The “I Have Standards” Excuse

If a man says, “I have standards,” I guarantee that not only does he fuck few girls, but the ones he does are no prize. You’d think it’d be the opposite, that a man with “standards” would be fucking model quality all the time, but it’s never the case. He fucks average-looking chicks and then rationalizes it by saying things such as “She has a good job” or “She’s not a slut.” A man who harps about standards is using that as an excuse for a poor sex life.

The quality of girls you fuck fit a standard bell curve. For me the meatiest part of the curve would be around 7, meaning that’s my typical lay. Some high 5s and high 8s may get squeezed in, but it’s reliably centered around a 7. When I first started in the game, the meatiest part of my curve was lower, closer to a 5. With tighter game, my average shifted to the right.

If I went out right now and said to myself, “I have standards; I’m only fucking 8s,” then what would happen is I’d get laid less with no guarantee of fucking more 8s, especially since they are in short supply. It would be like an unemployed man refusing to accept jobs “beneath” him in a tough job market. As you know, it’s much easier to get a job when you already have one, so putting yourself through a cold spell because of your ego actually prevents you from getting what you wanted in the first place.

I believe in having flexible standards. When I go into any environment, whether it’s a new city, bar, or shopping mall, I quickly evaluate the talent. What is the average beauty present? I then adjust my standards based on what the environment is giving me, starting at the top and then working my way down. At the bar I identify the top two or three girls I want and go about making those approaches. If it hits with them then great, but if not I lower my sights so that I still get laid. If the 8s don’t bite I move to the 7s. If the 7s don’t bite then it’s on to the 6s. If the 6s don’t bite then I go to the 5s to see if they are capable of giving me a boner. This process ensures that on any night I get the best that’s coming to me while still getting laid in quality-poor environments like Washington DC or Copenhagen. In theory, with relative standards I should be getting laid the same amount anywhere I go.

Sometimes I hear a man say something like, “I rather not get laid than fuck an ugly girl.” He doesn’t understand how the bell curve works. He doesn’t understand that no man is fucking only hot girls, that they only sneak in every now and then. To fuck hot girls, you must fuck lesser girls to properly play the bell curve game. I’m fucked hotter girls than most men, but I’ve fucked some hogs as well. I’ve fucked them all.

Guys who claim high standards are no different from entitled American broads who post Craigslist ads listing a grocery list of positive qualities they desire. As you already know, it’s unreasonable to think that your dream girl will be served to you on a silver platter. You have to sift through a lot of stiff avocados until you find the dark ripe one in the back of the bin. What’s great about the sifting process with women is that fucking is fun. Even those hogs I banged gave me my nut for the night and a funny story to tell my friends. There was no opportunity cost because I only went after them when I knew I couldn’t do better for that night. Sure, a tiny part of my soul cried in exchange for those notches, but my dick gave me a double high five. If I could go back in time I wouldn’t change anything.

You can’t go from not getting laid to fucking hot girls without accumulating a lot of sexual experience that comes from banging girls who aren’t as hot. Having high standards rob you of that experience, ironically forcing you to date uglier girls for even longer had you not eliminated your ego from the start. Understand that lowering your standards is a temporary cure-all to whatever game or sex problem you’re facing, whether it’s in the approach, flaking, getting numbers, or sealing the deal. As long as the girl passes your boner test, and you didn’t get anywhere with the hotter girls in the room, you should get with what you can. Fuck that hog and keep fucking them, until the day arrives when you’re done putting in your dues and don’t remember the last time you banged one.

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