How To Use The Silence Technique To Fuck Boring Girls

A player’s prime strength is his chatting skills, to be able to talk on and on about interesting things even when a girl isn’t responding. But as good as his chat is, it’s no guarantee he’ll fuck her because, ultimately, we need her to give responses that allow us to customize our chat to strengthen the attraction and comfort. Yes it’s true—the girl needs to be animate for sex to occur (unless you’re talking about rape, which is a different skillset altogether).

After interacting with a billion women, I’ve realized that around 95% of them are simply not interesting (as me). Their social skills are not up to par, they don’t have interesting life experiences, they don’t know how to tell even a basic story, they don’t know how to make you laugh, and they don’t have any peculiar talents that might be able to entertain you. Plus, a girl may not know how to ask open-ended questions even if she likes you, something most humans learned as a teenager. While a lame girl should be passed on, I’d fuck only two girls a year if I waited for one with my ideal personality. Some nights you just want to have meaningless sex. In that case, what do you do?

Determine if she likes you or not.

If she does, go through the motions, keep chatting as if you’re performing a seminar practiced in front of the mirror, and then fuck her. If she doesn’t like you, then you’re better off moving on to the next girl. Most of the time we can determine if a girl likes us or not by the number of personal questions she’s asking, but boring girls may not be able to do this rather simple feat. Therefore you must test her.

When you feel like you’re not making progress and she’s just standing there like a zombie, hit her with one of the following. Maintain eye contact and remain silent after saying each one.

Line No. 1:

“I think I’m talking too much. I’ll be quiet and let you talk.”

If she likes you she’s going to ask a question (probably a lame one, but one nonetheless), or she’ll say, “No no I like what you’re talking about.” This means she’s interested and you can proceed with robotic chat. If she makes zero effort to continue the conversation with your silence, pull the eject handle and parachute to safety.

Line No. 2:

“It seems like you’re ready to get back with your friends. I didn’t mean to bug you.”

If she likes you she’ll say “No, I’m fine,” and then look at you with eager eyes, hoping you’ll continue.

Line No. 3:

“Are you usually this quiet? Or maybe you don’t like guys who are as gloriously hairy as I am.”

Substitute “hairy” with one of your prominent physical features. If she likes you she’ll laugh and then ask you a question or make a comment about your feature.

Execute one of these lines between the 7-15 minute mark. Do it too soon and you won’t have built up enough attraction so that she wants to work for you, and do it too late and you waste valuable game time and energy. Short of asking girls “Do you want to fuck me,” we need to use the silence technique to screen for those cute but lame girls who are actually down to fuck. Follow with robotic chat and then go for the same-night bang. You definitely don’t want to take these girls out on dates.

A big downside of game is that is raises your value, eliminating many girls who you would have happily dated when you had zero game. While I don’t see an easy solution for this, at the very least we can still have sex with lots and lots of girls.

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  • The Rookie

    well-timed post. have had this happen recently and I just ejected without testing her first.

    The Rookie’s last blog post: Video Reenactment Contest Entry.

  • Sally Tomato

    Women have no incentive to be interesting if they can be boring and still have guys want to fuck them.

    There’s a piece by Christopher Hitchens that elaborates on this argument:

  • Raliv

    Womans. Deez boring ass womans. Sometimes dey gots nothings to sez and I look like an idiot standing der talking me head off. I will use this in the future.

    Raliv’s last blog post: Dear Twilight Fan Girls.

  • Neo

    Yep. They have no reason to be talkative or even try. If they are genetically beautiful, they can bang whoever. Average girls or chubby girls who call themselves ‘sassy’ usually have much more personality, but then again they have to.

    Neo’s last blog post: SNL game.

  • Willy Wonka

    Good post. Seems like this is exactly what the case was with the Latina chick I ran into Saturday…

    Willy Wonka’s last blog post: Damn Near Mexico.

  • j r

    usually, you can gauge a gir’s interest by how responsive she is to you, but sometimes a girl is interested but just has nothing to contribute to the conversation. me and my old roommate had a name for these kinds of girls: deadbeats.

  • nathan

    hahaha most girls are totally like this

  • Mike

    Women are boring. If you didn’t want to fuck a woman, how many (other than relatives) would you talk to?

  • The G Manifesto

    “After interacting with a billion women, I‚Äôve realized that around 95% of them are simply not interesting”

    I would put that number at around 99.9%.

    In all fairness, that number also applies to people in general.

    That is one of the reasons I like girls that don’t speak English. They are somewhat interesting from the opening bell. And if they are fly, it is no problem to put some combinations together (so to speak).

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Hipster VS Douchebag City by City Guide.

  • Whatever

    I like these and I think I’m gonna use them. Seems like a great litmus test to gauge actual initial interest.

    Line 3 might be the best… it has a built in neg, and gives her a springboard to continue the convo. The downside is it doesn’t give her a clear out, so gauging her interest level from this line will be difficult.

    Line 1 and 2 give her a clearer out, so you can truly gauge her interest, however some girls may just reflexively say something polite…. the lame ones especially seem to do that.

  • Raliv

    If you read older books teaching civility and polite beahvior, (I am looking at you George Washington), mothers taught their daughters how to always put men at ease around them and to be polite in conversations. A large part of being a woman meant being hospitable and gracious when company was present.

    Now, when you talk to girls, they stare at you with a disdainful look in their eyes, not knowing how to flirt or make the man feel comfortable. All they look for now is to be entertained, as if they deserve it.

    Women are so self-entitled these days. But I preach to choir.

    Raliv’s last blog post: Dear Twilight Fan Girls.

  • speakeasy

    Excellent post with useful material to use. I recently met up with a girl who I know for a fact is interested, but couldn’t get any interesting conversation from her. It’s literally tiring to be on a date with a girl like that. I didn’t even bother with any followup.

    Raliv said:
    “Now, when you talk to girls, they stare at you with a disdainful look in their eyes, not knowing how to flirt or make the man feel comfortable. All they look for now is to be entertained, as if they deserve it.

    Women are so self-entitled these days. But I preach to choir.”

    You nailed it, brother. That is exactly what women are about. Them wanting to be entertained all night. “Make me laugh! Buy me drinks! Buy me dinner! Keep me interested! Make sure I have fun!” Yet when is the last time you met a girl that makes YOU laugh, that entertains YOU?

  • Anonymous

    ROOSH what is your total notch count??? im gonna guess 45….

  • roissy

    Those three lines are actually pretty useful even for non-boring girls, just to gauge their level of attraction.

  • Fireworks56

    There’s parallels between game and stand-up comedy. Being talkative and entertaining is part of what it takes… I accepted it a long time ago that the first 5-10 minutes will be pretty much you in the spotlight (perhaps with multiple people watching and observing). No need for stage fright and remain somewhat aloof… and you’ll build up obvious social proof approaching a group. I find the best way to approach is not waiting around for a pause in the coversation but just walking up and starting your own conversation thread.

    There’s ways to set up small “tests” through the night. As Roosh’s silence technique alludes to, which is an excellent first test. Line #1 is good (I don’t really like the other two)… to transition to icebreaking to charged conversation/banter. The best possible response from her is hearing “I like to listen/hear you talk.” That means she is submitting already to your lead. It happened most recently with I met a cute Brazilian cocktail waitress who wasn’t still sharp with her English that I wound up seeing casually for a while.

    Other good tests to find out if she’s serious about getting it on that night include holding an empty beer to see if she takes the initiative to buy you a drink, or even better buy you shots to do together ūüėČ (I’m still amazed how often this happens, could it be that there is a slight perk to the emasculanted DC professional women?!! … and obviously a terrific omen). Also, taking her to another section of the bar/outside for a fresh air break. Taking her to a completely different bar to get her warmed up to the idea of following you home after bar closing. Better to do the mini-isolation early on to test the dymamics with her friends, etc. at 11 p.m. vice being empty handed at 2 a.m.

  • sam

    I dont give a fuck what a girl says. She is going to fuck me whether she likes it or not. She doesn’t have a choice in this matter. What I say, goes. I am the boss. I make the rules. If I say ass to mouth, I get ass to mouth. If I say I am going to pee in your mouth, You fucking open your mouth.

    Girls are worthless whores. Every single one of them. All guys should treat girls like the absolute worthless pieces of shit that they are. They deserve it.

  • Dirty Talk Ideas

    Great blog. I loved the topic. lol
    “You could go to the adult store and check out 10 adult DVDS and listen to them, just to the soundtrack. You don’t even have to watch — just listen to how these professional ladies of the night perform the real act of seduction. It’s not with their mouth on his manhood, but out of their mouth – the words they say, how they say them, and when.”

  • http://you fuck

    the amount of misogyny and stereotyping on this page is fucking disgusting. girls with “more interesting” personalities probably don’t want to talk to you because they can tell you’re a slimy horrible person.

  • The Man

    I agree that number with you 95% are boring. The rest 5% are semi-boring. The older a woman gets the more boring she becomes. Older women are 99% very very boring.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Fuck Guys instead :)!

  • I can’t,will not,imagine myself fucking a guy

    Thatz gross,i can’t ,wil not, imagine myself fucking a guy with penis like me

  • Pancakes John

    Guys, take it from a bro and don’t listen to any of the fucking shit this asswipe writes on this article. I feel bad for all you losers who actually treat this cumquat as a prophet. Girls like nice guys nowadays, stop thinking with your fucking dicks or you’ll end up alone and full of diseases. Also, that misogyny piece of crap won’t get you anywhere. If anything, you aren’t worth anything more than a woman.

  • Roger

    This was a great read, spot on.

  • ladybug

    Well said Pancakes John. These guys are idiots.

  • Jimmy Neutron

    I don’t fuck bitches, passed up on a lot of dimes for that reason. I can always find something wrong with a bitch. The best fuck from a woman starts with good conversation. Too bad they all married to themselves. Find a good one, wait for her to fuck up then move on. Don’t waste time trying to change a bitch, she will outlive you, take your game and shove it up your anonymous ass. Sex used to be about rewarding yourself, now its punishment. Bitches chow down on your seed, shit it, grow flowers and tobacco with your fucking future generation, then play dumb while they move on to the next meal. Your reputation is that next meal.
    Girls are you friends, men are your brothers. Stop that bitch dead in her tracks, smoothly. Common sense, she has a man already that guy can’t wait to win, his rep is on the line. A woman is always looking for a way out of being a woman, believe that when you look into the eyes of a liar, baiting the truth with wet pussy. This is why we can’t get along. Your bitch is choosing whomever will upset you the most. Every time mine leaves, I just wait for a bill, then make her pay it. Hit em in the pocketbook not the head. They can’t count haha. The only counting they do is how many time your Dick goes in and out. Put the friend back to work, bring family back home.

  • hemant

    I need special advice from you..

  • Timoteo

    You’re on point regarding the open-ended question thing. Chicks are either unimaginative (in which case you’ll stay in the game if she’s cute enough), or simply can’t be bothered out of laziness or arrogance to give you a real answer (in which case you might want to bail, regardless of what she looks like). I find it’s true online also – I’ll be trying my best to get a convo going, but if I keep getting two-word answers, I bail.

  • Loveaadam

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  • Loveaadam

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  • Papa Carlotti

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  • Thomas

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