The Paradox Of Game

Haters of game are usually quick to point out game’s paradox. It goes something like this…

“A major principle of game is not to put the pussy on the pedestal, but that’s exactly what you’re doing when you spend hundreds of hours learning and practicing game.”

I say that I don’t put pussy on the pedestal, but I’ve spent the good part of the last ten years doing everything I can to fuck pussy. How is that not a contradiction? Allow me to explain.

Not putting pussy on the pedestal means not caring whether you fuck any particular girl. You could be a sex-crazed nympho player, but you won’t give a damn if Stacy comes over to your house and decides not to fuck you. You could have quit your job to focus on game full-time, but you won’t care if Jen flaked on you. You don’t care about individual prospects, while caring immensely how to close prospects in general.

I don’t care that Stacy didn’t fuck me, but I will try out new techniques to tighten my bedroom game. I don’t care that Jen flaked on me, but I will implement a new tactic so there’s a low chance of it happening again. Instead of putting pussy on the pedestal, I’m putting my dick on the pedestal by modifying my behavior so it gets what it wants before pussy gets what it wants.

Donald Trump is one of the world’s most famous real estate investors. He knows more about real estate than perhaps anyone else, living and breathing it every day of his adult life. I’m sure he values his real estate business like a father values a son, but if he doesn’t close a particular deal, will he be upset? Will his business empire crumble? No, he chalks it up and moves on to the next deal without losing any sleep. He puts his business on the pedestal, not individual properties. He will not close a deal unless his business benefits from it.

You have to really want sex, more than anything, but not care about the outcome with any specific girl. You have to go out with the mentality of a rabid wolf, but not care if a girl doesn’t like your approach or another girl doesn’t want to kiss you. You must desire the goal, not the girl. Here’s what you must think:

“I really want to fuck tonight, but I don’t care if a girl I approach doesn’t want to fuck me.”

It’s doing everything you can to fuck girls, but not worrying if she doesn’t want to fuck you. It’s a subtle difference that, when understood, gives you the correct vibe to getting laid, of putting out a sexual vibe while not being needy, of being dedicated to your goal while being aloof, of being aggressive but always having the will to walk away. In any bar I’m sure I want to get laid more than anyone, but I walk away from prospects more often than any other guy, a behavior that actually gets me laid more than those guys. This is the paradox of game.

I try hard while seemingly not trying, a balance that has taken me years to master. Until you get there, understand that you must have a strong desire to get laid in order to get laid. You must care about getting laid more than any other guy, but not care about getting get laid with her.

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