The New N-Word

Back in the Jim Crow days, the quickest way for a white man to put down a black man was to call him a nigger. The black man would experience an immediate emotional reaction to the term and its associated stereotypes. Images of the white man’s enslavement of his people would likely pop into his head. This word was a gift to white racists due to how quickly and easily it hurt the black man.

While the n-word still has the power of insult, it’s not as strong as in the past. Today, black men use variants of it to cordially greet each other and you can find its use in rap music and stand-up comedy. As long as a white person doesn’t it use it with the hard R, insult is not automatic.

There is a word today that women have adopted as their defacto n-word when they want to put down a man of any race. It has the immediate effect of making men feel weak and embarrassed. That word is “creepy.”

Its definition has expanded over the years, going from something representing pedophilic or deviant behavior to anything which makes a woman even slightly uncomfortable. It’s a powerful word that is successfully causing men to tread carefully around women for fear of getting the stain applied to them. It’s being used to control men and make sure they don’t question female behavior and overreach.

If you see yourself as a man who believes that feminism is hurting men, and that women have gained at the cost of men, you should never use this word. It must be banished from your vocabulary. Every time you use it, you validate its use by a woman to trash your own gender, giving it even more power.

Whenever you hear someone say “creepy,” whether a man or a woman, you must stop the speaker and question why they used it, just as if they were using the n-word. Their answer will likely come down to one of two reasons:

1. A man said a critical thing which hurt a girl’s feelings.
2. A man was being masculine.

Being critical and being masculine is my human right like it is yours. Allowing women and their enablers to get away with using this word will have the end result of emasculating men who fear being labeled it.

Women know that words are extremely powerful in causing negative emotional states, which is why they are crusading against the use of words like “slut” and “fat.” While they campaign against having their behavior restrained in any way, they are simultaneously increasing the use of words like “creepy” to restrain men. Don’t let this happen. Stop using the word creepy, and question its use every time you hear it.

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  • Berria

    It’s often used against beta men, who desire a woman but are too afraid to make a move or talk to her, while those men who act on their desires, may be label something else, but usually aren’t called “creepy.”

  • Brandon 2.0

    i’m mostly irish with some native american. the irish were treated way worse than africans during the 1600’s and we all know about the indians. i take pride in being ‘white’.

    however, regarding the main topic, i loathe hearing a girl say the word creeper…and i esp. loathe the girls who have a habit using the term one every 10 or so sentences.

    i read on a forum a few years back about flipping the script on this one. if you know a girl is using this word to shame people, it has a remarkable effect on their self-esteem if used correctly. you don’t have to wait until they do something weird, but just when they do or say something slightly odd.

  • Anonymous

    I disagree. It is very easy to disarm a girl who uses creepy. You just call her creepy first, and give her look like she is weird. In effect, you turn her own word against her. This is basic stuff. A word that is MUCH harder to disarm is gay. Guys use it all the time to insult each other, and girls have started to copy them. There really is no way to preempt it or to come back from it, when it comes from a girl you haven’t banged yet.

  • Ron

    I think sometimes girls use deploy “creepy” in response to bad game or obvious beta over-reach. That is, attempts at masculine behavior that are somehow guarded or accompanied by a kind of neediness and reaction-seeking body language can come across in this way. I agree that it is a weapon. But sometimes if you get it, you’ve just run bad game.

  • Brandon 2.0

    @ #3

    if a girl says you’re gay, just say something like ‘no, only if you have a dick’.

    there’s c&f response for every shit test, I believe.

  • Therapsid

    Here’s the bottom line. Guys with bad game in the past would have been called at worst dorks, nerds, or losers.

    All these things are bad but they don’t imply anything criminal. Creepy by contrast is a grab-bag of everything from pedophile to awkward guy. In fact, sometimes simply not being her type or attractive enough and simultaneously engaging a girl in conversation is enough to be called creepy. It is an attempt by the feminist establishment to criminalize male behavior. It fosters a climate in which (straight) men are by default under suspect.

  • Gavin Madden

    Creepy is an insult to a man’s persona which is what he usually will use to pick up women, whereas fat/ugly is as insult to a girls looks, which she obviously uses to pick up men.

    I believe it’s okay for a guy to describe another guy trying to game his target as a way to lower his value.

    I have to agree that ‘creepy’ is the worst thing a gamer can be described as.

  • Wilson

    I was actually watching a movie from the 50s the other day where the bad boy was AMOGing the previous beta boyfriend by insisting he was a creep. So it does seem like “creep” was appropriated by women like “gay”, proving once again that women really do have zero originality of thought, and that their intellectual ideal is thuggery.

  • Anonymous
  • Tamburlaine

    What about “misogyny”? That is the easiest way for anyone to demean and dismiss anything said by someone with whom they disagree. You don’t agree with federally funded birth-control? Misogynist. Do you tell women to take responsibility for their actions? Misogynist.

  • Jack

    Jersey shore guys had it right by referring to what they do as “creepin'”.

    When you co-opt the word, you rob it of its power, right nigga?

  • Phinn

    “Creepy” is essentially a euphemism for “probably a rapist.” It literally means a man who is trying to have sex with a woman, but can only succeed by creeping up on her with a stealthy sneak-attack.

    It boils down to a man that a woman does not want to have sex with, who is still telegraphing a desire to have sex with her. That he’s sexually unattractive, but doesn’t know it.

    He wants + she does not want + he mistakenly thinks he can = creepy.

    Not surprisingly, that’s also what calling women “fat” boils down to — stating openly that she is sexually unattractive, but saying so further implies that she may not be aware of how repulsive she is.

  • Jack

    Most often “creepy” is girlcode for “bad game”.

    Very few men are actually “being masculine” when they get the creep label.

  • Therapsid

    Guys keep saying “creepy” only means bad game. Nonsense. Any guy who’s with a girl in her 20’s will hear her brandish the word creepy on a regular basis at men who often times aren’t even hitting on her or doing anything awkward whatsoever.

  • prepman

    All men are creepy by default, as their reproductive organ resembles an hairy reptilian appendage.

    Of course, they’d never call their smelly, stretched out taco holes, droopy boobs and rolls of fat anything but BBW, as evidenced by the number of them trolling on the web for “a good man”, which I guess means a neutered man without the creepy appendage.

    All I have to say to that charge is, “it takes one to know one.”

  • Jack Schitz

    Why don’t we start using the term back at women we don’t want to fuck.

    Ex: HB7-10’s fat friend is cock blocking you by trying to call you out. Say in the group: “Hey [Fat Friends Name] you ought to watch out, you’re verging on being more than a little creepy here”. Obviously, you need to use it in some context that’s not totally absurd.

    Will it work. No idea, but it maybe worth a little empirical evidence.


  • Gustavo

    The one time I heard a woman call me this outright was on a subway train after I initiated conversation. She was in a foul mood, but still, its not necessary. If I was so “creepy” then why did the mixed group sitting behind her invite me over to converse with them? I really think women use this word without thinking of its ramifications. It’s automatic in any situation where they feel uncomfortable around a man.

  • George

    First of all, you should realize that “creepy” and “creeper” are sounds that come out of the mouth of a person (sounds somewhat similar to pee-pee). These words can’t hurt you more than any other word.

    Whenever you feel strong emotions about anything verbally expressed at you, check ego issues you might have first.

    That’s why only the biggest loosers of all “resort” to physical violence when provoced verbally.

  • John Rambo

    ” It’s a powerful word that is successfully causing men to tread carefully around women for fear of getting the stain applied to them.”

    Any “man” or rather MANGINA that is so pathetic that he is concerned what women “think of him” is a fucking pussy who would be better off dead.

    Why should we even waste our time talking about such weak and pathetic mangina men?

  • Dat Ikey

    Creepy usually means they did something “beta”.

  • Berria
  • PussyHoundontheDole

    You are absolutely right. People are always calling me creepy when I say that I am a full time welfare recipient devoting his time to practicing game on horny women. I will now tell them, “What is creepy man? Me having sex with hot girls supported by your taxes? Or you not having sex with anyone except that whale while being a taxpayer? Or both?” Right on, Roosh! Sometimes, I know not what, I would do without you.

  • Creeper

    Wow. My 20yr old daughter (who has been diagnosed mentally ill, bipolar, schizoaffective, borderline, misc bullshit) has been calling me a “creeper” for the last year when she is mad at me. So I declared it my official family nickname. lol

  • Anonymous

    she call me a creep? i just call her a bitch or a slut LOL.

  • Soup

    Another phrase:

    “trolling for girls”

    Example: “There’s this creeper who always comes to the bar trolling for models.”

  • Superfreak

    And yet redditland continues its use; “creepy doesn’t even being to describe this man” -a guy posted;

  • whatsamattayou

    @3 anonymous

    agree & amplify. if a girl calls you gay, say something like ‘ya got me dead to rights, am i really that obvious a rugmuncher?’

  • http://[email protected] Ryan

    Agreed. In college I heard women call men that all the time. Even players got called that. From what I can tell, women call any man who does not do exactly what they want him to do a creep, creeper, or creepy. Essentially if you do anything politically incorrect, you are creepy. If you are introverted you are creepy. If you are extroverted you are creepy. In short, creepy and its variations have multiple uses and can be used by a woman at any time, and anywhere.

  • Ryan

    Also, it goes to show just how much society has shamed men when a single word can knock the wind out of a great deal of us. I have seen strong men fall after a barrage of passive aggressive insulting. For example, I knew a football player who started coming to church and he immediately became a player when he did so. He started fucking some of the local church sluts but in doing so made enemies out of the sluts and their manginas. He received constant criticism for his behavior and eventually broke. He is now a hard core mangina.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t disagree with the gist of the post, but There is a possible irony here which is that you’re reserving the male right to be critical, while the term “creepy” is a female form of being critical. To the extent that as the above comments suggest, creeper is fundamentally used when someone is being beta, couldn’t we consider its use by women a good thing? As it essentially polices and selects for a higher form of alpha behaviour. One could take being called a creeper as evidence that one is doing something wrong, and try to be more excellent in response, or whatever. Thoughts ?

  • Anonymous

    Although, I get called creepy even sometimes just because I tag a chick faster than her friends wanted me to. And this is considered sketchy. But that of course doesn’t bother me when people call me creepy in that context. So I guess there is some use of creepy that isn’t just pointed at beta behaviour.

  • Johnycomelately

    At least it’s better than rapy….

  • Superman

    This is completely stupid! To lump the word creepy and nigger in the same category is laughable bro. Nigger comes from our race being oppressed by white people for centuries. To lump it together with a word that makes men feel uncomfortable belittle’s the magnitude of the oppression.

    And I recall you calling something “creepy” in one of your tweets…just saying lol

  • Stuki

    Weird. I use creepy all the time, referring to myself. If I’m around more than one much younger girls, and guys, I’ll as often as not introduce myself as “Uncle Creepy.”

  • BB

    Which is why Radiohead’s “Creep” is the ultimate beta anthem.

  • Wodi

    I have had some great reactions calling girls creepy! A got called creepy a few months ago and I was annoyed so I actually started using it again.

    Even before game I would call a girl who liked me and was showing interest ‘creepy fingers’.

  • Starting Young & Aiming High

    At least among my female friends, girls mainly call a guy creepy when he’s being needy or just really beta in general, not when he’s being rude (then he’s mean, a dick, a jerk or an asshole) or masculine.

    Card carrying feminists might call any display of masculinity creepy, but most girls don’t.

    Why would a hot girl call a masculine guy creepy when his masculinity is turning her on? Exactly.

  • Ian Ironwood

    Creepy is a direct attack on male sexuality. When overheard, it should properly be responded to with a hearty, “Why so cuntish, Cupcake?” and a grin.

    When some chick accuses you of being gay as a kind of put-down, just flame out flamboyantly and say, “OhmyGOD! You mean you aren’t a dude in drag? Oh, honey, you poor thing!”

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  • Anonymous

    “Their answer will likely come down to one of two reasons:
    1. A man said a critical thing which hurt a girl’s feelings.
    2. A man was being masculine.”

    I haven’t read all the comments, but just in case nobody mentioned the third reason:
    3. A man gestured some interest in a woman, who didn’t find him attractive.

  • BDM

    Are we gonna start taking the word back?

    “What’s up my creepa!”

    “Wait-to creep on her bro!”

    “I was totally creeper last night!”

    Can we add another word?

    “That was total patriarchy, bro!”

    “Dude, you’re my patriarch.” (said mid-man-hug)

    “That man is pure patriarchy.”

    This could be fun.

  • hamster

    You’re retarded.

  • Ben

    “The beginning of the end”

    What an ironic previous title.

    Clenching your anus when reading any thing about HBD (the fact that people are different) is a stupid as believing in blue pill dogma.

    Very disappointed Roosh. You should look at some of the criticism they gave you on Taki’s and take it to heart.

    Otherwise, big fan.

  • Fuck Mother Fuck

    What about awkward? That’s another N word for men. If a woman says “this is awkward” or “you’re awkward” what she is really saying is “I don’t like you and I’m going to be a bitch to you” OR she will act awkward if she doesn’t want you around instead of politely excusing herself from the situation.

    It’s actually the women who are awkward because they don’t have the social tact to be able to tell men no or leave situations politely. However if the guy is just being a total clueless prick then fuck him.

  • BB

    Wait, where’s our daily dose of dwarf on elf homo action?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know. Most of the guys I’ve seen women describe as “creepy” actually are creepy.

  • gaoxiaen

    Agree and amplify, especially if you’re called a pervert. Just say, “If you ain’t a pervert, you ain’t shit”. That often gets a supressed smile, if not a laugh. I think I saw it on a T-shirt a long time ago.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent post.

    “Creepy” is a *specially nasty* word, and it needs to fucking go.

    The reaction to it should be harsh.

    A man who serves the cause of anti-feminism is a hero, for “feminism” is the single worst thing that has ever befallen culture. It destroys men’s will and wastes their sense of life.

    I wrote yesterday that misandry (spell checkers don’t recognize the word, of course) was an evil wilderness and that you should be one of those who helps men out of it.

    I know you hear me. I think you have it in you to be a great man.–

  • John

    ‘Creepy’ is one of those weak words parroted off like ‘epic’ or ‘lame’ that indicates the person is a mindless drone too lazy/stupid to think for themselves. Resorting to insults about sexual orientation follows the same lines as well IMO. If you are going to insult someone, be creative about it.

  • Peter

    My response is ‘whatever cunt’ as a dismissive auto-response.

    I walk away because it’s just not worth hanging in there. time to find other girls.

    Girls don’t like being called cunts btw.

  • Cyrone

    Wow, I literally just got called “creepy” by a girl last weekend at a university house party. In hindsight it did sting, but I was too drunk to care at the time. But i’ll definitely question what they think is creepy about it next time.. it’ll send em for a spin


  • Lehtair

    One of your best blog posts. This deserves to go into recent favorites

  • Ruxman

    My nickname in 11th grade was ‘creepy’ it lasted for about a year. It quickly bled into the nearby girls school and I was known as ‘creepy’ to them too. A girl came up with the nickname and it went viral, that will be the biggest cock block of my life, it was no coincidence that I got little action that year too.

  • Speakeasy

    The word creepy used to be a synonym for “scary” or “eerie.” As in a creepy haunted house or a creepy Halloween costume. I don’t know at what point the word began taking on sexual overtones. Seems like it was about 5-8 years ago and now it’s reached epidemic proportions in usage.

  • Dannyfrom504

    Creepy= I’m not attracted to you.

  • Anonymous

    Roosh, you have done a great job on Feminism and whatnot, and definitely word creepy is something that shouldn’t be used to discriminate against guys trying to meet women. However, as others also said, the word creepy is used for a beta male, or a male whose vibe and attitude doesn’t match his intentions and actions. The six months in the game I used to get that word. Now after more than a year, I don’t hear it anymore. It is as if it never existed.

  • lmnop

    This post reminds me of an interaction with my mom when I was a teenager. She was explaining something to me in what I thought to be a patronizing way. “It’s so annoying when you talk to me like I’m a child, mom. Why don’t you speak to me like an adult?” I said. “I’ll know you’re really an adult when the way your mother talks to you doesn’t get under your skin so much.”

  • Stuki


    As we slide ever deeper into a progressive dystopia, all words take on sexual overtones. Adult, gay, playmate, creepy and ever more…..

    Barren spinsters devoid of even the pretense of any semblance of morality or higher calling, and the army of progressively indoctrinated drones servicing them, simply have nothing non sexual on their feeble little minds; hence by projection fail to grasp the notion that words can have other connotations to the world’s few remaining less-degenerates.

  • Dat bro

    And don’t forget the 18-21 year old cohorts favorite variation of the word:


    OMG he is such a creeper.

    as a (half) black guy I agree the n-word has lost its power. It’s almost funny when a white person tries to use it derogatorily online as we all know they would never say it to our faces.

    I don’t think creeper is that bad. Why? it’s a word given power primarily by women, and the words women say have no meaning in the first place.

    In one sorority alone I had fucked 7 girls in the same year. The 8th fell through because of some boyfriend issues. When that 8th called me a creeper one night I would have agreed with you there, Roosh. I was taken aback. No word had that much effect on me in over a year.

    After that incident, for the next 6 months I did everything I could in my power to slander her name. Eventually it came back to me. I had taken pictures of her from an online dating app, photoshopped them for hilarity, and sent it to all the girls who hated her. She was devastated and teary eyed came up to me asking why.

    “Because you called me a creeper.”

    “I called you a creeper?”

    At first I thought she was full of shit – that she was playing the victim card to make me look the villain. But she was serious.

    Words used by women have very little power. it’s only in this beta 2013 society that people put a little too much weight on their words.

  • dat bro

    Finally one more note, alphas do get called creepy, but its more of a knee-jerk reaction from a rejecting female.

    Betas get called creepy, and then that label gets stuck to the end of his name like an M.D. If the beta had an office, his desk would have the placard “Hugo Beta, Creeper”

    But heres a tip to deal with a woman who oversteps her reach in trying to castigate a man. If a woman does call you creepy, all you have to do is this (hat tip to Trevor for this one):

    Take a step back, put a look of major disgust on your face, and say in a voice 2 levels louder than her, “Eww what the fuck you’re creepy get away from me.” Most likely her calling you creepy would only be heard by her and her group of hens while your response would be heard by everyone else around. Then, abruptly turn, dignity intact.

  • stephen

    I was in New York for a week hanging out with my buddy. One night we go out with his girlfriend ( A fucking whale, I thought she was going to eat me.) and her friend.

    Right off the bat the friend immediately asks me what I do and I tell her “I am wandering around aimlessly.”

    Somehow the conversation gets to A-Rod and she claims he is “creepy.”

    Me: How is he creepy?
    Girl: I don’t know he just is.
    Me: You can’t just make a claim and have no evidence to support your thesis. What the fuck makes a guy creepy anyways? An ugly guy hitting on you?

    At this point the whale chimes in.

    Whale: No, it’s all in the vibe of the guy.

    Me: If a good looking guy hit on you I doubt you would find him creepy and probably the total opposite if he’s ugly.

    Whale: No way, it’s all in the vibe.

    It went on like for this ten minutes until I turned around to the bar and ignored them.

    Women are idiots.

    When I got back home I looked up creepy on urban dictionary and the definition stated: A guy that is honest about trying to have sex with a woman.

  • Anonymous

    Creepy is a special word because it lets the girl put down the guy while still playing the victim.

    Whereas calling him “awkward” would be insulting him, calling him “creepy” makes it seem like he’s doing something morally wrong. He’s scaring women.
    There would be nothing wrong with this if the word weren’t so often used on guys who sent one too many text messages.

  • billy


  • assymcgee

    The naked elf’s pale flesh shone in the full moon’s light, as it came in through the window. He lay on his stomach, his back smooth and beaded with sweat, his rear curved just perfectly for Gimli to cup his cheeks. His head was turned to the side, resting on crossed arms, hairflowing this way and that as though the wind had tossed it and he had no intention of correcting the wind’s placement. Gimli crawled forward on his hands and knees, breathless, sweating. His beard scratched against Legolas’ cheek as he moved in for a kiss. It lasted but moments, both parties still unable to breathe properly after such physical exertion.

    “I tired you out this time,” Gimli observed with pride, cupping his hand over the cheek on Legolas’ face.

    “Almost nearly,” whispered Legolas, his voice smooth and calm as it glided along the nighttime air.

    “Almost nearly, he says,” Gimli whispered with a laugh, collapsing beside his elf. “As though I’m going to believe that after the time we just had?” He began touching Legolas, running rough fingers over the gentle skin. He pulled back the long blond hair, almost strand by strand. The task, slow as it was, uncovered a braid that had been pulled and partially undone. Gimli took it carefully, separating it from the other strands of hair, and slowly he re-braided it. “No, I took your breath away, I know that much.” One hand gave the half-done braid to the other and it ran down his shoulder to his back.

    “Do you, my Love?” Legolas turned his head, facing away with a grand smile.

    “Oh, I do!” Gimli insisted, leaning forward, to get at his face. Deciding it was easier to just crawl over him, he did just that. “You were begging for it, with that sly smile of yours and those sparkling blue eyes.” He grinned and ran his hand down Legolas’ side. “Those pert littlenipples, and that hard cock.” His hand met wetness where Legolas’ belly met the floor. “You begged for me to take you, to ride you. When I did, you moaned and yelled with passion and without restraint. And you loved every minute of my doing it to you.”

    Legolas smirked, turning his face again down again, into his crossed arms. “Dwarfes’ tongues run on when speaking of their handiwork, they say.”

    Gimli nuzzled close, making Legolas turn his head to look at him. “And elves have a hard time admitting how good dwarves’ skills can be, especially when using their tongues.”

    “Not this elf,” Legolas said, reaching forward and kissing Gimli. This kiss was not so quickly ended as the first. It was long, drawn-out, and it conveyed any sentiment that might have been in doubt a moment before. The dwarf’s tongue set to work on it as well, caressing Legolas’ lips until they opened, then lashing forward with seductive strokes. When they pulled back, there was no room for doubt on any level, and Legolas nodded. “This elf, your elf, was begging for it, moaning with passion, and ridden until breathless.”

    “Damn right you were.” Legolas reached over and pulled a grinning Gimli close, rolling over onto his side, hugging tightly.

    The moonlight shone down on the lovers, naked and now motionless, curled up on the floor in a heap. Bodies still drenched in sweat, hair messed and unbraided, the dwarf and elf were utterly as unkempt as they had ever been. And yet, they had never looked better wrapped in each others’ arms.

  • Timoteo

    I definitely see it as a feminine word that men should avoid uttering. Just like “yummy.” Men shouldn’t say that word either.

  • Anonymous

    girls use that word way to often

    roosh you have many good posts that are worth reading that dont show up on tour hall of fame
    you should arrange your posts in categories in the corner for quick reference on certain apsects of game your experiances and other nations etc

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  • Phoenix

    Since girls go after guys who are taken already, they’re bigger creeps than us.

  • Phoenix

    I think calling a girl “psycho” is more damaging than her calling you a creep.

  • D

    Girls are doing the same thing with the word slut–trying to desensitize it. If you look on social media sites best friends are all calling each other sluts as endearment terms

  • Anonymous

    Tell her what does she know shes a bipolar nutcase. . Thats beyond creepy

  • Anonymous

    It would be hilarious and awesome to see someone start a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to put ads on TV analogous to the “R Word” or the “Don’t say Gay” commercials. They would shame people for using the “C word.” It would be especially funny because at first people would think we meant another C word, and feminists would be applauding loudly, but then it would turn out that it means creepy and would mostly be about women saying it against men.

  • whatsamattayou

    @59 dat bro

    cosigned. women are little children – do we let what little children say to us get under our skin? words only have power over us if we allow it.

    @61 stephen

    debating females logically is a waste of time and also no fun. instead of saying ‘you can’t just make a claim blahblahlogicblahblah’, if you’d said ‘you just don’t like him cuz he’s latino, you racist!’, the ensuing conversation would likely have been more interesting.

    don’t take girls seriously, they’re for our entertainment.

  • Lily

    I distinctly recall Heartiste writing that ‘creepy’ was what Beta males got called for acting, well, beta…

    An Alpha acts hot. Manly. That’s anything BUT creepy. It’s delicious.

    I say, don’t call people out on using the word ‘creepy’; heck, encourage it. Maybe it’ll shame Betas into acting like men for once.

  • Lily


    To quote directly: ‘In short, “creeper” = “needy beta”. The slang may change, but the nature stays the same.’

  • pantyfx

    People are always going to have parsimonious phrases to highlight the entirety of someones outward character in a single breath.

    Before it was beta, you could easily call someone an irrelevant mouthbreather and exact a similar response.

    Creepy is only one of the many words and phrases easily used to typify someone and like nigger it only has power if you acknowledge it.

    If you want to “own” the word, you can stop and box someone in on it and that’s a good plan just remember its not the word, but the intent. Its creeper now, its autist now, its beta now. I wonder if cool was the first of these to be acknowldged lol

  • Chez

    Remember, the cartoon series called, “The Smurfs”? There was a Grumpy Smurf, Angry Smurf, Papa Smurf, Happy Smurf and then…there was Smurfette! The only female out of hundreds of labeled blue males that was not given a label herself. That’s right fellas, Smurfette was given the pass. There wasn’t a Happy Smurfette, Sleepy Smurfette, Pretty Smurfette, Fat Psychotic Smelly Bleeding Bipolar Cunt Surfette. If you are male, congratulations on being a person that will get lumped into a one word category based on your PERCIEVED emotion or motivation. It is what it is. To people you meet, you will always be ONE of the army of Smurfs that wants to fuck Smurfette. Theories abound; however, many speculate that Smurfette was probably fucking them all… even, Creepy Smuf.

    Let’s face it guys, Smurfette is a bitch. However, don’t tell me you wouldn’t fuck her brains out if you were a Smurf. Men do not go through a MENstral cycle of releasing and shedding eggs. The process is entirely responsible for wild hormone fluctuations in woMEN until they hit MENopause late in life where it all comes to a screeching halt. There isn’t a “time of the month” like what most guys think of when all happens and then, goes away. It’s better to think of it like a phase of the moon… full moon, half moon, the moon is always there wheather you see it or not. And, yes that means she is always bat shit crazy to varying degrees. Does it make MEN biologically superior and much more psychologically stable just because they do not experience a lifetime of wild hormone fluctuations? I’m so sorry and apologize profusely on my knees and cry my eyes out in sorrow if it offends any women out there reading; however, it does make us superior. If women could choose to not have a lifetime of wild hormone fluctuation, they would. However, they can not. This is our gift. You’ve all heard of “steroid rage” before and there is some truth to this. The psychological irritability is byproduct of when males get a sudden increase in sex hormone (testosterone). This causes negative feedback in the body to where it stops making its own testosterone since it is in abundance. The users hormones will go up and down wildly during a steroid “cycle”. Enter, Smurfette…

    So, you fuck Smurfette or she fucks you because you were her Cock Smurf. Can she decide to call you Creepy Smurf, now? (Rhetorical)

    The moral of the Smurf… doesn’t matter. Everyone of them could have been fucking Smurfette. I don’t see why not.

    Respect the cock.

  • MikeT

    @ Brandon 2.0? The Irish were also slaves for 200 years? Get your head out of your ass. (I’m Irish).

  • 79

    @78. A-fucking-men. I’m tired of the damn “Irish treated as bad as blacks” canard. It’s BS.

  • Man Root

    I can never quite take it seriously when they won’t let others call them what they call themselves.

  • Anonymous

    Aww, somebody’s got creepy issues. Have those nasty girls been bullying you at school again, Rooshy? ..Don’t worry, when you grow up you’ll show them.

  • gunslingergregi

    called a chick creepy it worked well

  • Flounder

    Use the word creepette, and don’t call them sluts or Hos because they probably like that today.Hmm, call them Hobos instead, implying a skanky dirty low class street urchin.

    “Hey honey, you look like a hobo in that goodwill dress”

    ‘Ex: HB7-10′s fat friend is cock blocking you by trying to call you out.’

    Hey honey, you ever hear the saying “misery loves company’? Are you still waiting for Don Draper to come in here and sweep you off your feet? lol
    And btw, isn’t it feeding time for you, I see the trough (I mean buffet) is open

  • Anonymous

    When I call a girl creepy it puts her off guard and can make the conversation light-hearted and funny (and makes it seem like she is the one chasing)

    Also, if a guy is competition AND is a dick to me, I might derogate him by telling girls that he is creepy. This has actually worked, and he deserves it.

  • anotheranonymous

    I’m so glad i found this post and others who feel the same way.

    Girls use the word for entitlement or to put themselves higher than a given individual.

    I have gone out on many nights trying to pick up girls. I am a good looking and confident guy. (get rejected about 95 percent of the time)

    Have been called a creep more times than I can imagine.

    The second a girl shuts you down from a conversation for no reason at all you turn around and call her out loud in front of everybody either THIS GIRL IS FAT, THIS GIRL IS A CUNT, OR THIS GIRL IS TOO HOT AND STUCK UP FOR EVERYBODY HERE DON’T EVEN TRY YOU DON’T HAVE A CHANCE.

    At this moment the girl is furious at you and all the other girls who saw and heard you are thinking (wow this guy has some balls and confidence= I want this guy)

    After this moment you realize the situation= That girl was a cunt, and not in 1 million years would she have the same audacity that I have….. Then you proceed to the next girl.

    Never give a girl you don’t know power. For many of them that is all they want. If they can tell that whatever they are saying is effecting you then they win and are “higher up on the pedestal. If they act this way THEN YOU TREAT THEM LIKE SHIT.


  • D.D

    Creepy is the new n- word… Wow comparing a word that has been used for opressing people to a word that describes the uneasiness a person feels.
    Do the men here realize what the definition of creepy is?

    adj. creep·i·er, creep·i·est Informal
    1. Of or producing a sensation of uneasiness or fear, as of things crawling on one’s skin: <<< here, straight from the dictionary.
    The word doesn't give us power, fuck everybody who says that.

    True RECENT story
    I've called the police because a dude kept calling and messaging eventhough I told him from the first day I met him that I wasn't interested and that it will never happen, but ofcourse a handsome man can't handle it when his masculinity drops if a woman says ' let's be friends' so ofcourse you push her out of her comfortzone.
    Guess who received threatening messages… Me!!! But calling him 'creepy' gives me power, no you shitfaces… Him talking about searching where I'm living, cussing me out and forcing me to go out with him, making me SCARED does not give me power whatsoever.
    Being persistent when a girl has no interest eehm… Yeah, that shit will make her UNCOMFORTABLE and call you a creep.
    Please ask a woman or men what scares/ creeps them out before assuming we want power because getting called non stop for over two months… That's CREEPY!!!!!

  • Mohammed Stevenson Braun

    “Creepy” is the last bastion of the witch-hunting mentality of Christianity.

    Surprised? Modern feminism hates Christians and embraces witches, wiccans, pagans, and all that stuff, right? And it’s all for diversity and expanding consciousness and accepting individual differences, right? Wrong. Or at least, not exactly.

    The core of feminism was the 19th century Victorian protestant reformist mentality that also brought Prohibition. Even more surprising, it was liberal in nature. Christian conservatives of that time stuck to their Bibles and Churches rather than trying to change the outside world. Feminism got stuck with so much of the bigoted baggage of that brand of Christianity; the constant judging and persecution of those who are different, smart, neuroatypical, i.e. “creepy”.

    Creepy = Spooky = Gothic = Freaky = Weird

    And “weird” originally meant “magical”, without the negative connotations. It was the Christians who added them on, and the witch-hunters and (later) pseudo-scientific eugenicists with their campaigns of genocide.

    No matter how much exotic coolness they tack on to prove their “diversity”, feminists hate it, especially in men. Feminists were in the forefront of the 1980s Satanic Panic crusade, collaborating with their supposed enemies in the Religious Right. Most of it was trampling on the rights of boys and young men to self-expression and religious freedom. Feminists say that in the Middle Ages that women were the victims of witch-hunters – without realizing that THEY ARE THE SPIRITUAL DESCENDENTS of these very same genocidal thugs that murdered thousands of women for being women!

  • Stanky

    Or one could overuse it particularly in situations where it gives a different meaning e.g. “I am going to creep to the bar to get a drink” or “What’s my creep?”. The old turning an insult into a badge of honour, until it loses severity of meaning.

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  • Gambit

    I have seen really insecure women throw that creepy word around like a careless sword. Here is my advice. If you are around a woman who misuses this word, I would suggest using the word as well in her presence. In other words fight fire with fire. Or use the word “Strange”. Example “A strange lady was talking to me today”.
    I know, It is really pathetic that men have to lower themselves to these techniques, however when women are able to claim that word for exclusive use by only their gender, then it can be weilded in a very hurtfull way.

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  • libertore

    You are a champion, my brother

  • libertore

    I don’t think so bro, getting mad and affected is NOT going to help you, maybe why you have such a low rate of success (5%) , I would rethink your technique and beliefs

  • zaqan

    Why not do what blacks did and say “Sup creep!” “How ya doin ma creep!”

  • Jeffrey Deutsch

    So, what do you think of that Jezebel piece?

  • kadnorg

    I just found this on urban dictionary and thought it was by far the best definition despite ranking 5th.

    A creep is a male that a female is not interested in. A

    woman may label a man a creep if the man does not communicate

    to her that he has wealth, power, or influence (such as by

    the clothes he wears, the car he drives, the job title he

    carries, or other external signs of social proof), and the

    only thing he does show to her, his physical attractiveness,

    is not enough to interest her.

    If a man wears a T-shirt and jeans, gets off a bus, and

    smiles at a woman, then she may label him a creep, ignore his

    smile, and walk away. If the same man wears a suit, gets out

    of a limousine, is surrounded by his subordinates, and smiles

    at the same woman, then she may label him as her new sugar

    daddy, return his smile, and join him.

  • WJ88

    Surely you jest, creepy is no way comparable to the n-word.

    You said this in an earlier post:

    “Even in Jim Crow days when black men were murdered for talking to white women, they still did it. The reason is because men can become very determined when chasing their sexual ideal of happiness.”

    This comment right here is why the n-word is not comparable to the word “creepy.” A woman might call you creepy, but you’re not going to get lynched just for being seen as “creepy.”

    Also, Black women were called and continue to be called n-words and being considered an n-word was used as an excuse to commit violence against Black women as well.

    Even in the Jim Crow days when it was technically illegal for white men to be sexually involved with Black women, they still did it. Going by your logic either Black women were their sexual ideal of happiness or Black women were so devalued because they were seen as no more than n-words that sexually abusing them didn’t matter.

    The n-word has a whole history behind it that has damaged both Black men and Black women.

    This is why the n-word is not even comparable to the word”creepy.”

  • Jason Mairs

    What absolute nonsense. What you are saying here is that a man is responsible for what comes out of a woman’s mouth because his “bad game” is to be followed, as dictated in the physical law of the cosmos, by the word “creep”. You’re an enabler man. You’re trying to tell us that there is an objective level of “game” below which the word “creep” is a default and acceptable response. Naw, it’s not. You’re not helping yourself here. You’re accepting this word in that you’re trying to live up to what some woman wants you to be. You’re gonna allow that word in a situation where some random woman you want arbitrarily decides your “game” isn’t up to scratch. Fuck her standards. Live by your own.

  • Jason Mairs

    This beta nonsense is nonsense. Women are the beta.