The Secret To Getting Laid

Women are a fickle bunch. One minute they want to fuck you, the next minute they won’t bother to return your calls. Placing your bets on one girl is a poor strategy because the conversion rate to sex is extremely low.

The temptation for some guys is to sit back and take occasional shots at the girls they especially want. So a guy has no prospects, gets one, fails with her, and then goes back to having no prospects. This strategy has two consequences: his game remains in a state of rustiness and he gets overly excited at the prospects that do come his way. With no harem to keep his cock golden and ego elevated, he devotes all his mental energy into one girl at a time. Bad, needy game leaks out as a result.

If you want to have sex with one girl, you must do X number of approaches, get Y numbers, go on Z dates, and so on, where Z is less than Y is less than X. A certain number of attempts equals one lay, and that number will always be greater than one, sometimes significantly so. Tell me how many fresh prospects are in your phone and where your game is at and I’ll tell you how many notches you’ll get in the next month.

One reason for this is because lays are the product of momentum, not one-shot deals. It’s similar to surfing. A surfer waits for hours for that nice wave, resigned every now and then to catch the duds. But he definitely doesn’t enter the water and catch a big one right away (unless Poseidon is smiling down on him). If he wants to catch ten good waves he allots several hours in the water. If you want to bang one quality girl, you must approach a ton of girls—about as many that fit in the back of a dump truck.

“But Roosh, what’s the purpose of game if I have to deal with a lot of girls who are not my first choice?”

When you first get in the game your prospects will be mediocre or ghastly. Only the ghastly ones will come through. Then after some time a mediocre girl will open her legs for you. Your prospects gradually improve until some really cute girls enter your pool. Even hot girls if your game is tight. You bang a quality girl every now and then, one that you entered the game for, but your prospect pool will never consist entirely of hot girls. Years into the game you may still service the occasional biggie. I don’t care how hot that guy’s girl is, but it’s a certainty he has banged trolls in his day, and may occasionally continue to do so to keep the beast tamed.

The secret to getting laid is old fashioned hard work. Get your ass out in the field, approach in large numbers, get that experience, build momentum, and it’s almost impossible not to lay a variety of women. Reading blogs or books is fine to learn from the experience of other men, but unless you do the actual work yourself you will never be good. You’ll be the business professor who can talk about theory all day but has never actually run a business in his life, while college dropouts are running billion-dollar companies.

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