The Sweet Spot

American girls fall into four age ranges. One of those is most ideal for dating. Note that this only applies to American girls.

18-21: She is child-like and mostly intolerable. Her speech sounds like another language. She will only have sex when completely trashed, and has few redeeming qualities beyond her body. Says a lot of things that make you think you’re wasting your time. Best game to use: jealousy.

22-24: By now she has had at least a dozen cocks of experience and knows how to handle yours expertly in bed (a good thing). Her game is developing but she still makes a lot of “mistakes” by being affectionate and showing interest. Says a lot of things which reveal her vulnerability. Best game to use: mysterious, aloof, emotionally unavailable.

25-28: Begins to take herself too seriously. She tries to emulate celebrities or characters in television or movies. Friends are settling down with boyfriends and she decides to step up her game by playing hard to get, which comes across as cold and stiff instead of coquettish. Says a lot of things that make you roll your eyes. Best game to use: asshole, dick.

29+: Refuses to be put out to pasture. Once realizing she will die alone, she clings to her paper-pushing career as the purpose she has been looking for all along. She is still hopeful she will meet her doctor stud, and refuses to lower her standards to real market value (think dilapidated foreclosure property). Says a lot of things that make you laugh (at her). Best game to use: why bother?

American girls really aren’t so bad if you stick in the 22-24 age range. The exception is girls who are in law school or want to be lawyers. Those girls have the ambitious, goal-oriented, and calculating brains of men. Whatever trait that makes a woman unattractive, they got it.

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