The Institute Is Now Open

I’m proud to announce the opening of Poznan Institute, the official home of neomasculinity. For the near future, it will serve as a reference archive so that all neomasculinity articles are accessible from one location.

The name of neomasculinity’s home was inspired by the Polish city of Poznan, a place where Roosh lived in for over a year. Many of Roosh’s ideas on neomasculinity were realized in Poznan, and it’s also the location where he derived the term.

Poznan is a city where modern living and technology are clashing in full view against traditional European life. The city’s name serves as a fitting metaphor for the clash that all men now have to face between their masculine instincts and the cosmopolitan environments they find themselves living in.

You can visit the site at and also follow it on Twitter. Alongside me for the ride is Quintus Curtius.

Speaking of institute, I filmed a four-part video diary while in crazy Toronto this summer when mayors and other politicians tried to stop my speech. I give a behind-the-scenes look at some of the events that happened, which I plan to include in a future book about the event.

After watching the above, check out Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

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