The Rise Of The Mini-Relationship

When Bang first came out, a lot of guys told me they were buying it in order to get a girlfriend. They saw game as a short term adjustment in order to land the girl they wanted for eventual marriage. Their main complaint of the book was that it didn’t have enough relationship advice.

Fast forward to today and I don’t get nearly as many emails from guys expressing their desire for girlfriends or marriage. In the past, game used to be seen as a means to an end, but I see a shift where now game is the end. Many guys just want to fuck a lot of women for an extended period of time. They seek more to imitate rock stars than stable family men.

The main reason for this shift is that there is little incentive for men to choose monogamy, which used to be a requirement for regular sex. But now women are volunteering to be in harems. Players only need to send a terse text message with improper grammar to get women to come over for sex.

It’s actually less energy intensive to maintain a harem of two or three girls than a real relationship with one girl who expects much more from a boyfriend than—as one American girl put it to me—a “consistent hookup.” Compare that to my experience in Ukraine, where acquiring pussy was labor intensive and one-night stands were tough. I quickly got into a relationship, not because I was retiring from the game, but to maintain the consistent sex frequency I desired. I made a decision based on local market forces that had nothing to do with any change in my character or goals.

Feminism has done an amazing job of turning pussy into a commodity, not unlike internet bandwidth. I remember it used to cost me $10 per gigabyte over ten years ago to host a web site, but now it’s just a few cents. If a company today offered a hosting plan at 2002 prices, they would go out of business. Today you have many women pricing their pussy at 1960 levels when the current market value—in the form of a man’s cost per notch—is approaching $0. Too many girls are giving it away for free because it has become free.

The market has a strange way of setting the correct price and then dictating efficient behavior for all participants, which in today’s terms come in the form of men avoiding relationships in favor of casual, no-effort sex. Those who artificially inflate the value of pussy (beta males and white knights) will unfortunately not be able to obtain it at true value pricing. They are the losers who purchase garbage IPO stock at the peak after Goldman Sachs already cashed in its profit.

You’ll find real men increasingly use women for sex and light companionship for short time periods, between one to six months. When the cost of renting (of being the consistent hookup) becomes too high, and the woman demands that the man purchase her pussy in the form of a commitment, he will discard her and enter another mini-relationship. The player will only purchase the pussy when renting becomes too difficult, like happened to me in Ukraine, but even that was self-limiting as over time I became more knowledgeable of the local market.

The guy who overpays via marriage thinks that the inflated payment more than compensates for his need to have children or not to be alone, but since his purchase is a downpayment for what is a depreciating asset, he will find it necessary to move very large sums of money, in the form of his time and labor, into maintaining the initial purchase that can’t possibly hold its value. It’s not unlike buying a house at the top of a bubble.

Relationships have more to do with economics than love. If the price of your current pussy fluctuates out of your favor, turn in your rental to get a different pussy that gives more value. Have fun with your current pussy: go on a little trip with her, snuggle with her after stretching her out, let her cook for you, and then when maintenance costs rise, toss her aside for a newer model. America today is a renters market. As a matter of fact, I see a lot of used models in good condition coming onto the showroom floor right now.

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  • Spoos in August

    Even for guys who want to have kids, marriage is a really, really bad deal. Between the end of monogamy and the trend of increasing parental age, our demographic destiny is hurtling toward us.

  • michelin

    i believe mini-relationships will become socially acceptable over time. Eventually it will become a side-dish or side-car to the main relationship, which will continue to exist

  • JL02

    I agree that feminism has brought us to this juncture, and that it is sexual utopia for guys who know Game. My question, though, is this: is the underlying assumptions of this post (most modern females have made a commodity of themselves, therefore humans are something like a commodity) correct, or Good? More specifically, is it in tune with our fundamental human nature? Did our ancestors struggle to pass forward their jeans for the sake of a sterile sexuality? Does the family unit, seen as a good across many times and many environments, point to some deeper truth about the universe? I believe it does – the Greek and Christian concept of Logos. Maybe I am wrong, but I do think there is metaphysical significance in the facts that 1). only non-sterile coitus continues the species 2). kids need both parents, in the home

    That our current situation is fucked as a society does not mean that our households have to be

  • Brandon

    wait, are my posts being moderated?

    [Roosh: WordPress thinks you’re spam.]

  • Vb

    Well said.

  • Virgle Kent

    this is deep on so many levels. I wonder how long it takes most guys/girls to figure this out?

  • Red Pill

    Women have totally devalued the vagina. Roosh, your comparison to equities was spot on and a good analogy.

    It’s like what Tom Leykis says about women. They are like cars that you should lease, run over a few speed bumps, and when the new car smell is gone and they start squeaking you trade ’em in for a new model.

  • Indian guy

    Hello Roosh and Alles,

    I am an Indian guy with Persian ancestry,I am doing Ok in terms of my career, I am studying my masters in ETH zurich, recently I got approached by a Masters student for a Date , sadly i spoiled my chance as i was very confused .I am not even sure what to do.

    I have only 3 chances so far in my life and all of them are indian girls,mostly impressed by my average Tech skills.

    Never got laid from Foreign girls and during date she insisted to come to her room, i took courage and took that chance but i spoiled it as i have told her that i never had and intimate with a foreign women .

    When conversation went a bit intimate in our Date i became shy, its an accidental date as she just invited me to party but i found that she is alone.

    She is a Masters student older than me , somewhere over 26 i think.

    I 25 year of Indian guy, I became extremely nervous.

    She is good looking Italian girl doing in her first semester at ETH zurich.

    Lately found out your blog.

    Will read as much as possible to learn something .

    I have tried to approach her next day but she became extremely irritated ,I have no idea why.

  • 2koonet

    I figured out the mini-relationship dynamic some years ago. It’s perfect. As soon as the honeymoon phase starts to end and the drama meter starts creeping into the red, I bounce. I figure that 10 minis over say 5 years is bound to be much more interesting than one relationship lasting 5 years. By the way, I’ve mentioned this concept to women and almost all have found it an uncomfortable and disconcerting one. It seems they find the whole idea disempowering, which is precisely the point.

  • CruisenChubby


    Love the financial analogy. Tis true, tis true.

    Pussy is nothing more than an industry bubble bursting. Right now, it is trading for pennies on the dollar- a few choice words will put a poon stock in your portfolio.

    It would be a very tough road for women to pump that price back up to acceptable levels (for women).

  • Anonymous

    The desire, borderline obsession, to have children makes this mini-relationship thing difficult for me. I still believe the best household to raise kids in includes a father and mother. Unfortunately, the idea of children juxtaposed with the reality of potential mates is depressing.

    I am somewhat lucky that my current mate shows real promise. But she has been the exception (which is why she is still my current). So fellas, keep doing your thing until someone comes around, if ever, that might be worthy of your seed.

  • Todd

    Has anyone ever met a good looking feminist?

    Me neither and what does that tell you?

  • Gabriele

    You know, i think that it’s useless then to be in a relationship with a girl who fucked around a lot and who’s easy, since you could have that girl even without committing. I really Hope to find a nice family girl, but i don’t think i’ll find her here (I’m swiss); in The next years i’ll travel to South America and some estern european countries, where girls can still play The girls and make you feel a man.
    Thanks for your posts And books Roosh,go on like this=)

  • visionary

    im still shorting the price of pussy stock , it hasnt bottomed yet, a final deep selloff will come when western society collapses in weimar decadence and high inflation brought on to monetize the massive debt, even high class women will be giving it away for a pittance. After the collapse the price of pussy will go into a steady climb as feminism is mauled and hard core racist men reassert their power after a long absence, lawyers will be sent into the fields to pick potatoes, psychologists will be hung up on lamp posts, the homosexuals will flee to rural retreats.

  • Boz

    Women have only themselves to blame.

  • Anonymous

    Roosh, do think as you get older you’ll invest in a high-fidelity IRA. A retirement package. we can’t all be 80 year old warren buffets eventually you’ll need to settle yes?

  • 20yearslater

    Yes, its economics at work. I think harems, free pussy and mini relationships will persist as long as individual economic freedom is possible. Economic decline where earning power forces people to live more than 1 person a 2 bedroom apartment again you’ll see pussy traded for security like back in the day or some rougher countries out there today.

  • SadieB

    Listen Tinkerbelle, if you don’t believe in love, then your soul will die…but I fear it is too late for you anyway.

    There are love blind people, just as there are color blind people ( who are great at seeing thru camouflage, but nobody asks them for fashion advice). And nobody asks you for relationship advice for the same reason.

  • Boz


    But I thought love is an oppressive social construct engineered by a patriarchal system designed to keep women bare foot and in the kitchen.

    Isn’t that what you tell yourself when you leapfrog from cock to cock?

  • Jack Shit

    The reason for the mini relationship and “fear of commitment” is that the choice whether to stay in a relationship or leave is the only power men have left in man-woman relationships. Men are turned more and more into pussy beggars by feminism and breaking up with a girl when the honeymoon is over is the perfect revenge for having to humiliate yourself to get into her precious panties. Either that or it’s her turn to bend over backwards for you – with a vengeance.

  • John Galt2

    Outstanding Roosh. I am impressed at your understanding of economics, especially since that isn’t your background. I usually use the analogy of buying a car (instead of buying a house at the peak of the market). Buying a car means you are buying a depreciating asset. And as it gets older, it requires more and more maintenance, and frustration. I mean, it never quite runs like it used to new, now does it? And sure, is it possible the car turns into a classic and maintains it’s value? Yes, but highly unlikely. So I always lease – I get a new car at regular intervals, I can try out new models and styles from different countries, and i never have to worry about longterm maintenance issues. Just like women.

  • Anonymous

    Red Pill – just saw your post. The analogy fits rather nicely, doesn’t it?

  • Dat bro

    This is one of the best roosh posts I’ve ever read.

    Think I should share this on Facebook with the message “Thanks, feminism!” ?

    Or would I get too much hate?

  • Dat bro

    Also, roosh, certain cocks are being overvalued.

    You now have girls showering college guys (like myself) with gifts, drinks, favors, with the expectation of nothing in return

    You now have college athletes having 30-40 women, some even married, paying for lavish dinners, bottles of wine, free sex, and even some trips.

    I call it “Pink knighting” and boy do I love it! 😀

  • SadieB

    Boz – I have been married for years and somehow missed that whole cock carousel thing. Goddammit!

    I think you guys are making the whole thing up.

  • dat bro

    @25 Sadie

    Honestly if you have been married for years you probably haven’t seen the current dating climate, and therefore you have very little credibility.

    You can think what you want about “making this all up.” There is more men than just the manosphere out there that are having issues coping with the dissonance between what society tells them (be monogamous) and the reality of the situation (girls giving themselves up for free – and being fine with being passed around).

    Men and young guys dont talk to YOU about these things because:

    A) you are “out” of the market and not exposed to them in the first place
    B) you’re at least one generation too irrelevant to their situation
    C) Men naturally will gravitate to other men for help (just as women gravitate to women for advice) because the advice FROM men is quite often more relevant to their own self-interests.

    Which, on that note, if you think this is all “made up” why the fuck are you here in the first place?

    The commenters from this blog hail from all sorts of stations in life, from Ex-plugged-in beta divorcees to classy playboys (Virgle Kent) to Game Acolytes of all ages, to newbies of all sorts, to Indian race trolls, to reputable college manwhores (myself).

    With these sort of demographics, you really have no credibility in your outlandish statements. We collectively have experienced parts of life that you couldn’t even dream of.

  • K

    What’s your analysis of the guys who still try to do both, have a marriage and have affairs on the side? This still seems common among executives but do you think it’s a good strategy?

    The guys I know doing this seem happier than both monogamous men and players, but there’s the confounding factor that these guys also make a lot of money.

    [Roosh: Fine idea if you’re in a country where your cheating is not grounds for an easy divorce that takes half your income and your kids.]

  • SadieB

    Dat bro – I am here because it’s interesting to see what the blind guys make of the elephant!!

    Ps the young girls I know haven’t found this fabled ‘cock carousel’ either. Of course they aren’t exactly looking for it.

  • cheekykunt

    This is really bad because I’d like very much to have a friend who is a girl (not girlfriend), who I can confide in, who will cuddle with me, who I can talk to about my problems, etc., but every time I’ve tried this it’s blown up in my face. Because of the dynamic Roosh is describing they lose all respect for you if you do this, they see you as a chump to take advantage of, they try to get chores out of you and to manipulate you in all kinds of ways. The few girls I’ve tried it with also eventually tried to have a romantic or sexual relationship because I guess I’m good looking (not arrogant, just how it is), and if I refuse, there’s just titanic hatred and they start to insult you. And if you don’t refuse then you still get screwed because on the basis of friendship they start to expect and demand all kinds of things.

    I have very weak desire for women sexually, but would like one as a close friend, this is actually next to impossible as far as I can see. It all has to do with how they’re all primed to be sloots in this market and only respect men who treat them like the dogs they are, and EVEN IF YOU DON’T PURSUE THEM FOR SEX they’ll still try to treat you like a slave and a chump if you don’t treat them like a trashcan.

    I actually told some of these girls I like guys and despite being open minded and “liberal,” their resentment and hatred only multiplied, and/or they refused to believe me.

    Anyway this is the conclusion, the modern American woman wants one thing above all: to be pursued by all the men she knows, but to get power trips from turning 99% down, manipulating them, using them for attention and chores, and sportfucking the remaining 1%; and if you don’t want to fit in this model it’s like “it doesn’t compute.” Their hatred of men who are not interested in pursuing them is really so extreme as far as I can tell. They’re totally incapable of friendship.

    Anyone pursuing a relationship with a woman in this market is crazy, you can only control them the way you would a disobedient dog, but there can’t be a friendship or connection with them.

  • dat bro

    @28 SadieB

    Your ad hominem attack (that we’re blind) is to be expected.

    It seems to be the only response people can provide to arguments based on substantial life experience. As I said before, the commenters on this blog come from quite diverse backgrounds, and remarkably different degrees of sexual and relational success. If calling us all blind makes you feel better about yourself (lol), then by all means go ahead. Just know that while you dont take us seriously, none of us (and there is a lot more of us than you’d imagine) take you seriously either.

    PS: the “young girls” you know don’t need to FIND the cock carousel. IT finds THEM. This clearly shows you don’t understand how the dating and hookup culture works in our society today – your solipsistic logic falls on deaf ears as many of us nail girls who have been nailed countless times before.

  • dat bro

    @29 – glad to see a fellow miscer awared to the way things really are.


    I don’t think pursuing a relationship with a woman in this market is crazy, however.

    Your problem: you need to Accept WOMEN for what they are. It seems like you already have a specific role for them (as friends/cuddle buddies) that THEY don’t want to fill.

    Remind yourself whenever you are frustrated with women: “Just be”

    “Just be” brah.

    Enjoy life in every regard, and when women come into your life (and they certainly will), do with them what makes you happy. If they don’t want the same, NO LOVE LOST! You’ll continue “just be”ing and they’ll go on their own way as well.

    Such is the life of the enlightened man.

    Part of the issue is that you are too outcome dependent on the women you come across actually fitting the role you want them to fit. Real tea, its their loss if they don’t want to fit that role and move on to an inferior male.

    The problem with you telling girls you like guys is because your BEHAVIOR says other ways. Your behavior is nothing like that of a gay man, they can tell by your body language and manner of speech that you like the pussy.

    Finally, who says you need to answer any of their demands at all?

    Have you tried making demands of girls?

    You’ll be surprised at how obedient women will be with the right game and behavior. Women WANT to be obedient to a desirable and dominant man.

  • SadieB

    Dat bro – I believe you when you say that’s your experience. However it only means the normal women are avoiding you FOR SOME CRAZY REASON

  • dat bro

    @32 SadieB:

    Again, think what you want.

    Not once in my comments did I say normal women are avoiding me.

    I have a girlfriend, and we’ve been together for 10 months. She’s quite normal, at least normal enough not to be trolling manosphere blogs and calling everyone who reads them “blind”

  • cheekykunt

    datbro yes I agree with what you’re saying, but I don’t WANT these women to obey me, I want what I told you. As for smashing that’s fine but I don’t want to have an affectionate friendship with a woman I’m smashing. It’s a 19th century taste, I’d like a girl to confide in. Yes I know women want to obey, this is the problem I don’t WANT to command them or treat them like a dog, and if you don’t do that they don’t respect you.

    Admittedly mine is a niche taste, most guys don’t understand why I’d want a girl who’s just a friend, but I do, and it’s impossible. As for moving on, I do, I’m just complaining that it’s impossible because they’re all primed to be sloots now and even if you’re not beta and following them for pussy, they’ll still try to chump you.

  • SadieB

    Dat bro – I got what I want and so do you apparently, so what’s the problem? Unless you’ve got one of those ubiquitous cock- bouncing hoors and that’s not what you wanted.

    Really, you’re just proving my point.

    Ps – for all you know I AM your girlfriend!! You left yourself logged in last time, fool.

  • Anonymous

    Sad sad days for western civilization.

  • cheekykunt

    PS datbro what is your bb handle O_o

  • The Private Man

    “Dat bro – I am here because it’s interesting to see what the blind guys make of the elephant!!”

    Hehehehe… the “blind guys” are actually the ones the most open of eyes. As we share information (love the ‘Net), we see a commonality of experience that results in some excellent wisdom about women, dating, and relationships.

  • Apollo


    Sharks don’t want advice from the tuna they are trying to catch. We’d rather get it from successful sharks who have experience in these regards. That doesn’t mean that we aren’t cognizant of what you’re saying, we just realize the futility in all of it since most advice women bring to the table goes against our interests, or is loaded with perverse incentives.

  • J Doe

    I couldn’t stop laughing when you compared the price of pussy of bandwidth. Reminds me of Dave Chappelle’s “If pussy was a stock, the stock would be plummeting right now” Roosh, you keep it too real man.

  • sadieb

    apollo – i dont recall giving any advice. just pointed out some faulty assumptions.

  • gringoed

    really intelligent post Roosh. bravo

  • American Man

    Here is why I find the situation in America so funny. Feminism has helped the Alpha patriarchs the most (Executives with 7 girlfriends, basketball players, politicians) in getting easy sex and hurt the regular guys who are left with crumbs. But its actually the average women who have been hurt the most.

    In terms of women, feminism has hurt the average women the most, average women are now most likely single instead of married with a supporter, more likely to be unhappy and unhealthy, and instead of kids and respect they work some job that they hate with occasional hook ups with guys just using them for sex. American feminism helped really only the top guys and women and hurt average women the most! Why did they hurt the average women the most?

    Because average guys with a little money can simply leave for greener pastures where they will have a much more enjoyable sex life and partners whereas the average American woman is not wanted by ANYBODY! HAHAHAHA The fat, angry, average american woman ends up with the shortest end of the stick thanks to feminism! What the feminists don’t realize, its actually the patriarchy that helped the average lot of them because without the patriarchy why should guys pay for something they can get for free? Why should they work for you when your fat, ugly, unfeminine, and bossy? Have fun working till you die now that you’ve destroyed the patriarchy!

    I’m less than a month away from never being in the US again. Thank god.

  • Anonymous

    funniest article i have read in the very loong time. wow. fucking classic from first read.

  • nek

    All you’re doing by doing the “mini-relationship” thing is simply what alot of women have been doing for years. The difference being, when a guys over a relationship, he’ll typically end it then and there regardless of him having another lined up, whereas women will stay with a guy for a long time until the new guy comes along and then the honeymoon feelings are back. Once again, it’s why guys feel a little more blind-sided when women end things and are immediately in the arms of a new guy. They’ll be over you but still keep you around, and this requires some demonstration of interest in their part even though they are over you.

    Alot of women are “in love with being in love”. It’s like chasing the pink dragon. You never catch him, and it’s not a strong foundation for a relationship.

  • Anonymous

    excellent work. brilliant analogy.

  • mguy

    Had a discussion with this with my roomie as he is getting into a relationship.

    I asked why should a guy enter a commitment when he has access to a harem type situation.

    Of course he answers like a beta, “because some people just want real relationships”.

    At 28, I don’t see the value of getting into a deep relationship… at least not with an American girl.

  • decomposer917

    Brilliant observation. However, I can’t help but ask – if things were different. If pussy was an expensive, hard to get commodity these days, wouldn’t it make your (Roosh’s) purpose of having sexual adventures all over the world so much harder?

  • KN

    “Fast forward to today and I don’t get nearly as many emails from guys expressing their desire for girlfriends or marriage.”

    could that be because they now go to Athol at MMSL?

    JohnGalt2: the car analogy is a good one from an economics perspective as it brings out the issue of moral hazard – the seller knows the state of what she’s selling, but the buyer can’t be sure its a lemon

  • Alpha Mission

    Excellent post. No commodity has shaped civilization more than pussy.

  • Derrick

    @48, if pussy was an expensive, hard to get commodity, either:

    A.) There would be no point in game, might as well just give up and watch porn.


    B.) It would be an asset worth hanging on to instead of trading in every few months or weeks.

  • Apollo


    I was referring to your line “blind guys and the elephant”. In those terms, I find that the blind guys actually do better in describing the true nature of elephants than the actual elephants. That’s pretty much where my post came from.

  • По реке

    IMO the best thing about accepting this mindset is that it puts the onus on the woman to make commitment worth it. If a girl convinces me she’s worth the effort of an LTR, cool, if not, back to mini-relationships I go.

    Also it’s interesting that from the little I’ve read of Casanova the “mini-relationship” is basically how he went about things. Be the flame…

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  • Wigwam

    Feminists are so stupid!

    By freeing up the better looking women to have as much sex as they want, they have lowered the value of pussy and made their own worth less than nothing.

    Feminists are such ugly awful cunts that they would have to pay a man to be with her.

    They thought they could be smarter than men just by saying they’re smarter. Didn’t work bitches! Pay for your folly now.

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  • D247

    Lol @ the mini-relationship.

    This reminds me of the mini-retirement concept in Tim Ferriss’s book “The 4-Hour Workweek.”

    Mini-relationships and mini-retirements.

  • Fluffy McGee

    @ Saddie B

    Believe it or not your commentary on these issues are pretty cliche at this point. Let’s review the list of Feminist attack points you’ve managed so far:

    1. It doesn’t exist, you guys are idiots.

    Sorry hun, it does exist.

    2. Well if it exists, only sluts participate.

    True, we manwhores fuck a lot of sluts, but trust me there are plenty of “normal” girls who join in the fun as well. Your attempts to seperate yourself from your alter ego known as hypergamy are laughable here…

    3. Well I’m happy and got a man.

    Duh, this is probably the best option for you at this point. When your wall hits, he starts fucking his secretary, and divorce rolls around, you’ll be back in the dating market, and all those alphas who used to try to charm their way into your panties everyday won’t even take notice of you.

    At this point in life women typically go full circle and move to full blown feminism, where they blame all the world’s problems on men, and ask for more reparations all the while suckling at the establishments teat of unemployment, alimony and child support.

    Another vagina monologue is born, and another beta male is be born into a world that will give him nothing, unless he finds us.

  • Anonymous

    @D247 Perfect for today’s mini-paychecks

  • SadieB

    Well, Mr Fluffy, i guess someday I must slink quietly away clutching my two mangy cats, whilst mourning the simultaneous departure of my fertility, looks &handsome, funny husband.

    But still I say – if you don’t believe in love YOUR SOUL WILL DIE.

  • Georgia Boy

    I think Roosh fell into the trap of generalizing his personal experience. The marginal price of sex, that is, the price of one more sex partner over and above what he’s already paid in terns of the work of forging and honing his game, is approaching zero, for him. But most men are betas, and still trying to acquire girlfriends and wives the old way, by having passive game like good jobs, being in shape, essentially being good husband material. The price for these men has gone up, because women are less interested and want to ride the carousel longer. Also I’m pessimistic that game will ever help most men get laid. I’m not saying game doesn’t work, I’m saying that the 80/20 rule will always hold true, game or no. Women’s hypergamy will simply start requiring men to have higher skills with game before the guy gets bangs. The game Jedi-masters like Roosh will still get lots of notches regardless, but most guys will just find women getting even colder and more demanding until they give up.

  • JS

    I disagree with Sadie saying that the problem doesn’t exist, but I agree that if you don’t believe in love your souls will die. It’s like the women who have spent their twenties on the carousel can no longer emotionally attach to men or form stable families once they’re in their 30s.

  • Dragicka

    I agree with a part of this one. It doesn’t surprise me that guys are adapting to the trend, and are no longer interested in LTR’s with the typical girl nowadays. And there’s definitely nothing in it for us when it comes to marriage.

    The second part of the message is that women have been hurt more than men by all this, and I’m not sure that I agree. Sure, we might be looking at an alpha male paradise, but I’m sure that a lot more guys are suffering today compared to 50+ years ago, when being a good provider was (I suppose?) enough to land something decent.

    However I kinda blame the technology (Roosh already wrote an excellent blog about the smartphone, by the way) more than feminism itself.

    Even if you’re a guy with good social skills, the fact that it has gotten easier for them to get attention and entertainment works against you a lot.

    And, don’t forget how the laws have been gradually rigged against you!

  • NG85

    Great post. I spent 22 years of my life wanting a long-term, committed relationship. I got one lasting over 2 years, and when it was over I was sick of the concept of dating a modern, “enlightened” post-feminism 20-something female. I dated around a bit and found that friends with benefits situations were so much easier to maintain – You get the sex with none of the headaches.

    I’ve been seeing a friend with benefits for over a year now, but we never committed. Had we committed, this would’ve been the second longest relationship of my life. Do I regret seeing a girl for so long with no actual relationship? FUCK. NO.

  • MaMu1977


    The “cock carousel” works like this-
    Is a woman engaging in regular bouts of commitment-free sexual intercourse with strange men (or with loosely affiliated men within her environment?) She’s on the carousel, even if her liaisons occur once a month or less. Even if she only hops on when she’s overseas. Even if she only hops on when no one sees (like the girls who go at it in bathrooms.) Even if they don’t dress in “slut gear” or brag about how they “got sooooooo drunk last night”.

    To me, it sounds like your image of a carousel rider is a “Jersey Shore” lookalike. Tight tube dress or skintight jeans and lacy shirt, 4-5 inch heels, enough makeup to choke a horse, giant hoop or dangling earrings… She spends all weekend at clubs or slips on “hooker boots” when she joins her workmates at 6PM ever day at the bar, where she drinks like a fish and dances to Katy Perry or Ke$ha songs until midnight. When (not if) she hooks up, its as clinical as a Pap smear, done in some cozy milk or random bathroom, then only brought up after Eggnog #3 with friends.

    But you have to understand one thing: cock is cock. It doesn’t matter if she gets laid every week, every month or as much as possible on her yearly vacation, it still counts. If she goes out in comfy clothes, drinks three martinis in one night out and only goes out and gets laid with one guy a month, that’s still a dozen different guys in a year (*even if* she dates each guy for 3-6 weeks before breaking up, even if they only have sex in beds behind closed doors without witnesses.) Unless you’re living in a small town, finding a new guy (charming or plain) every month who could be considered bedworthy is easy. Visit any metropolitan area and you can find thousands of potential “the Ones” (some of them as perfect as soulmates, some of them just too hot to resist.)
    Women may not *brag* about having a slip up or five, but it does nothing to erase the slipup. The guy who slips up with them remembers, the guy(s) who missed out or who weren’t seen as good enough remember, the guy(s) who saw the events and become disillusioned because they didn’t think that she was “that kind of girl” (or who hear about the events secondhand), they remember. When those women get older and decide to “settle down”, then their prospective husbands travel to their hometowns or to other places and they run into a few guys who knew their fiancee as “Loose Lisa”, it matters. It has nothing to do with what she did, it has everything to do with how she did it. And in an alimony + child support + public condemnation world (for the men who become “not good enough” 4 to 7 years after the last child is born), taking a risk on a former carousel rider is foolhardy.

  • SadieB

    MaMu – so… Kind of a female Roosh , is what you’re saying?

    I don’t deny they exist, it’s just that I don’t believe they exist in vast numbers. Even male Rooshs don’t exist in vast numbers after all.

    I do think they dress to catch the male eye ( no judging, I’m one of the few females in my profession that dresses like a girl any more) but that’s why guys think they’re the only women out there. They’re the only women they ‘see’!

    BTW, I don’t think that men should therefore lower their looks standards. I agree with Roosh’s long ago advice to women who cant find a man, part of which was ‘dress feminine’. Also ‘lose weight’!

  • ATC

    After-the-bang is so important. Even after game, innate betas are still going to find subtle differences in the women they end up with, compared with alphas.

    Game-aware betas will still end up with a disproportionately high number of women with flaky or missing daddies who sniff out the “provider” side of their man.

    These girls will demand more of your time/resources than the got-it-together, self-sufficient girls whom alphas can manipulate into paying their bills and mothering them.

    So pass up most opportunities for LTRs until you’re sure you’re getting the kind of gf that a true alpha gets.

  • Vagina hole fucking cum pregnant cunt

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  • Emily

    This theory is not new or novel, anti-feminists have been trying to scare women away from feminism by telling them they’ll end up as used-up spinsters since the 80s.

    “In terms of women, feminism has hurt the average women the most, average women are now most likely single instead of married with a supporter, more likely to be unhappy and unhealthy, and instead of kids and respect they work some job that they hate with occasional hook ups with guys just using them for sex. ”

    Actually, you’re wrong in just about every word. Check out this research showing how women have gained more ground than ever since feminism took off. Notice how unmarried men used to outearn married men and women; no longer the case. Meanwhile, unmarried women are closing the income gap on unmarried men.

    Also, check out the volumes of research about how married men are happier and mentally healthier than both married women and unmarried men.

    Applying market economics to sex and dating makes sense, but Roosh’s analogy above only works for a person for whom each pussy is truly interchangeable. If you can honestly believe that every woman is interchangeable and equivalent with any other, then you will benefit in exactly the way Rooshy describes. If deep inside you still get attached to particular women, the benefits no longer work. That’s the market, too. Say you’re a big fan of John Q MovieStar and you find out his home is for sale. It’s a great home, but it’s also–to you at least–uniquely great because unlike any other home it is the former home of John Q MovieStar. Suddenly you’re willing to pay a lot more for it because it is not interchangeable with any other similarly-apportioned house.

    Or, as the Little Prince learned:

    The little prince said, “What does that mean–‘tame’?”

    “It is an act too often neglected,” said the fox. It means to establish ties.”

    “‘To establish ties’?”

    “Just that,” said the fox. “To me, you are still nothing more than a little boy who is just like a hundred thousand other little boys. And I have no need of you. And you, on your part, have no need of me. To you, I am nothing more than a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. But if you tame me, then we shall need each other. To me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, I shall be unique in all the world…”

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  • Viajante

    I am in my mid-thirties and since my second divorce a couple of years ago, I have engaged in a series of mini-relationships. I genuinely enjoy a real intimacy with the women I am involved with. I do all of the things Roosh listed, and I even really enjoy getting to know all of them. I don’t see pussy as interchangabe; I appreciate every “mini-relationship” as something unique.
    But at the end of the day, I know that there is another woman just as interesting, just as beautiful, and just as fun waiting right around the corner. My tolerance for drama and bullshit is minimal, and I have no qualms at all about ending it with a woman, knowing full well that I can enter into another mini-relationship in the next week or two.

    I can say that in neither of my two marriages was I happy. Sure, the honeymoon stage was great, but that quickly wore off. I won’t go into details about my divorces. As bad as they were, they wouldn’t shock or surprise any of the readers of this blog. Suffice it to say that I invested so much into those relationships that it was gut-wretching to watch them deteriorate.

    Now I shake my head at my married friends who have to ask permission from their wife to go out, travel, or even spend the money they earned. These are regular guys and I see the same thing everywhere I go and it’s pathetic. I would never put myself in that situation again.

    With mini-relationships, it’s like I eternally live in the honeymooon stage. I get all of the intimacy, sex, affection, and partnership without any of the headaches. I don’t make any promises I don’t keep and I don’t expect any assurances from my girlfriends either. We have a great time together, and when that ends the relationship is over.

  • Emily

    To be honest, I don’t practice monogamy myself. But there’s two big differences between my “mini-relationships” and the ones Roosh describes. One is that I, like you, never promise my partners I’m going to date them forever, nor do I ask them to make such promises to me, whereas Roosh seems to advocate pretending you are offering them a future when you’re not. The second is that when they end, I don’t view it as tossing aside a depreciated asset. It usually comes from a mutual recognition that for whatever reason, our relationship is no longer making us both happy, and we remember that at some point we cared about each other’s happiness and we release each other so that we can each be happy again instead of beating our heads against the wall of a dysfunctional relationship that is beyond repair. One of my current boyfriends has been in that role for about a year and a half, and we’ve both had multiple even-minier relationships during the time we’ve been together. I’m still in friendly contact with all of the ones I’m no longer seeing, bar none. That’s the great thing about breaking up before you start to hate each other.

  • omar

    @DaTbRO: “You now have girls showering college guys (like myself) with gifts, drinks, favors, with the expectation of nothing in return..”

    mmm..EXCUSE me.,in which TV show or reality this does happen? Or in your dreams?

    All I see is , as usual, men chasing girls and in some weird cases, crazy girls with low self esteem begging after their boyfriends

  • JulesK

    Every woman needs to read this.

  • Anonymous

    interesting. but, what about the underlying biological imperative for game, i.e. propagating your genes through children? surely a stable marriage is better than a mini relationship for that purpose.

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  • AxelayBR

    Man, this text is brilliant! One of the best I’ve ever read about current game status!

  • cynic77

    Reminds me of a great quote I heard several years ago: “If it flies, floats, or fucks, it’s cheaper to rent.”

  • OceanBound

    This is all good, but the reality is that a woman is not just her body, so you can’t say that she’s a deprecating asset. There’s a lot that can grow between a man and a woman and the value for the man is not just the woman’s pussy. Roosh knows this, I’m sure, but his business is not about that.

    The problem is, that takes a huge effort and a lot of work on both sides. Since most people are not capable of this (difficult indeed) work, marriages and relationships fail.

    So in the meantime, I’m all for playing, banging and having fun. But some men will have their eyes set on the much difficult task of building something deeper, because men love challenge and love growth. And if it doesn’t happen, there’s the not bad alternative of having a variety of women. At least that’s how I see things.

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  • Luís Simões de Almeida

    Oh god this is too true to be good…

  • RebelAlliance

    Good article Roosh! Spot on!

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  • fmf

    Sooo… Why do men not cost money again? They have sex to offer, and women earn money too, so…?

  • fmf

    Your world sounds very lonely roosh.

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  • jim hampton

    Shove your boner in her face.

  • jim hampton

    Don’t forget about the barnyard.

  • jim hampton

    Shut-up Fag!

  • FrancesKCrump

    Yes Offer Of The Day by rooshv < Start Work Online

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  • sasha

    I have my answer. I was wondering if you consciously lower women in your articles in order to lower their ‘price’ for sex, the value of women, their self confidence and so on.
    And indeed, you admit that what you resent in those not lowering women is them making women more valuable:
    ‘Those who artificially inflate the value of pussy (beta males and white knights) will unfortunately not be able to obtain it at true value pricing.’

    A better way than lowerin women value would have more value yourself, but that is something you can’t touch

  • Pablo Escobar

    U sound like a white knight mangina mate. Stuff her with some cock dude she likes u

  • Pablo Escobar

    Nope. The women lower their own value by flooding the market with easy sex.