The Poosy Problem

In the following video, I share some more thoughts about Poosy Paradise and the new problem that has come about after solving the “how do I get laid” problem. I also share what my new life goal is.

Poosy Paradise went on sale yesterday. You have 36 hours remaining to get your copy with all six bonuses. After Sunday at midnight, the bonuses will be vaporized. Click here to find out how to buy the special poosy package.

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  • Ignitehardcore

    As much as I love your work I can’t help feeling this could be another bang Poland style explosion which ultimately results in higher exposure for players on sex quests to EE countries and ends up raising bitch shields and cockblocks for anyone following in your wake .. Tough call . Keep up the fine work tho

  • LoftBoy

    “Roosh – the guy who did it all and fucked it all.”

  • Roosh_V

    The Roosh Boost has been documented but it pales in comparison to general world trends such as cheap airfare, Western decline, Erasmus, and horny men from Turkey/Italy/Spain.

  • Edrf

    Take a deep breath and relax, none of us are very important. 99.9999% do not know about any of this and could care less.
    Most people never formally study game or dating, they either get wifed up early, or they had a normal development of their social skills and dating and are what people on these forums refer to as “naturals.”

  • Nick

    Glad you solved the Poosy Problem Roosh. Good luck with your new endeavor, we’ll be watching.

  • Hun

    Actually I didn’t want to buy the book in the beginning.
    I’ve only read your Dead Bat book and found it very very good, also because I could identify me with you there very much. The way you changed your life is quite legendary IMO, nobody has done something like that before.
    But besides that your articles I always thought include a lot of hate, and I don’t want to have anything to do with that, because I have enough of that myself.
    But you come across very sympathic in that video and I just bought all of your books. Wish you all the best and I hope you keep us a bit updated what you’re doing in life! 26€ Euros is a great deal

  • ThunderGuts

    Hey, I haven’t received my bonuses even after sending you my receipt…

  • Thin–Skinned Masta–Beta

    Anybody up for a good cause or maybe a little mischief?

    Let’s all donate a set of Master Roosh’s Opus to our local public libraries.

    Nothing like enlightening our youngsters

    Hey Roosh, are you ready to get some licenses out on

  • CSM-800

    Nice vlog Roosh. Keep it up and have fun wherever you are. Amazing what can be done with remote work now, aye? Imagine having to try to pass your books through traditional publishers (shudder). Good thing that past era of entrenched gatekeepers is swiftly coming to a deserving end.

  • Roosh_V

    It’s not instant since I’m doing it manually.

  • Ian

    Roosh as a scientist why are the most common love tourists from Turkey/Italy/Spain?

    My theory is more sunshine raises t-levels, their women are more often than not bitchy and plain so they desire something else, and they often have an inferiority complex due to media and cultural programming and want to bang “whiter” girls than their ancestry like Scandinavian, Baltic, and Russian, etc.

  • invisiblehand85

    Another outstanding video

  • Inside UoM

    The good looking Men to Women ratio’s in those countries are horrible. Women in Italy are very bitchy and treat men like “Doormats” which is the term I’ve heard from many Italian friends. A 5 or 6 in Italy demands the highest grade of man, and with how desperate Italian men are in their own soil, they get it.

    Turkey is also the same, there is a ton of thirsty men there craving some easy poosy, I know of a middle aged singe woman from Poland who visits Turkey every year, I asked her why, she remained coy but mentioned how well men treat her there..I also think Turkey is predominantly Muslim in terms of religion so women aren’t exactly going to be spreading a ton there.

    Spain well.. the economy there is pretty messed up but I heard Spain and Italy are similar. The men in both Spain and Italy are better looking that the woman, men date down, women date up, similar to the western world. Little wonder why there’s so many Spanish guys coming to Poland for Erasmus, they want some easy bangs from Polish girls who obsess over their darker features.

    Girls in Spain, Italy and Turkey have their pick of men.

  • Ian

    I just ordered Poosy Paradise and I’m loving it.
    Tell me-

    Of all the cities you’ve been to in Europe which one had the craziest trance music mega clubs, binge drinking, party all night till dawn, wild ass crazy party vibe?

  • Brad

    I love you Roosh. You have been a mentor for me over the past 4 years. Good luck on your new endeavors and keep us updated!

  • Joe

    Just got the book but I’m not satisfied with this one question man-
    If budget was not an obstacle what cities have the best blonde haired blue eyes stacked girls- Is it Helsinki, Oslo, Tallinn, Prague, Kiev, or Moscow?

  • Quintus Curtius

    A restless, ambitious man will always be hunting for new goals. We need to test the boundaries, tempt fate, and plunge into new ventures. So it always has been, and it is good that it is so.
    The reinvention process occurs every decade or so, as the old skin is sloughed off and our new skin congeals around our maturing frame.
    We watch this molting as it happens, and stand ever ready to help in the metamorphosis.

  • valladolid

    looking forward to see more youtube videos. It would be interesting to see more action movies, do something outside instead of sitting in a room. Add some more humor and it will be a succes

  • Bicep Hunter

    Your biceps are definitely improving.

  • Conrad Stonebanks
  • Job

    Ass Blaster!

  • Guest

    Remember that flu-like symptoms are often a sign of an HSV-2 or HIV infection

  • Awesome Possum

    Whoa Roosh, barely recognized you without the beard. IMHO, it’s a good look.

    Thanks for sharing your insights and I look forward to the upcoming lessons you reveal.

  • CSM-1000

    Not to mention all the white professional cougars traveling to those places for a little R&R. There were a number of recent documentaries made on this phenomenon with one in particular highlighting a group of British slags who took their adolescent kids (yes, kids!) along with them only to leave them in hotel rooms while mommy went in search of some much-needed swarthy vacation dick. There are known districts in Istanbul where young Turkish lotharios congregate in order to meet such females and boy, you should see the look in their eyes as their scantily-clad prey approaches. Like wolves eyeing a flock of willing lambs, with the important distinction that the lambs know damn well what they were doing and, with the exception of a few deluded ones who still believe in looooove and that NATMALT (not all Turkish men are like that), most knew damn well that it was all P2P for a short-lived Mediterranean fantasy.

  • dmandaman

    I see some facial wasting as well…

  • Ignitehardcore

    Do the Eramus guys get tv interviews aswell then ?

  • Mr.Truth

    Its not the flu, its AIDs

    Stop banging other guys…..

  • g status

    Bought the book. Fame is a good new goal. Hope u get there on YouTube

  • RooshHIV

    Roosh has HIV infection. Fucked too many dirty eastern europe sluts instead of going for a nice girl he loves and staying in a loving committed monogamous relationsship. That is gods revenge for his sins.

  • fluffybiskuts

    I think you’ve come to realize that “women aren’t all that”.

  • Alpha_mind

    Roosh, you seem very grounded and advanced from where you used to be. I would suggest though, to do some smiling exercises to work on those zigomaticus muscles on the weaker side of your face. You’ll see how you will unstifle yourself up and take your game even higher.

  • Andrea Ostrov Letania

    Poosy sounds like using the anus as the vagina.

    It’s like homosexual men go for poo-sy since they use the fecal hole as a defacto ‘male pussy’ in their acts of ‘gay’ fecal penetration.

  • David

    You seem to have fucked with a lot of gay men, considering your detailed knowledge and explanation about their sexual preferences.
    So could you please elaborate on your experience with a gay’s cock up your shitter?

  • BonVive

    Good question!

    Rooosh, can you shed some light?