The Most Important Thing A Man Has

Read this email I received from a guy who calls himself Grandpa…

In Bogota a few years ago I was talking to a HOT Colombian girl. She asked for a drink. I bought one for her and then she walked away. I was pissed. An old Colombian guy at the bar said, “You are new here and do not know what the hell you are doing.” I guess I don’t. He said, “Buy me a beer and I will give you an education that you cannot buy with money.” What the fuck, I might as well lose two drinks.

He gave me the best advice I have ever had that ended up landing me more Colombian pussy than I can count. He said the most valuable thing a guy has, especially an older guy (I was almost 40 then), is his dignity. (Yea, I am older now, but I am living in Brazil with a 22 year old smoking hot girl, with a few more on the side… yea, yea and a cabinet full of Viagra).

He told me the best way to handle when a girl asks me for a drink. First look at your watch and remember the time. Then completely ignore her comment about the drink. Change the subject and just bullshit for five full minutes. He said make sure you time it. You gringos will not be able to stand this situation and it will seem like an hour. After five full minutes, as part of the conversation, ask her what she is drinking, then wait another few minutes. Excuse yourself, go to the bar and get her and yourself a drink (preferable where she cannot see you), and bring it to her. This does a few things for you.

1. You are in charge of the situation, not her. She does not control you.
2. You will use your position of power to take care of her needs.
3. Buying her the drink is on your terms and your timetable, not hers.
4. You do not respond well to commands, especially from a woman. You ignore her commands.
5. You do not get angry with her commands because they are meaningless to you and you are above that.
6. It is okay for her to let you know what she wants, but it is entirely up to you if she gets it, and when she gets it.

The old guy told me that when I immediately bought her a drink she felt uncomfortable being in charge of the situation, and that I was easy and not to be respected or followed. I dated a lot of Colombian women and each of them kicked hard against me. After a while I realized that what they were really asking is “Are you strong enough for me to trust you to lead me?” After a while (weeks) most of the smart one learned to be very sweet and whisper in my ear, “I am getting a little thirsty,” with a sweet Colombian smile.

That place is fucking AWESOME. I got more Colombian stories than you can imagine.


P.S. The doctor who said if your woodie lasts longer then 4 hours, go to the doctor did NOT live in Colombia or Brazil… Happy Hunting.

This email reminds me of my first night going out in Colombia back in April 2009 (it feels like forever ago). In Bogota I went with a tall Croatian man I met at the hostel to a bar in the La Candelaria neighborhood. Almost immediately we started talking to two Colombian girls. The Croat was bursting with energy and doing all sorts of crazy dance moves to hook his girl, while I took on a more laid-back vibe with mine. About twenty minutes into the interaction, she asked me to buy her a drink.

I didn’t have any experience when a girl asks me that in South America, because even in my previous trip it never happened. So I gave her my typical American response: “Do you want me to just write you a check?” The interaction then terminated.

The next morning, the Croat told me how he fucked his girl without a condom and was scared of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

“Too bad my girl wasn’t open,” I said.

“No dude, your girl was open. You just went with the wrong game. You needed to be more playful instead of bitching her out. Back at the other girl’s place, I thought I was going to get a threesome for a second. I was so close!”

What he said didn’t really register, but over the next several months I realized that my worth to women—especially South American women—was not only in my humor or intellect or even game. It was also my ability to provide, made obvious when you consider the average Colombian girl can barely afford to buy herself a drink. It took me a little too long to realize their value system was different than Western girls.

I had the notion, from my upbringing in America, that a girl must like me for me and not my money or anything “superficial.” I was stubborn about letting this go at first (“But my jokes are so great!”), until I noticed that fucking a girl who likes my jokes versus fucking a girl who likes the fact that I can buy her an imported beer makes no difference to my dick, or ultimately, my happiness. As long as I’m not getting used for either it’s all the same, and I’d be a moron not to use whatever strength I possess to hit the attraction buttons of the local women. Let’s just say that highlighting my ability to provide—in a casual, non-flashy way—did not hurt my results with Colombian women, and is something I’m more aware of displaying in poor countries. It’s a careful balance because if you overdo it you can look like a total douche bag, but then again you shouldn’t go out of your way to hide the fact that you make a couple bucks.

Whenever I think back at the night with the Croat, asking the Colombian girl if she wanted me to write her a check, I cringe. What a rookie mistake.

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