The Moral Argument For Lying To Women

Before we tackle the question of whether lying to girls is ethical or moral, we have to discuss whether lying even makes a difference. When a man lies, he’s thinking that the lie creates an image of himself that is more in line with what a girl wants in a man, and that lying will put him closer to sex. This is not always the case, especially if the man has incorrect ideas of what women want. For example, if a guy thinks that all girls want rich men, and he lies about his job title, he shouldn’t be surprised when he doesn’t get laid in the end. If he thinks that a girl wants an adventurous man who travels a lot, and he lies about being in countries he never has never foot in, would that really make it easier for him to bang? Probably not.

One way I’ve found lies to be useful is on foreign girls who are seeking long-term relationships when you are seeking something short-term. For example, if you’re only in town for two weeks, and you lie about staying permanently, this could very well propel you to a bang where honesty wouldn’t. Lies about your backstory could also help. If you’re an Afghan man in Estonia and find that all girls there hate Afghani men, lying about being Spanish instead could help you get the bang (assuming you could pull it off). But these lies only help when you want to score a notch. If you want something more serious, lies will constrain you into a tight box and also increase your level of paranoia where you constantly fear the girl discovering your lie, making the relationship much less enjoyable than if you were truthful from the start. Then again you may not have banged her if you were truthful, creating a dilemma that all men face when it comes to whitewashing their perceived flaws.

The main lie I deal with is my work. I usually tell girls I’m an internet businessman and not a writer. I learned that I only need to hide the truth for about a month or two until her feelings for me are established. By then she won’t care once she discovers that I’m the “most hated man on the internet.” I don’t like lying about my ethnicity, age, and length of time I’m staying in her city because I get less pleasure being with a woman if I have to pretend to be someone I’m not, but I’m more than willing to do so if I think it will help. I operate on a case-by-case basis.

I’ve found that the more honest I can be with my background, the more enjoyable the relationship is. On the other hand, it’s worth stressing that I’m never honest with my feelings, since that would convey neediness, decreasing a girl’s attraction for me. With honesty I’m only talking about the facts that make me who I am, not my thoughts or desires, which must be concealed, only revealed as part of a strategic move.

While I have just explained that I prefer being mostly upfront, besides some targeted omissions, I don’t see a moral problem with lying to women for sex as long as one condition is held: you consider yourself a good man. If a girl’s life will be somehow enhanced by your lie in that she will get to experience something pleasurable or positive, I don’t see the lie as immoral. If lying to a girl will cause her to enter a relationship with you where she will be happier than not, you could argue that you’re hurting her by not lying. On the other hand, if you lie to pump and dump her and then leave her worse off and in a heap of tears and maybe with an STD to boot, there is an ethical problem with your lie.

Since I consider myself a good man overall, who brings rays of sunshine into a woman’s life (I have testimonials if you want to see them), I have the moral authority to lie to women in order to gain intimacy with them. That said, I don’t lie 100% of the time, but I have no moral qualms about doing so if I believe that my lie will bring me and the girl closer together and allow her to enjoy life more than had I not lied. It’s worth repeating that relationships based on truth are much more easy-going and relaxed than one where you have to keep up a charade, but until the truthful version of yourself becomes aligned with what women want, you may need to dabble in this dark side of game.

In the end, it’s better to seek out relationships where you don’t have to lie about who you are instead of figuring out which lie will get her in bed, and paradoxically enough, the more lies you must give, the less likely you will get anywhere with the girl anyway, since you are far from her ideal type. With any girl you date, there is probably one or two targeted lies that will help you, but more than that and your issue is not one of whether to lie or not, but of making yourself the most attractive man possible where you don’t have to lie at all. We all have skeletons in our closet, and Google makes it easier for certain skeletons to be dragged out in public, but for two individuals to match, you must approach women using game to establish chemistry and rapport. Without that, all the lies in the world won’t make much of a difference.

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