The Moral Argument For Lying To Women

Before we tackle the question of whether lying to girls is ethical or moral, we have to discuss whether lying even makes a difference. When a man lies, he’s thinking that the lie creates an image of himself that is more in line with what a girl wants in a man, and that lying will put him closer to sex. This is not always the case, especially if the man has incorrect ideas of what women want. For example, if a guy thinks that all girls want rich men, and he lies about his job title, he shouldn’t be surprised when he doesn’t get laid in the end. If he thinks that a girl wants an adventurous man who travels a lot, and he lies about being in countries he never has never foot in, would that really make it easier for him to bang? Probably not.

One way I’ve found lies to be useful is on foreign girls who are seeking long-term relationships when you are seeking something short-term. For example, if you’re only in town for two weeks, and you lie about staying permanently, this could very well propel you to a bang where honesty wouldn’t. Lies about your backstory could also help. If you’re an Afghan man in Estonia and find that all girls there hate Afghani men, lying about being Spanish instead could help you get the bang (assuming you could pull it off). But these lies only help when you want to score a notch. If you want something more serious, lies will constrain you into a tight box and also increase your level of paranoia where you constantly fear the girl discovering your lie, making the relationship much less enjoyable than if you were truthful from the start. Then again you may not have banged her if you were truthful, creating a dilemma that all men face when it comes to whitewashing their perceived flaws.

The main lie I deal with is my work. I usually tell girls I’m an internet businessman and not a writer. I learned that I only need to hide the truth for about a month or two until her feelings for me are established. By then she won’t care once she discovers that I’m the “most hated man on the internet.” I don’t like lying about my ethnicity, age, and length of time I’m staying in her city because I get less pleasure being with a woman if I have to pretend to be someone I’m not, but I’m more than willing to do so if I think it will help. I operate on a case-by-case basis.

I’ve found that the more honest I can be with my background, the more enjoyable the relationship is. On the other hand, it’s worth stressing that I’m never honest with my feelings, since that would convey neediness, decreasing a girl’s attraction for me. With honesty I’m only talking about the facts that make me who I am, not my thoughts or desires, which must be concealed, only revealed as part of a strategic move.

While I have just explained that I prefer being mostly upfront, besides some targeted omissions, I don’t see a moral problem with lying to women for sex as long as one condition is held: you consider yourself a good man. If a girl’s life will be somehow enhanced by your lie in that she will get to experience something pleasurable or positive, I don’t see the lie as immoral. If lying to a girl will cause her to enter a relationship with you where she will be happier than not, you could argue that you’re hurting her by not lying. On the other hand, if you lie to pump and dump her and then leave her worse off and in a heap of tears and maybe with an STD to boot, there is an ethical problem with your lie.

Since I consider myself a good man overall, who brings rays of sunshine into a woman’s life (I have testimonials if you want to see them), I have the moral authority to lie to women in order to gain intimacy with them. That said, I don’t lie 100% of the time, but I have no moral qualms about doing so if I believe that my lie will bring me and the girl closer together and allow her to enjoy life more than had I not lied. It’s worth repeating that relationships based on truth are much more easy-going and relaxed than one where you have to keep up a charade, but until the truthful version of yourself becomes aligned with what women want, you may need to dabble in this dark side of game.

In the end, it’s better to seek out relationships where you don’t have to lie about who you are instead of figuring out which lie will get her in bed, and paradoxically enough, the more lies you must give, the less likely you will get anywhere with the girl anyway, since you are far from her ideal type. With any girl you date, there is probably one or two targeted lies that will help you, but more than that and your issue is not one of whether to lie or not, but of making yourself the most attractive man possible where you don’t have to lie at all. We all have skeletons in our closet, and Google makes it easier for certain skeletons to be dragged out in public, but for two individuals to match, you must approach women using game to establish chemistry and rapport. Without that, all the lies in the world won’t make much of a difference.

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    Lying to women is the “equality” that they always talk about. Women lie more than anybody, and they can do it with a straight face. They can even lie to themselves when it’s convenient, to boost their ego. Don’t feel too bad if you lie to them once in a while.

  • Emahray Trolle

    For women lying is like breathing.

  • G380

    You should talk more about the feelings you show women that are a front and how this can help a guys game in a future post.

  • byronicmate

    cool new header

  • Ramirez

    Roosh you’re kind of a hippie at heart with that bohemian looking map and plane logo.
    I find this post today oddly bizarre in light of that 7 deadly sins ethics post you did a week or two ago.

    After completing your new book I thought about the redhead doctor who set the bed, lived to bang, wanted to cook for you all the time, and was clingy and thought this is what most me. In the anglosphere would love to have in life among their toxic environment. Good loyal pussy is nothing to turn your nose at or walk away from. When you talk about ethics and growing older in the future I think you should marry a girl like the redhead in Iasi. From my perspective, a girl like that is the whole reason I’d be out approaching in droves. Deep live and connection with good women like that is one of the best things in this life not a disposable form of entertainment. Have you considered praying to God for the right woman to marry? I think that’s the best choice for all of us. It’s how we are designed. Trading out girls like used cars is really unethical. Why not just love a good girl with your whole heart?

  • Nick

    I avoid talking about feelings. Feelings change and even if you intensely like a girl at some point it doesn’t help you to tell her. Give her a taste here and there, but never full, emotional disclosure. If anything, negative feelings about her behavior you don’t like are more helpful, but your actions speak louder than words.

  • anon

    I like this article very much.
    To be frank, women lie a lot themselves. The only moral argument for lying to women is that women lie themselves. More often than not, dating is nothing but a game of lies.

    When I was blue pill, I saw men lying to women who were seeking love, usually the ones from EE and FSU – who are often unlike the sluts and whores of the west who’d instead sleep with you instead because they want to fuck and tell you that too – by telling them that they were in ‘love’ with these women, when in fact all they wanted is sex from these women. I could say that some of these women also knew that all these guys wanted was to get into their panties, but nevertheless allowed it because they too wanted to sleep or fuck with these men in the name of ‘love’.

    That’s where the greatest lies between men and women are often produced in today’s world. In the name and field of ‘love’. The word ‘Love’ is nothing but a lie in the modern world, used by experienced men to gain access to women’s holes, and sometimes functions as the password which women want to hear from men’s mouths (this is especially seen in women coming from traditional societies and cultures) to grant these men access (or regular access) to their holes.

    In short, love, relationships and emotions all have a Machiavellian, unscrupulous tone to them in today’s times, which is the unfortunate truth. Women play men more then what men actually know. They tell us things what we actually we want to hear, they make us believe that they’re actually falling for our ‘game’, when actually they know what we want. They welcome us into the trap between their legs, and use it to trap into relationships. What greater lie could be there than that? Men may use love as lie to gain sex from women, but women use sex as a lie to gain resources, love, relationships and children. Who is the greater liar?

    Love in the modern world, is more or less, a ‘lie’ and produces greater lies in life should ‘love’ lead to something serious like a marriage or commitment.

    The only things I lie to women about is usually – my age. Even though I am in my 30s, a lot of women think I’m in my 20s. I let them assume what they want about my age. And I don’t mind feeding lies to women if she wants to fuck me in the name of fake ‘love’. Most women are in love with the concept of love, then in love with man itself. More often than not, the man who can successfully create an illusion of love for a woman, often finds himself loved, sexed and desired by women. That is why I call seduction, ‘game’.

    I don’t believe love exists. I’ve seen virtuous women fucking with guys who didn’t even bother to care for them, in the name of ‘love’, even when these women – very much like masochists – knew that these guys wanted only sex. These guys successfully fed them the illusion of love. But that is how women are – crazy, irrational, and sometimes intellectually dysfunctional. They know they would get hurt by love, but yet they yield to it.

    I don’t feel pained or hurt when I see a woman crying – even if she may be really hurt. That is why women often tell me I’m very emotionally strong when dealing with women, even the feminine ones. More often than not, a woman’s crying is not the result of a man breaking her heart, but it is her wrong choices alone. Does the world care for a man’s tears if he was hurt or lied to by a woman? No.

    I fully support lying to women, and I think it is an art which every man should learn in his life, especially in today’s fake world where male-female interaction wherever it may be in the world, is more colored with amorality, phoniness and is Machiavellian type than ever before. Transcational women playing men who want to sleep with them, whereas men playing women to sleep with them. So lying is something which is equally practiced by both sexes, women actually lie more than men – because women know how to fake orgasms as well as relationships altogether. So no man should hesitate to lie to women, if you think deeply about that.

    Most of the time, from what I’ve observed having tasted women of different ages, different cultures, good ones or bad ones, that all women actually like men who know how to lie effectively to them. When I mean effectively, it is like you don’t get caught, and when you get caught, you know how to cover that up effectively

    The men who don’t know how to do this effectively, are the ones who end up getting castigated or hated as liars by these very women. These same men, ironically, would’ve been loved by the same women had they known how to lie effectively. I’ve even seen women staying in relationships with men whom they know lie to them, but they’ve accepted it, some even enjoy it. That is the masochist in every woman. She doesn’t only want to be taken with charge in bed, but she also wants to be lied to effectively. If you can do that, she’s yours.

    Thus in today’s world, being a successful clown alone is sometimes not enough. Sometimes, or I would say accurately – most of the time – you need to be a successful liar too – to be popular with the ladies. Your success lies in being not caught by them. Dating, sex and love are all con games today, and women are the better con-artists in these games. Men shouldn’t hesitate to play the ‘game’ in return.

    The only people I believe that men should be honest to is your parents, your brothers and fellow men. But never women. Because women lie more than men, and they know how to cover it up more effectively than men.

  • brad

    this is good stuff man

  • Brad

    good article Roosh!


    You hit the fucking nail on the head! Much of what women say and do is a facade.

  • ChimpGod

    This is my first post, however, I have been an avid follower for quite some time now. This article is 100% the truth. I been to Ukraine 3 times, and have spent 3+ months there. Whenever I go with my brother, rule #1? Lie. Ukrainian women will always ask you, “Why are you here in Ukraine?”. You can’t say, “Oh, to get drunk and fuck chicks.” You can branch out multiple ways with this one, but I stick to the 1. I studied Russian previously 2. Love Ukraine 3. Want to buy a flat here (which implies you will be long term). The second question will be, “How long are you here for?”. Well, you go two ways with this.. you either use the short term, “It’s my last day..” approach.. that way you give her the sense of urgency.. Or you tell her the truth, depending on the situation. I can only attest to how Ukraine is, and what works there.. I would say you can lie, and tell them how beautiful Ukrainian women are compared to American women, and how American women are fat as shit, and look like dog shit when they step out the door in their Crocs and Pajamas.. But you wouldn’t be lying, would you?

  • Peter N Hunt

    In Bang Ukraine Roosh pointed out how all the cosmetic cover ups Ukranians do is a big lie.

    Philosophically- why do women have such a need for superficial cover ups of their flaws and a desire for cheap junk (clothes, trinket decorations for her house, etc.)?

  • anon

    The sad reality is years down the line, the latent hamster in every ‘good’ woman can come to life unexpectedly, even if you’ve treated her ‘right’. That is why women are the more dangerous of the species, because women being physically weaker than men, use deception as a tool to achieve balance with men when it comes to the power game between the genders. This is one danger that every red pill man should keep in mind.

    We think ‘good’ women are different from the scum of sluts and whores we encounter in the West. In reality, the slut or whore in the west was also a ‘good’ woman at one point in her life, before she jumped onto the cock carousel.

    There is no such thing as an inherently ‘good’ woman, because both men and women are equally capable of good and evil. The ‘good’ women are the women who have their hamsters suppressed either voluntarily, or involuntarily due to culture, religion or men.

    The women who suppress their hamsters voluntarily indefinitely are actually ‘good’ women. But the real proof of a woman’s ‘goodness’ is known after the end of her life, not when she’s alive.

    What is a ‘good’ woman?

    I’ve seen women who were cheating sluts, unfaithful to their husbands and men, had a history of socially prostituting themselves, yet inexplicably supportive to these same men whom they were ‘committed to’ or ‘loved’ when the going got tough in life for these men.

    These women even ferociously defended their men in public, and respectfully spoke to them. The question arises: is a supportive slut who cheats on her man a ‘good’ woman? Isn’t she disrespecting him by cheating on him, yet respectfully treating him when talking to him? When it comes to sexual morality – no, this woman is not a ‘good’ woman. When it comes to ‘support’ and ‘care’ – possibly yes she could be a ‘good’ woman.

    Whereas I have seen a virtuous woman who’s brutally loyal to her man, will deflect advances from strange men, defend her man in public, yet treat him like a dog, bust his ego and use him like an ATM machine in private. Is this a ‘good’ woman? When it comes to sexual morality – yes. But when it comes to her treatment of him – no.

    I’ve seen women who were virgins, got married to good men, had children, and then one fine day in their 40’s dumped their men, their families, and jumped onto the cock carousel to ‘experience life’ with younger men to feel ‘young again’. Is this woman ‘good’?

    I’ve seen ‘good’ women who’ve stood by their husbands for 50 years in marriage, and one fine day in their 70’s the husband learns that his loyal and virtuous wife of all these years had children out of wedlock, or that one of his children was not his. No doubt she ‘loved’ him and took care of him all these years. Is this woman ‘good’?

    I’ve given all these examples to illustrate that a ‘good’ woman is nothing but a temporary illusion. It’s only after her death you could actually rate her ‘goodness’.

    Let me tell you a truth about female nature: Women trust men, more than they trust themselves. Actually women don’t trust themselves, because women have a lot of personal demons which they don’t want men to know about. In fact, they have more personal demons than men.

    Those demons are why women have problems ‘trusting’ men. Because most of the time, they project their own lack of self trust (demons) onto men. They fear men are just like them – untrustworthy -, or worse.

    That’s why women try hard to win men’s trust or love in relationships. Through sex, good behavior, support, care, etc. Once she’s won that, it depends then on she and the man controls her hamster. Id the man can subdue it, then good for him. But even he can’t be sure that she would control it, if he’s not around. In the end, women always do what they want. For men to successfully control women, men have to first make women believe that what men want, is what actually women want, and would suit women’s interests.

    Thus, if you look at it deeply, male-female interaction is nothing but motivated by personal profit. This profit can be anything – sexual pleasure, resources, children, family, fame or even the illusion of ‘love’.

    But there is no such thing as a good woman. It is only a state of her character, for a particular phase of her life. If she lives like that throughout her life till her death, that’s when you can call her as truly ‘good’. Women can change when you least expect it, and more often than not, when they themselves least expect it. They don’t trust themselves too, even though this is something they will rarely accept.

  • Velasquez

    What are you guys spending/month on cost of living and date/party funds in the Ukraine?
    Have you been to other EE countries? Is the talent pretty much the same or does it vary a lot across the Ukraine?

  • U MAD

    Agreed. In the past, there were societal expectations and social conditioning to keep women from getting out of control. They were only good because they were TAUGHT to be good. Now that they have been “unchained”, they engage in detestable behavior, without remorse.

  • Ramirez

    What are some of the most common inner demons women struggle with and what are the best ways men can deal with them?
    How do you control our woman and keep her from running you into the ground?

    You brought up an interesting point the best gold diggers/ hustlers really do make their target think they want what they want when actually they are just playing them.

  • ChimpGod

    Bang Ukraine was such a great book.. Roosh knows his shit, that is for sure. The cosmetic cover ups are a big thing in their culture.. And he is right. It applies to everything.. You may rent an apartment, where you look at it from the door way, and you say “Wow, this is nice.” When you get closer, and start inspecting, it’s cheap paint.. shitty flooring.. etc. etc. As far as Ukrainian women goes, they are very centered on looking great.. Meaning; make-up, high heels, dress.. Even though they look great, it doesn’t mean they spent a lot.. 2nd hand clothing, and they swap clothes amongst the girlfriends.. These Ukrainian girls may have horrible acne, or fucked up teeth, but their bodies are banging.. perky titties, no fat. They aren’t a bunch of fat dike looking American bitches, who tattoo/pierce themselves up to look more attractive, and when you get them naked, they have pregnancy scars and stretch marks from every “homeboy” in the neighborhood blowing his load in her and getting her pregnant.

    Philosophically? I think women try to fill the void in their life, especially after getting married.. They feel like they “settled”.. They are stuck with you. You aren’t a millionaire, and aren’t traveling Europe with them in your yacht.. So they see you as the person that crushed their hopes and dreams. Accumulate useless shit = filling time/void in their lives. Look at the divorce rate, and unhappy couples.. Pretty obvious.

  • Julio

    The irony with Ukraine is that they are the most beautiful women in the World yet their beauty is illusory.

    Personally I think Finnish, Estonian, Czech, and Russian girls look slightly better. You don’t see the nasty acne and teeth issues with the Scandinavians as much. Ukraine is good for skinny girls who dress well.

  • TyKo Steamboat

    Pound-for-pound Ukrainians are the hottest. The more oppressed a country is, the hotter the women are going to be. … I just spent the last week tagging a Finnish chick with the body of a 9.5 but the face & teeth of a 4…
    Ukraine chicks are fabulous as they are the most feminine & petite you’ll find on Earth, but yes, the teeth always seem to be jacked-up.

  • ChimpGod

    That’s a tough question. It depends on where you want to stay.. You have hostels, hotels, and apartments. Short term renting is always going to be relatively expensive. I like to rent downtown/center, and have a nice place.

    I spent a month in Russia back in 2009, 5 weeks in Stockholm in 2010. Since then, it has mainly just been Mexico, and Ukraine. Mexico = Cockfest.. fuck that place.

    As far as across Ukraine goes, the talent is everywhere, and equally as good. I have been in shitty village somewhere, and you see some girl riding by on her bike.. she looks like a Victoria Secret model.. crazy, I know. It happens though.

    I just got back July 1st from Ukraine. I spent my whole time in Lviv/Lvov. At the nicest club in town, a cocktail will run you 45-60 UAH. You can buy bottle service also, which is significantly cheaper. I think a big bottle of Vodka and 5 red bulls will run you 180-250 UAH? I was getting vodka/cranberry drinks for less than $2? I think most heavy nights of drinking at the bar, would run us 60-100 dollars (that was girls drinking with us also). That would be with a lot of drinking, and hookah usually also. Like i said, it depends on a) what you are drinking, b) how much you are drinking, and c) where you are drinking at.

  • TyKo Steamboat

    The current exchange rate is 12.36 Hgrivnya to 1 US dollar. So basically, 500 US Dollars is the equivilant of 6,180 in their money.

    Im going to stay in a nice apartment located 220 yards form the sea of Azov for 16 days there at the end of the month & it’s 70 HRN a day which means it will cost me about 5.50$ of my money. It’s pretty dam affordable.. The largest waterpark in the city costs 300 HRN which is about 25 Dollars…so yea…

  • ChimpGod

    Uhh.. Pretty sure they are fucking hot, Julio. You can only create an illusion, up to a certain point, without having a great base/foundation to build upon.

    Finnish women? Quite a few of them look like they have down syndrome, or egg shaped heads. Estonian/Czech/Russian.. You are splitting fucking hairs here.. They are all so similar to Ukrainian girls.. Line one up from each country, and good luck picking out who is who..

    The reason you don’t see the teeth/acne problem as much with Scandinavian women, is because they aren’t from a 3rd world country. They can afford to buy products, and dental work, to fix their issues. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have them to begin with.

    Yes, Ukraine is good for skinny girls who dress well.. as opposed to America, which is fat girls, who dress like fucking hipsters.

  • ChimpGod

    The problem with the more oppressed a country is statement.. look at middle eastern countries.. women look like shit.. it has to do with genetics. However, you are right, Ukraine is #1.. pound for pound.

  • ChimpGod

    Depending where you stay in the country, I believe it. If you are staying near the Azov sea, it means you are going more to the South/East. Have fun and be safe man.

  • TyKo Steamboat

    Not genetics so much as Culture…There are Ukrainian & Polish women that are 2nd generation in Portland Oregon & Chicago & they were born in the USA…They have the genetics but were born into our dumpster-fire of a culture. They are fat & sassy.
    Girls born & raised in the Ukraine live that “Paint-over” culture (beauty practices, diet, ect.)

  • ChimpGod

    I have found that their hygiene is actually better than American girls.. I know it sounds crazy, but it seems like even though they all smoke, their breath is better.. and I haven’t had one with a stinky vagina yet.. I know it doesn’t make logical sense, but I’m just stating my experience.

  • ChimpGod

    They are fat & sassy due to culture, yes. I’m talking about physical appearance, void of makeup, etc. genetically they are more beautiful. Correct, you take the Ukrainian out of the paint-over culture, and eventually she will fade into what we live with i.e. American women. She will stop skipping meals, shaving, wearing make-up, etc.

  • anon

    The answer is: Game. But this is gaming for a period of time. And it is not time specific.

    Let me tell you a truth: a woman’s character can be an ocean of secrets, or can look like the interior of a witch’s den. Most of the time, it’s a kaleidoscope of colors.

    This is because women are often a bundle of contradictions, both literally and metaphorically speaking.

    The inner demons that a woman has, differs from woman to woman. Not every woman has the same demons, even though most women share common demons.

    Game and sexual experience with multiple women can help you to learn about a woman’s personal demons, but remember that gaming a woman for sex is somewhat different yet similar at the same time from gaming a woman’s mind to pry into her secrets. Sometimes, gaming for sex leads to gaming her for her secrets. And vice versa. It depends.

    You’d say this description is contradictory, but that’s way I’d express it because women are often a bundle of contradictions themselves.

    Most of us know the contradictions which women often throw at our faces when we game them for sex, so you could imagine the greater contradictions you’d discover when you’re gaming women’s minds and hearts to discover their personal demons, to whom the access women often guard more ferociously than her pussies. Because women feel most ‘naked’ in front of those men, whom they know can ‘read’ them. Even if these men may or may not have fucked them. That’s why women often are attracted to divination, astrology, tarot etc, because the power of the unknown strongly appeals to their minds. Another reason why women also get attracted to or fall for men who can ‘guess’ their past or future.

    Women are afraid of men knowing these secrets. The men who know these secrets often make them uncomfortable.Thus women often respond to these men, by either shunning them out of discomfort, or sleeping with them out of awe. It depends on the kind of woman she is.

    Most of the time, her ‘demons’ in her essence as person depend on, and deal with her background (her family, her upbringing or early conditioning, her education, her culture, her lifestyle, her social circle, her friends, her economic status) and her past history (past experiences, places she’s lived or been to, sexual history, choice of partners, sexual status, marital status, children or not).

    Women are usually sensitive about divulging too much info about these things to men – even if women might’ve already been intimate with those men – because women often feel that men would then be able to ‘read’ them more closely. It’s like her entire character, her entire existence as a being, her entire mind is naked to you. You know what she is a human with her worst secrets which she doesn’t want you to know.

    That’s why women hate it when you ‘spy’ on them within relationships, and if you do, they accuse you of not ‘trusting’ them enough.

    Therefore, to actually understand women, you need to first pry into women, or get your info about them from other sources (through your network, your study of her background, her family, culture, etc). You must get into her ‘head’. Getting into her pussy is comparatively easier. Sometimes, from personal experience, when I tried into get into a woman’s head who was into me, she threw herself at me with sex (which I presume she did because I made her uncomfortable and she wanted to divert my attention from making progress into her mind). That’s how women are. They can use sex to divert attention from and camouflage the real person within themselves from you.

    If you look at it, it’s far more easier to get into a woman’s panties, than in her mind or to access these demons. To learn all this, you need to be spy or interrogator-like, to learn more about her. This is usually, why women often tend to read men more easily, because they are better at reading at men more than men reading women. The only way you could stop women from reading you is through game.

    Learning about a woman’s character takes time, unless if you’re already an experienced player, or if you work as a secret agent (no jokes here, these people are taught to guage people’s character through research and observation).

    The only thing you need to ask yourself when dealing with women, when faced with good or bad behavior is: “what made her do that?” Let that question lead into the path of your discovery into her character, her mind.

  • TyKo Steamboat

    I believe at this moment Roosh is currently in Odessa for his ?3rd? or ?4th? Ukrainian trip…that should tell you all you really need to know…
    Finland = Hit or Miss (a ton of doable 6’s, though)
    Russia = Too expensive & you need to jump through a lot of hoops just to get into the country
    Estonia = Crowded with sex tourists
    Ukraine = Strike while the iron is hot, bro.

  • anon

    “Philosophically? I think women try to fill the void in their life,
    especially after getting married.. They feel like they “settled”.. They are stuck with you. You aren’t a millionaire, and aren’t traveling Europe with them in your yacht.. So they see you as the person that crushed their hopes and dreams. Accumulate useless shit = filling time/void in their lives. Look at the divorce rate, and unhappy couples.. Pretty obvious.”

    This may or not be the case with all women in the FSU, or EE, but this is sadly the true case with most women in the West. As I wrote below, it’s all a matter of how a woman handles her latent hamster, wherever she may be.

    If you think deeply about it, a woman’s entire essence is actually full of voids.

    Not only the ‘voids’ she has below her belly button – both front and behind – to which she grants men sexual access to, but also to the varied aspects of her life.

    She needs a man to fill the void between her legs. She needs money to fill the void of resources in her life. She needs children to fill the void of motherhood in her life. She needs attention to fill the void of appreciation in her life. She needs affection to fill the void of love in her life. And so on.

    This is the life of women. Some women fill these voids with the company of a man, some women fill these voids temporarily through different men, and some women never get to fill these voids at all. In reality, women are never completely happy – forever.

    How she handles the ‘voids’ in her life depends on how she deals with her hamster. Some women compensate for the void of lack of character and self esteem by focusing on their appearance, while others do vice versa. That’s how women are. They’re never complete.

    The wise and happiest women are often the ones who suppress their hamsters to feel ‘complete’ with their men. That’s why you find some women throughout the world, who’d still be ‘contented’ while having so little. The truth is that, they’ve suppressed their hamsters to not remind them of the different ‘voids’ in their lives.

  • ChimpGod

    I agree completely.. I wouldn’t mind going to Finland, as I studied the culture and language a bit, and have always been fascinated with it. Russia is way too expensive, granted it’s a little cheaper now against the dollar, due to the sanctions. The hoops you have to go through to get the visa, and then register once you get there.. PLUS the extra expense, and the time constraints they place on you.. NOT WORTH IT. Don’t know much about Estonia, but I did hear something about that.. Latvia/Estonia are a bunch of sex tourist cock fests now. Ukraine is well on its way I’m sure.

  • TyKo Steamboat

    Russia = You will need to pay for the invitation, then pay the consulate & you will need to register when you arrive. Regulations are very painful, do not expect to travel very far without some sort of support. The visa regulations for Russia are costly, tedious & take a lot of time.

    You may also need to supply proof of medical insurance, copies of bank statements, a letter from you employer & more.

    If you wish to travel for longer than 30 days you may need establish some “contacts” who can help you arrange a business or special visa.

    Transit visas can be arranged that are valid for 3 days. They may be a lot easier to arrange.

  • J Chase Wesson

    What do you guys think of Czech?
    Ostrava is a college town that borders Poland if it sucks could always border hop to Wroclaw or go south to Budapest.

  • Julio

    Roosh +1 on Estonia in his bang guides.
    It has proximity to Russia and Scandinavia- how could all of the Northern Europe blood not produce some fine specimens?

  • TyKo Steamboat

    I do not have a Czech flag unfortunately. I wasted a lot of time chasing a Czech girl that was bi-sexual. Those women are smoken hot. But I have never been there. Prague is a very loose city that is in-touch with sexuality from what I’ve been told by several sources.

  • seth datta

    women want to be lied to. for example, i had a canadian friend in the uk, who went for a night out and met a local girl in the UK. He kept telling me he wanted to be honest and say he was canadian, but the girl kept hinting that she wanted him to say he was from New York. Eventually, he went along with her fantasy, even though she kept asking him where he was from, as she knew it was a lie. His being from NY got him laid.

    I guess nowadays this kind of behaviour would be called taking advantage of her,even though she wanted to be deceived and was fully conscious of it, but wanted to be lied so her inner hypergamous slut could have the fantasy of having a man from NY.

  • seth datta

    the alpha male is dead in the west. Many men have seen an alpha male castrated by society and laws.

    the beta male is dead in the west. there is no need for his work as society, the so called elite, and women all take a massive shit on him.

    it is the age of soulless men.

    but its okay. we have the omega females. They’re fat, they’re cunts, they won’t be having stable kids for a future society and they will pay the taxes for pointless wars and for everybody’s enslavement. The only hole that will be getting filled in future is their mouth, as they get bloated from a subsidised life – until the society is destroyed, which is not too far away.

    it is amazing that despite all the wealth and opportunities here, that the biggest phaggots in the world are not our manufactured enemies, but the vast majority of our own denizens of the west.

  • seth datta

    id rather have the sexually faithful one, though i would have low tolerance for her BS. the guys who are cheated on likely have kids that are not theirs.

    Either way, most males in the west in long term relationships are abominations, as are most females. I don’t take what people have to say seriously in the west almost always these days, for its like taking advice from a phaggot whose society will not exist in 20-40 years. the men and women are both deserving of each other in their uselessness. They will soon end up total slaves to be exploited, discarded and destroyed, and they are blind to this, so they arguably have brought on their own fate.

  • U MAD

    Jesus, that’s a scary thought.

  • Leopard

    That’s weird : I noticed the opposite.

    The more I wait to tell the truth, the worst it will be. If I tell all the truth since let’s say second or third date, the girl is so excited to meet me that she accepts my “flaws”. But if I wait too long, the honeymoon period is over and her logical brain will analyze the situation and she will prolly dump me !

  • G380

    good stuff-you should blog about this very thing.

    cool upgrade to the homepage Roosh-the book pics and night shot of Wroclaw looks great.

  • anon

    You’re an exception to the rule.
    The real thing is that the more you tell the truth, your intentions, the more likely the girl will blow on you.
    I’ve seen it in real life. There was a slut in my office, every one fucked her. You know what was the password to her holes? The word ‘love’.
    Almost every guy told her that he ‘loved’ her when he wanted to bang her. The result? That night he blew his load deep inside her ass.
    Whereas if a guy asked her directly for sex, she used to get angry. Why? Because sluts don’t like to be treated as sluts. They don’t like to be asked directly for sex. That’s why game exists, to seduce all kinds of women.

    Lying is the key when it comes to dating. The more effective you’re at it, the more bangs you’ll get. Feed girls the illusion they seek, and they’ll reward you with the sex you seek. That’s what dating is all about.

    The only time you should tell the truth to a girl, is when you’re prepared to eject from the relationship without the fear of losing her or sex from her. I do all the time when I’m sexually satiated with a girl enough during a ‘relationship’, i.e. when the sex gets predictable. When sex becomes nothing but masturbating yourself with her holes (you feel no difference between sex with her and masturbation), and you don’t care whether she stayed or not, that’s the time you tell her the ‘truth’. It’s a timeless tactic used by seducers through time.

    Under no circumstance should you tell a woman the truth. That’s escapist romantic PC beta bullshit promoted by Hollywood to make women happy who usually watch such stupid romantic comedies, which show players ‘reforming’ and telling the heroine their intentions before. This approach rarely meets with success in real life.

    You tell the woman the truth only after you’ve dicked her enough so that her presence in your life becomes so predictable that she can take be for granted. Because by then, usually you’ve already satiated yourself from her.

  • G380

    What I take from all these posts is what an alpha black college star football player taught me-
    all these birds have snakes in their heads
    don’t be a captain save-a-ho she dont want to be saved.

    All the white knight social programming is bs-these chicks want an intense, debased dicking from alphas. No captain save a hos allowed-lol.

  • Leopard

    I was not talking about lying about if you want a committed relationship or not (i.e. your intentions). I was talking about lying about yourself (eg : telling you do job B because you think your real job is a something for losers).

    So let’s reuse this example :
    – I do job A but I tell the girl I do job B because job A is for losers. After a while, I will have to tell her the truth. “I’m not doing job B, I’m doing job A”. Result : she dumps me.

    – I do job A and I tell the girl on second date that I do job A. Result : she so excited to meet me that she doesn’t care about my job and I still date her.

  • G380

    Roosh V
    The new header looks great. Better than anything Iv;e seen-the night shot combined with book covers looks cool.

    When are you gonna drop data sheets on the forum or pics of the talent on the streets like Slubu is doing in Budapest?

    I think you should hit up Minsk, Kiev, or Prague next.

    I always dig the Twitter feeds of local girls asking-wb or wnb?

  • anon

    Coming to the matter of being sexually faithful.
    I’ve seen in real life a slut who was also a part time whore. The problem with her? She fell in ‘love’ with her customers.
    Which meant that as long as he continued to pay her, she wouldn’t fuck around, accept other customers. In fact, she was being ‘sexually faithful’ to her customer, whom she called her ‘boyfriend’.

    Now this woman had been fucked by over a 100 men throughout her life. But with each new man, her ‘relationship’ followed the same progression: she found a ‘good’ man at the club, he paid to fuck her, she fell in love with him, was ‘sexually faithful’ after the first fuck in the hope he’d reward her with a relationship, but her dreams were dashed when this ‘good man’ fucked some other woman. So she goes back to the club to start the whole process again.

    Thus the value of ‘sexual loyalty’ only makes sense if the woman has minimal to none notch count before.There is no value in the sexual loyalty or love of a slut or a whore, however true her feelings or she may be to you – if you’d think deeply about it.

    But a lot of women do the opposite in real life today: they slut or whore it around in the hope that one fine day, a man will come along to whom they’d hopefully devote themselves for the rest of their lives.

    This is the state of most marriages in the West, and in places around the world where part time prostitution is condoned. Used up whores and post wall sluts get wifed up by thirsty men. Women decide not only to which men to be loyal to, but most importantly, WHEN to be loyal to men. Either way as you’d look deeply at it, women have their cake, and get to eat it too.

  • preppin

    Women require you to lie to them.

    “Honey, you’re really letting yourself go with that 10 extra lbs and not putting in the effort to dress well, improve yourself through at reading something worthwhile, working on your cooking skills and putting down that damn iPhone. I’m paying the lion’s share of the bills here and expect respect and consideration rather than your constant nagging. By the way, I put the toilet seat down and the cap on the toothpaste. It’s really uncool of you to try to flush your tampons down the toilet, which clog it up, and would much prefer you wrap them in plastic bag and immediately dispose of them in the outside trash so they don’t stink up the bathroom with the smell of menses.”

    Lay that honesty on your girl and see what happens. A truthful man is quickly branded the biggest asshole in the world without concern for the girl’s feelings. Rather lie by changing everything around and you’re a “good” boyfriend or husband.

  • anon

    The question arises: when is the time you tell her the truth?

    “After a while, I will have to tell her the truth.”
    When is this “after a while”?
    First date? Second date? Third date?

    The thing is that you must always a good backstory in today’s world if you’re looking for a quick progression to a bang. You say the girl gets excited when you tell her your real job on the second date.

    Did you ever think hypothetically, that what if the truth you said to her, was actually itself a fake backstory? You pulled it off because there was conviction in the way you expressed yourself.

    Now imagine if you expressed the same conviction while telling a fake but carefully planned backstory. Do you think you wouldn’t get laid?

    A lot of players actually get laid with a careful thought out, pre-planned backstory. They don’t tell the truth to the women.

    In the end, it depends how you can handle lying yourself. If you can project something with conviction, you can even successfully market yourself to a woman with a fake back-story.

  • CrescatSciencia

    I don’t lie to bang, I lie because it amuses me. I don’t consider it a moral issue at all. It’s different only in the case of family. Maybe it marks me as having slightly sociopathic tendencies, but I get equal amounts pleasure from seduction, sex, and the knowledge after the fact that I can leave her behind with no emotional attachment and move on to the next one knowing that she will think of me.
    Also, I lie in some cases out of necessity when traveling, as my family is wealthy and I hate the idea of traveling with security like upper class Brazilians and Venezuelans.

  • Quintus Curtius

    I like the “intergalactic” feel of the new header….

  • Rubio Sol Oscuro

    I’d rather just brush a girl off than have to even BOTHER with lying to her. What a waste of time and energy! If she can’t take the truth, that’s HER problem, not mine. Why would anyone want to stoop to that level?

  • Don Cornelius

    is this heartiste writing all of this?

    What kind of lies sell from approach to close?

  • Prutianova

    Call me a Hitler youth but I love the symmetrical faces of Scandinavian women.

    The egg head dome is prevalent in Estonia, Russia, Poland, and even CR. Many Scandinavians have long, symmetrical faces. Norway is probably the best.

  • Roosh_V

    My writing will send you to another dimension.

  • Driver

    Agree. I have no trouble lying to a woman because I’m sure it’s been done to me plenty of times (by a woman) for better or worse (in her mind).

    The type of lie is up to each person but women will usually lie to a man to get what they want anyways (and justify their self centered or selfish ways).

  • Taj9

    Roosh my gut tells me your YouTube hustle will be really funny like Vitalyzd tv- I could see you offering girls an free iPhone if they can answer deep intellectual questions, taunting American tourist chicks with cupcakes, calling a feminist women’s study department in the US with a Russian stripper on the line asking for career advice from some too women’s study professor in the States, trolling pigs, calling up and making clowns Bil maher style of US Congressmen after researching their campaign ads and looking up their fiscal moves, etc.
    Telling little small girls in fromt of their mothers in a park in Eastern Europe to not grow up to use evil smart phones when they get older, offering sex to famous feminists,’etc.

    You’re hippie in an airplane logo is hilarious. Dude your comedy is quality.

  • Huerta

    You can’t turn a nation formed by rugged riflemen dirt farmer rebels into a bunch of cogs in a Zionist bankster corporate gulag wheel without oppressing every facet of life and trying to crush the human spirit with all this mind control junk out here.

    People are wimps today because they’ve been oppressed for too long. Little Los Angeles rapper Zack De La Roca from RATM even understood the only way to change things is to take the power back otherwise it won’t improve.

  • Camran Manikfan

    ‘I love you’ would be a pretty good lie – especially nowadays – by both sexes.

    On second thought, perhaps makeup is the largest lie for women, as Chris Rock thinks …

  • Guest

    Articles like this strike me as hypocritical and confusing coming from Roosh. In many of his other publications, Roosh says he expects women to be classy, attractive feminine, and not sleep around with many men. I wholly agree that these are positive traits in a woman, and I think feminism has ruined a large portion of Western women in this regard – creating a generation of “empowered” women thinking it’s OK to sleep around with lots of men and seeing no shame in being a “slut”.

    However, Roosh’s behavior and dating advice directly contradicts this philosophy. He makes statements like “One way I’ve found lies to be useful is on foreign girls who are seeking
    long-term relationships when you are seeking something short-term,” seeing no problem with pumping and dumping girls who express traits he purports to value, who would be quite disheartened having had such a personal and intimate act with someone with no emotional connection. While complaining that girls don’t have enough regard for traditional family ethics, he just doesn’t give a fuck about families, and encourages guys to go bang lots of women without even considering this. How are women supposed to not sleep with many guys, but guys are supposed to sleep with lots of women? That doesn’t make sense from even a logical or mathematical view, let alone a social one. And by hurting, damaging and degrading the girls who want to be monogamous and support a man by tricking them into meaningless sex you’re just teaching them to be more slutty.

    In order to reverse feminism and restoring a classy, loving, attractive woman from the sluts we see so often in the western world it makes a lot more sense to me to find a sensible, non-slutty attractive woman (possibly in another country, possibly in the US) who would satisfy your needs and understands the value of femininity, and commit to her, rather than sleeping around with tons of women.

    The perfect feminine woman that Roosh talks about would, ironically, stay the fuck away from him. She would go looking for a guy that actually would support her and not pump and dump her, because presumably if she’s not a cock-carousel-riding slut, she probably wants a long term relationship, not a series of one-night-stands with guys like Roosh. Either she’d stay away, or someone like Roosh would trick her into sex that she wouldn’t want if she knew his true intentions, which seems like a real shitty thing to do to a woman who actually sees sex in the way you want her to see it.

    As a (male) antifeminist, I really don’t understand this site…

  • anon

    You’re wrong.
    All women have a latent hamster. First of all, there is no such thing as a ‘good’ woman…read what I’ve written below in other comments.
    And women are often in love with the illusion of love, than with men themselves. The man who can successfully feed them this illusion of love is the man who’ll get the bang.
    Men on the other hand, ideally, seek a woman who is virtuous when it comes to LTRs. But ‘virtuous’ women are the women who have suppressed their hamsters voluntarily.
    Now when a man lies to a woman to sleep with her, what he is doing is he is essentially feeding her need for the illusion of love. Which could be done by any other man who could’ve done the same.
    Sometimes the women themselves know what they’re getting into, yet they want to hear the word ‘love’ to open their holes for you. You see this usually in traditional societies.
    Women lie more than men, but they conceal it more effectively.
    I fully support men lying to women to have sex with them, or even to lie to them to have a relationship with women. There is no such thing as ethics when it comes to dating in the modern world today. The one who sticks by them, will only masturbate in the end.

  • Driver

    Nice..and good info. Welcome, Chimp (always good to hear from more guys out there….my take on it, anyways).

  • Driver

    I agree (if we’re talking any western women). I’ve lived for awhile, now, and I’ve been through the experience. You never give full disclosure on your feelings if you want her to stick around or if you want her in your rotation for awhile. You have to keep them guessing or on uneven ground.

    As soon as your honest about your feelings for her, she’s gone. I wish it truly was not the case but I’ve experienced it a few times (my younger years).

  • U S. Open Sores

    ” I don’t like lying about my age, and .”

    Wait until you hit your late 40’s.

  • U S. Open Sores

    “For women lying is like breathing”

    Hell yeah.

  • U S. Open Sores

    If you tell a Ukraine girl you are buying a flat in her country than that kind of implies you are there for the women Ukraine is a shit hole and has no work opportunities and no business opportunities unless you are tight with the mafia. The only other thing that Ukraine has is pussy

  • U S. Open Sores

    “Why would anyone want to stoop to that level?”

    To get laid. Pure and simple. Only men who are older with diminished libidos can afford the luxury of taking or leaving a chick. I actually envy you.

  • Sociopathic Perfection

    Amen! Women are lying whores. Therefore, there is NOTHING wrong with lying to them. You should feel ZERO guilt in lying to them.

  • bob

    the way to mock and destroy feminist arguments:

  • ChimpGod

    A beautiful Scandinavian girl gets my wiener hard.. but the problem is, if you are running a shear numbers/percentage.. it’s not in our favor. I think Roosh sums up Denmark pretty well.. and it’s Scandinavian.

  • ChimpGod

    A shit ton of porn comes out of there these days.. I have heard that Lviv is how Prague was 20 years ago.. Apparently Prague is just full of tourists and shit.. I haven’t been there though.

  • ChimpGod

    My buddy just went there.. Loves Czech Republic. I was in Krakow in June.. I wouldn’t recommend it.. There was some potential, but unless you want to compete with loads of Spanish & Italian guys.. It’s a fucking sausage fest there. The whole point of an American going over there, is you use the uniqueness of speaking English fluently and being a foreigner to your advantage.. but when it’s full of foreigners who speak English..

  • Yep

    If you are an Afghani man in Estonia, return home immediately. Pretend to be Spanish in Afghanistan instead.

  • Mr.Green

    The only moral argument for lying to women is that because they are the gatekeepers of sex. In short, because they have a pussy.

    Women are created to be lied to.

    Even Satan lied to Eve and tricked her into eating the apple before Adam, even though God forbade both Adam and Eve from eating the forbidden fruit. As you see, women are more susceptible to evil and trickery than men, because women are like cattle, who need to be herded by men. If the group that women belong to is evil, then it’s highly likely most or all of them would be evil. They don’t have the courage or conviction to do it alone, like men do.Such is the intellectual and moral deficient susceptibility of women.

    There are no ‘ethics’ when dealing with women for sex. ‘Ethics’ only come into the picture if you’re already married, and that too to a virgin.

    With all other women – regarding premarital or extra marital sex – there is no need to ponder about ‘ethics’. Because ‘ethically’ speaking, premarital or extramarital sex itself is ‘unethical’ to begin with. People traditionally used to have sex after marriage in the past, so there need not be ethics thrown into the picture such as something traditionally unethical as premarital or extramarital sex.

    So lying within an unethical arrangement of premarital sex is fair enough, or even justified – if you look at deeply.

    However, a player who starts thinking to consider the moral ethics of lying to women would be akin to the snake who starts swallowing up his own tail, out of moral guilt.

    I believe, with women, it’s the end which justifies the means – and the end is the sexual release within the woman you desire. For some guys, the end they seek is a ‘relationship’. Once you’ve gotten that, then you can think whether you want to tell her the ‘truth’ or not. The problem for some men is when the end they seek is a ‘relationship’ with a woman, not sex alone. They fear the woman will walk away if she learns the truth.

    The reality is no – especially if she comes from a traditional society where ‘love’ still holds value, and you’ve fucked her enough to establish emotional attachment within her for you. But again, don’t try to be a romantic hero and tell her the truth. Let her discover it by herself. This is called gaming within a relationship. Successful husbands don’t always tell the truth to their wives, and they only tell those truths to their wives which they know won’t hurt their relationships.

    Gaming women is like marketing yourself to women so that they choose you (for sex). Does a successful marketeer always tell the ‘truth’? In an ‘ideal’ world, yes. In the real world, no.

    You get their usually by crook (lying), and less by hook (attraction). Most men who have women already attracted to them screw it up by not knowing what to say (or how to lie effectively).

    When it comes to women, fake it till make you it with them. Because women lie more to us than we do. We only lie to fuck them; they lie to us in bed, in relationships, in partnerships and what not. A woman’s entire existence is often full of lies, but she knows how to hide them better than what a man would’ve done comparitively.

    Would a woman have the pangs of conscience if she lied to a man to ensnare him, like how we do? Never. She would rather drain him, just like how a parasite drains its host, and leave him as a husk of a man when he is no of further use to him. She would never tell him the ‘truth’ till he continued to be of use to her. She’d rather wait for him to discover her parasitical ‘reality’, instead of revealing her not so noble ‘truths’ out of moral pangs of conscience. Why would she destroy her own happiness – logically speaking?

    That’s why women are actually not noble creatures , wherever they may be, unlike how men are. Women usually don’t have a conscience, though they pretend very well to often have one. They don’t spend time thinking or vacillating about moral arguments about lying to men. They simply do it, without any remorse.

    Let’s not go soft when it comes to women. Enjoy the fruits of pleasure with women, even if you lied to them to attain those pleasures. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by thinking too much whether you need to tell them the truth. Your pleasure will only stop with women – if you stop it from continuing by telling the truth. Let her discover your ‘truth’ instead, and when she does, instead lie more by denying that ‘truth’. She’d secretly like that even more.

  • CrabRangoon

    I think many guys lie to keep the peace. We’d rather have a peaceful house than constant drama. Women will claim they want full disclosure but it rarely plays out that well. Not saying it’s right to keep things from your girl, but it’s usually out of concern for a bad reaction. Full disclosure can cause alot of insecurities. I’ve never lied to manipulate anyone, only to keep the peace, if that matters.

  • ChimpGod

    Who said I was going to be working there, or living there? If you buy a flat, at least she knows you are going to be spending more time there, than if you didn’t buy a flat.. It connects you to the country with something tangible. Yes of course, job opportunities are limited, that a pay a decent wage.. Some of us actually like Ukraine.. Just because it has quite a few shitty places, doesn’t mean the whole country is a shit hole. What about Detroit? Philadelphia? Chicago? Stockton? Salinas? I could keep going for days.. America has some of the worst cities.. I also know Americans who have businesses there.. Please enlighten me, to as where your vast knowledge of Ukraine comes from?

  • ChimpGod

    I’ll help answer any questions I can.. Some of the people here probably talk as if they are some fucking expert on Ukraine, because they read Roosh’s books and are leaching off his expertise. I don’t profess to know a lot about Ukraine, but I know a lot more than most I would say.

  • Ian

    I really do wonder how many guys just wanted to be a nice guy and fall in love, etc.
    Years of frustration, rejection, jumping through hoops made them desire to learn game and some became sociopaths.

    Is anyone else bewildered that our society in the Anglosphere is so sick that we have to jump through all these social hoops?

    Why can’t people just get out of school, work, and pair bond?

    Student loan industry, Hollywood, Cosmo mag, Playboy mag- all designed to deter he natural order of things.

  • Edward

    This reminds me of a comment I left on SwoopTheWorld, where a guest post bragged about lying to Virgins in order to bang them, and leaving them waiting “to this day” to “return” “for a relationship”.

    I asked them if lying was part of their method, and they took the post down (“”), presumably because they don’t condone lying?

  • Stuttie

    Is a woman being honest wearing make up, high heals, push up bra, or having silicone tits, botox, liposuction?

  • splooge

    of course thats why this guy in India is trying to call them on it. In activism they are at their worse cause they always change their “stats”(hence why women suck at math) and affect people around them.

    Dam next to america, I say India has the most feminists(seen alot more of them on feministsareugly on twitter),hence why they have an mra movment. But better yet why not red pill them.

  • My Name Is Not Michael Westen

    Bottom line: necessary levels of lying de-escalates drama you don’t need for “beginnings”. It won’t help with “endings”, but then again, very little does.

  • Tan

    I partially agree. In summary my behaviour is “find the best, but meanwhile enjoy the rest”.

  • anon

    haha, keep idolizing that twerp Manuel de la Rocha.

    You probably beat off to photos of him, wishing you could be a C-list Hispanic musician also.

  • AFemaleCat

    Lol, no but is a man being honest when he has a drink or shot? We all need our liquid or makeup derived courage to go out into the world.

  • Stuttie

    are you seriously comparing having a drink to wearing makeup pffft

  • OldManTakeALook

    she enjoys evil

  • Bo Jangles

    If you go to indigenous tribes, they lie lie lie..I think it is and was a part of being human. That said its more alpha to own who you are and what you do. Saying you are an internet businessman is a good example of both telling the truth and spinning it to get what you want.

  • Bo Jangles

    Why doesn’t the world work the way you want it to work rather than the way it actually works? Boo-hoo the world doesnt bend to my will.

  • G380

    Im grossed out at my own vulgar comments and the whole post modern lifestyle. We need sanity and morality restored.

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    Both men and women Lie but do it differently: Men usually lie to impress others while women usually lie to make others feel better.

  • SUPRA luca

    “Why can’t people just get out of school, work, and pair bond?”
    That is what most people do, actually.

    And poor men, they aren’t accepted by all the women they want as women have rights and are able to say no and have no free access to all the pussy they want automatically! Of course these strong, logical and rational will become sociopaths! What a nightmare that is!

  • SUPRA luca

    How can women ever use deception if they are irational and illogical, while men are oh so superior and the only rational ones?

    By the way, I have seen men doing that, too. In fact, in the past, when you believe “women were good”, as women are all evil now, men would still do that to their women… to their loyal, submissive and sweet wives. So men started that shit and have always done that. Men have always been out of control themselves.

  • SUPRA luca

    “But a lot of women do the opposite in real life today: they slut it around in the hope that one fine day, a man will come along to whom they’d hopefully devote themselves for the rest of their lives.
    This is the state of most marriages in the West, and in places around the world where part time prostitution is condoned. Post wall sluts get wifed up by thirsty men. Women decide not only to which men to be loyal to, but most importantly, WHEN to be loyal to men.”

    Eh. This is exactly what men do as well. Or, for many, wish they did, in the cases of men who never get laid and get butthurt. In fact, I believe most of you guys complaining about women’s sexual freedom are just whining envious idiots who wished no woman fucked anyone only because you are not the one fucking them. Pathetic. Is that is female nature, as you guys say, you should just not try to stop it just like you don’t want to stop men’s sexual nature (also promiscuous) and don’t offend them for it. Women are not forcing men into giving them their cocks, they are both agreeing to it. I am really sorry for American women having to live with such male garbage like you guys.

    And of course women can decide to which men to be loyal and when or who to fuck or whatever. Just like it should be. The same goes for men.

  • SUPRA luca

    “American women are fat as shit, and look like dog shit when they step out the door in their Crocs and Pajamas…”
    There are MORE overweight American men than women. And when it comes to men, that is telling, as men have different bodies and do not get fat as fast as women, also lose weight much faster. American men are the laziest and grossest shits that exist in this world. They are also usually too hairy and dress like shit, are emotionally retarded, uncivilized and have no attractive expression. Yuck.

  • SUPRA luca

    “Philosophically- why do women have such a need for superficial cover ups
    of their flaws and a desire for cheap junk (clothes, trinket
    decorations for her house, etc.)?”
    Culture. It started with men, all that make-up and fashion obssesion. Men are the ones who, naturally, are inclined to decorate themselves. The same goes for decoration – that has been considered a feminine trait to want to decorate your home, look good to your husband/family… so that is still on.

  • SUPRA luca

    Makeup started with males, by the way. That is actually a masculine thing. Women wear it now because it became part of the feminine fashion, that is all. Culture is changing all the time. Fashion and grooming change from time to time. In many cultures males will still decorate themselves, as that is part of human nature, even more when it comes to the male human. But in the end, women wear it because society expects that from them (just like they expect masculinity – our concept of masculinity of our times, as make-up has been a masculine thing – from men). And no, that is not being dishonest, just a form of expression, and many men, even in America, do apply make-up.
    Why didn’t you mention women shaving their armpits and legs, by the way? If you want natural, well, go find a hairy woman – as that is what natural women are like. Full, unchanged femininity.
    High heals are just a type of shoes, what the fuck. Many Asian male wear insoles, for example. Many guys inject shit to get muscular, many men go into plastic surgery, too. Most men shave their beards and cut their hair shorter than what it would be the natural. Tattoos and piercings…

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  • BobTrent

    All Afghan men are muzzies and would never so much as give a passing thought to getting an infidel Estonian or other woman to shag. “Getting…to” is it. Infidel women are not to be asked. Just grab her, lift her skirt up, rip her infidel panties off, and stick it in. Have to hold his breath to keep from inhaling the swine eating stench of her foul mouth. And keep from sliding off her pig grease slicked sweaty belly.@@@@@@@@@@@

  • BobTrent

    And don’t dare tell her that you royally despise getting your precious only face near that odorous clam. It’s supposed to be a willing receptacle for your bodily discharges, not a secondary mouth to be kissed or worse. As a sort of mouth it’s supposed to caress your bodily discharge spout.
    To hell with that little worm up front, too. If she can’t get off by an internal massage, tough. And don’t threaten me with you diddling the little worm. No wonder the Arabs chop them off: they ages ago got sick of the whining about not getting off.

  • mdd43

    Oh Bob, you sweet talker, I’ll bet you’ve got lots of young women lined up just waiting to get your customary 30-second shag.

  • Rob

    Surely Satan is not a good role model. He is, after all, the “Father of Lies” He lies to everyone. Pretty bad example.

  • Rob

    Yes if you wish to sleep with attractive women in their 20s, you’re going to have to lie about your age once you hit 40 something or drastically reduce your pool of available women. Many will disqualify you just for the number. I like 33 or so , so that’s what I tell hot girls in their 20s. It works. If I was honest about my age, I’d perhaps never be able to bang them. Screw that.