The No-Dating Challenge For Intermediate Players

What exactly is a date? It’s a meeting with a member of the opposite sex at a time determined at least a few hours in advance. It takes a modicum of planning and commitment.

The Challenge: For three months, I don’t want you to go on a single date with a girl you haven’t already had sex with.

Should you choose to accept this challenge, you will display extreme reluctance in getting phone numbers before either make outs or strong displays of interest on the girl’s part. Her number is not even in your mind because you’re going for it all—the vagina. Your only option for meeting a girl is via texting while you’re already out by inviting her to the place you’re at.

I undertook this challenge last summer, and the results were telling: I got more bangs with the prettiest girls than any other summer in DC. Remember that I did all this without having to seduce a girl on a date (the “dates” I went on were with girls I had already defiled). Dating before sex was actually detrimental to my sex goal since so many girls during the summer want the immediate satisfaction of having a cock with Middle Eastern ancestry inside them.

Today’s culture is making girls so used to getting what they want when they want it that dating unnecessarily delays their entitled pleasure. I took advantage of that through my normal strategy of Always Be Weaseling (ABW), where I push for a venue change to her place or my father’s car at the end of the night.

Unfortunately, things are a little different in the winter. Girls are going out with bushy vaginas and unshaved legs, not having washed in days. They are not prepared to receive my veiny penis, so one-night stands are triply hard during this season. Therefore I don’t recommend you try this experiment when it’s cold outside since it may not be clear how effective it really is.

If you already have a few one-night stands under your belt, meaning you know at least one way to make it work, I’m confident the no-dating strategy will lead to more sex for you. The irony of this technique is that it led to more “mini-relationships” for me with girls who did not flake on subsequent dates. There’s an anti-flaking strategy right there for you: fuck the girl immediately before you even need to use the phone.

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  • The Specimen

    Accepted. I’d already been shifting my success standards for bar/club game to “cock in pussy or bust” after a couple months of backpacking on the solo and having to deal with the limitations inherent in that. I’ve noticed that this has made me shift to initiating physical contact a lot earlier in the interaction. I think the “always be weaseling” (manipulating the situation to end up at either my place or hers) part is the next step for me.

    Any ideas other than “you’re fucked” for dealing with extremely shitty transportation logistics? Ex – living in an area lots of people go to party (they travel in groups here), with shitty public transport, no car, and prohibitively expensive cabs.

  • Rakishness

    It’s better to go for the bang that night then to get a number that wont lead anywhere. Especially living in a city with a terrible ratio, male orbiters and tourists.

    I can’t even tell you how many times i just settled for the number only to have the girl give me the boyfriend excuse, not respond, or say she was an out of towner just in DC for the night.

    Oh yea and ….. “Unfortunately, things are a little different in the winter. Girls are going out with bushy vaginas and unshaved legs, not having washed in days.”

  • Gmac

    Alright I’m in. AFTER I finish my book.

  • Bogs

    That’s sounds interesting, I wish I had a level of skills to take it on.

    Can totally see how you could get more bangs with this challenge, because you will basically push for sex with every approach you do.

  • Anon

    Yes, bar/club game is about pushing for the same night lay as reasonably possible. Unless there was some extenuating circumstance that made the same night lay not possible, phone numbers at night are usually useless.

    Day game is a bit different.

  • KM

    All kinds of truth here. In the past 5 months I banged 5 diff girls. I got the bang with 3 of the girls the same night I met them.

    Another I made out with the first night that we met and got the lay the 2nd time we hung out, with no date.

    The one I took on dates took 5 dates to hit it. Note that she didn’t drink.

    The interesting thing is that the cutest girls were the ones who gave it up the same night I met them. The thing is I don’t feel that I pushed hard for it – it just happened and everything fell into place. Whenever I go out, I just try to think about those successes and recreate them.

  • http://[email protected] NickyG

    Damn Roosh I guess I’m finally getting it. I posted something similar yesterday except it was about cell phones. Good idea! Dates cost money and these hos ain’t worth it.

  • VI

    I love it.

  • dickbutt

    Maybe you get flakes because you dont qualify well enough

  • Tampa

    Took this chick out on Sunday night. Dropped $100 beans on alcohol (she had like 6 drinks) and the chick was pretty much licking me the entire night. Tried to setup date #2 and the 25 year old is ice cold and a member of Flake City.

    I’m thinking about going this direction. Makes economical and practical sense. Your posts about flaking are right on.

    Ride her till she bucks ya i guess. Stupid whores.

  • Sherwood Schwarz

    I used to pull this on Gilligan’s Island all the time.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, i’m sure roosh sucks at qualifying.

    as for the challenge, i think it’s the mindset of it that is the biggest takeaway. the goal of the pickup is sex, and everything you do should lead to it. sitting across from a girl and sipping coffee doesn’t help you get laid, so it should be avoided.

  • The G Manifesto

    ” The irony of this technique is that it led to more “mini-relationships” for me with girls who did not flake on subsequent dates.”

    Finally, my concept of “Mini-Relationships” has started to take hold.

    ” I took advantage of that through my normal strategy of Always Be Weaseling (ABW), where I push for a venue change to her place or my father’s car at the end of the night.”

    I like that one.

    You always have to be funneling towards the close.

    Even on day dates.

    Try to get a blower in the ride or in a park overlooking the ocean.

    For style points of course.

    – MPM

  • Lumiere

    People still go on dates?

    I don’t think I have been on a date in the last 10 years.

    Date = an audition for the role of next boyfriend

    I ain’t interested in being any girl’s boyfriend and I don’t audtion for shit.

  • virlge kent

    Man, now I have to change my upcoming VK date bible Post… Fuck you… nah it’s a ying and yang thang. I’ll make it work.

  • virlge kent

    Oh I forgot about the title “Intermediate Players” trust me most guys or begginers don’t even know “How” to date.

  • Mo Jahama

    accepted, i really dont know how to date, i know how to buy drinks and sit at a view, its worked good enough so far but yeah sure no dates, it doesnt count if she comes over to your place and whatnot?

  • Jay Gatsby

    Back when I was single, this was a tried and true way of testing my skills.

    A – Always
    B – Be
    C – Closing

    Getting her number makes it much more difficult to close because she will have had time to think about her behavior with you. Nine times out of ten she’ll regret her previous behavior….

  • blert

    YouPorn has influenced the babes…

    Expectations have shifted…

    The man is expected to advance towards the poon much more directly…

    The babes base their standards on social proof — almost exclusively…

    So you’ll encounter more and more trying to perform like ‘super spanish.’

    Beyond that, the more direct approach IS a DHV in and of itself.

  • Anonymous

    This is funny because this used to be the way I used to Game girls in my early 20’s.
    Not sure why I have changed to “mind games” but I guess when you know you can get a girl into bed,I have to fuck with her head like a cat kickin around a dead mouse for a bit just to see if it will give the cat a challenge.Yeah I know,Im wasting time but at this point in my life Im pretty bored when its that easy.I suppose I need a real hobby other than Game these days?And Im not bragging,but these girls are learning to cut to the chase too.maybe its a sign of the times?Shorter attention spans+instant gradification that comes with this newer generation.who knows?

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  • schwanson

    I thought that in America, if a girl has a one night stand, she regrets it in the morning and proceeds to cut off all contact with you. So even if you’d like to see her again – it might not happen?

    This will sounds strange but how do I play it so that there’s compliance AFTER the one night stand? I’m still at the beginner-level.


  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure if this is bad advice or not but just treat her like shit.Young girls love “asshole Game” it never gets old.

  • Anon

    “I thought that in America, if a girl has a one night stand, she regrets it in the morning and proceeds to cut off all contact with you. So even if you’d like to see her again – it might not happen?”

    A girl regrets a one-stand only if the guy (1) is lame in bed, or (2) promptly ditches her, which makes her feel used and unattractive.

    In other words, girls regret one night stands with guys who make them feel bad.

  • wcfd21

    Off-topic, but I need some advice. The girl in the office next to mine is a complete drama queen. We don’t work for the same company.

    She is really annoying with her constant door-slamming and passive-aggressive comments. It’s obvious that she doesn’t like me, which is fine since I have no interest in dating her. I just wish she would be civil.

    The reason I am asking this on a game discussion board is that there is obviously a sexual motivation for her antics. She is civil to 1 man whom she finds sexually attractive. She also gets along with a beta orbiter who is always coming by her office.

    Any thoughts?

  • Anonymous

    Have a similar sitution at my work. I not only work with alot of women but I deal with alot of party girls who come into our business from a bar next to ours.
    It may not seem like it but she could be really attracted to you.
    Its reeks of “Shit test” she may be doing on you.
    If a girl Shit tests you more than once,shes really trying to get the Alpha out of you,and to see if your a man or a boy.Best way to deal with it is Ignore her like you would a 5 year old acting crazy with temper tantrums at Walmart while his Welfare mother slaps the shit out of the kid to STFU.Try not to react(stop looking at her or make unconscious expressions of disgust when she does this,for attention),try to be seen with other attractive women to fuck with her emotions a bit.if she sees you with anothe rhot chick and she sport an upset or saddend expression,then she probably likes you.
    if shes being nice to the other guys its probably doesn’t mean she likes them .she maybe trying to get you jealous.If a chick is attracted to a guy,she’ll act supper load,crazy around you or all “drunk and crazy with a couple of her hot gF’s(usually early 20’s do this) as this bitch Ive been dealing with at my work who does this even while Ive threatend to call the cops on her on nite and she still hasn’t stopped,she just tones it down a bit by being more subtle with me now,but she still comes in to our business while I dont give the time of day for her anyhow.I know its driving her crazy. (if she only knew Ive been running Game on her all this time)Im not trying to fuck her at all though she is a pretty attractive 24 year old blonde.Im just enjoying the head trips Im putting on her.Its all SHIT TESTS.don’t let the shit phase you.
    Lastly though,She may also just be plain old “Mental case”Which most hot girls are any ways.
    I found this old Tyler Durden link below.its may explain better.good luck.

  • Roosh

    For those of you that stick with the challenge, email me at the end of October to let me know how it went for you.

    wcfd21: “Can I talk to you for a second… I notice that you are slamming my door and making passive-aggressive comments regarding so and so. Do you have an issue with me or my work?”

    She’ll say no, then stop.

  • Jay Gatsby

    @28 – it definitely forces you to put up or shut up when it comes to going for what you want. Bar/club girls EXPECT caveman behavior, so why not give it to them? For quality women (gf/wife material), you’re better off going down the seduction road. You’ll find you’re more interested in the latter once you’ve racked up enough notches (at least I did, and landed a great woman for a wife).

  • NOLAguy

    I feel like I’m too beta to constantly push for sex at all times on the first night. It doesn’t flow from me and has actually cost me hookups. My personna lends itself better to a second night out where the girl has ALREADY decided that I’m a nice guy she wants to fuck, and then she’s doubly wet when I’m aggressive THAT time bc it’s unexpected after I was more or less a gentleman on first nite.

  • Anonymous

    What also works in a weird way for any doing the internet thing on the side to fill in dry spells is making a profile of yourself as a TOTAL asshole.and when the chick decides to meet up with you,then you play the “Nice guy, gentleman thing”I tried this more than few times and it still works like a charm,go figure?My focus is more on Quality girls(healthy Florida gym rats types)these days.Im tired of the Bar skanks #28 said above.I feel you bro.

  • dickbutt

    ^ link to your profile?

  • Carmo

    Been doing this last few months but for different reasons. The way I look at it, dating in the traditional sense is a total pain in the ass and drains my precious mental energy trying to work the logistics, find cool and fun things to do, texting, etc, etc. I’ve been going strictly for same night lays for a while and haven’t looked back. There are so many advantages to this its sick. If you don’t go for the date, then you don’t have to deal with flakes, buying shit, phone/text game, and all the other crap that goes along with dating. My bangs have gone up and so has my free time that I can put towards other interests. This is not for everybody but if you truly don’t want any sort of a relationship right now, this is the way to go.

  • Anonymous

    this is awesome! I have been doing this as well and it is amazing how if you dont even try for anything but sex that it is all they will give and no drama

  • CJ

    I’ve been in the mindset of this challenge ever since reading your book…

    Mind you, challenge or not, I’m never going to throw away a phone number if I feel there’s a good chance it could lead to sex.

    Sorry, my dick comes before my ego.

  • Anonymous

    Off topic but…. damn those Polish chicks I linked to off your Twitter are sexy.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah why not. It’s summer.I’m in.

  • Willy Wonka

    Challenge accepted.

    My flake rate has been astronomical lately… I do better going for one night stands then I do going on dates anyway…

  • Giovonny

    I’m at the mall right now trying to “weasel” my way back to a strange girls apartment. This is tough but a lot of fun and a great challenge.

  • The Private Man

    Oh… the flaking…

    It goes on even into their 40s.

    I can’t get into this pledge because I need the daygame practice.

    In the meantime, enjoy this:

  • Anonymous

    This is an interesting challenge but I avoid one night stands in general simply because I’m too scared of STDs. But I keep thinking someone needs to open a clinic right next to bars. That way once you’re ready to take a girl home you just say “hang on, lets stop in here first”.

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  • johnny doe

    I’m a guy who never fucks, does everything society says, and I get flaked on by all chicks. Especially girls who claim they NEVER flake on anyone, its so rude, etc.
    Farthest I get is making out.

    Your post hits the nail on the head – girls won’t flake on guys they fucked. They claim guys shouldnt expect sex and just be after them for sex, but I swear, how many girls actually in their head say ‘wow, this guy respects me, didn’t try to get laid, I’m gonna make a point to go out with him again’?

    If girls want guys who don’t want to just use them as cum-dumpsters, they should stop with this last minute cancellation or non-response bullshit. It’s just as bad in my opinion, especially for guys who do want to get to know a girl for who she is. I have so many times, and it’s blown up in my face so many times.

    If there are, I’d sure like to meet them. I am very skeptical of their existence though.

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