The New N-Word

Back in the Jim Crow days, the quickest way for a white man to put down a black man was to call him a nigger. The black man would experience an immediate emotional reaction to the term and its associated stereotypes. Images of the white man’s enslavement of his people would likely pop into his head. This word was a gift to white racists due to how quickly and easily it hurt the black man.

While the n-word still has the power of insult, it’s not as strong as in the past. Today, black men use variants of it to cordially greet each other and you can find its use in rap music and stand-up comedy. As long as a white person doesn’t it use it with the hard R, insult is not automatic.

There is a word today that women have adopted as their defacto n-word when they want to put down a man of any race. It has the immediate effect of making men feel weak and embarrassed. That word is “creepy.”

Its definition has expanded over the years, going from something representing pedophilic or deviant behavior to anything which makes a woman even slightly uncomfortable. It’s a powerful word that is successfully causing men to tread carefully around women for fear of getting the stain applied to them. It’s being used to control men and make sure they don’t question female behavior and overreach.

If you see yourself as a man who believes that feminism is hurting men, and that women have gained at the cost of men, you should never use this word. It must be banished from your vocabulary. Every time you use it, you validate its use by a woman to trash your own gender, giving it even more power.

Whenever you hear someone say “creepy,” whether a man or a woman, you must stop the speaker and question why they used it, just as if they were using the n-word. Their answer will likely come down to one of two reasons:

1. A man said a critical thing which hurt a girl’s feelings.
2. A man was being masculine.

Being critical and being masculine is my human right like it is yours. Allowing women and their enablers to get away with using this word will have the end result of emasculating men who fear being labeled it.

Women know that words are extremely powerful in causing negative emotional states, which is why they are crusading against the use of words like “slut” and “fat.” While they campaign against having their behavior restrained in any way, they are simultaneously increasing the use of words like “creepy” to restrain men. Don’t let this happen. Stop using the word creepy, and question its use every time you hear it.

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