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American girls fall into four age ranges. One of those is most ideal for dating. Note that this only applies to American girls.

18-21: She is child-like and mostly intolerable. Her speech sounds like another language. She will only have sex when completely trashed, and has few redeeming qualities beyond her body. Says a lot of things that make you think you’re wasting your time. Best game to use: jealousy.

22-24: By now she has had at least a dozen cocks of experience and knows how to handle yours expertly in bed (a good thing). Her game is developing but she still makes a lot of “mistakes” by being affectionate and showing interest. Says a lot of things which reveal her vulnerability. Best game to use: mysterious, aloof, emotionally unavailable.

25-28: Begins to take herself too seriously. She tries to emulate celebrities or characters in television or movies. Friends are settling down with boyfriends and she decides to step up her game by playing hard to get, which comes across as cold and stiff instead of coquettish. Says a lot of things that make you roll your eyes. Best game to use: asshole, dick.

29+: Refuses to be put out to pasture. Once realizing she will die alone, she clings to her paper-pushing career as the purpose she has been looking for all along. She is still hopeful she will meet her doctor stud, and refuses to lower her standards to real market value (think dilapidated foreclosure property). Says a lot of things that make you laugh (at her). Best game to use: why bother?

American girls really aren’t so bad if you stick in the 22-24 age range. The exception is girls who are in law school or want to be lawyers. Those girls have the ambitious, goal-oriented, and calculating brains of men. Whatever trait that makes a woman unattractive, they got it.

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  • adrock

    Great generalized break down. I’ve never tried jealousy game with the 18-21 year olds. I’ve found that girls that age respond well to straight forward asshole game since they still seem to love the bad boy image.

  • spaceman

    nice. agree with most if not all.

  • J

    Funny because it’s true. Seeing a girl in each of the first categories I completely agree. With the chick acting the way she does of her age group above, you can easily run the type of game you should for them.

    21, inexperienced, childish, agreeing with adrock, I use the bad boy image and she falls all over herself
    22, shows so much interest, I act more disinterested
    25, thinks they are hot s because they have a job and also friends have boyfriends, so I act like an ass.

    In the end you don’t think about it and becomes you/second nature really.

    Being 26, I have no real desire to test the 29+ waters yet.

    On a completely different subject about chicks in the DC area… I’ve had my ears pierced for many years now, and have had small hoops in for awhile but every time I saw a guy with two hoops in I thought complete fag. I took some advice and have started to gauge my ears a bit recently using plugs/tunnels and have gotten more looks/’you’re not from around here’ comments from chicks. It gives you a s-load more street cred and increases that surfer/skater/bad boy look which I’ve already had. If you have a couple earrings look into it.

  • Roosh

    J is that the thing that expands the hole in your ear. Reminds me of african women i’d see on the discovery channel.

  • Cali

    “Whatever trait that makes a woman unattractive, they got it.”

    I’m not sure what exactly it is about American JD, MD, and PhD women. I personally know several who have the natural talent (read: looks) to be very desirable to men, yet these women remain single into their mid-thirties. I think there has to be an explanation other than that their characters are too man-like.

  • Firepower

    Pure Truth.

    Truly amazing how females (they’re NOT women) take THE WORST parts of popular culture and internalize trash as some intellectual lesson.


  • elguapo

    we need this break down for brazilian girls.

  • Tampa

    I think 24-25 is pretty good.

    Just enough cock to know what they are doing. Just enough “don’t need to be married” to not be total fuckign bitches.

    Kinda chick you get drunk with at a dive bar and fuck in the shower.


  • Tampa

    I also think you forgot to mention 35+ cougar crowd.. Where they have shed the bitterness in an effort to fill themselves up with as many cocks as possible before menopause.

  • J

    Roosh… Yea, you use a taper to gauge your ears larger.

    I’m not talking huge 1″ gauges or anything crazy… Your usually pierced at 16g or 18g I believe, but I’ve had mine so long 12g went in easily. I’m at 10g right, probably going to stop at 8g.

    Here’s a guide:

    I’m aiming to get the onyx earlet, , on this site. My buddy out in SD says these glass types are all the rage out there.

    Cali… I’m guessing it’s because of their profession, it shapes them differently as they work hard/long hours, and aren’t going to provide a man what he really needs. Nurses still in school on the other hand mmmm…

  • Anonymous

    how about you do the same for guys?

  • z

    Roosh wrote:
    “She tries to emulate celebrities or characters in television or movies”

    Im so old that I was near a college campus when the movie “BASIC INSTINCT” came out. So help me, for about a month afterward there were a lot of chicks who were either consciously or subconsciously trying to throw a little-Sharon Stone’s-Catherine Trammel character into their repitoire. I dont think they realized how utterly unnattractive it was in real life until they tried it. Nobody enjoys a chick’s company who is remotely like that.

    Lawyer chics watched too much LA-Law and Law&Order during their teenage years and seen themselves as the very pretty token prosecuterix from the DA’s office who the DA himself, the cool detectives, and various other assorted bigshots wanted to fuck. Lawyer chics wanted to make the money to dress in the cool corporate armor clothes, work downtown, and to be “important” and also to have real legal power over the men and boys they grew up with who were in social circles above their own. I imagine that a suprisingly small number of popular cheerleaders who had their choice of the hometown boys wanted to be D.C. Lawyer chicks, but only the gals who drunk deeply from the glass of feminism.

    Feminism is inculcated upon college freshman and sophmores by damn-near-brainwashing tactics via profesors these girls have to get past for their degrees to be earned. Feminism is also inculcated into these girls by the media’s endless indoctrination. Your worst enemy in life is someone who pretends to be your friend, so they are able to give you a lifetime of bad advice (Wymyn’s magazines are full of literary BFF’s and the newspapers have a few of them*****). Feminsim has many enablers that allow the socio-psycho-feminazi-virus to do just that to otherwise attractive young women. These women wind up alone too long, and very embittered towards all things male, as well as young happy beautiful couples (very jealous of young love) more than anything else on earth. People tend to *embrace* the things that damage them the most and cling to the silliest notions instead of recognizing true mistakes. Getting an old feminist to realize what a lie it all was will be as hard as pulling teeth.

    Ive said it before, and I’ll say it again, but the small legion of childless, lonely older women and cougars that will be occurring in the next 10-20 years will probably do as much to end feminism as anything. Many people now have a batty old aunt with no kids and was never married despite being pretty good looking who blames everyone on earth for her unhappiness except herself, and indulges in whatever latest goofy-fad (mother-earth-gaia-worship, nights out against domestic violence (as if thats something she’s got to worry about), interest in rehabilitating whatever foreign country, swipple social causes, etc).

    ****Charlotte Roche is merely the latest of these. In your newspaper, Abigal Van Buren (real name Ester Lederer) and her other sister (dead) have hosted columns full of bad advice for women for decades. Caroline Hax (Washington Post) gives out lousy female advice also. Judith Martin and Heloise columns also have a pretty familiar GIRLZ theme running through them. Every one of these columns seem to advocate delayed childbirth and marriage from both the left and right perspectives. They have been run in newspaper syndicates for years. The NYTimes has espoused first Anna Quindlen, and now Mareen Dowd, who have given endless amounts of wymyn the same bad advice…………….that no man is good enough for them unless he betaizes himself completely out of manhood, in which case the chick loses attraction for him and starts her search anew.

  • GiantMidget

    Cuz dudes are all the same. And this isn’t a fag site.

  • Big Snot

    Cant argue with this post. Dead on.

  • Heavy Pettingworth

    Tampa- Right on man. I find that since I hit 26 (29 now) the only women I have been able to tolerate are 23/24…I’d say the deal sealer(?) is the marriage thing. They still think they really don’t need a man and I happy to oblige.

    Good post Roosh…it’s been awhile, but some cooze posted a CL R&R about you being a woman hater- made me forget how much I loved your site.

  • RW

    Guys are too eclectic and have too many options to fit into the age bands.

    Women othoh, are constantly competing with each other and the “popular” culture. So afraid are they to stand on their own least they get tossed from their societal group of hyenas.

    Now the over 30 chicks? Or 40?

  • Kelly

    Your post makes me sad and is hurtful.

  • After

    Roosh, long time lurker, first time commenter. Fantastic post. It really is about the 23-24 year olds (I’d go as high as 26), with waivers granted to exceptional adjoining candidates.

    @Anonymous, I’m sure you can do a very entertaining job doing the same analysis of men, as can many women. I genuinely would like to read that. If I were to make that analysis for men, there would only be two categories for men, Before and After this realization (

  • todd h

    At the end of the day american women are largely a reflection of the quality (or lack of quality) of american men. Or are responding/reacting to that… sadly

    just like Brazilian women, etc

    hence the need for your book here…

    just how some of the commenters here are suggesting that women are f’d up by pop culture, etc…. so are a lot of guys. that’s why there are words coined like “beta”. and… why there’s even a “community” in the first place.

    in Brazil… i’m guessing the info contained in Bang is hardwired into their culture

    by the way, i recently read somewhere that suicide among single 40ish women is be considered by the medical community as serious, growing problem

  • jkc

    word. you speak the truth. although based on experience, i would change that 2nd range to 22-25.

  • Anon

    “I imagine that a suprisingly small number of popular cheerleaders who had their choice of the hometown boys wanted to be D.C. Lawyer chicks”


    “i recently read somewhere that suicide among single 40ish women is be considered by the medical community as serious, growing problem”

    That’s true. Good riddance!

  • Benedict Smith

    lawyer chicks are up there on the “pretentious scale”…that power they think they have b/c they don’t need a man is intoxicating to them….and that whiff of odor puts off any smart man in a 5 mile radious.

    Benedict Smith’s last blog post: Wednesday Night Blue Lights…...

  • Kelly

    But in the end, the tortoise beat the hare.

  • Mad1

    Roosh – Long time reader! You hit this one dead on.

    “25-28: Begins to take herself too seriously. She tries to emulate celebrities or characters in television or movies. Friends are settling down with boyfriends and she decides to step up her game by playing hard to get, which comes across as cold and stiff instead of coquettish. Says a lot of things that make you roll your eyes. Best game to use: asshole, dick.”

    So true and that what works with them..and I am 26…keep it coming!

  • LovelySexyBeauty

    It is truly hard for women to rewrite their own scripts, so to speak.

    I’ve been spending most of my adult life trying to do it, and it is hard! There are like no good role models for women. Britney Spears, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Angelina Jolie – these women have all been sluts, settled with beta men, or married younger men putting them down. Can you name one good celebrity role model?

    I think the tide is already turning; sometimes me and my 20-something friends like to make a point of saying how unfeminist we are. We love to say things like, “Women are bad drivers,” and “Women really shouldn’t work on Wall Streets, it’s too male.”

    I think things are changing but there’s going to be a lot of confusion first.

    LovelySexyBeauty’s last blog post: Being “busy”: not so cool any more.

  • Brandon

    Damn, I find this so true as far as the first two go. 18-21 suck and 22-24 kick ass from my experiences. I’m seeing a 24 right now and she is the shit!

  • finefantastic

    “There are like no good role models for women. ”

    Who the hell believes in role models anyways? Is it necessary to have a celebrity role model in order to grow into a decent human being? Give me a break.

    Your role models should be your parents, and if they’re assholes you should go your own way.

    finefantastic’s last blog post: Angsty; or didn’t I do this already?.

  • Rajia

    it would be great to hear the breakdown for men..Im 29 and think Im fucked as far as getting a girl in my race (Indian) b/w 24-28 for a LTR..what would my chances be for desirability

  • ResidentCynic

    Maybe it’s where I live (SoCal), but I find 22-24 year olds value their vaginas too much. 29+ year olds are MUCH more likely to have sex earlier (they’re much more likely to have come to a realization that their vagina isn’t a magical device) if they are attracted to you.

    Are they still on the lookout for doctor stud? Yeah, but that applies to ALL women. Surprise, women will trade up too in a heartbeat. But that aside, you’re far, far, FAR more likely to have a better time with a (slightly) older chick.

  • femme noir

    comment 25- Maybe you should look to family, educators, and friends for role models not celebrities.

  • Miss Wrong

    I’m a woman and completely agree with this description of various age groups. I look back at these groups and see myself in each of them at around the age mentioned. Thankfully, I’m 40 and never wanted to get married in the first place and am enjoying my sweet 25 y/o boyfriend right now. I’ve been mostly faithful since I went with this one after keeping a steady rotation of sweet and loving men. If the tables were turned, most men would be utterly jealous of my accomplishments at attaining lovers. I certainly applaud your desire and wish you all love and luck!

  • Miss Wrong

    One more thing. Agreed, ResidentCynic! At some point in a woman’s life, she realizes she doesn’t possess the only vagina in the world. She can have a fun time without the old hang-ups she once had! She also knows there’s a dick behind every zipper and she knows exactly what to do if she wants it. Don’t get me wrong! Guys, have a good time with any woman who’s willing but don’t think the over 29 crowd is to be avoided! These ladies have it going on….take a lesson but don’t lose your heads.

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  • UnAmericanGirl

    While for most girls this might be all too accurate, I fall, age-wise, in the first of those categories yet find nothing I can relate to in “my” category or any other.

  • Rivelino

    “mysterious, aloof, emotionally unavailable”

    Excellent advice.

    Rivelino’s last blog post: If you want to know the truth, I’m a virgin..

  • guy

    What about girls under 18?

  • Send Flowers to Pakistan

    This is such a very informative and innovative peace of work about sweet spot. The named shows and reveal such a nice picture about it.

  • Bob J

    I grew up in the US and left the country. I know these American women were TERRIBLE!!!

  • Shawn

    The median # of sex partners for American women is 7. Read the Kinsey Report. I also recommend reading the quant blogger Audacious Epigone who has ran the GSS #’s. Guys in the seduction community have this perception that college-age girls are cock hoping when in reality they, or women more generally, are not; it’s just a fantasy.

  • Molly

    I believe that Roosh here is a game expert but not like yours truly 😉

  • Ste-re-o-type

    Tsk Tsk do you have any idea how stereotypical this is??? U can’t put people in categories

    Or else I could say all guys who believe in this post are assholes

  • Disgusted

    This us really tirable … Dealing with wemen as if they were animals ! Thanks God our Muslim women aren’t like this!

  • TBone

    It took me a while to figure out why I was always more attracted to foreign women than others. At first, I thought it was just Asians, and then I met a really cool French woman. They simply lack that, strained, forced persona I have come to expect from the natives. There is something very wrong with American culture.

  • anon

    These categories are probably accurate for certain segments, though I suspect they do not carry over for the entire population of females. This is because the pool you are categorizing (from what I can tell, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) are somewhat self-selecting. They go to places where men with goals similar to yours (get laid as often as possible) go. This in and of itself suggests that these women have certain expectations or preferences that are naturally going to paint them in a somewhat negative light–and it also means that you are probably not meeting many of the 18-21 year old girls who are, say, forming friendships with men in their classes/dorms/greek life circles, dating within their own age range, and avoiding the short-term bar/club hook-up scene. It is unfortunate that because of your goals (fucking as many women as possible) you are exposing yourself to the worst and least-respectable examples of women (certainly in America and perhaps in other countries, though I wouldn’t know), so it seems as if your experiences only make you increasingly more jaded over time.

  • Alissa

    Don’t take advice from a jaded douche bag who thinks treating women like objects makes him more “manly” or “in control”.
    This defense mechanism may work on insecure saps, but anyone with a brain can see how full of shit you truly are. A woman with self respect is not going to put up with your “emotionally unavailable” bullshit and will find someone worth her time.
    Grow up and get over yourself.

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  • brad Hiner

    Boys: grow up. We all love the females.

    Get married, have some kids.

    If you are old enough, think about our girls as your daughters/sisters/yes even your moms.

    They are the best we’ve got.

    They are all we’ve got.

  • bobo

    female lawyers = the devil

    what about single girls (old hags) over 37? i think they start to get realistic around that age

  • http://[email protected] jaufar

    ilove or merid

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  • Anonymous

    I love to eat pussy!

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  • decopmoser917

    Great point about women lawyers. I can’t think of any other professional that would foster the worst and the most unattractive qualities in a woman. Legal profession, and especially litigation, disfigures women’s souls, voices, body language and mannerisms. Unless you are into Amazonian women (not in looks, but in personality), stay away from lawyers and lawyer wannabe’s.

  • AlphaX

    Traditionally, the age of 25 was generally seen as the beginning of old age. Most developed world countries have accepted the chronological age of 30 years as a definition of ‘elderly’ or older person

  • Anonymous

    You are a mother fucker asshole who only cares about banging but no girl will ever like who because ur an asshole

  • ughugh

    Roosh hates women when they are old
    (According to PUAs 30 is old age)

  • Amir

    Wow, great way to breed more douchebags. There’s a time and place for this type of behavior, and that’s towards women who simply don’t respect themselves. I don’t advise anyone to take advantage of a girl who is naive and is making an effort.

    I was raised by a strong woman, and I couldn’t imagine treating someone like that for the hell of it.

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  • Martin mulloy

    An 11th grade english teacher every friday gives her class a word to use in a sentance the best one win’s. The word this week is hansom , well little sue was first she said when i’m giving my boyfriend a blow-job my jaw get’s tired, so i use my hansome………..

  • David

    @Z “…legion of childless, lonely older women and cougars that will be occurring in the next 10-20 years will probably do as much to end feminism as anything. Many people now have a batty old aunt with no kids and was never married despite being pretty good looking who blames everyone on earth for her unhappiness except herself, and indulges in whatever latest goofy-fad…”

    I’m happy you brought that up. The problem is feminists have a convenient scapegoat to blame all woman’s misfortunes upon – MAN! Women on the other hand are seemingly too stupid to figure out that the real culprit is feminism itself, and so, instead, as they get bitter with the years they dismiss men rather than feminists. A single mother for instance would urge her daughter to “ENJOY” life to the max while young i.e. while we have the power and everything is permissible to us women! She gives this advice against a background knowledge of a pending life of a singleton for the girl after middle age. And that is how feminism reproduces itself – as the girl gets bitter with age due to feminism, she blames men and thus reinforces the ideology as she ages, creating a vicious circle.

  • David

    30 IS OLD! For a woman! Anywhere else in the world a 30 year old is only good as a second wife [where polygammy is acceptable] or as a mistress!!! Even in America, in a strict religion like the LDS where virginity is paramount, an unmarried woman at 30 is virtually unmarriageable [that is unless she joins the polygamous LDS!]. Yet it always amazes me the kind of demands and expectations these 30+ women hold in regards to men when in reality they have virtually no leverages at all other than financial incentives given the increasingly impoverished male population!

    Can a 30+ woman who has had one night stands, hook-ups, booty calls, blowing guys for fun on hollidays tell you her “Prince Charming”, her “King”, her “Mr. Right” to wait until she’s ready!?! Hold you up another 3 months so that she gets to know you and your parents better!?! WTF!?! What else is she gonna say next “fairytale-or-nothing”!?!?! Seriously women in the West are completely out of touch with reality!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    And for other countries?

  • roncoreadout

    So, now I get why I hate bros. I’m a man, you are a disgusting sack of shit.

  • Pra

    David you are a fucktard, and probably an ugly 30+ dbag yourself. You’d be lucky if ANYONE touched your cock with that attitude of yours. Let’s touch base in 5 years when you’re still alone and incapable of finding someone who gives a shit about you. Oh, and I’m well under 30.


  • Take em to tort

    i absolutely agree with not ever coming close to law school girls. Decent girls in law school are rare, in my school there were 5 girls that were over between 5 & 6 none above that, and 300 guys fighting over them. 3’s and up get fought over like they were 8’s with every type “a” AFC law school male white knighting and putting them on a pedestal.

    Face it, law school is a time you need to study your tail off, and if you are not studying, you should be getting absolutely trashed at a bar not sitting around talking to some feminazi womens lib future lawyer being fought over by 50 guys in your section.

    The best play is to wear your law school shirts and take your wing out to the bar and casually mention how you have been offered only $120,000 to start in front of some hot future trophy wife. Most of these girls have no idea that lawyers really make shit for the first few years, gold diggers will fight over you. She will give it up in the bathroom of the bar and rinse repeat as often as needed.

  • topcommenter

    So this was 6 years ago… I wonder how your life worked out

  • Feminist

    Sexist!!!!! U pig I will kill u u u suck!!! Wamon have rights two I am femenist!!!