The Peculiar Personalities Of Icelandic Girls

Icelandic girls are extremely shy, boring, and cold (I’d describe American girls as annoying, abrasive, and cold). Unless you get them drunk, you’ll have a hard time building any sort of connection. When I met someone who was unusually warm (asking me questions and maintaining strong eye contact), it would be a guarantee I was talking to a foreigner.

In the beginning of my trip I wanted to conclude that Icelanders were an anti-social species, but very often I saw people having long conversations with their friends in coffee shops and bookstores. So while they’re capable of normal human interaction, their shyness, combined with a lack of charm and skepticism of outsiders, makes it challenging to establish rapport in a way you’re used to. The vibe I got from many of my interactions was that they simply didn’t care to put one ounce of work into helping the conversation, especially when they were sober. It’s unfortunate that unless she was drunk and borderline about to puke, talking to her was like getting a tooth pulled.

There is a big exception: if the Icelandic girl has lived in England or America for a while. In that case, she’ll be used to long-form conversation that you already do on girls. She’ll also be more accustomed to dating, something that Icelanders don’t do (they simply fuck, only developing relationships if their social circles happen to overlap).

With the Icelandic girls who have been exposed to Western culture, you can use gradual escalation in the form of chatting, flirting, touching, kissing, and so on, as if it’s a timed program. Otherwise, you’ll have to adopt some new techniques to account for the fact that having more than a thirty-minute heart-to-heart conversation with her is just about impossible. In addition, she won’t be turned on by your charm, wit, or cocky and funny game because, after all, she doesn’t mind sleeping with Icelandic guys, who are boring as rocks. Therefore, you have to time your approaches toward the end of the night so you can go for a quick venue change to your room, a strategy I’ll elaborate on in the future.

What I want you to understand is that good chat is not valued by Icelandic girls. They really don’t care about your status back home, your vast experience, or your accomplished humor. While I’m not saying to be boring on purpose, the things that get you laid with American or British girls will be of little help on an Icelandic girl who hasn’t had long-term exposure to your culture.

So what criteria do the girls use to select for sex? Appearance and vibe. If they like both and you can eke out a respectable fifteen-minute fluffy conversation where you’re being a non-cocky cool guy, you have a high chance of getting her in bed.

I asked several Icelandic girls about the vibe they wanted in men, but I didn’t get any clear-cut answers. Most said they liked “sexy” guys who were “different” and “stood out,” vague statements that could mean just about anything. Looking back at my own Icelandic bangs, it seems that timing and logistics were the primary keys to success, assuming the girl didn’t mind my appearance or vibe. This means approaching a girl at the right time when she was looking for a hookup and then providing a nearby private room to make it happen. My Icelandic bangs felt more like plain old luck than any other country I’ve been to, but since the girls love to fuck and will do so quickly, that “luck” became somewhat consistent.

So far I may have painted a picture that the girls are boring and quiet, but they’re a rambunctious bunch when hanging out with friends, doing all sorts of crazy, silly, and obnoxious shit. You look at a girl, think she’s the most fun in the bar because of her wild dance moves, then approach only to have her clam up. In another instance, you think she hates you because of how withdrawn she’s acting, but then she offers to buy you a drink. Even guys get into the drink-buying act. In Iceland I’ve never had so many people buy me drinks before, even as expensive as they were. It seems to me that drink-buying is a crutch for shyness, since one of the most reliable ways for them to break the ice is, “You want a shot?” In Iceland the general goal is to go with your friends and get retarded, not to have a deep one-on-one conversation by the bar. I’m not saying that deep conversations don’t happen, but it’s rare.

On the plus side, the girls are extremely polite. I can’t say I’ve ever been blown out, even when they were drunk. They’ll be nice as long as you’re asking for some type of help, like a bar recommendation or how late some place closes, but don’t be surprised if they quickly shut down and give no additional information that might help the conversation proceed. They’re sort of like guys in the fact that their communication is to convey information instead of to flirt. Sadly, flirting or charm is nonexistent, as is the case with most Scandinavian girls. Until Iceland, I had no idea that a girl would be interested in fucking me after a conversation where absolutely no sexual or playful vibe was established.

I can easily say that an average conversation with a Colombian taxi driver was far more intimate and enjoyable than one with the average Icelander. The night I went to see a Brazilian singer with a Russian girl about one month into my trip was eye opening. The Russian was chatty about life and travel while the Brazilian singer was charming, smiley, and graceful. The fact that the Russian girl asked for my opinions almost blew my mind, because even Icelanders didn’t give a fuck what I thought of their country. One month into my Iceland stay, I forgot what it was like to experience basic human warmth.

Don’t confuse my criticisms on Icelanders with bashing them. Not every culture will fit what you’re accustomed to, and Icelanders actually think American friendliness is fake, forced, and superficial. I’m not here to say which culture is better, but a discussion on their personality traits, including their weaknesses, is essential if we want to identify the optimal game in banging the women.

Another important trait of Icelandic women is that they’re die-hard feminists. They believe in equal rights, suffrage, and abortions for all, but thankfully they don’t do the American thing of calling you out on your perceived flaws or mistakes. In the early stages of your interactions with them they won’t try to jam their liberal opinions down your throat, they won’t go on about the inferiority of men, and they won’t try to make you feel small.

While I could argue that a lot of American women actually hate men and get joy out of shaming them, in Iceland the girls are more laid-back and just out to have a good time and get drunk. She’s too busy drinking to have a verbal battle with a guy because she didn’t like his approach style. (In America and Denmark, though, I believe girls have a hidden agenda and go out with an intention to feel superior). An Icelandic girl is definitely quiet and boring, but she won’t disrespect you early on.

Her overall attitude will be positive when you first meet. She won’t say much, but she won’t make you groan or roll your eyes. She’s just a shy girl who takes a long time to get to know strangers, but once she starts to feel comfortable with you, let the groaning and eye-rolling commence. I once had a girl argue with me about what “real hip-hop” is, pulling up a YouTube video of two chubby Icelandic guys rapping in plaid shirts on a green hill. Thankfully, the opinionated feminist only reveals herself after sex, and since most sexual encounters are one-and-out, you may never get to experience the annoying side of an Icelandic girl. The fact that she doesn’t talk much before sex can actually be chalked up as an advantage, since the things they have to say are likely to irritate you anyway.

The picture in your mind of the average Icelandic girl should be a decent-looking shy chick who gets a little sexy and a lotta drunk for the weekend. She’s not particularly feminine or graceful, and her movements and body language are sometimes gruff. She won’t care about appearing ladylike, even when she’s wearing sexy clothing. What this ultimately means is that Icelandic girls are for fucking, not for falling in love with. While there are countless tales of men visiting Latin America or Southeast Asia and finding a wife, this will definitely not happen to you in Iceland. Go there to drink, get laid, and see some interesting scenery, but be prepared to pay a bit of coin for that privilege.

The last point I want to make is that Icelandic girls have a very loose concept of fidelity, meaning she’ll definitely cheat on her Icelandic boyfriend for a guy she knows isn’t staying long. If she claims to have a boyfriend but he’s not currently in the same venue, you can safely ignore what she says. The only question you may want to ask is, “Are you meeting up with him later?” Because the girls get so drunk, they’ll easily succumb to cheating if the logistics are right and there are few spying eyes.

The above article was adapted from Bang Iceland, my 80-page book that teaches you how to sleep with Icelandic women during a visit to the country. It contains tourist tips, game advice, and sex stories that give you all the information you need to pillage creamy white Icelandic women, with extra details not released on the blog. It's available in paperback, Kindle, and ebook. Read sample pages or learn more about the book.

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  • Iceland Princess reads Roosh!
  • amazinghh

    Amazing how people can judge someone´s book by reading 1 page, or, worse, without having read any page at all.

    This is the case with all those individuals criticizing Roosh´s book without having a clue of what they are talking about.

    Dear critics: if you haven´t read or seen it with your own eyes, as the saying goes, you have no right of judging someone´s work. So go purchase and read that book, and we´ll talk again.

  • Tom

    This post also describes Norwegian girls and Norwegian culture pretty well. I can relate to everything you said, from the initial cold front people have, to the binge-drinking.

    “Not every culture will fit what you’re accustomed to, and Icelanders actually think American friendliness is fake, forced, and superficial.”

    Also very true. I don’t like most Americans for this reason. They’re lovely to chit-chat with, and usually have excellent social skills (the ones I’ve met traveling, anyway). But I cannot help feeling that their friendliness is a bit forced. Americans tend to try hard to look cool in social situations, while most Europeans (and Scandinavians in particular) do not have this need.

  • Anonymous

    guys who were “different” and “stood out,”

    Tall, fuzzy hat, goggles, make-up, and black nail polish perhaps?

    Lol, R, send that woman a few bucks for the extra book sales her article will generate. Throw in a signed 8×10 for the lulz.

    Aside, Micheal Lewis’ ‘Boomerang’ gives another interesting take on Icelandic culture.

  • Bam

    The more you tell me about Icelandic women, the less I want to ever visit Iceland. Good info, anyways.

  • Tom

    I also wanted to include a few paragraphs on why people binge drink in Scandinavian countries. I’ve traveled quite a bit, and I’ve noticed that no matter where I go, people never drink as much they do back in Norway.

    There’s a number of reasons why people do this. I believe the two major forces are alcohol prices, and the weather in general. The weather causes people stay in most of the time, it’s cold and rainy outside after all – so people spend their time in front of computers and TVs in their spare time. Not only does this cause our social skills to plummet, but since going for a beer in a cafe after work is out of the question, people look forward to the weekend. Finally they can drink!

    Because of sky-high alcohol prices (around 12+ USD for a beer in a bar in Norway), people do not want to drink too much in bars. Instead, they drown themselves in alcohol in private homes, before heading to bars. The trick here is to be so drunk that you won’t have to buy a lot of beers to stay drunk. Doing shots or drinking quickly before heading out is normal.

    The result is large crowds of people hitting the bars at around 10-11 in the evening, and staying for a few hours before going home. It only happens once a week because people tend to stay in during weekdays. Even if the weather was nice enough so that you could enjoy a cold beer in a park, you wouldn’t want to because it’s too expensive. Also, there seems to be some kind of cultural stigma, which labels those who enjoy a few beers after work as alcoholics – while drinking till you vomit every weekend is perfectly OK.

  • Anon

    So Icelandic chicks don’t contribute much to conversations, give simple logical answers, aren’t too offensive, can’t socialize unless they’re totally wasted, and will cheat if logistics are good?

    I guess Icelandic chicks are just American dudes, no?

  • Tony D

    Roosh I would love to know your take on Canadian girls.

  • Amour Fou

    @ Tom

    I find quite impressive your description on Norweigians and their similarities with the girls in Iceland.

    I’m living abroad in Hawaii and “half” of Norway is here, there are Norweigians everywhere.

    And recently I discovered that it is hard for me to get along with them, they are very closed into themselves and have poor social skills and can’t take a joke… With a few notable exeptions, of course.

    It was good to hear your take on it.

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t spent more than a day in Iceland, but on trips to Norway, I have noticed people almost recoil at something as innocuous as making eye contact and acknowledging their existence if you pass them on the street. Definitely no culture of ‘sups there!

    Sweden is different, though. At least Stockholm. It feels much more like other European capitals, and less like a small village than Oslo does. At least some of the people there are much more extroverted, even socially aggressive at times. A Norwegian guy once told me they used to love going to Sweden trips when teenagers, since the girls were so much easy.

    The comment about Americans tying to appear cool, is probably mostly due to selection bias. The class of Americans who travel abroad to hit on chicks, are very different than the ones who don’t. Here in the US, I know few groups of people who seem as obsessed with being socially correct, accepted, fashionable and “cool” as Scandinavians. While most Americans seem to be OK with going out, as long as there is no more than four days worth of food stains on the Wal-Mart t-shirts covering their beer guts.

  • nguyenimproved

    roosh sounds like the desmond morris of social relations.

    @tom. thanks for your take on norwegians and why scandies drink. very interesting.
    from my limited experience they do seem stand-offish but very genuine. pretty much a “POLAR opposite” -if you pardon the pun- of an American.

    i think underage drinking can be a problem there as i saw a lot of young teens running around with tuborgs in hand.

  • Timothy

    “…But I cannot help feeling that their friendliness is a bit forced. Americans tend to try hard to look cool in social situations, while most Europeans (and Scandinavians in particular) do not have this need.” 3 Tom

    You may see this as a “need,” while to us it’s simply what is natural to us. Some travelers may actually want to interact with the native folk and truly immerse in the culture a bit, while others just want to do the canned, scenic tours with other tourist types.

    Weather is definitely a factor with regards to drinking, and in cold weather climates, eating also. In cold weather areas of the US, people tend to spend more time indoors during the months of cold or wet weather, and they eat more while exercising less (that’s why you see so many ads for gym memberships, and getting your body ready for bikini weather). People also tend to drink more on top of that, which also lends itself to weight gain. With all that alcohol consumption, why don’t Icelandic chicks gain a lot of weight?

  • Nestorius

    “She’ll also be more accustomed to dating, something that Icelanders don’t do (they simply fuck, only developing relationships if their social circles happen to overlap).”

    That’s interesting. The ritual of dating is an American invention. So, here we have a situation where all this American bullshit doesn’t exist but where relaxed sexual customs (i.e. fathers/brothers not caring about their daughters/sisters’ sexual record) exist.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Roosh,You wanted revenge on Iceland,I think you got your wish.It would be great if this really picks up steam and gets local TV news coverage over their.Keep up the good work on exposing these stupid feminist self centered whores.Til now they probably thought they were perfect compared to the US.
    Hey Iceland! you suck!!and always will.

  • Anonymous

    “She’ll also be more accustomed to dating, something that Icelanders don’t do (they simply fuck, only developing relationships if their social circles happen to overlap).”

    That’s the case in most of Western Europe, to a lesser extent. Naturally, there’s relationships that don’t work out and thus people break up, but Europeans don’t seem to throw the word “date/dating” around so casually.
    Perhaps due to the more lax sexual attitudes, Western Europeans draw a strong line between relationships and screwing around, because generally, the norm among Europeans (at least what I learned from Germans) is if you want to be someones bf or gf, the guy and girl try to be friends first. Americans appear to do the opposite; they hook up, go out on dates and fuck, and then later try to figure out if the person is steady gf/bf material.

  • Falcon

    “His work does nothing but widen the gap between already divided genders, and that at a time when we need to come together as individuals rather than members of a gendered society.”

    What an utter load of BS. Seems like Roosh is becoming part of Icelandic folklore. They still can’t stop the navel gazing after two weeks, can they?

  • DoesNotMatter

    Awesome article……you’re a good writer. Look into writing fiction sometime. That is ofcourse after having all the sex with exotic women so I can live vicariously through you for the next 3 months. Also, how is the 24 hour Bang channel coming along? ;-)… said something about it earlier

  • 118a

    Where’s the next destination Roosh? May I suggest Serbia? I have never seen an ugly or average looking Serbian woman. I work or have worked with 4 of them and they were all 9s or 10s.

  • beta_plus

    In other news, Iceland officially requested the international criminal court in the hague issue a warrant for the arrest of a Mr. Roosh Vorek.

    Can’t argue with anything in your post, but teh LULZ would be epic if you ever choose to return to Iceland.

    Can’t wait for Bang Denmark.

  • Tom

    @ 12 Timothy

    I know, it’s just a cultural difference. I should’ve paraphrased myself slightly differently. Usually I expect Americans that I meet to be “american”, and we usually get along.

    It should also be noted that I didn’t express myself that well, by saying that a lot of Americans “try to look cool” I specifically mean that some of them talk a lot, seem to have a need out outshine others, and they’re crazy about shaking hand, brofists and all that shit. It doesn’t have anything to do with how you travel.

    I’m not saying that Scandinavians are in any way superior – we’re just from a different culture. Usually we’re more quiet and reserved, skeptical towards strangers, and plain boring. Most of us aren’t shy though, we just don’t really have the need to talk a lot. It’s not like I’m afraid to say anything, I might just not feel like talking incessantly.

  • Anonymous

    You’re leaving Poland but you haven’t even been to Warsaw. It’s the only decent city in the country and it has good nightlife and many cute girls. You would do well if you enjoyed Kraków, I don’t think there’s as many tourists here

  • debate
  • srsly

    “And recently I discovered that it is hard for me to get along with them, they are very closed into themselves and have poor social skills and can’t take a joke”

    They have NORWEGIAN social skills … you’re such an american. Anyway, I’m interested in the can’t take a joke thing. I suspect americans might “bust each others balls” more. True?

  • [email protected]

    From age 16 to 18 I dated a Norwegian girl who had grown up in Norway, but come to America. She spoke Norwegian. We actually traveled to Norway together during the summer.

    The first phrases she taught me before our plane flight to Oslo were:
    “Yes I want to fuck you”
    “No I do not want to fuck you”

    So she had a good sense of humor, kind of a funny sarcastic girl. Ultimately not quite adventorous enough for my tastes, but from what’s written here Norwegians sound alot different than Icelandic girls

    Here’s my take on Norwegian girls:
    1) Culture is saturated with feminism, but a less poisonous strain than what is spread in America. Still has ‘Christian’ roots which makes for decent women.
    2) Some of them are pretty hot, but you have to visit in the summer …when the girls are outside in Oslo rollerblading showing their hot bodies.
    3) Norwegian girls can be very sweet and good in bed. The best sex I ever had was with my Norwegian girlfriend.
    4) You have to crack their shell-like exterior to get inside (nyuk nyuk). They tend to put up a wall, but it’s not hard to break through as long as you are authentic (congruent). Basically, it might be worthwhile to game / sleep with a Norwegian girl for a few days; the sexual chemistry improves dramatically and quickly. My Norwegian GF was pretty kinky.
    5) Not the brightest crayons in the box, but they can be really sweet yet DTF
    6) Watch out for the ones that take feminism too seriously.
    7) Norwegian families are much more open about sex than in America. My Norwegian GF’s mom worked for some international organization , and my GF’s mom openly opined to us over dinner that she hoped we were using condoms. My girlfriend , being 17 , turned bright red. Her mom was unphased and just kept talking . Norwegian culture is very ‘open’ about sex.

    This is from my recollection 10 years ago, but from my experience and visit to Norway, it sounds MUCH different than Iceland (aka better). Just I think you’d need to visit Norway for at least 4 weeks to make it worthwhile since the girls there are like safes to crack IMO


    Odd to me, having been to Iceland three times, that this guy claims that Icelandic women are “extremely shy, boring, and cold are” lol This is a clear sign they DIDN’T LIKE YOU! Icelanders are EXTREMELY friendly to outsiders, unless you are disrespectful, arrogant, etc. Obviously this guy was. also look at his pic, guy appears to look homeless…wonder why gals didn’t like that look?!? lol No the truth is when he got them drunk and ‘they got friendly’ this just shows his false persona. He ‘charmed’ them when they were inhabited and they sadly fell for it. He admits he only wanted in their pants, and describes his OWN actions as ‘rape’. Sad really. As a Psychologist I can say this guy probably didn’t get enough positive female attention growing up. Now he lashes out in ‘revenge’. Unable to form real bonds with women, he sleeps with them to fill an inner longing. He continues to do so because he cannot fill the void with empty relationships. He should get therapy, learn to love himself, and others then find a real, honest relationship. Instead of making a living off shallowness, and insecurity. (yes insecurity, anyone who feels the need to ‘bang’ women the world over a brag about it on the web is looking for people to encourage him; ie low self esteem) Oh well he is living a risky lifestyle and most likely has or will have several STD’s, just how it goes.

  • dave

    visited iceland for about 2 wks a few yrs ago. natural scenary was great, but the place was boring in my opinion. i totally agree that it was impossible to have any kind of normal conversation unless the girl was shit faced drunk out of her mind. i even remember at one point talking to a girl and another one stumbled over and puked on my girl’s leg. classic. i felt like i was back in college at a frat party. as for the girls, i would say pretty normal looking. nothing really special. of course you can find some good looking girls, but there are good looking girls everywhere. i would not rush to go back, but i guess i’m glad i saw it at least once!

  • dragnet

    “At 5’10” and 165 pounds, she was never overweight” Whaaaaat? That’s fat to me, and to the entire nation of Poland

    It really depends on how she carries it. Is she big-boned (no, actually big-boned and not fat-as-hell-but-saying-she’s-big-boned) or a former athlete? Is her body fat <15 percent? As long as she has a flat stomach those dimensions aren't bad.

    It really depends.

  • more of the same….

    Roosh you can count on us warriors to defend you in case some vikings show up at your door

  • Tom

    @ 25 THIRD

    A real psychologist is likely to be able to construct proper sentences, add something of value and not attempt to offend someone they disagree with.

  • Charles


    Have you people ever wondered if those particular women really wanted anything to do with him? Foreigners or not, you really cannot expect every Icelandic person to be interested in you/what you have to say because you’re not Icelandic yourself. If someone doesn’t want to talk to you, forced conversation with a stranger… I mean.. come the funk on.

    How about judging a country by it’s beautiful landscapes, cities, food, culture… whatever. Not by the women.

    And every single fucker out there that consumes alcohol, female or not… Icelandic or not… is talkative.

  • press
  • Anonymous

    All you boneheads offering your hare-brained opinions on scandinavia make me laugh.

    Roosh is qualified to offer his opinion as an American sex-tourist, and I think he does it well. But don’t get into deep cultural analyses you have no idea how to make.

    Roosh is doing his job, but he should probably start his book with a disclaimer what he’s about. He’s NOT about accuracy. All he wants to do is get laid.

    Which happens to be the same as I. But if you want a perceptive evaluation of Icelandic or Scandinavian culture, dating habits, etc., ask someone qualified.

  • Diana

    Well, now I know what is wrong, or right, or different about me. I am from Viking stock, and although I was born in the US, I could give a flying Frick about all the American political correctness and BS that passes as “conversation” in the US. Now I KNOW why I am different and its because it is Genetic. Thank you so much for your article. I fit the stereotype of Icelandic Girls and always have. I want to move to Iceland….its where I belong and there is a whole country filled with people just like me.

  • icysurfer

    Very well done.. I am a critic for better or worse of the good and bad of Societies, as well.

    This piece makes me want to write an article on the Women of the Northern California Coast. There are some similarities to the above Estimation Of Icelandic Females. MUCH more difficult scenario on the NorthCoast for Men…


  • 32olaf23

    icelandic girls know better then to get emotionally attached to some retard trying to get laid. we see through your bullshit because we are an intuitive people. if i got the feeling all you wanted to do was fuck then hell yea if your hot. why would i have a deep conversation with someone i just met, thats visiting for a short time and has nothing to offer after an encounter at a bar. i guess it is our non-bitchy, not-so-clingly way of thinking that makes us masculine. just cause your not worth the effort doesn’t mean the effort is not there

  • Ice

    Personally speaking, being a female from Iceland. We really hate arrogance and general douch-baggery. We’re very quick to measure a person up at a glance. “He keeps talking/showing off about what he’s done and doesn’t seem to care about getting to know me” etc. were very intuitive and proud people, but we make a point of being polite and think of how we treat ourselves and others, since this is a small community being an asshole guarantees you of being avoided or known for being a dick. You can joke around with most things here, but be a genuine, wanna-be-famous own ass licker, and you are sure to be avoided :)
    on a side note your vocabulary is pretty good and I can see how your mouth might be able to skid you through life, but your’e seriously degrading and annoying.

  • hek

    You shouldn’t go to Iceland because of the women, you should go to see the nature! He is just an idiot, that thinks Icelandic women would be interrestet in talking to him as in “dating” or getting in a relationship. Why whould a women want to do that with a man that comes from another country when she is living in the most beautiful country in the world, and can just stay there. And yes, women actually enjoy having sex, just like man, and they are alowed to enjoy it! He sounds like a slut to me!
    And as he would know anything about Icelandic women just after staying in Iceland for a month or so! You need to live in a country to be able to tell this is how it is here and there! Now rhis is coming from a person that has lived in 3 different countries! and visited many for about a month or so!

  • Vivianne


  • madame

    I know this comment is 4 years old, but for the benefit of readers… Yes. It is part of the American culture to partake in some good natured “ribbing”. We enjoy the back and forth :)