The Most Thrilling Workshop Ever

It was the Sunday before Obama’s inauguration. The weather was cold but nothing like the weekend before when my students and I had to endure temperatures in the low teens. I arrived at the meeting point, a special Starbucks that was inadvertently made for day game, not knowing anything about my two students besides their names.

They finally arrived and it became clear to me that they had game. I only need to hear a man speak for 30 seconds before I can put together a pretty accurate assessment of his ability. Generally the chattier he is—without making inappropriate jokes—the better he’ll do. If there is one skill that is more important than any other when it comes to picking up women, it’s being able to talk in long prose without continuous feedback.

The first student was Indian but he looked more Middle Eastern. He was thin with a shaggy haircut, a little shorter than my own. He wore a retro plaid shirt and a classic black overcoat with a pin on the left lapel. I’ll call him Shaggy. The other student was a white man with a closely cropped haircut. He wore basic blue jeans and a blue crew sweater with a white undershirt. Army, who I’m calling him, would fit quite well in places where white people gather. Both took care of their appearance and seemed to be in good shape.

They told me they were hesitant about signing up for the workshop because they already get laid, but wanted to master day game. They mentioned the reasonable price. In my head I felt like my decision to charge lower than I can was validated since I’m able to teach guys who are not mere beginners. For some guys my workshop is Game 101, but others it’s 330, a third year course.

Army struck first. On the way to deposit a paper cup in the trash can, he casually approached a young, innocent-looking girl who sat alone at a table reading the bible. She responded very enthusiastically to the opening material and a few minutes later he got her number. No girl is immune to game, a fact that I already knew.

Army: 1
Shaggy: 0

While Shaggy was conversing with a blonde girl nearby working on her laptop, two random girls came up to the table and asked if we’re doing some “male-female psychology” program. I did catch them earlier trying to listen into the lecture material. I wasn’t forthcoming about what we were doing and only gave them vague statements about “relationship dynamics.” Then loudly one of the them said, “BECAUSE HE [Shaggy] IS RIGHT THERE TALKING TO THAT GIRL.” My eyes opened wide, appalled at the lengths girls go to cockblock. I turned my face while simultaneously waving the girls away, not wanting to encourage them to speak any further in case they might do some real damage. Since they were standing and I was sitting, they had no choice but to obey and leave, slightly stunned at my rudeness.

Shaggy hesitated to close on the laptop girl. The problem with day game is you are never 100% sure you’re getting the number, unlike night game where if you’re talking to a girl for a certain amount of time (>20 minutes), the number is pretty much guaranteed unless you’re an idiot with no game. He redeemed himself in Urban Outfitters. A tall blonde girl with hipster glasses was browsing through some sweaters on sale near the stairs when he approached her using material. It took about 8 minutes for the number to be exchanged. Shaggy was the first student to get a number in a clothing store (during the workshop).

Army: 1
Shaggy: 1

Both men were charged up. On the street Army approached a cute, young girl who looked mightily similar to the one in the coffee shop. Shaggy and I watched her show major interest (“Where do you live?”) and used telepathy to tell Army to go for the number. He starts to close the deal when two things happen. First, her Dad calls her on the phone. Army stood there calmly but I imagine it was awkward for him, but as long as the girl stayed put there would be no reason for him to move away. Second, she said she was on her way to church. This caused Army to freeze. He stalled and she didn’t wait, in a hurry to meet up with her father in a nearby place of worship. Army told us he suspected that she was a member of the same congregation as the girl from the coffee shop.

In the next clothing store, Shaggy chats up a gorgeous girl by the cosmetic jewelry section. There was no conceivable reason for him to be around beaded necklaces, hoop earrings, and sparkly head bands, but the opening material is natural enough that is lowers a girls’ guard who would otherwise be suspicious about why a man is a full level away from the men’s section. It was here that I noticed a flaw in his close technique: he tried to integrate himself into her future plans instead of just asking for the number outright. I take note of this in my notebook for later debriefing.

Only twenty feet away in the young intimates section, and almost within earshot of Shaggy, Army delivered. He approached two friends and talked for ten minutes, ending the interaction with both of their numbers. Even though he got two numbers, I’m only counting it as one since he can’t go for both girls. Like I mentioned to them in lecture, it’s very difficult to go for one girl in a pair. One student did it in the following week in the Barnes & Noble, but only because one of the girls was leaving town in a day. The out-of-towner faded into the background voluntarily.

Army: 2
Shaggy: 1

Though we’re barely halfway through the workshop, I said, “It will come down to the grocery store.” The grocery store is the last venue.

I hyped up the competition so they are motivated to close and set a new record: 3 numbers. While getting laid serves as plenty good motivation, it doesn’t have that instant gratification as beating your fellow man. Both approached girls with no encouragement from me, but neither are able to convert on subsequent street or bookstore approaches. We got on the subway.

The trains were uncomfortably packed, an ideal environment for subway game. Army came within striking distance of a girl on her way to an inaugural ball. She had on a conservative black dress and three-inch heels that squeezed her toes inward towards the middle. It seemed like her toes were tripping on top of each other. Army did admirably, talking to her for four minutes and blowing through awkward points in the conversation to get some semblance of rhythm going. Maybe if she wasn’t getting off so soon there would have been a number, but… nothing.

In the middle of the car Shaggy talked at length to a fun, smiley girl. As luck would have it, she had to make the exact same transfer we did. Waiting on the next platform, he bailed on her without getting the number. Infuriated, I told him to go back and get the digits because she is obviously interested. He did.

Army: 2
Shaggy: 2

Like I predicted, it came down to the grocery store. I told them they both have tied one of my previous students who got two numbers on a workshop, and that if they want a more permanent place in the record books they must get 3 numbers. I added how it will be near impossible for anyone to get 4 numbers. They’re pumped and ready, like bulls ready to be released onto the ring. They grabbed shopping baskets and I released them off into the wilderness that is the Whole Foods produce section.

The grocery store is the final exam. I let guys roam there on their own without me by their side. If they can’t approach a girl completely alone by the end of the workshop, then I’ve failed them.

Now remember that it’s a Sunday night, the slowest night of the week for grocery shopping according to the supermarket lobby (Food Marketing Institute). For this reason both Army and Shaggy were roaming the aisles, back and forth, waiting for prey. They stalked the same girl in the yellow shirt, waiting for a perfect moment that will never come. Eventually Army walked up to Shaggy and asked, “Did you approach her yet?” Shaggy said no, and Army replied, “Alright then I will.” He casually strolls to the girl in the yellow shirt and spits his game, but she wasn’t biting. Shaggy made an attempt of his own but there was nothing there as well. If it was a Saturday night I think the end result would have been different.

Army: 2
Shaggy: 2

The workshop soon came to an end. If God existed, I’m sure he would be proud of what I’m doing.

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  • ad

    What opener did the guy use in the jewelry store?

  • Brutus

    “If God existed, I’m sure he would be proud of what I’m doing.”


    What openers do you recommend for daygame Roosh?
    I only use hook openers/ and a little bit of opinion openers.

  • Hammer

    Dude, I’m telling you Roosh, field test direct game in the day. cut the conversation off at 5 minutes with a number close. You’ll get blown out right away if the girl has a boyfriend, and you’ll probably get a number if she doesn’t.

    Hammer’s last blog post: TSB AFF Challenge.

  • z

    If only women knew that men are replacing hunting and fishing for deer and bass, with hunting and fishing for poon and ass.

    “Whoring” (what my old buddy used to call it), the new hobby. (That old buddy had close to 500 notches by his 28th birthday BTW).

    It is much more fun that playing computer games isn’t it?

    Perhaps it should become a televised sport…….

    Hey! Great idea for a reality TV show.
    “You Got Game with Roosh V”. The host, Roosh V, takes four contestants to various malls, libraries, public parks, flea markets and unleashes the would-be casanovas on the ladies, all surreptitiously vidoetaped by hidden cameras.

    Whoever gets the most phone numbers wins a prize (a new jeep or boat or cash prize).

    It would be like the fun-house-mirror opposite of “Cheaters”. People would eat it up. Hell, they watched that awful “ElimiDate” for a few seasons and it was awful. Unlike Elimidate, men would actually learn useful things, and WOMEN WOULD BE FORCED TO LOOK AT THE TRUTH ABOUT THEMSELVES, which always gives me immense satisfaction as the self-righteous little harpies are the biggest hypocrites in nature.

  • Infinity

    I have to agree with Hammer. In day game, direct is the way to go. Even if it starts indirect, there needs to be a direct intent. It cuts out time and just like at night, she’s already made up her mind if you are attractive enough to talk to. If you are and you go direct, the number is near guaranteed.

    Infinity’s last blog post: Are You in Tune With Your Star Player? [Video].

  • Carl Sagan

    Anyone have any links to some material for beginners on day game?

  • The G Manifesto

    Girls clothing boutiques are great for Day Game.

    Because you have no reason to be there, if you come strong, it can be extremely effective.

    A lot of the girls that work in those spots are fly too.

    - MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Never Die Alone Movie, DMX.

  • AndrewDiceClayDC

    Meeting a random girl in public–in DC, no less– and within 5 to 10 minutes getting a phone number? Bullshit.

  • The G Manifesto

    “Meeting a random girl in publicâ��in DC, no lessâ�� and within 5 to 10 minutes getting a phone number? Bullshit.”

    It happens every day.

    - MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Never Die Alone Movie, DMX.

  • roissy

    “Meeting a random girl in public–in DC, no less– and within 5 to 10 minutes getting a phone number?”

    it’s true. i can testify. of course, you’ll have strikeouts as well as scores, but that’s the case everywhere, except a brothel.

    roissy’s last blog post: An Example Of Successful Online Game.

  • Jake

    “Meeting a random girl in public in DC, no less and within 5 to 10 minutes getting a phone number? Bullshit.”

    It happens every day.”


    It happens everyday? Only in the mind of these delusional “professional pick up artists” trying to sell their products. Those phone numbers you’re getting are fakes. If they’re not, then the chick is a drug addict and has AIDS.

  • adrock

    Wow. I’m shocked that there are people (8 and 10) that don’t think you can pick up a random girl in the day time. That just blew my mind.

    Do you guys really have such little charm and charisma that you’ve never gotten a girl’s phone number while the sun is up?

  • Jake

    It takes about 30 min to an hour of conversation to get digits. But in 5 minutes, of someone you just happen to bump into randomly on the street? Okay, whatever. Unless you’re Brad Pitt, its a fake number.

    PS: Bitches who go to church are such a turn-off.

  • The G Manifesto

    “It happens everyday? Only in the mind of these delusional “professional pick up artists” trying to sell their products. Those phone numbers you’re getting are fakes.”

    You need to kick back in a high volume area. IE the beach or a high end shopping district.

    ” If they’re not, then the chick is a drug addict and has AIDS.”

    There are a lot of hot chicks that are drug addicts.

    “It takes about 30 min to an hour of conversation to get digits.”

    Not true. That might be how long it takes You to get digits.

    “Unless you’re Brad Pitt, its a fake number.”

    Fuck Brad Pitt. That guy is a nonce.

    - MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Never Die Alone Movie, DMX.

  • Roosh

    I pity some of the commenters in this thread. Their world view and life experience is very narrow and… limited. I’m guessing their notch count is in the low single digits, from girls they met through friends.

  • Anonymous

    Roosh these work shops are a good thing.

    and you’re right, these dudes are just lazy ones who excuse their lazyness to make any effort on street game or other wise, by saying that its impossible. to get a number in 5 minutes.

    Their genes will be weeded out of existance by other females because they are lazy and need to justify it by dismissing your game intellect and effort of just plain getting out there and doing it.
    They’ll die alone with a semi-viagra boner watching the Spice channel.

  • Anonymous

    Alot of this is dependant on where you are. In DC, game is based on your ability to connect, to disarm her and interact in about ten seconds. In Santa Monica, I’d say things like “I work for an agent” and the girls couldn’t grab my phone to punch in their numbers fast enough. In Nashville, you could have dumb ass game, be so piss poor unfunny, and say something like “my cousin’s in recording” and you’d get a number faster than you could say it. Hell, in Alabama, I’d just smile and get a number. DC game is more like, you gotta be witty (funny), engaging, and you better be damn quick. But it helps that DC is like a stick in the mud — you’ll stand out if you’re friendly, etc.

  • Anonymous

    yeah on the other hand i think i really shouldnt of been nice in apolizing to your nerdy jewy know what fuck you too,hope you fucking burn on a swastika.

  • I Pity the Fool

    “Their world view and life experience is very narro”

    And yours…?


    1. Worldview – No God. Lives by code of Hedonism. Believes that sense indulgence is the supreme ideal. Thinks that because he is able to ‘game’ women in a decadent country that is dying, that he is some sort of star. Considering that lots of males in this country have had sex with multiple partners, your pride in your “achievements” is the equivalent of an ant boasting upon reaching the top of an ant hill.

    2. Life experience – believes that because he has had sex with a lot of women, from many different countries, that this is the mark of a legend, when in fact, it is the SAME experience. You go in and out, then you ejaculate. The women’s skin tone or BMI is of peripheral importance. And you’ve traveled South America – well done! I guess you tried to travel there in an alpha way though, so that broadens your worldview.

    Or not.

  • virgle kent

    “yeah on the other hand i think i really shouldnt of been nice in apolizing to your nerdy jewy know what fuck you too,hope you fucking burn on a swastika”

    LOL, haha ha ah akjfh;asdpoiadjf;aljkdsfj;safd j;sa

    That was easily the funiest hate comment I’ve ever read. I can’t stop laughing in my cube

    “hope you burn on a swastika” will now be my official outro on Roosh’s voice mail.

    “yo Roosh what up? It’s vk, ima be at the spot around 9:30 or so. I’ll see you then… hope you burn on a swastika”

  • virgle kent

    Fuck this mean I’m going to have to stop using,

    “That nigga Jesus”

    From your Halloween post. That one will be tough to give up

  • The Existing God

    My dear son Roosh,
    I am quite pleased in the service you are providing to your fellow men. I only wish you could have been here 2000 years ago, shit son I was turing water into wine and you could have been there as my wingman. I know you would have liked to meet this Mary chick I knew, man she was bangin! Nevertheless, I am proud of you and I hereby commission you to go forth and stay the course, keeping thy pimp hand strong, and sharing your knoweledge with your brothers.


    p.s. you rock the only beggotten look like no other!

  • spaceman

    haha, a couple of years ago i wouldn’t have even believed you could get a girls # at a bar… i really had no idea.

    game changes lives. it really does.

    -Making the jump for a phone number really is a leap of faith and you really just have to go for it, its hard to tell sometimes if its on. (unlike night game)

    -I am curious about direct day game, I will have to start trying that out.

    I could write alot more but i’ll leave it at that.

  • Todd H

    i love that people are skeptical of day game.

    i pray that other guys just keep putting on velvet top hats, memorizing lingo like DHV, negs, and AFC and hit then hit the clubs.

  • RW

    For those about to Rock, we salute you…..

    Somewhere God is smiling because he does want you to be happy.

  • The G Manifesto

    Todd H,

    “i love that people are skeptical of day game.

    i pray that other guys just keep putting on velvet top hats, memorizing lingo like DHV, negs, and AFC and hit then hit the clubs.”

    Exactly. And hilarious.

    Yeah, for all the doubters.

    You are right.

    It is IMPOSSIBLE to get a girls phone number during the day.

    Don’t even try.

    (Some of these guys would have a heart attack to know that you can get a shaker or a blower within 30 min of meeting a girl if your vibing right.)

    - MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Never Die Alone Movie, DMX.

  • Chase

    Roosh, how many of your students are approaching girls with Bibles at Starbucks!

  • Suburban Sweetheart

    I know you were pretty happy about the “powerful” comment I made about you last week, but now you can really feel like it’s come true — your posting about me has generated at least two dozen horrifically anti-Semitic comments on my blog. I don’t care about the people who’ve come to me from you to call me ugly or a slut, but you should really be proud of the readers who’ve made their way to me who hate me with everything they’ve got not because I’m a whiny, slutty, ugly woman but because I’m a JEWISH woman. Thanks, man. I appreciate it. I guess your readers are even nicer than I thought.

  • Suburban Sweetheart

    Although reading through today’s comments on this post… maybe it’s just one really fucking lame angry dude.

  • Pete


    I’ve always found that getting a number is not that difficult because women know they have caller ID and will screen any number that they don’t recognize. Most women would rather just give their number to a guy they are not interested in then deny him and make a big scene. So the real test is did they get any dates out of these numbers. Do you have any metrics on that?

  • Army


    I called the chick with the bible and we went out for breakfast which I suggested against my better judgment. She called me back but after playing phone tag for a day or two I decided it wasn’t worth it. I might call her this weekend, but it’s not likely.

    I never followed up with the pair of girls at the clothing store. Why, you ask. I’ll tell you.

    After the workshop and on the subway home, I got the number of another pair of girls (using some of Roosh’s tactics, of course) that were more attractive. The next day, we all met up with a friend of mine and I showed them Embassy Row and we all tried to apply for Eritrean citizenship. We we denied and asked to leave.

    Of the girls I met the day of the workshop I got two dates and zero bangs. But, I did learn some stuff and think that the workshop was quite beneficial. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to get away form pick up girls in bars or clubs.

  • Roosh

    SS: On my end it’s just one dude. I don’t encourage that kind of thing.

    Army: If you really like bars and are good at them, it becomes hard to put the time it takes to make day game pay off.

  • required

    I think it is rude to approach people when they are not specifically looking to be approached. I don’t like people approaching me either.

    required’s last blog post: politics.

  • skadanks

    I wish I could see and watch like a fly on the wall what guys with good day game are doing and saying and talking about. My sticking point is that I just don’t know what to open with and how not to get stuck if the girl doesn’t give me enough material back to carry the conversation. I’m not what you’d call an extrovert in the first place, so this is huge hurdle. If I could see what these guys were saying to the women, it would give me a sense of how to go into these things and to keep the ball rolling.

    I feel like I understand all aspects of inner game, I know how to groom myself and dress stylishly, now the one component that is missing is the outer game and that’s what still remains the most elusive to me.

  • The G Manifesto


    “My sticking point is that I just don’t know what to open with”

    Literally, open with ANYTHING. If you are standing by the beach, ask her where the beach is. It doesn’t matter. Just the fact that you are approaching will be good enough. Just don’t be creepy.

    “how not to get stuck if the girl doesn’t give me enough material back to carry the conversation”

    Move on to the next.

    “If I could see what these guys were saying to the women”

    Like many things in life, it doesn’t matter what you say. It is how you say it.

    Just be confident.

    The rest will work it self out.

    - MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Asher Roth – New School Eminem?.

  • Anonymous

    haha… “where’s the beach” while standing on the beach.. That’s clever, G-man

  • anon

    I pity everyone who reads here. Ew. What’s the point? Pussy? What a sad lame existence.

    And it seems like your readers are really the bottom of the barrel, with that barely literate anti-semitic crap. Where do you advertise? YouTube?

  • florecita

    Is your sister married yet?

    Please create a game workshop for WOMEN! For women game of course revolves around finding a good rich man to marry, like “How to Catch and Keep a High-Beta Provider Hubby.”

    It would take a workshop in high-income target areas along with multiple follow ups and ongoing phone support (“You better hold out a while but not too long… watch some Jenna movies for ideas to keep him interested”).

  • florecita

    The women’s workshop could have two audiences: over 25 and under 25. THe over 25 crowd could have a special section of the workshop on, “Reconnecting with the Beta’s You Rejected Who Will Actually Marry Your Old Has-Been 30 y.o. Ass.” That segment would involve calling/facebooking/e-mailing.

    I bet you could even to do first hand testing of the women’s bedroom skills… it’s all good stuff for you Roosh!