You wanted a Scandi flag but talked to a Persian. You didn’t use her to meet her friends. You didn’t nod and let her sell herself into your bed. Your ego got in the way of your goal. Hopefully this is a two-part story where you turn it around and go home with her two blond friends for a Rooshie sandwhich.

  • matt

    Whatever the outcome, I really appreciate these longer posts, especially diary type posts. One day I may have to go back and read the archives again… I thirst for content like roosh thirsts for flags.

  • abu

    @1 SadieB
    roosh is actually turkish

    @15 Jay in DC
    u pulled the jackpot…persians like other middle easterners stick with their own group…unless youre middle eastern as well?

    @10 Cream
    well i can relate i was gettin to know an afghani girl form saudi and she was the master of mind games,playing bossy princess and chewing out your brains…think its a middle eastern girl flaw…not worth the work

  • abu

    hey roosh after scandinavia would your be considering Germany next on your list, since there are plenty of fellow turks there

  • OldHornDog

    Roosh – why would you even want to bang that bitch? I get the whole pussy travel blog thing but be a man and tell her to go dominate a poodle or something. She’s fucked up in the head and you told her off – you did just fine there. Pussy ain’t worth the price of your own integrity, and you know that.

    Now let me climb down that soap box….

  • SadieB

    Abu – Bet he’s Perian-Turk then. Ha ha, the DEADLIEST combination. Only Persian Jewish could come close to it.

    No, actually, nothing comes close to it.

    [Roosh: Deadly combination…. I’m more prone to genetic diseases?]

  • Soup

    Never argue logic with women. It’s all about emotions.

    On top of all the weight training that’s pushed in the forum, there should be nodding exercises.

    [Roosh: :laugh: ]

  • Turner

    Funny. I took your advice in July about Mili Club (on the forum) and snag a sexy little 19 year old there and was out the door in 15 minutes. I went back another night and had a make out but had two of her friends semi-cockblocked (she was polish and logistics screwed me).

    I lived in Odessa for 4 months, and it was a pain in the ass. The people are so miserable and unfriendly and the English is so bad it ruined the experience. With little to do culture wise and beaches while full of hot women, were covered in cigarette butts, it made it a difficult situation to live in, even with hot women. I was bored and got sick of dealing with the russian mentality and lack of English. Friendship was also scarce as forget about hanging with Russian dudes, and although you can date many attractive women, I was left saying – what next. I think it is better to either live in Kiev or Lviv, or just visit those two cities for 2 weeks at a time and hit it hard and peace the fuck out.

  • SadieB

    Roosh – I meant ‘deadly personality type’. The elements of your psyche are totally incompatible.

    You can never properly enjoy the self- inflicted misery of the pure Persian – but that certainly won’t stop you from trying!

  • Oldboy

    Classic mistake, caring about the opinion of a woman.

  • Krauser

    I think you did the right thing. She sounds like a horrible cunt. No bang is worth enduring cutting your balls off to let her strut around being a vile cunt.

    I like these diaries, especially the detail and both the highs and lows.

  • Apocalypseman

    Man women in Scandinavian countries are awful. Their egos are inflated by all the idiots out there touting their beauty. I know this girl wasn’t Scandinavian by roots, but she has clearly been influenced. What a poisonous culture.

    I could never date anyone from there and I’m glad I’ve ignored those I’ve met from the region in London. Good for those who can power through, but living in a city with options allows me to feel zero guilt about ignoring an entire culture of females.

  • Marcellus

    I’m really curious if you got your flag. I was in tiger & millionaire a few weeks ago and Helsinki is NOT as easy as everybody says. They have the same mentality as English chicks. Bitches, but they are open 4 casual sex. Tiger is probably the worst club in the city.

    By the way, what is your opinion of the “finfags”? Finish guys are just big pussy’s. You can steal a girl away from them in no time. They pay your drinks if you ask them.

  • 3rd Millenium Men

    Agree with Krauser. Your story telling ability is phenomenal.

  • Alf

    Roosh you have to understand something really important: People hate logic and truth, IN SPADES! Especially females, and when you point out their illogic like you did with that Iranian bitch you only piss them off. And since this has happened many times before with women you best not bother with this line of game. But then again my game is different.

  • sup

    Slap as a part of flirting?
    How low.

  • Anonymous

    wow u got a uae flag? where?was she like a native arab or russian or somethin?

  • Timoteo

    I understand your second-guessing on the Persian girl. It’s only natural when you lose an opportunity to look back and say to yourself that maybe you should have just played along. But fuck that…sometimes it’s just too difficult to swallow nonsense. It’s almost reflex to call out nonsense when you’re faced with it. She was applying chick logic, and you were applying logic. Once she talked about dominating men, it was probably better that you let that one go. If you had gotten her back to the crib and put her on HER back, she may have charged you with rape because you wouldn’t let her dominate.

  • Anonymous

    “Picture her googling it a few hours later then screaming ROOOOOOOSSSSSSHHHHHHHH!!!! in to the heavens with a fist to the air. ”


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  • HappyKinkster

    “I like to be dominant over men.”

    When I come up against this (explicitly or implied), I subltly imply that this reflects of them not having encountered sufficiently many men worthy of dominating them, and also talk of different types of domination/submission. It almost always leads to verbal (and often physical) escalation as we discuss her sexual kinks and past experiences. It helps to have a stack of true DHVs to throw in along the way. Most of the women I’ve encountered who express this ultimately love to be dominated as much as the next.

    “I would never let a girl dominate me. It’s not natural.”

    This betrays a less than open set of values around female sexuality. I’ve found that displaying an open/flexible attitude (obviously within my own boundaries) gives her permission to express herself sexually with me.

  • HappyKinkster

    lol – just read part 2…

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  • Anonymous

    I’m confused. I thought it was good to be a dick and argue with hot girls ?

  • Glengarry

    “Oh, you like to argue?”

  • Glengarry

    “… then whisper in her ear “ bitch””

    Hahaha, everyone should do that.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this guy is the ultimate sub-human!

  • gia

    many men like us fatties,and your ugly….