The Roosh Program

I want to share a game program for those of who are starting from scratch, regardless of age. It’s not meant to turn you into a Casanova, but it will quickly take your game above the mainstream average. It’s also useful for beta males who just got dumped. Every step in the program is essential and must be followed if you want it to be effective. Here we go…

1. Start a workout routine. Working out will surely improve your appearance, but there are two other reasons that are more important: (1) to increase your testosterone levels, and (2) to increase your confidence. Both are absolutely vital for successful pickup. If there’s a gym near you, I recommend Starting Strength, which I’ve personally seen strong results from. If you can’t afford a gym, buy Convict Conditioning, a bodyweight and calisthenic program. Within only one month you will see noticeable gains.

2. Get your hands on a game resource. As you know I’ve written two game books, Bang and Day Bang, but there are other options as well. Mystery Method is one of the more important books in the field and, if you don’t want to pay anything at all, you can go with the free Layguide, a resource I started with. Be sure to take notes on whichever resource you select. I don’t advise using The Game as a resource because it’s more of a memoir, with only a cursory glance at specific game techniques.

3. Do 100 approaches. You need to get a feel for game, its structure, tempo, and how cold conversations work. This is going to be a rough period for you because chances are you won’t get laid from your first 100, but realize that all players have gone through this stage. I recommend 10-20 approaches a week in either day or night settings. Don’t mix the two because their game is very different and doing both will confuse you. If you already go out at night, for example, then do your first 100 at night. You must also understand that 100 means 100. It doesn’t mean 30, it doesn’t mean 60. There is no shortcut to this step. If you don’t do the 100 approaches, you’re not doing the program.

4. Watch one episode of Seinfeld a day. Seinfeld is an American comedy program that will teach you two things: (1) how to spit humor that girls like, and (2) how to have long, meandering conversations (i.e. how to ramble). What’s great about the show is that it offers quintessential American humor that will be well-received anywhere in the country, and even in foreign countries as well. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve successfully used word-for-word bits from the show in my pickups. The best time to watch an episode is right before heading out to approach. You can find used DVDs of the show for only a few bucks.

5. Limit masturbation to only one day a week. You’re not going to be too motivated to the challenging task of approaching girls if you’re not horny. Therefore you must greatly curtail your masturbation habits to only one day a week, preferably an off day like Sunday. You want your weighted balls to push you to approach since there is no option of release through your overused hand.

6. Write down notes and observations in a dedicated player notebook. Learning game bombards your brain with so much information and data that it’s necessary to write notes from your field experiences. Record lines that worked and lines that didn’t. Jot down specific venues you did well at. Write your conclusions from episodes of success or failure. I also want you to keep track of your daily approach count to know when you’ve gotten to 100. Your player notebook will eventually be a personal bible that reminds you of all the lessons you’ve learned.

7. Read one new book every two weeks. My old recommendation was to read only one book per month, but I no longer consider that to be enough. Reading is important because it sends a waterfall of words through your brain that want to come out during conversation. The biggest problem beginners have is maintaining interesting chats, a gap that book reading and Seinfeld viewing help narrow. If you’re looking for book ideas, I’ve reviewed over one-hundred. Many will give you excellent fodder for conversation.

8. After your 100 approaches, take two weeks off to reflect. Spend days in the coffee shop with your player notebook to take further notes and review the things you have learned. Instead of blindly continuing, I want you to break down your 100 and then come up with a plan for your next 100. Where are you failing? What are your sticking points? What is the feedback that girls have been giving you? What are some changes you can make to improve your results? Re-consult your game resource if you have to. Ask questions on the forum if you don’t know how to solve a problem, but don’t ask a thing until you’ve done your first 100.

9. Repeat steps 3 through 8 while still working out. Stick to the initial venue you started with (if you did your first 100 at night, stick to night for the next 100). This allows you to build real competency. Don’t try to switch just because it’s difficult, because both are difficult in their own way.

Most newbies will not get laid in their first cycle of 100 (maybe not even a date), but a few number closes should hopefully occur. In the second cycle you should start to see dates or intimacy if you did step number 8 correctly and identified your weaknesses. Some others who start off with low social ability will take even longer, maybe four or five cycles. It doesn’t matter how many cycles it takes as long as you focus on your goal and refuse to stop until you get what you want. If you find yourself wanting to quit like a little pussy, watch one of the following YouTube clips and then go out and give me at least five approaches…

There’s a man inside you that is being held back, dying to be released from the pitiful sexless existence he’s trapped in. I know this to be true because your ancestors were real men who survived a much harsher world than the one you are being coddled in. Now go put in the work to release him.

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  • Bob

    This is great.
    No shortcuts or magic bullets, just what needs to be done in order to improve.
    Off to start 100 approaches…

  • Brandon

    Ironically I started lifting again recently. It really does help with energy levels and overall happiness and confidence. I recommend personally. It’s really about the only legitimate approach to building an awesome physique, and it pretty much lays to rest many of the myths that revolve around the bodybuilding and fitness industry. They’re MEN with an honest goal to help other men.

    I will accept this challenge.

  • Bob

    Appearance-wise, there are some easy ways to make improvements even if you don’t want to go as far as cosmetic surgery. Get a good dentist and a dermatologist. Even an ugly guy will be more confident with straight white teeth and healthy skin.

  • jon

    I have a hard time finding anyone to approach. I mean I always hear you can practice on anyone, even elderly men if you want, but I work in an office all day and I live in an area of the country with the fattest people and an extremely low number of females of all ages. I guess approaching inanimate objects isn’t going to help so I’ll go with the old men, there are plenty of them around.

    [Roosh: No I do not advise on “practicing” on elderly men (though feel free to be social with them to get your state warmed up). For many men, the “game” is getting out of their current city.]

  • Alex

    Last summer I did about 75 approaches. I didn’t get any dates and only a few numbers. I thought I completely sucked at game, but now I know the results I got is common. Thanks Roosh. When I heard the saying “the men who get the most girls get rejected the most” I didn’t realize that meant hundreds of rejections. Now I just got to find a big enough town…

    [Roosh: Yes, the marketing materials for many PUA products make you seem like a loser if you don’t smash models on your third try. To sell books they give you false expectations.]

  • M

    I’ve done many approaches and no lays. Live in a crappy city and will be moving to the West Coast this summer to “restart.”

    Isn’t it a bit ridiculous that a guy can talk to 100s of girls, and not a single one will bite…it just seems to go against nature. Imagine one animal getting rejected by that much of the herd – you’d die.

  • Anon

    Great advice. I will adopt a modified version of this, to record my “female game”. Although I’m not looking for bangs, I think that this systematic approach to learning game, recording and analysing my interactions with the opposite sex will help me get the relationship I want. I’ll also record things like appearance, so I see which clothes, hairstyles correlate to successful approaches.

  • PUA_Rachacha

    Very good post, Roosh. I’ve followed most of your protocol over the last six months, with good success. If I may add a few things:

    1) It cannot be stressed enough about working out, how it boosts your testosterone levels, makes you look better, and emboldens you. Any guy who wants to start snagging pussy should begin IMMEDIATELY with working out. I used Tim Ferriss’s book Four-Hour Body (Occam’s Protocol) with good success.

    2) Stop masturbating is a big thing. I remember when I first stopped masturbating how I was so scared, but your body just rolls with it, and you feel more confident all the time. I’ve masturbated three times in the last six months, but I obviously have been having sex quite a bit too.

    3) Gentlemen, I’ve only done 10 approaches the last three weeks. Even doing 10 approaches has reduced my approach anxiety drastically. To motivate myself, I have a drink, feel a little buzzed, then count “3, 2, 1…Go!”, then approach. The countdown helps for whatever reason.

    4) If Seinfeld is not your cup of tea, then I suggest How I Met Your Mother. The character of Barney alone will get you in the nonchalant, aloof mood that we all need in order to calibrate.

    5) May I suggest using Online Game as a supplement? It’s much easier to meet women and at least get a little rotation going, so that you don’t feel so downtrodden by women with all your failed approaches. On the other hand you have less time and motivation to go out because you’ve got a rotation going, but maybe not of the caliber of women that you want.

    6) Don’t play video games! I started playing a video game last week, and it sapped all of my desire to go out. Morever, it shifted something in my brain, albeit temporarily, so that I wasn’t my normal, gregarious self. Stop playing video games, even though I know it’s really hard, and starting reading books as Roosh suggests.

    Thanks again Roosh.

  • 20th Level

    I go out at night and I never go out without working out first…ever. Even if people are waiting, let em wait. Fuck em.

  • PUA_Rachacha

    @ 3 Bob:

    You’re absolutely right. Women are very sensitive about a guy’s teeth and breath. A buddy of mine was basically a virgin until his late 20s because his teeth were all mangled. I convinced him that he should get Invisalign, and in eight months he had normal-looking teeth. Right after that he met a cute girl whom he eventually married. He didn’t change anything else about his appearance or personality.

    My other buddy has Halitosis and won’t shell out the cash to go to a dental hygenist. Unsurprisingly he’s been having a bitch of a time meeting girls lately. I don’t even want to talk directly to him for fear of smelling that dog breath.

    If you have up to moderate acne, this regimen helped me get clear skin: twice a day wash your face FIRST with any blackhead remover containing Salicylic acid (2%), then a face wash containing Benzoyl Peroxide (min. 5%, 10% better). The blackhead eraser exfoliates the skin, after which the cleanser can penetrate more deeply. I used the products from Clean & Clear (Blackhead Eraser and Continuous Control). I read about the regimen at, and it freakin’ worked. I had clear skin in a month.

    Unfortunately you’ll have red marks left over. Most red marks can be removed with a product from House of Deming called Intense Gel R-ALA. I also learned about it from I basically have a blemish-free face even though I had a ton of pimples last year.

  • Bronan the Barbarian!

    I like the idea of watching Seinfeld. It’s a great show and Jerry has rambling down to a science.

  • Psychotic

    Awesome post Roosh.I’ve been following you for years and you always inspire me to keep improving myself and to never settle for less.thanks.

  • delicioustacos

    Guys who pull off (heh) the not beating off thing– how do you not kill people? I tried to take a break from it, got to day three– I got a text message that pissed me off and immediately hurled my phone into a wall.

    And in general, do you really lack motivation to go out and get laid if you beat the meat once or even twice per day? I have about five seconds of relaxing mental clarity after I bust, followed immediately by “all right, better go try to get laid.”

  • PUA_Rachacha

    13 delicioustacos
    “And in general, do you really lack motivation to go out and get laid if you beat the meat once or even twice per day? I have about five seconds of relaxing mental clarity after I bust, followed immediately by “all right, better go try to get laid.”

    Bear in mind that masturbating is a crutch. Stopping cold turkey is a huge bitch, so I’d advise stretching the time between wanks. Or play games like “If I approach 10 girls tonight then I’m allowed to jack off when I get home.”

    Pretty soon you rely less on your crutch and therefore have less of an urge to jackoff. This will shift something inside of you, make you more aggressive and confident. It’s hard to explain, but your inner game improves a lot.

    A gateway device is porn. I have stopped watching all porn, and thus have less opportunity to get aroused, unless I’m actually having sex. I advise the same.

    And busting a nut via masturbation is completely different than via sex with an attractive woman: the former causes your inner man (confidence, aggression, sexual vibe) to deflate, whereas the latter does not affect your inner game.

  • Jay in DC

    I just wanted to say that I think the “don’t jerk off” piece is a *very* subjective sliding scale. If the guy is 20 years old, he will likely have a reaction like @12 delicioustacos above. I know I would have. If the guy is in his 30s, you can probably pull off the once a week wank. So I’d follow that particular piece of advice with a rather large grain of salt.

  • Phinn

    “Guys who pull off (heh) the not beating off thing– how do you not kill people? I tried to take a break from it, got to day three– I got a text message that pissed me off and immediately hurled my phone into a wall.”

    I think we can safely conclude that not masturbating significantly increases your testosterone!

    I found that the best way to deal with the aggression and frustration is to channel it into working out more frequently. I’m not a big believer in work-outs that are punishing and painful, so I do full-body plyometric exercises that you can do every day, and combine them with split routines. As a result, there’s always some form of intense exercise that I can be doing any given day of the week.

    Nothing makes me feel less stressed and agitated. Masturbating is a quick fix, but worse in the long run.

    In my case, it took about 2 weeks before it felt like my body’s hormone levels adjusted to the new exercise pattern. Day 3 was just about the worst. It got progressively easier after that.

    I don’t have any scientific analysis to back this up, but I’m convinced that, as a side benefit, the testosterone boost that you get from not masturbating helps you get fit a lot faster. I’ve been exercising since puberty (albeit not consistently). I’m 43 now, and making gains faster than I ever have, including when I was in my 20s. I had a random woman at my tennis club call me Captain America the other day.

    I can attribute the increase in my rate of fitness improvement to the fact that I’m working out smarter now. But I can’t ignore the fact that I’ve also gone about 4-5 months without masturbating. This is the first (and only) time I’ve done that since I was about 12 years old.

    Too soon old, too late smart!

  • Papa

    I am going to do them all, except the watching Seinfeld part. That show is oldschool and I find it boring.

    Am I doomed to fail b/c of not watching Seinfeld?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    How about watching Californiction instead and imitating Hank Moody? Good substitute? The way he talks to women is perfect “devil-may-care” Alpha.

  • RacingRalph

    Regarding #5 (masturbation and porn addiction):

    have very interesting infos on that topic.

  • Obstinance Works

    Nice. Very nice. But you did not define “approach.” Perhaps you did this on purpose? We are talking rudiments here after all. It’s raining here.

  • Obstinance Works

    Another thing I think is dead wrong. Some say you shouldn’t be going for sex at first just try to have fun. BULLSHIT! Push that shit hard!

  • Giovonny


    Heck of a post. My favorite in a while. This is what the people need, step by step instructions for how to create results.

  • jerking of

    masturbation (#5) is indeed a major probem. You lose all edge needed for tight or even basic game. Any athete understands why keeping up a few days is necessary to perform well. a full week is without bang or jerking of is a major torture for any man, but fruitful in the end

  • mythical seinfeld
  • skeet_game

    Fat propaganda by the NY Times written by a fat woman… “We want to be fat!” #

    dude did you read the whole article? she’s trying to lose weight…

  • HHHH

    Is Roosh an animal?

  • ertas

    A big part of the problem are the betas still lining up for fat girls. Fats complain all the time (they don’t have time, it’s genetic so on and on). I’ll offer some suggestions. Save some money and take an unpaid leave from work, spend that time to improve yourself both physically and mentally. You can live in a city like LA with $500 after rent, utilities, cell phone, and other obligatory payments. I know it will feel miserable but do it for 2-3 months and you will see great improvements when you start working out and losing weight, and then go back to your job. People are so weird that they will remain fat instead of going out of their comfort zones. Guys who work hard for their well-being has every right to say something about this.

  • Rain Man

    I used to watch Wheel of Fortune before going out. I’ll try Seinfeld

  • Anonymous

    Awesome advice Roosh.

  • Aleph

    Game blogs are finally starting to put heavy emphasis on weightlifting and fitness.

    Any average-looking guy who does 100 approaches will realize after the hundredth approach that he needs to get into the gym to optimize his game. That’s what happened to me. I’ve said this ad nausea, I know, but there’s this myth in the manosphere that your aesthetic appeal is trivial to women. You should appear masculine as well as act masculine.

    Sometimes I wonder why people separate improving your aesthetic appeal from the central tenets of game. If game is about building attraction and seduction, then why not include something that attracts women (masculine physique) as a critical component of game lore?

    The hypocrisy is extensive among bloggers and commentators. While on the one hand they create boundaries for the limits of game’s effects, they’ll outright deny the effect of improving your aesthetic on the basis that “there are good looking guys who don’t get laid.”

    Sure, there are good-looking guys who don’t get laid. I’m also willing to be that there are guys out there with impeccable game that don’t get laid either, or have to work harder than good-looking dudes to get the same results.

    Verbal/behavioral game + aesthetic “game” = great potential.

    Then again, the testosterone boost, self-awareness, and sense of security you obtain from gaining above-average levels of musculature will make “alpha” your natural disposition.

    Realize that, in America, most of the guys in night venues are going to be people who are above-average in appearance. There are millions of betas and omegas out there who are so disaffected by daily rejection and/or hypnotized by their Xbox 360’s and porn that they don’t even bother setting foot in bars. Your aim shouldn’t be to outclass the average dude. Your aim should be to outclass the average dude you see in bars at night.

    Some demographics of fuckable girls are almost impenetrable unless you’ve got good genetics or have put in the work in the gym.

    The rest of the stuff Roosh is saying is just stuff that will make you a well-rounded individual. He’s basically telling you to work hard, be honest with yourself, become well-read, and be consistent with your efforts.

  • West LA

    Going too long without ejaculation can create a very painful condition called prostadynia, a terrible pain in the balls (sometimes sudden & sharp, other times a dull ache, like you’re wearing awfully tight pants which are squeezing your balls).
    It’s from a build up of semen creating pressure on the balls.
    I experienced this and had a urologist explain it to me.
    He recommended being sure to have an orgasm every other day or so.

    Another factor is that your body will respond to a lack of demand for semen by decreasing production of it.
    It’s another case of ‘use it or lose it’.
    In my experience, women found it very erotic when I gushed lots of hot cum all over their bodies, so I want to know I’ve got more than one ‘gusher’ in me (for any given day/night).

    Masturbation with realistic fantasies can reinforce the best mentality for dealing with women successfully.
    Masturbation well done can help you keep the right attitude with new women, somewhat like getting laid will — you aren’t going crazy with pent up sex energy and looking at her like she possesses the key to the profound relief you are desperately craving.

    [Roosh: How many girls does your urologist fuck a year?]

  • Nigel

    Roosh, this is fantastic advice for any man that is for real. Keep the hoes hoeing, cause you know we love knowing.

    1. is gold. working out is definitely game in my book

  • Matt

    Seinfeld??? Celibacy is a much more preferable state than watching Seinfeld.

  • krautz

    You can make it a lot easier on yourself if you supplement with online game too. They don’t count as part of your 100 approaches. Just have a filled out profile with some social pictures. Quickly go through girls profiles based on pictures, and tab out about 30 of them. Then quickly skim through their profile to see if you have any questions/things your interested in. If you can’t think of anything, use some some standby questions prepared that you can ask anybody and you care about. Keep it casual. Something like “Hey, hows it going? Whats your favorite spice? How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?” Should take 45 minutes of your day.

    After a couple back and forth chats, ask them out for a date. Follow the advice for setting up day 2s in whatever material you read and go on as you typically would. Double book suggested days. A bunch of girls wont follow up, some will say they’re uncomfortable. Just go back and forth a bit if they want to talk more and ask again later in the chat.

    By doing this, I got to a point where I was getting a date a day in a bad ratio town. It got exhausting. The quality was overall mediocre, but the town I live in has mediocre women in general.

  • krautz

    @29 Aleph
    It’s because going to the gym isn’t going to change your social skills much other than make you feel better about yourself. It’s supplementary.

    @26 ertas
    I would suggest just doing it while your working for physical improvement. Improving yourself physically has a lot of waiting. You workout out hard for 30 minutes x3 a day and maybe commute to work by bike. Thats only a few hours per week. You also learn how to fit in cooking for yourself for all meals and eating healthily. Once you have these habits on automatic, it’s mostly waiting and adjusting periodically. You have to do it while you work, so the time constraints force you to learn how to do it quickly. That’s how I’ve been doing it so far.

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  • anti Roosh

    this thread is utter bullshit. there is no game and here’s why:

    first, women dont care about bodies, so working out is pointless.

    second, women dont care about what or how many books you read.

    third, cold approaching is stupid, especially if you’re only average to below average in appearance. it could leave you a psychologically devastated wreck. smart people dont cold approach

    fourth, its your face that gets you laid. so if you have an average to ugly face, you can kiss your sex life good-bye

    fifth, the only way to overcome a bad face is by making over 6 or 7 figures a year, otherwise you’re fucked

  • Jack

    Great post, Roosh. I’ve been exploring the manosphere for some time, and I feel like I have to piece together a patchwork quilt. It’s all advice about certain aspects of game. I’ve been looking for some starter material for a while.

    I work 5 nights/week in a restaurant, so night game is a little tough. I’m going to focus on day game more closely.

    A question: I’ve seen Roissy and now recommend Mystery Method. However, I’ve seen the same camp of people say that game has evolved from the MM and beyond the “can I get a female opinion” opener to routine type game. How do you see MM’s place in the world of game given that the book is around 7 years old?

  • Anonymous


    Incidentally, many smart people don’t get laid.

  • Brandon

    I disagree with that above post. Developing your physique is a good idea for both sexes. It shows instant value to ppl without any effort (there is an actual amount of effort involved) on your part.

    I do agree that having your finances under control is also a plus, but if you’re kinda ugly with a masculine body you’ll still be able generate attraction and evoke the female slut mechanism.

    I’m actually a good looking guy. Believe me when I say that looks help (eye contact), however they’re not always reliable. You’ve still got to be bold and perform boldly.

    I’d add to this list that your career should be given focus….

  • Diesel

    once again Roosh you have hit it on the head…watching seinfeld to create a mindset before you go out, i thought i was the only who did this. i don’t watch seinfeld, but i read one liners/puns on the internet to put me in a playful joking mindset. your the man roosh.

  • daft

    Hi roosh, this post is exactly the piece of advice i needed right now. although i`m not new in the game world, it`s like a fresh start for me, since i`ve been a little rusty in the past year.

    Your piece of advice looks like a new fresh start:
    A) the note taking, specially. I got no player notebook, but i`m writing my memoirs in a daily journal.
    B) the workout routine began 2 months ago, and i cen feel the results in the girls scanning me head to toes
    C) seinfeld, got go look into it. Mad men is great too, Don Draper is an archetipe of manliness.
    D) masturbation: i`m giving up it. The TEDx on the subject i`ve seen persuade me
    E) i`ve read at least 5 books this year. I`m starting Ayn Rand`s The Fountainhead this week.

    I have a reading suggestion fr you: read her book “Phylosophy: Who Needs It”. She explain a lot in this book, and not only: criticizing the way of thinking feminism has (implicitly), economy, and The philosophy of the sucessful man has to have. Some quotes from her book: “Honor is self-esteem made visible into action.””evil philosophies are systems of rationalization”. Her thinking on the way a man should behave (not in commandments, but in principles) is great for creating a solid inner game the players need. With my limited experience, i can say this book, accompanied by a good game literature is a killing combination.

    Your post came in the right moment, thank you.

  • Kez

    I bought both of your books, and I would like to give them really high praise, because I truly believe they are genius. But you’re missing one important problem that comes up for me every time.

    I have a couple drinks to loosen up I do a couple approaches. I get a girl on the hook.

    I cannot get them to put out. My night is basically shot, because I’m going to end up putting an hour or more of time into this girl, and I’m gonna escalate. We always make out in a hallway or stairwell — no problems there. But I cannot get the bang that night.

    By the next morning I’ve got a number and little desire to try again with this girl. So I liked the “when was the last time you had sex test”, but we’ve got find more and better screener questions.

  • Anonymous

    Roosh, it would be interesting to see a sample “player notebook”

  • http://[email protected] AnonyFem

    Things are not as bleak as some think! Read about this woman who is learning to be more submissive (feminine) to her husband after 25 years of marriage, complete with spankings…and loving it!

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  • K,Starling

    this sounds perfect im going to do it

  • say what?

    I have a long way to. Anyone know where I can get some of them there serious?

  • say what?

    Steriods.. Whoops.

  • Frisky business

    @32 you could probably sub “Curb Your Enthusiasm” for Seinfeld. They are very similar but Curb is funnier and more recent.

    [Roosh: NO! That show is depressing and puts you in a complainy/neurotic mood.]

  • Frisky business

    Oh, thanks. I guess I’ll be going with Seinfeld after all!

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  • Pingback: Roosh Program – Day 01 « Games of BA()

  • GamesOfBA

    I just noticed it posted a direct link here. I didn´t know that was going to happen, sorry about that!

  • NYC sucks

    I dont know about other large cities,but NYC sucks rat ass! The LEAST attractive girl can have her pick of any man,and unles she is repulsive or mobidly obese, she is constantly orbited by men every where she goes. They are over praised and underwhelming. They can do no wrong . They have high paying easy jobs,anddate way above their league.
    It feels utterly hopeless here. Oh,and btw,now that I think about it,even the morbidly obese chicks ,have options especially

  • NYC sucks

    …the fat chicks rejected by good looking white guys can find a waaay to good looking black or Latin guy or guys to fuck her rather than date an average white beta,or the lowly omegas that are the ones that are truly tailor made for them. And in the rare occasion that they are too hideous for even black men, they can always turn bull dike and pull a gorgeous fem.
    Make you wanna junp out a window. Any advice from other NY betas on how to handle these entitled bitches while in the meantime I begin to work on my physique?

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  • FutureMaster

    Challenge accepted.

    Already started on the working-out, book-reading and masturbation-stopping parts, today I will start with the most important part, approaches.

    Will report back later on things went.

  • Praetor

    Guys watch this TED talk: The Great Porn Experiment

    It may be advantageous to go cold turkey rather than just fapping once a week, but of course your mileage may vary.

  • Anonymous

    I get everything here but I’m surprised by 100 approaches wouldn’t lead to anything. Is that to tell people that it’s OK if that doesn’t happen or are those odds that people have actually experienced? I’ve done nowhere near 100 approaches (maybe 20-30) and I’m terrible at them but have definitely gotten several dates and more out of them.

  • Anders

    I have been addicted to porn, and I have realised that I really have the willpower and the methods to quit both porn and masturbation. From July to January I went six months without an orgasm. Why did it end? Because I found some new porn star I had never heard of before, so I had to watch everything she had done. In the last three months I’ve watched porn once, and that was less than five minutes.

    I strongly recommend anybody interested in this matter to read these two scientific articles about what happens in the brain when we watch porn:


    There’s also a Youtube series in six parts called “Your brain on porn: Porn addiction”. It is quite boooring, but nevertheless very informative. It speaks mainly about the same issues as the articles above (the articles are easier to digest), but also talks about how sex is a “natural reinforcer” leading to binges.

    I learnt from the Richard Bandler book “Get the life you want” that you can use a certain method to get over an addiction. He described heroin addicts, but my way of seeing porn was exactly the same (all addictions are fundamentally the same): When I think about porn, I just see a very short image of the drug itself (a part of a porn movie). I don’t see myself in the picture. Anybody addicted to something should make a film in their mind where they see themselves in the picture, seeing how they react to the drug (porn), how they look and feel right afterwards, after one week, one month, six months, where they’ve continued using and have stolen money from their friends and family or robbed stores to get money for heroin (which was the example he used).

    Some people might say I’m overdoing it, but I would always feel disappointed after jerking off, and I always felt like I wanted to quit or at least scale down.
    Bandler says we fail because we don’t truly believe we’ll be able to quit, and we don’t motivate ourselves to quit (he has methods for changing beliefs and motivation). I can really recommend his book.

    My problem, and actually most guys’ problem, was that I would jerk off to get rid of frustrations: This girl didn’t like me, my friends don’t like me, I don’t like myself or my life, my job sucks, etc. Then I jerked off to feel a bit better. Porn consumed more and more of my time, and as I’m self-employed, my income would become less and less.

    First time I tried cutting down on my use of porn was when I read about Neil Strauss’ “30 day experiment”: 30 days without an orgasm. First time I tried it, 4 years ago, it was incredibly difficult, but I succeeded. I have done the same celibacy several times since then, and when I started in July, something clicked in my brain after a month and a half: I didn’t feel the urge to jerk off anymore. I faded away “naturally” by being celibate for so long, but also because I was happy: I was doing self-hypnosis every day and yoga once a week. I was finally in balance and no longer frustrated.

    “I think anyone that’s kicked heroin [or porn] will tell you they enjoyed it until they realized it was screwing up their life.”
    – Ben Stiller

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  • madmax

    anti Roosh, shut the fuck up, get the fuck out of here, and take your stupid bullshit with you, you are just an idiot, don’t try to teach your shit here, you will fail miserably as no one will give a fuck.

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  • madmax

    thanks man for this program. I started yesterday. I trust in your logic and experience.

  • David

    No way if I give up my masturbation! The others are ok…

  • Anonymous

    Good post, from my experience.

    There are 2/3 steps before one goes out on the pull:
    1) Work out, work into a real sweat, serotonin.
    2) Get into the funny state of mind: this works:
    Coming from Ireland, I don’t really dig the Seinfield humour, but I can see Roosh’s point on rambling…
    3) If going out solo, start that inane small talk round town….

  • Mike

    Until reading this post I hadn’t thought about Seinfeld in years… maybe a decade. So I jumped right in with the most memorable one, the Soup Nazi. One thing that smacked me upside the head was how the genders reacted to the Soup Nazi in a manner exactly as the manosphere paints them.

    Some of the men respect the Soup Nazi (Krammer, Newman), some fear him (Jerry, George) but all understand that while they’re in his shop they’ll follow his rules or there will be real consequences (no soup). The two women (Elaine and Jerry’s girl of the week) refuse to even hear the rules and expect to be treated the same. Elaine takes it a step further by demanding that she can act how ever she wants and he MUST give her soup. She even threatens to get the government to step in and make him give her soup!

    Is the whole series as on nose as this? I may have rediscovered a new favorite.

    [Roosh: Pre-red pill I thought Elaine was quirky. Post-red pill I see her as masculine.]

  • Ash2Ashes

    Couple comments. I read a comment about clearing acne/facial blemishes involving frequent chemical washes. I suggest a different way:
    -cut out refined white sugar, bread, soda, white rice and any other processed and refined carbohydrate from your diet. The white color is achieved with chemical bleaching agents.
    -switch to a shampoo that does not contain sulfates (I use Nature’s Gate tea-tree oil)
    -switch to a facial soap that does not contain sulfates (I go to this place in the mall)
    -change you pillowcase often and do not use bleach on it
    These simple changes amazingly cleared up my skin in about six weeks. Acne reduction wasn’t even a goal (I’d read a book about detoxification of the body). I believe the combination of chlorine and sulfates irritates and inflames the facial pores. As further proof, I experimented with only showering 2-3 times per week and not doing any separate washing of my face and it did not cause the acne to come back. Chemical scrubs probably work by flushing your skin of irritants due to constant washing, but they only work topically, hence the need for them 2-4 times per day. This method simply eliminates the irritants from your body.

  • Ash2Ashes

    Way before I ever found Roosh’s site, in 2003 I found the free Layguide he references, read it thoroughly and started applying its principles. Objectively I was 20, a near-virgin, in above-average physical shape, average to above average in looks, and completely clueless how to approach women. I was prone to heart-pounding near anxiety attacks when talking to them and (looking back now) this caused me to be oblivious to situations where I could’ve banged average looking chicks in college-type situations. I naively thought that the path to dating lay THROUGH the friends zone, I had a million stupid bitches as email-only friends. The basic Game/Layguide approach of forcing yourself to open, make fluff conversation, close and GTFO seemed light years beyond what I’d been doing, or was capable of doing. Maybe atypically, I started with day game approaches b/c it was the summer and I had a lot of time to kill. Guys, dorky old me was able to successfully approach 4 times in about a week! Girl one was standing in front of me in line at a coffeeshop, I noticed we had the same type of cell phone, commented on it. I was sooo bad at making this type of conversation, but you know what? It didn’t seem to matter. She actually seemed dazed by the power of this technique. At one point, when I asked for her number, she said she’d never been hit on like this in public! And that’s when it dawned on me. The game isn’t some sneaky, let’s fool them type of system. It is blatantly obvious what you’re doing. It is even more blatant if you’re nervous, but if the girl is attracted to you even a little, she may even think its cute. This particular girl, texted me that night and said she had a boyfriend. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of that, so I decided to simply move on.

    The next girl was a hottie I spotted at the video store (dating myself slightly). I approached by walking up to her and just started talking about movies. She was a little weird, turned out to be a communications major, was fairly up-front about her boyfriend, but gave me her number anyways. We emailed back and forth, but obviously my lack of experience short-circuited any real gain I could’ve gotten from the situation.

    At this point, having # closed two attractive girls in my first two approaches (I swear to god I’m not making this up) It seemed like I’d had a massive injection of confidence (probably testosterone) into my brain. Colors seemed brighter, smells sharper, and I felt a warm little glow. I realized I’d entered into a world where my wildest dreams could come true with just a little bit of positive thinking and the power of knowledge gotten from the internet.

    A few days later I held open the door to a bank for a girl who was obviously in a hurry. As she thanked me I realized it was the perfect opportunity to approach. It went really, really well, and then it turned out she was in a hurry b/c she was at dinner with her boyfriend and needed money to get back to him!! I think she would’ve given me her number but I lost interest.

    The next day I met a deaf but hot girl, out with her ugly friend. The three of us started talking and it wound up with us having lunch (try to imagine a near virgin having lunch with two women he’s just met, regardless of age). I guess the friend approved of me, b/c I was able to kiss (peck on the cheek) close! This girl definitely wanted to date, but it turned out she went to school an hour away, and also started talking about career/future/marriage via email which was too serious for me.

    I can’t describe the rush, the happiness, the feeling of manliness if you will of these early successes. And that’s the secret to developing your game. If you’re anything like I was, an AFC, a chump, unlucky with girls, the ability to approach, open, and close is like a drug. Each and every time I’ve closed in my life has been that way. Even more interesting is the reaction of people around you (I’ve always been good at gauging the mood of a room). I’ve been on a crowded bus, struck up a conversation with a girl, had her laugh or just hold up her end of the conversation and then noticed: ALL the dudes around me are jealous and watching. Most of the girls are covertly watching (social proof theory in action). There have been situations where the girl I was talking to was simply a friend… doesn’t matter. People’s perception is that me, an average dude, is successfully hitting on a good looking chick.

    That summer, after my initial string, I had plenty of failures, but honestly rejection was not the monster I’d built it up to be. I realized something that Roosh definitely touches on. Girls like being hit on. Whether they’re 18 or 80, a little bit of flirting is like crack, its ego boost, a sign that a man has noticed them.

    A lot of my failure was due to attempting to date girls I already knew. If you’re familiar with the term one-itis, I was one-itis guy. The game, obviously, can’t help you very much in changing the mind of one single girl. So a month later I met a cute receptionist working the evening shift in the apartment building I lived in. This is a girl that anyone with half a brain would’ve put outside my league. Yet the game gave me the confidence and the technique to open. With her, I realized I didn’t have to fluff. Our conversation came naturally, and our hanging out together was fun. She had a long term boyfriend, but when she started complaining about him to me, I realized that possibly I had a chance. She had a lot of integrity and I realized she wouldn’t ever cheat, but oddly, after all the fast and loose girls I’d hit on that summer, I didn’t mind that. So we became good friends, and about two months later, when she and the bf broke up, I was there. We had sex, and later, when I got better, really good sex. We actually wound up living together for almost 4 years after I graduated, never married, but probably closer and more compatible than most married couples. So the game absolutely improved my life, literally turned me into a new man.

    Now I’m in an interesting situation. I’ve let myself go physically, to the point where I have to start with step 1 of Roosh’s fitness plan. But I have this huge advantage over the other 30-something guys in my town. I’m a dedicated student of the game. I used my time in a heavy relationship to get deep into the female psyche (this isn’t something you have to do, but it is very interesting.) And above all, I’m confident that I have a nuclear weapon where most guys have a knife.

    Along the way, let me share some tips with you. These are geared more for the dorky guys who want to date (as opposed to one night stand) but everyone can get some use out of them.

    -with time, game becomes integrated into your daily life. It becomes second nature to go up to someone, regardless of sexual interest, and start talking to them, interesting them and making them laugh. I no longer consciously think of it as ‘opening’ ‘AMOGging’ or whatever other jargon term it is. I am simply being myself – a likeable, outgoing person. I’ve learned to do what a few lucky people do naturally.
    -I have to tone down sexual situations. This is where real game-life integration comes in. Let’s say I’m talking to a female coworker who’s a 6. All of a sudden I can subconsciously sense the conversation taking a sexual turn. I can make that split-second decision to smoothly, almost unconsciously, defuse it and keep going. In addition to being a masculine thing masculine guys should do, it allows me to control every situation. I don’t want to hook up with this coworker, I just want her to think I’m awesome. I don’t have to force her to think I’m awesome, I’m just myself.
    -In a related note, I don’t have to consciously use game anymore to attract chicks. The Layguide says this is the sign of a pickup ‘master.’ But I disagree, I’m not a master, I have simply devoted a lot of time to the conversational aspects of game. In a way, I’m just ‘myself’ but part of that self is a naturally interesting and outgoing person. I don’t have to memorize lines, I can just tell anecdotes about my own life… they just tend to come out painting me in a positive/demonstrates value way while also often being funny or self deprecating type humor. I swear this just naturally happened over time. People around me notice. I once had an older lady at work comment that ‘[female coworker the 6] is half in love with you, isn’t she!’ When you are the alpha male, people gravitate to you. You attract them simply by being you. The game is just a tool you use to get to that point.
    -Time can be your biggest ally. Note in my above examples, I achieved my result (attracting the young 6 and some older and married 7’s and 8’s) simply through a few minutes of passing conversation a day over several weeks. This is where your natural tendencies to be a nice guy pay off big. You can successfully integrate nice-guy into your overall alpha male persona. Imagine Frank Sinatra on his day off. He chats with his mailman. He asks about his secretary’s dog. He gossips with his barber. Here is one of the most alpha males imaginable doing ‘stereotypical’ nice-guy things… or is he? In fact he is intoxicating each of these people with his personal power. He has a brief but memorable conversation with each of them that makes them feel special. For the rest of the day, whenever they think about the few minutes they spent talking, these people feel a warm glow. Amplify that over weeks and months, and you get almost fanatical loyalty. People get addicted to feeling good. There’s nothing cynical or sinister about it. This is how REAL people SHOULD operate. I simply notice the details. I notice women’s haircuts. I occasionally compliment appearances in a tasteful way when someone looks especially made up. I don’t do these things b/c I want a direct gain out of them, but b/c they fit my integrated alpha male persona. Beta males are obsequious. Alphas are observant. A compliment means much more coming from a genuine and slightly reserved person than it does from a flatterer. Time allows you to be subtle. It lets you get away from the pressure of a formal approach and explore your own relationships with other people. Who knows, you might actually discover, as I did, that I really enjoy this whole process.

    If you’re new to the game, just starting, or confused, let me encourage you in the strongest possible terms to start approaching. Even if you just talk to a cashier or a cabdriver for five minutes, it will make a huge difference in your life. It did for mine. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to lose 30 pounds, get out there and meet a solid 8.5 and start dating again 😉 cheers

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  • Jimmy

    Once a week?!!!

  • Alex

    One day a week????!!!!!

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  • Che

    I’ve been using Convict Conditioning for over a month based on your recommendation. Easily the best work out I’ve come across and it is already producing results.

  • Matt

    In the United States, the cable channel TBS has been running episodes of Seinfeld from about 6:00 PM PST to 7:30 PST on most week days. It’s a good option for folks that either can’t afford or aren’t willing to get the Seinfeld DVDs but who do have cable TV access.

  • Skins

    Haha great stuff! I will start watching Seinfield before dates. I agree that being well read improves your life in every way.

  • Annoyed

    This is amazing.


    This is all lies. My friends and I are all chubby couch potatoes and we’re all married to women more attractive than we are. We all get laid and we all live like kings, yet, we don’t have to spend five hours a day at the gym, we don’t have to read, and we don’t keep notebooks full of pick-up lines. One more thing: we don’t need stale Seinfeld episodes to recount in order to keep a conversation going. Betas are the new Alphas. Long live the Beta.

  • R bere

    Good review. I agree women like being flirted with and hit on. Being a little good looking or at least very nicely dressed helps. I will walk up and talk to girls reading books or studying for their college exams or other licensing tests….and it’s like I’m penetrating their world. They are usually friendly and helpful when I ask advice which is part of my opening spiel. I think it helps that I’m a decent looking guy and kind of tall….but not any super model.
    Point is….sometimes girls like their boring mundane existences penetrated by an alpha male who just wants to start a conversation.

  • R bere

    Translation – you perceive yourself as a below average/ugly male. So, you are seemingly bitter that any of this could work. Your genetics have fucked you….I’ll bet is your mindset.
    Reality – bodies do matter. If you went out there and became rock hard and “jacked”… a tight wardrobe. Got a hip hair cut. Did the best you could for your face ( experiment with different facial hair…full beard, 10 day stubble, clean shaven, etc)……..your inner confidence would naturally increase….therefore your success with women would increase.

  • Theodore R. Smith

    Well, what the heck is the secret? :(


    Be who the Democrat Media Complex wants you to be. No further effort is required.

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  • BarryInSF

    Great. Fucking. Advice. But I’d put the “100 approaches” section in a huge bold red font. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.

  • Halfbreed


    I picked up Convict Conditioning earlier this year, based on this old post.

    I’ve been getting killer results, so thanks for the recommendation.

    You still doing CC? Or just free weights these days?

  • G380

    Dude can you post a sample routine of that workout?

  • Halfbreed

    I’ll do a blog post soon…

  • Victory or Death

    Just moving your mouth wont get you anywhere. I like roosh and what he does but honestly i think good looking loser does a better job at explaining why you arent getting laid

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  • Maurycy Cyril Kuc

    check out the nofap on redit

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  • Manuel

    100 approaches and not getting laid or even a date? This sounds like somebody that would be much worse than average.