The Only Relationship Game You’ll Ever Need

You’ve probably noticed a few game blogs in the manosphere that focus on relationships, such as Red Pill Room and Married Man Sex Life. Heartiste has also been active in this area. Without relationship game, the argument goes, your wife will lose her butterflies for you, lose respect for you as a man, and then one day begin divorce proceedings that will destroy your family dream and your well-being.

I agree with this argument when we’re talking about American women. With them, the game never ends, and the men who don’t play it, whether on the first date or on the wedding day, will get played. But I think I have a better game for you to play: get into a relationship with a woman whose love for you is not dependent on you being aloof or treating her like a bratty little child. Get in a relationship with a woman whose feelings for you don’t seesaw daily or need constant maintenance and upkeep as if it was a rusting Harley. Get in a relationship with a woman who you can do something nice for without her wondering where your balls went. Get in a relationship with a woman who was actually sincere in her vow to be with you through thickness and thin.

I’ve always thought that I was a damaged soul for not wanting a relationship with a woman, that maybe people are right in their psychological assessment of me that I have mommy and/or daddy issues, but now I believe the problem was that I met so few American women who were worth it. Whereas 10% of American women I banged deserved an additional care in my mind after my pelvic muscles delivered its first orgasm in their presence, that percentage for Eastern European women skyrocketed to 80%. Four out of five girls I bang in Eastern Europe are worth a second bang.

This latter group is so sweet, kind, and feminine that I’d be a damn fool to discard them after just one bang. And if I did, I’d feel not just player guilt for dumping them but human guilt as well, as if I was hurting someone that would be hard pressed to deliver me the same harm. Unless an EE girl puts out obvious slut signs, or she’s absolutely clear I’m not staying for long, I won’t pursue her if I’m not willing to date her for at least a few weeks and give the relationship some type of chance. It doesn’t feel right to waste this girl’s time because chances are she’s looking for a long-term relationship. On the other hand, if she’s American, I don’t delay in giving her what she wants, which is riding her like a donkey hopped up on meth while calling her a dirty slut.

I treat EE girls like princesses. My average date is taking her out to dinner, out to drinks, or cooking at home for her. As much as I complain about how Western woman can’t cook, I like serving women as much as they like serving me. I like making sure they’re comfortable in my apartment as if they were a good friend, and allowing them to take off their painful heels and relax while I whip up my favorite foods. I’m not perfect, however. I like to troll these thin women to take just one bite of the delicious chocolate cake I bought in the bakery, and then encourage them to take a second as they protest with the might of their gentle strength. I can’t help that I receive pleasure out of watching them give in to dangerous temptation.

After the dishes are done, either by me or her, I take her to the room and ravage her in a way that always gives me pleasure and sometimes gives her pleasure, and then I welcome her to stay the night even though I know my sleep will be worse off for it. If she wants to leave I will call her a taxi and drop the fare in her pursue in spite of her objections. If she wants to mistake my kindness for weakness, if she wants to misinterpret my Middle Eastern hospitality for insecurity, where guests are treated like royalty, that is fine with me—she can walk out the door and never contact me again. I’m nice to her for the feeling it gives me, not for the feeling it gives her, but in the end the niceness is the same and I feel a good man for it.

These girls do come back again and again to get treated well and pounded well. If you told me five years ago that girls as young as 18 would reward the man who treats them well when modern American wisdom dictates that a woman can never be whole unless she fucks around for many years,  I would have wondered where your time machine was parked. But there is no time machine. This is 2013, and there are still girls who want the nice man that can provide, keep his promises, stand by his commitments, and use smiley faces in text messages.

When I’m surfing the manosphere and read an article on running game on your American wife, I nod my head on the necessity of such an approach, but then that nod quickly turns to pity for the author and his readers, that this is what they must do to maintain a relationship so the women won’t hate him, cheat on him, or leave him in financial ruin. I’m thankful that I can put myself in places where being the nice guy not only gets the girl, but keeps her too, and I only hope that other American men can one day experience the same.

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