The Roosh Program

I want to share a game program for those of who are starting from scratch, regardless of age. It’s not meant to turn you into a Casanova, but it will quickly take your game above the mainstream average. It’s also useful for beta males who just got dumped. Every step in the program is essential and must be followed if you want it to be effective. Here we go…

1. Start a workout routine. Working out will surely improve your appearance, but there are two other reasons that are more important: (1) to increase your testosterone levels, and (2) to increase your confidence. Both are absolutely vital for successful pickup. If there’s a gym near you, I recommend Starting Strength, which I’ve personally seen strong results from. If you can’t afford a gym, buy Convict Conditioning, a bodyweight and calisthenic program. Within only one month you will see noticeable gains.

2. Get your hands on a game resource. As you know I’ve written two game books, Bang and Day Bang, but there are other options as well. Mystery Method is one of the more important books in the field and, if you don’t want to pay anything at all, you can go with the free Layguide, a resource I started with. Be sure to take notes on whichever resource you select. I don’t advise using The Game as a resource because it’s more of a memoir, with only a cursory glance at specific game techniques.

3. Do 100 approaches. You need to get a feel for game, its structure, tempo, and how cold conversations work. This is going to be a rough period for you because chances are you won’t get laid from your first 100, but realize that all players have gone through this stage. I recommend 10-20 approaches a week in either day or night settings. Don’t mix the two because their game is very different and doing both will confuse you. If you already go out at night, for example, then do your first 100 at night. You must also understand that 100 means 100. It doesn’t mean 30, it doesn’t mean 60. There is no shortcut to this step. If you don’t do the 100 approaches, you’re not doing the program.

4. Watch one episode of Seinfeld a day. Seinfeld is an American comedy program that will teach you two things: (1) how to spit humor that girls like, and (2) how to have long, meandering conversations (i.e. how to ramble). What’s great about the show is that it offers quintessential American humor that will be well-received anywhere in the country, and even in foreign countries as well. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve successfully used word-for-word bits from the show in my pickups. The best time to watch an episode is right before heading out to approach. You can find used DVDs of the show for only a few bucks.

5. Limit masturbation to only one day a week. You’re not going to be too motivated to the challenging task of approaching girls if you’re not horny. Therefore you must greatly curtail your masturbation habits to only one day a week, preferably an off day like Sunday. You want your weighted balls to push you to approach since there is no option of release through your overused hand.

6. Write down notes and observations in a dedicated player notebook. Learning game bombards your brain with so much information and data that it’s necessary to write notes from your field experiences. Record lines that worked and lines that didn’t. Jot down specific venues you did well at. Write your conclusions from episodes of success or failure. I also want you to keep track of your daily approach count to know when you’ve gotten to 100. Your player notebook will eventually be a personal bible that reminds you of all the lessons you’ve learned.

7. Read one new book every two weeks. My old recommendation was to read only one book per month, but I no longer consider that to be enough. Reading is important because it sends a waterfall of words through your brain that want to come out during conversation. The biggest problem beginners have is maintaining interesting chats, a gap that book reading and Seinfeld viewing help narrow. If you’re looking for book ideas, I’ve reviewed over one-hundred. Many will give you excellent fodder for conversation.

8. After your 100 approaches, take two weeks off to reflect. Spend days in the coffee shop with your player notebook to take further notes and review the things you have learned. Instead of blindly continuing, I want you to break down your 100 and then come up with a plan for your next 100. Where are you failing? What are your sticking points? What is the feedback that girls have been giving you? What are some changes you can make to improve your results? Re-consult your game resource if you have to. Ask questions on the forum if you don’t know how to solve a problem, but don’t ask a thing until you’ve done your first 100.

9. Repeat steps 3 through 8 while still working out. Stick to the initial venue you started with (if you did your first 100 at night, stick to night for the next 100). This allows you to build real competency. Don’t try to switch just because it’s difficult, because both are difficult in their own way.

Most newbies will not get laid in their first cycle of 100 (maybe not even a date), but a few number closes should hopefully occur. In the second cycle you should start to see dates or intimacy if you did step number 8 correctly and identified your weaknesses. Some others who start off with low social ability will take even longer, maybe four or five cycles. It doesn’t matter how many cycles it takes as long as you focus on your goal and refuse to stop until you get what you want. If you find yourself wanting to quit like a little pussy, watch one of the following YouTube clips and then go out and give me at least five approaches…

There’s a man inside you that is being held back, dying to be released from the pitiful sexless existence he’s trapped in. I know this to be true because your ancestors were real men who survived a much harsher world than the one you are being coddled in. Now go put in the work to release him.

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