The Secret To Fast Sex

When you learn the game from scratch, you can’t help but codify every part of your game and try to make a guess on what is helping you and what is not. You analyze your look, your opening lines, your routines, the method to getting a girl’s number, and so on. Once you start getting laid regularly, all those parts merge into one big blob, resulting in an overall style that fits you and your personality. You concentrate on the whole, but at the same time you take the parts for granted. The problem is that a couple of those parts are absolutely essential, and when you remove them, you no longer get laid.

I began to get sloppy on my city research in the past couple months of my current European trip. For Zagreb, Croatia I ended up renting an apartment for one month in a quiet suburb. I made this huge commitment without knowing a few things:

  • The suburb was far away from day game action. My neighborhood had no central square or busy supermarket.
  • The club I lived near had girls, but isolation was impossible because groups of them would go there by sharing a ride (since it’s so far). I could only get numbers and kisses.
  • It was hard to get girls to meet me in my suburb on dates, so I had to trek via public transportation to the center to meet them for drinks. There was no chance of venue changing to my apartment unless it was a weekend. I calculated I’d have to put girls on a three date program due to my location, something I wasn’t willing to do.

It didn’t help that I arrived in the middle of July, when the only place you’d consistently find people is in the center square in the afternoon, a time I’d either be asleep or typing away on my laptop.

What happened during that month was I didn’t fuck a Croatian girl. Not one. I got two dozen numbers, many kisses, an occasional date that I was reluctant to go on because of my bad logistics, but no Croatian flag. I wasn’t even close. This was right after I made a post saying How To Get A Flag In 5 Days. I felt humbled, that god had read that post as soon as I published it and decided to make me feel like an idiot.

During that month I did find a bar in the center where I was able to drag out a girl on three separate occasions, something I couldn’t do in the club closer to my apartment. I invited all three to my place for a drink once I got them outside. They asked where I lived and when I told them where (about a 20 minute cab ride away), they all scrunched their nose and said it was “too far.” I tried everything to get them to come, even saying I’d pay for their cab ride back, but it didn’t work. I’m sure I would have banged at least two out of those three if I had rented an apartment in the center. Instead, I had to get their number and accept the built-in 50% flake rate that comes from dating. I half-assed the prospects and failed. I was literally getting a 0% bang return on my investment.

It doesn’t matter how often you approach, how tight your game is, or how succulent your kisses are, but if your logistics are fucked, you’re not getting laid. You get to date instead. If you have to take a taxi from the spot you’re meeting girls, you’re getting one-night stands infrequently enough that they will seem like a major event for you. If you can’t say “down the street” when a girl asks where you live, you better hope your phone has enough battery power when you’re forced to get her number. Not only is logistics the biggest indicator of whether you’ll get a one-night stand or not, but logistics alone is the best attractant for girls who want fast anonymous sex.

If you fuck up the logistics like I did in my first month, I hope you have the patience for marathon texting and conversation in boring venues where girls know they have the upper hand since your penis hasn’t yet been inside them. Looking back the past 20 months in Europe, drum-tight logistics was the most consistent variable in me getting fast sex, and forgetting that made for a frustrating month in a place that shouldn’t have been that hard.

In my first 31 days in a Zagreb suburb, I banged zero Croatian girls. When I moved to the center, I banged two within 38 hours. Sometimes you have to fail to make you remember what made you successful in the first place.

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