The Helsinki Diaries (Part 2 of 4)


When the Iranian girl went to dance with her friends, I approached a cute girl who turned out to be American. She gave me the meanest face as I went through my opening line. It looked like she was utterly disgusted with me and couldn’t wait to update her Facebook status about how a big loser just hit on her. We talked for a quick minute about where we were from and then she walked away. I didn’t neg her or say anything rude. I hadn’t approached an American girl in 17 months so I forget how they could be unnecessarily bitchy. When she was back with her friends, I overheard her tell them, “I don’t know, like, what I got from that conversation.”

A second later an Asian guy tapped me on the shoulder. “Excuse me, are you Roosh?”

I like to think my ego is pretty low, but I always get a kick out of getting recognized in a different country. Now I can add Finland to the existing list: Brazil, Argentina, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and the USA. While most people who recognize me have known about my work for some time, Jon only stumbled on my blog two weeks prior when looking for advice on nailing Polish girls.

When I’m on a flag mission, I prefer to roll solo. It’s rare that any other guy will have the identical mission that I have, so it’s best to work independently until getting my flag. Only then can I be more social and interact with other men. While Jon definitely wanted to get laid, I knew he wasn’t as singularly focused as I was after he complained about the music. The type of music doesn’t even register on my radar when flag hunting. They can play bluegrass for all I care as long as there are receptive girls. We talked for a bit and exchanged data on what we had experienced in Helsinki so far.

The Iranian came back. She was pretty drunk at that point so I figured she was so horny that she didn’t care if I was breaking Jante Law. I shut my mouth and let her talk while I nodded and touched. Then I nodded and touched some more. It didn’t take long for us to kiss. Jon probably thought I was the best player in the world for kissing her so fast, not knowing that I talked to her earlier. The kissing was more sensual than I would have expected and my boner achieved full mast.

“We’re not having sex tonight,” she said. “I’m on my period.”

“I don’t care, I’ll drink the blood,” I replied. She smiled. I think that made me seem more egalitarian.

There was a time when a bleeding vagina would kill the notch, but I’ve long since stopped caring. Now I let the girl know that I’m an old man who doesn’t get bothered by a little (or a lot) of blood, that I have a towel and we shouldn’t let some normal human biological function get in the way of fun sex. She left for her friends again but it was on better terms. She kept looking back at me. For good measure I casually flirted with another girl so she’d get jealous.

The lights came on. I bumped into the Iranian and said, “Did you meet a guy cooler than me?”

“No,” she said.

“Do you want to have a drink at my place?” One of her friends already left with a guy. I would usually have to say a few extra routines to an Eastern European girl to get her to agree, along with a monologue meant to broadcast I’m not a serial rapist, but it wasn’t necessary in this case.

“Where do you live?” she asked.

“I live next to the Kampii station.”

“Wow that’s close,” she said. I passed the logistics part of the game. The next step was to try to convince her remaining friend that I would “take care” of her, but even that wasn’t necessary. She simply told her friend “We’re going this way, bye” and that was that. It was the coldest goodbye to a girlfriend that I had seen.

Before I go to any city, I geolocate the most popular clubs on a map. Then I seek out lodgings that are within walking distance of those clubs. While I found places in Helsinki that were $30 a night cheaper than my apartment, they were over a mile away. My place was about half a mile from the action. I find that no girl objects to a mere ten minute walk, even in heels.

Once in my place, she wanted to get right down to business. No foreplay. I put down a towel, got her naked, put on a condom, and started going to town. Because she said she liked being dominant, I was a little worried she’d whip out a strap-on dildo and try to fuck me in the ass, or at least diddle my anus, but she was one of the most submissive girls I’ve ever had in bed. She told me to pull her hair harder even though physically I was pulling as hard as I possibly could. I had her neck all the back and she was yelling for me to give her more violence. I rode her like an old mule and she loved it. After I came I felt like I just got off a roller coaster, but with blood.

In the morning she got dressed and went straight to the door. I made a move to get up and she said, “You don’t have to get up, goodbye.” She left and I never saw her again.


I went to a new bar where I met up with Jon. We both agreed that there were a lot of girls, but the logistics were all fucked up: the music was loud and the girls were seated within large groups of friends. We went to a college bar nearby where there were three guys for every girl. When time is of the essence, you have to make mission critical decisions on whether you can get laid or not from a venue. A phone number or even make-out is not enough.

The choice was made to return to Millionaire Club. It was half as full as the night before, but the girls were more accessible than in the other venues. It’s not always the quantity of girls available in a venue, but if you are able to spit game on them. Jon disagreed. He left me behind and went back to the first bar.

I did my approaches and eventually made out with a girl who had broad swimmer shoulders, but I couldn’t isolate her. I approached another girl when the lights came in and it seemed to be going well, but she eventually told me she had a boyfriend.

On my walk home Jon messaged me to say he had a “Thai buffet” and to come to his hotel room. He met three Thai girls and they were having a little afterparty. I didn’t yet have a Thai flag, so I hauled ass over there.

Jon was working on the cutest girl, but the second-cutest was not too bad, about a 6 with a typical petite Thai body. The third girl was a total beast. The girls were dancing in the room but Jon didn’t attempt to isolate his girl. I was unable to exchange more than a few sentences with mine. The girls left, and I apologized to Jon in case I fucked up his game. He said it was all good, which keyed me in that he was a generous guy who put bros before hoes.

After the girls left, Jon showed me some pictures of girls he banged from Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and Japan. His conquests appeared less Asian that I would have guessed—they had a half-white look. He told me how they are thin, feminine, have great attitudes, and take care of their men. As a white man he said I shouldn’t find it too hard, but that I would have to shave my beard. I never had a natural attraction for Asian girls, but his selection was respectable. I feel like I’m at the point where I have to go to Asia not just for myself but for my readership, as if it’s my destiny.

The one thing I’ve always loved about travel is how visiting one country can open the door to others you never thought of, changing your entire life in the process. When I was in Brazil, I met a Danish guy who caused me to visit Denmark for two months. In Denmark I met an Estonian girl who caused me to visit Estonia. In Estonia I learned a lot of about Finland (only a short ferry ride away), causing me to visit Helsinki even after my bad Scandinavian experience in Denmark. And now in Finland I was meeting a guy who made a very strong case for Asia. If you were to make a list of ten countries you want to visit right now, it will completely change only one or two countries into your trip.

If it was any other Wednesday night, I would have considered it interesting and moderately successful, but for a Finnish flag mission the night was a failure. I had three nights left.


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  • JJ Roberts

    I like these multi-part stories

  • SadieB

    Ha ha you got used for sex.

    At least you can take direction.

    Signed, that Rashti Girl

  • Turner

    I found this and your article when in Croatia, at just how significant having a good place is for results to be interesting and true. Having solid logistics plays such a huge role – especially if you are not going caveman on the girl.

    I can picture your game style playing out, and when being indirect, having the bait of how you can come back to my place and remove as many road blocks as possible is so important.

    Interesting stuff. Do you use airbnb or onlyapartments or just google and try to find a local renter for a better rate?

  • Pedro Cristiano

    It’s your destiny to go to Asia! Haha!

    If you go there you will have a lot of sucess. If you don’t find the Asian ones willing, there are tons of high quality tourists there.

  • greenlander

    That’s a great story, Roosh! Keep the stories coming! They make me laugh my ass off!

    The best thing about your stories is that you’re not embarrassed to say when it didn’t work out for you. To enjoy life you have to embrace both the highs and the lows.

  • outlaw josey wales

    LOL’ed at the I’ll drink the blood line.

  • Virgle Kent

    Is it just me or do girls have a way of telling you what they want in men or from you as a man by saying what they think they are themselves?

    “I like to dominate men” = “I want a man to dominate me”

    I’m on the level now that I don’t even pay attention to what a girl says she wants or likes during the initial pick up. It’s all BS till they get naked.

  • John Galt2

    Roosh – Asia is your destiny. I know you don’t get excited about Asian chics and neither did I…until I hooked up with one. They are feminine, submissive, and put your pleasure first. In fact, I actually had a Korean girl actually apologize for cumming first because she wanted me to experience orgasm before her. It’s a whole different world Roosh, ready for the taking. God speed.

  • Mark Minter

    I was outside smoking a cigarette. I thought about what had happened with the Persian girl before I read part 2, how she had said what she did and then walked off. And I thought “Fuck her. She lost out.”

    I had a similar thing happen in Colombia where girl said she wanted to tie me up. And the idea of that is so far from how I normally have sex with girls, where I am absolutely dominant and it is so intrinsic to being with me that I just blurted out, “No fucking way”. So I can understand why you responded as you did.

    Also, you always need to remember this. If that bitch, any bitch, walks away from you then she just walked away from the opportunity to have sex with one of the most famous Lotharios, Don Juans of our time, and she lost out.

    You are Roosh, never forget that.

    You are hero to many and mentor to most. And there are damn few of us that can say the same thing.

    Never forget that.

  • ariseandexcel

    ‘Like, I don’t know what I got from that conversation.’

    I need periodic reminders as to why I need to leave America. So, I don’t know what she got from that conversation, but I certainly do. Thanks for inserting that tidbit.

    Also, I understand a certain Mark Minter has been dropping some serious knowledge around town.

  • The Chrome Microphone

    “I don’t care, I’ll drink the blood,”

    Roosh, you savage

    Never thought a line like that would work

    It’d suit me too, I’ll have to steal it

    Also, and maybe this is just a misread, do you self-identify as white?

  • Jay

    I was just like you dude, had no interest in Asian girls, that is, before I came here and started dating some. First in Korea, then in Thailand, now in China- and soon to be in Korea again. That said, havent dated a western girl since.

    Man if you think western girls are bad now, just wait till you experience some quality Asian girls. It will really hit home.

  • Odds

    I really want to see you go to Asia, Roosh.

  • bob

    Roosh is still flagging instead of shagging, what a sad bastard.

    Glad he’s back in the US now, thank god for the Schengen rules.

  • oh boy

    Finland is not eastern europe or subject to jante law; details really do blur in the face of the flag mission huh

  • turbodyke

    She was a switch, dude. She probably figured in the first instance that you weren’t dominant from your narrow shoulders, slouching, and undemonstrative demeanour…

  • Jay in DC

    My cousin lives in Japan, he has been there for about 10 years now. When he first arrived, he would tell me about the insane amounts of pussy he slayed and he is NOT a player. He has good game but he is short and totally average looking. He kept saying to me, you have NO idea how much these chicks dig Westerners and if you are over 6 feet tall and handsome (I am!) you will be like a fucking oil drilling rig over here with constant flow.

    I never did take that trip, and it saddens me. Part of what Roosh rails against about, throw off your corporate shackles and go DO something besides grind for paper in an economy that will likely meltdown in less than a decade anyways.

    Back on topic, Asian women as a rule love tall white guys. They are also incredibly feminine (minimal body hair, petite slender bodies, high pitched girly voices) in feature. Culturally, YOU are more important than they. They have been raised this way.

    Be careful if you do the Japan to Thailand circuit Roosh. You may find that you stop lusting after blue and green eyed beauties from the FSU countries and decide to keep a soft harem of Asians or wife one up even.

  • Anonymous

    the best sex I’ve had in my life was with an indian girl…

  • OldHornDog

    How about you put up a poll and WE decide where you go next? Would be fun to send you to Bahrain or something – LOL

  • thecaptainpower

    Good story roosh….!!! How long until Asia?

  • abu

    looks like u pulled a 1 in a million like roosh indian girls are conservative like middle easterners
    a persian flag along with your UAE flag you are defiantly one of the few guys to boast that.
    where did you find that UAE flag?was she arab or russian or somethin?

    Cant wait for you step foot into Japan Roosh

    found alil trivia for you …you can go to Italy and its legal to film sex without the girls knowledge…we can see your skills in the sack hehe

  • goy

    @19 OldHornDOg

    come on not something impossible
    there are 10-15 million arabs living in brazil(its on wiki) least these are the bangable arabs instead of the motherland ones(obeisty is really high there since its like the standrd of beaty there or somethin)
    you can find that on the cia factbook

    hottest girls in middle east are defiantly the isrealis…arab men get a year in prision if they sex them up (i dont blame em)..look it up lol
    Mizra(middle eastern),sephheric(spanish) an askanzi(german) mixed all in one package rawr

    defiatnly wanna see u in Isreal roosh

  • Bosola

    I want to hear your Asian tales Roosh, please do it.

  • Anonymous

    bein white will make it too easy in japan roosh
    Get a heavy tan an pertend to be indian or arab o somethin
    To make it more interesting…after all ethnic readers would like to find success t here too

  • Cyrone

    Let Hong Kong be your gateway to Asia.

    You’re really onto something when you say you meet people from other countries even when the city you are in has no relation to them (i.e. a Danish guy in Brazil). In Hong Kong (and other “international cities” like Dubai, Brussels) you meet a plethora of foreigners from all over the world, it’ll give you good tidbits on how to function with them. And, of course, youll meet asian girls from all over the place.

    Sadly HK has some of the lowest sex rates (if that even makes sense) in the world

  • moses

    Let me know when you make it to Saigon.

  • OlioOx

    So the Iranian girl SAYS she “likes to be dominant over men” but in the sack she’s totally submissive… sounds like another case of “Don’t listen to what women say, but rather pay attention to what they DO”

    Once again Roosh prevails over his circumstances

  • 3rd Millenium Men

    “After I came I felt like I just got off a roller coaster, but with blood.”

    You are a sick, sick man Mr Roosh!

  • Jay

    yea i do the same mapping strategy for every trip. it may cost a little more to be closer to the clubs but it makes it way easier when you can just walk em to your room after. that really came in handy for me in prague and malta

  • madmax

    excellent post, Roosh. Thanks for sharing, all very interesting experiences.

  • tufferific

    It is your DESTINY Luke.

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