The Men’s Rights Movement Is Making A Huge Mistake

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  • Black French

    I beg to differ. By pushing for equal treatment concerning social benefits, Men rights activist will drive the system bankrupt. Then, it will have no choice but to cancel the aforementioned benefits. Women will have to rely on men for their survival – just like in the old days – and we will take the power back.
    I am a huge fan of Roosh but banging a Russian model every week is not a realistic option for 99,99% of men. We must have beautiful, feminine and reliable women in our own countries.

  • Guest

    This video reminded me of several memorable scenes from the Life of Brian. Irrespective of whether or not the “Men’s Rights Movement” is a cohesive organization with clear goals and a means to achieving them (I would answer absolutely not on all three counts, with little to no chance of that changing), for an individual man it is a poor use of time resources and mental energy. Upset about your failed marriage? Work on yourself and get a new hobby, and then either find a new wife or get a girlfriend. Got screwed with alimony/divorce settlement? Earn more money, then see about getting a better lawyer and contest the settlement (alternatively you could always go sidestep the law and pay off a younger immigrant to seduce your ex and wife her up, thereby freeing you). Bad custody issues? Figure out how to be a better father to your children (take them to sports, etc.). Or if you don’t have visitation or limited visitation, you can jump through some hoops that will show you on paper to be more deserving of increased access, and then revisit the issue in court.
    I could go on with more examples relevant to a younger crowd, but my general point is that for an individual man, if something has gone wrong in your life, or you fear that it will, you are much more likely to accomplish change in a reasonable time frame by doing it on your own in creative and innovative ways than by advocating for some vague broad based societal change. I think the latter is a sure fire path to bitterness.

    Also, there was one quote from the video that I feel compelled to address:

    “women can love you one minute and hate you the next…once their attraction/interest in you is gone, they will treat you like garbage”

    That is really only partially true in the context of very short term relationships, and seems a very immature and juvenile worldview. Life is about change, you generally get out of something what you put into it. If you don’t, it is often because you have seen things as you want them to be, not as they are. In a longer term relationship, if you bang some new chick or she bangs some new guy, it’s often the result of problems that have been brewing for a while. Both of my last long term relationships ended with me being unfaithful. At the start of those relationships I wouldn’t have even considered being unfaithful. Towards the end, I would have screwed any woman even if less unattractive than my girlfriend, as I was so unhappy with other things.

  • David

    I think you’re absolutely correct that women’s participation in the MRM is negative, but I think you’re wrong to say that these women aren’t loyal to the cause. They are, and very deeply so.
    What the MRM doesn’t realize is that these women will push for a return to the “good old days”, where women had neither rights nor expectations of intelligence, self-responsibility, self-ownership, and self-starting independence. Why, it’ll be just like the golden age before feminism, when women were comfortably caged in their domestic roles and men were expected to labor long hours, away from their families, for the smallest morsels of affection and sex.
    In other words, today’s feminist women want to enslave men via the government. Whereas tomorrow’s anti-feminist women will want to enslave men via social-expectations.

  • Taj9

    Roosh have you ever heard you look like a skinny Chino Moreno circa 1997 in his bands (Deftones) video, “Be Quiet and Drive (far away)”.

    As far as MRA- why does everyone living in or from America need to put a label on everything?

    Didn’t a man keeping fit, making money,’reading good books, doing fun things he enjoyed, and getting the best quality girls he could pull used to be common sense that every man strived for?

  • Johnny1975

    I agree with you Roosh. But I’ve noticed that on your forum and on the MGTOW forum, it’s way too cliquey. To the point where certain personality types are unwanted. I’ve been banned from your forum and MGTOW. i was banned from your forum, i’m guessing, partly because I created too many threads in a short space of time, and maybe also because someone thought I was a troll. That’s ridiculous. And MGTOW banned me because they thought I was trolling. And I’ve seen ex members with thousands of posts.

    It’s a shame that feminism poisons men too in the sense of making them super paranoid about who joins their forums and who says what. You can’t be yourself and you can’t play devil’s advocate from time to time just to make a point, and you can’t criticize the official line.

    If you turn your forums into old boy’s clubs, it’s not going to appeal to as many as it would if you were just a bit more easygoing, and you’re going to get criticized, which doesn’t help. Maybe you should take a leaf from happierabroad’s book. It’s a crazy place with strange characters but at least no one worries about getting banned for not towing the official party line.

  • Intl Game

    My main dish-
    What coulle of cities have you been to with the absolute hottest girls?

    Appetizers and sides-
    Can you tell us about your mates experiences in Odessa?
    Is the talent really good?
    Could you do a thread in the rvf of pics of local girls on the streets to give us an idea of what kind of talent exists in that City?

  • GRock

    I can tell from the large amounts of edits in this video Roosh, you really thought out this video and said exactly what you meant on all points. Masking men’s right behind the guise of victimization, nice catch. You can’t win by supplicating to playing their (feminists) game. Men have to play by their own rules to gain any headway.

  • Jose’

    Look at history-
    Did the Romans or the US Founders ask women how they needed to behave or direct themselves in their movements and ideas?

    MRAs need to get laid. Guys who get laid and gain enough experiences with women realize how things really work.

    Anyone want to expound upon why women are so protective of their gender and its secrets? A woman who exposed all of the chicks tricks could really make a mint.

  • pod

    You’re completely wrong on almost everything you’re saying.
    There are men telling others how to lead good lives, how to get their head straight, working out, commitment to excellence in their careers. Maybe you just don’t look at other pages.
    The truth is the truth, and if a woman is willing to tell the truth, we should embrace her. Your paranoia about women in the movement is just paranoia. Not all woman are your last girlfriend. If a woman spokesman turns on us, pillory her then, but not before. Stop being a douche.

  • pod

    There are real inequities under the law. Those can only be addressed by dealing with them, and talking about. Being strong and silent in this case will not achieve much.

  • Johnny

    You should close comments on these posts to ensure more comments get on your Youtube video page itself.

  • preppin

    Why would any man use a woman’s tactics to get anything done? Women have to appeal to the sense of “rights” — whether creating, enforcing, or equalizing — to steal power from men, which they did not earn nor deserve. By framing their lower position as a “rights” issue, they can then pull in public opinion, politicians and the law to give ear to their nonsense. Then, once in the domain of the public discourse, they can simply talk, or more likely cry, for anything they think they deserve, anything they think they are entitled too without having to do anything than dialog men to death. Women can talk. They can cry. And they can lie and deceive. Therefore, in the domain of talk, they can can trump the real accomplishments of men.

    Since men already possess the power, we simply need to return to our kingship and stop attempting to take the woman’s way towards solving any problem. What rights do men want that they don’t already own? If the system is not recognizing those rights, then fight the system and the injustices by demanding the respect men deserve because they’ve earned it. Men don’t need a political or social movement to do jack. They need to start demanding respect and obedience to our power, and we as men need to stop giving that power away by bowing down to women, as if they have any real power.

    Just tell people to shut up when they start claiming things that are not as though they are. Women haven’t built anything of any real significance in the history of mankind. You think they’re going to start doing so if we some how magically wave a wand and make the “equals?” Yeah, right.

    If enough men would return to their manhood and shut off the spigot of money and resources to the women, the politicians, the media, and the institutions who keep pushing women’s rights, then we will triumph. It will take time and a huge concerted effort to reverse 60 years of women’s ruling the roost. A new media styled campaign to establish “men’s rights” will be no more effective than tying pink ribbons on everything to cure breast cancer. I’ll have not part of MRA’s and hope they discover their folly before it’s too late.

  • seth datta

    its me.
    what do you mean you don’t know me.
    i’m very good at hiding my cash offshore and keeping on the down low.
    But soon, you will all come to know me and who your true master is.
    I funded the occupy movement, which is why it got subverted and collapsed.
    I fund obama. In fact, i fund ALL sides of any imortant national and global debate.
    Im funding ISIS. right now. And the western response to them.

    You think Me and mine make only 0.2% of the population.
    How can that possible be true? You are all so easy to deceive.
    You don’t know real history and real statistics because we make it up.
    Whoever controls the past controls the future.
    I will have my future, to be my own messiah, my own God.
    There is no place in that future, 50 years from now, for the rest of you.
    You will all go to hell for what I have done.
    And the thing is, you will provide me with the manpower and tools,
    and doom yourselves and future generations,
    without even understanding what it is you have done.

  • seth datta

    yours truly

    the Jude

  • seth datta

    So the solution to poor governance over decades designed to destroy the west, is asking the government for even more control over people’s lives (asking the abuser for more abuse). You sure your logic is right on that one? Or is it stockholm syndrome?

    When the system crashes and burns, it won’t be a case of women seeking men’s protection. This is a planned event there will just be more police state and a ‘totalitarian’ solution since most people will be dependent on the system and will fight to keep it alive, even of that new system offers promise but ends up destroying them.

    investigate who sponsors feminism.
    Which book our laws and economic systems come from.
    Who owns the banks that make the fiat that is destroying the nation.
    They’re not going to let you have your world.
    You will be lucky if they let you live in theirs.
    And their version of heaven on earth is hell for everyone else.

  • Black French

    In the real world, you have to sugarcoat and meet people halfway to get results.
    MRA are able to take Manosphere concepts and implement them because they understand how the system works.
    The Manosphere is the doctrine and MRA are the marketers. Different roles but same goal.

  • Senior Beta

    I am not understanding this cat fight. MRAs are mostly married guys who got divorced raped and are screaming bloody murder and hoping to change the system. Good for them. Fair number of female supporters, Straugh and JB among the more articulate.
    Roosh, Krauser and the guys just want to write up great stories about how to get laid which are perfect teaching aides for the young ‘uns. Teach the young guys about the sexual market place and give them enough warnings about relationships and let them figure it out. Makes for great reading.
    What’s the conflict? For an old guy who survived Viet Nam all the angst about society’s collapse is just lots of pontificating when no one really knows how it may turn out. Although Captain Capitalism may have the best prognosis. Just don’t get how mau mauing other men (besides the hopeless omegas we laugh about) makes much sense.

  • Black French

    This kind of racist picture hurts the Manosphere movement. Western men are weak and whipped because they love security and comfort too much. You need challenges, useful pain and suffering to grow up and become a man.
    Stop blaming Jews and other races for your own weakness.

  • greyghost1

    It is a two fold battle for men. A micro and a macro. You have just described micro action men can take. At a macro level activism to cause a change is also a good activity. But as you say do not confuse macro activity with something that will solve a personal (micro) real issue. The effectiveness of MGTOW is that it is micro and macro at the same time. PUA are also micro and macro. The beta chump family men are suckers for living for the approval of a society that hates them. A beta family man can go alpha family man by going to a surrogate and hiring a nanny. MGTOW family guy style. Men should always give encouraging ideas but each man makes his own call. As an MRA type myself I can respect any man’s choice as long as long as it harms the beast.

  • needle in haystack

    While I do agree that loud, vocal anti-Semitism would indeed hurt the Manosphere because of the shameless pro-Jewish brainwashing that is enforced in our societies by the mass-Media since the end of WW2, at the same time you should not forget that Cultural Marxism and all its manifestations like Feminism are Jewish projects aiming to destroy white, Christian Europe. Self-censorship based on the Cultural Marxist concept called Political Correctness is not something a real man should embrace. BTW we are NOT weak, we just FEEL weak, because we are TOLD we are weak by the mass-Media. And who owns that mass-Media? Them…

  • asshole

    “I think you’re absolutely correct that women’s participation in the MRM is negative,..”

    Personally I don’t mind women participating. What I do have a problem with is
    them holding positions of influence. Females shouldn’t be allowed to have
    prominent and/or leadership positions in such organisations. Women shouldn’t be
    allowed to hold leadership positions in general let alone in the MRM. The only
    leading a woman should do is cheerleading. That being said I also don’t think
    effeminate men should have influential positions in such organisations, this is
    why I’m not too happy with Warren Farrell. Smart guy, but the dude has a
    extremely weak exterior. Farrell isn’t the only one this critic applies to.

  • CSM-1000

    Is that really you Roosh? The choppy video editing makes it look as if someone is attempting to defame you by restructuring your sentences (seen it a lot in the MSM).

  • CSM-1000

    Yes. the MRA operate in the public sphere and would get no traction whatsoever if they banned women right from the start. That said, how the hell can allowing women “into” the movement cause them to hijack it and take control over it? It is one thing to keep them away from the CS in order to maintain the trolls at bay, but afraid of confronting them head on? What, are we worried that they will somehow “convince” us to become bluepill doormats all over again? Doesn’t look good very good there fellow commandos.

  • Cedric 9


    Fuck khazaria!

  • FormerCanadian

    Why do y’all good folks even need a “movement”? Things are a lot easier and more simple than that. Every movement means some kind of rules, regulations and agenda. Who needs that? How about every self respecting male starts with having own opinion and not being afraid to openly express it while having enough facts and valid arguments to back it up if needed? How about daring to stand up and be counted, to lead by example and to say what you really mean and think without any political correctness, hidden agenda or double standards? Do you need a “movement” for that? How about the attitude change, how about becoming a real MALE and not some kind of pussified creature who can easily be manipulated by a female “Master” by either granting or not granting the access to that elusive female pussy? Ain’t it about time to stop catering to every possible and impossible female demand or obeying every order a female gives you and you never dare to object or reject it completely? You don’t need a movement to do it! All you need is inner courage and understanding that a male is indeed a male and thus should behave as a male, with honesty, respect, dignity, integrity and support, but not with fear, acceptance, tolerance towards all kinds of bullshit or utmost political correctness!
    You can start 10 different movements targeting all kinds of areas but changes ALWAYS come from within!
    Yes, it is hard to live outside of the comfort zone and oppose the mainstream society but y’all folks ain’t gonna change a thing as long as you’ll push the agenda of a “movement” or try to even things up by demanding equality etc.
    Modern society does not need and will not require equality! It needs robots, slaves, 9 to 5 or even 8 to 6 rats to participate in the never ending race just to pay off mortgages, loans, credit cards, to buy all those fancy gadgets people don’t even need, to get a new car, a new house just to “keep up with the Jones” and stay within the existing status “layer” and hopefully even go up a notch.
    You ain’t gonna change that with a “movement”. Every society consists of individuals and those individuals have to start changing themselves first in order to change the society as a whole!
    You want to change the way women treat you? Then change YOURSELF, man up, stand your ground, dare to say what you mean, to stand up and be counted and to lead by example! Stop catering to every demand you get from a female, stop obeying all the orders a woman is giving you! Respect YOURSELF!!
    You don’t need no “movement” for that.

  • Infantry

    I disagree.

    Don’t let women in because they may leave sometime in the future – The whole point of building the MRM is to get critical mass of awareness to enact social change. The women leaders such as GirlWritesWhat are very useful in building awareness and growing the movement due to the ‘women are wonderful’ affect and the bias that both men and women have towards trusting women over men.

    Men are lavishing attention on the women in the movement on a widescale –
    Irrelevent even if its true. Men aren’t going to magically forget about
    the movement and decide to follow the women leaders against their own
    interests, turning from MRAs into some sort of pseudo-feminist lapdogs
    led away by pied pipers in skirts.

    Being tolerant and accepting all within its ranks who believe in the cause both grows the movement and places in stark contrast to exclusionary feminism which throws men out if they preach egalitarianism (eg Warren Farrell thrown
    out of NOW).

    I agree with the libertarian principle outlined in ‘How I found Freedom in an Unfree World’ of not joining a movement and instead finding my own solution for a happy life. Even so, I don’t agree with denigrating other men for trying to make the world a better place for all men by including women in the movement to fast track the critical mass required for change.

    This ‘women ruin everything they touch’ as an absolute is paranoia. I can see where you’re coming from Roosh, but you’ve jumped the shark here.

  • ray

    It’s not the embrace of women that’s the problem. It’s the embrace of the (failed) Enlightenment schemes of egalitarianism, equality, etc. Trumpeting these helps short term, tactically, b/c this is the propaganda modern people believe… and that inferior people most certainly want! lol as we’ve seen over the past decades.
    People AREN’T equal. Forcing females and males, collectively, into artificial an un-natural categories of ‘equals’ was always folly, and definitely not in the interests of men or boys. When males are bound by laws and social customs enforcing ‘equality’ between males and females, the result is always disaster, first with fatherhood and masculinity, then spreading… tho in empires, like the U.S., it takes awhile. Male excellence, innovation, creativity, risk are all suppressed downward to ‘meet’ the inferior female standard, the mean of ‘equality’. The female MUST artificially be raised-up to even manage the appearance of equality with males.
    This enriches and pleases many elements of society — the wealthy, elites, females, politicians, NGOs, parents of females, courts, lawyers, corporations (which rely on the spending of females) etc. Modern men want to accept egalitarianism and equality because it makes the life path, especially with women, much smoother. And many are true believers in this old ideology. But it sells out future generations.

  • Open Question To All

    Roosh and All Posters-

    If you guys were just starting out in game- would you rather take on a major US city for game (NYC, LA, Miami, Vegas) or just go ahead and forgo learning to game sick American chicks and just move your ass to a poosy paradise region (EE, SEA, LA)?

  • evilwhitemalempire

    Basically the problem is that if you’re stupid enough to out yourself as an MRA then you’re probably too stupid to come up with the best ideas in the first place (e.g. those two fuckwits, a while back, attending slutwalks with “I (heart) sluts” and “pay-tree-or-key-pour-tee” signs)

    These guys need to take orders from smarter guys behind the scenes.

    But of course that is never going to happen because MRAs are EXTREMELY resentful of coaching from the sidelines.

    And can you really blame them?

    “If you don’t like how I do it then YOU do it!” is a very, very powerful PSYCHOLOGICAL argument.

    But by no means a logical one.

    This, I suspect, is the main reason why the M(h)RM is so intellectually anemic and why there doesn’t appear to be any feasible way of correcting the problem.

  • greyghost1

    It was always stupid to have women as MRA’s. The only people needed to be spoken to are men. Most felt it was necessary to get the government to listen. al that was needed to hear or listen once again was men. The only solution to feminism is MGTOW, and the PUA neither feeds the beast of government and feminism. A truly NAWALT type will find life long marriage and the security of family. The rest will be the tax base and the party pussy for the PUA to consume out of their fertility and be the old spinsters for the MGTOW to show indifference to or to use as booty calls for on the way home after the night shift.

  • greyghost1

    Women do wreck everything they touch. No woman can empathize with anything. To think otherwise is to project virtue out of romantic ignorance. a woman will behave with virtue out of her own wicked self interest. Period end of conversation and that is good enough. Feminism creates an environment where that is impossible. Virtue is something now that require empathy and character traits only beta males naturally have to a fault in a feminized world. PUA and MGTOW are men that understand women as they not as they see the romantic idle of pussy worship.

  • Black French

    I think many guys in the manosphere are still stuck in the old school ideology.
    Movies like Fight Club (1999) and books like The Game (2003) revealed how deeply feminism and gay propaganda had ruined our generation. We must be thankful for that but now it’s time to evolve.
    The Manosphere must focus on educating the new generation: they need to workout, learn how to fight, refuse to take shit from anybody (especially women), quit video games, TV, porn and masturbation, travel alone outside the West, etc.

    Feminism relies on the Welfare State. MRA must press hard for equal social benefits to bring the system to its knee. Then, men will get the upper hand.

  • Black French

    How many men in the West would die for a cause? How many would fight physically? How many can survive without technology?

  • Black French

    Because you need a moveme,t to reach the masses. The averadge guy need to identify with a group.

  • CSM-1000

    Absolutely. Besides, it’s not exactly as if the main participants in the MRA are brainlessly throwing themselves at the feet of the few women who do show up (that much is obvious to anybody who pays careful enough attention to what is going on). To think that men will automatically placate and submit themselves to MRA-“friendly” women just because they showed up paints us as no better than the brainless horny dogs that feminists actually accuse most men of being. Is that the image we wish to convey here? By allowing for nominal floor time the MRAs are actually distinguishing themselves as something other than the male version of the gaggle of old hags that feminists are usually portrayed as.

    -note that I am specifically thinking of the people from the MHRA here, so depending on your specific reference group your mileage may vary indeed.

  • AlFromBayShore

    There is a word or term for what you are describing and I either don’t know it or it doesn’t exist yet. You are describing a dynamic that I’ve seen before. It’s when people who view themselves as oppressed petition the validation of those whom they view to be their oppressors. They view this validation as a solution to their oppression. They do not specifically say “validation” but their actions, via their activism, do. What I see in the Men’s Rights Movement is something I’ve seen in the Civil Rights movement. It’s keystone strategy, integration, is a quest for validation from whites. And it hides itself in suggestions of “Black Pride” to disguise this “thirst” for white validation. Civil Rights has turned into a gaggle of government programs that collectivize people and enforce group conformity at the expense of individual Black people who either dissent or want an individual empowerment. We are now at a point where Black Civil Rights disciples, along with their white liberal comrades, will quickly hurl an “Uncle Tom” epithet at Black folks who dissent. I can foresee men in the Men’s Rights movement, in concert with its female supporters, hurl the “sexist” accusations and variations of the”chauvinist” epithets at PUAs and other figures in the so called “Manosphere” (ie. Dalrock, Hawaiian Libertarian, Ramzpaul). The Men’s Rights Movement seems to me to be parallel with the Civil Rights movement in this respect, and if you want to see where it may lead then look at the current state of the Black community. The blight and wretchedness is largely the fault of the Civil Rights movement’s fixation on integration – an idea that held that the guarantee of “empowerment” was based on proximity to white people. Integration was a collectivist invention that was used to destroy individual identity and enforce an ideological conformity. This was damaging. If you want another example then look at what feminism did to women. Feminists wanted to be men and disguised their intent as activism. Critics were shouted down with the usual shaming tactics. And like Civil Rights, it petitioned government for solutions. The results have been a complete disaster – broken homes, widespread sluttery, and unhappy spinster cat keepers who now deny their regret over living life as a “strong” and “independent” woman.

  • FormerCanadian

    I’ve made a move 5 years ago, married a nice Russian lady and never regretted it!! This was the best decision of my life and right now I’m living in a politically incorrect society with real democracy instead of a so called North American democracy surrogate where only the mainstream propaganda opinion matters and all others who dare to differ are losers by default and thus will never even get a remote chance with North American women.
    Women in Canada and USA are by far the worst of a womankind and should be ignored by all means possible! Don’t waste your time, money, efforts, nerves and energy in North America!

  • seth datta

    You make some good points.

    I have, perhaps to my detriment, a more forlorn disposition. This society cannot be fixed for a variety of reasons, as the elite are currently too powerful and there are too many people in the mass populace to carry. If you look at other empires like Rome etc, they had the same problems we had and collapsed,msome of those empires in a very short time.This is all engineered, and perhaps the future empire wil, collapse too. Society is just you, your family, and close community and friends. There unfortunately is no national identity these days and people have forgotten the wisdom of their forefathers. This is where my thinking comes from, but. i do admire your willingness to make a go of things. I would do this elsewhere and in a small band of people, and not try to fix what cannot be fixed.

  • FormerCanadian

    WRONG! If an average guy NEEDS to identify himself with some kind of a group/movement then he’s LOST and NO “movement” will ever help him to understand the reality of modern life and dating.
    Personality matters and all those “movements” only supress the personality in an individual! Freedom, power, respect and understanding all come from within a person, you can’t teach them to be free, to think free and to act free. A person has to “grow” up to that level HIMSELF! Only then he’ll be able to become a worthy individual, to have an own opinion, to stand up and be counted and to lead by example whereas all “movements” encourage people to become sheeple with a loss of personality and creative/analytical thinking!

  • Black French

    Very diplomatic way of saying I’ve got it all wrong ))). However, the situation is improving:
    – More and more American women are paying alimony so some states are considering reforming the alimony system.
    – France granted Parental leave to men which will very costly for the system.
    – The US is not the world leader anymore and many emerging countries are becoming skeptical about its values (feminism, weak men, gay rights).
    – Women are very wary of the weakening of the Welfare State in Europe.

  • Mike

    Roosh get a microphone clipped to your shirt. I can’t watch any I your videos because the audio quality is so poor I always shut them off.

  • CSM-1000

    – Women are very wary of the weakening of the Welfare State in Europe.

    Why am I not surprised? The Eurozone has produced a veritable bonanza of middle-aged bicycle-free fish eagerly suckling at the public teat (they are simply everywhere you look). Some of them do perform some sort of useful work, true, but many are actually stuck in BS make-work jobs and are deathly afraid of the inevitable constrictions as the welfare state collapses and they end up on the streets with no truly marketable skills and too much “empowerment” to abase themselves working for no man TYVM.

    In contrast, here in the Frauenreich of Kanada, there are ample natural resources to leverage in order to stave off the nastiest effects of the coming worldwide recession (we will still sell them, just not as much as before). Men are already going Galt in droves, yet women are as bitchy and cunty as ever. They simply don’t care. Man, no man, what difference does it make? The government (aka male taxpayers and especially revenues from mining, forestry, and oil sand firms) can keep them “safe” and “taken care of” for decades to come. Heck, we are one of the few countries left (if not the only one) capable of fully funding the retirement pool for all citizens without major adjustments for at least the next 50 years to come. Compare that with Eurozone nations that are slashing retiree benefits in half, if not downright eliminating them altogether.

  • CSM-1000

    If you’ve moved to Russia and refer to it as a politically incorrect society then spot on, but “real democracy”? Please… (notwithstanding other healthier and more honest social qualities present there).

  • FormerCanadian

    Yes, I did move to Russia.
    Yes, it is a politically incorrect society in a positive way.
    And Yes, Russia is a real democracy compared to the West, especially Canada, USA, European Union or Australia.
    I’d take Russia’s lack of political correctness, affirmative action, quota hiring for all kinds of completely unskilled and unqualified minorities, gays, lesbians, perverts and women over the hypocrisy, double standards and hidden agenda of the Western World.
    There is more democracy and freedom in Russia than in the West. For example try to criticize any cornerstones of the North American society like political correctness, affirmative action and similar shit at any of American or Canadian workplace, social gathering or in a conversation with a woman. How long do you think will the society or an individual in North America tolerate a person who dares to go against the mainstream?
    Guess you’ll get fired, ignored and rejected ASAP if you dare to differ in North America or in the West in general.

  • CSM-1000

    I reside in a francophone part of Canada, so the issues you describe here I am quite familiar with, even though they are somewhat less pronounced than in your typically all-Anglo environment. The PC tyranny you allude to is also very real, but very many people are sick to their stomachs of it, and only put on face in a very artificial and contrived manner to preserve public politeness at most. You can literally see it in their facial expressions and mannerisms if you pay close attention that they all know it really is a load of bull. Also, more and more people are speaking out about these points and no longer give a fuck what others may think of them. What are they going to do? Fire everybody and grind the economy to a halt?

    Yes, you also do have your number of brainless steeple but they are pretty much the same wherever you go.

    Glad to hear you are enjoying Russia. I actually know quite a few Russians here who are actually enjoying Canada (don’t know how long it will last but we shall see). Hopefully we can tear this insanity down before it takes root permanently and (God forbid) fully infects the rest of the planet, including the county you live in right now.

  • FormerCanadian

    1. The francophone part of Canada is a bit less infected with feminism and political correctness than the rest of the country. English speaking Canada is going down and fast and I don’t see any solution to this problem. People are turning into sheeple with an alarming rate of speed and consumerism is invading the brains of an overwhelming majority of the Canadian population.
    2. I’ve personally encountered a lot of reversed discrimination/racism in Anglophone Canada since I’m a sporty white politically incorrect male who dares to lead by example and to stand up and be counted. My job applications have been turned down numerous times at different institutions because of me being a “white male”.
    The problem is that they ain’t gonna fire everyone who dares to object, they’ll simply STOP hiring those who differ/object and will fill all the openings with affirmative action recruits slowly pushing employees who dare to differ out of the workforce.
    3. Sheeple do exist in every nation but the percentage of
    them is significantly higher in North America.
    4. Are you sure that those “Russians who enjoy Canada” are actually Russians and not Ukrainians, Armenians etc?
    Trust me, I have a reason to have my doubts.
    5. I doubt that it’s even possible to tear this insanity down since 90% of the population seem to like the way they live or I’d say the way they “exist” with an eternal rat race, loneliness and attempts to “keep up with the Jones”.
    Just be yourself, dare to have an own opinion, to stand up and be counted and to lead by example. Don’t try to change the world, you ain’t gonna win a war against the society…

  • CSM-1000

    Heh, those who have had enough of the exceedingly stifling and ridiculous atmosphere and expectations at encorpera have progressively been joining the pickup-truck driving private contractor brigade. There are quite a few of them around these parts. You have to hand it to the French Canadians. They don’t like being pushed around by anybody, and they harbor a mean rebellious streak that makes them push back against obvious BS much faster mind you. And when they see that they are clearly being taken for fools, they adapt and move on instead of wallowing in a putrid swamp of PC domination.

    What you describe regarding the reverse discrimination is incredible, but I very much do believe you on that part. Not my personal experience, but I have seen some similarities to this. And to think only 50 years ago it really was quite different around here.

    I agree about the higher percentage of sheeple here in NA. At least they haven’t torn each other to shreds in two World Wars (as of yet).

    The Russians I was referring to really are Russians. They said it’s calmer, more stable, and less stressful here compared to where they came from. Granted, they haven’t been here that long, and they may very well decide to pack it in and go home once they realize exactly what life is really like here, and that it is not for them (still in French Canada BTW).

    I lived once for a short time in a typically Anglo part of Canada. Quickly made me nauseous and i swiftly escaped back to the French side. Life right now is OK, if not really that great TBH (though also not terribly bad, mind you). Were it not for localized family and professional obligations I too would see myself possibly making the great leap. Time will tell.

  • Gin and Juiced

    Roosh Man

    Is it like drinking beer and sitting in the hood in many of those shit Eastern Europe cities?

    What cities in South America and Europe have you been to that had great djs and clubs playing house, trance, and rap that wasn’t exorbitantly priced?

  • Gin and Juiced

    Man the sad thing about all of it is many guys leave their native Country to go to sea, la, and ee because the women in many guys homands are such toxic, entitled, loco, cruel, twisted, bitchy cunts.

  • FormerCanadian

    Why is it a sad thing? Those guys made the right decision and will totally enjoy their lives abroad and build a solid evolving family based on normal values like honesty, dignity, integrity, respect, mutual understanding and support instead of constant nagging, bitching and money craving like in North America.
    That’s the route all the self respecting males in North America should take and leave North America behind.

  • FormerCanadian

    Have YOU ever been to Eastern Europe YOURSELF to make a claim about “shit Eastern European cities”?:-) I guess not.
    Oh, one more thing: Life ain’t entirely about “great DJs and not so expensive clubs playing house, trance and rap”;-)
    There is a lot more to life than just non stop entertainment.

  • G380

    I like to drink and dance to good music man.

    What are some towns with good scenes?

  • FormerCanadian

    Kiev, Moscow, Odessa, St. Petersburg, anywhere in the Crimea in summer, Minsk.

  • FormerCanadian

    1. Well…. It’s impossible to place every male behind a wheel of a pick up truck and turn him into an independent private contractor. The problem is that the society in general fails to accept and acknowledge the problem that able bodied WHITE males are being pushed out of the workforce because of political correctness, affirmative action, quota hiring and other preferences given to everyone BUT white males.
    2. I’m well trained, former professional athlete and still a professional coach/active athlete with university education and fluent knowledge of several foreign languages and I’ve had a lot of my applications rejected or not even taken into consideration at different Canadian institutions be it police forces (both city and provincial OPP), airport security or other similar agencies.
    On the other hand they’ll gladly hire someone who has the required skin color, race, some kind of an unknown sex (see hiring or LGTB police officers) and women, all kinds of women. I have nothing against all those group but ain’t it supposed to be based on merits, education, skills and personal qualities instead of a skin color and similar?
    3. May be those 2 world wars were some kind of a blessing in disguise? At least people in Europe know what the real war is whereas USA and Canada always try to bring a war to other countries (see Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yugoslavia and now Ukraine).

    4. If you really want to make a great leap then you should travel as a tourist first and visit several European destination before deciding if you are ready for such a change in your life. It might be hard at first but it’s definitely worth it.

  • OldManTakeALook

    HELL YA!! 😀

  • Driver

    I believe you are spot on with the hiring practices, today.

    We’ve gone from far right to far left – not giving many who were qualified in the past due to gender or race – to not giving the other side a fair shot (who are very much qualified). Society has done this with many thing (college applicants, government positions, etc…). I could care less about being politically correct (tired of watching what I have to say – when the fuck did my rights end?).

    We need to come back to the center and hire the best person for the job, period. Something is definitely wrong, today, and it needs fixed.

  • FormerCanadian

    1. All my remarks are based on personal experiences with job searches and applications in Toronto and area. I’ve been ignored for no apparent reason while having all the qualities listed in the initial job posting and beyond that. Ever heard of “organizational needs” when hiring for example Canadian Border Services Agents?:-) Kinda strange that an able bodied sporty male with several fluent foreign languages, no bad habits or criminal records does NOT meet those “needs”, ain’t it? :-) And that’s just one example.
    2. The change of the political scenery ain’t gonna happen, my friend. Society needs robots and sheeple who are easy to control and to direct. The brainwashing propaganda machine is running on all cylinders polluting sheeple’s minds with all kinds of politically correct crap, advertising/commercials, promoting consumer oriented society and money as the almighty God.
    Sheeple themselves do not want to have this fixed or changed since they have an illusion of comfort and peace in the middle of an eternal rat race with their mortgages, loans, credits, financings and attempts to “keep up with the Jones”.
    3. If you still want a change then move away from a consumerist society to places like Eastern Europe. Even Asia or Latin America are being infected with a bug of consumerism these days. So the Eastern Europe is your last refuge.

  • CSM-1000

    Ah yes, I see things more clearly now. It is not only a matter of PC, AA, QH, and other such political mandates. As a highly educated, intelligent, and perceptive white male (any male really), you are simply perceived as a threat to those who would hire you. This country’s general atmosphere is carefully calibrated to produce and sustain a certain kind of person: compliant, conformist, non-thinking, predictable drones (especially in such places as police, airports, security, etc). As an unintentional outlier to these unspoken rules, you are seen as “the other” by society at large, and that puts those who would hire you at risk of losing their own jobs over someone better (you), or simply make them feel uncomfortable about themselves having you around. And this holds true even if you happen to be 100% home-grown prime Canadian beef.

    Dumb, short-sighted, and nationally stifling? Absolutely, but it is what it is. Other places around the world still push for excellence all around (though this phenomenon does exist to greater and lesser degrees everywhere), while NA in general has been overrun by an overall culture of cultivated mediocrity (save in a few key areas and positions in society, to which access is usually rather carefully guarded).

    You might be surprised to learn that I have both traveled and lived in many parts of Europe as well, being a first-generation Canadian raised by European parents (with high-level university education and fluent in multiple languages, just like you). And yet I still come back here every time. Wanna know why? My (material) standard of living is at least three times as high here as it would be over there, comparatively speaking at least. Sure, it is quite nice to be able to hold intelligent conversations on a regular basis with people who are actually interested in what goes on in the world beyond who won the latest hockey match, and the many museums and various natural and man-made sights and sounds are a delight to behold, but after a while when the daily grind sets in it becomes rather tiring when you always come back to the same cramped apartment in an ugly and polluted part of town while here you can have your very own fresh plot of land with a nice little house on top out in the suburbs. Shallow and materialistic? Sure, but shoot me if I haven’t “gone native” on at least that aspect of life in Canada and don’t regret it one bit TYVM. As for intellectually engaging and stimulating conversations, well we have the internet for that now, allowing us to keep in touch with interesting people wherever they may end up around the globe. And while I do tend to cringe at the provincialism one does encounter more often here (though I have come across bumpkins in small European towns that would make your average Canuk pass for a wordly philosopher in comparison), I deal with it by simply taking care of business and going home. No rush, no fuss, no problem.

    -Though you might be interested in that slightly different take on things.

  • CSM-1000

    I agree with everything said here but do look at my reply above for a slightly different take on things. Now, if we could only combine the higher-level Western incomes with the EE lifestyle… Oh wait, we can’t (save living in your very own bubble). It would appear the former invariably destroys the latter over time. Sigh, it’s a no win in the end.

  • FormerCanadian

    Already did. Please see my reply! :-)
    Oh, and Western Lifestyle doesn’t mean a thing if people spend their lives alone in their own “bubble”, since North America is the world capital of loneliness.

  • FormerCanadian

    1. Nice having a conversation with you, thanks!
    2. You are absolutely right that an individual with a personality, education and own set of values and visions of life poses a “danger” to the mainstream North American society.
    I do agree that “mediocratic phenomenon” does exist to a greater or lesser degree in any country but it’s just running wild and uncontrolled in North America where the motto is to hire anyone but a white male.
    I do not want and do not aim to become a Prime Minister of Canada, but I’ve always wanted some kind of an honest and open selection process when applying to police, border services, advanced security agencies etc. regardless of my skin color, sexual orientation and political views.
    Affirmative action and quota hiring ain’t no democracy.

    3. No I ain’t surprised to find out that you are well traveled and speak several languages.
    4. Standards and quality of life are important, no argument here, but who needs them if North America is the world capital of loneliness?? Life ain’t about money, huge houses on a plot of land. Life is about sharing opinions, getting better as a person and a personality, having a strong and evolving family based on values like honesty, integrity, dignity, respect, mutual understanding and support instead of MONEY and STATUS in the society like in North America. And I’ll be happier in a small apartment on the beach somewhere down south living with my wife than in a big house in Canada ALONE!
    4. Trust me, internet will NEVER ever be able to replace a face to face conversation without any screens, Skypes etc being used!!!! NEVER! And this is a major problem in North America where people are constantly glued to their devices and gadgets and live an imaginary life in their imaginary world. Just get on a bus, subway or a street car in any major Canadian city like Toronto, Montreal, Calgary or Vancouver and you’ll see hordes of drones/robots glued to their cellphones, Iphones, their heads buried in all kinds of headsets and their eyes focused on a tiny screen. Is THAT a life? If so then I do NOT want such a life. It ain’t no life, pal.

  • Poiuyt

    Roosh V

    Equality clamor is a useful dissimulatory dialectic amongst a host of other useful props, agitation tactics and tools against genderist socialism.

    Your personal means and methods of self actualization and a spreading these unique techniques to other searching males and observing females is also useful to our ends.

    Don’t take what MRA’s are saying and doing or not saying nor doing too literally. Our cathedral comprises no less an eclectic mix of thinkers and doers than theirs with the ends being a means to freedom.

  • cascadecombo

    Would really like to have transcripts for these videos.

  • CSM-1000

    To each his own I guess. Yes, many Europeans who came to North America did miss the more communal atmosphere and stronger family values that existed back home (heck, I know of a few guys here who, in the absence of any kind of community to which they could adhere, literally went mad from the loneliness that you so rightly ascribe as rather typical of life in NA). Still, you might not know that the place you moved to life was extremely hard back then. Was it nice to have a broad, extended family on which you could rely and to feel like you are a part of a greater shared history, community, and culture. Absolutely, but it did not quite make up for the fact that you were literally living in dirt, that the most basic products and services (I’m not talking about luxuries of ostentatious fashion symbols here) were exceptionally hard to get or even downright unavailable, and that you had to budget your pay down to the last penny (or Ruble, or Zloty), and still fell short halfway through the month. In such dire circumstances, greater contact with helpful family members is an absolute blessing, no doubt about it (I’m not saying here that it was all based on self-interest, but if you believe that greed and envy did not exist under the satellite states of the old Soviet Union then I really do have a magnificent bridge to sell you in Antarctica).

    Life in Canada can be quite nice on condition that you (a) manage to land a higher-level, reasonably respectable position in society, and (b) you hook up with a community of like-minded individuals in order to stave off the nasty effects of total isolation (which does occur a lot in Europe as well, believe it or not) and disconnect from the idiotic consumerist greater culture at large (not ideal, I agree, but that’s about the best you can do here).

    That said, If you managed to find something more to your liking over there then kudos and all the more power to you. May it continue on into the future. Just thought you might want to take into consideration these few thoughts here as well, for interest’s sake.


  • Joshua

    Women in the MRA movement is crucial, divide an conquer estrategy, the movement must be seen as men and working females against female parasites, not as men against women.

    Besides many women have male children only, brothers, or they themselves have been working all their lives and married (or not) to a man with similar income and get sick when a woman gets alimony or just don´t have to support her children.

  • Joshua

    In Rome women did not vote, that tactic would be ok if the west turn into Islam, then would be sharia law and yes then yes who cares what women think.

    But for now an exerpt from Villar:

    “As we women have, thanks to our relatively stress-free life, a higher life-expectancy than men and consequently make up the majority of voters in Western industrial nations, no politician could afford to offend us.

    And the media is not interested in discussing the issues involved either. Their products are financed through the advertising of consumer goods, and should we women decide to stop reading a certain newspaper or magazine as its editorial policy displeases us, then the advertisements targeted at us also disappear.”

    So it is very important to bring women to the movement.

  • Joshua

    Esther villar or Dr. Hellen would not have been given one tenth of the attention they received by the media if they were men.

    So yes, women are important, they can be much better spokesperson than men, they can be much more agressive critizicing feminists and other parasitical females and get away with it, can not be shamed into silence, etc.

  • Natty Kadifa

    I disagree, was someone who is actively interested and supportive of the movement I have had many conversations with both men and women in these groups. The vision that both seem to want for the future is neither the ‘golden age’ nor equality (in the feminist sense of the word). They seem to respect the notion that a lot of women would like to work and that some men don’t want to, that the choice of breadwinner is unique to the couple. That the negative aspects of masculinity of the past (not being able to be ‘vulnerable’ and show emotion without fear of rejection from women or society) would no longer be expected, that women will stop seeing men as bank accounts and start relating to them as people….

  • Natty Kadifa

    women cant empathise with anything…i disagree

  • greyghost1

    You are capable of behaving with empathy if it gets you what you want. There is not a snowballs chance in hell you will lose anything out of empathy(sacrifice) No way

  • Natty Kadifa

    Society promotes sociopathy and syncopaths. True empaths are the minority and this is true with men and women. The reason you believe this about ‘women’ is because currently, the darker side of women is being allowed in society via family courts, double standards etc… I wonder how behaviour would change if the standards were swapped to be in favor of men? Empaths are the type of people who always have true empathy no matter what rules society has. This website is an example of a bunch self interested yet talented writers promoting self interest for men, I don’t blame them as society is currently rewarding women in a gynocentric fashion BUT that small percentage of empaths wont support most of the ideas on this page. Syncopaths do. You are one of them. Sheeple.

  • greyghost1

    You are mostly correct. feminism does remove the checks on women’s natural tendencies. Ironically when you made the statement about the power being reversed as you say, well men the 80% the beta males with natural empathy will give women feminism so they can be happy.
    Your comment shows you are writing on something you don’t understand and unless you are 50 years or older you have never been taught empathy because it doesn’t come naturally for women.

  • Natty Kadifa

    I’ve just realised that i meant to say ‘apaths’ instead of syncopath, so in that sense I made a mistake. I disagree with your comment about empathy. I feel that only a minority of the population are naturally empathic and this has nothing to do with gender.

  • greyghost1

    Men really are empathetic to a fault they are routinely referred to as beta chumps. Women don’t notice them much because they are boringly predictable and reliable. The guys you notice are the bad boys and such the 20% . That is why you find it so hard to understand or believe my comments. Women don’t have natural empathy. It is a learned behavior. Feminism doesn’t require empathy from women. Thousands of abortions a year says so

  • pod

    sounds nice, tough guy. But the state has already been coopted in ensconcing female supremacy. family law courts have no problem kicking a man out of his family but still demanding he pay them money.

    We do need a movement. sorry, you’re wrong. being strong an silent here is not a good approach, but i think you know that and are insidious agent of the establishment, framing yourself as a real man, trying to shame men out of collaborating for effective outcomes.

  • Natty Kadifa

    I agree that men are empathetic and in fact, to the extent I would say that they are more so than women. That is one thing I will agree on. The subsets of society I am referring to though are not gender specific. All societies are structured in the way I mention. Young women don’t notice betas in the same way as alphas I agree, but they ‘should’ learn from one encounter with them that they are not worth the effort if they want a ltr and a husband and a family, sadly lots of females dont seem to learn in time and hit the wall. Their characters are weak and i hope they dont breed, oh but they do sometimes…oh well….
    I believe some of your comments, my points are that this site tends to overly genderist (?) with its view on the world. Sociopaths exist in both genders…despite my agreeing with you that men tend to have more empathy, there are people who DO have natural empathy and it is not gender related where I would say that only men have natural empathy, just more. Feminism is about women gaining control over men so yes it doesn’t have empathy for men which is why I do not support it. I would argue that feminisms lack of concern for mens issues is stronger proof that it lacks empathy than abortions. I support the pro choice simply because unwanted children have such a harder time out their, plus certain people shouldn’t be procreating….

  • Natty Kadifa

    I severely disagree that empathy doesn’t come naturally for women as an 28 year old woman I am not sure who taught me empathy, but I surely have it. I do agree that men are more empathetic than women in general, but I do not agree that ‘all’ women are not empathetic naturally. My point is that a small percentage of the population in society have a good level of empathy and it is not correlated with gender. Disagree if you must, but you’ll need to provide evidence for that sweeping statement.

  • Natty Kadifa

    again, I disagree. I see a small percentage of the population who have true empathy and it is not correlated with gender.

  • Masculist Man

    Masturbation relieves sexual tensions otherwise we would be slaves to women.

    Roosh,nice video. I too agree women in the MRM is a bad idea.

  • Masculist Man

    Nonsense. That is the old media. We can use the internet but we must be activist and make noise. That is the only way to get things done. Look at my blog:

  • Masculist Man

    Grey,that is an excellent way of putting it. I also touched on this subject:

  • Masculist Man

    If they are talking about men’s rights activists then they are noticing us. If they are talking about us in a panicked tone then they are really taking us seriously.

  • Masculist Man

    If there is no organized movement to topple the matriarchy then how are we going to implement change?

  • Hassan Jj Ougri

    There’s a solution for every problem. The solution is not to fix but it is to remove the society that is being apposed on us humans. If we are talking a massive change within our modern civilization we must fight the oppressors, we don’t choose our leaders and they decide how living conditions should be. We the oppressed must lead our selfs together. Two are stronger than one and three are stronger than two, unity will get us thru it but good intentions and good hearts

  • Hassan Jj Ougri

    When discussing the fact that males and females are created equal but different we have to respect women as our own mother or sister and also respect men like our own fathers or brothers. The only difference is physical and that is for the purpose we are here to convey. My opinion there’s a slight difference, men we are built to be our women’s keeper throughout a average life span of 70 years or so, and women endure as much pain as men, mostly even creater suffering. we would not be here if it wasn’t for the role of both sides. we have lost total respect of our women today, the western world corrupted our view of the natural way men and women are to coexist. To bring the golden age of humans back we must cause the fall of the oppressors that promoting different lifestyles that are unatural and deceiving by controlling our daily life activities.

  • Libby McDavid

    After a decade of the MRA movement…how have mens lives improved? How many more men are getting loved? Check the stats or look around at your friends. 25 Years ago and more, pretty much every guy I knew not matter how ugly, poor, bald and stupid, could get laid and even loved. Few of my friends were single for more than a weekend after a break up. Now look around. How is this working for men? If it’s working….keep going. If not, as leaders, explain what went wrong with the strategy and how to make it better or….as leaders….where is the track record of results to validate your claims of competency….