The Secret To Landing A Man

Feminist culture has done a good job robbing American women of their natural feminine allure. All that’s left are empty shells of human androgyny that is begging to be filled by so-called female dating experts who were unsuccessful in landing a man themselves . Cosmo, self-help books, and Jezebel are eagerly filling the hole, creating women who are unattractive and painful to talk to.

If you want to boil it down to one sentence, here’s what they are teaching young women today: “Just do what guys do to you!”

Want to attract a guy? Talk about your awesome office job!

Want to get him more interested? Be witty, funny, and interesting!

Want to make him wonder about you? Neg him!

And as much as they made fun of The Game when it came out, they are now taking a whole chapter out of its playbook by negging guys so regularly that it’s becoming the main way American women “flirt.”

Women think, “Some guy used this on me once and I fucked him, so it must work!” They honestly think that men and women are the same, so that game must be interchangeable. It’s just a matter of time until they learn how to pee standing up.

The even bigger mindfuck is that a lot of guys out there have been tricked to think that he’s happier with a woman who has a good job, is witty, and busts his balls. But that’s another topic altogether.

Here is the secret to landing and keeping a man:

1. Spend most of your free time into improving your appearance.
2. Lower your standards.

Any possible problem a girl has with a guy is because she’s not hot enough for him. It’s as simple as that. I don’t care how mentally incapacitated a woman is, but if a man feels that she is much hotter than him, that she is “out of his league,” he will pursue her with everything he’s got and want to wife her up. If a Russian 9 wanted to date you but didn’t speak any English, I bet you’d speak your first Russian sentence in a week. Any possible complaints a guy has about a girl’s personality or character magically evaporates if he sees her as hot.

When a man asks a question about how to get a girl, he already lost her. When a woman asks a questions about how to get a guy, she’s not hot enough. Any questions?

Okay I see there are some hands raised in the hamster audience…

“But I really like this guy and he doesn’t like me.”

You’re not hot enough. Spend more time into improving your appearance and then lower your standards.

“I want a hot guy like my girlfriend has.”

You’re not hot enough. Spend more time into improving your appearance and then lower your standards.

“I work with this guy named Trevor. I give him a lot of signals but he doesn’t ask me out. What’s the deal?”

You’re not hot enough. Spend more time into improving your appearance and then lower your standards.

“Guys only want to have sex with me. What do I have to do to get into a relationship?”

You’re not hot enough. Spend more time into improving your appearance and then lower your standards.

If you’re a girl and have to think about “game” at any point in trying to get a guy, that means you are not hot enough for him and are aiming way too high. Otherwise he’d be chasing you with absolutely no effort on your part. Correct girl game is improving your appearance and lowering your standards.

What this means is that you will have to get a man who is less handsome than you are pretty. This is how it works in most of the world. You do not deserve a hot man because there is a 99.8% chance you are nowhere near hot (or even pretty, no matter what your friends say). You should be lucky that there is a man out there somewhere, ugly or not, who is willing to put up with your bullshit and neuroses. Take whatever you can get, and I’m not joking. Otherwise start building your cat colony.

Women in Industrial Shithole, my current home, are very sharp with their appearance. I swear that a 5 can make herself look like an 8 in the club, yet she’s with a 4 guy. They maximize their appearance and get someone who is still under their attractiveness level. You better believe that 4 guy is happy to land what sometimes appears to be an 8, meaning he will not stray or be aloof with her. The woman doesn’t need any game to keep him, because once all that makeup and hair is did, she’s a model to him. He worships her.

In America, you got 6 rating girls who look like 5s with their flip flops and short hair trying to snag an 8 guy. No amount of Cosmo reading or “girl game” is going to solve this problem. Hell, you can win the fucking lottery and still an 8 guy is not going to want to put up with your mediocre ass. Get a 4 guy, wrap him around your finger, and be thankful you don’t have to buy any more cats.

As you can see, the problem of finding a man has nothing to do with game or there not being “good men” left in the world. The problem is that women have grown up in a fantasy culture that teaches them that they can get a man more handsome than they are pretty, something that has not regularly happened in the course of human history.

To all the future cat ladies reading me: simply improve your appearance, aim low, and you’ll never again have to worry about game or keeping a man. You know you did well when your dude is ugly enough that everyone thinks the only way he got you was because he has a big dick.

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