The Restart Text

In Bang I wrote…

Another tool for your text messaging toolbox is the restart text. It’s something you send days after a girl texts a date cancellation, refusal, or some other aloof message that suggests she’s slipping away. For example, say you ask a girl out on a Tuesday night but she responds by saying she can’t and doesn’t make a counteroffer. In that case, chill out, wait a couple days, and then send a restart text containing an innocuous question, such as “How was your weekend?” or “Did you survive Mardi Gras?” or something based on an event or activity she told you she was going to do.

I want to walk you through how this normally goes down. Say you went out on a Saturday night, kissed a girl, and unsuccessfully tried to drag her back to your cave. She gave you her number instead. You texted her three days later on Tuesday, where she agreed to a date for Thursday night. Then Thursday afternoon rolls around and she cancels. Here’s how an actual cancellation looks like, sent to me by a college girl in Denmark:

Hey roosh. Im going to have to cancel tonight. I have an extra shift at the cafe. Sorry.

This is the worst type of cancellation because she doesn’t suggest an alternate time, in effect telling you to fuck off forever. I don’t advise replying to this type of “abrupt cancellation” the same day since there’s absolutely nothing you can do to improve the situation. Your best move is to be non-needy by pulling back and enjoying the silence.

If a girl gives an alternate time (an “open cancellation”), then by all means try to make the new meeting work, but otherwise the interaction is probably over.

But you don’t give up that easily, do you?

With the abrupt cancellation we’re still going to send a restart text after the weekend, preferably on a Monday. Now Monday is the day that a girl’s phone is usually blowing up from all the guys she met over the weekend, so why would I advise you to contribute to that? Well because we’re making a bet that she didn’t meet any guys since you and that she still has positive feelings about you. If both conditions hold, and she gets a “How was your weekend?” text from only you on Monday night, then there is a shot you’ll get her out. If she replies enthusiastically, ask her what her schedule is like during the week then try for another date.

I estimate that you have a 5% chance of getting a girl out who gave you an abrupt cancellation. That’s pretty shitty odds, but if you’re full time in the game that 5% means a handful of additional dates per year. Since it only takes 20 seconds to send the text, it’s worth doing, especially if the girl didn’t disrespect you with a last-minute cancellation or a no-show. A basic cancellation where she at least says “Sorry” warrants a restart text, but if she goes out of her way to be rude then delete her number and keep your dignity.

I hated texting as it started blowing up in the States. It felt like a roundabout and labored way to get dates, but I’ve since come around, developing a text strategy that gets girls out more reliably than phone calls and with much less work. This is why in Bang I advise you to text instead of call, something that I wouldn’t have imagined suggesting five years ago. Yet even though you’re only sending a few characters at a time, there are still an infinite number of ways you can fuck it up. For example, here’s an actual text a guy sent to my sister after she didn’t reply within ten minutes:

Damn enjoyed talking to you last night and you made it seem like you enjoyed talking to me and all. But guess all this ignoring says otherwise! It was nice talking to you anyways you could just let me know instead of ignoring me I respect all wishes!

She was actually in the shower, and needless to say, she did not go out with this needy man. I’m not saying my sister is an angel when it comes to text reply times, but he did not have proper text game.

This situation reminds me of how a few years ago girls would write back to first texts within an hour, sometimes in just a few minutes. Well the other month a Swedish girl took 21 hours to reply to my first text, a personal record. Was she in the hospital? Did her cat die? Did she drop her phone in the toilet? Nope, none of those things happened, but that’s where things are going. Soon it will take a girl longer to send a text message than to mail a letter using the postal service.

Unfortunately, instant technologies like texting and email do nothing to speed up seductions. For those of you that remember pickup before cell phones, the time it takes some girls to reply to a text is now nearly identical to how long it took her to call back from a landline after you left a voicemail on her tape machine. Ironically, the main “progress” that has made it easier for men to get laid over the past 50 years is changing sexual norms due to the rise of feminism, not technology.

My complete texting guide is in the second edition of Bang, which I released last year. Here are a couple reviews of the book:

I thought it was a great book. Really common sense when you think about it. Just had to have someone say it. Just a little about myself. I was not having much trouble getting laid in college. I played college football and that made it easy with all the cleat chasers. After college it got a little harder but then I ran across your book. I now work so I run a slow game on the local girls during the week but on the weekends I game hard in much better venues out of town.

The biggest thing your book help me realize is how important confidence is. Just the ability to walk into a crowded room like you own the place showing no sign of weakness will increase your chances of getting laid immediately. Every girl in that room is scanning for an alpha male. A guy who walks tall with his shoulders back and just doesn’t give a shit. To tell you the truth they approach me half the time. Thank you for writing this book. It brought back the confidence I had in college.

I would have found “Bang: more helpful had I read it when I was younger. I am 38 years old, and a lot of what I read in “Bang” are things I already learned on my own over the years. I wish there would have been books like this when I was a frustrated college student, surrounded by hotties who were far too socially sophisticated for me. This book would be ideal for a college freshman, so that he can learn all these things quickly and easily.

My last GF is a model who turned down a shoot in [redacted] b/c she would not do nude shots. I never would have been able to get a woman like her before learning the things you cover in “Bang,” but like I said, I learned most of this stuff on my own. The book was still a fun read, b/c I felt validated as I read that you and I had independently come to the same conclusions on so many topics.

I bought your book like 1 month ago or something, and I just wanna thank you.
Thank you! Before reading your book I hadn’t been laid for a loooong time and was kinda starting to miss having a girl.

I went on a date, that was set up for me by a colleague, with this smoking hot russian model. Obviously I thought I would get killed, especially when I found out she had a boyfriend back in Russia. You know what though? I pulled all the moves from your book, appeared confident at the same time and now I’m the one banging this stunning girl who is a 9.

It’s still too good to be true in my eyes, but man… I’m happy 😉 Once again, thank you, thank you so much!

I bought the first edition paperback after a friend showed me some of his copy. I’d been hesitant to look into it because I thought it was all “fuzzy hats, magic tricks, and black nail polish.” It was nice to a see a book with concepts that were more “real world” feeling that I thought I could apply in my own life.

Have I been more successful? Yes, but I have a long road ahead. To harshly critique my progress, I’ve gone from being sub-beta to greater beta. Basically, I can now talk to a girl now and be normal about it, rather than awkward and scared shitless like I would’ve been before. Just this change has led to a HUGE improvement in my social situation. So the plan now is to read Bang again but much more slowly than before (been through it a few times), following the suggestions you posted in your blog (i.e., very slowly and taking notes).

What I’d really like to see now is something more in-depth about day game. The nighttime club / bar scene here isn’t very well suited to pick up so something more day oriented would be great.

I’ve just finished reading Bang and it’s helped me get out of a two (almost three) year dry spell (even though it was with internet dating and that’s not something you recommend). I got 2 bangs out of it and I’m confident I could’ve gotten 3 more but those interactions happened before I came across your work and read your book; the girls were not bad looking (ranged from 5’s to 7’s).

Nevertheless, I used all your principles and got way far on first dates than I ever have in the past in months (no joke or exaggeration). In fact, I believe in your work so much that I’ve made little cheat sheet’s, printed them out and put them on my bedroom wall. Anyways, just wanted to say thanks.

I’m glad a lot of guys are getting mileage out of my work. If you want to check out the book then head to the Bang homepage.

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  • Anonymous

    Why women can be sluts and men cannot

  • Workshy Joe

    Solid advice.

    Its amazing how many guys rule themselves out of the running completely on the basis on neediness.

  • Castor Troy

    Hey Roosh, a bit off topic but that “slut march” picture you put up was actually in Toronto. That’s where the whole “movement” if you want to call it that started after a cop giving a talk said women wouldn’t get raped if they stopped dressing like sluts. I actually happened to be downtown for lunch during the march and the difference you mention between that and the protest in Ukraine was even worse in person than in that picture. Though what shocked me most was how many men there were marching as well. The times we live in I guess. Also, I’ve debated what that cop said with a variety of women and after beating around the bush I always get the to admit the cop was right in saying what he said. Haha, those pictures gave me a laugh man, keep up the good work…

  • Anonymous

    women are like business deals. Sometimes people are just busy and dont respond or cancel. then you ask them again and catch them at another time and they are totally into it. Women get constantly bombarded with offers like Google does potential partners…its totally hit or miss most of the time.

  • Slothpiece

    I’m trying to actively pay more attention to my text game as a 30 year old when slamming these early 20 something airhead text/FB/Twitter whores. It’s harder to do drunk, but I’m way more aware of it being a game than I used to think about it. Seems they’re allowed to pull out long paragraphs but you are not. And they complain when you don’t give them your immediate attention so quickly. I wish I could time travel to days of chasing down landline numbers and asking parents if the girl was home.

  • VI

    I can’t wait to check out your day game book. I think it’ll be ground breaking.

  • Stephen Abootman

    I’ll bite on Castor Troy’s tangent. I graduated from the school where the Toronto Police Officer gave the speech that spurred women to march for their right to be plowed (most of them look like they should be pulling a plow, but I’ll refrain from ad hominem attacks since their hackneyed arguments are easy enough to pick apart). First, some background on the school. Osgoode Hall Law School is notoriously left wing. I recall the application forms having a box to tick for sexual orientation (it is an extremely difficult school to get into for an able bodied caker, but they have about 60 affirmative action spaces – ranging from aboriginal, to LGTB, to black to…midget eskimos? – that drag the average entry scores down). While at the school I noticed there were more gays than any where else in real life (other than the various gayborhoods of north america), not that there’s anything wrong with that. The school is a staunch advocate of everyone’s rights except straight white males with a high sex drive. We took an ethics course the first week of first year, and I recall a fellow student proclaiming that only white men can be racist. I heard this sentiment echoed in the halls several times over my three years there. The feminist professor had a stat that that 56% of lawyers are men, and she claimed that this proves that there is discrimination against women. It was the first day, I raised my hand and asked if she had a confidence interval for that stat, or something to corroborate that it indeed means what she claims, versus the possibility that more men choose to be lawyers, or that women quit the grind of 70 hour work weeks when they have children. When she stared at me blankly I asked her if Osgoode Hall discriminates against men because 53% of our entry class was female. Every female in the class put up her hand and glared menacingly at me, waiting for her turn to fill the room with her intelligence, to chide me for my insolence. Apparently sexism starts somewhere between 53 and 56%… What the fuck do I know about statistics, I didn’t take a liberal arts degree like all my enlightened classmates, I wasted my time on matrix algebra and statistics, and microbiology/immunology which was my major). I guess an arts degree teaches you that science is just a tool that men use to control women. I was outed as a “mysogynist” (not true, I love bitches) but true to everything you read by Roosh, Roissy, VK et al., hilarity ensued and I slept with five girls from that class, sometimes on nights when I swooped in after betas had been orbiting like Planet Fag for an entire student bar night. I never once heard anything controversial coming out of anyone’s mouth, it was a fem nazi circle jerk.

    Osgoode Hall is located near Jane and Finch. This is Toronto’s ghetto – for those of you who don’t know anything about Canada, Toronto, aka Canada City, is our only city. Actually, if Toronto was a part of the US, it would be the fourth largest city (NYC, LA, Chicago, Toronto…), so it is a legit ghetto, except that you have to submit to a cavity search to get a gun in Canada, so we have fewer gun crimes (aren’t most crimes committed with illegally obtained firearms? whatever). Okay, this tangent is going on a tangent, back to the cop. Since chicks get raped left right and center (one was dragged in broad daylight into a backyard last year and raped), a bouncer was shot at the university night club, and there are several murders in the area every year including a student who was killed in her house in the student village just before the end of this school year, there are some safety concerns. The officer was asked to give a speech to a group of women at the law school on ways to minimize their risk of being raped. Obvious shit like, don’t walk through a dark alley at night if you are alone. I don’t know what kind of magic bullet they were looking for, it almost feels like a set up to me. His mistake was he used the word “slut” in front of a bunch of PC card carrying feminist power suit sluts. He said that to minimize the chance of being raped, don’t dress like a slut. He never said you wouldn’t get raped, or that you deserve to be raped if you were dressed like a slut. He made a commonsense comment that a man is probably less likely to rape you if you aren’t revealing any tasty bits. I wonder if there would have been the same fallout had he not used a buzzword; e.g. if he had said don’t dress provocatively.

    I hashed this out with several classmates on facebook (chicks who attended the seminal slutwalk). It was reminiscent of Luke Wilson arguing in Idiocracy, there is not getting through to girls who have been fed tripe by feminist teachers since age 4 or 5 to this day. A girl posted an album from the slutwalk (The title was, “We’ve had enough!” – wtf is she talking about? Enough of men giving them more than they could have in the absence of men?) stating that dressing a certain way doesn’t make you a whore. I replied that Dave Chappelle agrees and posted his video on the topic (“just because I am dressed like a police officer…”). After some harebrained responses to my insensitivity I ended it with, “No one said anyone ‘deserves’ to be raped. If someone wants to make a correlative argument (between amount of skin showing and likelihood of rape) with a high R squared value I’d read the study though.” As a former scientist and logical human being I will admit there are too many confounding factors to bother with an extensive study. The squawking continued and my handful of points were lost in the shuffle.

    These women don’t want to know how to prevent rape, they want men to deal with it. They want to live consequence free lives and do as they please, when they please, wearing what they please. They want to enjoy the rights that men have historically enjoyed without taking on the concomitant responsibilities. They don’t want to put in the work. In a word, they are the epitome of selfish.

  • Castor Troy

    Abootman, I actually spent a semester at York as a visiting student after i finished undergrad and I agree with what you’re saying completely. The school is a hotbed for extremist politics whether they be feminism, Israel/Palestinian issues etc. I’ll never forget filling in some sort of contact card and under sex I had the option of choosing male, female or “prefer not to disclose.” After reading that I knew I was in for an interesting ride. I just stayed away from it all and kept my mouth shut.

    I’m at Carleton now doing my MA in international relations and I have to it is a carbon copy of York on a smaller scale. We’re studying IR yet if you find yourself in a development class 90% of the discussions devolve into an argument about the plight of women and how it is in the end somehow all the fault of white, heterosexual males. The most sickening part is watching the white knight betas in the class agree with the overweight feminists who seem to want to make it their life goal to oppose people like me. Sometimes I will throw in a comment about how gender theory really has nothing to do with an issue such as Latin American trade policy to shake things up largely for my own amusement but I am generally left hung out to dry and on my own. And our program is supposed to be the best in Canada. If that’s true I do not think the future bodes well for our institutions of higher learning.

    On the plus side though, like you I have had a lot of success swooping girls in the program (and other grad students) from the beta orbiters at the parties. I always find it funny how the girls who are the first ones to label as a misogynistic jackass are the ones most willing to jump into bed with me. I guess you have to take the good with the bad, right?

  • Nestorius

    “Your best move is to be non-needy by pulling back and enjoying the silence.”

    There is some inconsistency in the thing about neediness. When you first ask for a date, this is a sign of neediness anyway.

  • Nestorius

    “Damn enjoyed talking to you last night and you made it seem like you enjoyed talking to me and all. But guess all this ignoring says otherwise! It was nice talking to you anyways you could just let me know instead of ignoring me I respect all wishes!”

    This is a sign of impatience rather than neediness.

  • clot

    Lol, Stephen Abootman, I just finished my final year at Osgoode in April and am writing the barrister exam tomorrow. Absolutely ridiculous… this whole Slut March affair is. You an ’11 grad like myself? What section?

  • Stephen Abootman

    Castor: hilariously cliche that we went to the same school in Canada. I have heard about Carleton. U of Ottawa Law is 60% female. Grad student feminists are easy takedowns. I actually have no game because they are ready to gear down and let you take them to brown town as long as they have an anti-slut defense excuse. My recent favorite was the night before an exam, “I hear my neighbors having sex and it makes me horny, I’m so stressed and my vibrator is out of batteries.” I asked if it takes double A’s… We banged. After seven years of being spoon fed easy lays in uni I need to gear up for the real world (probably why I’m reading this blog).

    Nestorious: asking someone to go for a drink isn’t being needy, unless you define the act of spending time with someone else as inherently needy. You’re flirting with beta apologist status (if you are defending the guy’s misstep). You are correct that the guy was impatient, but his extreme degree of impatience is indicative of neediness; i.e. he needs instant feedback and is too invested in a single girl because he doesn’t have several broads on the go. A man can plant several seeds, and then water them from time to time to see which ones grow into beautiful fuck plants. It’s all about fecundity (not fidelity). Whether he is or isn’t a needy guy in actuality doesn’t matter, it is how the girl perceives him. I think Roosh’s point is that too many messages in a short span of time (or too many in a row), taints one as “needy”, which is off-turning.

  • Roosh

    Nestorius: According to you then going for anything you desire is neediness. Therefore the act of desiring something is needy. Therefore being human is needy. That’s a self-defeatist way of thinking that is a hallmark sign of guys who overanalyze instead of act. We can argue semantics and what neediness truly is, but that doesn’t help anyone get laid. In the game world, neediness is aggressively pursuing a girl who is pulling away from you. No need to get nitpicky.

  • Castor Troy

    That is really funny, out of 13 comments three of the writers went to the same school. You are right in that you really do not need much game to pull feminist grad students. I’ll never forget one of my first nights here the grad student union put together this boat cruise for us. I showed up looking good, rocking a lime green blazer I had gotten in Bermuda and as soon I stepped on the boat the first thing I noticed was the ratio of bangable girls to complete fucking toolish guys. My first reaction was “this can’t be happening” but indeed it was. I hit the ground running and after a few good approaches girls were approaching me left right and centre because I was the only guy on that boat with any game whatsoever. I’m not saying I’m Cassanova but going up against these idiots was and is an absolute farce. Some of the lines i’ve used this year to get girls in bed have been borderline ridiculous. Like when I told a girl doing a thesis on sex trafficking in Eastern Europe that I wholeheartedly endorsed sex trafficking because my Friday nights would be lost without it. She hit me on the arm called me “ridiculous” and I was banging her two hours later.

    It’s also a lot easier to bag undergrads as well because while it is bad game to state or brag what once you have gamed them to a reasonable point and it comes out you are in prestigious grad program I find it puts them into a position where they have to go to extreme lengths to qualify themselves and prove they are not another stupid slut. Anyways, sorry to go on but if you have any game in grad school you are going to clean up.

  • Castor Troy

    like you said…the real world beckons but for now let the good times roll!

  • The Rookie

    hahahaaa that text from your sister’s creeper was hilarious!

  • Bigfoot

    Fuck, I’m going to York next year.

    I’m heading into Psychology, is there a strong feminist presence in that department?

  • Basil Ransom

    Just read the text messaging guide, good stuff. I haven’t had bad luck with teasing her in the first text, but everything else is the same. A lot of it is stuff you know, but you need someone to tell it to you, because otherwise you flout it in times of weakness. Going to try never calling new girls now.

    I’ve had some luck with the Roissy non sequitur text. Text “no” to a girl who stopped texting you a couple days prior. Eg:

    You: Text
    She: [Doesn’t respond]
    2-4 days pass
    You: “no”
    Her: “what?” or “?”
    You: “oh [resume gaming]”

    It’s the text equivalent of intentionally “running into” a girl that you want to meet, but you know there’s a higher chance of rejection if you actively pursue her.

    She shut you down on the last convo, so this way you are resuming the convo without initiating it, because she thinks, hopefully, the text was meant for someone else.

    You’re probably still out of luck though.

  • Tim

    @Basil Ransom,


    I love it.

  • Nestorius

    “In the game world, neediness is aggressively pursuing a girl who is pulling away from you.”

    I still find the definition vague.
    For example, isn’t any girl who flakes on you a girl who is pulling away from you also?

  • Nestorius

    It’s not about over analyzing, but I still find that what is described as neediness covers a whole range of acts.

    For example, the message sent to your sister obviously reflects that the guy has given up hope and just want to be sure that she isn’t interested. This doesn’t fit into neediness as you are saying.

    You need to define neediness, otherwise so many things will be lumped under it, including desiring something or being human.

  • Stephen Abootman

    Nestorius: flaking is ingrained female behavior; there is still a chance of banging a girl who has flaked on you. You want to have a mechanical algorithm that you can follow (it depends on the egregiousness of her flaking whether or not you give her a second chance). Don’t send an impassioned text, because you shouldn’t care and that would take longer. If it only costs you 30 seconds of your time to craft a text to a flake, unless you bill $60,000 an hour, even a 0.5% chance of banging her is worth your time. You shouldn’t aggressively pursue a girl who is pulling away or who has flaked. I don’t see any inconsistencies in what Roosh said or his reply to you. Stop trying to split (cunt) hairs. The guy sent the follow up message in a short window of time (10 minutes), how long does it take to empty your colon, how long does it take to shower? Figure it out.

  • noman

    OK Roosh, question, recently this happened to me. (I had used your text game as outlined in Bang to secure a date with her.)

    I was out of the country for a week, and didn’t have access to cell service (didn’t want to bother with expensive island roaming).

    When I got back, I texted her to confirm our date, and she promptly wrote back: “I actually started seeing someone :/ ”

    I replied “glad to hear that!” and nothing else since then, did not want to appear like I cared.

    Should I try a restart on her, or did she go fully nuclear on me? I know it’s bad game to even care this much, and honestly I don’t care about this one much, but I am curious what proper “game” would dictate here. Thanks.

  • Roosh

    noman: Travel always kills the momentum, especially when you haven’t banged yet. One of my newsletters is dedicated to this problem.

    She was rejecting you nicely. There was no test in her text. Best game response: delete number.

  • Basil Ransom

    Possible revision to the text game: Send the time and place in separate texts, eg:

    You: 9 pm sound good?
    Her: Sure, where?
    You: At XXX Bar

    Reasoning: your request is smaller, you’re forcing her to send another text and ask, and now telling her where to go instead of asking. The less you have to go out on a limb, the better.

    Also, if you live within walking distance of the date venue, and you’re in a car city, have her park at your place and walk to the venue – it’s hell getting her back to your place when her car is parked at the venue, and she knows she’ll have to walk back to it.

    If you really want to push it, have her meet at your place, pretend you’re bringing her in for just a second, and then open two bottles of beer and put one in her hand. Definitely don’t give her a choice. I’ve only done it once so far, but the results were interesting.

    There may be a risk reward relationship to treating her like a whore – if you don’t build enough rapport, she may realize what a sleaze you are and never talk to you again. Though she may do that regardless.

  • Brian

    The last time I got a “I’ve started seeing someone” text, it was from a girl that lives in another town where I have to work frequently. My response: “Great. Nice that you have someone to keep you company until I’m back in town. ;)”.

    I’m in town again, and she’ll be out with me both nights I’m here.

    Roosh, you and Roissy have seriously changed my entire life. Just nailed a 22 year old Saturday night. Drinks at a bar, followed by “You know what would be cool? Taking a nighttime motorcycle ride near the water.”, making out by the harbor, and then back to my place. I couldn’t believe just how freaking easy the whole process was.

  • Timothy

    Roosh, your sister is DANGEROUS. She must have REALLY been in that guy’s head to make him act that way! If a woman had responded that way to one of us, the needy flag would have gone right up, so yeah, homeboy is definitely needy.

    And of course it isn’t needy to ask women out. It’s what’s natural. Do men NEED pussy, or just WANT it? When you want something bad enough, it becomes indistinguishable from need.

    “I haven’t needed money since I took Archie’s milk money in the third grade. To tell you the truth, I don’t need pussy anymore either…but I LIKE it.” Jack Nicholson – “The Departed”

  • The Private Man

    “When you first ask for a date, this is a sign of neediness anyway.”


    You never ask. It’s like sales, if you give ’em a chance to say no, they always will.

    You state: “We’re going out on Friday.”

  • Asbrouck

    That one guy was definitely needy if it was his first time calling your sister and she didnt respond within ten minutes.

    Although I’ll admit, I’ve written angry texts like that when the girl didnt respond within three-five days. Impatient? I’d say I was. Needy? Well, I wouldn’t have been so needy had she returned the call when she was supposed to. not that i wanted her that bad; i was just waiting for the other shoe to fall.

    sorry, but id rather talk to the girl direct, since there may be some logistics we have to hash out, and texting just slows down the process. texting is for letting somebody know where you are, not for holding full conversations that require answers.

  • Timothy

    @29 Asbrouck…I would agree that the cellphone age has led to a possible lapse in simple courtesy. If a man is trying to get together with a woman, and she doesn’t respond in 3 to 5 days, I don’t think that’s about neediness OR impatience. It’s about someone not respecting you or your time, and a somewhat angry response is warranted. Most women carry the flake gene, and sometimes women will give a guy her number when she doesn’t really have the intention of seeing him. I guess now, in the early stages, texting is cool (and take into account that in the age of cellphones, a person CAN communicate from wherever they happen to be outside of home, but may be in a place where they can’t talk, but can type), but once you’re better acquainted, talking becomes more important. Personally, I leave one message when I call. If a woman intends to get back to me, she will. If she doesn’t, there is no second call. I can’t be bothered with someone that doesn’t respect for me or my time.

  • Anonymous

    @ Tim – are you the angry guy that texted Roosh’s sister? you sound like the type.

  • lazy guy

    Roosh, OT, but since you posted about that Naomi Wolf article in the Wash. Post, I wonder how you might respond to the recent WP article declaring women never get turned on when a man sends/posts a sexual pic of himself.
    It looked like a classic example of feminist BS.
    I got great results w/a ‘lewd’ pic of myself (long before the Weiner scandal).

  • JT

    How about: I met a cute girl Fri night, really had it working, but had to split, made arrangements to meet at dog park Sun mid morning, and I forgot. Should I just ignore the forget and ask out again?

  • French Connection

    If a girl cancels on me and omits both an apology AND an alternative date, she gets no response from me. Period.

    Perhaps its my ego, but I refuse to give her the satisfaction of thinking I’m going to run after her like a little bitch.

    While there are definite techniques/strategies that will or won’t work with text game, the foundation of your success is in the impression you left when you first met the girl.

    I like to get her to agree to a date when I meet her in the bar/club/wherever, and do the location and time by text or phone a few days later. This way she no longer has the mental barrier of deciding to see you, as the decision is already made. She’s already 50% committed.

  • nguyenimproved

    my bad for texting your lil sis like that.
    it’s just i honestly thought
    she was trying to mess with my head.

    no hard feelings i hope, roosh..

  • Anonymous

    20/21 ,, dontknowiftrollingorjustverystupid.jpg

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  • Geber

    I just read Day Bang and Bang, loved em both. So last night I tried my bang material. There was this girl sitting at a bar watching a baseball game by herself – I moved in. I sat there and just spit game for 30 mins, back and forth we chatted, I could feel my game. My friend came over to the table and the girl told him she wanted me to leave, I couldn’t believe it – I spit game for thirty minutes even when the girl wasn’t interested in me. This might have been my greatest failure ever, and thanks to your book I’m all in for my next hand. I’m going to wear the girls down – bit by bit, line by line, story by story, joke by joke, etc… Soon my game will be strong last night it felt as good as it ever has. I’ve always believed the only hand you’re guaranteed to not win is the one you don’t play, but it took your book to get me to apply that to game! Game on!

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