The One Thing I Hate About Life

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Also, my new book is done and will be released around August 1. It will be called Poosy Paradise.

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  • johnathan blaze

    We humans crave novelty in some forms. Going to new restaurants, watching new movies, new hobbies, etc. Even within our jobs, we want novelty, want to do different stuff, or make enough money to chase novelty in our off-hours.

    Your problem is that your job & recreation time are linked. You chase poosy and write books about that chase. But now chasing poosy is getting dull, so your job needs to focus on other areas. I’d say focus on ROK and monetizing it. Find other business ventures to go into.

    Can’t wait for the book! I’d gladly pay a few bucks extra for an advance copy.

  • shadowofashade


    You started me on the red pill (although we disagree on the lifestyle), and I thank you for your insight that helped me through a period of my life when the Churchians could not provide the answer.

    That being said, may I offer some advice to you in your need.

    A wealthy and wise king once had the same thoughts as you:

    “I denied myself nothing my eyes desired;
    I refused my heart no pleasure.
    My heart took delight in all my labor,
    and this was the reward for all my toil.
    11 Yet when I surveyed all that my hands had done
    and what I had toiled to achieve,
    everything was meaningless, a chasing after the wind;
    nothing was gained under the sun.” Ecc 2:10-11

    But he eventually came to the conclusion that the point of life as we know it is to

    “Fear God and keep his commandments,
    for this is the duty of all mankind.
    For God will bring every deed into judgment,
    including every hidden thing,
    whether it is good or evil.” Ecc 12:13-14

    There are many paths to God, I pray that yours is not that difficult.

  • bucky

    i was thinking ecclesiastes too. “all is vanity and vexation of spirit.” most of life is depressing and ultimately meaningless. as a thinking man who lives an unconventional life, you seem to be arriving at the same conclusion as ecclesiastes. doubtless, many of us in the manosphere have done the same. maybe focusing more on intellectual and athletic achievements would help. maybe even an LTR with a hot russian chick. risky, yeah, but with russian women you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice game while in an LTR.

  • Aleenum

    The pleasure of finding things out.

    -Richard Feynman

  • Deebos

    Welcome to the burnout. I banged my 5th chick of the year back in March. I started travelling with the intention of sleeping with foreign women and left for the UK earlier this year where I pulled 2 college student bangs and fooled around with 3 other women. I came back to the US and headed to Daytona Beach where I banged a surfer my first night in town. Fl was really good, 3 new bangs within a month.
    I left the hotel (number 5) and thought, I’m rather bored??? WTF…I should be flying high right now. My head was a bit fuzzy, I walked her to her car, we made out, she told me I was amazing. I thanked her and complimented her tattoo’ed tits saying it was the first time I’d ever seen that (literally on the tits) on a chick.
    I grabbed breakfast and thought…where the hell am I going with this? I decided to set a new self oriented goal…to get in warrior shape…and deleted out my leads. I was burned out, I had started chasing different types of women only to find they were no different.

  • Model 800

    Maybe the time has finally come to move beyond the whole sensationalistic sex-tourism, country-data, pussy sampling, talk show attending, scandal fuelling, attention seeking, web traffic stirring, bang guides publishing business model, ey Roosh? Don’t be surprised as a new quest for ever greater levels of stability and consistency becomes a more and more pressing concern for you as time moves forward. Who knows, you might even discover (to your horror) that there resides a latent conservative sleeping soundly inside of you who has just started to wake up. It is the path of life after all and we all end up following it one way or the other. Think of it as nature’s way of instilling a certain kind of direction and momentum in the great order of things.

  • Jeb

    Life is constantly this way… doesn’t matter girls, or sailing the open seas, or starting your first business.

    It generally degrades from true happiness as time goes on.

    Both love and life are like sticky tape – the more you apply it and peel it off, the less sticky it becomes.


    The red-pill truth.

    Eventually, you just get to the point where you just want to turn it all off and live your own way without the assholes bothering you.

  • seth datta

    This is why women with a high n count get bored with men and are more prone to:

    (1) ever increasing bouts of riding the carousel (if they can)
    (2) going lesbian
    (3) (they all end up here in the end) finding some solace in hobbies, antidepressants, drinking etc..

  • Johnny

    Poosy Paradise…

    Does it even exist?

  • Me Guerrero

    He basically just wants novelty, i know he isn’t gay and even Return Of Kings don’t welcome them, but why don’t try with men? specially being a bottom just to experience the pleasure women want, is also amazing C :

  • CrabRangoon

    For this reason, the degrading happiness, is why I’m amazed that many couple stay together. After a while with any girl, no matter how hot and interesting, eventually it becomes stale and boring. Sure you can try to “spice things up” but after that orgasm, you’re back to the baseline again. I feel like after as little as 2 years to up to 5, you start to get tired of the same old thing and start looking for that novelty again.

  • preppin

    That’s why my newest hobby is chardonay/prozak pong.

  • prepz

    This post is exactly why the greatest challenge and pursuit in my life right now is to see how LITTLE I can really live on to be happy. I mean minimal beyond minimal — traveling with no bags and as little money as possible until I find the spot where I feel like putting down roots to work on projects of creation and creativity. After success in many purists, I find nothing more satisfying than creating something that came from my own thoughts, design, desire and determination to see a thing through to completion. My ultimate challenge would be to carve a civilization out of the wilds with a single knife and the knowledge, skills and experience I posses, guided by the wisdom I’ve obtained over the decades and bolstered by the confidence that comes from many notable accomplishments under my belt. It seems like there would be no shortage of things to learn to accomplish such a herculean task.

    Today’s technology has giving me more tools to create more things on my own than ever before: writing, music, software, design, photos, videos, homes, boats, cars,… there are so many things I could invest my time in that do not involve the things most men enslave themselves for: money, power, and pussy. The less of these things I need and want, the more free I feel and the more the universe seems opened up to me. Of these three, losing my taste for pussy is the most liberating of all as even the best of women is still a demanding creature with needs that she expects me to meet. There’s no act of creation involved in slaying pussy, and once I got my game down to where I was banging what I wanted, I too lost my taste for the hunt and the thrill of the kill. In my more mature age my hormones stopped screaming for pussy and rather than enslaving myself as many men do with artificial libido I decided to let nature run her course. I for one am glad that not only do I value pussy for what it really is, but my natural desire for it is fading away, allowing me to pursue much more beneficial things in my life — some of those very things I put on hold for decades in order to provide for the women in my life so that I could have access to their pussy. Those days are over and I’m a better man for it.

    So I say it’s a not only natural for our appetites for things already attained to decrease, but a good, and even necessary process that benefits us men. For everything is meaningless, a chasing after the wind.

  • Johnny

    Bottom line man-
    If a guy isn’t willing to hustle hard to get those notches then he can forget it!

    Grind to shine!

  • Guest

    Roosh looks like he is going off the deep end. Those eyes!

  • Anti

    The duplicator is the addict. Always trying to recreate that first dopamine rush. They chase it. Like you chase women. Roosh, you may suffer from the very rare phenomenon of experiencing too much life. Where nothing will satisfy you… until… you’re going to hate this… you have a child. In a sense, you are like the woman who has ridden many dicks, tires of a man, finds a new dick, then one day gets knocked up and now, all of a sudden, your whole life revolves around that small being that refreshes your interest in life while you watch it grow. Roosh, you may have hit the male wall?

  • Anti

    For women, the wall is their fading looks. For men, the wall is life experience, and the desire to pass those experiences down to their off spring – to improve humanity. This opens up some deep philosophical questions on the nature of realistic paternity. A good father has vast life experience, a bad father not so much. Young father verse old father… Female: instinct. Male: civilization….

  • Anti

    Find a losing battle and fight it. They exist, they will make you a social pariah, but you can dedicate yourself to it for no other reason than to prove people wrong if, by some miracle, you win.

  • Anti

    I disagree. That doesn’t explain the monogamy of past husbands and wives. There was more to their sexual fidelity than just societal constriction. Hostile environment, the wantonness of death, appreciation for children as life saving to the elderly, etc….

  • Colectro

    You should meditate.

  • Stuttie

    Roosh – my gut feel tells me you had a shitty day/week and posted a very ‘why am i doing what I do’ vid. You are in the 1% of dudes that have actually reached where we all want to be – able to say that we regularly bang quality poon and made a buck at the same time. You are doing the world a great service…….maybe you need to grind a desk job for a bit to appreciate what you have.

  • Keith Swanson

    A older friend once told me and I have found it to be true, that at some point you will feel that having sex with a lot of random women is like screwing the same pussy with different faces…

  • CrabRangoon

    Very true but you are talking the past. Most of our basic needs are all met now and people generally concern themselves with their own happiness and self actualization. Good old Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

  • seth datta

    In that case, whomever you are and wherever you live, whilst your thinking is short-termerism at its finest, your country whatever it is is lost with people like that so you should all prepare to die.

  • Web

    Man, don’t fall for the middle age crisis!

  • Stef

    Roosh your video saddened me a little bro. Hold your frame – you play a powerful and influential role in this community. Be positive. You’re alive and healthy, and I’m assuming that nothing is growing on your dick. All is well.

    Maybe you should consider hitting a tropical climate for a while.

  • Chu
  • Ross


    Fantastic article, as always. You’re a very self-reflective man, very motivated to always learn the truth in all matters in Life.

    This Twilight Zone video so reminds me of what you had to say in your video. Watch it closely, perhaps write an article about it on your reaction:

    “…And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free…”

  • LR

    Dude, yes. I think this is one of the deepest realizations Roosh has stumbled across so far, and it’s rare that he says things this profound in a sincere way. It’s unnerving, but everything in life changes, and he’s coming into this realization. I knew a very hard period in life that I have come out of better than I was before that caused one of the deepest depressions I’ve known. I know that if Roosh experienced what I experienced, he would see “life” very differently, maybe even appreciate what he has again, and gain back that hunger, like I did.

  • RedneckCryonicist

    Vox Day would probably say that since you have exhausted the potentials of game (which “works” for a time because it exploits man’s fallen nature), you should become a christian and accept that religion’s limits on your sexual activities.

  • OlioOx

    There is a similar phenomenon in drug-using called “chasing the dragon” wherein the user never manages to recapture the thrill of the first use (or two or three) of the drug. Interesting no?

  • Anti

    My cause is white Europeans in America. So yes, I’m closer than you think.

  • John

    The travel thing gets old too. You hit a spot for a couple of weeks or even months, and it’s fun at first but when you return the novelty of the place is just gone. You end up at the same bars etc.

    Pick a place with a totally different vibe than you’re used to and go live there. Learn the language and just live your life. You’ll start to REALLY understand the culture, how people really are, where the actual party is and you’re the only foreigner there etc. That’s a life experience worth having IMO.

    Also, if there’s a big language barrier you’ll be able turn that into decent $$$$.

    Do things that give you satisfaction in the long run. Learn to play guitar or something, or kung fu or what the fuck ever. I think you’re chasing some kinda thrill, but the thrill is gone.

  • j

    Have a child. After banging random women for ten years, I moved in with my girlfriend and we had a little boy. Greatest thing ever.

  • me

    oh roosh. you’re so ugly. lol

    why don’t you ever address any of your posts to women? do you not have any words of wisdom to them? has it ever occurred to you that women from english speaking countries read your blog and others like it and are aware that ugly loser men like you are using their beautiful pussies as apart of a stupid, meaningly “POA” game? you’re ugly. would you ever want a daughter or sister of yours to be some man’s object of a pick up? i mean I’m not saying its horrible for a woman to have casual sex should she choose. it just makes me laugh that you are so angry at so many women for following their own purpose in life and living in ways that make them happy. if you see yourself as being in direct opposition to feminism, why should your word be taken as any more truthful in the capital “T” sense of the word truth than much of the ideology that comes in conjunction with feminism? a lot of your views are also influenced by your ideology which is influenced by larger societal ideals ( just as everyone’s views are). i don’t understand you. is your purpose to fuck as many women as possible? lol. is that your god given purpose in life? and why are you so angry with so many women? its kind of weird and creepy.

    i will agree that men are more wimpy and pathetic nowadays and afraid of rejection from women. and men can do things about this.gender roles have changed because of feminism. i think that is okay. all of the countries in the world that are doing the shittiest economically are the ones that have women and men with strict gender roles. I do however think that men need to find a way to insert themselves into society in a way that is conducive to their own self esteem and self worth that doesn’t necessitate having women in rigidly prescribed roles just to make a man feel secure.

    all that being said i am an attractive young women from….Toronto lol. i agree with some of what you said about the dating scene here. i also love to please my man orally and i always make sure he chums. i even sacrifice my own pleasure for his sometimes. i love to make him feel strong in the bedroom and I cook and clean. i still think you are an ugly fuck though and i don’t think god put you on earth to do what you are doing. also when i refer to your ugliness i am talking about your bad personality and pathetic soul that lies beneath your physical addition to your physical appearance. lol. also your name sucks and maybe that is also why a lot of north american women don’t like you. and if you stink so much you should drink more water,less booze, try to exercise more (even though i bet you are one of those disgusting men that STANK up the gym), and eat healthier foods and less garlic and onions. your dick and cum must taste like shit and i bet your ass stinks too! lol.

  • Guest

    1) This is why people get divorced. The high of the first four years can never be relived. They cannot accept this or attribute it to a relationship flaw.

    2) An exception to your rule I can think of is playing a sport I like. Every new season is a competition that I want to win; there is a new skill I want to develop; or I have to work to stay in the same place, athletically, so my actions have consequences and the work is gratifying. I sometimes do poorly and feel like shit, then do well and feel elated. Based on specific, detailed memories, the rollercoaster had the same highs and lows and flow at 15 as at 26. No decline.

  • SUPRA luca

    Men have always cheated a lot. Men could fuck prostitutes before marriage and kept doing it after, sometimes even getting the whores pregnant and contributing to social mess and decline.
    In fact, even some more courageous past oppressed wives cheated from time to time.

  • SUPRA luca

    AHAHAHAHAHA! Males don’t ever get their looks faded. Keep tellin that to yourself.
    And human male paternity is a lie. Men do not have paternal instinct – they have researched it, and that is not in our DNA, while women, of course, do have maternal instinst and that was found.
    Young fathers are the only fathers we should have, as young sperm is the best. Men after their mid 30’s should NEVER procreate.
    Both males and females have instinct. It’s proven males are much more inclined to follow their basic instincts, though. While women use more subjective and bounding thoughs. Civilization happens when both work together, society happens when both bound.

  • Anti

    Incorrect, Sperm, compared to the egg, has a much longer creation capacity. Remember, women are born with the eggs they will keep for life. Men produce sperm well into their 50s 60s and 70s. It isn’t rare to find a man father a children much later in life. For a woman, not so much.
    Men age better than women. That’s just life. Women also prefer older man. Men don’t prefer older women. Any guy would tell you he’d rather fuck a hot 20 year old girl than a hot 40 year old.
    I don’t disagree with you that civilization occurs when men are men and women are women. But that implies men lead and women follow. Something the current culture thinks is wrong.
    Women’s instinctual nature is to extract as much resources out of men as possible to provide for her and her offspring. Men have to create those resources and are more acutely aware of the cost that it takes. Men are more than willing to share with women if they get sex in return. Sharing with other man they aren’t familiar with isn’t something they want to do.
    If women were the true creators of civilization, as you posit, then why is it that societies that restrict female sexuality tend to be more prominent, long lasting, and more creative? Islam, Japan, and the West for example. Why aren’t there any major matriarchal societies today? Ask yourself that, answer it, then come back to me.

  • GoldFish

    This is why the most important, core, fundamental concept of civilization was marriage and children. Nothing compares to the feeling of value and worth and happiness that comes from creating your own children, loving them, and raising them to one day have that same joy.

    Anything else we pursue will run out. Children are for life.