The Superflag & Language Notch

I’d like to add two new objective metrics to the ones we already have, which are the notch, the cost per notch, the true cost per notch, and the flag. Let’s quickly review those existing metrics.

The notch has existed since the dawn of time and is when a man keep tracks of how many vaginas he has penetrated. It’s serves as a quick glance at your game.

The cost per notch (CPN) is when you divide your total dating expenses with the number of girls in that same time period. Here we don’t count the cost of picking up like going to the bar and drinking with friends, but we do count dates with girls you took out but didn’t eventually bang. You’re running weak ass game if your CPN is over $300, and need to push for more one night stands. There was a stretch of six months living in my dad’s basement when I got it down to $40.

If you make the assumption that a man’s existence is solely to fuck and procreate, which I accept, then all of his expenses should count towards notch attainment. This is called the true cost per notch (tCPN). Take your earnings for the year, substract it by how much you saved, then divide the rest by your notches for that year. A stellar true cost per notch is under $2,500. For a man who takes home $35,000 a year after taxes, that’s 14 notches. I have an very low tCPN because my income is also low. I’m on the calorie restriction diet of game.

Finally there’s the flag, which is a notch from a girl born in a specific country. I argue that flags show more skill than the mere notch, but not all flags are created equal. A captured Peruvian flag counts less than a flag from Spain or Italy, for example. An American flag has no value because banging an American girl is too easy compared to girls from other countries.

Note that a guy can have a lot of notches, low cost per notch, and a lot of flags but still bang monsters. These don’t account for quality, and are therefore used for shits and giggles, self motivation, and friendly competition among friends. In other words don’t take these too seriously and always try to fuck hotter girls each year. That said I’d now like to introduce two new metrics:

The Superflag. This is a virgin flag, meaning you banged a virgin from a specific country. Most guys have a virgin flag from their own country, but getting it in another country is incredibly challenging, and nearly impossible while traveling (you need to live abroad to pull this insurmountable feat).

I came up with this metric after I made sweet love to a teenage Colombian virgin.

The Language Notch. This is banging a girl from macking in a foreign language. It’s the hardest metric to attain because you need to learn a new language and then adapt your game to it.

Sometimes the hardest part of getting a language notch is finding a girl who doesn’t speak English, as this was my problem in Rio until I get lucky and met a girl from the south. After getting the three easiest language notches (English, Portuguese, and Spanish), I’m wondering how the hell I’m going to get more. I’d like to have five before I die, so perhaps one more romance language like Italian and then something impossible like Russian where letters are replaced by alien-like symbols.

I’m going to take a hard stance on the language notch. I can’t grant you one if you pick a poor girl from the slums and use mostly sign language to communicate and get the bang. It’s yours only if you build attraction in her language, meaning complete sentences (e.g. making her laugh with an intelligent joke, warming her heart with a story, etc.). If you banged her with your laptop opened to Google Translate a few feet away, I’m sorry but I can’t sign off on that.

One great thing about language notches is that it improves your skill all around because you master the non-verbal aspects of game like body language and tonality, and you’re called upon to get more done while saying less. It’s a very reliable indicator of your skill, so much so that if you have at least three langauge notches I ask that you get in touch with me so I can pick your brain a little.

A lot of haters criticize the shallow lifestyle of banging a lot of women, but mostly because of game I speak three languages, and a ton of other guys are learning languages as well to get with foreign women. It’s ironic that many guys into game are ten times more cultured and worldly than their feminist cunt haters whose only skill is paper pushing.

Alright to review, here’s our collection of objective metrics:

  • Notch
  • Cost Per Notch
  • True Cost Per Notch
  • Flag
  • Superflag
  • Language Notch

In the end the game should be fun, and that’s what these metrics are.

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