The Shameful Media Reaction To Bang Iceland

After writing guides for three South American countries, and getting no local reaction besides a few hater comments on my blog, I was expecting more of the same when I released Bang Iceland. Instead, every major Icelandic media outlet reported about the book. Because the coverage was almost universally negative, for one week in November I was the most hated foreigner in Iceland.

Click here to view the timeline of how it all went down.

I received dozens of negative messages that included the occasional threat of being beat up if I choose to return to the island. A few said that I broke a law and would be pursued across Europe (one guy said I committed copyright infringement by using the Icelandic flag on the cover). The coverage jumped the shark when Iceland’s largest feminist organization denounced me via their morbidly obese spokesperson. In a case of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” the responses then turned slightly in my favor since apparently a vocal minority of the Icelandic population hate feminists.

I was in Poland when this was happening. I’m not shy of attention, but I began to get nervous and paranoid when the stories started coming in. I felt vulnerable that an entire country was against me, and wondered if they would use their power to crush me in some way (Julian Assange?). I asked my sister for advice and she said to stand up tall and attack them back, but by that time the coverage waned and Icelandic life went back to normal.

The irony of Iceland’s reaction is that it was far more intense than less progressive or liberal countries I’ve written about. It appears that the more fat feminists a country has, the more angry the populace will be when it comes to game teachings that help men how to sleep with women. Have you forgotten the mockery that Neil Strauss and Mystery had to endure when The Game came out in the States six years ago? While cliche PUAs are a sideshow for most, feminist countries particularly don’t like it when you teach anything that helps men get what they want from women.

Last year Colin from the Expat Chronicles was questioned by the Colombian government after his writings exposed some uncomfortable truths in that country. Locals only want you to write about how great their country is, not that the women like fucking foreign men, the country is a shithole, or that government agents are corrupt. In the case of Iceland, they didn’t want me saying that Icelandic girls were sluts. Icelanders, the shyest people I’ve ever met, gathered their courage on internet forums and Facebook to make fun of my appearance, call me a liar, say I was a typical American idiot, and threaten me with bogus laws so I’d “unpublish” the book, all while those instant bangs that I accurately described still went down every Friday and Saturday night in Reykjavik. Iceland calls itself a “global haven for free speech,” but the minute something was published that didn’t suck their dick, they were calling for censorship.

I will be releasing Don’t Bang Denmark in a couple weeks. While I don’t expect a shitshorm like I got from proud little Iceland, I have to accept the possibility that I may not be able to happily return to countries that strongly disagree with my writings. The wave of rage from Iceland has actually followed me into the Baltics, with local sites spreading “warning” calls of my arrival as if I was a dangerous serial killer. Sadly, when it comes to men chasing skirts, Europe’s views are a couple decades behind America.

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  • Mr.GM

    Its funny how a country that clains to be one of the most liberal and advanced societies in the world,uses third world practices(censorship,personal/racial offenses)when someone doesn’t lick their balls.
    Keep it up Roosh,bring on Don’t bang Demnmark.
    Fuck Iceland!

  • Anonymous

    Dude give me a break. Are you really comparing writing about political views and banging in another country. I am sure they really care about this deeply. Also – I seriously doubt iceland is going to pursue you across the world for copyright infirngment – international law and funding for that?

  • Anonymous

    Negative coverage will probably get you laid more.

  • Anonymous


    “Lady, are you pregnant?”

  • Anti Blue pill

    LMAO I cant wait for don’t bang Demnmark.

  • Jake

    Some of these countries, like Iceland in particular, are more like towns or neighborhoods, compared to something like the U.S.

    Also, as you know, no matter where you go outside of the country, you are the foreigner. You’re intruding into a local culture and customs, with foreign appearance, language, and diferent-ness. People aren’t down with different, and especially in homogenous cultures the foreigner is an iffy thing to be.

    I’ve lived in 12 countries so far, so I’m more than aware of the pitfalls.

    I usually make a strong effort to blend in. Dress like the locals, learn the language, not amplify my being different with stirring up the shit.

    You, doing the opposite. Showing up to fuck their women, brag about it in a book, potentially make them sound like whores (not that they aren’t), and then profit from the whole thing. That’s kind of a fucked thing to do, and if I was and Icelander, I too would not look kindly on your imperialist style attitude.

    You, in that role, wouldn’t dig it either if some foreigner came in and made everybody look bad.

    I know you know all that. And I’m not actually judging. It’s hilarious really, and whether it’s balls, ignorance, vanity, or just a need to dissect and report, the whole thing is highly entertaining.

    Might not be wise to do it in some places less micro-balled than Iceland. I for one, probably wouldn’t want to do an expose like that about the Ukraine, for instance.

    Looking forward to more of all this entertainment.

  • Hankk

    Grétar Skúli Gunnarsson’s avatar cracked me in the FB comments on the story’s comment section. Daum! And his comment was “LOL”.

  • Ben

    I love the idea of a simian, monobrowed, dude like you going in, banging these filthy, backwards, cultureless, society destroying, self obsessed, sluts and then having everyone blames you.


    That’s all I wanted to say really. Big up dude.

  • KL

    That feminist spokewoman may be morbidly obese by Icelandic standards, but she is merely overweight by American standards. Indeed, she would not stand out in a U.S. shopping mall. I dare she is pretty cute, and in D.C. would be a solid “5” at her current weight, with potential be much higher.

  • beta_plus

    DB DK will be a fascinating test case of the power of social networks (both meatspace and cyberspace). The biggest reason Iceland went crazy is because of the extremely small size of the country (250K?). Denmark is small, but that not that level of small (5.5mil?). It actually has one large city with Copenhagen. It will be interesting to see if that is too large for Denmark to go beserk the way Iceland did.

    Of course, it doesn’t help that DB DK will most likely be flat out nasty where as B I was simply observant.

  • Louis

    Über-liberal little european countries get verbal incontinence when their darling little socialist-feminist pieties are punctured.

    Surprise, surprise…

    As long as they don’t go the full stalinist, Roosh, it’s just par for the course.

    At least they aren’t able to acuse you of racism. Then you’d be slapped with an arrest warrant, like the subway woman in the UK.

  • Silver

    hey man hows it goin in Latvia so far?

  • The Dark Knight

    I co-Sign Jake (6) and Ben (8)spot on

    and I know I will get stoned for this but I would hit that morbidly obese chick if it was 1:55 am and I had no better prospect.


    A Fat black guy who lived in Europe for 10 years

  • Maya

    Don’t be paranoid, Roosh, be proud that you ended up in media and made Icelanders think a little about feminism.

    It’s not your fault if girls decide to sleep with you! (although the fact that you give advice on how to sleep with drunk girls is a bit scary … I believe you never raped anyone but what if any of your readers did?? Don’t you feel guilty for that? You should be giving advice to girls that they shouldn’t be drinking that much – not only that it’s very unattractive but also dangerous if you happen to meet a rapist …)

    But mostly, you’re doing a good job (just like CH or Susan Walsh). People might think you’re disgusting when they read about you (that was also my reaction when I found your blog) but I’m sure many of them will soon realize you are just very brave to say what others are afraid to.

    Don’t worry too much! Everything will be okay! Wish you a happy 2012! (hope you will recover from your sexual addiction and fall in love :)

  • Heh

    Tourism is a major sector of their economy, you’d think they’d be glad to see someone encouraging people to come to Iceland and fuck their slutty women.

  • bad_dude

    Way to go Roosh! We stand firm behind you. Man, you must have some balls to challange a whole country like that. Hilarious to see their reaction. You´re the man!

  • 50fifty50

    Well, i support ya!

  • A_Stranger

    Those feminist cows just wanted a bit of Roosh I guess they need love too!!!

  • nomad77

    The reaction is normal. No country or person likes to face the reality of their existence. And the reality is most Nordic countries are basically like this, the women and men have to get drunk to have sex.

  • Dirt Man

    Stay strong Roosh, some people hate the truth more than anything, and you put a magnifying glass on them. The irony is that you’ve probably sold more books because of their reaction and more people will read it because of it as well. They just don’t like hearing your perspective because there’s some truth in it. If it were all lies, they probably would just laugh and never mention it.

  • Rivelino

    “with local sites spreading “warning” calls of my arrival as if I was a dangerous serial killer. ”

    that will only get your more lays!

    congratulations man, keep it up.

  • Rivelino

    #8 ben


    well said.

  • JP

    Dude, if you go back to Iceland you will get laid like a boss now. Just take some Judo and Krav Maga classes beforehand to be on the safe side.

  • greenlander

    If I were you, Roosh, I would be very afraid. If that feminist ever found you in real life, she might sit on you. That would bring your life to a quick end now, wouldn’t it?

  • BJ

    Dude don’t make them too angry or they might build a bunch of boats and sail away…

  • flyfreshandyoung

    “How dare he get laid more in my country than I ever could! Bastard!”

  • KL

    Roosh, you are now a celebrity in Iceland. You could could book another trip and get advance publicity. Seriously, you could host book store signings and happy hours in bars. Women would be lining up to tell you how terrible you are. And then they would get drunk and curious about the Roosh magic. The social proof would be powerful.

  • TheCreepyGuy

    Man, If I was you I would arrange a TV interview with some international news channels, is an interesting situation, they would do it in a heart beat and you will have INCREDIBLE exposure and surely the fame and sales that you deserve and obviously appeals to you.

    Seems like is the right opportunity to get on TV, just be cool, promote your work and express your view point (in any case you are just inquiring about sexual cultures in the planet and writing about your findings) … The sky is the limit man, use the power of boldness, you have the tools to MAKE SHIT HAPPEN!!!

  • Zorro

    Your next book should be BANG AMERICA!

    Seriously, it would be riotously funny!!!

    The film rights alone would set you up for a glorious retirement.

  • BGin

    It’s only a matter of time now….groupies

  • Neil Skywalker

    Hey Roosh,
    I wouldn’t be too worried about returning to Iceland. I think you will be save and even get a few bangs out of it. If i return to Cambodia i have a few bullets and a empty ditch waiting or a beat down if im lucky. And i havent even posted my story on Cambodian girls yet.

  • L

    I don’t understand why this backlash surprises you, what did you expect to happen? I think clubs/bars should put a picture of you in the girls toilets with a big cross through your face.

  • sid

    well it’s natural/normal/beneficial/healthy to claim, corral and protect one’s own womenfolk. But in this case they are both in denail about the whoreishness of their own women and white knighting instead of dealing with their women to shut their holes. at any rate Roosh FTW.

  • Obstinance Works

    I love it!

  • Fubsy

    LOL. When they point a finger at you, there’s four pointed at themselves!

  • Eesti Mees

    Roosh your impression of Icelandic women is likely not a problem. Obvious to anyone familiar with the book is that it suffers from adverse selection: you only write about sexual encounters with women you met in bars who are looking for…sexual encounters. I doubt you write about likely myriad women who rejected you and put total sexual encounters into perspective.

    Problem from people like me here in Estonia is that once you publish book bragging of sexual exploits, following you is stream of horny American losers, convinced Estonia holds for them non stop sexual encounters. Estonia already has to put up with for example stag parties from UK and as someone who lives in medieval Old Town of Tallinn, I am not looking forward to further hordes of American “online marketers” who harass women, make noise until early hours of morning and litter.


  • Arnold

    But wait – doesn’t the mess you’ve stirred up actually make it harder for men to go to Iceland and get laid than before? That offsets any purpose your book might have served. No?

  • Cliff Arroyo

    Things that contributed to Icelandic contretemps that have nothing to do with feminism (which is becoming a crutch for you).

    1. Language : Latin-Americans mostly read as little as possible in their own language, let alone in English. Icelandic people read a lot including a lot in English.

    2. Population size : For other places, it’s easy for people to discuss pumping and dumping completely abstractly apart from any women they personally know and care about. For such a small, insular (no pun intended) culture as Iceland that’s impossible. In short Icelanders have no capacity for abstract discussion of Icelanders. They’re going to imagine the tactics described being used on their family members and they’re not going to like it (and there’s no reason they should). Think about what your reaction would be to a general guide to pumping and dumping women from a group that obviously includes your sister including tactics for overcoming your attempts to game-proof her.

    3. Class structure : In Latin America people mostly don’t care what happens to their countrymen. Their circle of concern is their extended family with a few class interests thrown in. America has a me-me-me attitude so people don’t much care about what happens to other people period if it doesn’t affect them. Iceland is part of the greater Scandinavian area where a ‘we’re all in this together’ attitude prevails in society. This has been weakened in recent years by influxes of outsiders who come to game the system for what they can get and don’t give anything back in return, which is just how you’re going to be perceived. And unlike other exploitative outsiders (muslims and sub-saharan blacks especially) you don’t have any pc protective covering so it’s going to be open season.

  • Diego

    When is Bang Poland coming? Why are you writing about Denmark when Poland is much more interesting game?

  • Anonymous


    Iceland may still be too wealthy and infertile, but that strategy worked pretty well for many Asian and Latin American countries.

  • DoesNotMatter

    Bro! No man of any country enjoys it when a foreign man bangs a woman from his country. He would not enjoy it even if he is banging plenty from his own country. He is positively humiliated when he himself ain’t getting any. Does it really surprise you that this is happening. We ain’t nothin’ but mammals. And all these laws, free speech, yada yada is just bogus stuff to allow social democrats (you people call them liberals, I don’t) to feel good about themselves. When push comes to shove, out goes all the laws/ideals/whatever and out comes the daggers.

    BTW, I’m Indian and have never fucked an Indian woman. When I see a white guy fucking an Indian woman, I laugh at him and think to myself, “Serves him right for imperialism” But then, again I’m an exception. Plenty of Indian guys feel humiliated when any Indian girl goes out with a white. And the girl is usually butt ugly. Thankfully Indian girls are an ugly lot so a lot of this does not happen. India needs an ugly girl Jihad.

  • limey


    You pretty much say it how it is…

    However suspect that reaction in Iceland is so vitriolic is because it is an uncomfortable truth that even the PC crowd won’t directly confront (young women drunkenly sleeping around) – they call it ‘liberation’ instead.

    2nd or 3rd generation Indian girls in England are often prettier than the white aboriginals here though…

    Can be crazy though.

    Just what I see…

  • Will

    There’s no such thing as bad publicity, so good on ya for causing a little shitstorm. I’d rub their noses into how they helped sell books!

  • Southern Man

    How much for an autographed hard copy of BI?

  • Hankk

    Roosh! Balls out, no shame, facing the fire. I like that, good man. On the same note, ugly bastard but cool and aloof as hell on this video. Check it.

  • 50fifty50


    I agree that down-the-line Indian girls can be stunning. From my experience they’re pretty easy to catch as well.

  • ce9999

    Sounds like a better title for the book would have been “Fuck Iceland!”

  • JST

    lol, little iceland is bitching that her women are sluts?

    in a feminist country, it’s always the man’s fault, even when it comes to casual sex. Women CHOOSE who to have sex with, and it’s their damn responsibility to make decisions with sex. I hate these feminist bitches who assumes all of us men are getting laid at will and easily, while women are “raped” all the time because a guy was so attractive.

    For most guys, getting laid is not easy. For most women, getting laid is a matter of having a pulse.

    The feminists will lose out in the end as western countries become insolvent ghettos and Asian countries rise to take control. In Asia, there ain’t no feminist nanny state making life nice ‘n’ easy. It’s probably much fairer in much of Asia than in the US.

  • Joe

    They will be equally pissed about ‘Don’t Bang’ than about ‘Bang’.

    But Roosh, if they are issuing warnings, you have risen to the next level. This is HUGE, in a positive way.

    You ARE now soon to be as famous as Tucker Max.

  • Joe


    At some point (not yet), it will also be productive for you to play the ‘Islamophobia’ card.

    Dress up in authentic Persian/Turkish attire and post a few photos too.

    That will get the multi-cultists and the feminists to fight each other.

  • Taurus

    I am not looking forward to further hordes of American “online marketers” who harass women, make noise until early hours of morning and litter.

    Dude, wait till the Chinese arrive.

  • Taurus

    Roosh, you might just become the modern day Salman Rushdie.

    Funny how ‘progressive’ Iceland is drifting closer to Iran under the Ayatollah..

  • LE

    @ Roosh: did book sales increase as a result of all of the publicity?

    Does Amazon let you track sales by origin of purchase so that you could see if guys in Iceland were buying your book?

  • Adam

    That’s not “morbid obesity” (morbidly obese spokesperson) – that’s a healthy store of maternal fat to let her suckle her little Rooshsson or Rooshsdottir through the cold Arctic winter …

  • G

    Read the review by Kris (claiming to be an Icelandic woman).

    She pretty much verifies that you wrote an accurate portrayal of the hookup culture there.

    Good job!

    No such thing as bad publicity – this could boost up your sales.

  • Pepini

    An icelandic newspaper agrees with Roosh:

  • Anonymous

    Game is actually good for feminism because it means men are conforming to what women want and placing pussy on a pedestal.

    Women hate it because they hate anything that can distort their ability to deduce who is an alpha male or not.

  • Anonymous

    I’m Icelandic and I bought two of your e-books when I saw the negative tone used when discussing them. Both were fun to read and informative.

    Most of Icelandic media is run by communists and feminists, and the worldview pushed by those media is in opposition to at least 50% of the Icelandic population.

    Strangely enough free daily newspapers and websites run by these feminist or communist media companies like to discuss the sexual exploits of famous foreign actors visiting Iceland in almost reverent tone and how cool it must have been for some random girl(s) to get fucked by some Hollywood actor…

  • Billy Hoyle

    Feminism is really just a mass defense mechanism erected by ugly French women who weren’t getting laid and were pissed off that their bodies were still telling them that they wanted to get laid. Since the civilized world had just destroyed itself in 2 world wars, you could get away with a little more BS than usual. The fact that it eventually caught on and was actually taken serious in America is a source of much amusement for the French I’m sure. Maybe this is inevitably what happens when a nascent empire first starts getting a little soft and you send a bunch of 19 year olds from Kansas off to college to be loaded on psychedelics and “lectured” on the counterculture topic du jour. Note: this is not to knock the 60s or LSD; I’m sure it was a great time–particularly for the dudes back then who were reaping the immediate, and sadly time-limited, benefits of the “liberation” by hacking through 60s earth mamma muff like Pizarro through the Amazon. Because here’s the dirty not-so-secret that women are still loath to accept: they want it just as bad as we do. They want it in a different way for sure, being genetically programmed to look for the guy that “stands out” and who also won’t leave her whereas we look to throw it in basically whatever is around as long as we can still achieve the horizontal. At the end of the day, it’s really just fucking, you know? The difference is that life is more public now and women have to think about all this shit rather than just deferring to us to take control and get the action rolling on the DL as they used to in olden days. As you might guess, this conflict between what she feels and what society tells her she needs leads to extreme self-consciousness and its corollary the bitch-shield. It also has a tendency to make women fairly miserable—which is why they invent and become fixated on things like “romance”—a fantasy dreamed up to help them escape the unpleasant realities of the prison they have built for themselves. What they want more than anything is for a guy to come along who allows her to forget all the bullshit she’s been fed. Make no mistake about it, they want to lose themselves in a guy and feel something real for once in their lives, but they can’t admit it, so we have people like Roosh study the process and develop Game so we can meet them on the terms that they have created. What I’m saying is that women are just as much the authors of Game as Roosh or anyone else is. The ability to create at least some of the terms of Game is the prerogative of feminism, and it’s not going to change anytime soon (btw-it’s also why they get so angry at you, Roosh). And, to tell the truth, I’m personally not opposed to it. Manipulating Western women with the rules of their own game is a total turn-on I find. And it’s also not that complex. If you have even a modicum of personality and a general idea about the proper plumage to wear in your specific place and time, you should be good. That’s why I can’t get 100% behind your screeds against feminism, Roosh, as I have found the more old-fashioned ministrations of females in more traditional societies like Eastern Europe and South America kind of exhausting over time—though this will probably change as I get older and am presumably looking for a wife. Maybe I’m just a perfect hollow pit of decadent Western nothingness now, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel pretty damn good.

  • ken

    What Roosh wrote was well known in military circles 30 years ago, when the US had two Airbases and one Naval base in Iceland. I had a volunteer statement in to be assigned there for over five years. I never went because almost noone who was there ever left. The Vikings kidnapped and raped all the beautiful women they found. Their genes are passed down til today.

  • Joe

    I am surprised that anyone thinks “Don’t Bang” will any different of a reaction than “Bang”.

    Both will get virtually an identical reaction.

  • Clarence

    Excellent, as always. Remember, every time you enrage a femcunt landwhale, an angel gets its wings.

    Keep doing the Lord’s work, Roosh!


    i am well traveled guy from scandinavia, it is my delight to see some feminazis reacting to Roosh’s fuck stories and taking advantage of free-prostitutes chicks of scandinavia. I LAUGH MY ASS OFF TO SEE FEMINAZIS GETTING PISSED OFF..fact of matter is, PERSONALITY-LESS-SCANDINAVIAN GIRLS ARE GOOD ONLY FOR SPORTS FUCKING. these sluts sleep with anyone with heartbeat on the street free and they may even buy you your groceries. my fellow ALPHAS, BETAS whatever, COME to land of freezing TO FUCK and EAT PUSSY free like chinese buffet, i dont touch these whores with a stick, but i am delighted you can see value of fucking dead fish without personality.

    my brazilian tanga girl keeps me warm at night and can hardly remember what dry, dead fish pussy tastes like after munching mango tasting samba pussy who cooks my ass and licks my ass without revolt.



  • Kev

    Crazy reaction, it must be so boring there that they got some attention from an ebook and they could not handle it. They thought the Iceland volcano was spewing, but it was Roosh spewing all over Jizzland.

  • icelandic girl

    hahahaha LOL :’D

  • Icelandic girl 2

    I’m an Icelandic girl that has lived in two other countries besides Iceland (one in S-America= a very strict catholic country). I know their culture very well and it has given me a different perspective of my own culture.
    While I find the reaction in Iceland to your book rather extreme and funny, I would like to point out one thing: You are (all) judging these girls’ behaviour from your point of view which, of course is normal, but without thinking about the different culture there is in Iceland.

    Comment 14 from Maya, talks about “introducing Icelanders to feminism”. Actually, Iceland is very pro equality. We had the first female president in the world and we now have a female prime-minister. And she is gay aswell. More and more women are getting executive positions in large firms etc. I’m actually really proud of this. But this equality goes even further. Women are just as entitled to “go out and get laid” as men are, i.e. having sex with no strings attached. That, however, seems to shock the whole world and makes them sluts. Why is it just the women of Iceland that are sluts and not Roosh, who is travelling around the world trying to fuck as many women as he can? Men see him as a hero but the (icelandic) women as whores. There’s no equality in that.
    I do not like one-night stands and do not behave in the same manner as these girls that Roosh met, but I still don’t see why these women cannot do so without being judged so harshly.

    And just as a sidenote, it may very well be that Icelandic women have way too much casual sex, but it’s not only the women of Iceland that do so. The women in the S-American country where I lived, (and actually in all the countries that I have ever visited) do so as well, but that’s all on the DL, it’s forbidden to talk about it -so they won’t be considered sluts.

    I think this duplicity is really weird, and actually wrong. If women want to have casual sex they should be able to do so without being labelled as sluts. Or, if people insist on calling them slutty, the same should go for men.
    You cannot have (real) equality if there is always the same old idea of how women should behave.

    I really love how independent icelandic women are, and if this is the only thing that foreigners focus on then so be it. Our position in the icelandic society is better than anywhere else I’ve ever seen…

    Well, that’s just my two cents on the matter.


  • lady

    The funny thing is that as much as you like to talk about how loose and slutty women are, at the same time you are admitting that you are the biggest whore of them all :)… think about it! LOL

  • Anonymous

    I was in Iceland in 2008. I got my quickest pick up ever.

  • The Sledge

    Iceland banned strip clubs a few years ago due to proliferation of feminist propaganda – feminism is hell bent on ruining that country.

    I’ve never heard of a country being so butt hurt about something like a pick-up guide, but given that the country is run by feminists and eunuchs, it is no surprise.

    Feminists show their true fascist femi-nazi colors with every step they make.

    The SPLC has slandered us, and declared war on us, ironically making us so popular and controversial that our rise to power is inevitable.

    Death before dishonor.

  • George

    I have been to iceland a few times myself and what Roosh says is 900% true.

    Even the Icelanders use the phrase bang her head and drag her to your cave to fuck.

    It’s not bad, it’s just the way it is.

  • evil.grin

    Those icelandic feminists have achieved that the rates of prostitution have diminished greatly. Just a food for thought: traditional and chauvinist countries are also the A-listers in human trafficking and organized prostitution. btw, I take a look at your list of visited countries and evaluations given and see the connection pretty clear