How To Use The Silence Technique To Fuck Boring Girls

A player’s prime strength is his chatting skills, to be able to talk on and on about interesting things even when a girl isn’t responding. But as good as his chat is, it’s no guarantee he’ll fuck her because, ultimately, we need her to give responses that allow us to customize our chat to strengthen the attraction and comfort. Yes it’s true—the girl needs to be animate for sex to occur (unless you’re talking about rape, which is a different skillset altogether).

After interacting with a billion women, I’ve realized that around 95% of them are simply not interesting (as me). Their social skills are not up to par, they don’t have interesting life experiences, they don’t know how to tell even a basic story, they don’t know how to make you laugh, and they don’t have any peculiar talents that might be able to entertain you. Plus, a girl may not know how to ask open-ended questions even if she likes you, something most humans learned as a teenager. While a lame girl should be passed on, I’d fuck only two girls a year if I waited for one with my ideal personality. Some nights you just want to have meaningless sex. In that case, what do you do?

Determine if she likes you or not.

If she does, go through the motions, keep chatting as if you’re performing a seminar practiced in front of the mirror, and then fuck her. If she doesn’t like you, then you’re better off moving on to the next girl. Most of the time we can determine if a girl likes us or not by the number of personal questions she’s asking, but boring girls may not be able to do this rather simple feat. Therefore you must test her.

When you feel like you’re not making progress and she’s just standing there like a zombie, hit her with one of the following. Maintain eye contact and remain silent after saying each one.

Line No. 1:

“I think I’m talking too much. I’ll be quiet and let you talk.”

If she likes you she’s going to ask a question (probably a lame one, but one nonetheless), or she’ll say, “No no I like what you’re talking about.” This means she’s interested and you can proceed with robotic chat. If she makes zero effort to continue the conversation with your silence, pull the eject handle and parachute to safety.

Line No. 2:

“It seems like you’re ready to get back with your friends. I didn’t mean to bug you.”

If she likes you she’ll say “No, I’m fine,” and then look at you with eager eyes, hoping you’ll continue.

Line No. 3:

“Are you usually this quiet? Or maybe you don’t like guys who are as gloriously hairy as I am.”

Substitute “hairy” with one of your prominent physical features. If she likes you she’ll laugh and then ask you a question or make a comment about your feature.

Execute one of these lines between the 7-15 minute mark. Do it too soon and you won’t have built up enough attraction so that she wants to work for you, and do it too late and you waste valuable game time and energy. Short of asking girls “Do you want to fuck me,” we need to use the silence technique to screen for those cute but lame girls who are actually down to fuck. Follow with robotic chat and then go for the same-night bang. You definitely don’t want to take these girls out on dates.

A big downside of game is that is raises your value, eliminating many girls who you would have happily dated when you had zero game. While I don’t see an easy solution for this, at the very least we can still have sex with lots and lots of girls.

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