The Number One Corrupter Of Women

This blog and others highlight a lot of problems being faced by Western men. Some of them include:

Let’s say that girls who possess at least two of the above traits are “bad” girls, who while fun to have one-night stands with, will ultimately not provide a man with happiness or joy in a relationship. There is one place where they love to congregate. It’s a place that over time turns any good girl into bad. It is the bar or club. American-style nightlife, more than iPhones, Facebook, and cupcakes, is the number one corrupter of women.

What is a bar? It’s a social venue where women can receive attention from men at predictably constant rates. Every approach performed will increase her worth. Every hot stud who lays pipe inside her via a one-night stand will reinforce in her mind that she deserves Mr. Perfect. These men feed her ego like an IV bag nourishes a surgery patient.

The effect of all this is cumulative so that a 30 year old woman who is well past her prime will put out attitude multiple times higher than a hot 18 year old who just started going to clubs. Since the older woman simply can’t forget all those men who have approached her and wanted to take her home, she won’t receive your approach unless you’re nearly the best of what has attempted to fuck her in the past, even though the number of guys willing to wife her up has decreased exponentially. Nightlife venues give average women near unlimited choice and attention, causing a sharp degradation in her attitude, warmth, and even her appearance.

How many times does the average American girl go out from the time she is 18-25? At 18 she hits the college club maybe only once a week, but after graduating she steps that up to two or three times a week. Once she starts establishing a career, she adds happy hours to the mix. Here is a conservative estimate of how many times a girl goes out a year, assuming she lives in a metropolitan city:

18 years old: 52 nights out
19: 52 nights out
20: 52 nights out
21: 104 nights out
22: 104 nights out
23: 156 nights out
24: 156 nights out
25: 156 nights out

Total: 832 nights out

How many times will she be approached each time she goes out? Let’s be conservative and say three, though it’s likely to be higher if she’s pretty. This means that by the time you approach her when she’s still somewhat in her prime at 25 years old, she has already been hit on by 2,500 men who wanted to have sex with her. Here is an image of approximately 2,500 people in an auditorium:

If we were to believes the fantasies of feminism, we’d think that these attempts are good for her and good for society, that it allows her to experiment with her sexuality, find her ideal man, and generally be a happier snowflake. But we know that all this choice does is turn her into a carousel rider who is unable to bring value besides porn star sex in any type of relationship. She’s going to give you a fun fuck if you’re able to spit perfect game which she believes she’s entitled to before moving on to the next guy who is a tad better than you. The more likely outcome, however, is that you don’t bang her. Unless your game is in the top 1%, you simply won’t have access to her because of the unlimited choice she has.

Game is an answer to put you in the top 1%, with the big assumption that you’re learning at a rate faster than your peers. Once a society becomes game saturated, an arms race ensues where a competent level of game that got you laid in 2005 would not get you laid in 2012. The sad fact is that not learning game at all will give you even lower results. It’s better to enter a gun fight with a rock than with your bare hands, though I know many men are choosing to drop out entirely and not even bother. Or they go to Thailand.

But wait, there’s more. One thing we missed with the girl and her 2,500 possible suitors is that internet whoring goes hand-in-hand with going out at night. Because receiving male attention is like a drug where dosage must be increased to receive the same high, girls continue the attention train online. If you count all the guys who message her on OK Cupid or POF, it’s possible that an attractive girl would have been contacted over 10,000 times for sex before you even spit your line. In one way or another, you have to compete with all those men. Here is a picture of 10,000 people:

How do you stack up? Do you have five years of intensive game study at your back? Are you a local celebrity? Do your muscles make girls wet? Are you hilarious? Do you have enough value where you can crush most of these men in the first two minutes of a conversation? I hope so. Otherwise you won’t bang the hottie you see in the club. You won’t even come close.

There is hope, and I’m sure the answer to this problem has probably already popped into your mind. Find girls who hate bars and clubs. It’s as simple as that. Even in a highly feminist society like America, a girl who doesn’t ever go out at night will still be gentle, caring, and likely have a low notch count. She won’t be rude, she won’t have trashy tattoos, and she won’t curse like a sailor. If she also doesn’t own a smartphone, she will likely be a dream girl. It’s even better if she doesn’t drink, because then you know that sex for her is a logical decision, not an emotional one that depends on some guy running aloof game on her. Her notch count is absolutely in the single digits.

The best place to find girls like this is during the day, specifically the bookstore. I’ve noticed that girls who read tend to hate going out more than girls I’ve met in other day game scenarios like coffee shops and Whole Foods. It really is impossible for a bookworm to prefer a night out at the club than to dive into a good book, and even I’m getting to the stage where I prefer the book than the club, however modestly high my chance of getting action on a random night is.

The good girl does have its own set of problems:

  • The seduction moves excruciatingly slow
  • She is shy to the point of being mute
  • Your ramble has to be strong since she won’t talk a lot
  • Sex is average
  • Her vagina is too tight

Regardless of these problems, I believe bookworms are the ultimate solution for a guy who has built up his game to a competent level and wants to spend a couple days a week with a good girl who won’t be so willing to ditch him for a minor transgression or just outright cheat on him with the sexy guy at the club who bought bottle service with his bros. While the bad girl is approached 2,500 times in her life, I doubt the good girl is approached more than 50 times. Here is a picture of 50 people:

It’s not as hard to compete with this crowd. Average game will likely be enough, and by average I mean you’ve hit the nightlife for a year or so to build up your confidence and escalation moves. Unfortunately, you still can’t escape the necessity to learn at least some game to become an attractive man. Don’t get it wrong and think that you can be an autistic geek and still pick up the cute bookworm. There is no avoiding some work on your part.

The irony of being a dirty manwhore who desires good girls is not lost on me, but even with my promiscuous behavior, I can’t help but gravitate towards girls who I know deep down will content me in ways that sluts simply can’t. Having rough sex is no doubt fun, but men innately want girls who care for them and don’t screw a lot of dudes. Unfortunately, nightlife exposure will always destroy a good girl.

Now I know I said that nightlife is the number one corrupter of women, but I lied. The number one corrupter of women is choice.

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  • Anonymous

    Good post.

  • Gavin Madden

    Too true.

    But at the same time, I like to go to clubs and bars. So if I were to be in a relationship with a non-party girl I suppose it would cause tension if I were be going out all the time without her.

    It’s also tough to find attractive girls that don’t enjoy going out every weekend.

  • Millz

    Good shit man I was talking to my friend about this the other day after reading Solomons blog

  • Joe Silva

    One doesn’t need to compete with 2500 guys, only the 20 who are at the bar that night.
    Obviously, her vanity has been boosted by the 2500, but if she is promiscuous, she will shag one of the 20 anyway.

    But one thing is sure: good girls, LTR material don’t go to bars or discos, almost ever. Good girls are romantic.

  • The Great One, Himself

    I really like your thoughts on this whole idea of how women have “more freedom” and “more choice” and yet they are more and more miserable. I know some of these women who spend their nights in the bars acting trashy and bitching about how all men are douchebags. That is when they can be bothered to stop focusing on the smart phone. In my pursuits of chycks I’ve made it a point to stay away from any woman who frequents bars & clubs. That shit gets her nexted right away.

    I’ve noticed that amongst the traits women claim they want is a man if for him to have “goals” – which is a code word for money. Yet in my experience men who have goals don’t spend much time in bars on Friday and Saturday night trying to lay pipe in skanks (unless pipe laying is their goal). The men I know who have goals are spending those night working their asses of on those goals.

    It’s like O.G. Furious said, women only have two compartments in their brains. One is for kitchen and the other one they don’t use.

  • Burt

    I agree, women simply have a lesser consciousness. There are female academics who even attest to this. To afford them the same choices simply ignores that biological and mental fact.

  • Brandon 2.0

    Could it be that bookish/geeky girls are just way more comfortable being introverted. It’s possible to be introverted and still very chatty, though some people are stacked so that they’ll never possess stellar (or even mediocre) social skills.

    The latter tend to be super perceptive and don’t really want to be taken on a ride. That is, they can sense more so than average if you’re trusting or not and will shy away.

    Just my thoughts.

    I find that the girls who are super shy, but put a lot of attention on their appearance (whether trendy or formal) will generally make for ‘good girls’. They’re generally stuck in their heads with their feelings or thoughts and have a fascination with what’s tangible or
    raw in the environment. And though they’re really hip to what’s going on in the world, they just can’t explain themselves.

  • rivsdiary


    b&d had a similar post, about looking for shy girls.

  • Phinn

    Coffee shops and bookstores are great. Also good are venues and social circles devoted to particular niche interests, like the art scene, or music, or photography, or whatever.

    Also, female sports, like tennis. Although, in my experience, the younger (20-something) girls who play tennis are oddly immature for their peer group. But the older female tennis enthusiasts are disproportionately complete whores. I’m 44, with average game, and I could still get laid by a bored housewife by walking across the parking lot at just about any tennis club in a 100 mile radius.

  • A Charming Rapist

    Only problem here is that most attractive women tend to be rank bar sluts while nerdy bookish girls tend to be ugly feminists (not to mention obnoxious liberal progressives).

  • String

    Roosh, have you read The Parodox of Choice?

    I haven’t, but I saw the author’s TEDtalks presentation, which explains his belief that having more choice leads to greater unhappiness.

    Here’s the video for you or anyone who’s interested:

  • Oregonziggy

    My grandmother told me 20 years ago to never get married because all women want to do is go out on Saturday night. Kind of exactly what you are saying. In my 90 year old grandmothers way of saying it.

  • Sombro

    I’ve found that there is a happy medium within Happy Hour. I’ve found bookish quality women in that time frame, whether at a quiet tavern or a coffee shop.

    Too many distractions with the late night thing.

  • Anonymous

    I think I’m a good girl. I’m 20, I lost my virginity at 18, I never, ever went out before I had a boyfriend (and I still don’t go to bars or clubs, but I am also too young for them). Never went to parties, didn’t like them and the atmosphere. I have a crappy texting phone, not a smart phone.

    I think I’ve been approached more than 50 times (I’m only alone when I’m doing errands, but I dress nice so I think it makes it seem like I am “available”), but I’ve only had sex with one person and I’m still with him. I just practically worship my boyfriend. He is the coolest person in the world, ever.

    Don’t really mind not being a bad girl. I’m excited to turn 21 so I can go to bars with my boyfriend, and that’s about it. I think I’m just a traditional person. I enjoy computer programming which is very much a male-oriented field and am going to school for it, but only because I like learning about it. I don’t want a career, I just want to be a happy wife. If I wanted a career I would get one, but it won’t make me happy. I worry this means people find me boring and meaningless more than anything, though.

    Sorry, just going on and on about myself here. Interesting post.

  • The Renegade

    the biggest illusion here is the perception that many westerners mistakenly believe it’s hypocritical for a man who fucks around to desire a chaste girlfriend. It is on the contrary the ultimate expression of sexual instinct and human nature that has perfected itself to work for over a million years. There can scarcely be anything more perfectly harmonious than a conqueror adventurer guy marrying a protector conservative lady, the keeper of virtue and morality in the family.

  • MVH

    I am 42, devoutly religious, and happily married with 2 kids. I never plan to cheat on my wife. With that, let me tell you – I am facinated with what I have read on your sites the past week. (Linked here from TAKI’s.) I just took the red pill. Suddenly, everything makes sense. I’ve wanted to bang every cute girl I have ever met, even today. If I knew 20 years ago what I know now, after reading your stuff, my life would have been completely different to what it is now. I love my life now but what I am trying to say is, I love this stuff you write because it is so absolutely true. You know your shit. You got a fan for life.

  • Anonymous

    Roosh, great writing… one minor thing – nothing can decrease “exponentially” – I think you meant logarithmically (dropping very quickly and rapidly approaching zero”.

  • DAP

    To find a woman who doesn’t like going out, has no smart phone, loves books, and doesn’t have a POF account is hard to find in this country. The only place I can think of that remotely fits this criteria is Amish Country :)
    Looks like we are all going to have to invade, pillage, and occupy Amish Country.

  • DAP

    Seriously though, I think the best chicks to hook-up with are Art Chicks (drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, nude modeling, and music). They are the best of both worlds. They have the substance and approachability of good girls & the fun and freakiness of the bad girl. It’s a win, win for everyone.

  • Polskifacet

    In the context of your article I see increasing phenomena of what u r saying in Poland. Moreover, polish girls have been exposed to night life style within reasonably short period of system transition and that is WHY statistic polish guy have not develop equally competent gaming skills. However most game approaches in Poland take places in close social circles during flat parties as this is the most preferable environment for polish man. ( I agree with lack of confidence and style) Those who evolved to skilful level approaches are rarely seen in common pubs or night clubs which are mostly overflow with potatoes. No game approaches in pubs are standard in Poland based on high statistic access to bangable young hotties. Which is a shame.
    In my view Poland will still stay very attractive place to have ultimate pleasure with beautiful girls due to population size (38m), sexual freedom, genetics,economy and delay in getting skilled gaming male in proportional ratio. Well you just breed one of them…thanks for ur great books Roosh

  • A

    Yup, that’s exactly what my girlfriend is like. (Easily the hottest girl I’ve been with.) Introverted and shy. I always had to carry the conversation for the first while. (I still have to if we talk on the phone, which can be a little annoying but whatever.) She hadn’t sucked dick before me (suddenly gave it a go nearly 3 months in). Initial penetration still sometimes hurts her. Although it’s not “too tight” – it’s fucking good.

    Sex is vanilla – however this kind of personality means she is submissive which is a big turn on during the act.

    She is now opening up though (heh) and taking initiative. (These girls will take NO initiative for the first while – don’t interpret it as a lack of interest.) She has never played games or flaked. If she doesn’t return a text right away I know it’s just cos she didn’t see it, not cos she’s being a cunt.

  • Emmanuel Goldstein ROK

    Roosh, you’re spitting that Houellebecq ish: (see the quoted passages especially)

  • correction

    “Here is a conservative estimate of how many times a girl goes out a WEEK, assuming she lives in a metropolitan city”

    WEEK should be YEAR, right?

    [Roosh: Fixed.]

  • pantyfx

    I’ve been running the same game for the last six years and it still works. 😛

    Nah but seriously your right, my results have dramatically been impacted by the scenario outlined above. Where in college I was having threesomes and an away team in other states when I visit family. I just run a special brand of us vs them game if anyones curious and I typically have one or two props or events scripted if I want to keep the girl.

    Your starting to get into the real application of game which is more theory for most then possible reality. In my non trying to keep whats beautiful around job (really thats all that game is on an esoteric level – a betting strategy to mortgage failure to a date where the vividness of our perception of life is limited so much we couldnt even enjoy it anyways) I deal with these types of systems.

    Some simple rules if you guys want good girls:

    1) Pick up a religion. You don’t have to believe in it.
    2) Don’t go to bars.
    3) Help out at charities.
    4) START a charity. (This was so awesome in college lol)

    Basically, you do actual good things for people, then you spit game.

    Example: Cute girl at the grocery store checkin out people. Army vet holding a sign that says “need food place help”:

    1) Buy food for him, get ring up by said girl, make a crack or too be noticable.
    2) Go back in line, say something like we meet again. She says “forget something?” or something retarded like that, you say no there was a veteran outside that needed food so I bought it for him.
    3) Quickly segue, and if then close out to something like museum date. (Theres a particular spot I go to in my town, but I pretty much closed her on this)

    Your gonna still experience rejection, but you have to think odds. As much as people don’t want to admit it, the meta of the game is no different then a casino game. Its not stacked in your favor so you have to count cards (e.g. game, other practical social dynamics and behaviors).

  • Gorilla Dildo

    What will happen to game if all women become good women? The old whores phase out of the scene, but the young girls keep their thighs shut tight enough to crack a walnut. What if no women put out, where does that leave a man?

  • Rael

    “The irony of being a dirty manwhore who desires good girls is not lost on me …”

    There’s a dramatic tension in that conflict that’s kind of interesting also, though.

    Certain bookish “good girl” types will overlook many character flaws in a good writer.

  • Rael

    @25 – “What if no women put out, where does that leave a man?”

    Then the human race dies out … but there’s absolutely no danger of that happening.

    Women are just as dirty, horny, & perverted as men are – but only when they are ovulating. That’s one week in four while they are fertile (from puberty until menopause).

    There is a built-in imbalance between the sex drives of men & women in humans. It comes from that biological fact.

  • the passenger

    What? Find a girl who does not go to clubs or bars?

    My experience has always been that she will be overweight, sometimes ugly, boring or without any personality. Why she does not go out when she’s young?
    Um-um perhaps beacuse she is not attractive enough comparing to club girls? Yes! Thats usually what happens.

  • the passenger

    #4 said:
    But one thing is sure: good girls, LTR material don’t go to bars or discos, almost ever. Good girls are romantic.

    Good luck with a romantic girl after 2 yrs of relationship with her 😉

    Most girls don’t have hobbies with exception of shopping, corporate work, watching TV soap operas…

    Question for you guys: how do you see yourself diving into LTR romantic connection (staying mostly at home with HER) after many years of game in bars, club, beach, thailand, poland, london, nyc, miami? its a gigantic lifestyle change. Mark my words, you’ll miss being single, wild, without that romantic prison and bondage…

    de gustibus non est disputandum

  • _Cicero

    I don’t know about the whole America becoming “game saturated”… At my typical night out at the bar, I see maybe a couple frat boy type of guys who can’t dress opening sets and the rest of dudes just talking to the girls in their group. I’ve got 6-8 girls in my harem and I don’t remotely have time for all of them. Of the 60 guys in my grad program maybe 3-4 dress well, maybe 3-4 lift weights, maybe 2-3 approach women regularly, and maybe 2-3 read game stuff. Not one of these guys except myself do all of the above…

    The vast majority of dudes in the US are not stiff competition. How many good looking, well-dressed, buff guys approach women and have game? In the best clubs in LA and New York that may be the norm but overall it’s gotta be like .1% of the US population.

  • polo horse

    Yes, this is not at all true. Don’t be fooled by “good girls” lol. They don’t exist.

    I briefly dated a girl who was just like this. Never goes out to night clubs or bars, has no smart phone. Very pretty even at 30 (no one believes she’s 30), educated (MIT degree), shy, quiet, feminine, classy-looking. One of the biggest sluts and crazies I’ve ever known. Her friends don’t know this about her, and she likes it that way. She whines to them about how she’s single, has no boyfriend, etc.; they white knight her, shower her with attention, do her chores. Meanwhile in the year during which I knew her she saw five other guys besides me, and that’s just what I know of. And these were not “nice guys” she was seeing for potential boyfriend experiences. Everyone from European tourists, to South American male models in town for a bit, to her locksmith (she doesn’t give a second look at American guys). She was pursuing me relentlessly, I’m a foreigner, and I treated her like crap, and she was all over me so long as I pushed her away. Became an unbelievable nag and psycho after I gave in.

    “Good girls” is a fraud, they’re just girls who are good at hiding their sluttery, but they’re usually worse than any nightclub skank with a short skirt. At least you know what you’re getting with an honest slut, and they’re less likely to try to manipulate you. “Good girl” just means a girl who puts on a really good act which she tries to cash in by hoping to get attention & services out of their friends, and to get the romantic treatment from any fool stupid enough to buy their facade. The seduction period is not “long” with “good girls.” They will literally fuck guys they met the same day. It’s just they meet them during the day or in other circumstances, but if they expect you to “court” them they think you’re a chump.

    Stay away from “good girls.” Go for the honest sluts.

    Guys, in tribal societies they literally lock women up during a certain time of the month, even in small villages where everyone knows what everyone else is doing. Do you think not having facebook or a smartphone will stop a woman? It’s farce some devious girls put on for suckers.

  • Castor Troy

    @ Cicero

    I think that’s a good point. Most times I go out I generally see 80% of guys talking to girls in their group or hanging out with other guy friends and are too afraid to approach. Of the guys actually approaching, only a small handful will be well dressed, fit and game conscious.

    I agree that girls will inevitably be approached by a lot of guys but the reality is that as Roosh said the vast majority of them will get absolutely nowhere. I’m sure a lot of guys here can relate to girls they have been seeing telling them about some doofus who approached her with some dumb shit line only to be laughed off. Sure, the attention whoring has had a negative impact but I think if you hit the weights, look sharp and keep your game tonight you can rise above the fray and be fine.

  • Castor Troy

    *Keep your game tight

  • BB

    Roosh, a vagina is never too tight! I’ ve had flings and even relationships with quiet girls. Some of them can be very dirty in bed.
    Another good thing about girls who dress conservatively is that it’s very exciting to undress them as there’s the thrill of finding out what their bodies look like underneath.Overexposure kills desire.

  • Ruxman

    The book girls don’t dress as nice and you can count on them to never wear heels or makeup, they often wear bland underwear too.

  • Brandon 2.0


    Did you seriously just recommend buying groceries for homeless people in an attempt to impress a clerk, then bouncing to the museum for an instant date? How is any of that logical or practical?…just curious, that’s all.

  • Pingback: Back on track: You’re competing against fewer guys than you think | Men's Christian Dating Blog()

  • stephen

    I was in a semi LTR with a bookworm a while back. Her digits were probably not single, considering the fact that she was 35 at the time.

  • DarkTriad

    “■Her vagina is too tight”

    I guess I’m just going to have to take the bullet on this one.

  • critical

    Have you picked up girls in Thailand?

    I’m not sure that lying to girls about your intentions qualifies as game. I think that’s just called … lying. Promoting game is one thing – banging as many women as possible, which is your schtick, is creating exactly the thing you whine about.

    Check yourself. You’re having fun, you’re making a buck. At the same time you’re promoting lying, bullshitting, conning chicks – so they become exactly the thing you keep bitching about.

    Meh, Roosh.

  • Anonymous

    @40 — couldn’t have said it better myself — oh yeah, hypocrite pretty much sums it up. Oh and talking about others appearance when he’s beyond repulsive looking himself.

  • Brandon 2.0

    ^^^violentfemz still butthurt

  • American Dude

    LOL at 40 and 41…Girls never lie, guys are bad umkay, and it’s like totally NOT COOL to call feminist’s fat when they totally don’t care that they are fat because it’s like empowering to be unhealthy and unattractive . Great article Roosh.

  • Anonymous

    “Oh and talking about others appearance when he’s beyond repulsive looking himself.”

    How many days before the napalm washes off? Or is it like agent orange, they pass along the mutations to the next generation…

  • Anonymous

    @43 who said girls never lie. Overweight is unhealthy and keeps a woman or man from looking their most attractive. Still doesn’t change — Roosh is a hypocrite and at best a 4 on the looks scale.

  • Shawn

    Meh, as the old saying goes “Treat a lady like a whore and a whore like a lady”. Every good girl is some famous/pre-selected alpha’s fuck toy. Your bookish sweetie would gargle Salman Rushdie’s nuts if the opportunity “rises” and hamsterize it as “it just happened” besides she’s not attracted to him physically.

  • Alpha Mission

    “The number one corrupter of women is choice.”Yes! You speak the truth once again Roosh.

  • prepman


    Yes, you’ve hit on a new concept for me — Accumulative Adoration Syndrome – AWS

    You’re absolutely right. The accumulation of preceived adoration from so many guys hitting on a girl distorts their sense of value beyond repair. And, you;’re right about teh club scene; it just give girl more attention per hour than in just about any other venue. Even pole dancers in a titty bar don’t get so much one-on-one attention.

    So, I do find the early 30-something woman, just past the peak of appearance (minus any excessive breeding) to be some of the hardest gaming out there. They just think they’re all that and have seen enough game — good and bad — to not be impressed with anything short of perfect game, stunning good looks, and sizeable financial accomplishment.

    It happened to me the other night at a club I frequent where I was sitting in with the piano player and laying down some sweet jazz standards on my horn at the request of a solid 6 blonde. I played her request, which she claimed to love. I escalated and attempted venue change twice, only to be rebuffed. She came up with some excuse of having to get home to let her dog out. When she asked where should could hear me play again, I said, “your place.” She balked. ????

    Confused, I sat for a moment and finished my scotch when it occurred to me: the girl is nothing more than an attention whore! Shed used me to validate her distorted self-value.

    I said goodnight, packed up my horns and left. When I walked out the club, I saw her chatting up some other guys outside the club. She sure wasn’t in any hurry to get home to that dog.

    She was there to get her ego stroked and have her perceived value reinforced by having others of actual higher value (me) pay attention to her. She claimed to be 37, so according to her looks and age and the fact that she’s not afraid to hit a club alone, I’d say she’s gotten lots of attention over 19 years of going out.

    Now that her ways of caught up to her, she’s not getting the kind of attention she used to. According to Solomon, she’s nearly 10 years past her prime. Even though she didn’t do herself in with popping out a few kids, her clock is ticking, but not for a life partner and perhaps kids, but for the kind of attention she got when she was 27.

    I feel sad for her, but then I don’t. She didn’t offer to buy me another scotch, even after I played Funny Valentine for her on my horn. Next time it will be, “No Pay, no play.” Men can be whores too!

  • ProfessorX

    Question: This is right, however, if this is the case, why are you sending large amounts of men to game ukranian and polish women knowing that it will corrupt them?

  • Hammer

    Everything about this post is gold, but that last sentence Roosh is the jewel.

  • OhioStater

    This isn’t trolling, but I get more shit-testing from good girls than bad girls. I can’t figure it out, except for the fact I’m definitely not relationship material.

  • Brian Mark

    First there is no secret that bar sluts do not make good girlfriends. Of the last 4 girlfriends I had, only one drank alcohol (and too much). She was the only one that I broke up with for cheating on me.

    I have to disagree with you that bars are the number one cause for the ruination of women. I’d have to say it is Feminism and the Internet. Bars have always existed in fact they were wilder 20 years ago before the country went crazy on DUIs. Feminism gave women an exalted opinion of themselves. It preached that females didn’t need men and they were superior to men. The internet gave women all the attention they craved without having to leave their homes.

  • Dsgntd_Plyr

    Maybe converting to Mormonism would help if you’re looking for a “nice-girl.”

  • Anonymous

    great article roosh one of your best. you really help put things in perspective sometimes

  • worldmusic

    @19 You obviously have never spent time at a art college campus like Parsons School of Design (NYC), School of Visual Arts (NYC), RISD (RI) or New York Film Academy. There you will find an abundance of hypergamus, skrillex haircut, hipster whores.

  • Magic Marker

    I knew this educated asian chick who boxed me into the friendzone. She was dating this upper-middle class white guy for a long time, then suddenly dumped him. The guy was devastated. It turned out she had put herself on the waiting list of NYCHA (low-income housing for new york) years ago, and an apartment was made available to her. I am almost positive that once she realised she was guaranteed a low-income apartment in the city for life, she no longer needed her white boy for financial security and could now jump back on her cock carousel.

  • Unending Improvement

    You derive these statistics on women from WHERE exactly?

  • dannyfrom504

    it’s been my experience that game works best on 18-24 year olds. usually asshole game, and NEVER call her “hot”. until i fuck a girl, she’s cute. or i’ll tell her, “you’re no dime, but you’re sportable”.

    considering most 7-10’s in the above age range have guys fawning all over them, negging puts you at the front of the pack.

    the 25-30 7-10 usually have a divorce and a kid (possibly 2). fuck baby daddy issues. game mom by gaming the kid. ESPECIALLY if she has a daughter. little girls are suckers for negs and teasing. but 2 or more kids, i’ll never commit.

    the beauty is though- you become a booty call because she’s so busy. i popped a 32 year old recently divorced women (hard 7)every other weekend for over a year.

    stay up

  • Gemini

    Hey, great post as always, but I am curious about something:

    Following your logic, you are saying that nightlife (bars, clubs) corrupt women into having the undesirable qualities you list at the top of the post. Fine. I see how this happens in the western world, we all know the bar stars when see them.

    But what about Eastern Europe (Poland or Baltics for example), or South America, where tons of girls go to massive all night clubs? We don’t see them turning into “bad girls”. Why not?

    I will try to answer the paradoxical question myself and please correct me on any of this:

    -Non-Western girls (EE, SA, etc) go clubbing mainly to dance with friends not to meet guys specifically
    – SNL is not on their minds/agenda (rarely happens)
    – Girls stop clubbing after reaching a certain age (mid 20s?)
    – Guys don’t approach as much as in the US/Canada and don’t go gaga over every 7+ chick
    – different nightlife culture (it’s either a sit down place or crazy big ass club where people mainly dance, but few pick up bars like in the US/CAD)
    – … what else?
    The above would translate into less approaches = less choices for the girls, therefore keep them “good girls”… sound logic?

    I am just trying to understand this, if what you propose is true (nightlife and choice corrupts), then why doesn’t it translate nicely to other non-western countries?

    [Roosh: Good question. It’s something that will be addressed in a future post. Technically your answers are correct, but you’re looking at micro causes instead of macro.]

  • Harpoon

    Game works.

  • Buddha

    I think this is a rather bleak scenario.

    Not every girl is either a 24/7 party chick or a stay-at-home bookworm.

    There is a middle ground. And the notch count of girls is never that high, most western women have 3-8 sexual partners before they hit 30.

    So what you want to do is find a “good” girl, go look everywhere but bars and clubs. It is just not worth the hassle. I mean if you go out with your friends and strike up a conversation with a chick, you might as well see where it goes, but i think daygame is much better when scouting for LTRs. the mere fact, that you did not approach the women in a bar/club makes a huge impression on them. Every idiot can find the dutch courage to approach a girl in a club, it takes balls to walk over to girl who is just browsing the bookshelfs/shopping for groceries/walking down the street and start talking and eventually ask her out.

    And speaking of sexpartner your girl had, you might wannna find the middle ground here as well. a virgin sounds great, untainted, you can teach her, blablabla but the truth is a 20-something virgin is very likley a prude, which will limit the chances for a successful LTR with her, because you will get bored in bed. sooner or later you want her to take the lead every once in a while, you want her to surprise you with something sexual. Aint gonna happen with a prude.

    you want no slut but you do not want a prud either, so i think 3-5 partners by 25 is fine by me, this usually means one or two boyfriends in high school, a college relationship, a fling or two or maybe a ONS, maybe the odd pity-sex with a beta best friend, as long as she protected herself, you should be thankful these guys existed, they “broke” her in, showed her what she likes, showed her what men like, you can start fine tuning now.

  • the passenger

    QUOTE “Good girls” is a fraud, they’re just girls who are good at hiding their sluttery, but they’re usually worse than any nightclub skank with a short skirt. END QUOTE

    Amen to that! 100% truth!

    There is only one exception – girls who are not sure about their sexual value. Shy, with “issues”, low self esteem.
    But in this case, she will likely be horrible in bed.

    I sense that Roosh has a deep need for a romantic love, he wants to treat her like a true Princess, tired of the “game” shit applied over many years in many countries…

    That is fine, if 9 days out of ten you treat her like a slut. One day- like a Queen. This ratio is exactly what woman actually like.

  • Lucy

    I’ve seen this happen with my two aunts. They went out in their late teens and all though their 20s. Now they are in their mid-30s. At least of one of them is married. Though I do feel bad for the guy because he’s ten years younger and wants kids soon, while my aunt isn’t sure if she wants them.

  • Brian Mark

    @59 Gemini
    As i said earlier comment @52, it is not the bars. It’s the fact that EE and SA don’t have the Feminism.

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  • Jaynie59

    “Her vagina is too tight”?

    OK, now I’ve heard it all. Unless they’re John Holmes I don’t think most men have to worry about that problem. But thanks for the laugh.






    If she goes out 100 nights per year => 2,000 guys approach her each SINGLE 1 year

  • Maldek


    Few years ago i moved to south america. The difference in clubs is mainly that the girl here do not have a career.

    The rate of full time working girls is in the area of 10%. That should tell you something.

    They can not afford to stay single into their 30s. These girls go out with the goal of finding a husband and father for their kids.

    What is an interesting game changer in the sense that I see game. Some people define the goal of game as: “fill as many empty pussies as possible”
    This concept builds the female counterpart. No empty pussies – no room to fill, north american style.

    On the other hand I do define the goal of game different. For me it is to have choice with the intend to get the highest quality female I can find and keep her. Sex life and family (kids) should not be seperated for infinity.
    This concept also builds the female counterpart, namely: good wifes and mothers; south american style.

  • http://[email protected] Anonymous

    Posts like these is why i keep coming back here. Roosh presents his case and then i look back at my experiences and cant argue with his conclusions. Well done.

  • Sir Alan

    Yep. It’s hilarious yet disheartening at the same time how you referred to Game as bringing “a rock to a gunfight”. It is certainly much better to be armed during a gunfight even if it’s not a suitable weapon. The average man is simply screwed without a weapon. He stands no chance.

  • Anonymous

    Roosh, your writing is getting better.. you tied up the ending nicely, like watching a good flick.

  • Sif

    Another place to meet the dre girl who hates nightlife is craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s, or the local mom&pop craft shop, especially in the Dixie. Go to the fabric and needlecraft isles. No it’s not just the old ladies shopping there, as a regular customer I’ve seen plenty of hot young girls at these stores. I have 20 something pretty friends who spend the Friday nights making quilts and knitting.

    Run the game by pretending to be shopping for a surprise gift for auntie or grandma and asking for help :)
    But these girls are almost never interested in one night stands or playing around, go for it if you are looking for something serious -a girlfriend who will cook for you and knit you sweaters :)

  • Georgia Boy

    Doesn’t it occur to you that the better solution for most guys, instead of spending your whole life trying to outgun dozens of other cocks, might be to find one reasonably good woman and get married? Serious question, I can’t imagine the above being anything but a sucker’s game. I can’t spend my whole life just chasing tail.

  • cinnamongirl

    Craft stores–that was me when I was single, before I got married. I was in graduate school, so I had a flexible schedule. I would take my classes, work as a teaching assistant, go to the gym, cook all the time, go to the craft store in order to learn how to knit, crochet and make my own jewelry. Somewhere in there I took a sewing class. One summer, it was watercolor painting. Note, all these were things I did in the daytime or afternoon, sometimes in the early evening. On ocassion, I would go to the bookstore, especially the used book store and the book fairs. For game oriented guys, these present an opportunity; I recall sitting at a coffee shop with a group of my friends and our instructor. She was teaching us how to do a certain type of stitch (knitting). I think one guy came up to us, but he seemed scary, as did his game.

  • James

    (1) The first picture is thought-provoking. 10% of the guys in this crowd will be the alphas that the girl wants to fuck (or maybe marry). Imagine that smaller crowd of 250 men.

    When a woman says “Where have all the good men gone?”, this is her frame of reference. When we try to explain to her that the good men are still out there, we just don’t get it. To most of us, the level of unsolicited admiration that most women receive while in their prime is simply inconceivable. It is something a man will never experience unless he is a minor rock star or TV celebrity.

    Thank you for helping us to visualise it.

    (2) The second picture is not so good. Firstly, the internet dating messages are not always real. Secondly, the number in the picture seems to be rather more then 10,000, perhaps 200,000 – many more than a full stadium.

  • Anonymouse

    This is truly a very sad site, indeed.

    Women avoid guys who behave like you lot, for a very obvious reason. Most women are not ‘whores’ or ‘bitches’.

    Ask your mother about that. Maybe she will put up her ‘bitch shield’, and you will have to ‘move on to the next bitch’.

    ‘Game’ – seriously, you lot are trying to create some sort of justification for acting like the exact type of idiots, that make women naturally suspicious of men?

    You are reading a blog, designed to sell books, written by a sad man, to sell to other sad men.

    Jesus, guys, get a life. And get a girlfriend.

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  • sophia

    Im a 27 year old girl. I’ve been reading this site for a long time and its taught me a lot. Its been painful but also, it identified and explained a lot of things I thought instinctually. Clearly, its heavily opposed in the mainstream and I felt crazy and different for being disgusted by my peers and the sick plastic consumer culture and wished I could be like everyone else.

    I wanted to offer my perspective since I am very different to most American girls and have no one to talk to who can give me the kind of advice that reflects this view of the world.

    Briefly, I’m 27, my parents came from the Soviet Union a few years before my birth, married young, and raised me in an insular, FOBby, very closed environment in San Francisco that included a large extended family, Russian friends, Russian preschools, and heavy Russian culture. I experienced American culture for the first time in middle school. Before that, I may as well have lived in one of the Russian towns my parents grew up in. I always felt an outsider, especially as I was the oldesr of six siblins, helped care for them. and was required to grow up and take on responsibilities my American friends didn’t. I was also pushed very heavily academically and excelled. Dating and contact with guys was forbidden. I was very mature and responsible, but socially and emotionally, I was totally isolated from my peers with the exception of a few friends.

    I moved across the country to go to college and gain some distance and independence. I gained a full scholarship and was totally financially independent of my family (I also worked full time and part time jobs for years before that) but my school was very expensive and all my friends were very rich.

    It was my first real exposure to American kids and pop culture. Before that, I had contact with it but didn’t live it. It was also New York, and so it wasn’t a typical college experience to say the least. I believe my impression of it might be interesting to all the commenters here because I wasn’t an immigrant, but someone familiar with American culture and dating, and suddenly I was plunged into it without supervision.

    1. Almost every single person was incredibly helpless and immature for an 18 year old. I taught many people, girls and men, basic things like how to do laundry or write a check. With my roommates, who were good friends, I assumed all practical responsibilities, and even though I was shy, quiet, not assertive, and was the opposite of a nurturing mother figure in appearance (I was young, shy, pretty and very naive and new) I took on the role of the carer in the house, cooking, cleaning, managing the bills and collecting everyone’s share, and even listening to and giving everyone advice on their relationships even though I’d never been in one or even dated. Its given that rich people can take care of themselves particularly poorly, but some of these people were from poor families like me, or self sufficient in other ways. I eventually started having dinner parties, and being the only girl who could even cook out of the many I knew, more and more people started coming, many friends of friends I had never met before, until it became so crowded that I had to make waiting lists.
    Lesson: American kids are not only hopelessly useless at real world tasks at an age when people in other countries take on full adult responsibilities, they are also in awe of and desperately in need of someone who nurtures them in a traditional way. Many of the girls especially would be very excited, and brought guys along who said they hadn’t eaten a home cooked meal in years, and were actually turned on by it and would try to awkwardly flirt or even thank me, and when I shooed them away, turned their strong emotions on the girl they came with.
    it literally was one of the biggest aphrodisiacs I’ve ever seen. In a school notorious for casual dating, the parties became known as matchmaking parties and one couple I introduced married and another is still going strong,
    Lesson to American girls: As Chris Rock says, you don’t need to practice perfect porn moves and stick rubbery balls of goo into your beautiful natural breasts. just put a pot on the damn stove at 6 pm every night and a man will be there.
    Yes, I believe sexual attraction and the physical part of a relationship is crucial. I take pride in my appearance, and work at pleasing my boyfriend in bed every single time, but American girls don’t understand that if all you are good for is a fun toy to masturbate into, that’s what men will see you as.
    Caveat; This relates to another shock I had my first months at college – American women have insanely neurotic relationships with their bodies. Before college, I never thought to compare myself to models or Playboy girls. Of course I spent plenty of time stressing over some part of my appearance and more about my lack of experience with men (largely by choice – I was approached constantly by all kinds of men and boys, and even had some crushes, but never took it farther until my mid 20s…more on this later), or wished I could be insanely beautiful and have men fall at my feet. But I never placed such huge importance on it that it made me go crazy, or starve myself, or dress provocatively to attract attention. Like other Russians, I had a very strong, strict, traditional father who always held me accountable but also gave me unconditional love. He also loved my mother deeply. Having a good father, plus the fact that my mother, who was a runway model who jetsetted around the world with the rich and famous for a couple years when I was under 5, me and my father tagging along, meant that I had a first hand view of what the life of a stunning beauty really was like.
    My mother had few boyfriends before my dad, married him young and had me early. While they lived a very unothodx bohemian life until I was about 7, when they settled down, had five more kids, and went to school, meant that I never put down roots and that me and my parents shared a very close relationship. Despite their wild life, they always put me first, keeping me fed and clothed well and comfortable and loved, and, most of all safe. However, there was a lot of instability. But that’s a long story and for another time.
    Anyway my father was and is incredibly smart, and handsome as a young man, but socially inept and lazy. My mother, however, was drop dead gorgeous, appeared on covers of magazines and on runways, and had an exotic look that meant she always had and still has an endless string of admirers. However, due to her upbringing, self respect and independence, she dated very little before marriage and stayed faithful to my dad for the many years he studied and was poor and couldn’t help with the family, and once he got husfirst real job at 40, a stable good job, she was thrilled and also finished up her degree and went to work.
    Both my parents hated American culture and consumerism, hated mainstream anything, and while they were deeply absorbed in the Russian culture, they even rejected that eventually in favor of their own set of morals. I was constantly drilled on the importance of hard work, honest, selflessness, family, and once I neared puberty, how to be a good wife. Notice I said wife. To my parents, it was out of the question that I should date, but I must learn how to be. good wife and mother and at some point could spend some time being friends with a good man who would make a good partner and begin my own family with him. Since I was very little, I can remember my father telling me that a key that can open many locks is valuable, while a lock that can be…etc. long before I was old enough to understand it, and my mother saying that men either want a wife or an easy girl for the MP night, with nothing in between.
    As I grew older and grew into my looks, they began to stress it much more. My mother went on and on about the true nature of men, them being driven by sex, the horible feeling a woman experiences when she’s used, the beauty of a pure relationship without baggage. To her, sluts were worse than terrorists or a virus, disgusting and inhuman and destroying themselves with each new notch. My father kept me under constant surveillance, I worked constantly and studied and helped care for the younger kids, and between them they so terrified me and convinced me that men were wolves and sex was at best a slightly humiliating, uncomfortable experience a woman tolerated to please her husband. While their view was quite extreme, it allowed me to face the unbelievably filthy and degrading experiences my friends went through, be taunted for not participating, and walk through unscathed. Sure there were positive relationships I saw too, but the vast majority of American guys, just barely out of diapers, feeling like jaded old playboys by the age of 22, unable to respect any female anymore and so desensitized they despaired that they could never find real lve with a good girl, and the girls, well, the girls were beyond any normal definition of fucked up. Some were sluts, some weren’t. Two girls who lived across the hall frome me, both pretty and with plenty of men to choose from, brought home a filthy, zonked out homeless man one night and both slept with him because, and I swear this is true, he looked like “Lenny Kravitz.” The guys at school were so jaded by women they never made any kind of effort, and went out of their way to make girls so beautiful and classy that anywhere else they’d be flooded with attention, feel worthless and unlovable. I can tell stories that seem impossible, but it was basically an extreme version of what most American youth is like.

    Lesson: American girls are so incredibly insecure, desperate for love and attention, and so in appropriately sexualized while actually not enjoying sex or understanding anything about sensuality or intimacy, that they not only debase and destroy their own womanhood and ability to bond meaningfully with a man and have a stable, loving relationship, but that they turn off and ruin men’s ability to enjoy the greatest gift in life, which is the true love and selfless devotion of a good, pure woman who has saved herself for him and thus bonded to him strongly and learned how to please him particularly and minutely.

    I learned about the power of that bond firsthand, after years of hearing my mother emphasize it.

    Basically, I turned 24 having graduated, working full time in a prestigious job for a couple of years, with some good friends, a few fun party stories here and there, a few chaste dates that ended with a peck on the cheek, and literally no contact with men beyond that. I did have endless men vying for my attention, particularly at school where my virginity, shyness, lack of flashy clothes and designer bags, my exotic looks inherited from my mother (although not as stunning, I still was often the prettiedt girl in the room although it took me years later looking back to realize it) made me an intriguing mystery to many students and grown men. They particularly were shocked that a girl my age, especially once out of college, could seem normal, friendly, with a sometimes naughty sense of humor, and for some reason a set of mannerisms, body language, speech, and voice that made countless men tell me I must be extremely passionate and sensual, was a virgin with no experience and no desire to rush into something meaningless. I never ever seemed slutty, and most men I knew treated me with an awe and respect and politeness I found embarrassing. However, others, particularly the ones who got a lot of girls and persisted in trying even when I firmly turned them down, would react with anger and insults, unused to being rejected, and would sometimes end by crying outside my apartment door or proposing marriage, when nor all these guys were already eyeing the door before the girl managed to catch her breath and find her clothes.

    While I certainly was very very attractive in an exotic and unusual way, I know I’m not some supermodel with irresistible charm. But these American guys, who were used to American girls, were completely floored by a girl in her twenties not having double digit partners, crazy nights on Spring Break, and at least one ex boyfriend she still calls when she’s drunk. Plenty of guys liked me without knowing about my purity, but once they found out, it had a magical effect on them, Some guys definitely just wanted the novelty of bagging the girl no one could have, but plenty more treated me with a reverence and tenderness I imagine wealthy Victorian girls received. Meanwhile, my friends slept with guy after guy, getting used, getting hurt, until their hearts were scabbed over and every single one has settled or a safe bet, someone unnactractive and boring and emasculated, and while they enjoy the stability and status he brings, they are all desperately bored and lonely and living the cliche you describe…and they’re no even 30 yet!

    For me, on the other hand, things went very different. As I got older, I felt like there was something wrong with me for nothsving a boyfriend, and my American female friends, who I now understand were threatened, made fun of me constantly to the point of maliciousness. I started going on casual dates, where I split the cost so as not to give the wrong impression, and basically interacted with the male sex romantically for the first time. Nothing more wild than a kiss on the cheek occurred, but I was finally able to learn how to talk to men, how to flirt a little, but mainly just be comfortable around a man and learn what I was looking for and what a man wanted in turn.

    The sick part was that society and my peers treated me as some kind of asexual freak with serious issues. in fact, I had a very strong and healthy sex drive and wanted a boyfriend more than anything, but I had saved myself all those years so that when I met the man I wanted to commit to, I could give him what he deserved, a pure, untouched, undamaged girl that was all his.

    If I had not been raised in such a strong, traditional environment and if I had not been taught the correct priorities in life nd in restionships, I doubt my resolve could have held out in the face of such strong pressures. my friends were considered good girls by everyone, the least slutty of everyone I knew, and even they had so many partners and had been used and broken so many times that by 25. those that weren’t married or on that path, had lost all their youthful charm and were as jaded as old prostitutes working a back street in Vegas

    when i met my boyfriend at 24, I had reached the end of my rope due to other problems in my life, but I knew right away that he was special. he is a true natural alpha in every possible way, had plenty of experience with women, literally had women hanging around hi, comstamtly, and had no respect for American girls even though he loved and respected women in general, he could have a different woman every night, dated models, and never committed to even the most basic of emotional intimacy.

    he was completely head over heels for me immediately, and I finally felt that I had met my man and I submitted my whole heart, body, and mind, he was respectful and slow and patient, and like other men, was shocked that I had never even lain in bed with a man or been touched or even kissed properly, as he also said that I oozed a sensuality that was both overpowering and innocent at the same time. we fell deeply in love, and although he had some struggle changing from the life of the party, the man all his friends idolized and girls did crazy things for, to completely devoted to me. He has plenty of temptation in his line of work, with girls calling him at 4 am all the time trying to hang out, but he’s desperate to spend every minute by side. this was one of the most independent, cold, distant, least trusting of women, men I’ve ever met and three years later he still worships me.

    I know he could easily have several girls on rotation much prettier than me, especially as I’m now 27 and he’s 24, but he says after me, no other girl can compare. I’m not bragging. I’m just trying to illustrate the fact that American men are so starved of a real womwns touch, of real intimacy and sensuality, that they are helpless before it even if the girl isnt kate Upton. he said when he was a kid, him and all his friends talked about their dream girl, a girl who was pure and waited for them, who was good, honest, loyal, and modest, basically what women used to be before they were corruptrd, but that he and they all gave up on it quickly after a few years with teenage girls that allowed themselves to be treated like animals and even uncontrollably turned on by it, and being an alpha, he responded to girls that asked for abuse by ignoring them and using them at best, and outright humiliating them on occasion.

    With me, he changed into a new person.

    One thing I disagree with on this website, is the idea that alpha males are aloof jerks. That is only true in this sick society. Everywhere else in this world, and throughout history, alpha males are men who are confident, strong, dominant, yes, but not dismissive smug jerks. Only sick, confused women would want this. Only sick, confused women would be turned on if a strong, sexy, confident male made them feel worthless, or ignored them, or just showed no interest, and get turned off if he showed any weakness or vulnerability.

    I fell for my boyfriend in spite of his jerk-alpha behavior, because I saw the kind caring soul he displayed with his friends, with me. The girls he treated that way would often behave in cringeworthy ways as his indifference spun them into a fever pitch of desperation and insanity, For the six months from when we met to when we started dating, I saw way too many of the girls in his life before me, now either friempnds or acquaintances, or dating his friends, or worst of all, girls who he had no reason to be friends with, who were gorgeous and sexy and slutty enough to draw attention from any man with a oulse, but manipulative enough to act like they were just having a bad day and needed a little comforting. Over time, he cut contact with all these girls and went from saying he would always want to sleep with different girls, when we first met and had some tension, to saying he finds few girls attractive anymore in comparison to me, and we openly talk about ones he does like. We have such an intimate, close, uplifting relationship and have been through some incredibly hard times together and have the purest love I can imagine.


    I went from the shyest, very lonely and lost girl to a rose blooming into full beauty. All of a sudden, all, y passions and dreams and late night secret PG-13 fantasies were surpassed.
    The first time, although painful and awkward, had some sacred air to it, we both used the same word to describe it over a year later, a word which neither of us normally uses.
    From there, as our love grew, we both experienced overwhelming emotions stronger than any drug when we were together, amdnwhether that was oxytocin or something else, I believe those first few months some primal force was at work, binding us with every touch, and that explains our ability to spend every night together for three years and go through the challenges we’ve had. I couldn’t ever seriously think about leaving him barring extreme circumstances unlikely to occur, especially not because I ever feel that I “need some spark back in my life” and hook up with my teensge sons friends, or if my husband loses his job and takes a couple of years to find another, depressed the whole time, and he has willingly and totally given up the basically effortless and free access he has to young sexy girls he meets through work or his social life. at first I was wary, but his loyalty and integrity have impressed me and even he is surprised that he actually found a girl that was worth his full respect, and he was even more surprised hat he was capable of it.

    That’s the saddest thing about today’s society. That young men, who are good and kind and caring at heart, are being taught and even forced to behave like sociopathic scum to enjoy the company of women, and that these women prefer to be mistreated and have no loyalty or allegiance to their man beyond his status, his ability to game and manipulate her, or his wallet. Sad that not only women lose out on the joy of real intimacy and total submission of mind body and soul to a man she belongs to, but men too, although they may find empty, animal sex acts to be abundant, they find women to be not worthy of their esteem, and eventually lose hope that it even exists.

    my boyfriend felt that way and he found love and it changed his life. if you are a woman reading this, try to imagine what a beautiful loyal cowboys girl was like in the wild west, or if you are a man, what the cownpboy was like, maybe it sounds cheesy, but a cheesy positive model is better than the cheesy negative models we have now of thugs and playboys. whatever. use your imagination,

    and if you think youll miss the variety of normal dating, you may for a bit, but once you have a fully engaged intimate experience with someone you love and who is all yours, who has never had another mans hand sliding down her stomach or his lips on her breast, its a pleasure that makes any other sex seem like an empty bodily function. my boyfriend has described it as the most sensual, erotic, pleasurable, hot experience there is. he had all kinds of experiences, with multiple women or in crazy places or with crazy girls, but he said it seems like taking out ear plus and hearing a concerto fully for the first time, I feel it too. I began as shy, pridish, but I opened up and slowly gained confidence, and I had no background or baggage. I learned exactly what he liked very quickly, I let open the gates that help my pent up passion, and I have literally never once turned down sex in our three years. I think if girls have sex too young or have too much casual sex, it snuff out part of their sensuality, their ability to truly enjoy the sensatioms and passions of sex and will always project an image ofsexiness and loving sex, which is just an act.

    but if a girl is allowed to blossom in a healthy sexual nd romantic environment, mentslly and physically, her true sensuality and sexuality can emerge, and as you often say this site, women have very fluid and wild sexuality. you describe it as a dangerous thing that needs to be controlled, but that’s only becsuse its been warped in American women into a sick method of emotional masochism. however, in a healthy girl in a safe healthy loving relationship, that unpredictable,fluid sexuality is actually GOOD AND NATURAL AND HEALHTY AND IS NATURES MECHANISM OF KEEPING A MAN INTERESTED AND EXCITED SO HE DOESNT STRAY. Women are the caretakers of a relationship, and they have all the tools they need to make and keep a man happy, but American women have been taught to misdirect these tools and men have bee left angry and confused.

    I’m not saying we don’t face challenges, or ever fight, but we’ve been through some of the hardest times of our life together and have a rock solid foundation that is priceless and has healed us in many ways. My late introduction to American culture gave me an outsiders perspective, and this site raises many questions and fascinating ideas that I wish I could discuss.

    Sorry this is insanely long. I’ve been thinking about the content on this site and similar ones for years, so a lot has built up in my head. If anyone cares to hear more of my story, or about difference I see between American and Russian cultures, or just wants to hear outrageous stories about my school friends or other experiences, or you just have some insight or something to add, or you just think I’m a stupid girl who needs to shut it, just let me know.

    I’ve spoken to Roosh before and he’s seen my Facebook and photos, and I’ve told him a liyyle about my life, so he knows I’m real. Sorry for hijacking this but its so exciting to talk to the people on here and learn something about the world.

  • sophia

    Just wanted to summarize that mess and add one thing (since I know no ones going to read all that, or probably even 10%):

    I was taught that while men and women are equal in worth, they are different, and those differences provide the joy and color, the Yin and Yang of spiritual harmony with nature, or just the plain old sugar and spice of life.

    If you reduce those differences, you ruin the delicate balance and weaken the most powerful gift and most basic need of humans from birth.

    Men and women, at their best, give each other that intimacy and love and support that makes us human. You can say it isnsappy, but without it, we are nothing but animals. One look at the damaged, broken, families of the ghetto, and the callous, inhuman men it breeds and the debased, desperate, mercenary women that worship them shows the rest of the country’s, and Western civiizations future. That is the end result of the current generation of little high school porn stars, who are exhibitionists to the extreme, desperate for attention, lost and angry, and using sex, consumerism, and even drugs to stifle their rage and frustration at being robbed of life’s most natural rights and pleasures, love, a family, a community, a sense of self worth, responsibility to others and to self. We are caged animals numbing our pain with what is literally the opiate of the masses.

    At a crucial point in our society, when youth has been damaged and their future stolen before their eyes, if this were any other time and place, the young people would rise up with fiery passion and inexhaustible energy to demand or force a change. Of course, sometimes this change was worse, but sometimes it was noble and powerful. Yet thus generation is content to be fattened for slaughter, rolling over and allowing the butcher to pat its belly as it sucks down slop of every kind, and all the while he rubs his blade back and forth in anticipation.

    As in 1984 and Brave New World, sex has become a tool of manipulation. In one of the stories, it is repressed and harnessed for political gain, while in the other, empty meaningless sex, without pregnancy ever an option, is encouraged heavily. While both types have been practiced by governments around the world before, they are basically the same concept. Human sexuality, love, desire, and passion are incredibly strong and vital urges.

    However, they can be manipulated. If the sex drive is repressed and love and family ties are destroyed or undermined, the tremendous untapped energy can be redirected toward political propoganda and rabid patriotism.

    If the sex drive is encouraged to the point of mania and all emotional and and love connections are burned out and rendered meaningless, this in turn can stifle the drive to care about society, to muster up enough anger to protest, much less risk ones life. In this case, the government can pacify young people it fears could rebel and deems a threat.

    That is what I think is happening, People are being stripped of their humanity, fooled into thinking their basic impulses must be satisfied at all costs, that these impulses matter above intagible and difficult things like dignity and integrity and compassion and true connection to another person. If people can learn to separate themselves from mainstream society’s every norm and contract and think for themselves, they will find this sacred unwavering band light in themselves, and in another, and they’ll discover the true power of their own hearts desire.

    I’m sorry this sounds cheesy, but I lost faith in people long ago, and I initially read this site in horror at how little men respected women these days. Experiencing what I have has shown me that game is just lonely and confused men’s way of coping with damaged women and getting some of their affection, while women love themselves so little that they can’t imagine being worth more than their butt and their lips.

    I will finally stop. I’m sorry to hijack this board, I’ve read this site for five years, as well as Heartiste, but never dared to post because I felt I had nothing interesting to say. I probably still don’t but maybe one sentence of mine will offer some new idea or opinion, or maybe someone will be curious to know my story and the problems I face, and help me use the knowledge of human nature that we study to figure out how to proceed in myrelstionship. Or just talk for a bit…I’ve never found anyone to bring thus up with without them screaming.

    I’ve loved reading all these posts and the comments, I would love to offer a womens perspective on some of it, especially with my backgound, which I didn’t go into detail on,but which is probably one of the most unusual I know.

    I would love any comments about any of this, Sorry again for the rambling incoherence.

  • Christoff


    Wow, I really don’t even know where to start. The first thing I want to say, thank you for posting and saying everything that you did, and I’d love to connect at some point. I too have been reading a lot of the manosphere blogs for about two years and have never posted before, but you’ve inspired me to add to this. I, like your boyfriend, have been with a lot of American/Canadian women, at last count have slept with 57, and I’m only 26. It makes sense, I’m 6’4, athletic, dress extremely well, know a bit of game, went to Harvard, am working at a big name consulting firm, and am well connected. Here’s the kicker, I’ve always deep down known I’m an emotional guy.

    I have friendships that have lasted longer than the average marriage and would “take a bullet” for many of those friends, as they would for me. I’ve noticed even before discovering the manosphere that something was wrong. Some recent events with a girl I’ve met at work has really shown me how dire things have become here in the US. Our women are literally being taught to be men and our men to act as women. I really want to find a girl worthy of commitment – gaming constantly is so tiring.

    So back to the recent girl – I knew logically that it was a bad idea. I knew she was the typical American girl. I had anal sex with her within a month and a half (said she never did before), she has 2,000 facebook “friends” (mostly guys), still talks to a couple of exes, and had nothing but guy friends. But I caved. I opened up for the first time to a girl and within two weeks of it she had become distant and snarky. I’m doing all this for exactly the reasons you said – better some intimacy than nothing at all. It kills me though. I’m angry all the time! I literally see most women as nothing but cheap spoiled whores, but I do love women and wish I could have the loving traditional relationship my grandparents had, one built out of respect, admiration, and distinct gender roles. I crave a nurturing feminine woman and am considering moving to Asia because I can continue on in my career and potentially meet one of them there.

    Before I go on and on, thank you Sophia, and thank you to all the men, and much fewer women, of the manosphere. This is where pretty lies perish.

  • Christoff

    And to add one more thing about your thoughts around using sexuality to control the masses – I couldn’t agree more and would love to talk about it.

  • Martin5750

    Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet.” 1 Timothy 2:11-12

  • Virgin And Proud!

    I keep praying for you all…

    God Bless

  • esolesek

    Can you set me up with a hot Russian friend? I’m tall and reliable. and have been in a long term relationship with a woman I have to argue with to get to dress up, even though she is very well built. She is also a workaholic, so we hardly ever vacation, and I want to travel the world, and have the money to do so, and her mother runs her life. I’m quite wordly, and funny, and this won’t happen, but maybe it will. What the hell, I need some adventure. Martin – antinetcentral at the yahoo.

  • Richard

    This is a very beautiful story, but stories like these are incredibly rare. The only girls I’ve ever liked were ones that I met at work on a foreign exchange student program, from Eastern Europe.

    It is like a spiritual death for a male living in America. I have just stopped. I have zero interest in these sluts. There is no “there” there. A pretty body with a vacant soul. Sometimes I think it might be damaging to have given up hope. Perhaps in a couple years when I am successful and rich, I can explore other options, but now it is like living in a depressing wasteland.

    Anyways, thank you for sharing your story, but you are the exception, not the rule. There are not that many women who are sheltered and guided by their parents. Most are thrown to the wolves by complacent and oblivious parents, destroying them in a world of depravity and corruption. I’m happy to hear that you found happiness.

  • patriciacarrasco

    i wish u had a blog! i think u have a lot of good advice to say and i agree w/ u although im not articulate like u at all….if u have a blog let us know i need to read it and know that im not crazy and not the only one who thinks similar to u and that hates this heartless, narcissistic terrible culture…i did read ur other post and the only thing critique i have is that u slept w/ ur man before marriage…yes i know it seem far better than sleeping around but u have to keep in mind that fornication is what started all of this in the first place. the first generation started off like u, innocent and only sleeping w/ one person, but the next one wants to rebel against their parents and since their parents didnt abstain until marriage they wont, but theyll take it a step further. first its “well were engaged”, then “but no we truly love eachother” and then “were in a relationship so its ok”…until now. now its a sexual free- for all because nobody has an objective standard and that is NO SEX at all before marriage. then there will be no slippery slope….i hope u 2 do get married and live happily ever after but for most people who fornicate this isnt so…..most people who do this wont respect or trust eachother truly and will resent eachother unconsciously. this is why theres so much bitterness between the sexes:lack of respect at the core. like i said ur story is wonderful and heartwarming but people thinking that its perfectly fine to fornicate, its isnt. look at all the problems caused by it: STD’s (the human body is not made for sleeping around), children out-of wedlock, abortions, rampant divorce….and of course look at this blog w/ men living this type of meaningless lifestyle….i hope ur man would be willing to marry u in a heartbeat….but i understand how hard it is to find a guy to respect the wishes of a girl waiting til marriage (like me). i do understand why u felt like u hadto give up SOMETHING…i dont care though…im willing to not ever be married than give up my morals, and reading blogs like these let me know im making the right decision! anyways….thanks for ur mini-blog here, its was a great read and enlightening too….

  • patriciacarrasco

    u know after i wrote this i think i sounded a little harsh…im not saying ur evil for having pre-marital sex, no. i think that maybe u felt that it was too much to ask to have a guy wait for u unless he also believes in the same thing…i know that most girls nowadays feel like they HAVE to put out in order to be in the game cuz guys are extremely spoiled and can get laid all the time if they can get it. this is why there’s a site like this for acquiring “game” cuz women now all want that excitement like never before. before all they required was a good and stable man to take care of them cuz they didnt know hardly anything about sex as it was a mystery to society. most people waited till marriage or at least didnt sleep around. but now girls are easily bored and men want more and more perfection in a woman…it has made both sexes so selfish and only think about what they can get out eachother. thats what fornication does…i dont think ur like this. maybe u did wanna wait until marriage, u sound extremely traditional, but felt it was a lofty goal. i hope u do end up getting married to ur boyfriend and he sounds like he really appreciates u because he knows how rare u truly are….i just hope that u know though that ur situation is not the norm at all, its rare. im only judging on what u wrote here….but mos times fornication ruins relationships and it really has decimated society, look at all these cynical men on this blog? basically they are truly wanting a good and virginal woman but they know they probably wont get it so they just use them for sex…its very sad. anyways thanks for sharing ur story

  • Jay Pops

    I still think university (particularly arts courses; ie womens studies/gender studies etc) is the number one corrupter of women.

  • Liquid Chords

    You know, the one thing that very seldom gets brought up in these manosphere forums is the strong likelihood that in a lifetime LTR one of you is going to go down the tubes mentally and/or physically before the other, and the stronger healthier one is going to have to tend to the weaker sicker one. When i evaluate women, i look for signs of that kind of far-seeing realism and rock-solid loyalty. A good way to get a clue about a woman’s perspective on this is to listen to her friends, and look at her family. If don’t see the signs — instant bye bye. I value an open functioning unscarred heart more than a calloused numbed heart and a lot of notches. I know I will dig in my heels deeper than ever if my partner is sick or weak and I expect the same. Like you said, Georgia Boy, find one good woman who will stick by you, because regardless of how hot and sizzling they are now, they’re going to go down the tubes if they live long enough. Scoring a hottie is an incredibly shortsighted thing to base a relationship on if you have any idea that you might want to get married.

  • LiquidChords

    Then don’t go to the club…? Am i missing something here…? Or are you?

  • LiquidChords

    Seems to me good girls would shit test more because they’re worth more. I like Athol Kaye’s (MMSL blog) definition of shit-testing, which is “fitness testing.” The more you’re worth, the more you should test potential applicants.

  • Wolfwolveswolf

    “I wish I’d known then, what I know now, when I was younger.” And I wouldn’t waste one bit of the time I’ve wasted!

  • Laura

    This is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read. Girls probably don’t get with you because you’re a weirdo… The fact that you want to limit a woman’s choice is like some sort of misogynistic, manipulative censorship. Maybe its your shit personality that forces you to resort to playing these creepy games.

  • One of them danish girls

    I just wanna add, I actually read it all, and found it very interesting :)
    Im also a girl btw

  • Ty5

    I want to say that I liked the story, but in the end you gave it up to a player, a guy who slept around a lot. A male slut. You are basically saying as most “good girls” say, that “i can change him”. You didn’t find a guy with those same values that you have and give yourself to him as would be a well deserved gift and reward, instead you gave it to a guy who had puzzy coming out of his ears.

    That if anything is the thing I disliked about your story. Somewhere, a good dude who made efforts to save himself for reading about how you saved it and then gave it to a guy who sleeps/slept with many sluts.

    I also haven’t seen anything about a wedding or him proposing?

    I don’t know what to make of this all but I enjoyed some of your insights with regard to American “dating” and its effects on our young men and women.

  • TY5

    Yes this is the thing that gets me, so I try to understand what is going on here. Most of Roosh “adventures” are chasing women who are basically sluts already. Notice he has a funnel method, a screening process where in the first few minutes he can tell if she is a slut/open to sex or not. I take this to mean that the smart book worm girl is not going to pass the first screen.

    One could say that he is not creating the thing he is bitching about, rather he is bitching about the thing and then using game to get around it just for the basic sex act, which he might not get otherwise. Its either that or his right hand at home alone?

  • mark

    This articule is sad.
    Humans were meant to enjoy life and eachother.
    Running around chasing tail after tail is a miserable and tiring life which you cant enjoy at all.
    Being with one quality woman and being content and happy with just one is the true spice of life.
    This is why us guys don’t live as long as women today.
    We run around chasing tail instead of taking care of ourselves and living life for ourselves.
    Everything we do is to please a woman and make her happy with us so she will want to have sex.
    Pity, I spend my money on me, not a lot of sluts.
    I never went for sluts, they make me sick anyway.
    Too fucking dirty.
    Yeah im a 27 year old guy and my wife is 22.
    She is perfect for me and my buds cant even come close to finding a girl like her.
    You could say im a lucky ass duck to have found a rare gem like her and I cherish her because I feel never again will I ever in my fucking life find another.

  • Blue

    You know the expression,

    What is a lock that opens to all keys? Worthless.

    What is a key that opens all locks? A master key.

    A male “slut” is absolutely not the same as a woman “slut”. There is no value in a “good dude saving himself”. There is HUGE value in a good girl saving herself, so she can provide the type of love that sophia’s story illustrates (although who really knows the true story).

    The fact of the matter is, for a woman to restrain from sex is similar in difficulty to a man sleeping with many women for the same amount of years.

    The perfect combination can then occur, between a sexually naive yet open minded and loving girl, and an experienced, strong man.

  • Blue

    You know the expression,

    What is a lock that opens to all keys? Worthless.

    What is a key that opens all locks? A master key.

    A male “slut” is absolutely not the same as a woman “slut”. There is no value in a “good dude saving himself”. There is HUGE value in a good girl saving herself, so she can provide the type of love that sophia’s story illustrates (although who really knows the true story).

    The fact of the matter is, for a woman to restrain from sex is similar in difficulty to a man sleeping with many women for the same amount of years.

    The perfect combination can then occur, between a sexually naive yet open minded and loving girl, and an experienced, strong man.

  • Nash

    That is an illusion given to us through the culture we face today, women are displayed as women who want an experienced man to be in charge while in bed because they are naive and know nothing about sex, truth is that finding a normal guy these days that hasn’t slept around is rare. but that doesn’t mean its right, a man who isn’t experienced is one thing i am looking for, i want him to treat my body not by the patterns he learned of treating other women, i don’t want him to give me pleasure out of statistics that he learned with other women.
    it will be much more satisfying to know that he is exploring sex with me for the first time just like i will explore it for the first time with him and then everything i will learn about sex will be for him and vice verse. Men treating their body as cheap trash, sleeping with every woman who is welling aren’t better than women who sleep around, it is the same, she is making her body a waste to men and so is a man who never refuses sex with any woman.

  • saffysparkles

    Sexism to the max.

  • someone122

    Good essay Roosh. This world Roosh lives in is the same as I well because we both come from DC where there are very few hot women. Very many dysfunctional females from the malcontented MD burbs. And a huge selection of new money sarcastic wannabees in Arlington. It all equates to a snarky and rude atmosphere just 5 minutes into a conversation with someone who is actually interested in you let alone not interested. And If we would simply hang out in Baltimore there wouldn’t nearly be the need for a website like this and it might not even exist.

  • someone122

    My problem is I want a lady in company and a whore in bed. It means she likes the clubs for the music but only dresses like a slut for me. It hard to find a naughty good girl or a good girl with a naughty side for more than on special occasions. DRATS!

  • Daniel

    3-8 sex partners? Fuck you lying whore.

  • Daniel

    When you’re good at something, you tell people. When you’re great-they tell you. Roosh to manosphere community is like Muhamud to muslims.

  • Jake

    Did you ever think maybe some 20-something men aren’t like you? Maybe some of us enjoy chasing after women. I’m 26, tall, and attractive. I also happen to own a very successful business. I don’t want to get married ASAP because I, unlike you, am not afraid of being alone.

    P.S. you sound like a bitch.

  • lasonn

    constant gaming will destroy a man, too, and a nice girl who reads can spot that a mile away.

  • lasonn

    she was admiring the music and talent, she was giving YOU attention, not the other way around, and you jumped at it as if it was something sexual. that would freak out any pure music lover. and all that psycho analysis — so off. a woman’s value isn’t about how much attention she’s getting, it is in whether she values her own preferences enough to say yes to what she is attracted to, like piece of music, and no, to what she isn’t attracted to, like sexual advances from a man she feels nothing for. and attraction depends on an individual’s taste you may not know nothing about even after many conversations, and yours with her were superficial.

  • Rubito

    This post is wrong. I’m a musician with decades of experience in bars and clubs, and also in churches. Churches are dirtier than the bars!!!

  • The Truth

    I loved the story but two things stick out… one like was mentioned previously, if your alpha male had been a virgin as you were, he never would have even gotten the time of day from you, and two, no matter how much you think he’s never going to “stray” it WILL happen, sooner or later, so prepare yourself.

  • agree

    You are probably one of those who have had two- or three digit partners.I think Roosh has found a point here. I perfectly agree, having found myself one of those dream girls – exactly as he describes.

  • Mindstyle

    Like the other females, you gave your virginity to a player; you are not so different than the other female.

    This man was molded by the american women who gave him a lot of sex and experience.

    In this man, you can find the american women you despise…

    Your story was good, but in deed, it’s always the player who win the woman, the same guy who always win the others cunts…

  • Lu

    I agree with you, Mindstyle. She didn’t give herself to a pure man. She read sites like this and became determined to “change a player”. One can play a player but never change him.

  • Dimebag

    Attention addiction is probably the worst thing in our generation. It affects women, but stupid is who’s giving(the guys). The world has changed. Women are equal with men and can do whatever they want. We are applying the old ways of courtship to the new social world. Men should stop courting and engaging women. There’s a saying: Good things come for those who wait. This is hard to do these days due to social agenda: mostly sex related, manipulating that more is better. Women will become desperate if they are not given attention and they will try different ways to get it. Utterly this balance of the givers and receivers needs to balance out by alternating roles. Women should man up and start engaging men. Because attention addiction is like crack cocaine. It feels so good when you have it and more will give you a better power trip.

  • Dimebag

    You are a REAL WOMAN. Pardon me, you are a WOMAN(because anything else is shit). Yes, you know what men want. What real men want. This type of woman(or close by) would be the only thing in the world I would be strong for, I would commit for, I would be a man for. Modest women with a pure soul and a big heart that will save themselves for a good man. That know how to cook, that are smart to earn a degree, that are the care-takers of the relationship, the mothers. And a good man is similar. He is strong, modest and he knows and feels a real woman from afar. He has a charm no other man could have and this charm is activated in the presence of such a woman. He gives the woman the respect she wants and it’s all from his heart, and even the woman is not expecting it. And he is an alpha by confidence, self esteem and the force to do anything in the world. This is the true power of a relationship. I’m a seeker for this myself. I almost had the perfect woman, but distance and her jealousy destroyed our relationship, because I was faithful even though she was 10000km away(in Europe). None the less, I know there are more WOMEN like you out there and I can actually sense them very well. It’s everything they do in the fashion they do it. All of what you described. And I have a natural feeling inside me that tells me that woman is special. It’s a gut feeling. Now these are words.

  • Guest

    I agree with Patricia. God forbids sex outside marriage because He hates to see the pain that sin causes in our lives. I hope that Sophia marries her boyfriend soon. I wish that she would have chosen more wisely – a Christian man who is a virgin or at least a very low number. It concerns me that a man with that kind of past would be more apt to cheat and better able to hide it. Personally I prefer a kind shy man who is respects my decision to wait for marriage. The problem is is that I’m also shy, in fact a late bloomer. The upside is that I’m still idealistic & romantic, looking forward to sharing my body with my husband. I’m older & wiser too so I’m not naive & can rule out off the bat high-count guys.

  • Guest

    56 women is a lot! Wow – no wonder you feel the way you do. According to the Bible, when you have sex with another person, both of you become one. Your soul has been splintered among 56 women, essentially having sex with the men they’ve each had sex with. Your soul has been merged with these other souls & their respective spiritual baggage. What I don’t think men understand is that sex is not just a physical act – when copulation occurs, it’s also an intertwining of 2 spirits. So if you’re having sex with a person, their spiritual/emotional/mental state affects you long after (even though men don’t think so because of their ability to “compartamentalize”). That’s why men feel a certain inner malaise & don’t understand why. So they try to drive it away with alcohol, drugs and more sexual partners. They don’t get it – it’s the effect of multiple soul ties – metaphysical residue of the inner turmoil / issues that their past partners were dealing with. It’s like when you hang out with a negative person – their mood can infect yours & bring you down – & you were just hanging out!

  • cmp679

    Sophia, this and you’re earlier post are brilliant and I couldn’t agree more. Red Pill accurately describes our biological drives but imo the reductionist materialism it suggests is false. Your posts give red pill much-needed context.

  • Toine

    So I guess for any of us to have a shot with a good woman we all must possess alpha/player qualities and behavior.

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  • Anonymouse Aghxcik


  • glajnnd

    An alpha slut is the jackpot on a genetic level for a female. Just a higher level of ‘female proof’ telling her of his high genetic fitness. But spiritually, intellectually and on a societal level? He’s not very valuable at all. He doesn’t help society or the human race progress further.

    Religions here are instructive. Histories greatest thinkers allocated the most beautiful and graceful female virgins to the greatest in this order – THINKERS, WARRIORS, MERCHANTS. Notice this alpha slut isn’t in any of these categories. Instead his main claim to fame is being hot and lusted after by women. A poor measure of value.

    We don’t live in the jungle naked anymore. Female desire is evolutionary irrelevant now, more, it is harming the human race. Creating a more violent and greedy/shallow gene pool.

  • Annie

    I’m a 22 year old woman and have been reading a lot of these types of sites, and all it has taught me is not to trust men and NEVER to date or even speak to a man who subscribes to this type of ideology. You guys are the male equivalents of radical feminists…angry, bitter, toxic, paranoid, and should be avoided.

    And this is coming from a woman who you would probably almost consider “ideal” — feminine, quiet, domestically inclined. Thin but curvy, long hair, but not so pretty as to get “stuck up.” In my 4 years of adulthood I have never set foot in a nightclub, have had only 3 sexual partners, and can count on my fingers the number of times I’ve been approached by men. But what I’m not is naive. And I would never touch a guy like you with a 10 foot pole. So good luck using your “pickup artist powers” on a good girl. The smart ones will run as fast as they can, as they should. Hopefully more women will read these articles so they know what to watch out for.

  • anothersmartone

    You’re definitely smart, Annie. Stay away from losers like this. The energy they waste trying to trick women into one night stands is just laughable. Imagine if they instead used their powers for something useful to humanity??

  • MarkAnonRok

    Agreed. Yet this is a fact that a man that can get many women is alpha, the same does not apply to women.

  • Cassie

    “The irony of being a dirty manwhore who desires good girls is not lost on me”

    Good. Then you should know that most, if not all, good girls will have NO interest in you!

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    Been saying that for years, There are so many good men in the USA and women know it…

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    Anne One thing about years PUA training is that I have a pretty BS detector and your full of it. If you have to post to you world that you have certain qualities you probably lack those qualities. More likely your a overweight, femi-nazi, love night clubs, and had 30+ sexual partners in your 4 years You love being slut and you crave the power you have over men by bragging about your curvy body yet you condemn men who are honest about sex.
    So what are you really angry about? Did daddy divorce Mommy for a hot, feminine, quiet, domestically inclined. Thin but curvy, long hair, 22 year old ?
    Holidays are really going be an awkward now.

    Anne 3 sexual partners in 4 years is actually an accomplishment for most men yet sluts like you demean them for trying to improve their skills at meeting women. Unlike you Most man that learn PUA are not sex crazed a-holes, Single men outnumber single women in every USA city and women know it. So men learn PUA to navigate the minefield of dating USA scene
    Annie, your the reason so many USA men date abroad…

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    AnotherDumbAss, Really so you know the intent of every man that takes PUA course?

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    Nope, The “nice” girls are the ones that will fall for PUA BS. and soon will become bitter.

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    Been to DC almost as bad as NYC. Male to Female ratios is the reason nothing will change 10% of the single men will never marry at least until their 40’s.

  • esolesek

    Honestly, dude, some of your stuff is just stupid.

    The WORST TWO cock-blockers are:

    Her FRIEND – the ugly one who doesn’t want to lose her hot friend, and is going to tell her hot friend that you are a sack. This fits into your modern woman theory SORT OF, but I think this is as old as time honestly. In fact, in more traditional societies, you are totally toast from the friend, unless you are marriage material. In modern societies, she might give the chick the greenlight, and nothing removes panties faster than that green light from the friend – besides alcohol, and that’s dangerous.

    Her BROTHER – I’ve lost more chicks to this one, especially in traditional societies, or people from traditional societies travelling abroad. This has NOTHING to do with your feminist claptrap theories, it’s totally from STONE AGE traditional countries. I’ve had Italian, Turkish, Spanish brothers make it impossible to get to their sisters.

    But American fathers even, have been cool with my penis entering their daughter’s vagina (if they knew), and German brothers A-OK. Scandinavians the same.

    You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • esolesek

    I don’t care if you’re hot or not, and its not relevant, but I have to agree with you. It’s true that there are some things men need to learn from sites like this, basically not to be a pussy or a pushover, and that IS critical for men, and it IS a problem in modern societies, although maybe it’s always been a problem.

    That said, I’ve had a lot more good sex with liberated women than I ever have with religious or traditional women, so these guys are literally contradicting themselves, almost like stupid, frustrated traditional men would. They want a woman to want sex, but not to be a whore. Gee, where have I heard that before? I think most liberated women, like men, go through a bit of a whore period, and then back off, like most quality people do, because there’s diseases and headtrips out there, and people try to hang back until its the right person, and then you go to town on one person.

    Sure, there are women in modern societies that expect everything and they can try to get it, just like the unhappy dudes. I think it really comes down to A. getting lucky to find a partner you find hot and vice versa that you can get along with (and it does take work and struggle)

    and B (the important part) being smart enough not to constantly need more than what you have. This can be tricky, because compromising can be a mistake also, but I know people who are either unlucky or just expect too much for what they have to offer. In my opinion, if sex is all you’re chasing, you’re a pretty boring prospect as a guy anyway.
    You need something you’re into for yourself.

    I’d be happy to agree with this whole theory of the liberated woman being the bane of male existence, and I think there is truth in this when you come to divorce and custody in modern society, but when it comes to getting sex, I don’t know what these guys are smoking, unless they want to go to Turkey or Mexico, and fight off 30 brothers, fathers, uncles a friends to NOT get sex from brainwashed guilt-ridden girls, and then get married, support six children, and then go to the whorehouse on the side, because THAT is the traditional way….it isn’t getting to bank a cornucopia of hot women when you’re young. I’d love to see a married dude in one of these countries bang someone’s virgin outside of wedlock. I wonder what happens exactly then. I guess the girl is SOL – probably the way these frustrated men like it, all the power for them.

    Anyway, people are dumb.

    THat said, I have to say that any woman that thinks she can avoid a really good player might be right or wrong, because there are some real good ones out there, and, sorry, but I’ve seen a lot of girls waste their beauty on TOTAL losers, and they are NEVER swayed by a smart, cool guy telling them what’s really up. Women have a terrible love of the loser with the slimy attitude towards life,a nd he may come in a pretty package, but don’t tell me that women don’t like semi-successful slimebags, because they adore them.

  • esolesek

    Imagine if women used their powers for something other than littering the planet with unneeded children.

  • esolesek

    I think just like men have decided that having the perfect female specimen is the ultimate drug, which is an exaggeration/abuse of their sex drive,

    women have also exaggerated their bio-directed drug of choice, getting attention, to a psychotic, abusive level. I totally agree that this is true. It can be so maddening to be a guy that hold back and back, and the girl tries everything from being nice to saying you’re gonna get it, and then once she knows she has you, YOURE DONE! But, baby, I thought you wanted it….

    That said, one day women turn over the attention drug, and say, I’m going to have a baby.

    Funny thing is after they’ve had one or seven babies, they are actually addicted to attention enough that they go back out to get it AGAIN, and like addicts, almost have to be slapped into awareness that HUNNY – ITS OVER – YOU ARE NO LONGER TOP TIER ATTRACTIVE! Sure, you can get another million sperm in your vajayjay, but stop expecting the world to think you’re a 20 year old SI model.

    Look at Heidi Klum and JLO- perfect examples of women who cannot put the FIND ME SEXY drug DOWN!

  • esolesek

    Well, there’s nice and there’s sucker. People can be nice and not be suckers. It’s really a matter of IQ also. A dumb PUA isn’t getting anywhere with a smart nice girl, unless she’s a shut-in, which can happen with nice girls. THe worst thing is when a nice girl gets knocked up by an ahole, and then really gets bitter, because she has a jerk’s kid AND missed her youth.

    My opinion is most 7 plusses get scouted no matter where they are,and nice girls usually have careers, which mean they meet someone in their profession and are stuck like glue, except for short-lived arguments.

    The only exception I’ve seen is girls that aren’t old enough to go to bars, and good luck conducting a long term relationship with someone that age, and if she’s hot, you want it more than once, believe me, and then you fall for it in a couple of months, and then you lose it, unless you are a total ninja, or balance it with someone else, so you can keep the heat under control.

    Young chicks that are dumb enough to bang an older guy wake up, or their friends/family get in their grill, and it just doesn’t last.
    The only chance is to buy one abroad (not simple), and knock her up with three kids, and then she’ll become one of these liberated women everyone on here whines about, and you’ll be looking again, except her conservative family find out you’re cheating, and whip you in a mechanic’s shop. Thank god eventually the plumbing shuts down.

    Most hot young girls settle with dudes their own age. The only exceptions are being a rock star, film director or magazine photographer or something way out of the ordinary.

  • esolesek

    Let me tell you both that the 20s are barely getting started, and both of you have horrific scarring events ahead of you, and the power you think you have now will evaporate before you like you cannot believe. That includes both the giddy married guy and the competent player. You both will endure some real garbage you didn’t expect, so keep thinking you know it all. You’ll learn different.

    Still, I have to say at an older age that I have seen that the people who get married and have kids early do seem to be the happiest later in life. If you don’t want children, cool, but you or (definitely your woman) will prob change your mind, and people who have kids in their 20s are done with the hardest stuff in their 40s, so they can still live a life AND admire their growing children, and have grandchildren later in life.

    The people who play at a lot of sex, it just really doesn’t lead anywhere. It seems like freedom on some levels, but it isn’t.
    It is better than getting married and knocked up at 18, that’s a recipe for disaster, but waiting much past 30 is diminishing returns. Life is short.

    Besides, there’s no point in having children anyway. We’re gonna all be suffocating in methane within 20 years, so party hard dudes!

  • esolesek

    Any man who calls another man a bitch and isn’t in prison is a joke.

  • esolesek

    Honestly, to me, you sound kind of gay, like literally.

    I could say the same thing I would say to girls – why are you picking trash? Pick better. You’re tall and young and attractive. I like you was stupid as a young man. Just went where the legs were open, got good girls and bad, and bad girls can be quite a thrill in bed, but a good girl with training can be too. GIve the good ones a chance, and stop picking disaster areas.

  • esolesek

    THis is a crock. SOmetimes sex really is nothing but adventure and learning who you are. THe religious context is human-created, so it is not in any position ABOVE humans as some kind of greater wisdom – its nothing but OPINION.

    Sure, sometimes sex hurts people, particularly the innocent. You pay to play. You also pay if you marry the first person you have sex with – good goawd what a disaster that can be. So park your claptrap. Liberation happened for a reason.

  • esolesek

    SO what, you’re 20 now? You got a lot to learn hunny. This is the one thing I always find humorous about all women. They do mature earilier than men, but then they, like men, go into stupid biological mode. I swear biology shuts down the brains of most young people so that they get knocked up. If it wasnt for birth control or abortions, most people would have kids in their 20s (or earlier) like they always have.

    As far as Americans being incompetent, I had a relative from Turkey visit, and he has a masters in engineering. This guy was scared to walk in a mountain field because he thought some insect or snake was going to jump at him from the grass. I’ve never seen a bigger outdoor pussy in all my life. So a lot of old world people are shut off from the world as well. Many old men in particular cannot even clean a toilet, cook, or do laundry, so let’s get real here. Its a problem of the spoiled modern classes.

    Fact is, everyone should learn combat and gardening, because we’re all going to need it.

    As far as you’re concerned, I predict the guy you’re with is already banging someone on the side. The usual turnover for that kind of guy is six months. Even if you’re rocking hot, if he’s out there and chicks like him, and he’s under 30, he’s already cheating and will continue to do so a lot longer than you ever suspect.

    If you want to test him, then demand he marry you, TOMORROW.

  • esolesek

    I gotta say that very few women give a rats ass whether a man helps society move forward or not. They care about his status and place in society, and if he’s moral, then great, but very few people truly occupy a position like that, so its not a reality for any women to care about. Its more instructive that Hitler, even in defeat in a bunker, could still get a hot young bride, and that serial killers like Ted Bundy get swamped by mail from women.

    You’re right – success is what matters, strength, status and money. Women are not the fairer sex. They’re in the mud, like all humans.

  • esolesek

    There is a space between being a slut and a virgin. It isn’t either or. People also change over time. Looking for a fantasy of human perfection that doesnt exist is also a recipe for a sad life.

  • MockerMocker

    The Bible says that Mary was Joseph’s wife before they had sex. So you’re wrong.

  • Visitor

    Ow the illusion… Bookworms these days are attention whores as well and they PRETEND to make breaks with bars/clubs where in reality they actually go every so often to those places. That or they go to “alternative” places we all know are the same attraction and approach wise to clubs, only they portray a different image

    That’s what they look for. Guess what, a more refined way of avoiding the slut adjective. That’s all

    Even a small town women currently, bookwormer and all, has accesses to orbiters, approachers abundantly and frequently and even alternatives to clubs (that are the same as clubs). Technology and sexual revolution made that

    Those “behaved” girls at home can reach millions of people at their phones and whore/attention seek/approval seek/spoil at approaches even without people noticing

    Watch and laugh as you research online about them and reach conclusions that they are at most somehow better than club girls

    PS: And yes, they do fuck outside of relationships and even almost casually. They, as same as other women, make excuses and dissimulate about that. Your casual “well behaved” country book girl has sex frequently after age 16 or less and pretends to be almost completely pure

    Maybe they have somewhat less than club girls, but expectations are harsh. Should she be some sort of web celebrity at her town, maybe she has just as much sex as a club women (and spoil for approach, whoring et al)

  • Real Woman

    Weak, insecure men need “game”. Real men only need to be themselves. Real women want REAL MEN. Not “game players”.

    You mens’ problems is that none of you have the balls to seek a real, genuine, HONEST relationship that is “porn free”‘. Every one of you are faffers that have been long addicted to porn (even you, Roosh) so that you haven’t a clue how to have a meaningful relationship with a woman, so you wind up here, in places like this trying to learn “game” long after you’ve burned up your “true love” resources. Fall out of love with porn if you want a real relationship with a woman. otherwise, you’re just going to suck.

  • Joanna

    I’ve been reading your posts for a few days, got to the end of them now. I applaud your stance against fems. But buddy, you are full of shit. You seem to think that you are some type of Alpha male, super predator of loose and tight women. Are you a black male, by any chance? All that talk of game and whatnot, would lead me to think you think you are. The Kanye West of blogging. You certainly aren’t part of the solution, “holmes”.

  • Hahaha

    u have to whip them with a belt. its all they’ll understand to get rid of bad behavior

  • Albert Ho

    Kudos to the author! One of the best posts I have ever read on dating. Even the playboys I knew five years ago can’t compete now with the new hyper-modern womanizers. I agree completely that there’s an arms race going on. The only way to compete is climb to the very top of the current game or stay very traditional and hopefully gain a member of the rapidly declining numbers of traditional woman, or go to one of the few remaining traditional areas in the world such as villages in China, India, or North Korea. Or wait for the woman to age to 33-40.

    The problem with learning to be the best is that few career-oriented men have the time. The ones who do learn usually have no real career prospect because their career IS womanizing. Competing against a professional womanizer in getting a hot woman is about the same as competing against a boxer in boxing.

    Meanwhile, if you want to find a traditional woman, you better act quickly. The few traditional woman in my class were immediately married off to wealthy, traditional guys when they turned 18.

    And now with the world globalized so much, the few traditional areas in the world are also disappearing, so better act fast. It’s not like the Chinese themselves don’t go to their own villages to find a wife.

    The final option is to wait till the girl gets old. Then, her beauty years are basically done and you have to pay for fertility treatments.

  • Moosh

    The number one corruptor of women are lying, cheating, man-whores. Sluts are trying to please men, thinking that’s all you value, which according to your blog and followers, is true. So women change to attract men based on their values. If all men got together and said Amish women are the most highly desirable, most women would become Amish. There’s a huge supply of sluts because there is a huge demand for them. If you majored in Econ vs. Micro, you’d maybe see a bigger picture than viewing the human race and women’s desires merely as bacteria.

  • Moosh

    It’s a different consciousness, a feminine one. Women were meant to support man and please him. And man was made to protect and provide for her. A man slut puts her in harms way and is unwilling to provide anything more than his dick. cheap whore! So according to man whores, the women who snub you have a “mental disease.” And the sluts who sleep with you also have a “mental disease.” So if everyone around you has a mental disease, have you ever wondered if instead, it’s you and the lifestyle you lead?

  • Michelle

    I’ve had dudes hit on me in the bookstore. They sit in the corner chair, sitting next to the cookbooks, waiting to strike up a conversation. Or they hang out near the sex section, or spiritual section. That shyness isn’t shyness – it’s being uncomfortable, appalled, and worried about being too loud for others. In other words, bookstore girls find their one sanctuary littered now with lame players with desperate lines and a sex craze in their eyes. It’s sad, and makes me retreat to buying off Amazon – to avoid over-cooked cock meat near Martha Stewart and Julia Child. That smile in the end you get from me is a smile of pity and wishing you well.

  • Moosh

    Science actually finds that evolutionarily speaking, women are bigger whores and must accept any man coming at them to increase the rate of getting pregnant. She also must make the sperm fight each other to win the egg, the biggest, baddest, strongest wins the evolutionary fight. After the pregnancy, she’s likely to change to better values than just being a whore, to protect the child but some don’t. Get over it dudes, as many women as you fuck, there is a woman there to receive. I think men are jealous of women merely because they can get laid anytime they want.

  • Guest

    I hate bars & don’t own a smartphone, but I’m also into FemDom. You like taking plastic cock up the ass from a woman?

  • Partyforever

    Excellent article, but what is more painful, is she becomes a professional at flirting – a master at manipulating your and any man’s feelings.

  • Orhan Ayirkan
  • amy

    My god, your sweeping generalizations about bookworm girl types are so wrong… being well-read and intelligent raises the possibility of someone being able to carry a much better quality and stimulating conversation. Your “rambling game” will probably come off as asinine and just plain annoying to a smart girl, especially a the shy introverted type you classify them as. Want to raise your game? Read a book, and not the stupid one you published on how to bed as many unsuspecting girls as possible because you were genetically gypped (one look at you and I would never fuck you, no matter what) and feel so bitter. Second, and as an introverted book type myself, I get approached by multiple men as long as I step foot out of my door. I live in a town, but I get approached at the grocery store, gas station (always at the gas station), school, bus, doctor’s office…. men are relentless and shameless. If a book type only gets approached by 50 people in her lifetime, she must either be hideously deformed or agoraphobic, never leaving her home. I feel sorry for the guys who listen to you, but then again they probably deserve bad advice if they are seeking it from someone like you…

  • Bm3racer

    i was almost about to leave this blog because there is too much woman hating and anti-feminism. However I’m reading because there are some good tib bits in between all the crusading. That being, a book store being a good place to find LTR’s.

    Then i saw you with a female name, why are you here and what value do you get from this blog? How often have you gotten hit on at a book store? Twice or three times? Because if that place is already saturated, then there goes that idea.

  • Bm3racer

    LOL at liberal progressives. I wouldn’t marry a girl who isn’t a liberal. It’s funny how educated people (as you admit) also happen to be liberal, you know, right after they learn how to think for themselves… isn’t it? You think that’s a coincidence?

    And no, people aren’t told to be atheists or liberals when they go to university, ask anyone who has been and they will tell you, they learn how to think for themselves, a VERY dangerous idea as far as the elite ruling class is concerned.

  • Max

    then how a man should behave for you, so you will do like him?.. tell us, straight and honest way. We listen…
    Those men want not just fuck you- most of them do want to create family, have children, be happy and make you happy. Why don’t you help them, put some effort in improving them? You will like most those you have improved, made better by yourself for yourself. Its better than retreats, worries and your “pity”, which no one really needs. Right?..

  • SUPRA luca

    Females should never get pregnant from the same male over and over again. Each time from a different male is the ideal. Not even the most strong, beautiful and youthful males get to reproduce for a long time, their prime lasts little, as new youthful, strong and beautiful males come around and take the older males’ place. Even females of monogamous species “cheat” on their partners for better sperm from younger, more beautiful males, even if she is an older female herself. Nature is wise, THAT is natural sexual instinct.
    Most, if not all females should procreate – while a smaller, sometimes the smallest portion of males should procreate. Females choose males mostly by visual clues; he has to be beautiful and/or strong and youthful (young adults – they have the most viable sperm). Females… they just have to be females and horny, really. Now, the males who aren’t meant to procreate still play their part: they are there to be the first ones to die if the group if in danger, end up as prey more often than females and more desirable males and, of course, also get to copulate (but not necessarily reproduce) when a female is in heat. It’s very common in nature that females will have big “orgies” with many males when in heat, after copulating with the best male around, so she can secure her pregnancy.

    Also, animals of many species have sex just for fun. That includes monkeys, dolphins, humans… and oh, yes, in all of these species females having “orgies” with man males have always been a common sexual strategy.

  • SUPRA luca

    I hope she knows you frequent sites, think like this like this and talk like this, though. If not, you are at least just as bad as the “bad women” the men in this site love to cry and complain about.

  • disqus_2015ScorpioWater

    Number one corrupter of women Feminism!!!!

  • Bodhi Dharma

    You seem to think that “animal sexuality” falls under some giant umbrella. We are only concerned with primate sexual strategies.

  • Anonymous

    So much delusion in this point, its hilarious. I actually laughed out loud. Thanks for that. This is like the perfect site where women can go, look at all the posts and comments, and realise these are the guys they do not want to date.

    This coming from a 20 year old that doesn’t go clubby and does not sleep around.

  • Christopher C

    LOL… “)P

  • ella

    Dude. I think it is so sad that you value yourself more for your ability to play at this PUA game crap than for your talent and skill as a musician. She wasn’t trying to take advantage of you – she was complimenting you. Giving you real respect for something that is real about you. And she probably didn’t buy you a drink because she thought the club was giving you your drinks.

    I’m so sorry you don’t know your own worth. Seems like this PUA ruined you.

    Look – I’m a complete feminist, and I’ve been reading this site because I think its funnier than the Onion. Or Elite Daily. But after reading this post, I have to stop. It’s just not funny anymore.

  • JaTu

    Actually most studies say younger people tend to be liberal and older people tend to be conservative. Your belief that liberals tend to be educated is a bias your mind has conjured up to support your own narrative.

  • Bm3racer

    You know, I can prove why it’s not a bias my mind has conjured up, here:

    Not only that, just to make sure it isn’t cherry picked, search for the following in google
    education vs political party (or affiliation if you prefer)

    and see for yourself

  • RaymondMColwell

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  • Circus clown

    stop giving hope to ugly men.

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  • freend

    Very informative! Great writing. This guy should write a book. He has talent for writing.

  • Robbie121

    Then the world society needs BADLY to go back to buying and selling women. Daddy tries to get the highest price he can for his daughter(s). Ugly daughters go for cheap to poor men. Pretty daughters bring big bucks from rich men. Daughters who have been trained in obeying and pleasing men from infancy bring higher prices than self-centered ones. Daughters who will bring large dowries bring high prices. Daughters whose poor families cannot provide them with any dowry are sold as concubines, not as wives. And so on: you get the idea.
    We need to go back to not allowing women to divorce their husbands under any circumstances.
    While some men will abuse any woman, most will cherish a woman who is submissive, obedient, respectful and a fit companion and aide to her husband. For the men who abuse good women we have the stocks and the whipping post, which were not finally abolished in America until the 1930s.
    For women who are insubordinate, disrespectful, slovenly and lazy, troublesome gossips, we have the stocks and the paddle or birch. These punishments are far superior to jail, for they do not deprive women and children of their husbands and fathers, and remove men from the workforce, or men of their wives.

  • Robbie121

    I would like to find out why rich feministic women got the stocks and whipping post for bad men abolished.
    The whip is not a bullwhip or a nail-and-broken-glass-studded mutilator. It is a “cat ‘o’ nine tails” made of small cords. It is intended to adjust attitudes of misbehaving men, not to cripple them. After he gets his whipping Friday evening and spends the night in the stocks, he rests up and is back to work Monday morning.
    A misbehaving woman, after her paddling, is fit to return home to serve her husband and children.
    The paddle isn’t a heavy board; it’s a thin, flat stick that stings her bare butt without doing harm. Visualize a paint stirrer for a 5 gallon bucket. Her butt will be sore enough to keep her off of it and on her feet for a while, which is where she should have been to start with.

  • Robbie121

    BS. Ten fertile men can’t get a fertile woman any more pregnant than one can.
    One healthy man, however, can keep 100 young women pregnant without even working up much of a sweat.
    A normal man produces about a billion sperms a month. A normal, nonpregnant woman produces one egg a month.
    Even at 150-300 million sperms per emission, a man has the capacity to impregnate one or two optimally timed women a day.

  • Robbie121

    Do we have wars to get rid of excess young males? If so, we’re doing it all wrong. We send the most physically well-developed, healthy young men off to war. The better strategy would be to send the defectives off to die and to kill the “enemy’s” defectives.

  • Robbie121

    The Amish young women, from the appearance of the ones I’ve seen, could use some, no, a lot, of fresh “English” semen. Despite their conventions, where young people from widely spaced communities are matched, they are badly inbred.

  • Robbie121

    “Good” woman doesn’t mean “antisexual shriveled-up prude.” Good women want to fuck. It’s what we’re made for. They’re just more particular about it.

  • Robbie121

    Please avoid raping the women. It produces manhating feminists who sit around eating to get solace, and whining.
    If she tries to push you off her but doesn’t try to hurt you, she most likely wants it. Many women like to pretend that getting fucked isn’t their fault, that they’re all innocent. But be on guard for genuine refusal, sniffling, crying. One girl, who was trying to convince, to deceive, herself, posted that “just because I said, ‘yes’ doesn’t mean that I consented.” Um, yes, it does, sister.

  • Robbie121

    Then you’ve never been vaginismussed. If you had, you’d know better. Amazing how hard a vagina can squeeze!

  • Robbie121

    Who cares about underwear? It comes off or pulls out of the way quickly and easily.

  • Robbie121

    As long as it’s obvious to her that you’re lying, she’ll eat it up.

  • Robbie121

    Except for the genuinely religious, there is little to nothing in marriage for men.

  • RocketBooster

    The amount of delusion that you project onto others is amazing. Good thing you won’t be coming back here, as differing opinions clearly upset you.

  • NoNoMouse

    her vagina is too tight? Why is that a problem and why is sex the focus. You men really don’t know what you want. You don’t want a bad girl but then you still complain about a good girl. And you complain about women being irrational?

  • NoNoMouse

    DAP, you are correct. This is because artistic women are in touch with their souls, and are therefore purer in the soul, leading to the best of both worlds. However, you have to discover all the layers and be willing to invest, because they truly are the best…depth, beauty, spirituality, philosophy, sexuality, intelligence, zest, love, principals, and morality.