The Number One Corrupter Of Women

This blog and others highlight a lot of problems being faced by Western men. Some of them include:

Let’s say that girls who possess at least two of the above traits are “bad” girls, who while fun to have one-night stands with, will ultimately not provide a man with happiness or joy in a relationship. There is one place where they love to congregate. It’s a place that over time turns any good girl into bad. It is the bar or club. American-style nightlife, more than iPhones, Facebook, and cupcakes, is the number one corrupter of women.

What is a bar? It’s a social venue where women can receive attention from men at predictably constant rates. Every approach performed will increase her worth. Every hot stud who lays pipe inside her via a one-night stand will reinforce in her mind that she deserves Mr. Perfect. These men feed her ego like an IV bag nourishes a surgery patient.

The effect of all this is cumulative so that a 30 year old woman who is well past her prime will put out attitude multiple times higher than a hot 18 year old who just started going to clubs. Since the older woman simply can’t forget all those men who have approached her and wanted to take her home, she won’t receive your approach unless you’re nearly the best of what has attempted to fuck her in the past, even though the number of guys willing to wife her up has decreased exponentially. Nightlife venues give average women near unlimited choice and attention, causing a sharp degradation in her attitude, warmth, and even her appearance.

How many times does the average American girl go out from the time she is 18-25? At 18 she hits the college club maybe only once a week, but after graduating she steps that up to two or three times a week. Once she starts establishing a career, she adds happy hours to the mix. Here is a conservative estimate of how many times a girl goes out a year, assuming she lives in a metropolitan city:

18 years old: 52 nights out
19: 52 nights out
20: 52 nights out
21: 104 nights out
22: 104 nights out
23: 156 nights out
24: 156 nights out
25: 156 nights out

Total: 832 nights out

How many times will she be approached each time she goes out? Let’s be conservative and say three, though it’s likely to be higher if she’s pretty. This means that by the time you approach her when she’s still somewhat in her prime at 25 years old, she has already been hit on by 2,500 men who wanted to have sex with her. Here is an image of approximately 2,500 people in an auditorium:

If we were to believes the fantasies of feminism, we’d think that these attempts are good for her and good for society, that it allows her to experiment with her sexuality, find her ideal man, and generally be a happier snowflake. But we know that all this choice does is turn her into a carousel rider who is unable to bring value besides porn star sex in any type of relationship. She’s going to give you a fun fuck if you’re able to spit perfect game which she believes she’s entitled to before moving on to the next guy who is a tad better than you. The more likely outcome, however, is that you don’t bang her. Unless your game is in the top 1%, you simply won’t have access to her because of the unlimited choice she has.

Game is an answer to put you in the top 1%, with the big assumption that you’re learning at a rate faster than your peers. Once a society becomes game saturated, an arms race ensues where a competent level of game that got you laid in 2005 would not get you laid in 2012. The sad fact is that not learning game at all will give you even lower results. It’s better to enter a gun fight with a rock than with your bare hands, though I know many men are choosing to drop out entirely and not even bother. Or they go to Thailand.

But wait, there’s more. One thing we missed with the girl and her 2,500 possible suitors is that internet whoring goes hand-in-hand with going out at night. Because receiving male attention is like a drug where dosage must be increased to receive the same high, girls continue the attention train online. If you count all the guys who message her on OK Cupid or POF, it’s possible that an attractive girl would have been contacted over 10,000 times for sex before you even spit your line. In one way or another, you have to compete with all those men. Here is a picture of 10,000 people:

How do you stack up? Do you have five years of intensive game study at your back? Are you a local celebrity? Do your muscles make girls wet? Are you hilarious? Do you have enough value where you can crush most of these men in the first two minutes of a conversation? I hope so. Otherwise you won’t bang the hottie you see in the club. You won’t even come close.

There is hope, and I’m sure the answer to this problem has probably already popped into your mind. Find girls who hate bars and clubs. It’s as simple as that. Even in a highly feminist society like America, a girl who doesn’t ever go out at night will still be gentle, caring, and likely have a low notch count. She won’t be rude, she won’t have trashy tattoos, and she won’t curse like a sailor. If she also doesn’t own a smartphone, she will likely be a dream girl. It’s even better if she doesn’t drink, because then you know that sex for her is a logical decision, not an emotional one that depends on some guy running aloof game on her. Her notch count is absolutely in the single digits.

The best place to find girls like this is during the day, specifically the bookstore. I’ve noticed that girls who read tend to hate going out more than girls I’ve met in other day game scenarios like coffee shops and Whole Foods. It really is impossible for a bookworm to prefer a night out at the club than to dive into a good book, and even I’m getting to the stage where I prefer the book than the club, however modestly high my chance of getting action on a random night is.

The good girl does have its own set of problems:

  • The seduction moves excruciatingly slow
  • She is shy to the point of being mute
  • Your ramble has to be strong since she won’t talk a lot
  • Sex is average
  • Her vagina is too tight

Regardless of these problems, I believe bookworms are the ultimate solution for a guy who has built up his game to a competent level and wants to spend a couple days a week with a good girl who won’t be so willing to ditch him for a minor transgression or just outright cheat on him with the sexy guy at the club who bought bottle service with his bros. While the bad girl is approached 2,500 times in her life, I doubt the good girl is approached more than 50 times. Here is a picture of 50 people:

It’s not as hard to compete with this crowd. Average game will likely be enough, and by average I mean you’ve hit the nightlife for a year or so to build up your confidence and escalation moves. Unfortunately, you still can’t escape the necessity to learn at least some game to become an attractive man. Don’t get it wrong and think that you can be an autistic geek and still pick up the cute bookworm. There is no avoiding some work on your part.

The irony of being a dirty manwhore who desires good girls is not lost on me, but even with my promiscuous behavior, I can’t help but gravitate towards girls who I know deep down will content me in ways that sluts simply can’t. Having rough sex is no doubt fun, but men innately want girls who care for them and don’t screw a lot of dudes. Unfortunately, nightlife exposure will always destroy a good girl.

Now I know I said that nightlife is the number one corrupter of women, but I lied. The number one corrupter of women is choice.

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